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5:00 PM
i am not sweating.
Especially when I make jokes.
For example, I was totally making a joke on this one:
A: Is there a specific name for a portmanteau of two alternative spellings?

RobustoI think you should probably just call it a portmanto or a portmanteaux.

The hipper people got it, but some dummy/humorless dolt was offended enough to downvote me.
Also my comment was a joke.
See, cuz he was talking about Eskimo and Eskimaux.
Now, I could make a joke about you saying that I don't swear when you make jokes, but you would say I take you too seriously.
@Robusto If people don't get your jokes, there are several possible explanations. Only one of them is that they lack humor. ;)
5:13 PM
Well, that is the simplest explanation. Occam's Razor and all that ...
@kiamlaluno: $%^& off.
I was already away.
@Robusto Let's not do that in this room, please.
Yeah, cuz ew.
Speaking of vgv8, I have no idea what he's asking me here:
A: Does any of English dialects engage non-English foreign letters in their alphabets?

kiamlaluno Does any of them include or plan to include foreign letters? It is possible that English alphabet will include letters that are not included in the today alphabet, in the same way English passed from the alphabet used in Old English to the nowadays alphabet. I cannot say it is planned, as En...

Whenever I reply to his comments, I end up not knowing how to reply to his replies to my replies.
Sometimes I feel like I'm just feeding a mythical creature.
@RegDwight: Did you see what he replied about your comment on Slavic language?
5:24 PM
Yes, that's what I'm talking about the whole time.
I find it... um... amusing that he thinks that I might not know where the word Cyrillic comes from.
Or whatever it is that he thinks I might not know.
I didn't know that October Revolution happened before 900, as he seems to suggest.
@Michael: thanks for thwacking Robusto. We should all be friends here.
@kiamlaluno He also seems to think that I'm from Britain. At least that's how I interpret his comments on meta.
Hey hey hey, I'm the one in charge of thwacking around here!
It was the thought that they thought
they could do it made Henry wicked & away.
@RegDwight: That is easy to proof; do you always take an umbrella with you?
5:29 PM
Martha, we acknowledge you are the Head Thwacker around here.
@kiamlaluno, s/proof/prove
@Robusto, good. Hmph.
For the record, I do not use this kind of language:
16 mins ago, by Robusto
@kiamlaluno: $%^& off.
Don't look at me: I don't have the powers to fucking edit your fucking post.
Geez, my wife left open all her Skypes and Lastfms, and they just won't die, preferring to collectively be killing my Chrome, myself, each other and everything. Have to reboot. Brb.
$%^& is such an obscene word I would NEVER EVER EVER use it.
5:31 PM
Let's make things more clear: Don't use such words here unless you're actually discussing language. Same policy as on the main site.
OK; to prove.
Or I seriously will drop this whole site like a bad habit. Which it is anyway.
I'll become Ex-Robusto.
Is that Ex- as in Extra?
Seriously, though, which one of you weenies flagged that?
Hmm... like good ol' Ex-user
5:40 PM
For the record, flags are completely anonymous. And no, I don't know who flagged any of Robusto's messages. And the automatic 30-minute chat suspension for each such deletion cannot be manually undone (I've tried before).
Wait, what? Robusto's suspended for half an hour now?
@RegDwight that happens on many flags at one time
Yeah, I thought we were all adults around here.
(Let me check my driving license.)
@Martha I believe the official stance is that there's a difference between being adults and being polite.
5:42 PM
@kiamlaluno 40.
But then there's @badp.
Q: Who was mockingbird?

vgv8My wife is now watching the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" I did not join her because she watches with voices in Russian and I saw it already in original before. Though I recall I did not understand: who was a mockingbird linked to the word "kill" in the title? Update: Thanks for the ans...

