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5:00 PM
@Wasif Just edit in your answer, and I think Bubbler will award it when they can
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI What do you mean by that
@Wasif Oops, misread "requirement" as "treatment"
@ChartZBelatedly Actually I was afraid that trivial answers might not get it, anyways is there a chat room for Factor language?


Programming and golfing in Factor, a high-level stack-based la...
@Wezl Thanks!!!
5:02 PM
@HyperNeutrino It doesn't help that the internet is very American, so the spread of info about Americans is much larger than pretty much any other country (aside from India and China)
Chinese internet communities tend to be fairly separate from most of the rest of the world
@Wasif click site rooms in the top right and it will bring you to a page where you can search (desktop)
Sorry for the interruption but what topic you are currently discussing here?
5:03 PM
Why everyone criticises the US
we were discussing sandwiches and started talking about world issues because... something
@ChartZBelatedly But it was originally about bread
@HyperNeutrino because tourism because steaks because fish
@HyperNeutrino I think tourism had something to do with it
5:04 PM
And healthcare
ah yes we were talking about tourism and someone mentioned getting treated to a steak because they fell ill and someone asked about why someone bought them food but not treatment and that's where we got to free healthcare
I say we discuss
43 mins ago, by ChartZ Belatedly
Personally, I support a fight-to-the-death Hunger Games style competition :P
It happens, we start to discuss, and often forget about what it was
@ChartZBelatedly I don't think I'm comfortable with this.
5:05 PM
well I don't think I should condone murder as a moderator
The death won't be very serious
so how about, fight-to-the-decided-to-stop-fighting
Just mild death
What's mild death?
Respawn afterwards?
mild death as opposed to extra-spicy death
5:06 PM
@HyperNeutrino are you saying you're going to rig it by stopping murder but not anything else?
God this is a weird room at times :P
I only said that I won't officially support the murder :)
@HyperNeutrino Um
@ChartZBelatedly "at times"
so many stars wtf lol
@Wasif we have only the highest quality conversation here
as you can plainly see
5:07 PM
@rak1507 they are now upvotes
after we're done with this conversation i'll purge some of them
@pxeger hehe
we don't need four consecutive messages starred lol, at least IMO
I love it when you discover a bug in your reference solution to a challenge just as you're about to post it ಠ_ಠ
5:07 PM
actually the starboard is active enough that these stars will get pushed off soon enough anyway and they're all great out of context
I was thinking about a challenge yesterday, and somebody sandboxed an almost identical one today
I wonder why after posting hundreds of messages in Chat I haven't got Talkative badge yet
In case anyone wants to keep these
Saved :p
Well, now we know who starred them :P
@Wasif Talkative is about getting stars IIRC
> Post 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in chat
My laptop just has a problem where stars show up golden
5:10 PM
what's the (objectively of course :) best editor theme?
@ChartZBelatedly my bad, didn't notice the star criteria
I have a tab with a list and I have to get rid of them
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI 0. not on my list 1. light
VS Code's Quiet Light
@Wezl VS Code default dark is okay
5:12 PM
Imagine using a light theme
(I use a light theme but still)
@Wezl TIO
not on my list :P
We are now going from bread to IDEs :P
@Wasif not directly at all
I never continue conversations
Bread is my IDE
5:14 PM
@Wezl You were the one who transitioned to bread and then to IDEs. What's going on?
@Wezl so chat messages from IDEs (That's not too funny)
for them to be started is enough
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I finished lunch :)
Ah........ Now I will get the Talkative badge, at last......
@Wezl I hope it was tasty
I'm about to eat lunch
It's sitting in front of my laptop
5:15 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ofc, and my period 2 teacher is absent so... I work in my IDE editor
I think the future of the internet is spiders.
They're great at web development.
@Wezl make ur editer waffles
CMC: Make up a really bad pun
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI a bun?
@Wezl If it's a tasty bun, then sure
5:17 PM
^ that was the worst I could make on short notice
My school's theater club is going into computer science. I hear the next play will have a Java Script
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I would, but I'm all out of eggxcellent yokes to crack
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I'd tell you a joke about UDP, but you might not get it
rats, math
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI tell it please
5:19 PM
@Wasif I just told a TCP joke. Did you get it?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI A storm blew away a quarter of my roof last night. Oof
I'd tell another RAID joke, but it'd be redundant
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Where it is?
@Wasif I'm going to send it now, ok?
@Wasif That's the joke :P
5:20 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI oh got it, TCP is reliable and UDP not
@ChartZBelatedly I'm not going to admit how long it took me to get that :p
@ChartZBelatedly A storm blew away 3 quarters of my roof last night. F
I just mistyped from_base to instead talk about a letter from my boyfriend: from_bae :P
5:21 PM
just like how 6 red flags instantly delete a message, 6 stars should instantly like... pin a message or smth like that, idk
6 stars should wrap around to deleting
Who just flagged that?
do not abuse flags
@ChartZBelatedly I repeatedly type sustemctl and I just think get out of my head get out of my head
Also, why flag a mods message, they can counterflag it with a binding vote :P
5:23 PM
whoever flagged that, please don't do it again, flags are only to be used to indicate actually problematic messages
At least you don't find yourself setting the room temperature to 69 degrees
celsius gang
Suddenly got a blue color around a message, what's that?
@Wasif someone flagged a message
5:24 PM
@Wasif Congratulations on 10k rep!
why are flags blue and not red though?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI What do you mean?
@pxeger Red flags are red flags
i didn't even get the chance to binding counter-flag it cuz the flag got deleted too fast xd
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI you don't need 10k rep to see flags
5:24 PM
I am just 2.8k now in code golf
@Wasif You can see flags when you have 10k rep (network-wide)
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Wasif has 22k network rep :P
@Wasif you can only see flags when you have 10,000 reputation across the network
@HyperNeutrino i see
@ChartZBelatedly Ah, I didn't see that
5:26 PM
@HyperNeutrino I believe mods can see who flagged what, just FYI :P
I think someone accidentally flagged it while trying to star it
There's a confirmation thing, right?
a confirm()
@RedwolfPrograms Can I test on your message?
5:27 PM
@Wasif Check out the code
@RedwolfPrograms yeah there is a confirmation
@Wezl oh we can see the source code too
function confirmFlag(e){return confirm("Do you want to flag this message as spam, inappropriate, or offensive?"+(e?" Since you're a moderator, this flag is binding.":""))}
Damn es, being able to cast binding flags :P
I really dislike how the <code> on chat is just monospaces rather than having the background color and padding like on main
I think I'm going to make a userscript to make it look more like main comments
yes pls!
5:35 PM
Is there a central collection of chat userscripts?
Redwolf has a repo of theirs, and ATaco, who wrote a lot, has as well
@ChartZBelatedly thanks
just now again got a blue (1)
who is flagging mysteriously
i got one, but for Spanish SE
I'm assuming I also can't submit "Jelly, \$ \approx 3 \$ bytes: {base 250-encode} {evaluate as Jelly code}" (whatever that is in Jelly) — pxeger 1 min ago
@pxeger Interestingly, it's surprisingly hard in Jelly due to the way the base-250 encoding works :/
That's what this was referring to :P
5:52 PM
First iteration, feedback?
a little too close to the outline of the chat message, can you either reduce the vertical padding or make it fill the box exactly?
It looks a little odd without the 1px of vertical padding (at least to me)
Still pretty good, though
It looks bad with longer code though
5:56 PM
Now it doesn't look centered
Because it isn't
idk, it doesn't really have to be perfect
I'm honestly considering removing the outline thing
5:57 PM
Q: Decompress an integer, Jelly style

