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3:00 PM
Sadly, I don't have answer for him.
@Shadow10YearsWizard what ticket?
@CinCout So, maybe it's "comment under an answer that is later edited then accepted"? Honestly, it could be so many things ^^
@Shadow10YearsWizard same here
@parvin try here, also many online people, some English natives.
thank you !
3:01 PM
@CinCout to the concert
@Shadow10YearsWizard Usually users check the most recently active chatroom and this room might be on top due to activity
@Shadow10YearsWizard rofl
@AJ oh, nice!
@parvin you could also try posting here: ell.stackexchange.com
I will sure @CinCout
3:02 PM
@Ael the answers aren't edited. Most of them aren't, at least. None of mine are.
@CinCout Yeah but if just one of them was commented, then edited, then accepted, we can't rule that out
Which hat are y'all talking about?
@Catija "Give a Leg Up"
@parvin I think they call those "Toymakers"
@Ael the user has accepted 9 answers today, 8 of them aren't edited, one is
3:08 PM
@Scratte Which is in the spirit of the season indeed :)
@Ael Ah, yeah, that will be a difficult one to solve. Also, a difficult one to achieve.
@Catija are we on the right track?
@Catija probably just me being stupid, but since I still not get if Yaakov meant that I should keep looking/waiting. Can you tell me if I should spend more time on that "Stay Tuned..." thing?
What stay tuned thing? Sorry, I may have missed something he said.
Heh.. suggesting an edit on a wiki post seems kind of silly :D
3:18 PM
@Scratte Why? Wikis are really great and informative! One of the reasons I love the Carmen hat is that it might actually get more wikis created :D
@Catija Because anyone logged in can directly edit a wiki post, no? So.. me posted a suggested edit to the meta hat list post is not going to get me any hats, but it'll create work for 2 reviewers.
@Catija The winter bash site has an hidden "Stay Tuned..." page.... and several Rick Roll video redirects.
Since the "Stay Tuned..." message is the only different one, I wonder if it means that something will happen at a later date.
Even I likely don't know the depth of Easter eggs that Yaakov's put into this... but I don't think that has anything to do with hats. Sorry I can't be of much help.
I don't think it has something to do with hats either, but it could be related to the old chicken "meme"
like a way to switch the unicorn for a chicken for example
@Scratte Oh, I'm an idiot. I had tag wiki in mind when you said wiki, not a Community Wiki post. :( Editing on those is restricted to ... over 100 rep? I don't remember the exact cutoff
3:23 PM
I see :) That was an easy thing to miss. I didn't make that clear. But at least if users feel that the spoiler shouldn't be there, they can just reject the edit :)
Note I made the edit as anonymous non-logged in, as I do not have a profile on meta.stackexchange.
@Catija Could you authoritatively confirm if Edward needs a consecutive five-day period?
Because the trigger for Edward sounds more ambiguous “Each day during a 5-day period, ask a positively scored question and have no negatively scored, closed or deleted questions.”
Unlike the criteria for the Curious badge which makes it very clear it need not be consecutive “Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days.”
Well I'm pretty sure Cruse of Oil is awarded for taking active part (e.g. upvoting a post) in a site you just joined. There was such trigger in the past. @Yaakov can you please confirm? Thanks!
(so it'll always come along with Gimme Space)
@Shadow10YearsWizard I upvoted a post on SO and got the hat
@double-beep I upvoted a post on SO.. and I didn't get the hat.
But I didn't just join Stack Overflow.
perhaps it must be the first vote?
mine was
3:34 PM
Nope.. Did some of those too. Though I think they were downs
I got it both on Chess.SE and SO for upvoting a post
where the upvote was my first vote
@Shadow10YearsWizard I thought you have Cruse of Oil on Meta.SE?
How do you know what triggered it? I'm pretty sure I upvoted a post as the first one as well yesterday. Which got me the "Warm Welcome" hat.
@Panda Yaakov would have to tell you - the master spreadsheet has it just be on five days, not five consecutive ones, so if he followed that, then the description implying they have to be consecutive is incorrect.
