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12:18 AM
Q: When did Harry become a better wizard than Hermione?

dlanodI have a memory of there being a canon statement to the effect that some point during their time at Hogwarts, Harry became a "better" wizard than Hermione. I think it was around their fourth or fifth year. Was this the case, or is my memory mistaken? It may have been due to a quote from Rowlin...

@Zaphod Is it odd to award a bounty to an answer without upvoting it?
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1:26 AM
Q: Can we have a civilization living at close to the speed of light?

Joemoor94Imagine many ships traveling close to the speed of light. If they diverge paths to explore distant galaxies, they could calculate their travel so that the same amount of time passes for all ships. Since traveling close to the speed of light will substantially slow down the passage of time for tho...

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3:25 AM
Q: Movie where a boy gets bigger because of a spaceship that follows him home

MalosSo I was around 3 when I watched this movie, so I don't remember much. First thing I remember is two people one of them defiantly male (brothers maybe) are driving home the one that is defiantly male is a smaller and seems to be to young to drive but it shows them driving down a road to go home w...

4:14 AM
Q: Why Sidious never sought to turn Rey toward the dark side of the Force?

Bingo MehndraWe learned from the film Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) that Darth Sidious or Palpatine offered to Kylo Ren a new Sith Empire along with the title of Emperor but only if he killed Rey. Later on, Sidious rejected the notion that he wanted her dead, rather brought to him to su...

Q: Does the Dra'Azon have a physical presence?

TidyDevWhile reading book 1 (Consider Phlebas) in the culture series, I'm struggling to understand what the Dra'Azon actually is. The Dra'Azon will attack ships that attempt to breach the quiet barrier around Schar's World, and it's powerful enough to prevent both the Idiran's and the Culture from breac...

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@TheLethalCarrot I think it's a good mix of lack of consistency and word of author being so prevalent
At the same time we get Qs like this with lots of upvotes:
Q: Do Italian wizards go to Beauxbatons?

Alex DownsI'm asking this for a YouTuber who thinks that Lavender Brown survives, marries an Italian man and has 3 children who go to Beauxbatons. Do Italian wizards go to Beauxbatons?

Almost all of the recent HP questions have an opinion based CV on them; I don't think there's a reason beyond it other than "cos HP"
I can see people having a vendetta against it for being so popular/controversial author?
but I could see the above Q being flagged as opinion based BUT maybe JKR answered a question at a book signing once and confirmed it one way or the other
I think she does that sort of thing more than most authors
It used to happen around 2018/2019 IIRC for HP Qs
But at least back then the CVs seemed to be a bit more appropriate even if not always applicable
@TheLethalCarrot I wonder what happened then? First FBAWTFT movies?
@Alex would probably be able to tell you more if he can remember it
I can't remember there being any stimulus to it though
(Is stimulus right there? It seems like it should be but something in my brain says that's an odd use of the word)
10:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot more technical usage of the word
Reminder: the election starts in <1 hour. If you have a question for the questionnaire I'd post it ASAP. Remember to vote as well!
@TheLethalCarrot I have the election page open and I'm refreshing it in anticipation
Your fingertips are going to be bleeding if you keep pressing it until it's live haha
I'm just interested to see who'll run
Me too.
@TheLethalCarrot I'm vert interested as well
10:49 AM
I'm green with anticipation too
@TheLethalCarrot I don’t think there was any particular stimulus back then. We had a couple of Meta discussions about it; probably just different views of what makes something opinion based. Now it seems like every question gets at least one vote/flag. It may be something along the lines of “we have nearly 7,000 Harry Potter questions already, so all the decent ones must have been exhausted already”.
Aye, maybe. Only started very recently though. The past couple of weeks is when I've noticed it
Some of the recent ones looks like they might have been POB, but the HP Experts prove they aren't
There's overlap between "we don't know" and POB (and also I specifically don't know) and I feel like a lot of people err on the side of POB. Although that had subsided until recently
It doesn't help that we get a lot of HP questions of varying quality of course
@TheLethalCarrot true
10:56 AM
Hi @Mast
it's how a lot of people flag low quality answers as very low quality
@TheLethalCarrot Hi
low quality: "Yo it's this [movie](example.com)"
VLQ: "WTF FYI ksnf;ne;s"
there probably some grey in between
@AncientSwordRage we do have a higher tendency to delete stuff here than other SE sites. FWIW though I sometimes use the NAA and VLQ flags interchangeably since, AFAIA, they have the same effect in the system
@Mast What brings you by?
@AncientSwordRage I don't know why people insist on trying to delete those answers. Unless there's already a confirmed work that is an answer to the question. It just needs developing/elaborating on (more)
@TheLethalCarrot Pure chance and moderation brought this room to my attention. Decided to drop by and see how everyone's anticipating the upcoming election.
Are there any confirmed nominees yet?
11:01 AM
posted on June 07, 2021 by Zelos Malum

