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3:28 AM
@Archit we cant be sure which purana is interpolated to what extent.
@Zanna yeah heard of it. Really bad situation.
@Zanna You got married, is it? :-)
Btw @Zanna and @Kulfy I voted for you guys. :-)
3:51 AM
@TheLittleNaruto yes ^_^
@TheLittleNaruto thanks! :D
4:23 AM
@Zanna yay \o/
Congratulations *virtual firecrackers*
@Zanna Congrats..
@Zanna Well, yes. At last got North Indian cuisine back.
@Kulfy Which North Indian dish you like most?
@TheLittleNaruto @Kulfy thanks :D :D
@Archit It's not about launching a site or transforming site from beta to graduated. It's like testing the future of site. At the end of the day SE is also a business. It won't be happy to invest their resources where there is near to no activity. Testing visitors per day and questions per day they test the sustainability of the site. (cc @TheLittleNaruto)
It doesn't mean that graduated sites are not bound to these things. Windows Phone has near no activity now. They are even questioning site's existence now.
@TheLittleNaruto Everything :)
4:40 AM
This is Paneer Biryani cooked by me last weekend. @Kulfy @Zanna
Also please note that paneer is made from loved cow milk.
Last week I made mushroom biryani and it was really nice
Nice Zanna :-)
You might want to share a picture ? :-)
I didn't take one
I am no good at food photography:/
4:44 AM
lol! What is there in food photography. I think food should look good, photography skill will come naturally then 😂😂
@TheLittleNaruto Thanks. :)
@TheLittleNaruto That's pulao 😑
Btw ever since I learned about loved cow and not-loved cow, I try not to consume milk or any milk products from not-loved cow milk.
@TheLittleNaruto bhai jaana to pet me hi hai 😅😅
@Kulfy Naah! Pulao doesn't look like that.
@TheLittleNaruto "The biryani" is never a veg thing. And that's debatable :P
4:46 AM
@Kulfy Speak for yourself :P
Are you a vegetarian? @Kulfy
@Kulfy Right! :D
@TheLittleNaruto Yup.
@Kulfy Good boy!
Q: What is the philosophy of Yatharth Geeta?

RishXYatharth Geeta is the most popular for its translation available in almost all global languages. It is freely distributed both in soft copy and hard copy. Swami Adgadananda who translated this Geeta claims to have been translated as Bhagavad Geeta was meant to be. This is not something new and e...

5:09 AM
@TheLittleNaruto it's as I guessed, and I think only Indians have that belief.
5:19 AM
@CaptainBohemian Non-Indians also believe that. It's not just Indians.
Non-Indians*(who learned about Hinduism)
Instead of "learn", I'll say "eager to learn".
The thing is India has majority of Hindus. Sometimes people think Indians=Hindus. But it isn't true. Not all Indians are Hindus, not all Hindus are Indians.
5:38 AM
@Kulfy True
5:58 AM
@Kulfy it's like the majority of people knowing Chinese are Chinese though few nonChinese also know Chinese.
6:31 AM
@RakeshJoshi more than interpolation those answers have already been answered saying they aren’t discriminatory verses but this chap is hell bent upon proving Hinduism is against women because women are actually bad. Neither of which is the case. I’ve flagged him as rude and abusive and downvoted him. In one answer he says Lakshmiji is shown pressing Vishnu’s feetbecause women are like that etc etc. His concepts are highly mistaken and wrong
@Kulfy ya? So after launch of the site also they can destroy it? And and investors means how then do these sites earn money?
And do they earn money in the beta phase?
They have no ads what’s their business model?
Hi naruto
Nice biryani
@Archit Hey! Thanks buddy
@CaptainBohemian True that!
But None will learn Hinduism if they are non-Hindu in most cases.
Sure there may be some exceptions
@RakeshJoshi @TheLittleNaruto @Kulfy everyone else see this hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/40757/20129
This guy has to be chastised
You can read my comment and downvote
@Archit Thanks
Damn pissed with this guy
So I went to the guys profile and this is all he’s answering about when users have already accepted answers he’s just here to spread filth
6:47 AM
@Archit Don't be! People like them will come and go! We should not be affected.
Shouldn’t we delete their answers?
I’ve flagged a lot of them as rude and abusive
@Archit There are part of answers which are definitely violating CoC.
he’s worth me losing 1 reputation for a donwvote 😡
We can flag as "in need of moderator attention"
and write details
Achha I did as rude and abusive what happens with that?
6:50 AM
That is also fine.
The difference being?
@TheLittleNaruto I guess it's because Hinduism is written in Hindi and nonIndians don't know Hindi.
@CaptainBohemian It's written in every languages spoken in India including English.
@Archit moderator attention flag will be notified to mod and others will depends on the count
Q: Why does agni purana speaks bad about women?

