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1:00 PM
@PatrickStalder A likely story.
@Wipqozn do you like cookies?
@pixel I'd hate to meet a man who doesn't.
are you kidding
everybody likes cookies, it is INHUMAN to not like cookies
nothing to do with gender.
i wish i had some cookies right now
I just witnessed somebody spelling "of" over the phone 5 times
ah there we go, question closed /rolleyes
Q: stuck in Dark Horse race in Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit 2010?

Mohamed EssamI've NFS: Hot pursuit on my pc. I've been stuck in this race (Dark Horse) which the car stops and the ground disappears and everything else is normal (time is running,other racers passed me ,traffic passing). My pc's specs are: CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz GPU : Nvidia GeF...

Q: NFS World crashes and PC restarts automatically

Mohamed EssamI've downloaded NFS World from official site and done the updates,How ever when I open the game at the lowest resolution and lowest texture at some point (after about 2-3 minutes) the game hangs and repeats last played sound (like drifting) and then it works ,it repeats it 3-4 times then it resta...

Q: Is it possible to change current production/research and carry the resources?

Martin MelkaWhat I mean is: let's say I've been researching a technology for 20 turns. Then I got one free tech. If I choose to get the one I've been working on for free, are these 20 turns lost, or is it possible to carry the 20 turns' worth resources elsewhere? Same with production. If I am making a worke...

1:16 PM
Morning, Bridge
The music for the Donkey Kong Country 3 album is finished.
@fbueckert Good morning
They're locked in for a 2012 release date. Looks like it might release within a couple months.
Afternoon @fbueckert
What? You actually deleted that question?
I assume you're talking about that, "Identify the gaming references" video thingy?
1:27 PM
considering the thread on meta with high votes says that we're allowing such questions
and considering I spent a reasonable amount of time writing the answer, I wasn't even going to argue closing it
but now I guess I'm going to have to
I thought you were staying out of policy discussions?
I was, and then people started getting over zealous in deleting content I spent more than an hour putting together
@pixel It wasn't deleted by users, it was by a mod.
@pixel So...you're staying out of policy discussions you're not invested in. Alright, that's fair.
This applies to us too: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/5045/1782
1:31 PM
cookies? GLORIOUS!
@JQAn the question had been fully answered at the point it was closed, let alone deleted
I presume you were the one who deleted it?
I especially like Jeff's fourth point:
> If users see a lot of closed questions, they’ll note that we don’t enforce the guidelines, so why should they? Without any final resolution, asking questions that get closed becomes something we are implicitly encouraging — a broken windows problem. If this goes on for long enough, we’re no longer a community of programmers who ask and answer programming questions, we’re a community of random people discussing.. whatever. That’s toxic.
I periodically delete off topic questions
this one I happened to stumble in our front page
1:33 PM
@fbueckert I don't get that one.
"Revisiting the ITG ban" -> "Yes we should allow questions that can actually be answered"
@fbueckert can you link the question that came from?
@RonanForman If we don't delete closed questions, users will see that they get help on their questions even if they don't belong here
@Ender It's linked. JQAn's "This applies to us too:"
A: Do closed questions ever get deleted?

Jeff Atwoodsee http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/04/the-stack-overflow-question-lifecycle/ Why would you delete a question? Isn’t closing it enough? Some questions are of such poor quality that they cannot be salvaged. They’re literally nonsense. Not every byte of data that is created in the wo...

