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12:23 AM
How do you change your profile settings if you don't log in?
Already have it configured for dark mode.
I have it on all five sites and got them without visiting.
Heh.. so then one could get a hat without even being active :D That's funny :)
You've made me go through some of my old stuff cleaning it up a bit.
1:02 AM
@Catija Flashlight on every SO site without visiting is discussed here.
1:39 AM
I definitely cleaned up more than 10 items. I feel.. cheated :)
2:02 AM
For hat dash, the seconds are wildly different for my similar scores, I wonder if that tripped the anti-cheat and got me banned from the leaderboard? 🤔
2:16 AM
have you guys figured out how to get balailaka?
I'm pretty sure that is a date hat. You won't get it unless you do whatever you must on the date.
2:35 AM
It seems that the winter bash notification thing can't display more than 99 notifications.
@Scratte Ha! That's pretty interesting. I hadn't seen that post, and was just wondering if I could get the hat notifications to be an absurdly high number.
Heh.. I would be content to just a "1" right now :)
I thought deleting old comments would do it.. but.. nothing.
3:19 AM
Now I have to contemplate whether or not to click the hat inbox and lose all of my progress :)
3:38 AM
Don't click it! :)
You can uBlock it and open it again on the last day :D
@Scratte What's uBlock?
Seems like Balalaika is being given out again.
3:55 AM
Any thoughts on what the trigger is?
@kylejrp Not exactly sure, I got it on SO. I'm sure I didn't do any actions today so it's likely not the "Search / visit for x consecutive days" type of hats.
FWIW it triggered after 4 days.
Do you know when you earned your latest bronze badge on SO? It says you recently earned the popular question badge and the question is still at 1k
I doubt it's specifically that badge but maybe 🤷‍♂️
@JacobB uBlock Origin is an extension to your browser that lets you block almost anything you want. You just create a filter :)
Yay! Balalaika is back.
@Panda How did you get the ladder?
4:08 AM
@Scratte Okay, thanks!
@JacobB Don't tell a CM, but I started using it a lot for Stack.. there's so much that needs blocking :O
okay :)
... I use an adblocker.
For buttons like the review icon or announcement banners too?
Nah. Just ads. But the announcement banners are annoying. The review indicator just disappears for me. It's on on many sites so I don't even notice it that much. I do use it to get rid of things on FB that piss me off like the marketplace.
I need to keep the experience as close to what users see as I can... since the only way I have to emulate it is through socks and I don't have any high rep ones.
4:13 AM
@Scratte Not sure but my theory is:
yesterday, by Panda
Give a Leg Up is possibly having a first-time user answer your question.
@Catija Initially I started using it due to lower social sites notice. "Not the answer you're looking for.. " Now I use for ..half the stuff on the site :)
@Catija Could you give a hint if my theory for the ladder hat is at least on the right track? ;)
@Panda Ahh. Thanks. Not going to try that out :)
It's definitely a rare hat on many sites and there's not much you can do to force it...
Idea for next year: Have a new user edit your post & answer it :) Make it a secret one of course to make everyone go crazy.
4:18 AM
@Panda I don't think this is it for me, I earned the ladder on SE Meta and I don't have a first-time user answering any of my questions
@kylejrp That is odd.
Could also have been that the answer by the first-time user was deleted after you got the hat.
I think I earned it sometime between 2020-12-16 19:48 and 2020-12-16 20:59
Q: Hat Dash Strategy and Mechanics 🏃‍♂️🦄🎩

kylejrp Accessing Hat Dash The Hat Dash game can be accessed two ways: Controls To jump, press space or ↑. If your device has touch controls, you can press the touchscreen to jump. To duck, press ↓. This reduces the size of your unicorn. If you duck while jumping, you will drop faster than normal. Lea...

Oh yea, that's it!^
Did someone delete their first post? I can't see deleted posts
4:22 AM
@Catija Maybe not as rare when there's the "Gimme Space" hat!
@kylejrp It's the answer by Gismo1337.
I've had the had for two days
I'm pretty sure I earned it between 2020-12-16 19:48 and 2020-12-16 20:59, which was at least two days ago
Oh, odd. Unfortunately, I can't see deleted posts either.
@kylejrp oh. Yeah. There's a deleted answer that was posted two days ago.