I am working on my own universe and its many sapient species and I was thinking, what if instead of like mammals where its small to just bigger reshaping, what if more extreme changes? Of course this is jack all of new thought. But I got curious on what has been done before so I am asking for examples on it that are interesting and "Well-thought out", the last part I mea

I know it hasn't officially started yet.
Consider myself fully braced anticipated
I'll most likely be running unless something drastically changes
I have no idea of anyone else really
May the odds be ever in your favor.
@TheLethalCarrot There are a couple edge cases where they're treated differently, but for all intents and purposes they work the same way.
@AncientSwordRage That gets a rude/abusive flag.
@AncientSwordRage Some people vote to close questions that ask about stuff that's not confirmed in canon. Concensus has been to leave them open, though.
11:09 AM
@Mithical Really? I thought they were exactly the same under the hood
And "we don't know" is a perfectly valid answer, and doesn't mean that the question is POB.
There used to be a difference between them, IIRC. Probably fixed that with the overhaul.
I've gotten comments from moderators in the past to please use the correct flag.
But that's years ago.
@TheLethalCarrot some weird edge case involving automatically raised internal flags... I really don't remember the specifics.
Ah okay
@Mithical bad example on my part
11:18 AM
@Mast It's entirely possible that it was changed, it's been a couple years since I poked at all this stuff.
@AncientSwordRage My stance on the VLQ flag hasn't changed:
in SFF community cleanup room, Jul 4 '17 at 8:17, by Mithrandir
VLQ is an obsolete flag type that should be removed.
I always viewed it as Not an Answer being about the post having a problem as an answer, but Very Low Quality being about the post having a problem as a post.
Not an Answer - how does this post answer the question?
Very Low Quality - what is this post even saying?
@Alex yup
but maybe one is redundant, as @Mithical says
Leads to something like this:
in The Reading Room, Jun 4 at 0:23, by bobble
that's a first, I got an NAA declined because I apparently should've used VLQ
@Alex On this site at least, people often use VLQ for posts that are bad enough to be deleted even if they aren't complete gibberish.
@Alex I've seen LQ answers flagged as NAA
11:32 AM
I often leave them alone in the mod queue and the community deletes them via the review queue.
@Randal'Thor Are there that many answers that are not gibberish and not Not an Answer that deserve to be deleted?
@Alex I can think of wild speculation as one type of bad answer
The SFF community is quite heavy on deletion of very low-quality answers. Even an answer that isn't bad enough to be mod-deleted will often get deleted by high-rep users.
@AncientSwordRage At a certain point I would consider that to fall under Not an Answer. Say I ask, a question and list ten points, and someone posts an answer that matches none of the ten points. I would argue that the answer is not just wild speculation, but actually Not an Answer, because implicit in the question is that it has to relate to the points mentioned.
11:49 AM
Q: Why did Dumbledore say that it was "essential" that Voldemort kills Harry if Harry was bound to life by his blood inside Voldemort?

sorcererThis is for me the biggest unresolved question of the Books. Dumbledore planned from the beginning that Harry should first destroy all Horcruxes and then should die by the hand of Voldemort (which leads to Piton telling to Harry that he must die) and that Harry should kill Voldemort as last thing...