1:34 PM
@pixel of course I have, it's not policy
@pixel No, the upvoted answer for basically says, "Screenshot or GTFO"
@murgatroid99 Oh because they have answers, right.
@RonanForman exactly
@fbueckert I can see how you would cherry pick that line
@fbueckert it actually says this: "Should we allow requests for identification of games based on the reference to actual visual, textual, or audio artifacts of that game?"
1:34 PM
@murgatroid99 "Doesn't belong here" isn't the only reason to close a question, though.
"I'm of the opinion that we should" is the upvoted answer
@MartinSojka more generally though, if people see users getting help on closed questions, it will encourage them to ask more close-worthy questions, which is not ideal
@pixel And what parts of a completely independent video comprises of actual visual, textual, or audio artifacts of that game? Without the creator of the video to confirm the references, all we're doing is making best guesses.
@MartinSojka Yes it is, why would you close something that does belong here?
@fbueckert it is factual where the lines come from - 'Stay a while and listen' is hardly a Zelda quote, for example
1:37 PM
@pixel I heard "Stay a while and listen" in Magicka. For all we know, that's what he was referencing.
@Fluttershy it's an achievement in Diablo 3 too!
@Fluttershy And there's my point. The creator could be referencing Magicka, for all we know.
I think this is the last day I'm going to be here.
This question is also about references.
Q: What is 110813 in Minecraft?

JohnIn the splash screen for Minecraft, there are random quotes that come up. One is: 110813 What does that mean?

@RonanForman I had one question about history of gaming which I could answer because I was there closed as "can't be answered", for example. Can't find it anymore though, might be already deleted. Something about history of MUDs/MMOs.
1:39 PM
We don't know mojang meant it to be a date.
There are far too many inconsistencies in the way you guys run this site
@MartinSojka "questions" that can't be answered don't belong here
@murgatroid99 Read again. I was there. I could answer it. I did answer it.
@MartinSojka Most people couldn't answer it, and therefore the answer can't be verified.
How would the asker know if your answer was correct? He'd only have your word.
@RonanForman Sorry, I didn't notice we're Wikipedia now.
1:41 PM
@pixel The meta post, regardless, is arguing that we should allow those types of questions, but I don't think we've all agreed to go ahead and allow them.
@MartinSojka I agree with what you're saying
And he can just ask the people I referenced in my answer (IIRC at least Richard Bartle should be easy to find and reach).
@MartinSojka Because Wikipedia is the only site to verify anything?
I don't follow.
@RonanForman The fact that the answer has to have verification. :P
@RonanForman No, because "not verified -> DELETE!" is a typical Wikipedia admin mentality.
1:42 PM
@fbueckert can you guys stop messing me about, when I question the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the FAQ you say 'read meta', when I read meta you say its not policy, make up your minds. Arqade and by proxy the whole of Stack Exchange is full of some of the biggest mind f**king trolls I have met on the internet.
@MartinSojka It's less not verified and more can't be.
@RonanForman It can be verified. Ask the other people who were there.
Q: How do weapon stats and leveling work?

AntoI have some questions about the weapon leveling system in SoM, which isn't super clear to me: Each character has his own individual weapon progression chart, but is there any easy way to switch from one character's weapons stats view to another's ? It works with the general stats view by press...

