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3:45 AM
What happened to the link to moderator nominations. It seems to have disappeared.
@Robusto System messages last for up to 2 days—I'm not sure if it's 2 UTC calendar days (in which case, that's passed), or 48 hours (in which case, it was set to a shorter time period or manually deleted). You can still find it at english.stackexchange.com/election
4:51 AM
The nominations link is still there on meta.
5 hours later…
10:18 AM
@Robusto Déjà-vu all over again:
A: What influences up-votes most (aside from quality)?

Tom GullenRep is a big influence. I've posted a better formatted/detailed answer before anyone else, then a giant rep whale comes in afterwards and leaves a shorter less detailed answer which seems to generate more upvotes. Fig 1. The question asker and the rep beast conspiring against me. I thought ...

Oh, and here's Pekka with a scientific method:
A: Should rep be hidden until an answer is accepted?

PekkaThe bias of people upvoting high-rep answers regardless of quality is extremely hard to prove, but it does exist, no doubt. Only yesterday, I saw a high-rep user paste a completely unrelated and incorrect link as an answer (he was working on two questions at the same time) and in the two minute...

11:19 AM
@RegDwight: Sehr interessant.
But at this point it's probably too late for SO. That universe is experiencing inflation the way the actual universe is: its rate of expansion is actually accelerating. The Jon Skeet black hole would still keep sucking in votes at an ever-increasing rate. Actually, it's probably best to stay away from his event horizon.
Now, how's that for an artfully mixed metaphor. I can have my cake and eat it too.
Und so weiter.
Bon appétit, then. Actually, it just occurred to me that I have never checked out Jon's passive rep.
Once the DataExplorer is online again, I'll dive right in.
Speaking of appetite, I must tend mine. TTYL.
What I did check is how many questions we have in common, and it was zero. So I have been staying away from his cake horizon.
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
@RegDwight: Clean-up on your 2nd link text:
A: Is it "alright" or "allright"?

RegDwightWiktionary marks alright as an "alternative spelling" of all right, and allright as a "common misspelling" thereof. Merriam-Webster only has entries for alright and all right, and this usage discussion: The one-word spelling alright appeared some 75 years after all right itself had reappeared...

Strike that: make it your last link.
I really need to visit English.se more often.
What exactly is a "Copurs"? Is it anything like a "Corpus"? Enquiring minds want to know.
anyone know if nohat is gonna nominate himself?
@Benjol Are you guys getting into your moderator elections?
@Benjol — Well, if self-nomination involves throwing one's hat in the ring, I guess his name says it all ...
@RegDwight: I can't count this morning. Make that your penultimate link ...
/sigh ... need more coffee.
@RegDwight: I upvoted you in spite of the glaring typo. I was temporarily blinded by your massive 17.5K rep score ... it's ... sucking me in ... help!
[Disappears below @RegDwight's event horizon]
OK, screw it, I went ahead and edited it myself. You're welcome.
1:35 PM
Oops, thanks @Robusto, done.
Have to do some customer support, argh.
Customer support? Eeuwwww! I thought we had a rule against obscene language in chat.
Whoa, what, we edited it within 5 seconds of each other?
You can't speak in chat until you buy me a Coke.
Nah, 11 seconds.
Was confused by the wording, "1 minute" vs "55 seconds".
1:37 PM
A jinx, in popular superstition and folklore, is: * A type of curse placed on a person that makes them prey to many minor misfortunes and other forms of bad luck; * A person afflicted with a similar curse, who, while not directly subject to a series of misfortunes, seems to attract them to anyone in his vicinity. * An object/ person that brings bad luck. * A common slang term used when two people say the same thing at the same time, said as a game among children. The superstition can also be referenced when talking about a future event with too much confidence. A statement such as "We'...
I'll just ignore you, as usual, and continue rambling, as usual.
I thought it was 'Jynx'.
Shows how much I know.
Yes, I am familiar with jinx, thanks to @Martha.
Feb 9 at 16:34, by Martha
Anyhow, back to "supporting" "customers". BRB.
<= Still waiting for his soft drink.
I'm not entirely sure how to tag questions on this site, but I did my best.
1:43 PM
Gno-me gusta!
Q: Is there a specific name for a portmanteau of two alternative spellings?

