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9:00 PM
why the hell does not consume the next two characters???
it pushes the string and then also runs the next two characters as commands??? what
is this a known issue already
@hyper-neutrino Or is it your interpreter? I had so much unexpected behaviour when building my Japt interpreter.
@Shaggy it would be lyxal's interpreter, mine just interfaces with it
Ah, OK
@Ausername Are we allowed to add input validation to our cops, within the bounds of what the challenge guarantees input will be?
interestingly, this only happens at the end of the program
9:06 PM
I ended up doing the same with mine, just pulling in ETH's base files.
@RedwolfPrograms For my one? Sure, although you can just say that input has to be within those bounds, you don't have to enforce it...
@AaronMiller So close...
C&R idea: Cops: polyglot in at least 2 languages that provides solutions to at least 2 existing challenges, Robbers: add an additional language that provides a solution to a challenge the cop's version doesn't. Have we had it? Does it sound good?
That sounds cool
doesn't feel very c&r-y without there being a certain degree of "intended crack" built in to the cop posts, but i also don't have the most experience with c&r and there could be some real interesting stuff coming out of it with language pairs that shouldn't be conducive to that kind of thing
9:11 PM
My reading of it was that there was still an intended solution
@AaronMiller Yours is the last one standing...
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, as with all C&R challenges, there should only be one intended solution.
Maybe if the cops provided the challenge that they expected the robbers' answers to be a solution to?
Or the language that they expect to he added?
i'm having a hard time thinking of which wouild be better to prescribe too
probably challenge
I've got another one, coming soon...
Dealer's choice of which to provide might add a bit of intrigue. I can flesh that out in the Sandbox, though.
@Ausername If it's Vyxal, I'm throwing my phone at you!
9:23 PM
@Shaggy * Threatens A username with a free phone *
Might be better for mobile
@Shaggy I suppose that's better than throwing a beer at them :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing That would be criminal wastage!
9:25 PM
A: Which character to change (Cops)

A usernameVyxal, 24 bytes kH:`string`D‟‟Ẋf∑vd∑qĖ₁Ẏ Try it Online! Output should be HH\`\`HHmorningHHoccupationalHH\`\`ee\`\`eemorningeeoccupationalee\`\`ll\`\`llmorninglloccupationall A mess.