@MartinSojka What's the question about anyway?
@pixel I'm sorry you feel that way, it's the price we have to pay in an attempt to have high quality content
1:44 PM
This brings us very neatly back to this: meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/5040/…
Your new user experience is abysmal
What you're doing right now is case in point.
@pixel Community driven. Trying to get everyone onto the same page is not easy at all. Heck, I've posted a couple meta questions on what to do about a couple things, and they don't really get much in the way of action-y stuff.
@RonanForman It was something along the lines "What MMO did first implement (some feature)?"; I can't find it anymore though. It was something of the DIKU variety from around 1985 though, so I had to dig through the MUD-Dev archive to find the exact quotes.
@pixel You're looking at everything in black and white.
Half of the people moderate one way, the other half moderate the other, when any of you are asked to be accountable you point to the FAQ, when the FAQ falls apart by not containing anything relevant you point to meta, when meta falls apart you say its not policy
Where are the rules to this site, make up your minds.
@MartinSojka So you were working on the game right?
1:46 PM
@pixel Rule 1: Don't be a dick.
I am not being a dick, I am being a very active user that contributes SHITLOADS.
and as such I fall foul of your inconsistencies very frequently
@pixel I would really encourage you to post on meta with your experiences and complaints. If you enumerate things clearly, then we can address them as a community and see what we can do to improve your, and the general, experience.
I've asked for clarification so many times that I sound like a broken record and I haven't had anything confirmed to me beyond the most basic of questions...
@FAE That. And I'm shutting up about it now.
@RonanForman No, I was working on MUDs in general. The were ideas tossed around on MUD-Dev and elsewhere, everyone discussed and tried out features and reported back their findings. That's why I had to consult MUD-Dev - I knew the rough time and place, just not the details.
1:48 PM
How do I get my user account deleted?
@pixel I don't think I understand. Off topic questions were always deleted... I do it all the time, you just noticed because you had an answer on this one.
@MartinSojka How do you know that some MMO on the other side of the world didn't do it before you? Maybe it wasn't very popular so no one noticed.
nobody want to answer that one?
@RonanForman I'm pretty sure some MMO did it before me, since it was a feature I never implemented myself. ;) And in general, it's like asking "how do you know nobody developed an atomic bomb in the Middle Ages? Maybe they just didn't tell anyone!"
@pixel It'd be a shame to see you go; you've been here less time than me, and contribute tons more.
1:51 PM
@fbueckert and would have continued doing so, if people stopped messing me around and actually helped when I asked for it rather than try to debate their "rules" based off meta posts which are not "policy"
@pixel The process is outlined here. However, again, I'd encourage posting on meta so we can address the problems you are having.
@FAE I saw how you "addressed" the problems when RobV left
@MartinSojka It's not that crazy, it's easy to have an unpopular game, testing a nuke in secret is not.
You didn't, you sat and talked about it and then nothing happened
@pixel should we have chained him to prevent him for leaving?
or change how this community works for him to stay, forcing other people to want to leave?
you can't please everyone
1:53 PM
Nope, but you could have done something more than nothing in the aftermath
you can't force the community to adapt to you, it's the other way around
@JQAn I asked, nobody wanted to give clear and concise advice
@RonanForman I said "building", not "testing". In any case, there were only a few thousand people developing and playing those games back then, in total. Somebody might have developed stuff like this. It's highly unlikely it was not publicised, and even more unlikely it actually influenced others to re-implement this same feature in their MUDs/MMOs.
It's been 50 days of "check the FAQ" "Oh the FAQ is just guidelines, the rules are on meta" "Oh meta is not policy"
Q: What about the new user experience here is turning people away?

Ktash This is a case of straw that broke the camels back, in general I have found the community here to be very unwelcoming compared to other SE communities and the restrictions on question types seem to restrict them purely to things I could answer with a google/wiki/GameFAQs.com search ins...