GnomeSliceThis question came about in a discussion between myself and another user of the Gaming.SE chat after I linked in this chiptune track called An Eskimeau Experience Here is the gist of the discussion: It's either Eskimo or Esquimaux. Not a portmanteau of both. Eskimeau is a portmanteau o...

This question was rushed, and horribly asked, but whatever.
As my son liked to say, "You did your best? That's loser talk!"
I can pass it off as being a typical illiterate internet user.
Also, is that tagged correctly?
I'm not up on all of the terminology.
Q: Is EL&U becoming ESL?

BenjolMaybe it's just me, but I get the feeling we are seeing an increasing number of English language learner questions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but is it what we really want? Aren't we going to scare away (or just plain bore) the experts? Related question, (to which the accepted answer ...

Does anyone else think this is a potential problem, or is it just me?
@Benjol I can't say for sure because I'm hardly ever online here, but I can imagine that happening.
So I'd say potential problem, yes.
1:51 PM
@Benjol: I replied over on meta.
@Robusto, so I see :)
So what do you call it when you correct a typo in a comment just for the record immediately before deleting your own post?
@Robusto OCD.
Is it anal or pedantic? I wish @Martha was here to sort this out for me ...
Q: Synonyms for "anal retentive"

NifleI would like one or more synonyms for anal retentive. I was chatting last night in an mmorpg, and any message with the word anal was banned. I ended up talking about my canal retentive minus c guild-mate instead.

1:52 PM
@GnomeSlice: OCD works also.
@Robusto Anal was going to be my second choice, followed by pedantic.
yesterday, by Martha
Somewhere I have a button that says something like "I'm not anal, I'm a pedant. There's a difference. Let me explain it to you..."
@GnomeSlice: I responded to your dilemma about portmanteau.
@Robusto I'm softly drinking your soft drink right now. It's tasty!
1:58 PM
Bastard! That's mine!
BTW, @RegDwight, I'm wondering if you entirely understood the "cake and eat it" idiom from earlier this morning. I'll be surprised if you didn't, but the rumor is that you are human.
Even I understand having your steak, and eating it too.
@Benjol It's not just you. I've been worrying for quite a while that we might scare off nohat or Kosmonaut. And I am wondering if that's one of the reasons nohat doesn't run. Then again, he was rather active on AskAntimoon, where the questions were even more basic.
@Robusto I know the idiom, but if you're referring to some Jeopardy question or something, then I'm not up to date.
Still haven't watched a single Watson video.
@RegDwight — OK ... Nevermind then ... (^_^)
@Robusto Missed that, is that "you can't have your cake and eat it?"
Watson cheats. And what a huge flaming payola publicity stunt that Jeopardy challenge was.
IBM and Alex Trebek should be ashamed, but they're probably just counting their money right now.
2:04 PM
@RegDwight That's exactly what started me thinking. Why are mmyers and nohat no nominating themselves, are they getting bored? etc...
@Benjol — Yep
FWIW there's an equivalent in French "On ne peut pas avoir le beurre et l'argent du beurre" (you can't keep the butter and the money for the butter)
Yeah, the French have a pleonasm for everything, don't they?
@Robusto: have an upvote for your blowhard's prognostication, if only to counterbalance comments by people who don't click links.
Merci beaucoups, mon ami!
2:08 PM
@Benjol: mmyers has actually explained his reasons.
yesterday, by Michael Myers
Yeah, I really don't have time for it anymore. That's why I'm not running for mod.
Gaming.SE just finished it's moderator elections.
2 of our 3 pro-tem mods were re-elected.
One of them didn't run.
Well, that does explain why he didn't get re-elected.
It almost doesn't.
The community was quite upset.
@RegDwight ok, that's fair enough. I'm tempted to run, but I'm currently trying to cut down my consumption. (Unsuccessfully, as you can tell by my presence here!)
Yeah, Benjol, this is a huge black hole of cakes here.
Or something.
2:11 PM
Robusto can explain in greater detail. If he cares. Which he doesn't.
Technically speaking, @RegDwight, I don't give a fuck.
But I don't want to confuse you with programming jargon.
Yeah, that's quite technical indeed. I'd have to get an expert to help.
Whom ares starring I? Stopit!
Here's a site that will help.
How is a site titled "worse than failure" supposed to be helping me with anything?
2:21 PM
You're such a Polyanna.
He's got a cuuuuuuute gravatar.
Pollyanna is a best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter that is now considered a classic of children's literature, with the title character's name becoming a popular term for someone with the same optimistic outlook. The book was such a success, that Porter soon produced a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915). Eleven more Pollyanna sequels, known as "Glad Books", were later published, most of them written by Elizabeth Borton or Harriet Lummis Smith. Further sequels followed, including Pollyanna Plays the Game by Colleen L. Reece, published in 1997. Pollyanna has been adapted for film ...
Meh, misspelled Pollyanna ... or did *?
@Robusto Which way is it supposed to be spelled?
Left to right, for the most part.
Oh, ok.
I'll keep that in mind.
2:23 PM
I'm here to help.
Well, given my bloody proclivity for protean, near-Joycean multi-lingual word amalgamations, you can never really be sure I made a type O.
This is one of the few places on the internet where I don't feel smarter than everyone else. I love it.
@Robusto Quoting Ex-user, Gibblegobble burtasyub nicetrump.
@RegDwight — Ex-user was just being pedantic. He tended to over-explain things. Maybe that's why he left.
Well, that's not the reason he gave.
Q: Is "might could" a correct construction?

