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12:04 AM
@Ash :( i hope that the strike is over soon. that sounds terrible to deal with
not sure if biking would be feasible. it would definitely be cheaper, but would take a lot longer. also its probably still really cold given that canada actually has winters
Speaking of biking, I was looking at bikes over lunch today and test rode one. It was felt really nice but damn, bikes get expensive.
@Yuuki they do. i want to get a new bike, but im not sure what type
my last one was like 100$ mountain bike, and it worked fairly well, but it was really heavy. it did have the advantage of kevlar reinforced tires and self patching tires though
I didn't see a single bike in this store for less than $400.
I'm thinking I might shop elsewhere because that's definitely a specialty place.
i havent checked prices locally yet, but id suspect theyd be similar. the area i live in is really big on biking, and there are a lot of serious bikers here, so all the shops are probably higher end bikes
12:27 AM
Q: Continuing downloads on Steam

Doug MacGregorI purchased Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege a while ago and I was waiting for a good time to download it so I wouldn't go over my monthly quota. So earlier this month I started downloading it but had to stop after 35GB, with about 40GB remaining. Then I finished my new build (Ryzen R7 2700X) and s...

1:08 AM
Q: minecraft forge 1.12.2 time out, port cannot be reached

whatamidoingwithmylifeI have ran into a weird problem. I have ubuntu server which hosts vanilla minecraft server on 1.15.1. Everything works fine, port 25565 is forwarded, dynamic dns is pointing to my server, players join using the dynamic-dns service ip. Now I wanted to host rlcraft server. Using forge 1.12.2, ser...

1:35 AM
I have become 2.5% damage/accuracy bonus and 6 prayer bonus more powerful
And I look cooler and more like I'm good at the game
I'm not good at the game but it's important to look that way
Q: What did you guys like about the “Warriors” animation from league of legends?

Jayla SpearmanI just wanna know y’all’s thoughts on it. I thought it was great.

@Unionhawk change the grey to blue and you look like Arturia, enough to make you look pro at sword
2:26 AM
I think it's not even a max hit over regular void or my calculator is wrong I can't tell which
Actually no it's marginally better as a ranging pot fades out
And a max hit unpotted
2:49 AM
Q: Looking for this type of game:

user8980526I am looking for a specific type of game, not like a name but like an idea of titles. I am wanting to play a RTS that is like AoE but has more thinking aspects to it but has the design of AoE like building and stuff like that but I want a more logical aspect to it, not like Paradox games but more...

3:10 AM
Q: How can I filter out or remove achievements sceenshots?

arghtypePS4 takes screenshot for every achievement I get. Because of that my Capture Gallery is cluttered with these useless screenshots (some of them are memorable black screens). How can I see only screenshots that I took? Is it possible to filter our or drop all achievements screenshots?

@Dragonrage its not feasible much because the roads I have to take are a) 4 lanes of very busy traffic with no bike lanes b) winter
@Ash :(
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4:33 AM
Q: (ComputerCraft) Squeegie Program (Using Thirsty Turtle from PeripheralsPlusOne)

YawrfHey y'all first time using lua in years, and highly inexperienced in it in the first place. I wrote this program to go down a BuildCraft Quarry hole in the nether and remove lava as it finds it, but as I'm inexperienced, I'm getting issues and need help. Code: local left = true local descended...

2 hours later…
6:08 AM
> Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 & Yakuza 5 on 2 Discs
curious how that is split
6:55 AM
Q: Keyboard on PS4 through PSTV remote play

They call me S11N for a reasonI have a PSTV (or VitaTV, depending on where you're from) that i solely use for remote play with my PS4. The PSTV is of course by my TV, the PS4 is in the cellar. PS4 uses a Powerline adapter for a steadier connection, PSTV is connected via LAN as well. So now i want to use a keyboard for chatt...

3 hours later…
9:58 AM
Q: Connection failure

user243272when I connect my 360 with AV cables I do have a picture but using an HDMI cable it doesn't show I even tried different ports and changed cables but I always get the same results, Please help

10:38 AM
Q: Can I use Hammer of Fighting without sufficient Dark Elixir?

