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12:19 AM
Something odd I noticed: recently I joined writing.se to ask a question, and weirdly, the question got 1k views in less then a day, with only 5 votes. On rpg.se it seems like stuff gets a lot of votes but not a lot of views, relatively
Q: How to handle falling down stairs?

screamlineIt is well-established in fiction -- as in real life -- that falling down a flight of stairs is dangerous. A significant tumble can seriously injure or kill a person. "Pushed down a flight of stairs" is by now a hackneyed modus operandi in crime dramas. Recognizing that D&D is not a physics simul...

More drive-by users on sites like writing.se because more people are asking Google writing questions than are asking rpg questions.
@BESW yeah, I think that's a consistent dynamic from what I've observed on DIY.SE
loads of drive-by users, lots of LQ questions, and a real tough underlying problem in that canonicalization of duplicates doesn't quite work the way one'd like with home-improvement problems, because of how no two houses are built quite the same
Kaiju Pirate Psychpomp Karaoke. For this Unplaytested game, Alex, Lara, and special guest Sasha Reneau tackle the golden age of piracy, but also there are giant kaiju, and also the pirates aren't stealing stuff they're dealing with undead kaiju, and also the primary means of solving problems is via sea-shanty montage. It, uh, it went places.
12:54 AM
"Our Shores designers want their Kickstarter to be the first wave of Southeast Asian RPGs going mainstream" by Chase Carter for Dicebreaker. Together, they hope to overcome national restrictions and find a deserving audience. Refers to Our Shores: An RPGSEA Compilation.
It's so awesome of Sandy Pug Games to serve as a go-between to provide access to Kickstarter for creators in countries that can't access it directly.
1:29 AM
I’m making a dungeon designed by elemental monks to guard their greatest treasure... I’m using the elementals puzzle from TCE and I have a semi plan to have one room for each element after that, like a air room that’s like floating rocks over a pit with gusts of wind that they have to jump from, some sort of crushing rock trap, something underwater, and some sort of fire obstacle course
I’m trying to figure out how to run the air parkour as interesting and not just a bunch of athletics checks
@TheDragonOfFlame in 4e I used Stalker0's Alternate Core Skill Challenge System to great effect. The numbers would have to be massaged, obviously, but the principles were great. It's like a much crunchier and complex version of Fate's challenge framework.
1:50 AM
@BESW thanks! I’ve had skill challenges recommended to me...
Would you like a quick example of how it might look, in part?
2:02 AM
Q: Does fire shield damage trigger if cloud rune is used

Furnok the RockIf a wizard cast fire shield and is later hit by a melee attack, then a fighter uses cloud rune to switch targets. Would the fire shield still do damage? Fire Shield Whenever a creature within 5 feet of you hits you with a melee attack, the shield erupts with flame. The attacker takes 2d8 fire ...

2:16 AM
> AIRWALKING: skill challenge
You stand on a narrow platform halfway up one side of a deep chasm, buffeted by strong erratic winds. You can see an exit on the other side of the chasm, but the only way across is to leap across a series of stones which float, twisting and turning, in the currents of air.

GOAL: Get five medium-difficulty successes before three medium-difficulty failures. (A check that cannot grant a success, also cannot count as a failure.) At least one success must be a hard-difficulty Athletics or Acrobatics check.
Just a quick sketch of one way such a challenge might work out, using Stalker0-inspired concepts.
(You didn't indicate what failing the challenge would mean, so I made it "success at cost.")
The idea is that while at least one person has to be going flippity-hoppity across the rocks, everybody can participate--even people with no skill high enough to offer successes, can go for low-difficulty rolls that boost everyone else.
And then the "per day resource" expenditure helps the skill challenge take the same mechanical pacing role in an adventuring day as an encounter.
3:13 AM
Hey all
Q: What has Mordenkainen done to maintain the balance?

SeriousBriI understand that Mordenkainen has become a wizard who strives to 'maintain the balance'. My understanding of which involves ensuring that neither good, evil, law or chaos become too strong (though my interest lies in his specific view on balance, so if I am wrong in the above then please correct...

3:54 AM
Hey @Ben
Howsit going
Really busy around here. Yourself?
4:09 AM
Q: Milestone leveling for a party of players who drop in and out?

Richard CHistorically I have generally used XP for tracking character progress in my party. But my latest new campaign I intend to move to a milestone approach. However the one thing I don’t fully understand is the best way to manage milestones for parties where players drop in and out of sessions. Up fro...