Well, here y'all go!
@Ausername Duck! :P
Oh I didn't even realize there was a new CnR lol
Ok, ok, I'll get you a JS one in a bit.
9:32 PM
@Ausername Are you copying me? :p
Hmm… Now that I think about it, should I have left it for someone else, since I knew the trick?
Oh well
well, it's too late now, but morning compresses as øø and occupational as ẋẋ
found these by locally recompressing by hand before i remembered there's an element to do that
unfortunately i didn't know the exact trick off the top of my head (though using the cursed k-digraph thing that i did know about and extending that to other digraphs would've been a good start)
@Ausername Japt only! :p
9:37 PM
hm I should post an answer that requires precise knowledge of either jelly or vyxal's compression algorithms (probably the former as the latter is pretty trivial, and even then the former is quite easy to go from compressed to decompressed even without sss, and there's both a python program from user202729 and my online tool to do the other way)
@Ausername I saw “morning” and “occupational”, and I thought, “that looks like dictionary compressed strings”, so I ran it through øD, saw the repeated characters and \` and then knew that the last half would have to be pretty much unchanged, then realized that the D “just happened” to have a string in front of it, and then put 2 and 2 together.
@Shaggy You'll crack it instantly then.
@AaronMiller Nice
@AaronMiller see would've been nice if i remembered that element existed and didn't waste time compressing by hand
@cairdcoinheringaahing :bruh:
i am going to go recompress my name by hand to figure it out, if nobody gets it before i am done then i will snipe it :p
My compression is too well known for a good cop :P
9:39 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sounds like a cop out
The rob is actually not too boring tbh :P
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, it’s pretty nice. I’ve never actually used the compression commands in a submission, but I’ve used them plenty for making submissions.
It's by no means interesting, but it's not that boring :P
9:39 PM
inb4 you didn't optimally compress
So you can beat a compression into submission, nice to know=)
Why would they?
ah you didn't
@hyper-neutrino Optimality is for basic bitches :P
Then you could just compare it to the optimal version
9:40 PM
@hyper-neutrino They could have used one of the ones from the Jelly golfing tips thread
yeah, optimality would've been too trivial
@N3buchadnezzar ?
There are a few sub optimal compression tools there
“Rȷʠȧ¢ạ» is the optimal hyper compression :P
9:41 PM
wait hold up
@Ausername Therein lies the challenge: find something I can't crack.
this is smash printed
@Shaggy Make Japt popular
i'm stupid. didn't notice the string delimiters
wait no it isn't, because double nilads don't smash print in a nilad
@N3buchadnezzar That's my sole purpose here. I'm failing miserably.
9:42 PM
ooh this should be easy now that i've found my approach angle. unless it fails, ofc
So you havent cracked it yet
I genuinely don't understand why more people don't use it.
no i haven't because it isn't just the trivial "compress this string and compare which character is different", that would be much too boring
you have to suboptimally compress it exactly the right way which now that i think about it i am not sure i necessarily know how to do either :P
Have you tried just reversing the string and running it through the standard compressor?
removing 1 character will solve it but idk about changing one
9:44 PM
wait, I earned the tag badge yesterday, but apparently I don't have it, and it's on 94/100 score O.o
@N3buchadnezzar my name is “Rȷʠȧ¢ạ»
@cairdcoinheringaahing Blame Makonede
@Ausername Why?
They changed it to
Oh right
9:46 PM
ok never mind i apologize for saying this is not hard :p
i could brute force it but i'm sure there's a more obvious solution
Bruh just read my mind
oh yeah i forgot my diamond lets me do that
In an SBCS language, can't this be brute forced in linear time?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Philippe's response. TBH, I wasn't really expecting a response
9:47 PM
@RedwolfPrograms True
@RedwolfPrograms "Only" 256 characters in the codepage, go for it!
This seems like a very boring CnR, any answer will either be trivially brute forceable or take advantage of some weird unicode + halting problem thing that makes it very tedious and/or cryptographically difficult
@cairdcoinheringaahing I should spell his name right tbh
dammit aaron ninja'd me with a probably more intended solution
i just swapped the close quote for a random character not in the codepage, which feels like a cheat :p
@Shaggy That's 256 * number of bytes, even if you gave the program a whole second to complete you could brute force an answer in an hour
@hyper-neutrino I don't even think that's a valid program tbh
fair enough
@RedwolfPrograms And since this is about kolmos, you could probably get away with milliseconds
just my first thought cuz redwolf said smth about it being an sbcs and i was like... what if it isn't
mfw got too caught up in trying to reverse engineer how you compressed it instead of just swapping the quote characters for some trivial alterations lol
9:50 PM
It was fun watching you overcomplicate it tho :P
guess i got properly nerd sniped :P
@hyper-neutrino I just looked to see what the first compressed string was, then remembered the one unique jelly mechanic I know (not because jelly’s not unique; I just don’t know jelly), which is that you can separate literals with , tried it out, and was extremely surprised that I got the answer before anyone else (like I said, I don’t know jelly)
Added an explanation (cc @hyper-neutrino :P)
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ
i've been had
i have had you :P
I've sleeped
I’ve gained 100 rep today, exclusively from that one CnR
You've been talking about the compression systems so much, I figured that a suboptimal compression would guarantee you'd get into your own head :P
9:57 PM
@AaronMiller I'm at 190
CnRs are all about confusing the robbers IMO, and mind games are great at that :P
for today
Ooh, repcap!
13 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Bruh just read my mind
guess you have done that :p
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, it's not a mod tool, it's a privilege you get when you're between 39300 and 39400 rep exactly :P
guess i gotta grind rep to get that now
10:02 PM
@hyper-neutrino I honestly just tried random things until I got something syntactically valid. Nice crack!
same lol
Ooh, I might repcap for the third day in a row, but over 2 sites :P
I repcapped yesterday and today.
10 times total
C&Rs are fun like that
I think 3 days in a row in my record, I may have done 4 once
Jon Skeet's record is... A long, long time.
10:06 PM
If Legendary was "Repcap on 150 consecutive days", and you could get it multiple times, I think he'd have it ~14 times
> they are all either human beings with feelings or bots that Jon Skeet made when he was bored, and we don't want to offend either.
Hyper, why?
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's ~2000 consecutive days capping
@Ausername why not
and how did you find that
I randomly look through meta a lot
And it's on your profile
can't sorry
how does Community have a listed answer?
and in the rev history, they are named anon: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/posts/5057/revisions
Not them
10:11 PM
But they have a diamond
And are user -1
Hold on let me try something
idk... do CW answers from deleted users get weird treatment?
still looks unintended
Was that not posted by Martin originally?
... perhaps
hold up
10:12 PM
martin's meta profile has his identicon but not main - i think their "fix" broke everything
but martin's other answer is fine
the timeline says it was answered by Community and two comments from anon were posted (and deleted) - those should be martin's standard "+1 from me" posts
@hyper-neutrino Nuke plz
I was trying to repro
but no
Is that your sock?
No, it's a guest account
I was seeing if you could sneak a diamond into your 'Name'
but failed
10:17 PM
I could've told you that - you can't
Oh sorry
So they posted the elections:
Yeah, Community posts elections and a couple of other automated stuff
Wait, it's the same user, but with different profile stuff?
How does that work?
10:22 PM
Do you mean in Vyxal? Because that's accurate.
Maybe the aliens are here and they're using some sort of cosmic ray laser to mess with SE's datacenters :p
@hyper-neutrino This isn't network wide
The bug is coming from inside the house
Writing up a bug report now
@user sus
10:27 PM
Q: Why does Community have an answer here?

caird coinheringaahingCommunity looks to be very buggy today. However, this appears to be specific to this site - I've been unable to repro this on other sites or their metas. It appears as though Community has an answer on our meta: Do we really want LaTeX/MathJax (right now)?. I've checked a few other metas on the n...