Should this be migrated?
@Kosmonaut to where?
To writers.SE, I guess
Is that what writers covers?
Nonono, please don't kill Writers.
It struggles already.
5:43 PM
I don't know, that's why I'm asking.
I would propose vgv8.stackexchange, but then I would get an email from rchern asking if I'm serious.
Either it should be migrated or deleted, and I felt bad deleting it, since people put some effort into answers.
@RegDwight: Thank you. Do you know also when my driving license expires? :-)
@Kosmonaut, we usually bring up potential migrations that we have questions about in the teachers' lounge so that mods on the target site can nix.
although I don't think Writers has any yet.
I will bring it up in the Teacher's Lounge just to make sure.
5:46 PM
Speaking of rchern, lemme check my email...
Speaking of mods, I have checked the other elections today, and we're actually leading with our 5 candidates.
... nope, no reply to my reply. Though I suppose there won't be - no real reason for it.
Most sites have 3 or 4, CrossValidated has only two(!) nominations.
And it's only on Photographers that all three pro-tem mods are running.
I kinda wish we'd get 10+ candidates so we could have a primary.
It would be fun.
5:48 PM
CrossValidated? What's that about?
The more active sites already had elections. For example, Gaming had 12 candidates.
Ew. @RegDwight said a bad word, I'm gonna tell.
@Martha that's funny, I was saying the other day that if there were only the four candidates right before elections started and nominations closed I was gonna withdraw, but that if anyone else nom'd then I was gonna stay. And then Martha nom'd
5:51 PM
om nom nom
@Kosmonaut, BTW:
5 hours ago, by RegDwight
My swimming in the dump unearthed this excellent question:
Hello? Nobody follows that link? Sigh.
Q: Letter to my professor

mouseyHi I recently graduated and got a job in a good company. I did some research under my professor and I want to write a thank you letter to him. Can some one help me how to write the letter. An example letter is very much appreciated.

Hey, give us time!
Thanks all.
I'm so impatient at times.
Whoops, question gone.
What's with all those edit suggestions by anonymous users that change posts completely?
The one right now is not the first one I'm seeing.
5:56 PM
I haven't seen a lot of them... just a few, I think.
Well, perhaps because I've rejected most of the rest.
Might be.
Then again, it would make no sense for an anonymous user to suggest an excellent edit, as they won't get the points.
One should always strive for the best.
Another universal truth.
Expect this to be quoted.
6:00 PM
Universal truths should always be true for everyone.
Where's everybody gone? Are they now checking CrossValidated or what?
Stupid work.
@RegDwight Maybe lunchtime is over?
Note how Stupid work begins with the same letters as Stats.
It's a conspiracy!
6:01 PM
@MichaelMyers You're still working after lunch on Fridays?
It's almost Saturday here.
We should be partying or something.
Nah, that's too crowdy and I don't know anybody there.
Them are adult peoplez there.
I would feel lost.
See, it's Popular Demand all over the place.
And balpha's destroying users...
@RegDwight you already have a misconception
I'm reading through the logs right now, funny stuff.
@RegDwight bah, logs my foot ;)
6:10 PM
"The Angry High-Rep User National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps of Editing Posts Without Permission"
Just go jump in and get ... er ... dry?
I have to acclimatize first.
@RegDwight excuses!
I took about five minutes to do so
Well, that's you in a nutshell. I'm shy.
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 10 '10 at 22:32, by drachenstern
so why do I feel like a freshman by just logging into this server? anyone else ever feel like that?
6:12 PM
LOL at Aiden's answer.
I liked Josh's answer:
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 10 '10 at 22:36, by The Unhandled Exception
@drachenstern I have found, the key to being "in" with meta is forcing your way in :-) Spend more time here and you'll get accustomed to the culture
Lunchtime! (with niece in attendance! Yay!)
So I did. I'm now the 8th most prolific chatter on that server
Yeah, that's what I managed to do on MSO (get accustomed), but not yet in chat.
So I figure if I can get to around 10k messages on SE chat then I'll be on the first page of all users on each of the chat sites ;)
I think that means spending more time on chat.SE tho so :\
6:15 PM
Whoa, there's a first page of users?
Damnit, one more thing to watch/aim for.
And I thought I was cool with my three hundred fifty Fanatic badges.
lunch, bbl
6:18 PM
Hey, I'm on page three without doing anything. Cool. And bon appetit!
6:57 PM
This was a reply on my moderator nomination section:
> @Kosmonaut, as follow-up to closed by you and deleted by don't-know-whom my question "Who was a mockingbird" + other my questions, you seems to have participated in most of all my closed questions: as a linguist do you know the term for the systems governed by the rules without any exceptions and/or by the absence of any logic? and of persons who serve as devoted governors to such principles?
By guess-who
Hey, a sixth entrant!
How this is a follow-up, I have no idea
He also commented on my comment on meta.
A: I propose to elect by 3 quotas, each per one-thirds-contiguously of time-zones

