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12:02 AM
@xash and make sure to check out the other 10k+ tools as well as this for more info
We haven't had anything with outstanding VTDs for ages, the mod tools page is so boring :(
The new-answers-to-old-questions is a neat thing. The second link is not a neat thing. :-P
Huh. When hyper migrated this to SO (got rejected), that was the first migration off the site (ignoring meta) since 2017
Jun 3 '17 at 18:33, by MD XF
I figured if it got undeleted, it could then get re-deleted, and have no undelete votes
Anyone else (10k+ only, sorry) think that this UI is awful?
12:15 AM
It's rather annoying that I can see posts only if I have my browser in fullscreen mode.
Uh, reading them without scrolling that is.
btw. is there a way to really delete an answer that I wrote, so that even 10k users cannot see it? I remember at least one case where I wished for that.
Unless you include personal information in a post, it's visible forever
(if you do ever include personal information, flag for a mod and they'll redact the revision)
12:34 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing no going back when hitting Post Your Question
12:56 AM
1:37 AM
I really liked this answer codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/231199/105030 which taught me a fancier form of Wilson's theorem avoiding problems with -1 and testing n=4 for primality. Would it be appropriate to suggest a comment or edit mentioning Wilson's theorem as a spoiler to save people time in figuring out 'how does this code work?'
love how avocad has 18 bookmarks
why is it even called avocad? the post never says avocad, it includes advacado and avocado - was avocad part of alex's original message?
@cairdcoinheringaahing what the hell that is so bad
the user cards float off the right side into the page margins :/
also TIL that page existed
@Alwin You could leave a comment asking the OP to explain their answer a bit more
@cairdcoinheringaahing i cannot since im new with 30 rep
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, I think avocad was originally a TNB joke, then someone spiralled it out onto main
Alwin left a message in chat with a bit of a spoiler as to how this works, as well as a request for a more in-depth explanation of the specific mathematical trick used here (I'm being deliberately vague, their chat message should make it clearer) — caird coinheringaahing 17 secs ago
Left a comment for you :)
1:52 AM
Thank you!
@cairdcoinheringaahing i wonder if it was a real user on an alt to troll cuz they thought it'd be funny
tbh seems more likely than some random non-user or spam-only user :\
@hyper-neutrino I seem to remember that was a conspiracy theory
yeah sounds familiar
From memory, zyabin and TuxCrafting were the common suspects, but I don't think anyone was actually "accused"
Clearly it was Geobits - how else did he managed to VTC and comment so quickly hmmm????
1:58 AM
Everyone knows that when you VTC something within 30 seconds, you posted the thing through a sock :P
That's clearly how you're able to beat Charcoal :P
yep :P
Speaking of, we haven't had any spam in a while
Can you see when the last spam flag was raised?
This was my last spam flag, on June 29th
@hyper-neutrino because many peopl want know how juic advacod
There was one a week ago, wasn’t there
2:15 AM
@hyper-neutrino I like how you can bookmark deleted questions too
2:41 AM
Q: Who can optimize this problem the most

Phuczoo2008Given A and B and T, every second, A, B change according to the following rule: if (A < B) A = 2 * A, B = B - A; else B = 2 * B, A = A - B; Find A,B after T seconds. (0 ≤ A, B ≤ 2 * 10 ^ 9; 0 ≤ T ≤ 10^18)

1 hour later…
4:01 AM
CMC: Make a GUI window and draw a circle on it. The circle can be anywhere (and any size) on the window.
Define a circle :p
@PyGamer0 Is a single pixel acceptable?
@RedwolfPrograms okay???