@Alex not everything needs a flag reason though
the system is designed to handle bad answers by letting the community downvote things into the ground where needed
True. So maybe just one flag: "This should be deleted".
you can use chat for that, or just hope it's seen
it's been too long, but I'm sure just the act of voting to delete will put it in a queue somewhere
that way there's no flagging required
I don't think a queue, but there a section in the Tools page that shows posts with recent delete votes.
Only flagging will send it to the LQP queue; delete votes just show in the Tools page and on the post
12:03 PM
@TheLethalCarrot hmmmm
I need a refresher then
Well flagging or the auto system flag on post length; repeated characters etc.
12:24 PM
@TheLethalCarrot again, not the best example as I shortened it for chat
12:40 PM
@Mithical I don't know about. VTC as POB
When it comes to the election, where will it be displayed/shown? (will a banner show up on meta?)
I ask as I haven't voted before in an election
There'll be something in the site bulletin on the sidebar.
ok thanks
Every user who's eligible to nominate or vote will also get an inbox notification.
1:00 PM
Do we get one for it starting and for the vote starting? Can't remember
Yep. Both.
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Q: What is the timeline of the rescue of Han Solo?

SQBIn Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, we see R2-D2 and C-3PO arrive at the palace of Jabba the Hutt, bearing a message from Luke Skywalker, and themselves as gifts. Then we see general Leia Organa arrive, disguised as the bounty hunter Boussh, claiming the bounty on Chewbacca. She tries ...

2:26 PM
posted on June 07, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You also want a portfolio of evil deeds, in case some turn out to be ineffective. Today's News:

@Marvin that started out from one of those slave-Leia obsessed questions we received a couple of years back, the one whether Leia slept. That made me wonder how Leia was held in slavery by Jabba, and from that I started wondering how long all of the events took.
I don't think there is any detail to it BTW
Q: How realistic is the 1 kg/km² solar sail in "Death's End"?

QuuxplusoneFrom Cixin Liu's 2010 sci-fi novel Death's End (pages 68–69): "A radiation sail can be made very thin and light. Based on the current state of material sciences, we can make a sail of about fifty square kilometers and limit the mass to about fifty kilograms. That should be big enough." The speak...

Not going to answer it though as there might be a comic or something that covers it
2:41 PM
TBH, I expect Valorum to have a pdf of the relevant books somewhere.
So the real question is if someone beats Valorum to it.
At least as far as I can see in the novelisation the only 2 relevant quotes are what I've posted as comments
I could turn it into an answer but it feels a bit lacking
@Randal'Thor Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I managed to ping TH on Twitter
3:21 PM
@Mast Heh, first time I've seen your name blue in chat :-)
Phew, this was an odd day for me to be so long AFK.
At least I'm back online before the election starts.
@Randal'Thor yay
@Randal'Thor I'm probably not gonna be around for the start of it or much this evening
I'm gonna miss out on the F1 start of it all :P
I wonder who will wake up tomorrow, unknowingly having had their name put into the Goblet of Fire, and have the mods shouting "Did you NOMINATE YOURSELF Harry!?"
3:31 PM
"Did you NOMINATE YOURSELF Harry!?" AncientSwordRage asks calmly.
@AncientSwordRage Will our candidates be representing different schools?
Schools of thought, maybe.
@Randal'Thor perhaps
I often find myself reaching for references to HP that don't actually rely on HP and find myself coming up short
3:48 PM
I'll be around providing snarky commentary as necessary...
for instance being sorted into houses, is something that predates HP, but is too tangled up with it
@Mithical so no change?
And I've been told that "X is my Spirit Animal" can be insensitive, so I should use "X is my Patronus", except now HP is not a great topic to bring up
4:02 PM
Q: Is there an author who could be considered the Steinbeck of Arizona?