4:25 AM
Do I get an Eureka hat? ;)
There's my hat history (newest at the top), I earned the Social Distancing on RPG shortly before asking this question rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/178608/… and I earned the Soapbox shortly after asking this question meta.stackexchange.com/a/358130/718314
Oops I had the end timestamp wrong, it's between 2020-12-16 19:48 and 2020-12-17 04:13
Ok... that was not the correct image. Hahaha
@Catija What's the timestamp on the deleted answer? I guess you can't check since you're on mobile 😅
4:29 AM
I think the timestamp can be accessed through the timeline page.
I really wish toggling format just... remembered my preference
@Catija Should definitely be a [feature-request].
Well that deleted answer by a first time user was definitely in the time range that I earned it, huh
Yep, so the trigger right. It appears to me that the question requires a positive score but not the answer (by the first-time user).
I hope that the deletion isn't part of the trigger haha
4:34 AM
Nah, there probably won't be a hat encouraging deletion of any posts. ;)
@Catija Btw thanks for sending the screenshots of the deleted posts (and clearing up the mystery)!
Yeah thanks Catija! You rock
Sure. Post deletion is a confounding factor and it can impact y'all being able to figure things out.
I did also make this comment that got a few upvotes, but I don't think that's the trigger 🤔 meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358088/…
I'm not sure what time this message was at (I think chat shows the current timezone instead of UTC?) but I definitely had it by this time if it narrows the time range chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56469027#56469027
Someone also bookmarked my question, but no idea what time that happened
@kylejrp For extra confusion chat will show your local time, unless you're looking at the transcript which will show the time in UTC using am/pm formatting, for extra consistency ;)
Well I guess that chat message was a long time after 2020-12-17 04:13 so it doesn't help :(
@Panda what were your responses on SO around the time you earned the hat? stackoverflow.com/users/5022249/panda?tab=responses
4:48 AM
@kylejrp Oh I got the ladder on Politics.SE not SO.
Oh whoops
You can check the difference in timestamp easily to opening up a message in a different tab by right-clicking the triangle/bar on the left side of the message.
@kylejrp Oh there weren't responses within the time period I got the hat.
Hmm okay well then maybe not a first time user answer then
Any bookmarks on your questions?
@kylejrp Wait you mean answers?
4:52 AM
Don't answers show up in responses?
Oh I did get one from a first-time user: politics.stackexchange.com/questions/60999/…
@kylejrp Yep oops, I thought you meant comments.
No worries
First time user seems likely then!
4 hours later…
8:41 AM
Hello guys!
I just got Balalaika on IPS and I have no idea why. The only thing I did today was visiting it.
But I don't have it (at least yet) on MSE that I visited too
@U11-Forward Hello!
So, I am assuming that Balalaika is not about posting a question or answer and is not about gaining rep either
Ah, okay. then what do you think?
It could be about commenting or editing in which case I will have the hat on MSE later
Or it could be "moderation" relates in which case I won't have it on MSE (at least not before 4 more days)
9:11 AM
@ppwater Hello!
9:49 AM
What's the trigger for Samovar???
@U11-Forward Answering your own question and have it score 2 or more (the answer, not the question)
10:05 AM
@Ael Thanks for telling me!
@Ael Does the question need to be asked during WB?
how to get the sword hat?
10:18 AM
@KarthikJ Take the tour and get an Informed badge
10:40 AM
@Ael Perhaps it's about visiting on consecutive days then? Have you visited MSE on all days since winter bash started?
@U11-Forward No idea
@Ael Ok
@Tinkeringbell It's not about visiting since I visited both site "equaly" since the befinning of WB
Just checking :D
@Tinkeringbell Do you have it and were?
10:45 AM
I had it on MSE, but it was taken from me :) So now I don't have it
I believe it's either about "moderating" or editing or commenting
So is there any of those three action you didn't do on the first day of WB?
Nvm: mine just came in on MSE.
I didn't comment or flag there today yet, but I did handle some flags.
@Tinkeringbell What action did you take at this same time during the first day of WB?
Handle a flag ;)
So, if it's moderation related I shouldn't get the hat on MSE on the next two days (since I did zero moding there)
Did you edit anything on the first day of WB?
(I am assuming you comment daily there?)
10:50 AM
Wait. The 'handle a flag' was done before the other hat that I lost ... the flag hat.
The disciple hat and the balaika came in after I posted an answer, and yes, I did comment on that answer.
I haven't commented on MSE today though.
