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12:20 AM
I like golfing languages, like J, APL, Pyth, Japt, etc. I enjoy seeing them in challenges. But I hate learning them. They're just too complicated and obscure...
@HighlyRadioactive J and APL are not golfing languages, and they are really easy to learn too. Can I show you?
Oh... okay.
@HighlyRadioactive Come on over in The APL Orchard!
Q: Perimeter of Conway hexagon

BubblerBackground Given a triangle \$ABC\$, extend its three sides by the opposite side length, as shown in the figure below. Then the six points surprisingly lie on a circle called the Conway circle, whose center coincides with the incenter. Task Given three side lengths \$a,b,c\$ of the triangle ...

7 hours later…
6:59 AM
Japt = Just Another PorT.
7:19 AM
@petStorm Japt sounds similar to "zapped".
@Bubbler zapped sounds similar to "mapped".
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerWhen is the closest Conway's Doomsday? code-golf date A quote from MO.SE answer: Although it is well known that Conway was able to quickly calculate the day of the week of any given date, it is less well known that one part of the algorithm is easy to remember and useful in practice: In any ...

@NewSandboxedPosts I still have Conway's base-13 function, tri-angle-trisector, wizards puzzle, and tribone tiling.
Congratulations! You became the new RGS.
I can't find surreal-number related challenges anywhere.
And Conway's Soldiers.
Can anyone tell me where are them?
7:31 AM
Are they going to be posted?
Oh and where's the Conway Polynomial thing?
Soldiers are yet in the sandbox.
@Bubbler A better worse one: Kom-complexity, input reachability, output any arrangement of soldiers.
@HighlyRadioactive Lol, but that would be actually fun if the input is in a*phi+b, a, b being integers.
@Bubbler What do you mean?
7:34 AM
@HighlyRadioactive Surreal numbers
@HighlyRadioactive A floating-point number is impractical, but in the form of a*phi+b, you can work out the original phi-polynomial in reverse and put the appropriate soldiers.
@Bubbler Oh, okay.
@Bubbler Yep.
Will that one be proposed as a challenge?
Probably. I actually think it's a good one, and it has certain hard-to-crack edge cases too.
Let me post the a*phi+b non-Kom challenge in the sandbox.
Sorry, I'm already working on it.
Let me post the main question.
7:45 AM
Nope :)
I hate Bubbler.
@HighlyRadioactive Why?
@Bubbler Bubbler is a reputation machine.
Because he is an AK-47.
7:51 AM
They automatically come up with ideas and post these questions.
Which gives them both a lot of reputation and a lot of attention.
I want rep licator s!
And a lot of experience.
I hope to have a magic book that contains all possible challenge-suitable ideas.
Aaand, Bubbler got 20k reputation in just a few months! That's already insane to start with.
@petStorm I have three of them. They are called Google, Wikipedia, and OEIS.
(October to April)
C'mon let's post every sequence in OEIS to CGSE
And, they always seem to know how to get bounties without a deadline.
(Which enhances their ability to get reputation.)
And their variations
7:55 AM
I want to take a look at Bubbler's source code.
About 5k of the rep gained is from APL bounty.
I want to take a look at Bubbler's source code.
Fastest gun placeholder: yay
Edited my profile to say I hate Bubbler.g
@HighlyRadioactive You know that there's a separate profile for chatrooms?
Click your avatar, click "user profile". See, there's an "about" bar over there!
You should also edit this into your about bar. :)
Oh yeah.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HighlyRadioactiveArrange Conway's Soldiers {{stub}} Background Info The Conway's Soldiers problem is described below. Suppose there is an infinite chessboard. Chess pieces symbolizing soldiers can be placed on the board. A piece can skip and eat a piece next to it (just like Kong Mingqi). This is the only way...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerConstruct a Conway's Soldiers configuration from reachability measure code-golf math grid Background You can skip it if you've read the previous challenge (will add link). Conway's Soldiers is a version of peg solitaire played on an infinite checkerboard. The board is initially full of pegs be...