Geoffrey SimmsGrowing up adjacent to the coast and valleys of central California, we always had great pride in Steinbeck and his attachment to the land there. Since moving to Arizona, I’ve wondered if there is any author who has a similar command of the land and its people. I’m not expecting a literary giant, ...

@AncientSwordRage Why, because of the close votes?
@AncientSwordRage I suppose nowadays most people's exposure to various facets of the British public school system is through the lens of HP.
@Randal'Thor because of JKR's opinions on transgender people
@Randal'Thor there was a recent MTG expansion that was set in a magical school and some of the criticism was that it was too much like HP....except it was nothing like HP
@TheLethalCarrot I don't have many more details unfortunately
So not like a villain villain really?
Q: As well as the Devil’s Mirror, is Hans from Frozen based on the Prince from the fairytale the Snow Queen?

Alex DownsWe know that Hans is based on the Devil’s Mirror from the Snow Queen fairytale, and it shows, because he mimics others perfectly. However, his Disney Wiki says that Hans is also based on the PRINCE from the same fairytale. So IS he?

Q: Which comic issue does Superman fight someone powered by prayer?

AncientSwordRageI read a comic once, long since given away, where Superman fought someone who was powered by prayer, without using force. I'm hazy on the details, and there wasn't much to the story besides the 'powered by prayer' conceit. I read it some ~7-8 years ago, and it was current at the time because it w...

@AncientSwordRage Most things that people associate with HP don't really originate from HP - it's just a trope codifier
4:13 PM
A: Did Superman ever attend Sunday School in Smallville?

TheLethalCarrotI haven't found anything explicit but in Action Comics Issues 848 and 849 Clark has a bit of a battle with faith and in it we get some insight into his early life in Smallville. In Issue 848 we get a few flashbacks to Clark as a child and in some of these we see him going to church. Click image ...

^^ warning, TV Tropes link
@TheLethalCarrot @AncientSwordRage that ring any bells?
@TheLethalCarrot unsure
Interrupting Carrot, going for Obie's job there? :-P
4:13 PM
they may have been forcibly converting folks overseas?
I'm really not clear
@TheLethalCarrot thats the one
I may have only read the first of those issues though
I remembered it from this answer of mine
A: Did Superman ever attend Sunday School in Smallville?

TheLethalCarrotI haven't found anything explicit but in Action Comics Issues 848 and 849 Clark has a bit of a battle with faith and in it we get some insight into his early life in Smallville. In Issue 848 we get a few flashbacks to Clark as a child and in some of these we see him going to church. Click image ...

@TheLethalCarrot the first image of that answer is in the issue I read
Posted it as an answer, got to go soon so will flesh it out a bit more later if need be
4:20 PM
@TheLethalCarrot thanks!
PSA: Please fix URLs too when fixing other things.
Unless SE regex it like with the Memory Alpha links unfortunately I doubt we'll ever clean them all up
Q: Can we fix Wikia links before they break?

SQBWe've had the broken Memory Alpha-links fixed directly on the database. Thank you, @Shog9 and @Catija. Can we do the same for all Wikia links, since wikia.com has moved to fandom.com? There's a redirect in place currently, but we don't know for how long. There are far too many links to Wikia to ...

...I can't really imagine they're going to kill the redirects.
FWIw I'm turning up 687 unique wikia links: data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1180429/wikia-links-in-posts
No I'd be very surprised if they do
3.5 hours till showtime.
4:37 PM
@TheLethalCarrot At the very least it'd probably be good to manually fix the "http%3A%2F%2Fstarwars.wikia.com" links; those probably don't work even now... :p
But 7200 and change starwars.wikia.com links? That's discernably lower than it was before I started fixing them, so progress can be made.
As for images, we're at... 9953, looks like.
It's still going up. :(
Do we have a party when we hit 10k? :)
@Randal'Thor thanks for reminding me to update the post
at 10k I'll have to change my query, because it's only grabbing the newest 10k
Or don't, cause I'm working from the bottom of the list (oldest) and the last few pages are ones I've bailed on. :)
4:44 PM
@AncientSwordRage Heh, I missed that you've been updating that.
Unlikely that any new suggestions now are going to gain traction.
@DavidW I don't think those links will break
they will be redirects forever.
@DavidW Double digits... those are old.
Wikia still has control over their old domain, it's not like someone else bought them out, and knows they have a lot of links to the old address.
We don't have to edit our posts every time they decide to rebrand themselves or change their theme colors.
@AncientSwordRage I did a bit of mod abuse too :-P to add a link
@DavidW why do I feel the need to tackle those ones now?!
@Randal'Thor I'm sure TLC doesn't mind
I don't think we have tie issues anymore anyway
4:50 PM
Q: Who wrote, and what is the name of, this famous essay on criticism?