ChartZ BelatedlyJelly has compressed string literals, using the “...» delimiters. The way these work is by interpreting the ... as a base-250 integer, \$n\$, then repeatedly divmod-ing this integer until it reaches \$0 \newcommand{\d}[2]{ \left( \left\lfloor \frac {#1} {#2} \right\rfloor, #1 \text{ mod } #2 \rig...

Can you make it look like WysiScript?
so pings show up top-right, blue flags show up top-left, mod flags show up bottom-left
i wonder if anything shows up in the bottom-left corner of your image to the left of the chat input box lol
I'm going to be doing basically a complete redesign of the chat, but since I know a lot of people aren't going to want that drastic of a change here's a copy with just the code styling changed
(Font change is commented out, you can try it if you want but the kerning looks weird with smaller text)
nice :D i love how easy installing userscripts is lol
Who's going to watch SIGBOVIK this year?
6:03 PM
what is it about
The Annual Conference on Computing Heresy
> SIGBOVIK is a yearly conference celebrating the inestimable research work of Harry Quernstone Bovik. Since his research has been so variegated, the conference is traditionally a forum for discussion on many subjects, including: Inept Expert Systems, Deep Space Navigation, Science, Perplexity Theory, Thaughmaturgic Circle, Self-Adjusting Computation, Denotational Semantics of Pidgin and Creole, Worm Causality, Dimorphic Computing, k-Armed Bandits, Regret ...
they seem to be undecided on what Harry Q Bovik's middle name is
> In my spare time, I enjoy surfing the web. Here is a list of usernames and passwords that I used to register at various web sites; it has been kindly put together by Rob O'Callahan.
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

pxegerBypassing restricted-source by storing data in the file name Consensus says that it is perfectly fine to store data in the file name as long as that is added to the byte count. However, this doesn't seem entirely appropriate in restricted-source questions, since it could bypass the restrictions. ...