@hyper-neutrino Do you know when there's another election?
Whenever the mods think they need additional hands on the team
Although I think the CMs "force" an election if a site goes too long without one, but I don't know how long "too long" is
Why is it much easier to get 'Nice question' than 'Popular question', but much harder to get 'Good Question' than 'Notable question'?
All but three of my questions have 'Nice Question', but ~half have 'Popular Question'...
Does anyone know anything about this? The link's dead...
Oh wait nvm
10:47 PM
@hyper-neutrino Looks like a lot of the old guard got hit by the Gravatar bug :P
Peter Taylor's been reverted, Howard's has changed, Geobits is no longer a downvote, ugoren, miles, El'endia, CJY and a few more have also been hit
Funnily enough, gnibbler's fine :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thanks for this. I've also put in my own answer.
That's sad
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nope
@Adám Good luck, I doubt that we'll ever get a straight answer to that
Doesn't hurt to try. Not like they can fire me…
You got my upvote
10:55 PM
yeah... let's just hope SE can properly revert this
@hyper-neutrino What do you mean by "revert this"?
Even if for some reason they lost the data, SEDE should still have an old copy in the worst case scenario
The profile picture bug
sorry, i meant the avatars all being ded
Oh. :-)
10:56 PM
not your answer - they can't revert that at this point but they can at least come clean about it as you said
they should've tried it on windows phone.SE first to see if there were any bugs
even if it destroyed everything nobody would notice until the next time someone makes a joke about windows phone.SE
They really need a sandbox.se
Make it so it's publically available too, for testing stuff
Just rebrand windowsphone.SE :P
@Ausername to reiterate what caird said, basically it's whenever it's needed. specifically, whether mods are needed is largely determined by how flags are being handled on the site
11:00 PM
so, even if one of our mods steps down right now, it is unlikely to immediately cause an election, as our site's flag handling time is extremely low and we don't often have pending flags
Or, we hold one every time the mods' golfing abilities drop below the acceptable standard :P
then how was I elected in the first place /hj
@hyper-neutrino What if you step down?
@Ausername just because the vast majority of flags are handled by me doesn't mean that the site wouldn't be fine without me
11:02 PM
@Ausername Then the CMs would discuss with the other 3 mods whether they want a new mod, just the same as if any of the team stepped down
i get to the flags quite quickly most of the time and so the other three don't get much to handle, but if I stepped down, then they'd see those flags and be able to handle them
Do flags just go to mods, or 10k+ users like with chat?
directly, only to mods
Used to be a 10k tool tho
indirectly, certain flags kick it into the review queue which you can see at varying rep levels
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait, what? all flags?
11:03 PM
this is why i've repeatedly said to not use NAA flags on invalid answers
it puts it into the review queue and actually witholds the flag from me for an hour unless i manually go to the dashboard and check "ignore time threshold"
@Ausername Elections are done entirely on whether the existing mod team thinks the site could do with new moderators. Whether that's because a mod steps down, the site increases in activity, or the mods become just a bit too busy IRL, that's really the only thing that triggers an election
and especially if the flagger doesn't even bother to leave a comment explaining why it's invalid, those reviews often get dismissed
I've asked about this so many times but I still don't get it.
11:04 PM
@Ausername Don't worry about it, it's a know bug
Looks like we're both quite good at prematurely pressing enter.
For example, the last election was triggered because DJ asked for it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameMake me some puzzles So, a while ago on Puzzling, I posted this. It basically had a whole bunch of equations that were wrong, and when you figured out how much they were wrong by, and transformed 1-26 into A-z, it yielded the phrase ALLWRONG. Your challenge is to take a string of letters as input...

I wonder if any user has or has had at some point 4 gold badges, 20 silver and 69 bronze exactly...
@Ausername Probably. The challenge is to get 69 gold, 4 silver, 20 bronze
11:11 PM
I don't think that's possible
Are there any gold badges you can earn multiple times that don't also give you bronze and silver variants?
Socratic, maybe
except that you need to be lucky enough to get all your questions unnoticed
Yeah, if you ask 6900 well-received questions
Maybe you could do 69000 reviews in a single queue
@RedwolfPrograms Sheriff :P
69000 reviews... very unlikely :P
11:14 PM
But less likely than 6900 unnoticed questions? :p
daily cap is 20 reviews per queue or something I think
mods don't have that <o/
@RedwolfPrograms You could just do it in 4 queues, and have the silver badges
we also have like 5 reviews per day
11:14 PM
sheriff doesn't say it can be awarded multiple times
brb gonna be a mod for 69 years to find out
I think the current record is ~10 years
Maybe stepping down and getting re-elected can give double Sheriff?
@hyper-neutrino Try ^ :P
11:16 PM
journeyman should have that on SU if it could be awarded multiple times but they don't
wait never mind, journeyman did not resign on SU
and they resigned from MSE too quickly to get sheriff and only got it after reinstatement
oh my pfp was broken there
well, i'm just gonna reupload my picture outside of gravatar and push that ಠ_ಠ
11:48 PM
CMC: Underload quine without a.

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