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12:30 AM
@Deusovi You’re right on both counts; I usually find myself overlooking these small problems :(
But, they matter
Meanwhile, woohoo! Fanatic badge!
Q: A riddling revolution

JohnsonI've been in a bit of a riddling mood lately, so here is another one. I guess the question to answer is what is being described? It could be argued that some specific knowledge is required to answer, but I think (hope) that it is general enough so as to be familiar to most. A revolution Th...

@Avi Nice!
Sorry about that that was just chem
3 hours later…
3:21 AM
Q: Minigolf Solitaire

WoofmaoGolf is a form of paitence (solitaire) in which you must remove cards from several tableaus, leaving as few as possible. Today, though, we're doing a round of Minigolf instead. Unlike Golf, there are 5 stacks, the cards only go up to 7, and there is no draw pile. Here is the deal: To begin, r...

1 hour later…
4:44 AM
Q: You'll be among aces (5-letter word)

Ébe Isaac Used as a noun, It can take you to places Followed as a verb, You'll be among aces What is it?

7 hours later…
11:30 AM
Q: Challenge: decode this cipher

siffchampionThe cipher: ó ¦ó ¬ó ¡ó §ó €ºó €µó ó €³ó „ The answer: SECRET:_ _ _ _

3 hours later…
2:13 PM
Q: Having a Row - Labouring under a Misunderstanding

ChronocidalThere is an arcade of shops near where I live, Named for Isaac, and Heinrich, and Blaise. This story involves one such unit, But with times to obtain a result: Leaving a store where I bought rings and a necklace, Making passionate debate with a friend, I was bumped by a man walking into t...

2:53 PM
Q: Banknotes recalling

melfntLast year the inhabitants of Elfland (which are -of course- Elfs) had a referendum and decided to stop using barter and to adopt their own currency (the Elfcoin). On January 1st, 2020 the central bank of Elfland released $100$ banknotes worth $1$ Elfcoin each so that the elfs can use them as cu...

3:09 PM
@Brandon_J No, aside from one specific user's office
Q: Ten Sequences With a Theme

legodude5000Each of the ten sequences below have a similarly worded rule that determines the next number in the sequence. Try to figure the rules and subsequent numbers for each of the sequences. They are not necessarily ordered from simplest to most complex. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 23, 28, 38, 49, 63, ... 1, 2, 4...

^ would this be considered off-topic?
3:35 PM
damn @jafe
Why would "Banknotes recalling" be considered off-topic?
@melfnt It's being voted to close as a pure math problem.
Q: Are math-textbook-style problems on topic?

xnorThere's been some recent questions on the site that are problems from math textbooks, or problems in that style. Doubt : Pokemon Hunter and the Rogue Brook Groups of Farmers Cows eat to much Who is corrupt in the Senate? Can the car or the bike travel further? how many times 12 men may shake han...

3:50 PM
@North when it comes to question-crafting, he's got the skills
@North @Mithical @jafe @Avi I'll be in the codenames room for a while. Pls ping me if a game starts.
I won't be able to play until I get home.
in The Velodrome, 18 mins ago, by Mithical
Now another five to six hours until I get home, though...
@Mithical my bad
Unless you were stalking me there's no way you could have known that. Obviously you need to step up your stalking game.
@Mithical I'll have to let you know the next time I receive such terrible advice (it'll probably be a while) :D
Thank you, I'll be here all week.
4:02 PM
if you expect me to keep another count
I don't think we're taking this one very seriously
@jafe Here I am struggling to get the electorate badge
(we can, if it would help alleviate Mith's boredom)
what a beautiful set of polygons
4:05 PM
@Brandon_J I'd prefer not to
Also you already lost
socratic badge isn't that hard x.x
simply take creativity, mix in some wordplay, bottle it up, shake it, and pow
you have a riddle-shake
Except I tend not to post questions until the previous one is solved
I tend to do the same ;)
4:07 PM
and 200 seperate well received questions? without burn-out?
@Avi it kinda is
I'm at 22 so far :P
I've asked like a thousand questions and still haven't earned it anywhere
haven't got it once :(
well, 100 questions
but yes it's a big number
4:08 PM
@Mithical max questions I see you've asked is somewhere in the 80s
I'm 93/100 on Literature.
see, not that hard
@Avi I meant a thousand across the network
except they've been a mod and a member since like the beginning of beta
anyways, I tend to have a laser-like focus on one topic
being puzzles/SO
since SO is being bleh with its code licensing policies
4:09 PM
(srry mith, I still associate you with Isabella :/)
I came over here
@North Whatcha doooin'?
nooo phineas and ferb
I've been boombazzled
You missed out when Mithical used to be Mithrandir and had isabella as their profile pic
I gotta say, I enjoy Deusovi's puzzle setting style, even if I can't solve it
4:12 PM
My own riddles vacillate between really good and really bad
fortunately nobody has noticed so far
@Avi Don't worry, mine tends to be so convuluted without being fun
Q: On The Subject of Black Holes

Deusovi (This is part of a series of puzzles written for Timwi for a Secret Santa puzzle exchange, themed around various custom modules for the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. No KTaNE knowledge is necessary for any of these puzzles except the final meta; each puzzle resolves to a single word or ...