Lester MendozaI have a Hammer of Fighting that I want to use, but I don't have enough storage. My Dark Elixer storage is only 240,000, but my Bowler troop that I want to upgrade has a storage of 280,000. Would it work if I use Hammer of Fighting without enough Dark Elixer storage?

Q: StackExchange just rude for no reason?

maniparabI've noticed that any time I post a question, it gets immediately down voted to 0 or below. I see that with almost every post that gets posted there, they also get down voted immediately. Spare me the lecture about there being re-posts of questions that have already been asked, I already underst...

Q: Joining GTA V online error

KerkAfter starting GTA V (Xbox one) and after choosing play online I get this message on the screen: "Could not download files from the rockstar games service to play gta online" , after accepting it it starts to load online again but same message appears. It appeared from one day to an other and can...

Q: Are hardware settings on-topic?

David YellI would like to ask about nVidia GPU's, G-Sync monitors and in-game framerate capping. In this instance, specifically for Destiny 2. I've had a read of Superuser on-topic advise, and it prohibits video game questions. However it would be relevant as a hardware specific question. Then on the oth...

You know something is really trending when a badly written version of the hashtag is also trending
I love how the media somehow manages to create mass panic when there's a new "supervirus" in a densely populated area. And meanwhile the common cold is still pretty much the deadliest virus out there but hey whatever... nobody cares about that, right?
11:17 AM
@Jutschge People die of common colds? Every time I had a common cold, it was just about a week of sniffling and feeling miserable and then it's over
@Jutschge not confusing the cold with the flu there are you?
oh right, that's probably it
also a bit of a difference, from my understanding there is no vaccine for the corona virus yet so you get it, it's a gamble if you live or die. with the flu we have vaccines to help us and other remedies for if those fail
granted though we may have been desensitised to how bad the flu can get thanks to the vaccines. i know there are some idiots who think that because they have the Flu Shot they wont get it no matter what but it's not making you immune
1 hour later…
12:32 PM
@Memor-X eh yeah lost in translation again
Altered Carbon season 2 next month!
@GnomeSlice Nice, finally.
Honestly I just assumed it would end there
Must be new characters?
I think the same character but a new actor.
Given the plot.
Oh yeah possibly
I guess he's still trying to find a way to bring back.. uh...?
Been a while
12:37 PM
Yeah, I don't exactly remember.
Netflix sometimes has recaps that you can watch before a new season.
Hopefully they do that for this.
I remember like about her just not her name
Stack inventor lady
I think that might be the only important bit going into next season
The series is based on a book series, and the first season only covered the first book IIRC.
Everything with his sister and Poe seemed pretty well wrapped up
Hm I didn't know there was more than one book
Well I'm stoked either way if it's gonna be as good as season 1
One of the best shows I watched in recent years imo
12:55 PM
> Paladin: So WHY has no one killed this Lich?

Wizard: Great question! Her phylactery is the ONLY copy of the perfect Ravenloft video-game: equal parts Symphony of the Night, Planescape: Torment & Silent Hill 2.


Paladin: Crap.

1:07 PM
I don't get it
@GnomeSlice do you know what a Lich's phylactery is in D&D?
(and probably Pathfinder and other tabletop RPGs as well)
If you don't: Essentially, a Lich is immortal as long as their phylactery isn't destroyed. Even if a Lich totally gets desintegrated, it can come back to life from the phylactery.
In this case, the joke is that no one wants to destroy the phylactery because it would mean destroying a priceless object
At least to the extent a video game can be considered priceless
That joke is weeeeaaakk. BRING ON @Yuuki! KING OF JOKES!
Except pretend they're saying @Yuuki instead
also this gif because it's so terrible:
It's two frames. Why would someone even make this.
@Wipqozn Probably jerrypandering
@Nzall Not sure what that means
I'm not familiar with the Jerry Springer show, outside of the fact it's one of those shows that just makes money off shaming poor people and minorities.
@Wipqozn It's a pun on Gerrymandering, using the words Jerry (the name you used) and Pandering (as in pandering to minorities)
So someone made that gif to pander to Jerry
Yuuki doesn't have a monopoly on bad puns
1:17 PM
No, but he's the KING of them. THE KING.
1:49 PM
@Wipqozn I see it more as a show that gives a public platform to people who just really want to air their dirty laundry for some reason
2:02 PM
Q: StackExchange just rude for no reason?

maniparabI've noticed that any time I post a question, it gets immediately down voted to 0 or below. I see that with almost every post that gets posted there, they also get down voted immediately. Spare me the lecture about there being re-posts of questions that have already been asked, I already underst...