Sarvottam mishra1.6 in agni purana says wife who does not obey her husband shall be torn to death by dogs. A woman who does not obey her husband or brahmanas may also have her nose, ears or arms chopped off. She will when be set astride a cow and banished from the kingdom. Source

@Hinduismbot :(
6:55 AM
Achha next answer of his goes to the mod huzzah
@TheLittleNaruto Nice edit
Sadhguru had answered about this issue in an interview happened in Dubai.
@CaptainBohemian That could be one of the example. I remember during US elections, Trump mentioned Indians as Hindus which sparked some controversies among non-Hindu Indians living in US.
@Archit Remove the latter part in your comment, it's unnecessary.
@Archit Not necessarily. I haven't seen such case so far. But this could happen as per community's viewpoint.
@Archit Their main source of income is Stack Overflow
A: What is Stack Overflow's business model?

Jeff AtwoodFour ways: Job listings (e.g. the traditional classified ad model) http://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer/about-listings CV Search (e.g. the new-fangled and IMO vastly superior dating model) http://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer/about-search Traditional, but respectful (e.g. no animation...

@Archit Well they are testing the future of site. Graduated sites Ask Ubuntu may have some ads.
@Archit "Else please do not spread rubbish on this site.": This sometimes sound like strong words. Please refrain from using such things. Instead ask them to show evidences to support their claim.
@Kulfy what on earth is Hindu? A person believing the belief Hinduism?
7:11 AM
@CaptainBohemian Actually Hinduism real name is Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana means never ending and Dharma means truth. So, Hinduism is never ending truth. If you believe in that truth, you're a Hindu. There's no pre-requisites to be a Hindu.
India in Chinese pronounces like Hindu.
I'm not sure if this is true or not, but some theories claim that Portugese people when arrived in India, they didn't know how to pronounce "S". They named India after Sindhu river (Indus in English) (now flows throw Pakistan to Jammu and Kashmir and then to Tibet). They called India as Hindustan and people as Hindu. That time there was no foreign invasion and all people were Hindus. But then foreign invasion happened and not all Indians were Hindus.
Because of Indus, India is known as India in English speaking world :)
I'm not sure if this theory is written somewhere and I don't claim the authenticity. These could be just opinions.
@Archit Fun fact: The real verse doesn't have anything as such. That's why I say we should not read sacred text from online sources but from a competent Guru. @Carmensandiego
@Archit On a side note I have also left a comment. (cc @TheLittleNaruto)
@Kulfy Thanks
7:25 AM
I just realised I'm not Kulfy on Hinduism :P
haha! right
@TheLittleNaruto I guess I'm not good at making the food look good. But it tastes ok :)
@TheLittleNaruto :)
I make vegan paneer from almonds and cashews
it tastes really good, but it's difficult and costly to make
@Kulfy Sorry, India in Chinese pronounces as Indu.
@Zanna How? :o
@Zanna I am curious! Will a vegan eat Paneer made from loved cow milk?
@TheLittleNaruto I will write the full recipe for you
@TheLittleNaruto no
7:34 AM
@Zanna Thanks
@Zanna I want to know the reason. Please! :)
well maybe some people will do that and say they are vegan and I'm not going to argue with them
@Zanna No need to argue! I just want to know the reason :)
but for the most part vegan philosophy I'm familiar with is based on the idea that animals exist for their own reasons and should not be used for human ends. It's the opposite of the Christian notion which is prevalent in the white majority countries, that "God made animals for us to use"
@Zanna Understood!
@CaptainBohemian That's probably because of Indus :)
7:44 AM
Vegan Paneer (Recipe by Richa Hingle)