I can't tell if that's a yes or a request for clarification :p
4:16 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ok
i said ok
In that case, document.body.appendChild(document.createElement("canvas")).getContext("2d").fillRect(0,0,1,1) works for JS (makes a canvas since that's the closest thing to a separate GUI window)
I was inspired by this and hoping to make a challenge related to it. You're given n representing an n-sided regular polygon and have to output the length of the chord (from one vertex to another, skipping the one in between)
So it's a chord skipping the adjacent vertex, from one to another that's two away
But I can't find any info on the formula for length of a chord in a polygon. Can you guys?
just use cosine law
I mean, I guess I can calculate it, since there's a formula for the length of the sides of a polygon
@hyper-neutrino ?
4:24 AM
you know the internal angle
Oh, that too
so you have a triangle with two known edges and a known angle beteween them
Does that sound like a worthwhile challenge? I'm thinking so
I mainly just like that a polygon gives you phi, tbh
Otherwise I wouldn't have cared
specifically, the length of the chord is $\sqrt{2-2\cos(\pi\times\frac{i-2}i)}$
Jelly, 12 bytes: _2÷×ØPÆẠḤ2_½ but I'm sure it could be shorter
or sqrt(2-2sin(2pi/n))
4:27 AM
oh, nice
Wow... that's a lot of math built-ins
And not actually all that interesting...
@Bubbler wait, does it?
Apparently I suck at trigs
cos(x)=sin(pi/2-x) right?
@AviFS i don't like dark mode for sites like these
4:31 AM
What is this sorcery?!
but i can add one if you want
my yuno interpreter is dark because it's just an interpreter site - i like dark for coding but light for reading things usually
Fixed: sqrt(2+2cos(2pi/n))
Just use my cursed dark mode snippet :p
or rather, i strongly prefer dark for coding and find both fine for reading
One of will be happy to pull-request a dark mode, I'm sure
4:31 AM
document.body.parentNode.style.filter = "invert(1)";
No need to worry!
@RedwolfPrograms -←1
@AviFS just use a dark mode extension
huh, no tau built-in
So Jelly version would be Pi divide half cos increment double sqrt which is 9 bytes
why divide half
4:32 AM
You don't need tau
@lyxal Any you recommend? I feel like those are way lamer than built-in
is 2pi/n not tau/n? would be shorter
pi/(n/2) == 2pi/n
right but 0,2,1 doesn't chain that way
@AviFS dark reader
let me get the extension link
4:33 AM
doesn't change the byte count tho: Jelly, 9 bytes: ØP÷ḤÆẠ‘Ḥ½
((pi divide) double cosine increment double sqrt)
Ah, okay
@lyxal Not sure how I'm feeling about this...
Do you use it?
Then having tau would indeed save a byte
@AviFS yes
that's how I got the link
4:35 AM
yeah - if it did 2,1 chain then you'd need the monad to stop the cosine from chaining with it which wouldn't save a byte.
Hmmm... I'll think about it :p
@lyxal i don't like that
i'd rather just roll my own dark theme
Turning it off for now, but thanks. I'll try it again later!
cmq - what color should I use for dark theme, and how should I track preferences?
@lyxal bitwarden user pog
imo, dark themese are waaaay harder to make look good than light themese
4:37 AM
@hyper-neutrino I used to use LastPass but then they got bad
bitwarden is way cooler
or at least there's just way more options
i always just use flat grey - i don't like tinted dark themes
what's the best way to remember a user's light/dark theme preference?
4:38 AM
i do not use cookies and I'd rather not if I don't absolutely have to; localStorage? how does that relate to internet rules/security/whatever
@hyper-neutrino #2b353a blue-grey lighten-4
i feel like anything else is way more evil and dangerous security-wise than cookies are
cough floc cough
floc is the main reason i finally moved to ff lol
4:40 AM
Vivaldi is a temporary bridge while I wait for DDG
wait wdym wait for ddg
they say they are releasing a desktop browser later this year
> Before the end of the year, we also plan to release a brand-new desktop version of our existing mobile app which people can use as a primary browser.
ooh, that's cool
I already have the android app, so when desktop comes out, I'll be fully using ddg
what's the legality for cookies again
if i store data in a cookie, i must prompt for opt-in?