1:54 PM
I never asked the community to change to me, I was willing to change to fit into the community
The community wasn't willing to tell me what needed changing
@Fluttershy And our highest voted answer on that is from a new user.
As for the answer to the question you wanted to ask RobV: All of the other straws are exactly the same as the one that broke the back
RobV left because somebody was a complete dick with his commenting
All of the other straws was some member of the community being a complete dick
I was the dick who commented
When I fill in "Reason" on the delete form, who sees it?
Somebody important or one of you guys so you can cover it up
@pixel We unfortunately cannot control everyone's tone when they leave comments, which is why we created the post that Fluttershy just linked. We're trying to encourage a more civil tone in comments for closes, and I believe that has been the case in the past couple weeks.
1:59 PM
because if it goes to the moderator team I will email stackexchange directly before removing my account
@FAE I know I, for one, have been trying really hard to provide alternatives when a new user does something wrong.
@pixel Now, that's just unfair.
What is going on here is "unfair"
And I'm sure Joel would love to know that Arqade suffers from all the things he dislikes, and is losing users on account of a close knit group that runs the place
@pixel I would like to point out that I joined only a few months back. And I have found the community completely welcoming.
Lucky you.
Referenced post says I'm not alone, I'm sure some people fit in just fine
@pixel I'm sure he would, the rest of us would too, which is why @FAE suggested a meta post.
2:02 PM
My experience of meta is a bunch of people who don't have a clue
My meta posts have been downvoted and argued against on account of people not understanding the difference between "merge" and "synonym"
And apparently its my fault that your grasp of English is terrible.
@pixel I get what you're saying here, and I've tried to fight this fight and not really had much success, sadly :(
I feel like large numbers of you purposely go out of your way to misunderstand what I'm saying
@pixel The feeling I get from you is mutual. :P
@agent86 if one of the sites own moderators get it what the hell is the problem
You drive me batty sometimes. :P
2:04 PM
@agent86 I'll just ban you
@pixel you'd be surprised about how little difference it makes that the opinion is coming from a moderator :)
@JQAn Woo! Mod-fight!
in most capacities, my vote counts the same as anyone else's
@JQAn woo! banning is FUN
@agent86 seems @JQAn can wander around and do whatever he wants. Maybe that needs including in my email
Publicly threatening to ban another mod is real mature too
@pixel lol
2:04 PM
let's add that as well
@pixel I don't think that making personal attacks against the community is going to engender them to becoming more open to listen your criticisms. Can you please try to communicate your issues in a more neutral tone so we can read through them without the hostility?
@pixel I don't think it was supposed to be mature.
@pixel Context is important. 99.5% sure he was joking.
@pixel oh, he's just playing with me. we have an understanding. I pay him under the table, and he only threatens :P
@FAE I'm being reasonably neutral right now...
2:06 PM
@agent86 the check is in the mail, right?
nobody here has seen me angry, thankfully
Commence eye roll
@JQAn yeah. there must be a mix-up at the post office as to why you've never gotten a single one. I can assure you that I have bribed you rather well thus far.
@agent86 Sidenote: Good to see you around again, man.
@pixel Calling users "dicks" and claiming they lack English comprehension is not very neutral.
2:07 PM
@FAE it is neutral and factual when (a) it's true and (b) it's true
@fbueckert oh, thanks. I've been lurking more.
Not understanding the difference between "MERGE" and "SYNONYM" and then proceeding to argue with me is not my problem and it is a lack of comprehension
@FAE That's like...@Gnome levels of misconstruing. No offense intended to @GnomeSlice. That's @pixel
@agent86 You were gone? <_< I hardly noticed.
@FAE I honestly can't believe those are the points you chose to misunderstand
2:08 PM
@Fluttershy the check bounced
@agent86 Been busy with all your new children?
Busy dealing with children all right
@pixel This isn't neutral either, and is exactly what FAe is talking about.
Well, I think it's fair to say that this conversation is no longer constructive
@JQAn I think it's fear to say you accidentally that sentence. >_>
2:10 PM
@fbueckert I'm a little confused, I'm not sure who you're directing the misconstruing comment at.
@JQAn NOOOO! If you ban me from here, how will I actually get through work!? Do you mean I'll actually have to be productive!?
@FAE Edited. :P Just commenting on that specific line, and agreeing with you.
@Fluttershy I don't know what you're talking about
@pixel It's the tone of your comments I'm taking contention with. Whether or not it may be true that someone, in your estimation, "acted like a dick", there are more constructive ways to communicate your problems with someone's behavior.
@JQAn Dammit... I should've waited through the edit window... Or does that apply to mods? <_<
@fbueckert Ah, gotcha.
2:11 PM
@Fluttershy It doesn't. Mods are above the laws. (they are also very nice people, specially @JQAn)
@Fluttershy it does not
@Fluttershy this is more the reaction I was expecting! :P
@Wipqozn not any moreso than usual.
@FAE the fact you'd rather spend more time arguing over the way I say things rather than what I'm saying pretty much sums this place up