Jeff AtwoodNo, we don't support this. We look for great moderators wherever in the world they come from; enforcing time zone restrictions would be too limiting. Most elections in practice produce at least US and europe, which is adequate coverage.

@Kosmonaut Ooh ooh, let me guess!
Also, this:
1 hour ago, by RegDwight
Speaking of vgv8, I have no idea what he's asking me here:
A: Does any of English dialects engage non-English foreign letters in their alphabets?

kiamlaluno Does any of them include or plan to include foreign letters? It is possible that English alphabet will include letters that are not included in the today alphabet, in the same way English passed from the alphabet used in Old English to the nowadays alphabet. I cannot say it is planned, as En...

1 hour ago, by RegDwight
Whenever I reply to his comments, I end up not knowing how to reply to his replies to my replies.
7:02 PM
Feb 11 at 17:13, by Kosmonaut
I agree.
But anyhow, I'm more thrilled that we now have six people running.
Still two days to go.
We might end up having a primary, after all.)))
Oh, we really do have 6... I thought you were kidding!
I will never kid to you, Kosmonaut. Never.
(Before vgv8 reads that and wonders, yes, I know that's ungrammatical.)
@RegDwight: That's true; you have never said something funny before.
There's your star. Wear it with pride.
I'm torn on that comic Jin links to in his nomination.
7:05 PM
I mean, the wizard is about to admit a mistake!
If I had known you'd star it, I'd have put @RegDwight in it.
You still can.
Here, there, and everywhere.
7:06 PM
You said extra words.
Doesn't count.
21 hours ago, by Robusto
"The rules of Jinx are clear and inflexible." — Pam Beesley, The Office
Looks the other way and whistles.
Looks different to me.
This must have been what it was like to debate someone in Soviet Russia.
That was a song we used during our wedding ceremony.
HAHAHAHAHA, Kosmonaut, guess what!
Q: What is the term for a system governed by rules without any exceptions?

vgv8What is the term for a system/organization/things order rigidly governed by rules without any exceptions?