Doug T.I have a friend from the southern US who uses the phrase "might could" quite often. He'll say, for example: I might could do that this weekend. When I first heard him say this it made me do a double take. I wasn't sure, though, if its incorrect or correct but just not idiomatic outside the...

2:27 PM
@RegDwight — Yeah, and every CEO and government official resigns "to spend more time with his family."
Then again,
Feb 9 at 11:37, by kiamlaluno
He just got an excuse. ;-)
Or maybe he misspelled his nickname. Maybe it was supposed to be spelled Xuser and pronounced "Christuser"?
Maybe X is some new type of hallucinogenic.
And we should all be buying that shit up.
He misspelled his name several times. Had to change it twice.
Not new.
And still wound up with an epic fail. Oh well ...
2:31 PM
Just like Anderson Silva.
Sorry, didn't mean to point fingers.
And SirRegDwight, who came out as Alex just a few days ago.
See my comment here:
Q: Feature: a nice way to discourage frequently asked and just as frequently dismissed questions.

cbrandolinoThere are some particular questions that are asked at least once a day on Stack Overflow. They're well-posed questions about trying to solve problems nobody should solve (great example: "How do I get this HTML DOM element with regular expressions?"). Obviously, all the interaction will be in th...

Heh. Grace Note is one of the Gaming.SE mods.
I thought Grace Note used the nick apoggiatura. Wanted more emphasis, i guess.
Now that is a nice word.
2:36 PM
@Robusto But that's not what a grace note is.
Hooray, DataExplorer's back up! Brb.
@GnomeSlice: Hence the "more emphasis" ...
@Robusto Blah, I missed that part. Ignore me, I'm an idiot.
Actually, when I was at the conservatory if someone missed a note and quickly moved to the right note in tempo, as if the wrong note was intentional, we called that an approximatura.
Interestingly, in German, Vorschlag also means "suggestion", while Nachschlag also means "more food".
2:42 PM
@Robusto, not sure conservatory translates, checking..
Germans like everything mit Schlag ...
Especially cream.
Als Sahne, Rahm oder Obers (in Teilen Österreichs) wird der fetthaltige Teil der Milch bezeichnet, der sich beim Stehenlassen von Rohmilch natürlich absetzt. Die Bezeichnungen für Sahne sind regional unterschiedlich und werden zum Teil auch nicht einheitlich verwendet. Neben der grundsätzlichen Unterscheidung von ungesäuerter und gesäuerter Sahne gibt es eine Reihe weiterer Sahneprodukte, wie Schmand oder Crème fraîche, die sich vor allem in ihrem Fettgehalt unterscheiden. Herstellung von Sahne Sahne oder Rahm entsteht durch Aufrahmen der Milch. Hierbei steigen die in der Milch enthal...
As a joke I ordered French Fries mit Schlag and they gave it to me.
@Robusto dratted double correction :( I know conservatoire is used in French, conservatory less-so in English, so I end up reverse correcting my English, believing it's a faux ami ...
Yeah, well, come on and give it up for approximatura. I thought that was at least a little bit funny.
If you people keep ignoring my jokes I'm going to give up in about two or three hours and go away.
2:45 PM
@Robusto, there there, have a star. :)
You could save your efforts and stop right now if you like :D
No star necessary. Just a simple inline acknowledgement will do, tyvm.
@Robusto I did, I just figured it would seem odd acknowledging it so late.
wonders whether to remove his star, not sure it was worth two :)
In that case it was an ex post astro ... if anything should have been acknowledged it was the earlier mention, not the pitiful whining plea for recognition.
Back. OMG. Next time I will think twice before researching Jon Skeet.
He's got tons of questions getting him 1000+ passive rep.
2:50 PM