2:42 PM
Q: Incapacitating Dahl Quest

KaizerwolfTowards the end of the game, you can incapacitate Dahl instead of outright killing him. This opens up an option to leave the station, as well as allow for any crew members you've saved to leave. I'm a little confused on the events here. I went with the following ending, so keep this in mind: ...

2:57 PM
@Nzall Yeah, they're good pans, nsull
@Yuuki are you calling me a sul?
@Nzall I feel like that should be a compliment, calling you an all-powerful star dragon that created the cosmos.
Dutch profanity can be divided into several categories. Often, the words used in profanity by speakers of Dutch are based around various names for diseases. In many cases, these words have evolved into slang, and many euphemisms for diseases are in common use.Additionally, a substantial number of curse words in the Dutch language are references to sexual acts, genitalia, or bodily functions. Religious curse words also make up a considerable part of the Dutch profanity vocabulary. Aside from these categories, the Dutch language has many words that are only used for animals; these words are insulting...
Sul is a dutch insult meaning dork
Brb calling my friend a "scrotum violin"
And A Sol (Aurelion Sol) is a character from League of Legends that is the aforementioned thing.
3:02 PM
Q: Are the damage supers worth it?

K00lmanI was playing co-op Cuphead with a friend of mine, and we were playing the first plane stage (Threatenin' Zeppelin). I was using each EX attack one at a time, while my friend was saving it all up for the super attack, as we did not know which one was more efficient. Of any of the super attacks (e...

Anyways, the real reason why no one's killed that lich is because typedef struct able { bool myPhylactery; };.
@GnomeSlice @Wipqozn uses the Bridge to air his dirty laundry
@SaintWacko Mostly just his socks.
3:48 PM
user image
@Yuuki hue
Having not looked at the post (and rules), I'm guessing Screenshot of the Week is reserved for your own screenshots, right?
@Yuuki yeah there's a deleted post about it even afaik
do deleted posts count as rule?
Eeeh... Deleted as in: sombody posted non OC and it was deleted with the comments discussing it
3:55 PM
Ya I can see it asked before clicking lol
@Yuuki Does it actually have to be taken this week?
@SaintWacko I don't think so?
@SaintWacko My thought is no, especially for this one
it's potentially hard to make weird stuff happen within a week
I have some real good ones from mad max on ps4 but theyre a few years old now
oo wait glitches and bugs
word lol
ugh, i've got two screenshots i want to post and i don't know which one
3:57 PM
Apparently at some point in the past I uploaded like 500 screenshots from rooks keep
wish there was an easy way to get rid of them in a batch
I wish I still had my screenshot of the Cloudburst tank being stuck in the GCPD basement
wow I have a lot from skydrift too
Hmm I still have some screenshots lurking around somewhere on my pc... no recent ones though
Okay, so which one do you guys think I should post: one from Fallout 4 of a glowing mirelurk missing their entire body yet still over half health or one from Fallout: New Vegas where it turns out that the ending montage is literally you standing in the room with the montage on a black screen in front of you (I somehow glitched into third-person while the ending played)?
I like the second one lol
4:11 PM
Oh joy, Digital Homicide is back...
kinda wanna post but also not really a bug
Cool new apparent feature of my work computer: YouTube videos never actually load and play.
Just spinning gray loading animation forever.
I wonder if they'd work in Firefox.
@InvaderSkoodge Forward thinking
4:48 PM
@SaintWacko Accurate
urgh fucking somebody just killed me out in teh wilderness for no reason in dayz
Didn't even see him, heard a few shots far away must have been sniping
hope he likes shotguns
I had a ton of buckshot and slugs
TIL people still play Dayz
Did the stand alone version ever get better than the mod?
I dunno never played the mod
my buddy bought me this a month or two ago
I'm still pretty new, I haven't killed anyone with firearms yet for example
but I also dont go around shooting at everyone I see
That's why I don't like public servers. I play 7 Days To Die with my friends, which is similar to DayZ, but we play on a private server so it's literally just us vs. zombies.
And maybe it's our settings, but that's already difficult enough as it is without having to worry about someone destroying our base and looting everything because we went on a week-long hiatus.
I actually really like the public interaction
but some guy sniping randoms for no reason is meh
it's one thing to engage people in the 'pvp areas' so to speak, the military bases, airfield etc
I was in the middle of nowhere towards the spawn area of the map
at least he didnt get my pepsi
5:45 PM
Q: Crashing EVERY time

