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1:27 AM
@Lyxal alternatively, create something original and watch people parody it
1 hour later…
2:49 AM
So hey--is anyone interested in a revival of the Language of the Month? @Razetime left a comment asking about its status, so I thought I'd check for interest.
R for language of the month september lets gooo
2 hours later…
4:51 AM
@Lyxal How to harvest rep like a saw (read it aloud)
@DLosc Yes, how about 1+ as a candidate
How to get rep quick with only questions (a HighlyRadioactive guide)
1. Post all your random ideas to the Sandbox
2. Post all your sandboxed challenge to Main
3. profit
5:28 AM
Very original
CMQ: How does base255 string compression work?
Because I've absolutely no clue how the heck to do it
As in implement a system in python
To compress and decompress strings
Like how 05ab1e does it
Just a general algorithm will do
@Lyxal I suppose the 256th character indicates the beginning and end of the compressed data, so get the code points of the characters, and evaluate as base-255, then convert to base-2 to get the compressed data. Now you just need to decompress by whatever method.
@DLosc Yes, but maybe we need to reset the votes (probably by posting a separate question) to start again
6:06 AM
@HighlyRadioactive what if your questions are no good
@Razetime oof
6:39 AM
Q: We decided to post a new factorial challenge. Should we close the old one as dupe?

BubblerThe existing factorial challenge has some restrictions on the domain, performance, and banning built-ins. I opened a meta question about it a week ago, and as per the meta consensus, we decided to post a new vanilla factorial challenge. The sandboxed challenge is here. Now the problem is: Should ...

Last hurdle before we see a new "vanilla" factorial challenge.
7:08 AM
Q: Combinatorial Decomposition

golf69Any nonnegative integer \$m\$, for arbitrary natural \$r\$, can be written as a unique series of \$r\$ combinations such that $$m=\sum\limits_{i=1}^{r}\begin{pmatrix}C_i\\i\end{pmatrix}$$ provided the sequence \$C\$ both strictly increases (i.e. \$C_{\ell-1}\lneq C_\ell\$) and consists solely of ...

Q: We decided to post a new factorial challenge. Should we close the old one as dupe?

BubblerThe existing factorial challenge has some restrictions on the domain, performance, and banning built-ins. I opened a meta question about it a week ago, and as per the meta consensus, we decided to post a new vanilla factorial challenge. The sandboxed challenge is here. Now the problem is: Should ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rosie FIs my triangle on the lattice? decision-problem code-golf geometry Write a program or function which takes three positive integers \$a^2, b^2, c^2\$ and returns/outputs one value if there is, and a different value if there isn't, a triangle on the square lattice, whose sides' lengths are \$a, b, ...

7:33 AM
Q: Codington Crescent

LyxalLet's just see how this goes If you've ever listened to the radio program "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue", then you've probably heard of the game called "Mornington Crescent". For those who haven't, it's a game where players name random stations on the London Underground network. The first person t...

7:56 AM
I can create tag synonyms now.
When will I be able to caset reopen votes?
@HighlyRadioactive there is a better way of farming rep; just create challenges which require generating random OEIS sequences :^)
@HighlyRadioactive 3k
9:02 AM
hi all
@ngn Hello!
9:21 AM
anyone in?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Robin RyderSubstandard deviation The mean of a sample \$(x_1,\dots,x_n)\$ is defined as \$\bar x=\frac1n\sum_{i=1}^n x_i\$. The (uncorrected) standard deviation of the sample is defined as \$\sqrt{\frac1n\sum (x_i-\bar x)^2}\$. It measures how dispersed the sample is: a large standard deviation indicates th...