I just edited a post on IPS, let's see what that does ;)
I haven't done anything on IPS today either but still got the hat
If it's about commenting, I believe I should get the hat on MSE by tomorrow (I can't remember when exactly I made my first comment there during WB)
Is there anyway I can get an history of my comment activity?
On your profile?
@Ael The All actions tab on your profile and filter by comments
@nobody Thanks :)
Any idea how I could get a more precise timestamp than "2 days ago"?
I tried going here: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/posts/26267/… but it's still not showing a got timestamp
Also, it seems that if the question I commented under was deleted, it doesn't show up in my profile history :/
@Ael Wait one more day :)
11:04 AM
True x)
So, I looked again and if it's about commenting, I should be getting Balalaika tomorow
on MSE
And same if it's about editing (though I should get it later if it's about editing)
@Scratte +1 on that
@double-beep On my question lol!
I'm not sure if the OP should post a reply though
I just got Balalaika on SO!
11:39 AM
@double-beep Did you leave a comment or edited there on the first day of WB?
And did you do that as well on the second and third day?
Well infortunately, that doesn't rule anything out :/ (I was hopeing you would have either edited or commented but not both)
this user edited >1 posts every day since WB, but didn't get the hat.
11:57 AM
Does the question need to be positive score for Give A Leg Up?
@Ael Toggle Format says: "2020-12-17 08:20:14Z".
12:31 PM
Cordovan is definitely for commenting under a post (question?) and then the post getting edited. That's the only thing I've done on stackoverflow today and I just got that hat there.
12:45 PM
a user commented on one of my answers, I edited it and they didn't get the hat
so 1. it has to be a question 2. the OP should reply 3. both
OP didn't reply in my case (although someone else did) so its probably just 1
@YaakovEllis can you confirm that Cordovan is for commenting in a question that later gets edited by the OP?
I am stuck now with hats...
1:18 PM
@U11-Forward There is probably a secrer hat for "get rep cap" on 5 differents days or on for earn a total of 1000rep
@Ael Ooh like Eliza Doolots?
I have so far 485 rep during WB on SO
But if you count all sites: 679 rep
1 hour later…
2:21 PM
I am getting off PC bye!
1 hour later…
3:25 PM
I think Cordovan is given when you edit the question and then answer it
3:47 PM
@Dharman Nope :) I got it and I didn't answer anything. hint
4:18 PM
Did anyone notice that the starts form a hat-pattern on the official hat site? :)
4:29 PM
@Scratte "stars" not starts..
5:10 PM
What's the largest delay for secret hats?
I think the delay does not depend on the type of hat. I've had a delay of 23 minutes.
I got balalaika during the last hour or so.
2 hours ago I earned the quorum badge
5 hours ago I commented on a question, and then closed it. (I was the last close vote needed)
@Jesbus Does your meta post have 2 Answers and is it a [discussion]? Soapbox: "Ask a question with the [discussion] tag on a meta site that gets a score of 2 or more and receives 2 or more answers."
@kylejrp you really have not cheated? All your scores are legit?
@Scratte It has 2 upvotes, 0 answers. Waiting for 2 answers for soapbox :P
5:21 PM
@Jesbus Ahh.. ok :)
Don't know what hat you're supposed to get for commenting on a Question that you close.
@double-beep confirmed - edit within one day of comment
@YaakovEllis I heard rumours that you're not suppose to confirm them ;)
@YaakovEllis and also the comment has to be the most recent at the time of the edit?
I'm looking at the list of all my actions to figure out what the balalaika trigger is. Would help to know what the maximum possible delay is
@Scratte if people guess it exactly, I will confirm
5:24 PM
@YaakovEllis Ah.. but no one did though. "Within one day of comment" wasn't in any guess :)
Close enough
@double-beep I don't think so.. ? I'm pretty sure I've seen users get the hat even if theirs was the first, but not the only comment. And others getting it wasn't the first commenter either. Mentioning that as to not confuse anyone.
@YaakovEllis Yep! No cheating here, just an unreasonable time sink into playing the game 😅 I'd love to help figure out how I triggered the anti cheat
I could record some games if you'd like, I can pretty consistently get over 2k now
I'm going to guess that the Balalaika is an interaction-on-a-site (Vote or post an Answer/Question) hat on the calendar day of the 20th +/-12H.
@Scratte I got it without doing any of these
5:33 PM
@double-beep No voting? I see.. then my guess is clearly wrong.
