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7:59 AM
Q: Short story on British radio about fish gutters turned contract killers

Rand al'ThorOne weekend evening in late 2010, I heard a short story on British radio (probably BBC Radio 4) whose main characters were two women (I think Scottish?), one of them the first-person narrator. The story went as follows. Since I don't remember their names at all, I'm going to use A and B to refer ...

8:49 AM
@Randal'Thor Yay! I think that's a good question to showcase :-)
1 hour later…
9:52 AM
Should the Meta question I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go? be tagged ? Or, itself, if it seems to have settled into a solid shape?
Q: I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go?

user111This question was adopted/stolen from the RPG Stack Exchange's Meta. I asked a question about literature that was closed. Someone recommended that I try posting the question on another website. What are some good recommendations for other websites that would be a good fit for questions that woul...

Q: Guidelines for good story-id questions?

user111I can't remember a particular story, and I would like to ask a story-id question to get help finding it. What can I do to make my story-id question a successful and high-quality one? When answering, it would be helpful to include examples of good and bad story-id questions.

Yes, these look like good candidates for FAQ. The first one could benefit from recommendations for forums for non-English forums.
6 hours later…
3:35 PM
Q: Does Othello have an impostor syndrome?

Yulia VIs there any way to imply from Shakespeare's text that Othello had an impostor syndrome? Logically, since he was much more successful than other men with a similar background, he could have had it. And, if he had it, it could have made him more vulnerable to Iago's lies. Is there any evidence in ...

4:44 PM
I have just posted a question inspired by the above link. Let's help Wikipedia ;-)
Q: Where did Orwell ask whether British democracy would end through a Fascist takeover or by a Socialist revolution?

TsundokuThe Wikipedia article about Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighth-Four contains the following statement: During World War II, Orwell believed that British democracy as it existed before 1939 would not survive the war. The question being "Would it end via Fascist coup d'état from above or via Socialist ...

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6:06 PM
Q: Identify an Archaeology Romantic Suspense or Mystery Novel - with nymphomaniacs! Well, one

HRinglerIn this novel, a girl goes to (northern England? southern England? Cornwall? The UK somewhere). I think she's looking for her father, who was/is an archaeologist. The dig is looking for (Roman? Bronze?) artifacts. Ultimately, there's a (bronze?) helmet that the villain is willing to kill for. One...

7:01 PM
@Tsundoku This is a great idea for questions! I don't have time to write an answer to the Orwell one, but the 2006 Wikipedia version seems like a fair (if very condensed) summary of The Lion and the Unicorn (1941)
7:22 PM
Q: To which 'Argive queen' was Ben Jonson referring in his verse letter to the Countess of Rutland?

Tom HoskerI came across a couplet today in Ben Jonson's verse letter 'An Epistle to Lady Rutland' which I'm still trying to understand: How many equal with the Argive queen, Have beauty known, yet none so famous seen? Who was this Argive queen? In history and mythology, the city of Argos had many queens,...

7:47 PM
Q: What does Borges' reference to the Greek mean in "The Lottery in Babylon"?

Benjamin SchneiderIn the first section of his short story "The Lottery in Babylon", Borges writes: I have known that thing the Greeks knew not -- uncertainty. As far as I know, there was nothing specific that Babylonians knew about randomness, chance, or probability of which ancient Greeks were not aware. This g...


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