@Robusto That was deliberate slyness on my part, starring the joke and the whine :)
@RegDwight Yup, he could stop today and stay at the top for a while. It's called rep-farming ;)
I think that's what we call passive aggressive, no?
@RegDwight — He's the black hole of SO, as I said before. Don't go near his replies or you'll be sucked below his event horizon.
His accretion disc alone is blinding.
Uh, we use vowels around here, @Mana. You should check the FAQ.
@Robusto He's got an 'e', take it easy.
Oh man. Flagged already. shakes head
2:53 PM
Now I feel kind of bad. Gaming is invading EL&U. :/
Whom is flagging who?
Nothing is irretrievably broken. Just go to the FAQ, fill out the form, and mail me $500.
@Robusto Don't you mean 'irreparably'?
Although, retrieving broken things sounds like fun.
@Gnome I feel honored that you would associate the entirety of Gaming.SE with my 'umble self.
Guys/gals, I'm outta here, (@Robusto, you can start your jokes again :)
2:54 PM
Interestingly enough, I can't flag my own posts. BUG REPORT!!!!
@Mana No, I was talking about me.
@Gnome Oh.
@Benjol: CYA, and I never stopped.
Uh-oh, it's Martha. Quick, hide the goat.
So uh. Those jokes. Hah.
Yeah. Well, what can I say? My knuckles are raw and bleeding.
3:07 PM
channels Sylvia Plath Like my heart.
Awkward dead turtle face.
Sniff. They don't like me, they hid the goat.
Don't worry, Martha, I'm caressing the goat as we speak.
Him is fine.
Hey yo, this ain't Reddit!
But...I couldn't think of any better way to react.
3:11 PM
Feb 14 at 10:42, by RegDwight
I wonder what language uses ಠ.
@RegDwight — Awww, that's adorable. Till Eulenspiegel gave himself a Valentine's Day present.
@Martha We are not yet able to translate from Kannada into English. ~Google Translate.
We are not yet able to translate, period.
3:13 PM
The language detection usually gets it right though.
The language I mean.
Feb 14 at 13:46, by RegDwight
"Well, that again. But I'm supposed to slow."
Not necessarily the translation.
Laying the hand to the google translate man. d.
I'm betting Watson goes epic fail if someone expects it to translate natural language into other natural language.
3:14 PM
People just need to use Google Translate (and other machine translators) correctly: their purpose is to translate from a language you don't know to a language you do know.
Well, @Martha, they fail at that as well.
@Martha How else do you use it?
They can usually give you a rough idea of the subject.
@GnomeSlice: the other way around
Yeah, with all the nuance planed off.
3:15 PM
but it sucks equally at both
@Martha: I'm repeating myself, but:
Feb 14 at 13:46, by RegDwight
"Well, that again. But I'm supposed to slow."
@GnomeSlice, if you're a newbie on Yahoo Answers, apparently you use it to translate from English into a cool-sounding language so you can get the result tattoooed on your body.
@Martha Bahaha!
Google Translate does a fair job of translating single words and very short, non-idiomatic phrases.
3:16 PM
Oh man, Yahoo Answers.
A man can dream.
I actually participate in Y!A.
@Martha You're my hero.
Thus, women can dream, too.
I have a couple of saved searches for things like Hungarian translation requests.
3:17 PM
Hey, I have a joke I'm sure you're all going to appreciate.
Yahoo Answers.
Har har...
Sorry, can't post, too busy laughing in Hungarian.
My mother is Hungarian. I never learned any myself.
Neither did she, come to think of it.
@Gnome really?! I feel like I know so little about you now.
Now everything makes sense.
3:19 PM
@Mana Well, she knows like Hello and stuff. Both of my maternal grandparents were Hungarian, but she was born in Canada.
My first language was Hungarian, even though I was born in California.
Q: SkeetStalker - Get to unanswered questions before Jon Skeet!