(by GDPR at least; doubt i really need to care for such an insignificant site, but it'd be nice to know even if for the future)
or is that only if my cookies store anything useful rather than just a light/dark switch
4:44 AM
@hyper-neutrino I think so, but nobody would care
I'd just use localstorage
That's not sent to the server
ah okay
loading server-side allows me to just serve the appropriate stylesheet/whatever via jinja2 but then switching themes requires a reload
You could do both
Have it load the right one server side but have the front end JS capable of switching it
That does require a cookie rather than localstorage though
yeah, i think i will just use pure localstorage
> There is an exception to the requirement to provide information about cookies and obtain consent where the use of the cookie is:

(a) for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network; or

(b) where such storage or access is strictly necessary for the provision of an information society service requested by the subscriber or user.
Oh nice
well technically, storage of this data is strictly necessary for the provision of a service requested by the user, if they choose to dark theme :p
thing is i'd just rather leave my site totally clear of any need to write a privacy policy or tos or whatever
if i really cared i could make my site fully static by just pre-rendering all like 500 pages
725 pages as of right now, apparently
lol, nice
5:51 AM
My favourite Jelly solutions don't complete within the theoretical heat-death of the universe.
@Bubbler please keep em coming we love your fast answers
Any consensus on passing test cases? Like it has to pass the test cases on TIO? I know it uses two different servers, but it is not about using TIO to time the fastest solution. Just saying hey, code must output the results of the test cases without timing out
yep you can state that in the question
but you need restricted-time tag
Yeye, makes sense =) I know it is not the default
I am slowly trying to trick another community to get into golfing reddit.com/r/vim/comments/oi3dh6/… lol
@N3buchadnezzar well,vim golf is already a thing :)
there's a full website dedicated to competing in it
5:56 AM
Yeah, I need to get into that. However, it seems more focused on replacing text
6:10 AM
CMQ: I have { and } for if statement. What character should i use of the else statement
Use { and }
Embrace the chaos
@N3buchadnezzar no
else should be a single char like :
but i am trying to reserve :

@RedwolfPrograms ok TNB Looks so bad with this
@N3buchadnezzar what on earth
@PyGamer0 Use that one
6:15 AM
@N3buchadnezzar no
somehting easy totype on a keyboard
@PyGamer0 Æ
I got it on on my keyboard as a letter :)
@N3buchadnezzar bruh that doesnt look like an else
@N3buchadnezzar ok lets say i have reserved it
how exactly do you structure an if statement with {}
6:21 AM
@hyper-neutrino Like Vyxal I guess
@hyper-neutrino like vyxal
@Ausername but wat about bitwise or
well vyxal uses [truthy|falsy] so i don't see how pygamer's language would use that if a) it uses {} and b) it doesn't have | available
6:22 AM
Maybe everything is always true
@hyper-neutrino is | used for somethingelse in vyxal?
@PyGamer0 No
| is the structural separator for vyxal
@Ausername maybe
then i would have to remove comments then
no problem though
wait what are you using for comments
also if this is a golfing language comments probably aren't too important anyway
6:24 AM
@hyper-neutrino #
wait why would you have to remove comments then
@hyper-neutrino How do you comment in Jelly
@hyper-neutrino i will change it to an arrow symbol
Vyxal has # for comments, osabie wraps in strings and pops
@N3buchadnezzar you don't really; you can insert no-ops and insert string literals into your code or write stuff and then delete the chain via undefined behavior, but it doesn't have real comments
unlike stack langs you can't really just push/pop so how you insert it depends on structure
or you can just put a string on its own link lol
6:25 AM
ok now comments are
@hyper-neutrino This is a madman talking
@PyGamer0 Uh...
@Ausername whats wrong
i saw it in a book
does this language have a specific design philosophy / unique component? (to be clear it doesn't have to in order to be a good language, i'm just curious)
6:30 AM
@hyper-neutrino i dont know actually
before i started i though of a weird kind of language then i stripped of some hard parts and it turned out to be stack based
for example ī[i+1ṭ]i²ṭ
which translates to take input as integer then for loop, add the input to 1 and print it then after the for loop is over square the input and print it.