@Scratte oh. Bummer. Thanks! cowering in a corner
3:37 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard I have cruse of oil on MSE and ... I'm pretty sure I didn't just join.
^ maybe you can hack it :)
I don't have access. I just have to do stuff the way y'all do.
@Panda after checking, yes. Well so it's awarded for a first interaction on a site when it's December 18th anywhere in the world.... (as @Glorfindel pointed out already)
Which annoys me because Edward was my idea for a hat and I probably won't get it since I never ask questions.
Okay, we hack it then
3:38 PM
@Catija Please don't do stuff the way I do it. You're going to get in trouble for that :)
@Catija Oh I see, thanks!
@Shadow10YearsWizard Doesn't that mean that everyone gets it?
@Shadow10YearsWizard I anti-confirm your postulate. And you should know better what the hat for פח השמן is related to.
@Derpy you'll just have to stay tuned, I guess
3:54 PM
@YaakovEllis can you confirm that the trigger for Mariachi is having a chat message that's starred 3 times?
Yep, as we have a suggested edit pending for the Mariachi ;)
a confirmation from Yaakov would allow to approve it
@YaakovEllis no offense intended but... "I hate you, rabbit"
@Luuklag confirmed
Thx, edit approved ;)
@Luuklag teamwork :)
3:57 PM
@YaakovEllis Could you confirm if Edward needs a consecutive five-day period?
Or 5 separate days will do too?
32 mins ago, by Panda
Because the trigger for Edward sounds more ambiguous “Each day during a 5-day period, ask a positively scored question and have no negatively scored, closed or deleted questions.”
Unlike the criteria for the Curious badge which makes it very clear it need not be consecutive “Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days.”
@Shadow10YearsWizard I downvoted a post on Stack Overflow some 20 minutes ago and no hat. So that is not correct. I take that back.. just got a hat.
@Panda five separate days. Does not have to be consecutive
@YaakovEllis Thank you!
4:27 PM
@Catija Maybe upstairs will give you an Announcement (question) to make. :(
I should have held off on the TL post until after we started WB. :P
But the company is essentially closed starting Thursday next week until Monday the 4th
@Catija You just have to buy some Pinkie 4DE plushes (totally random proposal unrelated to the fact I still miss that one) and announce a swag on Meta...
4:42 PM
... there'll be something about swag out on MSE later but I'm not posting it.
@Catija you've built the suspense alright :)
Yay, swag!
4:58 PM
@YaakovEllis am I banned from hat dash?
you should add a hat that is a dunce cap, unlocked on an Q or A with a negative score
@Catija music to my ears
The post on swag may be "We decided to not do it".. I do not see any promises in the announcement that there'll be an announcement. The announcement could even be "..but you get a hat every year that you earn another 100K"
@Scratte Found the pessimist! :D
I'm just setting expectations ;)
5:07 PM
Doing a good job too ;)
5:18 PM
im about 95% sure the Vexillologist hat comes from flagging a post and having it validated
since both times i got it, were shortly after i flagged a post
I just got the Cordovan hat. Does anyone have an idea what that's supposed to be for?
To put on your avatar!
@Tinkeringbell :) Yeah but, what triggers it?
Sorry, that question is too difficult for me to answer ;)
Nobody seriously has any idea yet??
5:23 PM
@nobody you have an idea?
Nah, that's why I'm asking
oh, well, you said nobody had an idea, so i thought you had one
@Dragonrage @YaakovEllis
@Dragonrage :D The only thing out of normal that happened, was a string of something like 10-15 comments under an answer of mine
5:33 PM
I think the mariachi description is wrong
I got the hat with two messages having two stars.
Perhaps getting three stars (no matter if it's one message or three) is the trigger then?
Wait, nevermind.
I checked the star board, had two at 2, then checked my hats and had mariachi, just checked back, I had a 3 star message.
@Tinkeringbell I didn't say that it wasn't coming back either :)
Hahaha It's good news though.
@TheDragonOfFlame think something similar was already partially done.
@ThomasMarkov Yaakov himself confirmed it btw
5:48 PM
@nobody Probably something "moderating" related. Or commenting. But I think it has more to do with moderating stuff
It could also be editing something
But it's not about: a) posting an answer or b) posting a question
And if it was about voting, more people would have it already
I'm guessing that, since this room is unparented, getting stars in here will not trigger the hat.
