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12:00 AM
I'm not sure why a monster has both those things but I don't see particular reasons it shouldn't either?
@trogdor We have some people who get upset when anything is not reduced to a minimal mechanically sufficient form. "Why do I need toes when I already have fingers, which are strictly better?"
well if they want to spent their time and emotional energy on that I consider it their loss
I try to let it go, in accordance with the ancient proverb, "Your kink is not my kink but your kink is not bad." I am, however, very bad at letting things go.
for me it's entirely variable on what the thing I am letting go is
this is one of the things it's easy for me to ignore
It's well known (and confirmed by designers) that warlock's Devils Sight invocation lets them see in darkness (including magical) but doesn't help in dim light. I've just read Truesight & it only talks about darkness not dim light. So depending how the DM reads it, a creature with Truesight but not Darkvision could have disadvantage in dim light.
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rpg.stackexchange.com/q/179744/22420 Space lich says not enough
3:53 AM
Grammarist on "casted": "Many people object to casted, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is catching on and not likely to go away soon."
Personally I'm in favor of allowing forms that avoid homophone confusion.
A Greeblin's Journey by Thomas Novosel. A solo journaling game about a travelling creature called a Greeblin. They have become unsettled from their home and are now travelling for the first time in a world they have never explored. The road is strange and not nearly as kind as their bed, but they had to do something. They had to go somewhere. Temporarily more expensive to fund finishing the game and making a print version.
4:07 AM
How is everyone doing today?
feeling like antagonizing Mordenkainen for no good reason
@Joshua I'm not entirely up to scratch on LOTR expanded lore
I so wanted to answer that question with a few paragraphs describing the newly cratered moon and the country blasted to dust and the rumor that the stars themselves are become weapons and then say not enough
@Joshua That seems like the intended feeling they wanted to convey with the Death Star or the Star Killer Base
Oh. I left an ambiguous "that". I linked a question about balance.
4:19 AM
Ah I see. Well, I stand by my previous statement, but in this context your statement makes more sense.
I'm in a bit of a muddle at the moment. I have the stress of managing business decisions at work (which at this point in time have been sidelined due to decision changes), looking forward to playing a 5e game this weekend, stressing over managing our 7 and 9-yo's behaviour, and being both excited and terrified about the process of buying a house
Yeah I noticed the behavior problem and couldn't come up with something reasonable to say.
I remember as the kid choosing to lose the fight I thought I could win because the damage would be too high.
@Joshua over on parenting.se?
@Ben The process of buying a house is, of the above issues, the most potentially damaging if done wrongly. Pri 1: get that right.
Here I must repectfully disagree. The 9yr old's more important.
4:26 AM
Yeah. I judge my parenting by how I was parented, and I believe I turned out fine. But not everyone is the same; it doesn't have the same effect, it can be done better, it can be done worse. The best we can do is find a way to help everyone find the middle ground
@Ben are you still searching for a house, or do you have one picked out and are trying to figure out whether to buy it or not?
Thankfully, on all of these issues I do have support, and advice to make sure we don't screw it up beyond repair, outside of making our own decisions.
As in, we have plenty of people giving us advice. Which is far better than trying to figure it out ourselves.
@KorvinStarmast yeah, my thing is that I can't really get the things I want in a house long-term by buying a house, but I'm probably quite weird in that regard
@Shalvenay The situation is that my parents bought a house (since they're very well off in the market). Long story short, it's a rebuild after the previous building fell down... the rebuild was never finished off, but it's got all the walls and the roof, so we're paying (and working) to finish it ourselves, and then we've got an agreement with my folks to purchase it off them.
@Ben ah. I reckon that has its advantages, no?
4:35 AM
@Shalvenay I certainly feel that way :)
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5:44 AM
On a separate topic, are/can Forge clerics be proficient with shields?
Clerics by default are proficient with shields, assuming this is 5e.
@MikeQ yeah
Ok, that's good then
My warforged has the name "Hammer" (cos he's a forge cleric, and carries a warhammer).
But thought it could be cool if he carries a shield too, and whenever people call him the "hammer and shield", he corrects them that his name is just "Hammer"
Hurr hurr
He also carries a skull of unknown origin, but has an attachment to it. So maybe he can say "no, it has no name. It is not named 'shield'."
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7:53 AM
Q: Mechanics to represent twin intuition?