AliceThe long essay has a terse title, something like "On Criticism" or "On the Art of Criticism" or "Criticism"--if I recall correctly. Perhaps it's by Disraeli or Erasmus or Diderot (my bet is Erasmus). The essay begins with a very long paragraph describing how famous writer X thought the work of fa...

@AncientSwordRage We now have four posts tied at a score of 8 (for the last three spots in the questionnaire).
@Babelfish Weird, that got fed here before the Lit room.
@Randal'Thor counting is not one of my strong points
I won't count on your support then.
@Randal'Thor set your expectations low enough and I promise not to disappoint
@Mithical is there a way to see who has the most image description edits?
not AFAIK, unfortunately
5:03 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Any idea how many single post links?
@Mithical I might ask in the SEDE chat
TSQL is not one of my strong points
and with that, I'm off to the shops
5:19 PM
@b_jonas I was looking at the URL as it was written. If you put "%3a%2f%2f" in a URL instead of "://" then I don't expect it to work. [test](https%3a%2f%2fwww.google.com%2f).
@Rand, since you're here, is there a reason that the first link in this answer doesn't link directly to memory-alpha instead of google? I've seen that in other posts as well, and I'm not sure what it means.
5:35 PM
@DavidW Huh, dunno. That was one of my very first answers on SFF, way long ago. Probably it means I copied a link from the Google search result list rather than copying the URL after clicking through to the page itself.
Unless it's a Google cached version of a page that no longer exists, maybe?
No, I check the link and it goes to the page URL embedded in it.
In the absence of a good reason not to, I think that when I encounter links like that I'll update them with the actual destination. It's friendlier to users, and why advertise your web traffic to google unnecessarily.
in TRPG General Chat, 7 mins ago, by bobble
to prevent anyone from panicking: lists are broken across all SE sites for the time being: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/366240/the-styling-for-lists-numbered-and-bulleted-got-switched-to-none
Early election bug? ^ ;p
Oh fun.
Elections have been a bit buggy lately.
Because they're doing it the new way since a month or so.
I think CR and Chemistry were among the first doing it new-style.
5:50 PM
nice theme
6:04 PM
Every newcomer to SFF chat says that.
Well, some of them hate the theme and leave :-P
@Mast Math[s] Overflow was the first.
@Randal'Thor halp ther r too many starz, cant read my own text
@Randal'Thor Are you saying Britisch children aren't all dressed up like judges and reading from old tomes in neo-Gothic palaces at school?
@NapoleonWilson That's only Jacob Rees-Mogg's children.
Though, I have to say the only British university I ever visited pretty much looked like Hogwarts. ;-)
6:19 PM
@NapoleonWilson they're overrepresented by my estimation
@NapoleonWilson Was it Durham? I think some of the Harry Potter films were shot there.
Or Oxbridge, which is pretty much "British public schools for grown-ups".
Bangor, Wales. But they probably only led us through the fancy areas anyway, since it was a conference social event.
6:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage over 10k at least
Thanks for helping me count
Helping your count? I didn't know you have an earl.
Ooh, fight! I want to see you two duke it out.
6:59 PM
@AncientSwordRage I don’t think the relevant information is exposed in SEDE but I might be wrong. And even if it was it would be difficult to work our
You might be able to do it with PostHistory actually
@Mithical no because this place would be baron after such an epic duel
I'm sure rene could do it, he's a magician...
Probably, I’m no sql expert. And no way I’m attempting it on my phone haha
@TheLethalCarrot I mean, just how many in the list only have one post
What do you mean
7:10 PM
@Mithical And he's a mod now too.
@TheLethalCarrot the query brings back how many posts have that link
Some only feature on one post
How many in the list of Wikia links have one post?
