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12:11 AM
Q: Are questions about in-game jokes/references off-topic?

Lamprey Says Trans RightsThis question that I asked, about what the video games being referenced in a DOOM Eternal screenshot were, got closed for being off-topic for reasons I don't fully understand. Now, re-reading the [game-identification] tag description, I think I may have been mistaken in tagging with that, but I ...

Q: Shoud 'Technical difficulties' questions be considered off topic?

Fredy31I really feel like basically any question in the technical-support tag can be answered in a few steps. Google the Error code, continue from there Reinstall the game, or if is in Steam, check for corrupted files. You are screwed, go check with technical support. And since basically every quest...

12:33 AM
@SepiaLazers This seems like a bit of a weird situation now. It seemed to me that the consensus in this chat was that the original question was off-topic and it was closed, but it has been reopened by other people. There were probably enough people in that conversation who haven't voted to close it again (including me), but starting a close/reopen war has its own issues.
i wasnt involved in the discussion of it in this chat room, but when i saw the question with zero close votes i was surprised and closed it myself. if someone wants to collect a compilation of the discussion here and add it as an answer, that could be useful
1:01 AM
@Dragonrage I didn't even realize that you weren't involved in the conversation. 3 other site mods were. The conversation started here
The conversation was a bit convoluted and there was some back-and-forth, but the conclusion I took away is that it's effectively several combined "identify this question" questions of the kind that we do not allow.
@murgatroid99 ill try and read that when i get off work. Robotnik did bring up an interesting point to me though. that people probably wouldnt really care if it was instead referencing some movies or something
though it probably is worth having a conversation about on meta if for no other reason that we have something to reference going forward for when we get more of these types of questions
@Dragonrage I didn't think of that. Looking at it from the perspective of "what things is this game referencing?" rather than "what games are these references pointing to?"
@murgatroid99 i hadnt either.
1:19 AM
Here's the other side: if I write a disallowed ITG question into a game and publish that game, then take a screenshot of that question and publish it here, is that a valid artifact?
Bus update: Well, the union and the region reached a tentative bus deal. So now they vote to ratify in 2 days, and then the regional council meets to consider it if the vote passes, then if all that works, we get a date of when buses will be back.
@Ash hopefully its soon
@Ash There's a recipe called Dubious Food that results from cooking incompatible ingredients (unless you use minerals, in which case you get Rock-Hard Food). It is pixelated in-game.
@Dragonrage I am hoping so because this is getting ridiculous.
@Yuuki ah, neat, I didn't know that.
1:56 AM
@Ash @Elva I was talking to an old man customer at work today and he asked what brought me to Canada and I told him "my love", so he thought I had a man here and he asked if I had kids and I told him I had one, so he thought I was the mother 😳
Nice old people are so validating, I always assume they either can't see or hear too well, because *gestures at myself* 🤔
Aww yay
he stuck around for like 20 minutes talking to me about random stuff and asking questions, because I was working electronics and actually knew stuff about it all (most people working electronics aren't techy people) and he called me a smart girl xD
2:11 AM
is the public transportation still on strike? :x
uber must love it
Q: Can't remember game name (side scroller, pixel art, possibly metroidvania)

GereltodSorry, I'm not sure If I can ask here or not. Anyway I'm asking. I'm looking for specific game which released in either 2019 or 2018. It side scrolling, pixel art and possibly metroidvania type. I only remember one boss. She wears yellow (some red parts?) iron suits and helmet. Most importantly ...

2:49 AM
@Yuuki huh I've never seen the rock hard food
Q: Why are magic monkeys popping purple Bloons?

TheMagicPretzelIn any round of Bloons TD 6 I play, all of my magic monkeys with zero upgrades can pop purple Bloons, which are supposed to be invincible against magic. Is there a monkey knowledge point that revokes this? Is this a glitch?

Somebody say something nice about me cause I'm not feeling too good right about now
@GnomeSlice crap
like i could ignore it if it was a spin-off, but now if a Touchlight 4 comes out and it's not a mobile macro-transaction game that's part of me that has to play the series in order is going to be screaming
(and i only got it to shut up after finding a fan translation for Ys IV: Mask of the Sun)
@Nzall lol, that's playing next on my playlist
so curious if they learned their lesson (but as they are dirty devs highly likly the answer is no, they didn't)
@GnomeSlice you are a valued member of the community who continues to contribute great content
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6:37 AM
Q: I’m making a zombie minigame on PS4 but wanting a wave system using commands

ExoticButterz9So I’m making a mini game where you basically play call of duty zombies but I’m wanting to make a wave system where each wave produces more zombies, I’m asking here to see if I can make it infinite, or basically infinite, and how to constantly go up in numbers of zombies. I also need help with ma...

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7:38 AM
Q: Ps4 system help!

Laramie LanzI've deleted multiple games on my PS4 and when I go to re install they give me an error? I've gone through all the steps I found online and still no luck. I delete the game because I dont have any form of extra space and we also use the system for netflix and amazon prime. All have small glitches...