Richard CI have 2 players who will be playing tabaxi twins, they have a really good backstory and have asked me is there is a way they could have some sort of a link, so if they are not together and one is in trouble the other has a chance of knowing something might be wrong. I am considering a simple per...

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10:40 AM
@BESW I really dislike how it sounds, but my favourite issues people have with language is when an old form comes back, and they treat it like a neologism(?)
@AncientSwordRage cf gaslighting, gatekeeping
@BESW also ain't, needful
Bring back thee and thou, return you to plural.
Normalcy is one that Bill Bryson encountered, having been accused of it being an americanism
@BESW I'd back that petition
Hell yeah stop using you against single individuals, it's confusing.
English seems like a language with a rather cleanly demarcated singular/plural count, aside from a small bunch of exceptions.
10:47 AM
And I really need grammar pedants to understand just how much of standardized English happened artificially as forms of nationalist or classist propaganda.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica but it gets there in a wildly chaotic manner
@BESW that too
@AncientSwordRage Then again, could be worse: people could yell at you for being 'archaic' when you use forgotten but coherent forms.
When I learnt how previous english reforms were conducted, I decided that Webster wasn't that bad a guy
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica yup!
@AncientSwordRage I'm not really sure English really meaningfully had reforms ever, what with not having a regulatory body.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica it happened when we got the writing press...mainly
10:49 AM
@AncientSwordRage And in class-gated educational systems, repeatedly across several regions.
@AncientSwordRage It's not like it was with the deprecation of the end-of-word Ъ, for example, when the change was standardised across printing houses by the governing body.
Isle and Island come from different sources, for instance, and used to be Ile and Iland (?). The original latin for Iland had an s, so they added TO BOTH! No care for the original source of the word
@AncientSwordRage It's not as weird if you're educated about the etymology, but, judging by discussions with native speakers, there are issues with obtaining such education in school.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica some of the etymology is just dumb
Just look at RP and Mid-Atlantic, for 20th century examples of variants broadly and effectively enforced as "standard" by non-governing bodies.
(just the name RP is --to borrow an excellent term from JW Lewis-- invidious, and its continued use can probably be attributed largely to yet another canonizer, Fowler.)
10:58 AM
@BESW thats a good word
@AncientSwordRage Well, actions of questionable intelligence do happen in this area as much as in history in general. Nonetheless, study/knowledge thereof is a good thing overall.
The entire American publication industry is so standardized that the style guides one must learn to navigate it can be counted on one hand, and people will die on the smallest of hills over claims of the objective superiority of utilitarian differences between them based on assumed application.
I once nearly got caught in a fistfight between two editors over whether or not a poem's use of a series of periods needed to follow a style guide's rules for ellipses in prose.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica the reasons are dumb, but how do you know which words that rhyme with bum end in a b and which don't? That's also dumb
@BESW oh jeez
@AncientSwordRage I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not a language-reconstructor, I don't know what methods are used to evaluate the most likely pronunciations of words back in the day. Are you stating that the methods are badly designed?
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm saying it's inconsistent
because most of the decisions were not prnounciation based
11:08 AM
@AncientSwordRage [gestures explosively] Boomb!
in the video it explains that one of the -um+b words (crumb, dumb, thumb) etc used to not have the b, but the b was added stylistically to resemble latin, and they added a b to a few others for funsies
@AncientSwordRage Well yeah, humans are not great at consistency. It takes effort and knowledge to maintain it.
@BESW do you pronounce boom and bum the same?
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica true, but these were deliberate choices someone made
I keep remembering something I heard from someone from an island where their Indigenous language was used conversationally, about a neighbouring island where the language was not in conversational use. He said that the other island was so much more focused on spelling, because they didn't speak it; that people more fluent in the language could recognize the written words with nonstandardized spellings but people without that fluency needed to memorize the symbols.
@BESW that scans
11:14 AM
And then I think about how when I moved to South Carolina, people couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand them, and it had less to do with regional syntax or localized vocabulary than with simple pronunciation.
@BESW that also scans
@AncientSwordRage Again, if I'm understanding you correctly, I'm not thinking that's surprising. People are inconsistent even in deliberate choices, plus English pronunciation seems super-drifty across time and space (for whatever reason), which probably makes matters worse.
@AncientSwordRage "Yuff iksinta gaut?"
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I'm not all that surprised
@BESW I'm lost unfortunately
"[are] you fixing [intending, preparing] to go out?"
11:21 AM
oh ,oh!
"yu fiksin ta ga ut" but with unhelpful stresses
It's a totally intelligible phrase that's been so reduced to idiomatic recitation that the emphasis has become melodic.
@BESW makes sense, I like how language develops that way
Langfocus also covers AAVE, which is really interesting
Or my friend in the Art Studio major, who declared "Ah gawt awl mah aht supplahs awt Mahkells."
(Michael's is a franchise of craft stores.)
And apparently I was just as hard to parse for them.
@BESW that I can understand
I'm normally ok when listening
Once I got my ear adjusted, the big challenge was the major regional variances between different counties, gathered together in the city or the campus.
The difference between towns half an hour apart was more dramatic there, than it is here.
11:29 AM
@BESW I hear that's the same in some regions of the UK
But here, we get people from all over the Pacific and beyond, so my ear never fully adjusts to a lot of them.
@BESW do you get a lot of cross island traffic?
yeah, we're a major nexus for work, travel, education, and medicine.
@BESW that's awesome
mind if I ask which island it is?
So there's a lot of people living here who come from other places, and also a lot of people here temporarily.
I'm from Guåhan, or Guam.
11:32 AM
12:29 PM
@BESW Isn't this also the story behind "ampersand"?
@BESW I'm currently really interested in languages, to the extent of planning 1-2 conlangs and I'm finding reading about non-european languages and cultures really interesting and eye-opening
@kviiri I think so, but in the written form
as well as @ maybe originating as E-ach A-t, and the 'a' got encircled by the 'e'
12:46 PM
My favourite language feature I've found is Alliterative Agreement
Q: What kind of creatures are subject to Phantom Rogue's Tokens of the Departed?