@YaakovEllis I understand that you don't want to reveal the anti-cheat heuristics though, so whatever you need from me in terms of debugging I'd love it send your way! I don't need to know what I triggered
@Scratte yep
@kylejrp send me a Twitter DM please or pm on discord
If your scores are all legit, it actually helps me with better data for my heuristics
I'll unban you tomorrow
@double-beep When did you get it?
@Scratte earlier in the morning
8-10 UTC
5:38 PM
Okay I'll message you on Twitter!
@double-beep But you have not had any activity today :O
Could it be something as simple as "Log in to a site on 4 separate days"?
@Scratte You mean log out and then log back in?
@Scratte I've also visited MSE every day since the start of WB, but didn't get the hat there
@nobody No.. I mean any activity at all that will update your "Last seen"
5:43 PM
Then, no I've been visiting Security every day and I still don't have the hat anywhere
How about "Chat on 4 separate days"?
Would this room count?
No. It's not parented.
Then maybe
how about "flag something for 4 consecutive/separate days"?
5:45 PM
@double-beep Been doing that too, no hat
Nope. I haven't flagged anything at all during Winter Bash. And I got it. I think I got it around 12:00 or 13:00, but I'm really fuzzy about the timing.
@Scratte If its for chat, then everbody only gets it on stackoverflow, MSE or the site which is their parent user for chat
Yes.. we can check if a new user gets it. It they do, then it's certainly not anywhere near any of my guesses about activity over several days :)
It's just that it seems everyone that got it, got it today. So it's either a date-hat or a consecutive-day-hat by my guessing metric :)
this user hasn't got the hat (yet), but they've chatted for 4 consecutive days
And since double-beep seems to have not "done anything", it's still something that happened.
@double-beep Good find :)
5:51 PM
Yup, every user that has Balalaika that i've seen uptill now seems to have it for only one site. That supports the chat hypothesis
The user had not pinged anyone in chat. Only twice, yesterday.
Though I've pinged users in chat every day. And even early into the beginning of the 19th UTC
And I still did not get the hat until around midday. (I think)
How do you tell if a chat is unparented?
@nobody it hasn't got "site rooms" next to "all rooms"
I check the icon to see which parent is has, and this one doesn't have any Hmm.. the image got cut short :) And the arrow is completely off :D
Where should I go to test the chat theory? Sandbox is unparented too
6:01 PM
@nobody I think I'll go and find a user that has the hat, but no chat activity.. to un-confirm my theory first :)
It could also be something like post a chat message at the 0th second of the first minute of the hour.
So every X:01:00 someone could get it.
@Scratte That would make it pretty rare. You have a 1 in 3600 chance to get it
@nobody Yes :) I'm just brainstorming :)
Here's how you can see parenting on the all rooms overview. The meta icon means "No parent" as far as I understand it, while all the others have the icon of their parenting site.
@YaakovEllis did you manage to reproduce meta.stackexchange.com/q/358016?
6:09 PM
Is there a way to mute the bleeps on Hat Dash?
Usually I don't, but occasionally I want to listen to music while jumping for joy.
@Ollie Runner.sounds = {};?
On chrome you can mute a site and on firefox you can mute the tab
@nobody you can mute the tab on chrome, too
hmm... when I right click on a tab, it just shows mute site...
@nobody I found that is doesn't mute the site, but just the tab :)
6:14 PM
Mute site works, thanks @nobody.
It may auto mute if you open a new tab from the muted tab though. I never checked that.
I don't think the Balalalalalalalaika is chat-related. this user chats frequently at the TeX chat, but this user never does, yet both have the hat
Also this one chats rather often, but doesn't have it (and she's not too active in the main site)
Yes. I found another one that has the hat, not no activity in chat
So then we just need to find out what double-beep did that they think they didn't :D
@U11-Forward wdym?
It's unrelated to flagging, voting, posting answers and questions, and chat.
@double-beep Did you delete any of your comments?
6:27 PM
I've just got it on Super User but I'm active on all SU chat sites as well as the main site and meta. So I've no idea what triggered it.
Could it be something like earn reputation and then "earning" 1 from a deleted Answer that one downvoted accidentally counts too?
No, don't think so. I did earn the Announcer badge earlier though ...
This user got it on SO with about 700 rep, so it's probably nothing moderation-related
@DavidPostill Never got that.