4:50 AM
@JoelHarmon I know that feeling. Dealing with work, and life, and it's getting hard to find the free time these days lol
I'm even currently on leave and it's still hard to find time for everything I'd like to do.
Some retired folks once told me "now that I'm retired, I don't know how I ever had time for work", and that's resonating recently.
5:17 AM
Yup. I've recently started building my own business and I feel I don't have time (or energy) to even do the dishes
Good luck with that. And I do mean both the business and the dishes.
Haha cheers :D
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Q: Could the souls of Warforged be Quori?

BHamrickI'm trying to develop a 5th edition D&D campaign set in Eberron. I know that the cause of the day of Mourning is open to interpretation, but I would like to relate the cause to the Dreaming Dark. I would like to ask for some ideas about Magitech for transporting Quori to Eberron from Dal Qour, an...

7:37 AM
just in case anyone has missed this resource: s3.amazonaws.com/gw_rssimagefull/103648138-6.jpg
7:57 AM
@Vorac Source?
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10:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened url in body (44): What's your favorite dice? by InfiniD on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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12:44 PM
Hey, anybody know if there's a resource (book, blog, anything) about the history of hacking/drifting/derivation in TRPGs? Like the schools of games we see emerging around a system like the d20 SRD, Apocalypse Engine, Fate Core, Blades in the Dark, etc.
1:15 PM
Can anyone recommend some good solarpunk stories? (I feel like there were some recommended before, but trying to cast a wider net)
Dec 21 '20 at 2:49, by BESW
And I recommend Okorafor's Binti and Zarah the Windseeker books as excellent examples of Africanfuturism in a solarpunk-like vein.
Deliberately fitting into the category or retroactively declared to be?
What is solarpunk?
@RevenantBacon Cyberpunk with trees.
Apparently, Dune is considered solarpunk
According to Wikipedia anyways
Some people even say Dune is solarpunk, and um. I'm not gonna back that one up.
It's not a very well-defined category, because it's very recently defined without any particularly effective originating document.
I'd like to see a variant category that doesn't lean on the -punk suffix, which has become the genre version of -gate for scandals.
That's one reason I've been interested in real-world concepts like resolviendo.
But I will point out that a lot of the more productive engagement with the category comes from places like Brazil (eg Solarpunk: Histórias ecológicas e fantásticas em um mundo sustentável) that are at the forefront of the real-world implementation of the attitudes that a lot of people talking about "solarpunk" treat as speculative.
1:34 PM
@BESW Have you seen the Netflix show 3%?
I'm not very interested in lottery dystopias.
Ive seen the first two seasons and enjoyed it very much. The english dub was absolutely atrocious though. The acting and dialogue were so good that with English subtitles it didnt even feel like a different language.
@Medix2 Im not getting all of yourr comment
Are you saying Eldritch Maul is just useless?
No, where did you get that?
That using it doesn't actually change anything because your reach still isn't big enough to actually perform the attacks?
1:42 PM
No, "It says you can make your attack from 15 feet away."
It lets you make an attack from 15 feet away.
It does not increase youre Reach, the game term.
Even if your reach is less than 15 feet though, right?
Yeah, that seems pretty unambiguous to me
I typoed Eldritch Mail earlier and tbh, I want it
I think you should be explicit about that
It doesn't add to your character statistic called "Reach". It lets you make an attack on a target up to 15 feet away.
1:44 PM
Because you say it doesn't increase your reach, which sounds like you're saying it doesn't let you make attacks from farther away than normal
If your reach is 30 feet, you can still only use eldritch maul at 15 feet.
So it'd help to explain that reach is a game-term that the feature does not modify
Ill add some details
Though the sentence "It doesn't increase your reach, it merely increases the maximum distance away enemies can be" is... Certainly something, yay game terms /s
<insert "standardize terminology to minimize confusion" rant here>
<4e did it.jpg>
Heck, I did it in my games. Sometimes I use bold or caps to be ABSOLUTELY clear about what is and isn't a mechanical term.
It's not rocket surgery.
1:50 PM
Big agree there
I think they just worded a feature poorly tbh
Looks like part of an established pattern of using vernacular language for technical content, to me.
4e, for example, defined range in a way that let it be modified by specific contexts without implying that they modified range outside their scope.
So it didn't have to scramble for ways to explain that later on.
Between 4e and 5e vocabulary, one of the most baffling changes they did was to rename "Standard action" into "Action"
@Medix2 Worded a source poorly. :P
So now we have countless pages of confusion on what counts as an action. Is a bonus action an action? Is a reaction an action?
@kviiri And then still use "action" like it refers to all three and... I could go on