CTresslerThis might get a little fiddly, but I was curious how people would rule on this aspect of Phantom Rogue's level 13 feature, "Tokens of the Departed" When a life ends in your presence, you’re able to snatch a token from the departing soul, a sliver of its life essence that takes physical form: as...

1:38 PM
I made a build that can make unarmed strikes have a range of 1030 feet.
@ThomasMarkov I could have sworn bugbear was a melee weapon attack...was that errata'd or is my memory false?
Q: Is an Unarmed Strike considered a Weapon attack?

CadaranFor the purposes of the fighter Battle Master archetype, whenever a maneuver calls for a "weapon attack" does that include an unarmed strike?

Also bugbear says: "When you make a melee attack on your turn, your reach for it is 5 feet greater than normal."
Yup, either way...it just doesn't matter.
I thought about you when I added the Echo Knight nonsense to my answer.
Cuz I know how much you love the Wildemount stuff.
@ThomasMarkov I find this humorous, because I distinctly remember at one point that the stance was "Unarmed strikes are melee attacks, but not melee weapon attacks"
1:42 PM
@ThomasMarkov what are you talking about? Never heard of it.
2:36 PM
I closed that alignment question as a dupe of a similar pathfinder question.
2:56 PM
I'm kinda proud of myself for giving a "Ask your DM" answer without using that phrase
Consult the GM
Also, now I need to figure out how to use Chwinga in my campaign
@Someone_Evil You could just cut and paste the guidance from Rime of the FRostmaiden.
That seems like a good start. I was more thinking re something cool to do with them
Also, they're CR 0 elementals which seems fun for certain playstyles of conjure spells
3:18 PM
@ThomasMarkov Why have Manifest Echo stop there? Just don't use the ability the limits the distance away it can be and it's practically infinite, no?
@Medix2 huh
Why are you using Avatar whatever at all?
Oh is there a hard shorter limit without that feature?
Because it extends the usable range of the echo from 30 to 1000 feet?
Ah yup, that'd be it. I, unsurprisingly, do not know Wildemounte too well
Technically it isnt destroyed until the end of the turn, so you can run away and get more range, but that seems less than interesting.
3:20 PM
I can't believe something actually just increases reach
Finally something affects the few things that rely on reach and not making attacks
2 hours later…
5:02 PM
@ThomasMarkov Not so sure about that alignment dupe, but also don't see a reason to reopen it.
5:31 PM
@NautArch I think it is a smart solution to point the querent in the right direction and show them a question that they can use to adjust theirs if it doesn't answer their problem, so while formally not the best solution, it is practically a great solution.
@Akixkisu That's why i don't feel a need to reopen. But it really doesn't seem like an identical question. Identical answers, maybe. But not a duplicate question directly.
But it is helpful, and between those answers and Thomas', they've got good direction
and that's really our goal, right?
@NautArch yes.
To help people and not just answer questions for points :)
[raises hand] I'm here for points
@Carcer <downvotes
5:34 PM
@Carcer one of them, one of them
Apple bait and switched me due to an error on their side about an appleTV subscription. And now that i've signed up, the only way to cancel is to actually download itunes.
@NautArch Demand they do it on the phone.
(downloading iTunes will be 100% less terrible than talking to them on the phone)
@ThomasMarkov yeah, i just did it via chat at first, and then the chat got 'disconnected'.
@NautArch badges are cooler than points anyway
Yeah, I could have gone with original Sierra Madre, but...blazing saddles.
1 hour later…
6:43 PM
@NautArch I am waiting for the druid in our campaign to tell us "badgers? we don't need no stinking badgers" but setting that up might be a little tricky ...
@KorvinStarmast WUT?! I just checked and you're right. Hell, we had an entire campaign that was heavily influenced by an Efreeti we were dealing with.
1 hour later…
8:14 PM