@LaTeXer I did not review except 9 or 10 suggested edits on the 16th, so I think you're right.
Pressing Alt kills the Hat Dash game and makes you restart.
Is that a bug?
Shouldn't it only stop if it hits an obstacle?
6:44 PM
There is a mechanism to automatically end the game if it loses focus, maybe alt is making the focus change?
I guess it depends. Do you want it to stop when you press Alt? :)
The Balalalaika doesn't seem to be “get a badge”, because this user's latest badge seems to have been awarded on the 15th
@Scratte No, not really.
@double-beep no
7:20 PM
@LaTeXer My theory is that it's either comment or edit related
It could have been about moderating but you confirmed it wasn't
@Ael Well, that wasn't a confirmation, it was a "probably". Later I saw that with 700 rep the user does have access to some review queues...
And for a comment, if you commented under a post that is later deleted, then it disapear from your history, so you should be careful about that
7:32 PM
@LaTeXer I didn't get any badges. I lost one though..
@Scratte Can you lose badges? O_O How?
glitch in the matrix :p
@LaTeXer "User was removed". I lost 4 in my tag score and went from 101 (bronze badge) to 97 (no badge). The lost unicorn points was at 22:38 on the 17th.
@Scratte Ooh. I thought tag badges weren't removed if your score went down. Let us get your score up again... for science ;)
@LaTeXer No!.. No voting :) It wouldn't change anything, since I already have the hat :)
7:37 PM
@Scratte Really? ok, undoing
@Scratte Ooh
My list of stuff I didn't do include flagging, posting posts, reviewing (unless we count 7 suggested edits on the 16th), editing.
I have posted comments, deleted comments, voted, chatted.
I have also visited meta (stackoverflow) and both voted and commented there.
@Scratte I'll try those
@Scratte yes, but not before I got the hat.
Ahh.. yes. so ruling stuff out. It's not voting nor commenting nor deleting comments.
I expect you also didn't post comments, @double-beep?
7:44 PM
So then our common stuff is chat. However other users that have the hat didn't chat.
Tough one...
Yes :) Could it be "open up 10 posts in 10 minutes"?
@YaakovEllis :(
the error is caused on L311
I think it's because of L306, as there's no #user-displayname element in the page
@Scratte Weird, but... Give me 10 minutes ;)
7:50 PM
Heh.. :)
this message about a user with 700 reputation points means it's not "Have at least 2020 reputation points on the 20th".
@Scratte Opened 50 of them. Now we wait
@Scratte Heh. I bet the devs didn't want anything with 2020 :)
Did you gain 20 reputation points from the start of the Bash until now?
@Scratte Me? Something like that, yeah
@Scratte I have a thesis to write, so I'm trying not to procrastinate too much
@Scratte It's not going to well, I admit :)
It's the Stack-trap.
@Scratte Know any way out? I've got an exam tomorrow and I'm wasting time here
8:02 PM
Unplug the internet. Read the book :D
You could ask Stack questions about your exam 🤔
Alternatively raise a custom moderator flag explaining your peril asking for a network wide suspension :P
@Scratte It would be ironic to have a productivity.stackexchange.com :)
There used to be one :)
@Scratte That's actually a good idea!
8:04 PM
I heard that there was going to be a procrastination.stackexchange.com but they haven't got around to making it yet... 😉
The Balalaika is not about gaining reputation. Just checked a profile that has the hat, but no reputation gain since December 8th.
8:21 PM
@Scratte I wonder who are awarded with balalaika... ;)
I've got one
@Scratte My theory is that it's "comment on three/four different days"
@Ael That would be consistent with what I'm doing. @LaTeXer Have you commented on 3 days?
Huh, I have Balalaika when I look at my hat inventory, but I didn't get a notification for it
It also isn't counting towards my total - I see 23 in my inventory, but my count is only 22
Oh spoke too soon, just earned it now
8:36 PM
Just now?!?
That kind of breaks the theory of commenting on 3 days in a row. Earning the hat on midday the following day.
I did make a comment a couple hours ago
@kylejrp What action did you do around this time 3 days ago?
@Ael Hah that is hard to know, we can look through my interactions on meta here meta.stackexchange.com/users/718314/kylejrp?tab=activity
8:38 PM
@Scratte No, my last comment was on the 9th
But double-beep hadn't commented at all today until after the hat arrived, around 8-10 in the morning.