Q: I keep to the path my master has bestowed

Ébe Isaac My prefix should come before an action For without, it is likely to fail My infix is part of a path On which you may ride or sail My suffix is an interconnection That links many a node I keep to the humble path That my master has bestowed Who am I?

well, Deusovi's a god
4:14 PM
@Avi Glad you're liking the puzzles! The set I'm sharing now has a wide range of difficulty, so I think some of them will be pretty accessible. (This one in particular should be relatively straightforward?)
11 Xbox enthusiast, perhaps - Gamer
@North ...of eggs
probably the only one I'm getting lol
2 CCW as well is good
15 CW is b-side
either that or c side :O
@Mithical I feel like I should know this joke
it's a common joke on my username
4:17 PM
Deus+ovi @North
splitting it up as "Deus/ovi" (even though that wouldn't be grammatically correct)
tbh it's a bit annoying
hey I love eggs
@Deusovi ahh, yes, now I remember
stuck again :x
ah wait I found an x
are you playing... minesweepers?
4:19 PM
lol that's what I thought at first
no lol
I believe the 3 on the bottom left has an L shape at least
@Deusovi Wait your new puzzle looks really familiar
If the bottom line is empty then the left side becomes unsolvable
wasn't there a similar puzzle like yours in the galactic puzzle hunt?
Oh I'm so mad
I can actually solve Deus's puzzle but I'm busy rn
@North if you solve it later, I'll drop you a small bounty in consolation.
4:27 PM
Aw, thanks
Unfortunately I believe someone ele will already get it done
I won't have time for like a few hours at best
most likely not until like 4-5 ish hours
I can try it
@North right, but if you solve it late/independently, I'll drop you the bounty
hopefully may solve it
lol "I'll drop you"
eh, i'll probably do it on my own even if even someone solves it
I just won't get the fake internet points
I sometimes forget the purpose of Puzzling SE is for enjoyment and sharing puzzles, not who solves it first ;)
4:34 PM
if 19 clockwise isn't GNOME
I'm gonna walk to Deusovi's house
buy a truckload of gnomes
and drop them all off in his lawn
then his lawn will be a gnome-man's land
not sure whether to laugh or cry, but yes
@North "Flower crosswords" have been done before - this certainly isn't the first.
@Avi You can cross off some edges near the top part of the 1s in the middle right. You can also do stuff with the 3 in the lower left.
I've seen them before, for sure, but not online.
@Deusovi is there an online resource that you know of that would allow us to fill in the solution?
none that I know of - the easiest way to solve them electronically is probably to "unwrap" the grid to a staircase-type thing
4:39 PM
That's where my mind was going, but it doesn't always go places reliably.
some progress :)
Q: Never shall we die....!

North Here now the accounts of the nine pirate lords And one impostor amidst them all Here now their voice and story And which impostor to die The first of all is the chief of all Hidden by the songs of death The second lord brought with him a dove And the largest army of th...

that's an oldie I'd like to crack
17 cw must be BALED
if the answer to this riddle is "DEAD SEA SCROLLS", I ragequit
fortunately, there are a few too many letters for that :)
4:56 PM
Deusovi tricks me again
no wonder I couldn't solve it
re the crossword
well played my good puzzler
I got 7 words before being stuck, that's OK I think
@Avi not bad. At least you can use those as hints for other words
he he he
I would've never figured it out
without at least 20 words
5:28 PM
@Brandon_J *"He's a Pirate" starts playing*
ooh I can play that on the piano
with my eyes closed I still have 80% accuracy too
it used to be 100% accurate with eyes closed when I was obsessed with that song lol
@Avi I can fake Bohemian Rhapsody with my eyes closed
ok rachmaninoff
not everybody has hands the size of the moon
nor skill the size of the sun
but seriously if you can do that it's damn impressive
5:56 PM
Q: Looking for a kid's puzzle, cannot remember title

Rafael SantosI'm looking for a kids' logical puzzle I saw in a Brazilian puzzle magazine several years ago. A farmer had a square farm with four houses and twelve trees and he wanted to divide it between his four daughters. Each daughter had to have three trees and one house on her part of the land. Areas did...