Mind sliver is knocking this game out of balance?
Which game out of what balance?
Q: How should I set up and execute air battles in my session to avoid easy encounters?

Justin PanaitescuI'm running the Storm King's Thunder campaign, and we are at the portion where the PCs get an airship to travel around in. For the most part, they have had fun with the different weapons and enemies they have faced; however, I find that one or two spellcasting PCs have been using spells such as m...

also vtc cuz system blah blah
Given the context of the question, it sounds like the players found a good combo of using mind sliver to impose -1d4 to an enemy's saving throw vs polymorph.
I'd look at polymorph as a culprit first (a long time suspect), though I suppose that spell help along a lot of shenanigans
Bane is feeling a bit sad
@ThomasMarkov surely this isn't about dnd, we wouldn't be able to outrule all of those possible games.
8:19 PM
Roc + Wyvern should be a decent fight for four 7th level characters
@Akixkisu I've run d&d adventures for other systems
I mean, yeah, it's obviously d&d 5e.
the VTC is still legitimate for other reasons lol
So mabye polymorph the Roc into a non flying creature while it is not over the airship
Which it would then change back to a roc after hitting the ground, and with a 120ft fly speed should be back in action in 2-3 turns at most unless the ship is a thousand feet or more up.
@ThomasMarkov Storm Kings Thunder is a 5e campaign, I don't think it's a remake of an old campaign from a pervious edition, so that should be clear enough for a 5e tag, no clarity needed
damage carries over though, so you're probably looking at 20d6 damage from a 4th level spell
@Someone_Evil Rocs have an average hp of 248. 70 damage to a Roc isnt super huge. Its a good move, but it isnt breaking anything.
8:27 PM
Also: the ship being at about 1000 feet is probably a low-ball value. Hot air balloons travel between 1000 and 3000 feet.
@RevenantBacon that is not how things work, but if you want it to be that way, then you can downvote this rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/a/11280/44723 and upvote this rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9806/44723
The operative issue almost certainly involves the party having ample spell slots available to cast Polymorph regularly in combats. I'd bet money that it comes down to a fully-rested party more than anything else
@RevenantBacon just because it is a 5e campaign doesn't mean that the body of the questions has the phrase "5e".
@Upper_Case Yes, travelling by airship, you're getting encounters on a scale of days or weeks, rather than on a scale of minutes or hours.
8:30 PM
@Upper_Case Module guidance suggests being 8th level by the end of that chapter, so they are probably 7th level, which means 1 4th level slot.
@ThomasMarkov Which translates to two uses of Polymorph (give or take, considering Arcane Recovery) per adventuring day
@Akixkisu No, but it clearly identifies a 5e product being used. Which is the entire point.
@RevenantBacon correct, which is not enough as per our guess the system policy.
In any case, that's often the culprit behind encounters that play out too easily for the PCs than DMs expect: fully-rested parties punch above their weight, all else being equal
@RevenantBacon We already have several places to air your disagreement on meta, let's keep it out of chat.
8:33 PM
@Akixkisu Uh, yes it is? They've specifically identified the product that they're using, namely the 5e adventure Storm King's Thunder. That's explicit product identification
System evidence aside, there are enough unknowns in the question's current state that it isn't answerable at the moment
The fact that they didn't say "the 5e adventure..." isn't relevant, because there is no adventure in another system by that name
@MikeQ This. The missing system tag is near the bottom of the list of missing details.
@RevenantBacon Check this out
Until the author provides follow-up details, it's probably best to dismiss this as another case of someone designing too-easily exploitable challenges and blaming it on the players
Q: Is Armor Class a difficulty class (DC)?