@agent86 It's like when the father leaves and leaves his kids at home.
2:12 PM
@agent86 Okay. So you just hate us. (For the record I did notice you were gone. I just assume you were busy with RL stuff)
@pixel Just wondering, (in relation to tags) what is the difference between synonyms and mergers?
@Wipqozn why, thank you
@RonanForman a merge destroys one tag and moves all questions to the target tag, a synonym means future questions tagged with the old tag will be remapped to the target tag
@pixel Your stated reason for leaving involves interactions with the community. Tone is very relevant to that
@Wipqozn the easiest way to say it is I have an allergy to internet drama. when I note that I might be a factor in it, I get into a sneezing fit that keeps me from typing.
2:13 PM
@pixel One of your main complaints is the "way that we say things" to new users. Am I not supposed to apply the same standards to you as well, also a member of the community?
@agent86 There has been a lot of internet drama lately, so it's understandable.
@pixel That makes sense, I don't often do things with tags.
@FAE my MAIN complaint is people not telling me the rules when I ask, and instead pointing me to some resource that doesn't contain the answer before making an excuse as to why it doesn't contain the answer
there are lots of stars in here, my goodness!
@agent86 stars
2:14 PM
should I ban the stars?
I got told "go to the FAQ" until it became apparent the FAQ didn't answer the questions I was asking, then I got told "read meta" until I got told that meta doesn't mean anything and isn't policy
@JQAn Aww. You really want to ban someone, don't you?
THAT is my issue. It has always been the issue.
creates sockpuppets so that mods can get their ban quotas met
2:14 PM
@pixel You should make a meta outlining that then, or post an answer on the user new-user experience post. If you feel as if we don't do a good job explaining the rules to new users then you should state that in a meta so we can figure out how to fix that.
I specifically stated, as a curious and inquisitive person the WHY is very important to me
@pixel if this "how do we make and enforce rules" question bugs you, you should ask it on meta. seriously. I'd like to have this discussion :D
@agent86 oh noes
@fbueckert Well, of course, he's a mod! Banning is the best part of their job!
I have "please delete me" in my about info already
2:16 PM
@pixel And again, I have encouraged you to post these issues on meta so we can address them. If you are unwilling to do so because you feel that it won't get you anywhere, then I don't know that this conversation can continue to be very constructive. We've come full circle to your complaints again, however, unless you are willing to post about them and get them addressed, I'm not sure what else we can do for you.
@Wipqozn The only part
@JQAn I know, I'm sorry :(
@JQAn You entire job is nothing but banning users? How many spam bots do we get!?
@FAE meta is a waste of time on this place. I am putting my complaint in my delete message, which will be submitted shortly. Rest assured I will be out of here soon.
@fbueckert he also likes to delete things.
I remember when the ITG decision got finalized I think he deleted things for 2 hours straight.
there was deletion everywhere
it was a massacre
@agent86 fun times
@agent86 It was glorious.
I need 10K so I can see all this deletion stuff.
Who do I bribe to artificially inflate my rep?
Children will tell tales of @JQAn mass itg deletion for years to come...
2:18 PM
@pixel That's not going to make us rest, you actually think we want you to leave?
@fbueckert all of us, with high quality posts!
@fbueckert I take bribes! ooh ooh me!
@RonanForman sure, I reckon a few people actually can't wait for me to click send.
I have deleted 1303 posts in my mod career
@pixel You and me, we don't really get along real well.
2:19 PM
and you know, I actually enjoyed sitting in chat, answering questions, etc but I will find alternatives
I think that the "rules" or hierarchy on the website is simply not defined black on white as far as I followed this site/discussion. So as far as I think you are searching something not existing. So why don't we create them?... Am I getting something wrong @pixel?
closest is Oak with 769
@pixel I'm sorry that you feel that way. I think it is unfortunate that you don't wish to make a post about your complaints so we can properly address them and try to work things out. I wish you well.
But you make the site a better place, and I've always been of the opinion of "Live and let live."
You help, so I'd actually be sorry to see you go.
Also, there's a reason we require 5 votes to do anything.
2:20 PM
@PatrickStalder if it doesn't exist, the established members of the site shouldn't be making out it does by trying to send me to it
I'm lowest in editing though
@JQAn The fun part is, most of my answers tend to involve math, so they get ALL the upvotes.
Sadly, I'm #3rd in overall edits on this site
But I rarely answer, as most answers don't need long-winded explanations. So my contributions to the site are rare, wonderful jewels. </hyperbole>
Guess you'll need to step up your games
2:22 PM
@fbueckert I find that all the easy answers get taken.
@RonanForman Yup.
"Oh yes, I know this one!"
mid-typing [1 new answer has been posted]
@JQAn upon deleting my user account, will all of my posts be deleted?
@Koviko How do they do it so fast. 0_0
@pixel nope, they are anonymized
@pixel No.
2:23 PM
I am going to go remove my posts first then.
@RonanForman I've seen someone post a breif answer, submit, then edit it to be detailed.
@pixel please don't
Sneaky sneaky.
A: Plan B for spy (What spy revolver?)