1 cup raw almonds
2 tbsp raw cashews
2 tbsp vegan curd*
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp kala namak
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp neutral oil (I use groundnut oil)
2 tsp cornstarch or other starch powder
1 tbsp water or as needed

Soak the almonds and cashews over night
Peel the almonds
Grind the cashews and almonds in a mixie
Add all the other ingredients and grind to as fine a paste as possible, using the absolute minimum of water
@Kulfy Indus is actually the name of a river in India, not people in India?
Yup. Indus is not actually in Modern India. Major part now lies in Pakistan.
Indus Valley Civilisation is one of the older known civilisation.
The Indus River (also called the Sindhū) is one of the longest rivers in Asia. It flows through China (western Tibet), India (Ladakh) and Pakistan. Originating in the Tibetan Plateau in the vicinity of Lake Manasarovar, the river runs a course through the Ladakh region of India, towards Gilgit-Baltistan and then flows in a southerly direction along the entire length of Pakistan to merge into the Arabian Sea near the port city of Karachi in Sindh. It is the longest river of Pakistan.The river has a total drainage area exceeding 1,165,000 km2 (450,000 sq mi). Its estimated annual flow stands at around...
@Zanna That's a costly one. Will it taste same as milk one?
Thanks for the recipe. :)
@Kulfy Persian not Portugese.
7:58 AM
Have you seen Nanga Parbat?
@Kulfy oldest*
8:34 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I don't know about that, but it tastes very nice to me
@Kulfy hmm. They have s in their language
Portugese arrived in India somewhere between 1600-1700 when English arrived. While Persians were like our neighbours :P
I know some Farsi and some Portuguese and they both have s XD
The Persians, didn't they invent biryani?
and pulao too
the farsi word for cooked rice is pullo or pollo
@Zanna Sorry @Kulfy , I don't mean to dismiss or even dispute your story. But it seems to me that something may be missing from it
@Zanna Naah. Mughals did.
@Zanna Languages and dialects change over time.
You can see "Etymology and names" section of the article linked above. :)
8:51 AM
well, on Nowruz (new year's day), Iranians make a table with seven things that begin with S, called "seven S"...
The Persian thing happened way back in 850–600 BCE
@Kulfy I see
Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote about the "Indus" too. I guess he would have got it from the Persians
then, all the historians in the area of Europe copied Herodotus
even though he was just copying and making stuff up
Persians called it Sindh, Greek called Indos which Roman later adopted as Indus
4 hours later…
1:28 PM
Q: Is there any technique how to overcome laziness in morning and evening time?

jasminewhenever i wake up in the morning and after that when im try to read Bhagavad Gita , at that time i feel very sleepy and lazy and i could not able to read Gita in morning. Even in day time after lunch i feel very lazy and sleepy My daily routine going like this , as im not able to pract...

1:38 PM
@Zanna Will try someday! :-)
2:08 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I'll make it for you someday :)
sorry for getting married without inviting you
there was no function at all. We went to the SRO with our witnesses, the SR signed the papers and said "all the best", then we went to a perfectly ordinary hotel and had lunch. So not worth the trip for you haha. I did make some sweets for everyone who came (and my house owners haha)
2:30 PM
@Zanna yay \o/
@Zanna It's okay! But I'll definitely wait for post marriage party ;-)
@Zanna No Hindu marriage rituals at all?
May be because of lockdown, I suppose?
3:13 PM
@TheLittleNaruto no, it was in December
@Zanna Oh ok
it was like that because nobody knew about it here because they would not approve
still it's kind of secret
except I'm talking about it in this public chat o.o
3:49 PM
Q: Why do people choose ascetism?

Hari5000Ascetics have to deny themselves worldly pleasures, yet "kama" and pleasure is also seen as fundamental in the cycle of Hindu life. Why are there two separate paths to the same Moksha?