they seem to hate page numbers
6:12 PM
@NewLoopholeProposal Pxem is definitely one of those languages which doesn't quite fit a lot of our rules and so can be awkward to fit it :/
@HyperNeutrino Do you mean bottom-right? Don't mod flags show up bottom-left?
yes i did
i somehow managed to say mod flags are bot-left and then ask if anything shows bot-left
Mar 22 at 23:28, by HyperNeutrino
i'm not very smart
@HyperNeutrino Such messages (especially for mods) are great starbait :P
in Codenames, May 29 '17 at 3:05, by Deusovi
...I'm dumb
in Codenames, Jun 14 '17 at 16:07, by Gareth McCaughan
I'm an idiot
CMQ: What's the most embarrassing thing you've said that's been starred?
ha get rekt nerd
@pxeger We're all nerds here.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI For me, it might be this one about chicken.
6:21 PM
Jan 8 at 18:00, by Redwolf Programs
I just converted a whole 500 line program to lowercase and didn't notice. I've closed my editor since then so I can't undo.
might be near the top
ah, the good ol' :set tildeop<CR>gg~GZZ
Not a huge deal if you don't have dependencies on other libraries with uppercase names
JS uses camelcase for stuff
and JS is wrong for doing so
6:23 PM
Right, but if your entire file is lowercase, it won't matter if you declare and use a variable as demouser instead of demoUser
@pxeger Why?
camel case is far inferior to snake case
it's so ugly
I like snek case
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Not the message itself, but the embarrassment I felt around this is pretty high up there
I like both actually
6:24 PM
Sep 13 '20 at 22:06, by caird coinheringaahing
I never realised that the feedback given when low-rep/anonymous users vote on posts is actually collected/used
^ That's a thing?
> Anonymous Feedback 90.6k (73.07%) up / 33.4k (26.93%) down
Registered Feedback 661 (93.36%) up / 47 (6.64%) down
Man, registered users vote a lot less at low rep than anonymous users
6:26 PM
More anonymous users out there
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Also this
6:47 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI less readable then
* Wezl is ashamed how many messages he's starred
but not enough to stop
I just realized that almost every message on the starboard these last few days has been starred or posted by me :\
I need to stop starring messages.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI it's fine, I don't mind :)
@Wezl For acronyms, maybe, but otherwise, I find camel case pretty readable.
@Wezl I'm trying to resist the temptation to star this :P
spaces in names is D best
I figured out how to download the ping noise
I can do so much with this
6:51 PM
Oh god no
For chat?
Yeah, it's a weird noise
you better not play it when I'm sleeping
I have all of the power of Lyxal's fridge AND MORE!!!
The weird noise in your version of review stalker is bad enough :P
6:51 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Huh?
I've never had to mute a Stack Exchange page before :P
Dec 31 '20 at 23:05, by Lyxal
This is unrelated, but some times when I get milk out of the fridge, it bounces against the racks in the fridge and makes a noise that sounds like the SE chat notification noise
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ^
Someone needs to make that noise friendlier
Also I'm going to try to make a terminal based SE chat client, just for fun :p
@Wezl ​
@RedwolfPrograms please, thank you
6:53 PM
How would it display images?
Or would it just link to the image?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI TBH "thunk" is more onomatopoeic for the chat ping than it is for the actual "thunk" sound :p
It wouldn't be able to do some stuff like that
Petition to make the ping sound sound like a "ping"
I can't see images anyway
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI not in a human voice
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI filtering
@Wezl I was thinking more like a guitar being plucked or something
I can proxy them through curl but it's slow
and I do it with a terminal so then I have to switch to a file browser, which is much slower
Q: How much information can 10k+ users share?

ChartZ BelatedlyUpon reaching 10k reputation, users have access to the moderator tools, which contains information and stats on: Deleted posts and votes to delete Closed posts and pending votes to close and reopen Migrated posts Protected posts New answers to old questions Suggested edits Low reputation feedbac...