user2974Lets weigh the different options: Revolver / Big Kill - Standard damage. Kills lower HP classes in 3-4 non-crit hits. Ambassador - Lower damage shots, slower firing rate, no random critical hits. Headshots do 102 damage if you haven't fired recently... you can tell because the firing reticule ...

@Koviko Indeedy.
2:24 PM
@pixel you actually can't do this - they're licensed to SE, even if you delete your account.
That's what happens.
@Koviko I do that if I start an answer at work or home, and want to continue it at the other.
@agent86 But who's gonna undelete them?
we'll have to suspend you for vandalizing, please don't do it
Answer: "Yes"
2:25 PM
@Koviko probably one of us blue people.
Edit: "Here's why"
"Vandalising", hilarious
@agent86 You can undelete posts? What if someone no longer wants their words out there?
@pixel deleting content that is owned by the SE network is considered vandalism
@Koviko They can be anonymized, but the CC license gives a perpetual, non-revokable license to the content
2:26 PM
@Koviko they are not their words the moment they submit them
A: Does the CC-Wiki license allow the licensor to withdraw their content at will?

Tim StoneThis is covered by the Creative Commons FAQ under the question "What if I change my mind?": You can stop distributing your work under a Creative Commons license at any time you wish; but this will not withdraw any copies of your work that already exist under a Creative Commons license from ci...