AndrásFrightened talks only about DCs: [...] You take a status penalty equal to this value to all your checks and DCs [...] Compare it to Clumsy: [...] You take a status penalty equal to the condition value to Dexterity-based checks and DCs, including AC, Reflex saves, ranged attack rolls, and skill...

8:35 PM
@NautArch As I went through the stat block, the Djinn can cast Tongues three times per day, so that's the workaround. DOH! RTFM, Korvin! 😒
@MikeQ If they're running encounters out of the book, and are a new DM, it's not exaactly their fault
@ThomasMarkov no
@ThomasMarkov Where a party uses good team work, yes, disad on saves is a big deal. We had a few cases where I used bane that amplified the other two casters in the group quite a bit.
Now that Im thinking about it, a canonical, "My players just reach 7th level and can cast polymorph. What strategies can I use to balance encounters against this?" might be a good thing to group think into a stackable question.
@ThomasMarkov Which game system?
@KorvinStarmast Not disad, it gives minus 1d4 on the next save
Which is still a good combo
8:37 PM
@Upper_Case It will be in tags, not the title or body, obviously.
@RevenantBacon sorry, you are right, brain was rememberig badly. Coffee must be laced with decaf today ...
@ThomasMarkov What balance issue are you experiencing?
@Someone_Evil I think he just means in general.
@Someone_Evil lots of questions about exactly that.
@ThomasMarkov It was facetious. Also, it doesn't matter where it's explicitly stated so long as it's there (though obviously someone would add the tag were the system defined only elsewhere)
8:38 PM
@ThomasMarkov lots of missile weapons in enemy hands means lots of concentration checks for the caster ... that's one way to do this. (See also how Boromir was taken down in LoTR the book and the movie)
@Someone_Evil Well, our wizard brought a mammoth to a bar fight and trampled 13 inebriated patrons.
@ThomasMarkov That's hilarious 😆
@ThomasMarkov Tell the fighter to buy elephants
How can I, as a DM, prepare for that level of escalation in encounters that I anticipated having low stakes?
@ThomasMarkov Did he get a ticket or a citation from Animal Control?
8:39 PM
I feel like there is already a general "my party just got Polymorph, what do I do?" question... but my memory's not giving me any more than that
@ThomasMarkov Know your players; that's what you can do.
@Upper_Case there is, I may be able to find it
@Upper_Case I think there is one like that and one from player perspective.
Q: Help! My PCs polymorphed my boss enemy! What do I do?

Stephan KolassaOur Druid has recently gotten access to the polymorph spell and has started polymorphing the opponents I so lovingly crafted for our (well, mostly my) enjoyment. (So far, he has been turning them into rabbits, not yet killer whales.) Now, the canonical response to a polymorph is to reduce the pol...