1:55 PM
@kviiri But it's simpler because fewer words. /s
@NautArch WotC worded something, I expect nothing less
Not to say that 4e is always completely clear. There's some absolutely wild edge cases, but you have to dig to find them, like if you're using a feat to cast a spell with an off-hand implement
The most egregious terminology confusion in 4e was when they changed their terms for cover/concealment mid-edition.
Oh, and "power" is a category of class feature that lets you perform a unique action, and it's also the name of bonus type (for determining stacking; bonuses of the same type don't stack) and power bonuses aren't always the kind of bonus granted by a power.
@BESW I remember having to explain that one XD
@kviiri strongly suspect this was done to distance their action economy from 4e's, to distance 5e from 4e
they made it very clear through notable omissions that they didn't want people to think 5e had anything to do with 4e, and were marketing 5e exclusively to the people who were still rooted in AD&D 1/2e and D&D 3.5e
2:12 PM
@doppelgreener Yes, they really did... *sigh*... I definitely think "Natural Language" was one of 5e's worst decisions considering their audience, well... Considering the audience I've become used to at least
it's a terrible way to design a game, but we already had several editions of evidence for that, and 5e is evidence that D&D is weighed down under the worst parts of its own history
Natural language would've been fine if they'd followed through with the implications of it.
But they tried to stick with the culture of reading game text as authoritative technical copy, and that just didn't mesh.
ok, yeah, lots of games handle natural language fine actually
@BESW Leave it to BESW to find better words than my "considering their audience"
it's a terrible way to design this game that wants to do all the things it does
2:15 PM
It does very much feel like D&D says they're rookie friendly, but really it takes a long time to really understand the system well enough to make changes. But on the flipside, it's also more balanced then we give it credit for. Many changes aren't a big deal.
The "problem" with 4e was that it actually took that "game text is technical copy" culture seriously and made a system which followed through on the premise. And people pitched a fit.
In conclusion: You can't please everyone
@BESW Very few people actually want what they ask for.
@Medix2 Which is why the original D&D Next pitch was brilliant in a mad-scientist-they-laughed-at-me-but-I'll-show-them kind of way which was unfortunately doomed to fail.
May 6 '19 at 8:06, by BESW
Then 5e came along like "unite the factions! The new edition will be a universal connector for all previous editions! Pathfinder apostates will return to the fold! players and GMs can all individually choose which variants to use! ALL WILL LOVE D&D NEXT AND DESPAIR."
The original pitch sounded like a very small, tight, simple core engine with no frills at all, and each significant portion of each previous edition would be re-tooled as an independent plugin that could be attached to the core Next engine.
Insert GURPS
2:22 PM
THAC0 alongside 4e psionics and 3.5 grapple rules, all in the same campaign!
Now I want to know if there's a "Build your system" kind of TTRPG
@Medix2 yes, it is called google docs
@doppelgreener You know what I meant :P
i'm serious
Yeah it's still a valid answer
I just more meant a pick-and-choose pre-built plug-in style thing
2:25 PM
Fate works pretty well that way.
But yeah, "do it yourself" works
But Alas, work has asked me to come in early...
I've run Atomic Robo and Masters of Umdaar characters side-by-side in the same campaign with no problem.
every TTRPG starts out with certain assumptions about what it wants to represent and how. GURPS wants to represent approximately realistic universal accuracy (but then also has magic and scifi etc so whatevs). Fate wants to represent drama. GUMSHOE wants to tell hardboiled detective stories in which the detectives will almost certainly eventually solve the mystery, the question is how. Monsterhearts wants to represent the difficulties of growing up with teenage awkwardness and angst.
Also, PbtA games basically do that with every playbook.
You can modify these games around their core, but a game that is ready to just replace its core with absolutely anything else is just ... not really a specific game? That's just picking up and playing a different game?
2:27 PM
@doppelgreener The plug-and-play version of D&D Next would've been unified around the core expectations of the D&D franchise, so I think it's comparable.
Out of games that are very much a build-your-own-experience modularised thing, yeah, Fate stands out as the best I've played with. Cortex also comes very close, not surprisingly created by the same people.
@Medix2 We are tied for bronze badges.
Cosmic coincidence? You'll assuredly pass me
NathanS has not been seen since October 13th.
@BESW Well, FATE is basically the most bare-bones RPG out there, so yeah, I guess it is sort of a build-your-own
2:42 PM
I would think that the recent editions of FATE aren't exactly bare-bones. Contrast Risus and . . . maybe some variants of FUDGE?
Q: why does StackExchange return only posts for dnd5e when explicitly Googling for dnd3.5e?