Our reward for content is rep!
Also, you can only delete 5 posts of yours in a day
> If You create a Collection, upon notice from any Licensor You must, to the extent practicable, remove from the Collection any credit as required by Section 4(c), as requested.
What if you plagiarize?
2:28 PM
@Koviko If you plagiarize, you used unlicensed content. It should be deleted on sight
What if one could prove that everything they ever posted was plagiarized?
Everything they wrote would be deleted and they'd probably get suspended for a while
@Koviko This would sort of be self defeating.
So if, say, there were to be a copyrighted book of everything @pixel wrote
It would then need to be removed, correct?
@Koviko from before she wrote it
2:30 PM
What if it was in production since before she wrote it
Just not published, yet?
@Koviko don't argue CC-wiki, it's not even a fight since it's one of the few clear cut things that has ever been mentioned in this chat
@Koviko I'm not like... Trying to shoot you down or anything, but... I honestly don't know what it is you're trying to achieve here...
and in that example, its called copyright infringement
@Koviko why are we even talking about this? It didn't happen
I didn't realize we wren't allowed to have hypothetical discussions.
2:31 PM
@Koviko Well if it was here book, she would be allowed to right it here.
My bad.
@Koviko Did she write the book, or did someone else? If she did, it doesn't matter: she can grant whatever license she wants to the content she writes, and by posting it on SE, she granted the CC license to her works
@Koviko We are. I'm just not sure I understand what you're looking for. =P
@MarkTrapp What if she did, but claimed that @pixel was an impersonator?
@Koviko I'd say I have a bridge to sell you. :P
2:32 PM
Who had inside access to the book?
@fbueckert A very good impersonator.
@Koviko Lawyers. Lawyers as far as the eye can see. The "real" pixel would have to issue a DMCA request to take down the content as an act of copyright infringement
@MarkTrapp I could see that making the blog.
@MarkTrapp Oh, geez. A sea of lawyers.
The only time I'd ever want to see one of those is right before the mass suicide/artillery/out-the-airlock happens.
If they don't already, Stack Exchange should CC all their DMCA requests to ChillingEffects.org
@MarkTrapp you could ask. It looks like there are no MSO posts about that
2:35 PM
Eh… but I'm here, and MSO is all the way over there. half-hearted attempt to reach
@MarkTrapp now we'll never know
And not knowing is half the battle!
@MarkTrapp aw, why do you get all the stars?
@MarkTrapp You just bastardized one of my favorite childhood shows. I hope you're happy.
@murgatroid99 That's what he spends all his TrappBucks on.
2:40 PM
Yeah, the trappbuck to star exchange rate is at an all time low: Buy! Buy! Buy!
@MarkTrapp I thought you were out of trappbucks.
By the by, going back to the removal of posts thing: Stack Exchange will anonymize posts upon request, as required by the CC license and various moral rights provided by various jurisdictions. Just email them at team@stackexchange.com. If you delete your account, that happens automatically anyway
@RonanForman Today's pay day!
@MarkTrapp If you anonymize something with a lot of downvotes, can the downvotes be removed from your rep?
@MarkTrapp Did I mention there's a fine for making me uphappy? Pay up!
2:43 PM
@Koviko I'm pretty sure that once your account is deleted, rep doesn't matter any more
@Koviko That probably works exactly like deletion; if it's within ~60 days or so, no.
@Koviko Yes. You could just delete it, as well. Generally nobody cares if you delete negatively-scored content
@fbueckert the 60 day rep lock in only counts for posts scored 3 or higher
@MarkTrapp I do, if the poster just re-posts the exact same thing to shed downvotes. They get ALL my hate for that.
@Koviko oh, right, anonymizing individual posts. Never mind
2:44 PM
@fbueckert You'll need to fill out a 1087-T form in triplicate and have it notorized before I can send a purchase order to Trappbuck HQ. The T stands for trappbuck.
@fbueckert yeah, but if that happens then they will probably just slowly accumulate downvotes as the original did. If the original had any upvotes then it probably isn't worth it to delete in the first place
@murgatroid99 Don't posts with a -3 or under get greyed out or something?
@fbueckert Eh, that's an edge case. If they just stopped at the deleting part, it's all good in the neighborhood
@fbueckert yes, but if it got downvoted for being bad then it will get downvoted again for being bad (or ignored for no effect)
@MarkTrapp And that, I agree with.
2:50 PM
You have your meta post.
Proceed to continue dodging the questions
Q: I never asked for this

pixelI was asked to post this before leaving. I honestly don't want to post a question of this nature on meta, but I will give the benefit of the doubt this time just in case I was wrong. The outcome of this decides what happens next. Over the last two months I have tried to be active, contribute...

@MarkTrapp rawr flagged as inappropriate!
jk jk jk
@MarkTrapp I thought you lost all your Trappbucks.
20 mins ago, by Mark Trapp
@RonanForman Today's pay day!
Ah, yes.
3:13 PM
Q: I never asked for this

pixelI was asked to post this before leaving. I honestly don't want to post a question of this nature on meta, but I will give the benefit of the doubt this time just in case I was wrong. The outcome of this decides what happens next. Over the last two months I have tried to be active, contribute...

