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@Randal'Thor can we modify the query to exclude "WHERE body contains('> ')"
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Q: What Marx Bros. movie/program does Manhunter watch in "New Frontier"?

deco225In DC's "New Frontier," J'onn watches the Marx Bros. on TV. Is it an actual movie or show and what's the name? I'm trying to match the quote (specifically, who's speaking to Groucho), but finding nothing. MAN 2: Well, I don't know, Groucho, that's not really what I meant. We keep our farm animal...

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Q: Differnce between beyonder and preretcon beyonder

MKXWhat is the difference between beyonder and pre retcon beyonder

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9:00 AM
Let it be known that they were planning on using some quite human looking faces/bodies for Ultron at one point
That's one of the scarier ones but there are some Vision-like human ones too
I think if they went with that one though I would have cacked my pants
Happy to finally find the answer to this one
A: How do the Chitauri "ships" propel themselves?

TheLethalCarrotIt has been revealed in Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary that the Chitauri Leviathan use anti gravity technology to fly. I'm not able to get a hold of a better image at the moment but this reddit post contains the following image confirming this: The Leviathans page also seems to have more of a ...

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11:32 AM
Q: Why did the Tesseract teleport Red Skull to Vormir, and why was he forced to be the guardian of the Soul Stone?

MBEllisIn Captain America: The First Avenger, the Red Skull gets teleported to Vormir to be the guardian after he holds the Tesseract. Why did it teleport him there? Why does he have to be the guardian? Can't he just escape Vormir once he got there?

12:22 PM
@Jenayah I definitely think it's more correct than mine, which was five minutes Googling and otherwise just being fast on the trigger.
12:46 PM
Q: How did Elendil come to possess Narsil and Who was its original owner?

TheMadHatterElendil's infamous sword Narsil was forged in the First Age by the dwarven smith Telchar. This made me wonder how did Narsil come into Elendil's possession ? Elendil lived in the Second Age while Narsil was forged in the First Age by the Dwarves. During the First Age, Men were largely out of pla...

1:36 PM
Q: Does the Doctor ever actually say his name?

The DaleksI seem to remember the 12th Doctor telling his name (it might have just been his last name) to a character in one episode, about halfway through his run. I'm inclined to think it was "Bazel", although I may be wrong. Is there actually a 12th Doctor episode where he says his name (and we, the view...

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3:43 PM
Q: 60's comic book about shooting invading aliens inside their force fields

Witness Protection ID 44583292I'm trying to find a comic book I read in the 60's, which probably contained more than one story, but one was about invading humanoid-type aliens, each of which was surrounded by an impenetrable force field, from inside of which they shot their raygun-style weapons. Someone (a farmer or rancher?...

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, bad keyword in link text in body (165): <a href="bulldogsbreeder.company.com">english bulldog puppies for sale near me</a> by bulldog breeders on scifi.SE
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Stupid thing
@SmokeDetector that one wasn’t even trying
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Greetings, Programs.
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6:37 PM
@xkcd <yawn>
6:57 PM
I think everyone can agree that PUNK = Music for the tone deaf, performed by people with neither have singing nor instrumental talent.
> There are basically two categories of music: Metal and bullshit.
– Bruce Dickinson
7:43 PM
@JackBNimble "I Wanna Be Sedated" == awesome.
@FadedGiant Your point then is that XKCD is telling us nothing new?
Yes, however, the xkcd is referring to the astronomers' periodic table of elements.
Q: How fast would Iron Man's Arc Reactor have to rotate

Mat NXThese days, most energy generation is done by turbines, even especially high tech power plants, like nuclear reactors and such simply use the generated heat to turn a fan. So, if we were to assume that behind the ARC-Reactor in Tony's chest there is a miniature steam turbine, (In Iron Man 2, we a...

8:07 PM
@FadedGiant I understood the joke. I'm saying that, especially since "pop" ~= "bullshit," your statement is the same as what XKCD is asserting.
(Although I have to say I was disappointed to learn that element 118 is apparently not a gas. :)
8:23 PM
@Marvin This is science fiction, please check your science at the door.
8:47 PM
Q: Space Anime with super large spaceship, lonely cube AI and young girl crowned as its queen!

ptlg225So, someone looking for a specific space anime and I want to help him. His description about it: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/looking-for-a-specific-space-anime-pls-help.869977/ so i'm looking for this very specific space anime i used to watch during my childhood. idk if it was good or...

9:36 PM
@JackBNimble It's easier than trying to make it a sensible question. :)
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10:55 PM
Q: Show about some teenagers who take picture of some beings and turn into them so later can fight with others in a tournament?

JayThere is this show that I watched when I was little and I want to watch it again because I want to see how the show is or you know....nostalgic moments. I can remember one episode but not the name of it. It goes that the main characters go to this other where his creature or player character is s...

@TheLethalCarrot I don't know which English bulldog bot thinks a sci-fi site is spot on for their spam... *tilt* Aunt Marge?

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