mtijnI have now come across this so often it has become intensely frustrating: why does StackExchange return only posts for dnd5e when explicitly Googling for dnd3.5e? the community for dnd3.5e is still quite large, offering them only dnd5e content seems needlessly pushing for the newer version. is th...

There're different types of toolkitty RPGs though. Both GURPS and FATE (at least the latest editions) are toolkits, but assume very different approaches to the kitting process.
@BESW it is the least punk of the punks I've seen
Aw but I <3 solarpunk. Self-sufficient community and green living as anti-capitalist activism.
solarpunk's rad
2:52 PM
@Medix2 @KorvinStarmast Im flipping on that reach question.
But may be im not.
deletes everything and writes "ask your DM"
@RevenantBacon Probably depends on which edition of Fate, but I'd say it's quite far from being bare-bones
I mean there's stuff like RFS
@BESW i'm gonna order this, as much as i love the content solarpunk makes available, i've seen sparingly few stories that feature it
For those interested in an analysis of balance between all of the selectable player races in D&D 5e, another attempt is made. May be useful in thinking through Homebrew review questions and answers
also i want to be able to have a clear idea of how the "punk" element can come into play, lol
@ThomasMarkov OK, I'll take a look.
2:57 PM
Decided im not flipping.
@KorvinStarmast Is this an improvement upon the detect balance spreadsheet?
@ThomasMarkov I think it is.
But I've only done a quick pass through, it will take a lot of thinking before I make a final eval. Lots of detail in it and the most interesting sheet on the .xls file is his proposed 'tweek' to balance them all more closely.
I see they value 50 feet flying on aaracokra wayyyy less than before.
I wonder why
flight and that level of move is biiig
@ThomasMarkov In a dungeon crawl, it is useful in a few cases, but not many. In an outdoor campaign, it is quite useful.
3:01 PM
@NautArch Flight, especially 24/7 flight, outright bypasses many hurdles and opens new tactics, almost regardless of the system . . .
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yeah, that was envisioned and then brought into reality in about 1915 ... 😎 ... from the perspective of I can see more, take pictures, and while I am up here, I can drop stuff on them if I need to
@NautArch "is this designer oversight" No.
Still designer reasons.
@ThomasMarkov bah. I'll just take that line out. I think the question can be clearly answered with a mechanical reason.
they edited it out
all good?
yeah i vtr'd
3:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov If it was only asking if it was designer oversight, it might be "designer intent", but asking "is it designer oversight, or am I missing something" is a very different question.
3:28 PM
For those who have not enjoyed it before, the Finieous Fingers comics
Q: How does a Cloak of Displacement interact with a tortle's Shell Defense?

MusashiThe cloak has a property that causes creatures to have disadvantage on attack rolls against the one wearing it (emphasis mine): While you wear this cloak, it projects an illusion that makes you appear to be standing in a place near your actual location, causing any creature to have disadvantage ...