8:18 AM
Q: Cant start mospack

sfsf adCant start a modpack the crash report said this ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- WARNING: coremods are present: CoreMod (Aroma1997Core-1.9.4- CoFH Loading Plugin (CoFHCore-1.10.2- PlusTiC (plustic- LoadingPlugin (RandomThings-MC1.10.2-3.7....

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10:24 AM
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12:21 PM
Q: How do you turn on Hellhounds in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2?

SkyPaulI have COD: Black Ops 2, and love the zombie map Town. But then i read that you could turn on Hellhounds. How do you do that?

@Yuuki Somewhat related, TIL there's a Dog% category for Breath of the Wild where you feed all 16 dogs to get their treasure
12:41 PM
Q: How can I move my saved games from my Wii to Dolphin?

LemonI have a lot of progress on some games on my Wii, and I want to continue playing on the Dolphin emulator as it has some quality of life improvements that I want to enjoy. How can I copy the saved games from my real Wii to the Dolphin Emulator? (I have access to the Homebrew Channel)

Q: Adjust the game-identification description

JoachimSince this happened, and the voting for questions of that kind is erratic, can we please just adjust the description of the off-topic rule for game-identification? Currently this is Game-identification questions are okay only if you include screenshots, audio, or other tangible media from th...

1:01 PM
Q: Pokemon MD Explorers of TDS how did the planet get paralyzed

Gabrielle XSo recently I restarted Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky and I'm kind of confused on the story. So the story is that you come from the future and traveled back in time to prevent the planets paralysis (IIRC). What I don't understand is... The planet in the future is completely para...

I really hope my car issue is indeed warranty lol
It either gets fixed for free, or doesn't get fixed for $120
We'll seeeeeee
@fredley Amazing
Some of the Breath of the Wild bosses seem to have really annoying attack cycles that just stunlocks Link till he's dead
2:11 PM
@PrivatePansy I like this.
2:38 PM
posted on January 29, 2020

We’ll be performing some server maintenance on our Stack Exchange Data Explorer server starting at 2:00 PM UTC (9:00 am US/Eastern) on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The service outage could be up to 12 hours.  For more details, see our post on Meta Stack Exchange.

at least you're sometimes useful @OKAY,PANIC.
Q: Can I use my 2014 Xbox One MCC to play 2019 PC MCC?

Scorch91I bought the Halo MCC when it came out on Xbox One in 2014. I mostly played solo or sometimes couch coop since none of my friends group had a Xbox with Halo MCC. Now that Halo MCC is released for PC, my friends figured they give it a try and I'm all about it. I already confirmed through multip...

3:36 PM
@GnomeSlice You're a great guy who comes across as very passionate about your interests and open with your emotions. That's inspiring in its own way and I enjoy talking with you about your hobbies.
I notice you've been playing a lot of TFT, did you know that Riot has a CCG in beta right now?
It seems pretty easy to register and join.
It's surprisingly simple to understand, too. I've never really played any cards games like Magic or Hearthstone or etc. before, but even I'm doing pretty decent with the starter decks they give.
@MageXy What are your thoughts on Ivern? I'm thinking about playing him some more.
For LoL, since I don't think there's an Ivern in LoR right now.
Forewarning: Don't let my opinions decide whether or not you play him lol
I hate Ivern, he's everything I hate about the jungle role combined with everything I hate about bad supports
He focuses really heavily on counterjungling, which feels terrible when you're the one being counterjungled
But he also doesn't have any combat strength in 1v1s, he relies heavily on his team to carry him. He just helps them do that
I was looking through a guide on him and it didn't seem to talk much about counterjungling.
Maybe it's because I don't play jungle much but every Ivern I've ever played against when I'm jungle makes an effort to wander into my jungle at every opportunity and steal my buffs
3:51 PM
I was interested because he doesn't really have a clear speed to worry about in any traditional sense and his build is pretty cheap since it focuses on support items.
Inquisitor Xanesh looks like a fun boss if you're doing the football. probably Less fun if you've done your football and are anxiously waiting to see if the later teams will do it properly.
Also because of the way his passive works, he doesn't need a leash so his botlane can head straight to lane and get a level advantage.
I say go for it if you want to try him, you seem pretty good at support junglers like Nunu. I think Ivern falls into a similar playstyle
4:07 PM
@MageXy Might be something I'll avoid first pick though because he seems like he'd be really weak to counterpicking.
Like anyone with a semblance of an ability to 1v1 and also heavily scale would likely suck to jungle against.
Yi being number one in my mind.
4:44 PM
Q: Why is Minecraft slower when using Linux?

DaedalusMindI recently installed Linux Mint on my MacBook Air, but Minecraft seems to be much slower (lower FPS) than when I played it on Mac OS. Why would Minecraft be slower on Linux? Is there any way to make it faster? Even turning down the Video Settings doesn't do much. I'm using Java Edition 1.15.2, an...

4:54 PM
@murgatroid99 apparently that link is to a github repo?
Apparently Byleth is already out and I somehow completely forgot about it
@Dragonrage Really all conversations on the internet start with the node engine making http requests
Q: How to fix Red Dead Online Error: 0x20010006

AtineshDoes anyone know how to resolve this Red Dead Online Error: 0x20010006 which they haven’t fixed in 2 months I played it for around 1 hour but from the past 2 weeks I have got stuck at this error Rockstar official response to this error is also not helpful, does anyone found any workaround I...