@Kulfy okay 😂😂
@TheLittleNaruto how to edit now? Or shall I redo it?
@Kulfy I’ll just read and get back
@TheLittleNaruto arey I know. You know I realised and was telling granny that internet gets some rubbish from somewhere I don’t know where. The original text says something else only. Only few internet sources are reliable
And you know honestly I don’t trust English translations as much as Hindi
I’ll give you an example from one answer I had answered just read with a fresh mind @TheLittleNaruto @Kulfy and anyone else
And @Zanna
A: Did the Churning of the Ocean happen again in the Vaivasvata Manvantara?

ArchitThere is no discrepancy at all. The churning of the ocean happened in the current Vaivasvata Manvantara only. It is due to a slight translation error that such a confusion arises. Let’s look at the verses which begin after Śukadēva Gōswāmī describes demigods of the Cākṣuṣa Manvantara i.e. verse ...

It’s little long read the bold parts and in the end one more example of mis-translation (this end part isn’t in bold)
Translations are never perfect. Sentences/verses are just loosely translated. Not just Sanskrit to English, it's true for all languages.
4:36 PM
Q: Position of statements by acharyas or others of kaliyuga in the hierarchy of authority in sanathan dharma

hanugmThere are a lot of great persons in Sanathan dharma who are gurus, saints, acharyas, rishis etc., who born in Kaliyuga Do not consider persons who are already prophesied by scriptures like Adi Shankaracharya. This question is about supposedly great persons of Sanathan dharma, who belongs to Kali...

4:48 PM
@Archit For edit, you can flag it to moderator. and if you can't wait, just delete and post another comment.
@Zanna :O
@Zanna Funny! lol
@Archit Dude you wrote another history book, my eyes are too tired to read it completely. ;-)
@Archit What your granny said? What's her views about issues like this?
Convey my greetings(pranAm) to her!
@Kulfy Yeah right! for example look at the English translation of this verse from Quran: quran.com/4/34
5:07 PM
@Pandya why aren't you taking action against such posts. I can also make controversial answers from interpolated texts.
5:27 PM
@RakeshJoshi One answer is deleted as spam, others are under review by mod team. Necessary action will be taken. By the way, the account is temporarily blocked from posting new answers.
Good Night.
5:47 PM
Q: Do Hindu Gods commit sin and go to hell? If yes please quote the scripture

soGdrp because Krishna said that Gods are also trapped in the system of creation Krishna said He is the one who does all- both good and evil by incarnating himself. Does it mean that when a bad guy is hitting a good guy, Krishna is playing both the roles?

@Kulfy yes
@TheLittleNaruto what do I write then?
@TheLittleNaruto 😂😂😂 read only the bold parts and the end
Fresh mind
@TheLittleNaruto she agrees she has faith in Gita press books and so I do too
With others we get a little skeptical
@TheLittleNaruto sure
@Archit Great! Is she aware of Gayatri Parivar?
@Archit haha thanks for helping
That was shortest answer I have ever read
@TheLittleNaruto my pleasure😂
@TheLittleNaruto now she is because of you
So when I told her about your Pranam she said tell him also the same
I told her the person who told me about gayatri Parivar says pranam to you
@TheLittleNaruto at least someone read it😂
@TheLittleNaruto ?
@Kulfy did you read how this SB site has some minor translation errors which made a huge difference
@TheLittleNaruto did it clear the doubt of the question?
6:08 PM
@Archit lol I am lowely being! Doesn't deserve a pranAm from your granny.
@Pandya thank you
6:52 PM
@TheLittleNaruto arey no no I’m a lowly being
@RakeshJoshi I was reading some comments of yours on one answer kudos 👌
7:21 PM
@Kulfy so they say the major source for stack overflow is advertisement and jobs. Graduated sites also have very few ads. Apparently stack exchange is a separate arm of Overflow.
How are stack exchanges profit generating? Very Few ads, no job stuff like overflow
8:07 PM
Thank you @Archit
Q: Is it fair to flag and delete answers taking an extremely conservative position?

sv.While I understand the downvotes this answer to Feminist's claim that the Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata were written by male writers has received, I don't understand why the answer has been flagged as offensive and deleted. Personally, I think this is abuse of flagging privileges. Is there a wa...


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