Amir HosseinIt started about last month and I don't know if it's because of my mods that I have installed or what. my game crashes every time after about playing for 30 minutes.so can someone take a look at this log and say what's wrong with my game!!!Also this is my BOSS log.I just realized that when I fast...

6:03 PM
@Lazers2.0 Yep, this is a repost because the previous question was closed
Q: What are the video game references in these books?

Lamprey Says Trans RightsI saw this screenshot of a bookcase from the upcoming DOOM Eternal being passed around on a Discord I frequent recently (numbers added by me): Clearly, each book is a shout-out to another video game - I can recognize several of the references, but not all of them, and it's left me curious what...

@Lazers2.0 >:|
Didn't we ban these types of list ID questions? I vaguely remember a meta discussion about it.
6:18 PM
@MageXy Unbounded list questions were banned. I'm not sure about this type.
This is a puzzle, and last time I checked puzzles were off-topic
@Wrigglenite huh?
Q: Gaming 'Puzzle' Questions

Bob2ChivRecently (and in the past), there have been questions about gaming related puzzles. Things such as the following (I don't think this is an exhaustive list): What's the name of these games? Which games do the 'K' and 'U' come from in this logo ensemble? Puzzle - Gears of War Cheating/Nintendo Pu...

The fact that the question got tagged as game identification makes me scratch my head
At least this one is slightly less arbitrary than "I found a thing on reddit that some random reddit user made", but only slightly
I think this isn't exactly like those puzzle questions because the "puzzle" itself is in a game
6:25 PM
I don't think it's really a puzzle question. Those "puzzles" are artificially created by cropping out other identifying marks. The new question is more of a trivia/reference question about easter eggs, which I think is fine?
@MageXy This is my perspective as well.
I'm trying to find the meta discussion I mentioned earlier but if I can't find it/it doesn't exist, I'm fine with leaving the question open.
Doom Eternal is also scheduled to release 3/20/20 which also makes this fun
overall >:|
Another thing, am I the only one bothered by the fact that about half of the answer is in the question?
@murgatroid99 At least they've done some research beforehand? :P
6:31 PM
@murgatroid99 I mean, I would have answered while asking, making the answer CW, but that's just me.
@MBraedley That's probably the correct way to do it. (CW optional)
@MageXy Is this not a puzzle?
I mean, it's found in a highly anticipated game, but it's still a game identification puzzle with no visual artifacts
If anything, it's worse in that regard than cropped images
I guess I don't really see it as such. It's similar, sure, but I think the core of the question is about what each book is referencing, like an easter egg.
In fact, I've seen puzzles exactly like this over on Puzzling.SE
They're riddles
All I ask is that we're consistent, and not just allow this one question because it's about a game that people like
It's definitely a kind of puzzle/trivia, but I still think it's slightly distinct from the reddit ones because it appears in a game (unless I'm missing another "appears in a game" example that we destroyed)
6:43 PM
I think I actually agree with you now that it's game identification. It's literally "what game is this" 17 times
Yeah, I can see that.
Then again, this is a screenshot from a [soon to be released] game, so it does kinda have a valid artifact?
A screenshot of a list of "what game is this" hints is not a valid artifact
The artifact has to be from the game you're trying to identify
It has to be an artifact that people can reasonably assume references a game and not some other media. Doesn't have to be from the game itself.
I'm pretty sure it does
It has to be from a game or, at best, official art of that game
Well that's not quite true
We do allow fanart when it's reasonable that it's of a video game
(and that's the tricky part)
But those books are not from the games they're referencing
6:51 PM
We wouldn't even need to be discussing this if we just banned all questions
The fact that they're books, or the fact that they're found in a game, doesn't mean much
@Wipqozn Or at least all game identification questions
I could ask the same question without the screenshot, with the same information
It's a list of hints
It's game identification without an artifact to me
@Wrigglenite Being in a game makes a difference. Not saying it shouldn't still be off topic, but something being in a game vs just not a game is a different, given our topic.
@murgatroid99 I'm all for this tbh. Either don't allow any, or allow them all.
Currently we have to re-discuss every time an edge case comes along, and that's quite often
6:54 PM
Yeah, it is annoying needing to keep deciding where we draw the line
I'd certainly be fine with it, but the community overall seems supportive of the exception
I just hate that we have this overly complex rules surface. It creates a lot of feel bad moments of people not really understanding why their question was closed, or why one was closed and another is open.
The rule is pretty simple
Do you have something we can see or hear that comes from that game?
In this case, the answer is no
Unless you're trying to identify the game the books are from
@Wrigglenite My point is that we have this rule like "you can ask questions about this topic, but this subset is disallowed, but this specific subset of that subset is OK"
And as this conversation demonstrated, neither of those subset boundaries is entirely clearly defined
yeah ID is often in a weird place
This one is, I think, more simple
relatively speaking anyway, we're not in any "I promise this is from a game" or "this may or may not be a game" weeds
Yeah this case seems pretty clear to me
7:08 PM
Blame this one for the confusion:
Q: "Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called." A plea for sanity