Catchwa Screenshots Main Page Supports all StackExchange sites via StackAuth Search for users on any site to stalk About I created this for fun and for a chance to play around with GWT & Google's App Engine. It's a tongue-in-cheek application to give people, who are sick of Jon Skeet and...

But, seriously, how is a machine ever going to translate longer passages including words like just from English or doch from German?
My maternal grandfather was Hungarian.
I have a strictly EL&U question: shouldn't we really edit the title of Does “ugg” mean “made in China”??
Even a human can't reliably translate а from Russian.
3:20 PM
it doesn't actually describe the question very well
I thought it was only here in eastern Pennsylvania that everyone and his neighbor has Hungarian ancestry.
Well, have you been to Hungary?
but I don't know how far we are supposed to push in editing other people’s questions, so I refrained from doing it
The ugg question sounded like trolling so I ignored it.
3:21 PM
Martha is off to Hungary, to check.
Or maybe she's going to stop in the neighborhood and Czech.
I actually have edited the title. Whatcha not liking?
Looks fine to me.
that the current incatation of the question and answers has nothing to do with China at all
I mean, wouldn't it be more useful at later times if it was titled “*What's the meaning of “ugg”?*”
Robusto, do you see that suggested edit? I can't make head or tails of it.
3:24 PM
I don't know. Maybe it got deleted? I click on the link and there's no question.
It's a tag wiki edit.
@FX_ You do have a point, I suppose... I dunno, really.
Sorry, stupid work interfering with chat. Where were we?
In Hungary!
@RegDwight, yes, I've been to Hungary multiple times. We're contemplating a trip sometime this spring to introduce my niece to her relatives.
3:30 PM
hey, I can play too!
[Cue Liszt's Transcendental Etudes ...]
That was actually back in... October? I think. She's even cuter now. Even when she refuses to sleep through the night.
I went ahead and rejected the edit and edited the title as FX_ suggested.
3:31 PM
Careful, we're all gonna go into sugar comas at this rate!
Is he conducting?
Seriously, baby pictures? That's fighting dirty.
He certainly looks like he's conducting. That's a definite downbeat with the left hand.
@RegDwight: he's 10 days old today, and I prefer him conducting in his sleep than “singing” awake :)
@Robusto, well, you hid the goat, so we needed some other way to amuse ourselves.
3:34 PM
The goat is right here! Being caressed as we speak!
Gotta go. Laterz.
Damn, I shouldn't be posting on the main site while chatting while checking MSO while working. I start churning out answers that are the exact opposite of correct. AAAAAAHHHHHH.
3:49 PM
Oh, and BTW, I still have the tab with the SkeetStalker open, and I must say that I have found a much easier way to "Get to unanswered questions before Jon Skeet!"
No app required.
4:11 PM
@Robusto: you blow your cover by at-mentioning me. Just sayin'.
4:24 PM
@Kosmonaut: are you here?
Check out the comments here:
Q: Language-agnostic linguistics questions

TimIs EL&U the right place to ask linguistic questions that do not pertain to any specific language? E.g. questions on grammar that is shared by most every language.