@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ascii art
6:58 PM
@HyperNeutrino That's a whole new project in itself
Although ig there are probably libraries out there to do this kind of thing
@NewMetaPosts Why is that on CG meta?
@Wezl I suppose it could go on mother meta, but it isn't off-topic here
@NewMetaPosts Screenshots of deleted posts, maybe? I don't think site analytics and stuff should be shared
Actually, not even deleted posts
Unless it's relevant to some meta question
I'd think site analytics are fine to share, as long it's not like a data dump of everything
No idea why https://chat.stackexchange.com/ws-auth is giving me 404
my personal opinion is just to use your own judgement, honestly, but that's not a good answer so i'll have to think this one through more before i give my official answer to the meta post, if i do
7:02 PM
@HyperNeutrino yeah using your own judgement is generally A Bad Idea
well specifically just saying "use your own judgement" as a policy lol
always consult me
@HyperNeutrino That's my typical approach, but I wanted a "definite" answer for situations where I'm not sure
window.TheThingThatGetsTheDataFromTheServer is a pretty great name for a function
7:42 PM
I probably shouldn't be trying to reverse engineer chat stuff on my own account, I'll probably end up messing stuff up somehow :p
@HyperNeutrino I don't know what sort of peanut butter you guys were talking about, but with crunchy peanut butter you'd be hard pushed to have much less than 1/2 cm thickness
3 hours ago, by Wezl
1 bread, 1/2 cm crunchy slightly sweetened peanut butter, mixed with unsweetened cocoa powder, and another bread
oh right, must have forgotten already, thanks
it was about 2 layers :)
Oh, I didn't notice it was crunchy
7:55 PM
@Neil I can't imagine that being at all helpful
This changes everything
but you're welcome
crunchy peanut butter is much less sticky than smooth, which I dislike for that reason
dislike smooth because it's sticky or crunchy because it's not?
Crunchy peanut butter is harder to spread, and less fun to eat
7:59 PM
They each have their uses, but smooth is better for most things.
I don't really have strong opinions on peanut butter.
ok I'm not denying that
@RedwolfPrograms Does anyone?
Well, except those with peanut allergies, I guess.
I strongly encourage eating it
@Wezl You're weird special
especially over ham, bacon, beef, pork, cheese with rennet, etc.
8:01 PM
Why are 3/4 of those from pigs
Aren't bacon and ham a subset of pork?
I demand answers.
I guess so
@RedwolfPrograms Post it on Meta
I like bacon, but ham not so much
Sliced ham goes okay on a sandwich, though
@RedwolfPrograms IDK, though I kinda do hate pork more than other meats
I know you two starred it, you're literally the only two people in here.
Ham is better than turkey prove me wrong
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I strongly disagree
8:03 PM
@Wezl Why?
@RedwolfPrograms nope
@Wezl No need to
Turkey is tasteless
And disgusting
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ham smells bad
Chickens are cuter than turkeys, so it's more fun to eat
@Wezl A lot of meat does
at least turkeys are tasteless
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI right
8:04 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Meat is literally dead animals. What do you expect?
it's like saying I taste good on a sandwhich
It smells good to me :|
@Wezl Hmm, never tried a weasel >)
@Wezl I mean...
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Killed animals, too
without parental consent
8:05 PM
Better than rounding up the rotting corpses of dead, tough animals, eh?
@Wezl Yup, often crushed to death at a young age.
@RedwolfPrograms I guess so
For us, at least
why do you have to eat them though?
@Wezl You want me to drink a dead cow?
tsk tsk
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI >:|
8:07 PM
@Wezl I get your point, though, and occasionally I get grossed out by myself, but when I'm really hungry, I just set aside my morals and order myself a Big Mac.
I can't wait to change my username
Back to user?
(I'm taking every excuse to use my new <code> formatting)
@RedwolfPrograms Probably
CMQ: Good usernames?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI waffles
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI U+200b
Wezl too of course
8:11 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I don't think SE allows that
What's the longest allowed username?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI messistaen
for people who stan messiaen
@RedwolfPrograms Mine is close to the limit
@rak1507 Huh?
> Display Name can only contain letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes or hyphens and must start with a letter or digit
8:13 PM
Could be abused too easily, I guess?
0 w 0
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI that's my middle name
8:14 PM
@rak1507 Maybe if I were ten
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI you're not? huh
:57455925 I agree, (removed) is a great username
@rak1507 I do act immature, don't I?
lol nah I'm just kidding
@rak1507 Since I'm not ten, I'll use camel case instead: xXPr0C0deG0lf3r69420
much better
8:25 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI If you're gonna do leet at least go full 1337: ><><94030113469420
@RedwolfPrograms I have no idea why that's supposed to spell out what rak suggested, but okay.
I just replaced everything with the closest looking number I could find :p
And the x and X with ><
P sort of looks like a flipped 9, r sort of looks like a 4 in some handwriting, o is obviously 0, G sort of looks like a flipped 3, I forgot the word C0de, and so on
8:44 PM
* Wezl gets a life
* Wezl immediately hands it back
The NATO phonetic alphabet would be great for that, although maybe a tad long.

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