8:07 AM
I gave the downvote back.
That downvote is not from me.
I upvoted both challenges.
Oh well
@NewSandboxedPosts I was surprised that this challenge was downvoted.
This challenge is a totally clear and objective challenge, with a very impressive idea behind it.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

petStormA065825 code-golf sequence arithmetic (This is A065825.) The sequence defaults apply, so you can pick another format other than this one. Given an input integer n, find the smallest number k so that there exists an n-item subset of {1,...,k} where no three items form an arithmetic progression. ...

Speaking of OEIS, any more feedback for this?
I'm fine with it.
8:13 AM
Post it.
@HighlyRadioactive It's not even a week.
@ChristianSievers got the full answer for k = 14 now!
@petStorm SBiD.
Okay, I claim my sandbox is a joke. I will delete it now.
@petStorm WTF?
8:17 AM
Posting to main or not is entirely a choice for the challenge writer.
^ as long as it follows the 3-day guideline
Everywhere I look there is crossed out text
@Lyxal Because we are discussing stuff we should discuss here.
Just that if you don't put it in the sandbox for enough time, you get more chance of gaining downvotes and close votes.
If you are an expert challenge-asker, you don't even need the sandbox.
8:24 AM
Even an expert challenge-asker needs a sandbox for long and complex challenges.
Who keeps spinning the world around?
@Lyxal Gravity.
Uncultured swine.
It's a deltarune reference.
8:45 AM
CMC: x²+y²=((x+y)/2)², find x and y.
CMC: Even or odd? Port this to your language.
@petStorm The only answer is x=y=0.
What is CMC?
@Bubbler Whoops, I mis-typed. x²-y²=((x+y)/2)²,
Now there should be more than one answer.
@HighlyRadioactive Chat Mini Challenge.
How many reps do you need to offer a bounty?
9:00 AM
@HighlyRadioactive Just 75 rep.
How to?
Also I solved your first CMC I think?
@HighlyRadioactive I posted a lot of CMC's before this.
x = -y, or x = 5/3 y.
I mean the first of the two.
@petStorm Am I missing something?
9:03 AM
@HighlyRadioactive Nope.
Hello, the one who suggests the 1+ room to be called "the sucker's room"!
@HighlyRadioactive lol, hi :)
CMC: x²*y²=((x^y)*2-2)²
Solve x and y. (^ is bitwise xor here.)
Hurry up, start an off-topic conversation and get it moved to chit-chat!
9:08 AM
off-topic conversation and get it moved to chit-chat!
(Lyxal is already talking there)
Aaargh, Lyxal stopped talking...
Is there any BF Joust implementations in Python?
hi @Bubbler
@HighlyRadioactive Yeah, probably.
BF Joust is a really fun concept involving tape manipulation.
@Anush hi @Anush
@petStorm Agreed!
9:22 AM
question about codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/203772/… .I see that for a purest the parsing is independent of the rest. My view was that parsing would be a trivial part of the problem. But I could change it to code-challenge if people think that is better?
Isn't code-challenge for bizarre winning-citerias?
@ngn what do you think?
When I saw the question in question, I immediately thinks about removing the parsing part.
@ngn, @petStorm?
@HighlyRadioactive how could you remove the parsing part?
@Anush Raw data. Allow inputting the DFAs in any format.
9:26 AM
@HighlyRadioactive but how does that work with the test cases?
E. g.
Write Input: 4, 2, [[1, 3, 4, 0], [1, 2, 3, 4]], [3], [2, 3, 4] instead of Input: "Automaton("det",4,2,[ [ 1, 3, 4, 0 ], [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] ],[ 3 ],[ 2, 3, 4 ])" @Anush
Which allows the program to take the input as array instead of a specific string.
@HighlyRadioactive that's a trivial change I could make
I wonder if that really improves things
It does improve things
@Anush What do you mean by "full answer"?
@ChristianSievers after the dfa computation we then compute the number of pairs of strings. That part is now completed now as well
@HighlyRadioactive I will add a comment to the question. Thanks
9:42 AM
@Bubbler I guess you what to see this
@Anush I see. Up to what length?
10:11 AM
10:32 AM
Q: my 16 GB flash memory appears as 196 MB empty memory , what to do?