7:10 AM
oh no
the jelly string compressor tool not only doesn't handle leading spaces even though they are supported
it doesn't even actually work correctly for some inputs
There should be a badge for this.
what, accepted answer with no votes?
it wouldn't work anywhere else on SE
How's ATO going?
What does that even mean
7:15 AM
you have more than 5/10 accepted 0-score answers and more than 20/25% of your answers are like that, i think?
Does anyone over the whole network have it?
that doesn't seem right though
i don't have that many 0 score accepted answers on SO
@Ausername not bad, why? I've not worked on it in a few days
yes, tenacious has 62.7k on SO and 25.2k unsung hero
7:16 AM
tbh i don't even know what the tag requirements are; the description is pretty useless
7:28 AM
Apparently I tortured myself enough to outgolf Jonathan Allan
7:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathWhich character to change (Cops) Cops, your task is to chose a program that prints (@Sandbox what string would you like?). Although, if you change 1 character in your code, it should print (@Sandbox?). But there's a twist: You should make your code hard to read, so that the robbers can't find your "

1 hour later…
9:06 AM
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
Anyone else received the silver "Outspoken" badge when they shouldn't have?
Wdym "shouldn't have"?
I haven't met the requirements to have received it.
With all the joking about beer and coffee, someone might've pushed you over....
7 total starred messages here, 3 in the old Japt chat room. Unless it's cumulative across all site rooms but then it would still be bugged as I should have received it a long time ago.
Maybe an old message of yours got starred by someone who hadn't starred you before?
11:48 AM
12:40 PM
chat is very dead today
Is it?
@pxeger So dead, I just hiked for 3.5 hours. So dead.
Trying to figure out how to write a vim plugin..
at least there isn't a 1% chance you get banned with each message.
@lyxal ?
12:42 PM
@lyxal invalid invite mate
not my invite
looks like invites are closed
well in a nutshell: every time a message is posted, there's a 1% chance someone gets banned
it's by one of the mods from esoserver
someone, or the person who posted it?
But why?
@pxeger anyone
@N3buchadnezzar social experiments ftw
1:22 PM
CMC : Find the number of all prime numbers p such that
are both prime numbers.
2:02 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Imagine using plugins instead of overcomplicated and unnecessary vanilla macro shenanigans smh
@AaronMiller Want to know a secret?
yes very much so
If you look inside a vim plugin it is just overcomplicated and unnecessary vanilla macro shenanigans
They just use a plugin to hide it
2:34 PM
@Shaggy If a 10th different user recently starred any of those messages, you would get it
As stars are all but anonymous, it's difficult to tell if you erroneously received Outspoken, unless you have fewer than 10 starred messages
2 hours later…
4:20 PM
yeah discord's privacy policy AFAIK allows collection of like pretty much everything
Calling it "spyware" is definitely overboard though
yeah fair
Stack Exchange knows my favourite programming language, it's clearly spyware
> Any program which does not make its source code available is potential spyware.
This is why all AAA game companies should give out the source code for their games; how do we know they're not spyware?!
4:25 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing how dare you take my typos away! tehy are mine and mine only!
@AaronMiller I can't tell if you're joking or not (since there could be multiple layers of joke) :p
@flawr I only meant to add the tag, but then I noticed and I couldn't help myself :P
The DRM on a lot of AAA games is basically spyware anyway
Runs at kernel level, tracks everything you're doing, has telemetry, etc.
CMM: What to do with ? Synonymise with , expand to cover more averages, completely remove it?
I'd synonymize with statistics
Maybe the tag excerpt for statistics should be clarified to say that it includes things like averages, currently it only mentions probability and measurements
4:52 PM
I disagree
average is more specific and still holds plenty of value
Currently, it's so specific as to not really be useful
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