@origamirobot I stayed up too late watching AdventureTime and I hope you are happy ;)
Q: Resolution on group bounty gaming?

uzynI have recently encountered a very clear case of group bounty gaming. SO post in question: Triggering event manually in JS Helper CakePHP The original posted of the post started the question, did not get a single response for more than 2 weeks, hence offered a +50 bounty, which I believe is leg...

ok ive been mostly afk for the last 6 hours
what happend with pixel?
Hard to say exactly, but a few starred comments are in relation to it.
3:30 PM
@Ender She got fed up not being able to get a clear picture of how the site works.
Which I don't really understand; there's some grey areas, but for the most part, everything hangs together very well.
@GamingTopicsFromOutside wow, I never expected something from MSO to hit this feed
I hate that I cant see starred stuff on mobile.
@AshleyNunn You can, go to 'this room'
@murgatroid99 yeah that is definitely a strange one.
@AshleyNunn And an example of why we don't use tags like that, here.
3:33 PM
@murgatroid99 Seems like for MSO shouldn't be added to that feed, but I guess it must be on every site and special-casing specific sites isn't possible/too difficult
@MarkTrapp it's probably just not worth making a special case for one question every once in a while
Indeed: there are only 15 gaming-tagged questions on MSO
@ronanforman awesome!
Behold, the solution to :

Proposed Q&A site for those who ask for lists (which are not allowed on Stackexchange) - from a list of languages in the world to a list of all planets in Star Wars!

Currently in definition.

@BrQAnt We already have that. It's called Apple.SE.
3:43 PM
What little thing about lists makes you smile, or brings a tear to your eye?
@MarkTrapp They really didn't like you trying to exclude CWiki answers from the contest, did they?
@fbueckert On the contrary: everyone except SE was on board
I hate those questions on Apple.SE too, but at least the community over there seems pretty invested in keeping their number to a minimum and policing their content.
What do you guys think about a meta post that links to all decisive or currently enforced meta posts, so that people can learn about all of the rules that our site has?
3:45 PM
@BrQAnt I dunno, I have a different definition of "minimum". 39 a year (a little less than one a week) seems excessive
@murgatroid99 I don't think such a post could exist: we (rightfully) argue over what meta posts count as canonical for specific things all the time
@murgatroid99 Who would keep that updated? Isn't that exactly why we have a FAQ for the actual rules, and meta posts for the areas of contention?
Example: there's a set of meta posts that, according to some interpretations, argue that is a good tag. Then there are others that argue it's not.
@MarkTrapp but maybe that's the right place to have that argument, and the ones that we do agree on would have a place there.
@MarkTrapp do we enforce either of those?
@murgatroid99 Killing story won out after the latest round of talks
3:48 PM
Until someone tries to buck convention like the last time and bring it back
Heh. The user that proposed Lists.SE has been a member for all of three weeks. I understand enthusiasm, but perhaps learning WHY things are the way they are is a better use of time.
@MarkTrapp it seems like it might be good just to have a link to the place where someone can voice their disagreement with a particular policy that we currently enforce
@murgatroid99 No I get it: other sites have a FAQ index for that sort of thing. I just predict a lot of acrimony over what gets to be in it :P
@MarkTrapp I know, but after reading and responding to pixel's post, I'm realizing that we desperately need something like that
@MarkTrapp anyway, isn't there always disagreement about what goes into a post like that
A: I never asked for this

murgatroid99First, I would like to say that we do appreciate that you contribute so much to the site. Even if some of us disagree with some of the actions you have taken, the fact that you have gained so much rep in a short time and that most of your edits have stood unchallenged demonstrates that your actio...

3:52 PM
@murgatroid99 feel free to get it started
@JQAn do you think it would be good to do it like the programmers's one @MarkTrapp linked to?
@murgatroid99 I disagree: SE guidelines are a living document. New users, questions, games, and topics necessitate being flexible with how we interpret things.
@MarkTrapp but a CW post can also be a living document
@murgatroid99 I don't think it'll be that useful, but we can try it (it's just my opinion)
@MarkTrapp anyway, we need something. I realized that there are many rules that I only know because I follow meta closely
@JQAn do you think it's useful on other sites?
3:58 PM
@murgatroid99 I don't really have any objection to creating it: heck, I created the Programmers one myself. I just think, given the current climate on Arqade, it's not going to go very well. We have a problem with over-relying on such things and then subsequently misinterpreting them: Grace Note posts, specific words in the FAQ, posts from 2 years ago that don't take into account anything that's happened since, etc.

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