@HotRPGQuestions awkwardly
3:47 PM
@NautArch But is a movement speed of 0 the same as "unable to move"?
@RevenantBacon In this case, I'd say yes.
Then why is it not the same for 0 damage and not dealing damage?
@NautArch BTW, I agree with this
@RevenantBacon Heh, there's a difference.
@NautArch That's a nice link to "My Guy Syndrome" in answers. 😎
@NautArch MMmmmm, no, there isn't
3:53 PM
I don't think you can equate damage and movement, but I do see the logic there.
The difference is in that you were still hit, just for zero damage. As opposed to not being hit.
And hit/not hit has a mechanical difference in 5e.
Surely damage is just movement in the hit point dimension
Well, what if I spend all of my movement on my turn? from that point to my next turn I would be "unable to move"
I don't see a mechanical difference between speed zero and no movement. Unless it's an edge-case, in which case it's up to the DM.
In fact, any time it's not my turn I'm "unable to move"
@RevenantBacon You still have movement, just none left to use on that turn.
@RevenantBacon This is a logic train I'm unwilling to get on.
@ThomasMarkov done
@NautArch I'm not seriously advocating it, just illustrating a point
I don't think it's a reasonable point, but okay.
3:57 PM
My point is "Unable to move" isn't the same as "not having any movement"
Which seems pretty reasonable to me
One is a subset of the other
@RevenantBacon depends on the context.
4:11 PM
On a related note, how does the "Hide in shell" feature interact with forms of movement granted by outside sources, such as the Fly spell or something like Boots of Swimming? Since the feature says 'your speed", which refers to the speed you move on the ground, but does not specify that it also applies to other types of movement
Your speed is....your speed.
If you have a fly speed, it is your speed.
If you have a climb speed, it is your speed.
But more importantly, this is all about hiding in your shell.
@NautArch If you are hiding in your shell, and you are pushed down the stairs, do you take damage?
@KorvinStarmast Do you have featherfall?
@ThomasMarkov Can't take reactions
4:18 PM
As a DM, being pushed down the stairs involves an Athletics saving throw or Athletics check. Pass it and no damage. Half falling damage for the distance (se "Exorcist Steps" in Georgetown) which voids that question.
@ThomasMarkov nope
@NautArch If you hide in your shell, and are thrown, does the colour of your shell effect who you can or can't hit?
Paint your tortles blue so they become homing?
See also the Aunt Bunny in an old Eddie Murphy comedy sketch who, as told by Eddie, takes all afternoon to fall down a flight of steps ...
@Someone_Evil Blue only homes in on the person with the most HP, regardless of team. Red homes in on the nearest target, green just goes in the direction you throw it
@AncientSwordRage african or european?
4:21 PM
Launches into the air
Just popped in to say I'm gently, slowly seeding 'Apocalypse World: Burned Over' questions (that I actually have) so we can have an 'Apocalypse World: Burned Over' tag.
@AlexP Do you actually have questions about them that are legitimate?
@AlexP Is that a new release?
purposefully seeding just to create a tag seems odd
"that I actually have"
Let's get a tag description on there
4:26 PM
"that i actually have," yes
@KorvinStarmast It's a new version / hack that's currently published as a supplement instead of a stand-alone. Started out as a Patreon thing but now it's just a normal book on Drivethru &c. lumpley.games/burnedover
So all the moves/playbooks are different but it says to use AW2e for the commentary and features that are missing.
4:53 PM
@AlexP As a (somewhat worn-out but still) fan of AW I approve of this
Although, I think it might've been a bit of a mistake to create the 2nd edition tag back then on my part
and it might be the same for BO, dunno
5:37 PM
Has anyone here played Dragons of Icespire Peak?
5:55 PM
I have an answer to that question that simultaneously solves the problem and does not solve the problem.
Dimension door gets you out.
My answer is, I think, completely correct RAW, but makes no sense at all.
Okay, I threw it out there.
The party cant fit into the tunnel at all without making themselves Tiny somehow.
6:12 PM
I think we must operate on the assumption that the players are able to move down the tunnel
Otherwise the entire scenario falls apart
Is Dragons of Icespire Peak a 5e original, or is it a remake from an older edition?
Looking at the map, that path isn't the only path to that room.
It's actually a very obscure way to get to either room.
SO we can either ignore the 2' width problem, or we don't and the characters need a way to use that passage. Either with a familiar, polymorph, wildshape, orsomething else.
It's also possibly just a typo, or they just rounded
And it's for 5th level adventurers. So max 3rd level spells.
no dimension door.
6:16 PM
I would tend towards ignoring the 2' vs 2.5' though, as it's obviously intended to be used by the players
I cant find a RAW reason why the answer is wrong, but it definitely feels wrong.
@ThomasMarkov yeah, it highlights a badly conceoved rule vis a vis the small creature category ... that's what got my brain tangled up in the comment.
RAW, you're correct, a small or medium creature can't get into the passage. It feels wrong because the passage is obviously intended to be useable by the party
