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1:55 PM
Tsundoku has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
^ New feed for questions tagged literary-theory from Philosophy SE. They currently have 23 questions with this tag, so there is no need to worry about a lot of extra traffic.
2:15 PM
Q: Are there philosophers working with the idea of language being ideological?

user34654Are there philosophers working with the idea of language being ideological? If so, who, what specifically are their research interests, and what studies into it are available? By 'ideology' I suppose mean the sense to it in critical theory. So, Marxist, how it masks etc. the mode of production. ...

Q: Is metonym, the figure of speech, about two things, like metaphor is?

user In this sense, the primary subject is spoken of and thought about in terms of the secondary subject. It is easy to feel that in Romeo’s metaphor, familiar fragments of sun-talk come to be about Juliet without ceasing to be about the sun. If so, the double aboutness exhibited by metapho...

Q: What is 'schizo culture'?

user38026I read this term in Jameson, Deleuze wrote about "schizos", and it seems to have some parlance in literary theory in general. What is 'schizo culture'? Is there no such thing, is that the point of the phrase?

Q: What is autonomy in art, where does it come from?

user38026What is autonomy in recent art, where does it come from? I've encountered the concept in contemporary literary criticism, but recall little beyond it being prized by contemporary modernists, it being theoretical (whatever that means), and that it has at times involved 'unity'. How? Is it just ...

Q: I'm trying to identify a rhetorical device

Austin TrittI already asked this question on the writing forum, but I suppose the subject matter is better suited here. Once again, I am writing a commentary on the book of Galatians, while employing a socio-rhetorical analysis. The writer introduces himself as an Apostle, establishing his authority, and ...

2:43 PM
Hmm, wait, a new feed shouldn't pull in older items, should it?
It can when you first add it.
2:58 PM
It posts the last five items in the feed when first added.
5 hours later…
8:18 PM
I see. Well, at least we know that the feed works...
8:36 PM
Q: Did the Tsar's secret police search the apartment of one of Dostoevsky's neighbours?

TsundokuThe Wikipedia article about Fyodor Dostoyevski contains a section about the author's death that begins with the following statement: On 25 January 1881, while searching for members of the terrorist organisation Narodnaya Volya ("The People's Will") who would soon assassinate Tsar Alexander II, t...


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