Rico domeriwhen I connect my 16 GB flash memory to my PC, it appears as empty 196 MB disk, as I show in the image,

@NewMainPosts I've had this kind of situation before.
And, you know what? The size of the USB boosted from 1MB to 16GB just after I changed the name of my USB to "16GB USB"! XD
This question is a decision problem? LOL
That means I can just answer "yes" or "no".
10:52 AM
@Bubbler Don't we already have a question relating to Conway's base-13 function?
11:07 AM
Q: Encode the alphabet cipher

Oliver NiGiven a string that contains only lowercase letters, encode that string with the alphabet cipher. To encode with the alphabet cipher (I will be using the example hello): First, convert each letter in the string to a number depending on its position in the alphabet (a = 1, b = 2, etc.) Example:...

Q: Convert between balanced bases!

clismiqueBalanced bases: Balanced bases are essentially the same as normal bases, except that digits can be positive or negative, while in normal bases digits can only be positive. From here on, balanced bases of base b may be represented as balb - so balanced base 4 = bal4. In this challenge's definit...

@ChristianSievers sorry I was on a call. I computed the numbers for n up to 150.
@Anush i've seen your answer here
11:22 AM
An esolang inspired by the virus!
11:38 AM
Hehe everyone is asleep lol
Time to post absolutely nothing
Lol they gonna be so mad!
Once they see my complete lack of posts.
But seriously where is everyone
Hello? Anyone there!?
Welp, I'm going
Imma go browse memes
Bye lol
12:02 PM
Q: Which products should be purchased with the given amount of money: Hackerrank?

SoumeeI am writing code for the challenge given here I have written code for the problem. However, it is running for most of the test cases except three. The error message that they show is that "Your code did not execute within the time limits". Apparently the code needs to be optimized. Can anyone p...

@Lyxal I'm not asleep. Haven't been for a while.
@Adám apl has classes?
How does that work?
@Lyxal You mean study lessons or OO?
@Adám OO
@Lyxal Yes.
12:12 PM
APL is better off without OO.
A purely functional language is much easier to grasp.
APL forces neither OOP nor pure FP upon you. You can choose any style you want, or even mix and match.
12:32 PM
By the time I solved the question, my browser isn't working.
1:00 PM
I am looking for a print of Conway's original paper "The Weird and Wonderful Chemistry of Audioactive Decay". I want to understand how the massive polynomial arises as the solution of Conway's constant. So far all I've found is this paid article, but I don't want to spend $30. Anyone know if a free copy is available? cc/ @Bubbler.
And now, I've answered every new open question!
1:20 PM
@Jonah sci-hub.tw
A good profile is the key to success.
@Anush Thank you!
@Anush Wow, awesome.
@Bubbler The history of the website is so obviously fake it's hilarious
@Jonah my pleasure. Not that I have ever used it of course
@Anush Obviously :)
1:26 PM
(though I have legitimate access to certain research papers at work, it would be massively helpful when I look for some papers at home.)
@Bubbler yes and sometimes I could access them via the work VPN but it's just easier this way
@Bubbler thanks for your comment on my question. It has made me improve it which is good
@Anush Sci-Hub (dot) Truly Weird
2:22 PM
Ahhh, I've just been wasting my time. I only got 30 rep today. :(
Chat seems to be loading faster than the main site for me.
(Don't VTC the latest question, tip questions are totally on-topic.)
2:41 PM
Q: Code golfing my guess the number game with feedback in NS-HUBASIC - Can it be code golfed any further?

Niall WardThe player has to keep guessing a number from 1 to 10 until they guess the correct number to win the game. If they make an incorrect guess, they're told if their guess was too low or too high. Each line has to render below the previous line for me to accept the solution as the new code for the g...