This should have been closed:
Q: Are word classes universal?

Jacky AlcineI'm working on an application that takes a special database of words and its word class and determines the such from a given sentence. I'm now working to see if word classes that are found in English are found in other non-European languages. If not, how would do you define word classes for Pacif...

It's the first time I'm seeing that question
I've seen it before, but I don't actually remember if I cast a vote and it aged away or if I just chickened out.
You did cast a vote — for some reason it didn't show up until I clicked to close it myself, strangely.
4:27 PM
... and as a matter of fact, there is a 7-day old close vote. Still not sure if it's mine.
Nah, that one I just cast a few seconds ago!
In related news:
Q: Improve vocabulary

chanchal1987What is the shortest and easiest way to improve vocabulary skills. I am not interested to read words from the dictionary one by one.

And this:
Q: How can one optimize English vocabulary acquisition by taking the Hermann Ebbinghaus forgetting curve ideas and applying them?

Forkrul AssailHow would one optimize the number of repetitions required for vocabulary acquisition and retention by taking the forgetting curve (link text) into account? Does anyone here use Mnemosyne, Anki or SuperMemo? [Can't post more than 1 link initially] And do you know of any similar systems (not spec...

Ah, I see
The last one flies so much over my head, I have no idea.
Jeez, forgetting curve?
This is a cognitive science question I think...
I can't even begin to start spelling Ebbinghaus correctly...
@Kosmonaut Draw up an MS paint diagram.
Make sure you get some doodles in there.
4:32 PM
Gosh, it's that late already?.. gotta go home, TTYL.
No, it's not even lunchtime!
But ok.
Man, I always forget how to use colons/semicolons.
5:11 PM
Back to business!
@Kosmonaut: a few days ago questions started getting (re-)tagged with "what-do-you-call". I don't see how it's at all different from "single-word-requests" (which I already had to defend on meta against nohat and Jeff, no less). In fact, 12 out of the 15 questions are tagged with both. So I proposed a tag synonym. Please have a look and tell me what you think.
1 hour later…
6:19 PM
@RegDwight — Sometimes I'm just too busy for chat, but I still have to compile, and so still have down time.
Hi all. If you're interested in languages, maybe you'd be interested in following my proposed French language stack exchange site. :-) It's at area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/29480/french-language
@Jez: We all eat Freedom Fries here.
Well, I eat papas fritas.
Does papa ever get mad?
Sometimes he gets pretty salty.
6:24 PM
Wait, is that an admission of cannibalism?
:This article is about the band. For the food, see French fries. Papas Fritas is an indie-pop US band. Formed in Massachusetts in 1992 by two friends, who were soon joined by another member on bass. The band's name is Spanish for French fries, and is also a pun on the phrase Pop Has Freed Us, which is also the title of their 2003 retrospective album. During their formative years the band performed for fun around Tufts University while they attended as undergraduates. They were eventually picked up by Sunday Driver records and soon released a 7-inch EP titled Friday night. Their EP received...
What is a suitable expletive to call out every time I hear someone using the indicative instead of the subjunctive?
Generally, in the UK, you can predict it's gonna happen whenever someone begins a sentence, "It is important..."
It is important that people are kind.
It is important that the government keeps its promise.
It is important that the man is fired.
How about "Oh, my word!"
What's your verdict on the "what-do-you-call" tag, @Kosmonaut? Or should I take it to meta? (Tomorrow, too lazy today.)
I just got back on here about 10 minutes ago.
I have only clicked on your link at this point.
Ah okay.
In the mean time, halp!
Q: Best Book/Website for English Fluency / Proficiency

Mary Joy PascualGood day! Can you recommend a book/website where I can develop better my english proficiency and fluency. My accent is terrible and when I speak in English I stammer a lot. I cannot afford to take any English lessons so I rely on books/websites a lot. Thank you.