If you haven't cast votes on questions, now's the time to do them. Questionnaire will be finalized shortly.
New votes have been coming in thick and fast today, but there's still a multi-way tie for the last question in the questionnaire.
It was a two-way tie earlier, but it's back to four-way again.
@TheLethalCarrot wrong link?
I tried earlier and got a varchar is not an int error...
7:29 PM
If the number of links is 1 I think it means the wiki link only shows on 1 post
on phone though so I may have mucked it up
I changed it so it sets the index find to -1 meaning after finding 1 wikia link in a post it moves on. It’s not 100% accurate cos of a post has 2 different wikia links in it it’ll only count one but could do the job
@TheLethalCarrot I'm still seeing starwars.wikia etc
Scroll to the bottom, just look at the ones with a 1. I didn’t put the where clause on it cos being lazy
I wanted the total count... Like "there's 9001 wikias with only one post on Sci-Fi SE"
Oh okay
248 roughly with the caveats mentioned above
@Randal'Thor such is life; funny though
7:57 PM
> nomination begins
in 2 minutes
@Randal'Thor Are you really expecting there are people (well, more than one anyway) who are counting down the seconds waiting to jump in there?
Just building excitement :-P
Just checked... No nominees yet? 😲😓😜
Imagine not writing up a nomination post beforehand and FGITWing as soon as the page opens :P
I was just about to say; 3 minutes and no nominees yet. It's like someone's oversold the excitement of this thing. :)
8:03 PM
That query what you wanted @AncientSwordRage
@hyper-neutrino That sounds like your site - shortest nomination post wins :-P
i can post a crappy stub to keep the excitement levels at an all time high if you want?
@Randal'Thor heh :P my nomination post actually exceeded the limit initially so I trimmed some hardly relevant stuff off of it
(this chat room's theme makes it really hard to read things :/)
@AncientSwordRage Some people write their answers before they make the nomination official. Takes a while to get the answers done properly first, and then short enough so it fits second.
No candidates yet? I'm disappointed.
8:07 PM
@Mast I've seen multiple ways of doing it
@Catija get in line, we've all been saying it!
@Mast That's a good point. I wrote my questionnaire answers before my nomination post as well. I also spent about 3 days deliberating whether or not to nominate myself, lol.
@hyper-neutrino oh no that's no good
Bah. :P
Y'all did not make this questionnaire easy to compile. :P
@TheLethalCarrot I just scrolled a little up and saw 👍🏻
No ties, though. :D
8:09 PM
Kind of disappointed at no ties in the end after all that excitement
@Catija a casual election then
Freshly leaked, the secret mod oath : "Flags gather, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no prisoners, hold no hands, favour no users. I shall wear diamonds but win no glory. I shall live and die reading posts. I am the pitchfork in the manure. I am the watcher of the firewall. I am the shield that guards the site from spam. I pledge my life and honor to the Mod Team, for this year and all the years to come." — Amarth May 31 at 20:53
who leaked our secrets??
@Catija I guess the questionnaire posting process still isn't automated ...
@Catija You didn't have to cast a tie-breaking vote in the end?
8:10 PM
It's automated but I still have to review the questions and reformat them if it's wonky (and remove all the monologuing y'all did in the questions).
@TheLethalCarrot http://[http://harrypotter.wikia.com is not a valid link...
@Randal'Thor Nope
@hyper-neutrino If you like that kind of thing, this farewell post is in the same style.
Q: Winged mutant caused by parents being exposed to fields from high voltage

FuzzyBootsI initially believed that this was the original backstory for Marvel's X-Man Angel before they settled on a more vague triggering of the X-gene, but I have found no references online indicating as such, which makes me think this was another work that I conflated to Angel in my head. The protagoni...