7:10 PM
Aaaaand the answer is: English.StackExchange.com!
Duly starred.
But back to the Bonnie, er, vgv8 situation, as the Russian poet Yuri Lermontov once put it, "This all would be funny, if only if it weren't so sad".
(Obviously, he put it in Russian.)
@JSBangs, come on in for some background info.
Well I had deleted that from my mod nomination
Actually, it seemed like people were just starting to have a conversation on my mod nomination comments.
Well, I did have to discuss an Elton John song in the comments on mine.
What up, mo-fos?
And vgv8 could not not ask me something there, either.
@Robusto Some funny stuff, actually.
7:18 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't know. Some humorless toad got me banned.
I was shocked.
But then I learned that it was ze system.
But, as luck would have it, it helped me to stop working and go eat some lunch.
And now we're looking for a name for that system.
@RegDwight If your name only ended with a...
@MichaelMyers NONONONONO! *NO!* Please not! Dear God! NO!
7:19 PM
Don't blame it on the system. Blame it on the humorless toad who flagged my use of four-letter words.
The system doesn't flag chat posts.
You know, this isn't the only intelligent chat room on the planet.
Oh, wait ... maybe it is.
I just set a foot into the Tavern... um... well, I'm back here.
Oh, so it was you, mmyers?
1 hour ago, by Michael Myers
Let's make things more clear: Don't use such words here unless you're actually discussing language. Same policy as on the main site.
I didn't flag you, no. I edited one message.
7:23 PM
Lighten up, Robusto. Not the end of the world. No point in witch hunting.
I don't lighten. I only darken.
Hey @RegDwight, you got another badge in the past day or two
Which one is the new one?
Um, whaddaya mean, them are sorted chronologically on my profile page.
I don't remember, would have to look it up mzself.
I thought I remembered you having two red X's on the Candidate Statistics page
Maybe you only had one all along and I forgot.
No wait, sure, a Great Answer I got. But I had a few of them already.
@Kosmonaut Ah! Actually, that's what I was wondering as well.
I thought I was imagining it.
Lemme check.
7:27 PM
I recently was awarded the sportmanship badge, and notice I was the only one on EL&U!
and now, I learn it's on the moderator's Nice Scout reward list :)
That means FX_ is the nicest person here
@FX_ That's hard on a site where there's an average of what, two or three answers per question? It takes a lot of answers to even have a chance. Nicely done indeed!
@Kosmonaut: my downvote/upvote ratio of 21% disagrees with that assertion
7:29 PM
Yep, still struggling to get that one. I have too many questions where mine is the only answer.
Fairest person then.
And then I have many questions where I posted an answer because I didn't like any of the others to begin with, so no point in upvoting them.
I usually don't post an answer if I like one of the answers.
Yup, that's what the upvote arrow is there for.
2.9% of my votes are downvotes. I use the rod sparingly.
7:31 PM
Well, maybe there is some partiality there... I tend to upvote answers from users with 100-300 rep, because I think it gets them involved in the community
@FX_ I did that on SO a lot.
Much more often than here.
I remember what it was being a newbie, it wasn't so long, either on SO or here
I'm still a newbie here.
Well, recently, I tend to downvote posts all from the same person; I fear I might end up victim of the anti-cheating bot!
Though no, rubbish, disregard that. When we were in beta, I actively went through the user list and checked if there were people whom I could push over 200
Obviously, not upvoting blindly.
7:33 PM
Does anyone find it interesting that there is no stigma attached to the use of the words "blind" and "deaf" as negative terms? I can't remember if I've brought this up before.
Or mute.
We even have a button on our TV remotes with "mute" on it.
well, there is stigma when said to the face of people with these handicaps
@FX_ ", I still remember how hard it was to gain my first 125 points. It took me two weeks. Maybe SO is a different beast nowadays, I dunno, haven't participated in a long time. But I still find it quite hard to get to 125 points on any new site of the network (even the +100 bonus doesn't really help). Once you figure out how a community ticks, it's all smooth sailing; but until then, it's an uphill battle"
Q: Show whether a question was "reddited"

Johannes Schaub - litbI sometimes find a question has like 50000 views and later I find most of those were reddit users that got in rage or glee about something of it. Yesterday there was an answer of a page-one user that upset reddit folks, and within minutes that post were downvoted to -70. It looks like reddit ha...

My comment there.
@Kosmonaut You've brought up a different word before. Can't remember it right now.
I remember feeling quite ashamed when I told a blind math examiner that it was "puncturing that eye..." (literal translation of French idiom "crève les yeux", meaning "it's crystal clear")
7:38 PM
Well, we have common phrases like "he was blind to X" or "X fell on deaf ears". These are perfectly acceptable in mainstream use
@RegDwight: on SO, it's hard if you “compete” in areas where there is little traffic; there, you might feel you will never have a fighting chance to have reasonable rep increase
... says the Fortran expert
And not only do they use "blind" and "deaf", but it specifically means willful ignorance
moving on, anyone here knows Jen (new moderator candidate)?
Feb 1 at 10:53, by RegDwight
I'm now holding a book titled "Programming in Turbo Pascal 5.5". It's in Russian, published in 1992. Good times.
7:39 PM
@Kosmonaut: Both are used in prejudicial pejorative contexts quite often.
I just find it interesting — not that I think making even more things taboo is a good thing...
I don't really know Jen.
But the stigma applies in other areas:
Q: Just how offensive are the terms "retarded" and "gay"?