@Catija Yeah, we are using this room for it: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/1540/wb-starring-room
Ah. Gotcha.
6:25 PM
Just got disciple. I think the only thing I was doing at the time was browsing and commenting under a couple of questions/answers.
hmm, i think the cruse of oil hat is something related to upvoting a question, potentially within the first 30 minutes of it being posted, but not entirely sure.
i got it on mse, and thats the only thing i really did that i can recall
@Kaz Did you also vote on these? Specificially, did you downvote and made a comment? My theory is that you need two actions on the same post to get this specific hat
@Ael No votes. Looked at 1 post, commented under the answer on another, commented under the question on a 3rd. Picked up disciple and balalaika (in that order, though I can't say if that's significant or if they were actually at the same time).
6:41 PM
@Kaz For balalaika, I believe the theory is that someone need to upvote a comment you made. But yeah, it does seem like people earn disciple and then balalaika
@Dragonrage The age of the post has nothing to do with it. You just need to interact (vote, edit or post) on a site while it's the 18th somewhere in the world
@Ael No upvotes. This was pretty quick (like, 5-10 minutes max)
Both posts were made today, in case that might be relevant.
@Kaz I also got both those hats but I commented under older answers, so the age probably doesn't matter
@Kaz Was it long comments?
7:11 PM
@Catija @YaakovEllis any chance you could rename Edward to "Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV" ?
@Derpy stay tuned
@YaakovEllis assorted hissing sounds
if Celestia brings you coal instead of cupcakes for Christmas, you will know why ;_;
@Derpy I already tried./
@Ael One was definitely short. <1 line. The other was reasonably substantial.
7:26 PM
@YaakovEllis Are disciple or balalaika bugged? I can't seem to find anyone who won one without the other. I just left one comment on MSE and got both hats (I didn't do anything else in the meantime)
I have balalaika but not disciple, I think?
Oh, wait... I do have it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with them.
@Catija So, do I get something for guessing there was a bug? :P
Also, now I will be very sad if I end up losing one of these hats without being able to regain it before the end of WB :'(
Neither is particularly difficult, just have to figure out what the (correct) triggers are. :)
Well "difficult" looks a lot differently from one site to another, but that's good to know :) Hopefully, both will be about moderating so I will be able to get both on IPS :D
I can see a way that the triggers are currently correct but I need to see if that's how it's supposed to be implemented. Now is a hard time since I'm guessing Yaakov is wrapping the end of his day.
7:34 PM
:/ Well, I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow afternoon Europe time
Does the network-wide leaderboard only show the site where you have the most hats?
@Ollie What do you mean? I see every sites
@Ollie I think it shows all of your hats across all sites, the most I have on one site is 16 but I have 20 on the network-wide leaderboard
Or it functions like the flair...
7:50 PM
@Dragonrage On different sites I tried an upvote, a downvote, a post, a deletion - and I got it on all of those sites
8:01 PM
@Ael Ah, looks like he found the issue. :)
8:30 PM
@Ael yes, they both are. fixes incoming
@Ael hats will be rescinded (since people aren't earning them properly, and makes it hard to figure out secret hats). Sorry...
@YaakovEllis Well, now at least I can proudly say that I figured out something about two secrets hats :p
9:04 PM
mea culpa #3 - really hope this is the last time, but I just cleared all hat owners for balalaika and disciple. Both are secret, and both had something messed up with their triggers (and if I didn't clear them, then would be very hard to figure out what they are for). If you earned themm, they will be awarded to you again shortly.
That's has a funny twist. I'm wearing a hat that I got because I had 11 hats.
But with two removed.. I have 11 in total, including the one I'm wearing. ;)
@Scratte Same for me except that I have now a total of 10 ^^ (and I'm here hopeing Yaakov won't fix this bug ^^')
I knew it was too good to be true when I got those 2 hats at the same time for doing pretty much nothing.
9:19 PM
@Ael no, you are good there
Thanks :D
@Eran According to Catjia they will still be easy to gain though :)
I'll see about that next week. Time to start my weekend.