@Catija monologuing? What did you expect!
8:12 PM
@AncientSwordRage there’ll be some mistakes in it, it was relatively hacky when I did it the first time around
Never mind with the further phone edit hacks to it :P
@TheLethalCarrot I'm wondering if there actually a broken link out there
Could be; it is from the html though so might just be a goof in how I’m separating the links from the html. I sorted out a few edge cases initially but could have missed some
Q: Does any other wand share the same core as the Elder Wand?

InvokerThe story between the owners of the elder wand goes through a long journey, particularly Albus Dumbledore. I don't have any idea if the elder wand has a twin at all since it was made by the Death and was bestowed to Antioch Peverell. Based on its details, it was the most powerful wand ever made....

as they say in internet speak.... FIRST
The first contestant has entered the ring!
8:14 PM
Pure raw excitement
Questionnaire is up. Go proofread it for me and tell me what I screwed up.
@AncientSwordRage It's not actually used though, it's just stale noise.
@DavidW there was an extra, funky link in the quote
Hah. My eye skipped right over it.
8:18 PM
@DavidW understandably
@AncientSwordRage What do you reckon about closing Brace yourself as a dupe of the election announcement?
@Randal'Thor done
8:32 PM
Nice! Election is open, Skooba already nominated
@b_jonas someone had to be first. Figured I might as well get it out of the way! I am really interested to see the field as we have so many great and qualified users.
Just the best really, no other site come close. I've been saying this for years.
Q: 2021 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2021 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page at ht...

It's been 40 minutes
time to change Slartibartfast's name to Slartibartslow?
That’s my job; to complain about how slow the feeds are
we recently replaced three of our chat room's six feeds with a chatbot because we got tired of them being too slow :P
8:43 PM
Meta is always slow
The feeds only pull from meta about half as often or less than from main.
oh, TIL, lol.
9:11 PM
Heh. The "Recent Badges" section on the "Badges" page is a string of "Caucus" badges. :)
It's nice to see so many people paying attention.
9:24 PM
Q: Why didn't anyone hear very much from/about Sinclair during seasons 2 and 3?

AnonymousBefore War Without End, Sinclair was the head of the rangers. The rangers were a large presence at the time and they should have gotten orders from him indirectly or at least talk about "Ranger One". But the only times people saw/heard about him is when he chose to contact them. Why is that?

Can't relate, don't have the reputation to vote :D
10:23 PM
@Randal'Thor Surely a restaurant should be fed before a reading room?
10:35 PM
@Alex Fair point!
On the other hand, the end of the universe should come after everything else.
@Randal'Thor Depends which end.
Q: Is The Clan of the Cave Bear (and related works) on topic?

LexibleI just stumbled upon this well-asked and received question about the series of novels of which Clan of the Cave Bear is the first book. While certainly fictional, and predicated upon imaginative vision of prehistory, what makes this book and series on-topic for SFF.SE? Contrast with Harrison's We...

11:10 PM
@Alex canonically it was the latter end
@AncientSwordRage Is that the end you have to climb to?
@Alex however you get there is takes 3 billion + years
Q: What government agency is responsible for defending against Godzilla and other related monsters?

SpyBoxOnlineSo I know next to nothing about Godzilla and haven't watched any of the movies, but I was wondering if in any of the movies there is a government or UN agency responsible for dealing with giant monsters such as Godzilla. If so, I would also like to know what sort of technology, vehicles, and othe...

11:28 PM
@Marvin Valorum beat need by 29 seconds
11:46 PM
How do you review? All of the times I checked, it says everything's reviewed...
You need certain rep to access some of the queues and you can only review when there’s an item available
the queues are generally cleared quite quickly because we have a lot of active reviewers compared to the number of reviews that come in

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