Q: Mask values in a .env file for a screencast

geelenLet's say I have a .env file with the following contents: CF_WORKERS_ACCOUNT_ID=abcdef34632114 CF_WORKERS_API_TOKEN=abcdef34632114def3463def3463 FAB_DEV_ZONE_ID=434932843272439874329 I'm doing a screencast, and I want to quickly cat .env to show what's in the file, without broadcasting the exa...

2:52 PM
@NewMainPosts Awesome challenge, you should try it. :)
@ChristianSievers AreEquivAut would solve my challenge. That's the equivalent of a wolfram alpha answer :)
3:26 PM
@Anush i think allowing liberty in the input format was good
3:40 PM
@ngn cool
I will add a bounty soon. Although it's my question in the sandbox which I think is more interesting
3:54 PM
@Anush why do you need "type" and "size" in the input?
"initial" seems redundant too - it could always be state 0
@ngn type is not needed. I do say they can trivially parse the input. The size could be useful. Initial could always be 1.
@Anush size could be assumed to be max(transitionmatrix)+1 without loss of significant information
@ngn yes. I don't think it does any harm to give it to the user though
or coder
have you ideas for how to solve it?
@Anush right, but minimalism has a certain appeal :) if that's what attracts us to codegolfing, why don't we apply the same standards to our challenges?
@ngn you make a reasonable point. I did think about making the challenge code-challenge but I wasn't sure what the winning criteria would be
4:02 PM
@Anush no idea about solving
shame..hopefully soon :)
@Anush i might be misunderstanding the problem, but wouldn't it be sufficient to reduce the automata to some canonical form? like prune inaccessible states, sort the rest in dfs order
@ngn basically, yes
@ngn it's not a super hard problem. Section 3.3 of that paper I linked to has lots of solutions.
but you do need to worry about isomorphism. I mean state 1 in one DFA is not state 1 in another
minimization would be needed too
yes. One route is to minimize and then check for isomorphism. That works
but there are many others
you can for example negate one and see if the intersection is empty
4:13 PM
another idea: build a third dfa whose states are pairs of states from the two input dfas
and check if a state (x;y) is accessible such that x is accepting in dfa0 and y is not in dfa1, or vice versa
that sounds cool too
3.3.1 in the paper seems to be exactly that :)
@ngn :) Great minds!
there goes my weekend
at least there will be a bounty!
3 hours later…
7:16 PM
CMC: Given a list of N sets, make as many sets of size N as possible where each element comes from a different set in the list. Example: [{1, 2}, {1, 3}, {1, 4}] -> [{1, 2, 3}, {1, 2, 4}, {1, 3, 4}, {2, 3, 4}]
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

S.S. AnneBitwise Addition code-golf algorithm Your job is to implement bitwise addition. To ensure that this is done, you will compute and print the result of addition without carry (or bitwise XOR). Then, you will compute the carry of the addition (bitwise AND) and multiply it by two (bitwise left shi...

7:31 PM
@Neil apl: {(∪¨∩⊢)∪(⍋⌷¨⊂)¨,⊃∘.,/⍵} (cartesian product, sort each, uniq, intersect with own uniq-each)
2 hours later…
9:30 PM
Q: Is this a winning *Frustration* configuration?

math junkieFrustration is a solitaire card game which is played by calling out the sequence: “Ace”, “Two”, “Three”, ... , "Nine", "Ten", “Jack”, “Queen”, “King”, “Ace”, “Two”, etc. With each call, you simultaneously flip over a card from a shuffled deck of 52 cards. You win the game if you get through the...

Q: Bl lu ur rr ry yv vi is si io on - Blur the input

ampersandreTask Given a string as input, generate a "blurred" version of that string. Input Your input will be a single-line string, containing a minimum of 2 alphanumeric characters. Output A string that is the "blurred" version of the input string. A blurred string is one where every character from ...

2 hours later…
11:59 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Raven DreamerIsland Rose Breeder Island Roses have an extremely simple genetic code, with just 4 genes: R, Y, W, and B, each with two alleles. This means their entire genome can be represented by four 2-bit gene pairs of the form: 00-00-00-00 (01 and 10 are equivalent) Island Roses can be bred together. Whe...


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