Q: I pass right through you

AviI pass right through you, Make no mistake. My identity, do These questions make: Perfect? You just hurt my head Discomfited? I made the bed Wanted? Little trouble overflows Buried? Deliver the final blows Who am I?

yey, finally!
oh this
I remember seeing it like 3-4 years back lololol
naturally, I interpreted that as "cryptic clue" my professor...
6:34 PM
number one faux pas in academia: cryptically cluing your professor
6:49 PM
grumble My thirteen-part riddle was much easier to compose than to solve (I think), yet has many more upvotes than its correct answer does. Frankly, I don't see why people upvote PSE questions before they know the answers: until then, you don't know if it's a good question.
Mr. Stoner Boner went mad, creating an instrument of necromancy (7 6)
can somebody compile a list of tyrants
I'm not sure who's a dictator, who's a tyrant, and who's just stalin for time
Some people obvious just don't want their rule to caesar
I guess they're obsessed with looking at the clouds and watching the reign
I know one of them had Adolf in pet
Another one was all like, "Ivan to drink your blood"
A naked one without Robespierre-d into my shower - he must have had some nero-logical problems
I solved the slitherlink by guessing instead of using grid-deduction
7:11 PM
Q: Is there anything good to know (that isn't already said to the user / written down on some page)?

RAZ369I'm very new to Puzzling. Any unwritten rules, stuff, or anything related that is good to know? (Especially about how to structure a puzzle to post but all tips are helpful.)

^ that was as far as I got through , then I proceeded to use
I just got an invitation to Genghis Khan academy :o
Mao for sure!
("Ma, o, for sure!")
I've just bought in to Fidel-ity investments!
NASA Castro-ver from iron, then sent it to Mars!
By the way, what is a "well-received" question for Socratic?
+1? +3? +10?
1+ and not closed
thank goodness
so on the 1 in the top right
putting a | on the left forces a contradiction 3-6 moves ahead
therefore, it must be a _ on the bottom
7:33 PM
@Brandon_J I posted that so long time ago I think I may have forgotten the answer
that was an okay riddle
It's an interesting riddle, I try not to look at my old posts bc I find them cringey :X
ant hire lin(-g in)g en ons ack ing
entirely ingenuine sacking :o
Ah yes, I do remember the answer now.
@North ah, come on
7:44 PM
It took a while but I do remember
Perhaps (since you remember the answer)
someone might bounty it
just a guess
Joey Dione found most of the answers
Honestly, it's just missing the final part of the answer
@Brandon_J Thanks!
You've given me two bounties :) appreciate it a lot
@Brandon_J I've added a hint btw
8:04 PM
hey @HTM I added another hint.
I feel bad since you already decipher the main part of the puzzle, but just didn't get the riddle.
8:21 PM
@Mithical What did you mean when you said "Trees are excellent communicators. Sometimes they even fall over"? Wdym by "fall over"?
You see, sarcasm doesn't work on someone so dense, such as I
It's almost as thick as my bark
actually can you explain?
I don't understand what you meant by "fall over"
...it doesn't mean anything. Half of what I said was meaningless. It's part of my tactic.
So I'm not being stupid
You are
A certain level of stupidity is impossible to differentiate from genius.
8:34 PM
If an idiot says something stupid, and the other person listening knows that person's an idiot, but believes what the idiot says, does that make the person who believes the idiot a bigger idiot?
100% hypothetical case, of course
The corollary being that a certain level of genius is impossible to differentiate from stupidity.
That's what my parents told me when I asked her if was smart
1 min ago, by North
That's what my parents told me when I asked her if was smart
Q: An algebraist's code lock

dawDistinguished algebra professor Max P. Lusz was known to be working on the problem to determine the last digit of $\pi$. Ten years after his passing , experts are now allowed to open his safe. The safe could be opened if the following riddle was solved, which was on a piece of paper found in his ...

That makes a wonderful quote by the way.
8:38 PM
But this is a roasting to continue after a shower. Later.
har har
Get hydrated, you'll need it to cool some future burns
1 hour later…
9:51 PM
aha! I have come up with my next puzzle idea
I shall title it, "Caesar's remorse"
either that, or "A discourse on tyranny" - but, seeing as I cannot get ahold of a list of dictators, I shall put that idea to rest
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
I'm so close to the electorate badge
I have currently 479 votes. I'm really annoyed because even if I use all 40 votes for three days, it'll I'll be at 599 votes.
That's really, really annoying
I think that's more annoying than waiting four days, to be honest

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