@Someone_Evil That's the one I was thinking of!
Btw, in previous years @Rubiksmoose have done a stats comparison for the year in moderation roundup, but I doubt they'll complain if anyone else picks up that mantle. Anyone feeling up for that?
8:48 PM
@Someone_Evil Link what Rubiks does and I can work on it.
@ThomasMarkov Here's last year's, for one
@Someone_Evil I certainly do not object!
Aaaaand, we've scared another new user off.
I really hope not
@Rubiksmoose What did you use for analysis?
8:51 PM
@ThomasMarkov Just Excel
@Rubiksmoose still got the files?
@Someone_Evil Nah, I'm being dramatic. The user's still here and working on the question
@ThomasMarkov I should digs
@Rubiksmoose email me?
@ThomasMarkov should be on it's way as a drive share email
8:55 PM
weve got a repost after closure.
and close new as dupe.
Uhg, I was trying to avoid this
its taken care of
First question still closed though. It looks better than it did, not sure if its ready to open though.
@Rubiksmoose Got it.
Woo! Let me know if there are any issues or points of confusion.
@Rubiksmoose Half my job is interpreting other people's terrible spreadsheets :P
Most of my job involves creating terrible spreadsheets ;-)
9:01 PM
@Rubiksmoose This is the other half, which I undertake when I fail the first half.
9:34 PM
Holy moly, he has 8 PCs, no wonder they're blowing through encounters
Most adventures are built for 4-6 PCs, he's double the minimum, so the very first thing he should be doing is increasing the encounter size
He said 5-6?
"There are approximately 5-6 lvl 7 PCs"
Not sure what Approximately means though.
Precisely, there are 5.7372 players at my table.
> There are two wizards, a warlock, ranger, paladin, blood hunter, sorcerer, and fighter.
I count 8 total
Oh goodness.
maybe there's 5-6 actually at any given session.
with three full casters, plus a warlock, who's like a full-caster but different
And three half-casters
But it looks like he's also allowing the 1000 foot fall to just straight up kill an enemy even though fall damage caps at 20d6
@Carcer That or there's multiclassing going on that's not been made clear
Or just a miscount
@ThomasMarkov "the airship is about 1000ft in the air"
9:51 PM
Ah, I missed that
I figured lol
If we can get just a bit more detail, I'm fairly certain I can pinpoint the problem and suggest a few possible solutions. I mean, I'm already pretty sure I know two of the problems, too few enemies, and also insta-death from falling 1000 feet, but I want a few more details before I make a response so I can be sure.
10:29 PM
Two word solution: Manticores. A whole squadron of them.
10:43 PM
Q: Can a Chwinga Grant a Given Person More Than one Charm?

Smart_TJSo, within the Chwinga statblock, which can be found in Tomb of Annihilation and Icewind Dale: Rime of the Icemaiden, this ability appears: Magical Gift (1/Day). The chwinga targets a humanoid it can see within 5 feet of it. The target gains a supernatural charm of the DM’s choice. See the Dunge...

Q: Does proficiency work on natural armor?

Thomas E.If I have a PC that has natural armor giving 13+Dex if he wears no armor, will proficiency have any effect on that (or does no proficiency exist for natural armor)?.

11:24 PM
@Ben indeed
It's friday, I'm wearing a Hawaiian Darth Vader Shirt, my only task is to do some coding, I've got an audiobook playing... I'm feeling good :D
@Ben Sounds pretty good, yes
How are you going?
well, my 6-month-old has learned to eat pureed carrots. progress.
11:34 PM
Nice :D
"How One Rabbi Uses Roleplaying Games to Build Community," by Eli Reiter for Wired. Spirituality is only one tool in this community leader's toolkit for bringing people closer together. Character sheets are another.
@BESW Interesting.
Yarnspinner by Abe Mendes. A framework for long-term play.
Upcoming Kickstarter: Stealing the Throne by Nick Bate. Assemble your crew for an epic heist: to steal a thousand-year-old mech. A #ZineQuest3 tabletop RPG.
My Tropical Friday shirt lol
11:56 PM
@BESW What is our custom here about linking to Kickstarter projects without it becoming spammy? I figure you probably know this.

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