6:35 PM
Yeah, it looks like a fairly useless tag
Freaking mods. I was just about to vote to close, but @Kosmonaut's sledgehammer had already come crashing down.
Don't laugh. You'll soon have a sledgehammer of your own.
@Robusto: but it's still not too late to have a look at this:
Q: What is somebody who comments on a stack exchange post called?

slotishtypeHey all, I have exhausted the thesaurus. What would I call somebody who comments on a stack exchange post? A commenter? Any suggestions? This is a follow up to "http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/12999/what-do-you-call-somebody-who-asks-a-question-and-somebody-who-answers-a-question"

Everything's a dupe of everything there.
6:39 PM
I guess there won't be any more people running for the mod position?
@RegDwight: This is more descriptive of your style:
I sure hope there will be a few more. @Martha, @nohat, cummon!
I'm down wid it.
I would support either one.
I think we should draft @Martha for moderator.
At least so we could finally show her where we keep the goat.
6:42 PM
I assume nohat has thought this through, since he is already a temporary mod, and if he were interested he would already be there.
@Robusto That one's not bad, but my all-time favorite is probably "Steam".
And don't you dare link to steampunk yet again.
5 hours ago, by Robusto
@Benjol — Well, if self-nomination involves throwing one's hat in the ring, I guess his name says it all ...
@RegDwight — You're getting faster, damn you.
I need to bookmark the Steampunk link so it's there when I need it at a moment's notice.
Feb 14 at 15:46, by RegDwight
No matter how fast I type, I can't type faster than I type, so my stuff always ends up chronological.
If you type fast enough you go through one of these ...
In physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, a "shortcut" through spacetime. For a simple visual explanation of a wormhole, consider spacetime visualized as a two-dimensional (2D) surface. If this surface is folded along a third dimension, it allows one to picture a wormhole "bridge". (Please note, though, that this is merely a visualization displayed to convey an essentially unvisualisable structure existing in 4 or more dimensions. The parts of the wormhole could be higher-dimensional analogues for the parts of the curved 2D sur...
Bookmark or not, I think I can type the URL faster.
Okay, so we've had black holes, event horizons, a bok globule, and now this. Where's this madness gonna stop at?
6:49 PM
@RegDwight — Not if I use an Einstein-Rosen bridge ... I'll go back in time and make my entry before your feeble fingers can tap out their enslavement to the present space-time continuum.
I've burnt all the Einstein-Rosen bridges behind me.
And I suppose if particles would stop popping into and out of existence so randomly, all this madness would stop.
You burn yours? I just fall off mine.
6:52 PM
@RegDwight — hahaha ... yes, that's a good one.
In fact, it's patently absurd.
Thwack on behalf of you-know-who.
I was expecting that and was already cringing.
I've Been Expecting You is the second album by Robbie Williams. The most successful singles from it were "Millennium" and "She's the One". The album was one of the best selling albums in the UK from 1998–1999 and to date has sold over 2.5 million in the UK alone making it Williams best selling UK album. It sold a total of 5 million copies in Europe, as confirmed by the IFPI . I've Been Expecting You was ranked 91st in a 2005 survey held by British television's Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time. Williams and Chambers started the writing process of the album in Jama...
Okay, Watson, stop promoting your 2nd and 3rd results to the top spot.
I sometimes wonder if you could pass a Turing test, @RegDwight. I'm just saying ...
I'm just stream-of-consciousnessing. Or should that be streaming of consciousness?
6:56 PM
No, what you're doing is turning an interior monologue into an external one. You're not supposed to do that.
It's considered bad form.
Meanwhile, gotta get some food in me. TTYL.
Okay. Then I'll just point out that Elton John would certainly pass a Turing test. Nudge, nudge.
I'm going stir-crazy.
I've been sitting in this lab for 6 hours.
Still 1 more to go.
No sledgehammers around?
Unfortunately not.
Build yourself one!
6:59 PM
It's a media lab. There are literally no raw materials on hand.
Use your imagination, you've got a whole freaking hour.

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