See ya later
I'm still waiting to see if I re-get a hat :)
I wonder what happened to the user avatars of the ones that were wearing them when they were removed :)
Hehe. I've still got milliner. But now I've only got 10 hats not 12 as I just lost 2.
9:31 PM
@DavidPostill yeah, we wont take that away from you
@Ael One cannot see hats on sites one doesn't have a profile, but I trust you that they're wearing it :)
@YaakovEllis That makes me very happy, because I've been balancing this for a long time today :)
Just got Cruse of Oil. Haven't post an answer, question, or comment. I think it has to do with upvoting a comment :)
probably does :)
@YaakovEllis Cruse of Oil = upvoting a comment??
there should be a hat for smiling in the chat :)
10:05 PM
So has anyone got disciple or balalaika back yet after they were removed?
@KetZoomer I downvoted a post.. and got it 23 minutes after.
@Scratte I haven't downvoted any today but I got it
@Wezl I haven't tiny-voted a comment.
@DavidPostill I'm yet to get back either of them :/
@YaakovEllis But seems both the hats are even removed from Winter Bash 2020 Home Page
just got cruse in software engineering, which I just joined
I looked at tags -- I think it may have something to do with tags
I also upvoted a post
10:20 PM
Cruse is for interacting with a post when it's the 18th anywhere in the world - chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56466159#56466159
it might have to do with searching
@KetZoomer Nope
... but also yes?
@GalaxyCat105 just interacting?
I think so
@GalaxyCat105 ... I mean... that is the standard "one day only" action we use... so it would make sense.
10:22 PM
okay I'm trying these different strategies in multiple sites because I think I've interacted with a site I didn't get it for
@DavidPostill I still have disciple but no one should have balalaika.
@YaakovEllis Ellis, don't you unit test your hat functions?
ok, so I've gotten social distancing but not cruse on ell today. but maybe I need to upvote something
It's really difficult to test the award functions since it requires doing all of the things to get a hat... on SO.
10:24 PM
@Soleil-MathieuPrévot Wearing != having
We can't clear what hats people are wearing, so don't judge by that.
@Catija is "wearing != having" based on some hat functions/definitions ? In everyday situation, wearing is having (on the head) ;)
A note, as long as you don't change your hat, you can continue to wear it. — Catija ♦ 9 mins ago
@YaakovEllis So, among those who had Disciple and Balalaïka, there are those who earned it, and those who did not, and after the update, only those who earned them will have them back?
10:48 PM
@Soleil-MathieuPrévot I read it to mean that those hats were cleared from everyone, regardless of whether they'd earned them or not, so even if you earned one/both, you'll have to earn them again.
If you currently meet the requirements for either hat, you will re-earn it immediately. If you do not, you will not get it back but you may still use it if you already have it applied to your avatar.
The trigger was incorrectly programmed in the system. Apparently the trigger for the two were the same but Balalaika was also awarding the hats too soon... (if y'all figure out the trigger eventually, it'll make more sense)... so that's why I know that no one should have Balalaika yet... So what Yaakov did was fix the trigger for Balalaika and change the one for Disciple.
11:04 PM
@MattDMo "If you earned themm, they will be awarded to you again shortly. " chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56467555#56467555
@Soleil-MathieuPrévot Oh, I missed that. Thanks
11:29 PM
Hello guys!
@Catija Ugh you took 2 hats away from me...
Hello, 1st place person!
@MattDMo Haha hello!
i was in first place for the hat dash, does that count?
@Dragonrage haha!
i think i just got back to first. @fredley and i are competing
11:38 PM
Why is there no stats page like last year?
Before Those two lost hats, I would like to ask how you get Give A Leg Up
@Dragonrage show me your hat dashing ways 🙏 I'm #6!
Hah I guess the leaderboard got cleaned up, I'm #2 in terms of time played 😅
Feel free to add stuff here if you have any words of wisdom... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358088/…
Hello @kylejrp How did you get Samovar and Give A Leg Up?
@kylejrp i was testing @fredley's method. so far works quite well
he left an answer on the challenge post
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