LessPop_MoreFizzidentify-this-game was a Bad Tag. It was applied to Bad Questions. It is gone forever, and I could not be happier. But it appears, that we have been throwing some babies out with our admittedly filthy bathwater. So, before I move on, I want to talk for a second about why identify-this-game is b...

That was posted shortly after ITG was banned wholesale and led to un-banning of artifact-related questions.
I downvoted it when it was new but it's at +38 despite that.
Apparently I upvoted that post. I guess I don't really remember how I felt about this issue 7+ years ago
I was more passionately anti-ITG at the time than I am about almost anything nowadays.
7:39 PM
I'm like just never here any more
I haven't checked the site proper in weeks
Bending conan (package management) to my will sucks!
8:19 PM
Dear Visual Studio: Please fucking tell me when you're trying to use a property sheet that no longer exists (i.e. try to reload all property sheets when a solution is compiled). Also, please save changes to property sheets when a solution is compiled. And give me some fucking indication that a property sheet isn't loaded without having to reload a solution. Property sheets are really useful, but you need to make them easier to use.
@Wrigglenite or if the picture appears to be part of some online trivia game...
I essentially agree 100% with @murgatroid99, including the fact I upvoted that WAY BACK IN THE DAY.
That post made more sense before we put the rule into practice, but as time has gone on, we've realized more and more issues with having this exception.
@TimStone On the other hand, a handicap-accessible ramp is visible on the right so at least there's that.
Yeah, it seems…fine? I guess? But also imagine the meeting
I wonder how much the cost of the gravel (probably not much), filling the escalator in (probably more because labor), and maintaining the gravel (also probably a not miniscule amount) compares to maintaining the escalator.
Also did they like, build the wall at the end to block it off?
Or how does this work? lol
8:52 PM
Is this the place you're talking about?
Hmm, still looks like there's a wall in that picture
Oh, there's a wall at the top too
So I guess it's literally just decorative now? lol
I'm so confused by this escalator.
9:08 PM
Q: Problem With Gmod? or Is it just me?

JordanThat When I try to open Gmod big_City or others I get kicked out to the main menu Not kicked out to steam just ingame menu Please Help It's annoying!

@RedRiderX That looks like it might be one of those fancy shopping cart escalators, maybe.
Except there appears to be a wall on either end.
10:07 PM
Unless that's like a gate thing to block it when it isn't being used?
@fredley Everybody here talking about the metric system and "mm78" and I'm over here in awe at "Large boulder the size of a small boulder".
Which I think is the point of the tweet.
11:16 PM
Yeah, its that part that gets me, I figured out the mm78 part, but that bit I just...what
Hhaha they updated later with more precise dimensions: twitter.com/SheriffAlert/status/1221944070089641984
11:47 PM
BotW has Highland Sheep but I can't remember if you can kill them for meat (and lamb sauce).
@Yuuki whats with the blurring?

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