It is a very poorly conceived rule.
@RevenantBacon For sure.
@NautArch get the halfling or gnome, or kobold, use enlarge/reduce spell.
6:19 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yep! Another possible solution if we go with the module as written.
Or, accept that the 2' is a typo for 3' and press on. 👍😎
As a DM, i'd probably run it as it says and force a tiny creature to use it. Otherwise, you gots to go around.
I don't know that the rule is all that poorly conceived, but it's definitely not universally applicable. Like, a Medium snake of some kind would be nowhere near 2' thick, and could move through a 2' space with easy
Here's a thought:
@RevenantBacon The problem is that Medium Creature takes up a 5x5 in combat, and a small creature ... takes up 5x5 in combat rather than 2.5 x 2.5 ... that's the problem ... as I see it.
You could also dig the passage out wider
6:21 PM
if it's 2' wide, how tall is it?
@Carcer not specified
@Carcer 9' probably. 😁🤣
@RevenantBacon Or the druid can wild shape into a burrowing creature like a badger ...
@RevenantBacon yeah, it's just packed earth
Oh no. RAW medium or small creatures cant even enter the dungeon:
> The opening beneath the rock reveals a 2-foot-wide spiral staircase with flagstone steps, descending 30 feet to area D2.
@ThomasMarkov once again, 3' and it all works. Let's call it a typo and press on.
6:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov This seems like a significant lack of review before publishing
@RevenantBacon Pshaw, ya don't say! 😮
@KorvinStarmast ShockedPikachu.jpg
@RevenantBacon That's because I hit it with a lightning bolt ... 😛
Pikachu, end it with Thunder.
1 hour later…
7:51 PM
Pro tip: the past tense of cast is still cast
2 hours later…
10:02 PM
I put up some Medix bait, I mean, I put up a bounty.
5e spell targeting again?
> Curiously, the only thing that went through the potted fern's mind, as it fell, was "Oh no, not again". Many have speculated that if we could understand why the fern thought this, we would understand quite a lot more about the true nature of the Universe
@Someone_Evil Yep, I love to hate it.
If you allow it, it would presumably require one pair of rings for each casting. Is there a limit on worn rings in 5e?
@ThomasMarkov The temptation to stick a on that question is very strong.
10:14 PM
Oh god, I just read the actual question. 😐
But there's a tweeeeet!
The question itself is perfectly fine and valid, but I just feel like my foot got snagged to an anchor and I'm being rapidly pulled to the bottom of the ocean for having read it.
@Xirema no it's not, it's based on a gross inability to read the rules
I'm with you on the anchor thing though
@MarkWells Nah, it's pedantry. Even if you agree that the spell targets yourself and the creature you touch (.... despite the wording of the spell saying "you and the target") that isn't necessarily the same thing as "the spell is cast on both you and the target" (even if you and I may or may not agree that it is, in fact, cast on both you and the target).
@NautArch I am reviewing an encounter I am planning for my players, and I notice that under languages the Djinni speaks ... Auran. I thought all Djinn speak common, and communicate easily with PCs. Que?
10:21 PM
I'm Nope-ing out of this.
Have fun
Someone ping me if they need to calculate how much damage reduction a Cloak of Displacement provides.
@Someone_Evil The limits appear to be on attunement
rolls Wisdom save to stay out of this mess
yeah, I'll Disengage and move back 30 feet.
@MarkWells what question are we asking about in this mess?
The new one with the big table?
10:24 PM
@KorvinStarmast either of the ones about Warding Bond
@Xirema that sounds like how to calculate "cost avoidance" 😛
@MarkWells heck, one of the first questions I ever asked was about warding bond
10:35 PM
OK, having reviewed this, we have yet another case of picking the fly poop out of the pepper and not reading the spell description in regular English. Outta here.
@doppelgreener Wings of Renewal: A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology, Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers, Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Winters, Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures...
@AncientSwordRage I mean... it's a lot more punk than steampunk, in that it's got a lot of "dismantle misery by repurposing the tools of misery." It's just more focused on what might happen beyond that dismantling, while a lot of more "traditional" punk is more focused on the immediate moment of dismantling. But steampunk tends to be neither, so.
11:18 PM
Upcoming Kickstarter: External Containment Bureau, a Zine Quest RPG! by Eli Kurtz. A tabletop roleplaying game of paranormal investigation and bureaucracy.
11:53 PM
Q: Truesight and Darkvision, why does a monster have both?

The Watcher of InfinityWhile creating a homebrew monster based around eyes and vision, I looked up monsters that had both darkvison and truesight, surprisingly only two have both, the Avatar of Death and Canoloth, I'll use the Canoloth as the example here. When reading the descriptions of both vision types, darkvision ...

@HotRPGQuestions Can Truesight see well in dim light?

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