RobustoMy college-age son and his friends use the terms "retarded" and "gay" pretty much interchangeably to mean substandard, bad, lame (in the sense of ineffectual or weak) or just plain wrong. I've suggested that he might want to be careful about where he uses such language, but he clearly isn't worri...

She hasn't been around long.
@Robusto: Exactly.
@FX_ No, actually.
If I say something is "retarded", many people won't really care, but certainly some people will say "please don't use that word", and I would never use it in any formal context.
Imagine if I said "it fell on deaf ears" and someone said "please don't use that word"
7:42 PM
And I know like five hundred user handles by heart, thanks to spending lots of time in the dump.
Jen has been around for 10 days... not much time to get to know her.
That would explain it.
@RegDwight: you should remember user IDs, they're shorter
I do remember Elendil's. 3444.
7:44 PM
I also don't have to look up Kosmonaut's or nohat's too often, though I would have now.
I should feel sorry that user 666 didn't stay; maybe I could buy his ID?
Whoa, never heard of that one. Interesting.
No questions, answers, votes or anything, but registered for 6 months and last seen ten days ago.
@Kosmonaut Is that Elendil's official reason for leaving?
there are lurkers: look at user #8
Adam Robinson, Charlotte, NC
97 1
no question, no answer, registered for 6 months, last seen 29 minutes ago!
6 upvotes, at least.
7:47 PM
@RegDwight: More Communist fear-mongering.
I just wonder what Soviet Russia would have looked like if we had the Interwebs back then.
@Kosmonaut — There is a cascade of euphemism that shimmers over certain concepts. Almost as soon as one euphemism is created it becomes code for the next offensive use of the term.
I have a blind friend who doesn't even blink at using the various idioms with blind in them.
7:51 PM
And then a euphemism is created for that one and it becomes offensive, and so on.
Looking at the “Most dangerous tags to answer” query, the tag with most downvotes is...
@Robusto: That's true, except for "blind" and "deaf". These continue to be used.
grammaticality! (how unsurprising)
And possibly mute as well.
@FX_ That can't be true. That tag has been added just a few days ago by nohat.
7:52 PM
But I think in certain circles people fall all over themselves to say "hearing-imparied" and "visually challenged" and the like.
[still reading backwards] @FX_, re: sportsmanship badge, dammit, I wanted to be the first person to get that. Still not there, and I'm not sure how to figure out how close (or far) I am.
Also, do you use a modified query? The one on DataExplorer only takes tags with 1000+ questions into account.
Is there any way to figure out something like that? I was wondering what percentage of my votes are for questions and what percentage are for answers.
@RegDwight: well, I used my tremendous knowledge of SQL queries to change that limit to 50 :)
@Kosmonaut You'd have to email the team, IIRC.
7:53 PM
Meh... not important enough for that :)
@FX_ That's what I was asking, which threshold you randomly picked.
@Robusto: These terms do exist, but "blind" and "deaf" never go away or become stigmatized in mainstream society
It's weird.
Yeah, me too, brb, have to call my wife.
Interesting: the Hungarian word for deaf (süket) is used as a derogatory word, but the word for blind (vak) is not.
(Well, apart from the usual "are you blind?" usages.)
(But those are still using "blind" according to its definition, not as a generic put-down.)
@Kosmonaut — Probably it has to do with all the classical literature references. I don't think there are any uses of "retarded" or "gay" in the King James Bible, for example, but plenty of blind and deaf references.

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