I did just get a notification ~9 minutes ago for a post I was following
I haven't really done much else on meta today
@LaTeXer Just verifying as one cannot see deleted comments. So it's all on memory :)
This new hat makes me the #1 on the Meta leaderboard 🏆 and #7 Site wide
Could it be about editing 3 days in a row then?
8:45 PM
@Scratte Sure. As I said, comments go to my thesis :)
@Ael No. Didn't edit.
It would about looking at a new post and thinking "This cannot be for real!"
@kylejrp Congratulations :)
Could it be about visiting the site and NOT doing a specific action for a day?
Being nr. 216th along with all the other 216th network wide myself :)
@nobody I don't think so. Then they wouldn't award in on the middle of the day, would they?
@Scratte hmm... Good point
Hmm.. browsing that leaderboard got me in trouble with the server: "Too many requests. Wait 40 seconds before requesting this resource again." I was just trying to find myself and I didn't find a search option..
9:00 PM
Don't you show up at the very top of the leaderboard? Like it shows you before any other user
This user had little activity recently and has the Balalalala... Maybe it helps to find out what it was
No. I'm not logged in there.
Maybe Rob Scallion knows how to get the Balalaika youtube.com/watch?v=OvWWVub9cc4
Also no had from opening a shit-ton of pages
@LaTeXer Heh.. sorry about that :)
9:06 PM
@kylejrp Wow, that is awesome! (also tiny :)
@Scratte No problem. I have some RAM for Chrome to devour ;)
Are privilege requirements the same across all sites? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it for me to try and earn 1.2k more rep on SO before the bash is over so I can get the reviewer hats 😅
@LaTeXer He earned it on SO where he has no activity at all, apart from getting the Informed badge.
@DavidPostill I see it as being earned on TeX when I look at the inventory of that user?
@DavidPostill It says he earned it in TeX...
Sorry, you are both right :/
9:12 PM
Had me go and double check too :D
Oops.. I take that back. No comment entry for the 18th.
Do we know for sure that there were no Balalalaikas (except the ones that were revoked) before today?
Yes.. See the starboard :) "Yay! Balalaika is back." <-- I take that as "It now being awarded"
@Scratte Ah, right
So. The balalaika is a triangular instrument with 3 strings... trying to work out how to work that into something to get a hat for.
The 3 days of something theory seems plausible
9:21 PM
The "This is fine" was about acceptance. The Disciple was about following. The Social distancing was about being here/there. The Cordovan was about editing unclear Questions... I'm pretty sure the title can be worked in somehow.
If Disciple was a "listening to music" based one and involved following, is Balalaika continuing the "playing music" metaphor and would be about having a post that is followed? 🤔
Maybe I'm reading too far into it 😅
@kylejrp That would make it impossible to find the trigger :D
I will say again that I got the hat 9 minutes after getting a notification for a followed post
If music somehow means following in hat lingo
I unfollowed everything and none of my posts have been changed since the beginning of the winter bash.
9:29 PM
I cannot possibly tell if anyone is following any of my posts. And only one of them could have triggered a notification. Which was when we tested if commenting and getting tiny-votes would trigger a hat.
@kylejrp I got notified that a post I followed got an answer 9 hours ago. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to get the time a hat was awarded.
Which.. it didn't. I believe we got to 7 tiny-votes when the commenter got spooked and deleted their comment.
Confirming for this: Do you get the Vexillologist hat by
Spoiler alert
@DavidPostill I also got notified of an answer just before getting the hat, but it sounds like Scratte didn't have anything like that
:56488479 I do not think so. We have a bot that only raises Not an Answer flags, as far as I'm aware, and the bot has the hat.
I guessed that it's about deletions. Raising a flag prior to a post getting deleted.
9:33 PM
Okay, so a flag then.
Just noted @Catija's comment, so I'll stop now.
@Ollie But working it out is all of the fun! :)
Scratte Have we figured out Leg Up yet?
There was some discussion last night, I think we were leaning towards having a new user answer your post
17 hours ago, by kylejrp
First time user seems likely then!
Haha, well, I guess I can write that one off
Yes, they had help from Catija to figure it out. One user got it and no 1 reputation user had answered their post. Or so they thought. It turns out one had, but it was deleted.
9:42 PM
Can you get TikTop from answering your own question?
..also I just got the pun in TikTop
It's a portrait-oriented frame. ;) though you can change it by rotating.
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