10:20 AM
Hello @Anush
hi @Razetime
nice to meet you
How do you like CGCC so far?
still good although I hate the downvotes!
Just came in two weeks ago
I've been messing with a few languages
right now, APL
11:01 AM
Is it somehow possible to check if a hexadecimal string of fixed size xor another hexadecimal string of fixed size is equal to a fixed value, using a regex of reasonable size? (I do not know how to handle the cases when the fixed value is not all zeroes) (asking here because TNB is the only place where this question can get answered)
11:32 AM
> Running programs must be irreducible
do I interpret it as; for example; print 2+2; is banned, but print 4; isn't?
11:44 AM
@Szewczyk irreducible as in the same output isn't given when characters are removed
Uh, then @Razetime may have posted an invalid answer
and consequently, me too
I mean, when characters are removed and it still fits the guidelines, correct?
but the C"pr string isn't there
your submission works as simply Cod (without the /C"pr part)
also; both Cod/C"pr and Cod give the same output; so the submission is reducible
But C"pr has to be in the program as a rule
so you can't necessarily remove that part right
I thought the point is somehow making creative usage of C"pr
@Lyxal mind clarifying?
this way I thought i.e. a='C"pr'^709238577;f(){puts(&a);} would be correct, if not the bracket limitation
because this way you make use of the C"pr substring, and it's irreducible
because you can't simply get rid of it without invalidating the program (changing it's output)
11:53 AM
@Szewczyk exactly what I mean
well then; both of our answers are invalid
ok then I'll have to change it
Like how the challenge biggest irreducible hello world does it
I changed my answer to a pass
I believe it's still possible to pull it all with Io
idk what do we do now, because there are now 3 invalid answers lol
because someone else has posted another
this is a mess
I think my submission is fine now
Although I really wanted them slashes
12:00 PM
well the difficulty now is quite high, after the 4th answer
seems fine for now
The first 5 move rules will go away next move
irreducibility will be out
@Lyxal I suggest asking everyone to link their previous answers in their submissions to maintain continuity with the add and change rules
@Razetime sure
12:52 PM
> The codepoint sum needs to be a perfect square that's greater than 1444
> Minimum program length is 19 bytes
> Maximum program length is 20 bytes
We may have stalled the challenge, lol
1:26 PM
@Szewczyk lolol
@Razetime I except you to have more rep than me in two months
lol why that prediction
@Szewczyk oh shit thats crazy
I should really follow this question
1:48 PM
Q: Print my clock's alarm sound

Redwolf ProgramsWrite the shortest program that prints the sound my alarm clock makes, and stops after an inputted number of beeps. For reference, here is the sound my alarm makes: beep beep beep beep beep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep beepbeepbe...

2:09 PM
@Razetime Because you begin programming with APL - 200 rep everyday
Oh and how to completely delete a question/answer
some of my questions/answers (my two duplicates and my invalid 1+ illegal string!) are very bad that I want to destroy them completely, so that I/high-rep users cannot view them anymore.
1 hour later…
3:41 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CalculuswhizHow Many Notches Are On Texas Red's Pistol? The song, Big Iron, by Marty Robbins, is about an Arizona Ranger who rode into the town of Agua Fria to take the outlaw Texas Red alive (or maybe dead), armed with only the Big Iron (a .45 revolver) on his hip. Texas Red, despite being only 24 years old...

3:57 PM
is there a mathematical function that is close to "the number of trailing zeros"?
4:48 PM
@Anush that function itself is mathematical :) i suppose what you're really asking for is a formula over a restricted set of operations
@HighlyRadioactive kinda depends on when I do get the bounties tbh
5:08 PM
since the comments sectiion is getting filled I might as well put this here
@ngn. Yes.. Or maybe a continuous version of it.
when someone puts in a rule, it shouldn't have additional rules on top of it
like the latest (6th) turn adds
`Programs may only output 'Codington Crescent' if they are irreducible AND modifications (additions OR changes) of at most 8 characters from a previously-submitted answer (5 turns left)`
can't have both irreducible and the 8 character max modification
5:25 PM
@Anush i'm not sure if it can be continuous, "trailing zeroes" makes no sense for real numbers
@Anush but now that we have some formulae for the sum of trailing zeroes of all naturals up to n, we can get a direct formula for n through s(n)-s(n-1)
5:46 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerFeedback Wanted Is this too vague? should I change it to something like "create a quine with the fewest unique bytes", or perhaps adapt another existing challenge that might otherwise use lots of repeated bytes? Maybe the idea is just too boring on its own and I should create a new proper challe...

6:18 PM
@ngn that would be cool
@Anush what operations are allowed?
@ngn but there will exist continuous functions that have the same values at the integers
@ngn really anything that doesn't involve looking at the bits
CMQ: What is the radius of the smallest circle that has enough space to hold 8 rectangles that are 1×2?
@Anush so, popcount() like in xnor's formula isn't allowed?
6:22 PM
if not, just substitute s = the numerator of my forumla
(assuming "floor" is allowed)
Floor is allowed
@Adám 2.692?
@ngn Not sure.
I'll have a closer look on Sunday.
6:49 PM
Q: Let's Decrypt It!

Manish KunduNote This is the decryption challenge. The encryption challenge can be found here. Challenge The challenge is to decrypt a given string, using the rules as specified below. The string will only contain lowercase alphabets, digits, and/or blank spaces. If you want to know how the input string has ...

@ngn could you write out that formula you meant for the number is trailing zeros?
@Anush sum(n//2**i for i in range(1,...)) - sum((n-1)//2**i for i in range(1,...))
or simpler: sum(n//2**i - (n-1)//2**i for i in range(1,...))
7:13 PM
@ngn if we change that sum(n/2**i - (n-1)/2**i for i in range(1,...)) I wonder what that is asymptotic to
7:35 PM
that answer is 1 :)

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