5:23 PM
@Dragonrage Huh, I was sure I had the right link in my clipboard
There is an actual conversation bookmarked (which inconveniently includes a number of out of context messages from me)

Trivia question discussion

23 hours ago, 2 hours 33 minutes total – 78 messages, 10 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 10 hours ago by Nzall

@MBraedley Note that I did not include the post-meta question discussion in this bookmark, because that would require me to include a lot more out of context messages
@Nzall I'm referring specifically to my rant at the end
@MBraedley yeah, I had 2 problems: 1) I could only select plaintext messages as the start and finish, and no oneboxes stuff; 2) I can only select a beginning and ending, can't skip stuff
and I thought it was relevant to include the things @Wipqozn said at the end of the discussion
5:33 PM
well, that last message isn't strictly necessary
It's still a good primer on where the conversation started either way
@MageXy I'm rethinking the value of dragons, particularly after watching some pro games and double-checking the buffs. Maybe it'd be better to trade the first two dragons for getting two heralds and getting top/mid ahead and then use that solo lane level advantage to get four same-element dragons in a row.
@Nzall Well the no onebox stuff seems like a bug to me
Depending on the laner I get ahead, maybe even forfeit the third dragon for some other map advantage.
5:35 PM
Because I know we have discussions about that argument from time to time
@Nzall Well, I've already run into a problem with this in that it assumes serial/episodic writing.
@Yuuki no, it doesn't assume that
Which, yeah, rules that are established in a previous episode or book break continuity if they're changed in a later episode or book.
Please, read it fully, it's a long discussion
> "To maintain a quality story, the author must adhere to the in-universe mechanics established from the beginning."
What's "the beginning"? What if you're writing a stand-alone novel or a stand-alone game?
The example provided is from Star Wars, a multi-work series.
Yes, maybe something in The Last Jedi breaks continuity established in previous works, but that's something specific to multi-work series.
5:40 PM
For the sake of discussion, just read on. The author also debunks the idea of applying modern morals as an argument against a certain narrative element
@Nzall Just from reading the title I feel like I don't have the context to understand the article. It's making a negative claim about someone else's negative claim about something I've never heard of
Q: Does the PS1 in Uncharted 4 always show "Sony Computer Entertainment America"?

LemonI was wondering if the PS1 that appears in the chapter A Normal Life always shows the "Sony Computer Entertainment America" (SCEA) text, because the European and Japanese PS1s showed "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe" (SCEE) and "Sony Computer Entertainment Japan" (SCEJ) respectively.

At the part of Goblin Slayer, I think the author makes the error of a false dichotomy.
> One would think it was just a scene meant to titillate and by definition, that would make it strictly pornographic. However, I would argue that the scene was used as a dark foreshadowing tactic. A girl whose clothes got ripped off and is forcibly subdued by a bunch of goblins in a specific pose.
Oooooor it's both things.
The Thermian argument is: Some elements in media are criticized, usually for racism or sexism.
Fans defend these elements by citing in-universe reasons for why the story is written the way it is.
With a bit of heavy leaning towards titillation because you don't need to rip someone's clothes to foreshadow/imply that they're going get beaten up (or raped).
5:46 PM
@Yuuki read on, in the next sentence he says he agrees to an extent
@Nzall So, someone claimed that said argument is a fallacy, and this article claims that the other claim was itself made fallaciously, and therefore what?
@murgatroid99 Some users in this room like to dismiss the thermian argument in the same way Dan Olsen does. The way Dan Olsen dismisses the Thermian argument is logically debunked in the article
So their claim is that the Thermian argument is fallacious because, at its heart, it's an ad hominem attack (on the author). But isn't that the argument from fallacy?
@Yuuki No, the claim is that one previous claim that the Thermian argument is fallacious is itself fallacious
can I skip reading this and assume it just says like "according to the fallacy fallacy you are owned"
5:51 PM
Seems like a lot more navel-gazing than is strictly necessary.
And Yuuki already pointed out a false dichotomy in this article, so this claim that the previous claim that the Thermian argument is fallacious is fallacious is also fallacious
god dammit
And we're so far removed from concluding anything substantial about anything that I don't really see the point
@Yuuki no, the claim is that the way Dan Olsen calls the Thermian Argument fallacious is an ad hominem attack. Essentially, they're saying that Dan Olsen's dismissal of the Thermian Argument essentially boils down to an appeal to consequences:“X is false because if people did not accept X as being false, then there would be negative consequences.”
And the example used is “Shield Hero’s depiction of slavery is morally wrong because if people did not accept its depiction of slavery as being morally wrong, then people will think slavery is moral”
It seems to me that the actual conclusion of the article is "In short summary: Dan Olsen’s claim that the ‘Thermian Fallacy’ is a fallacy is a non sequitur for a very specific, non-representative context that ignores the fundamentals of good storytelling, and depends too much on Appeals to Consequences and emotional arguments."
5:54 PM
Incidentally, does anyone have any tips for cleaning your navel after having had a trans-umbilical appendectomy?
That's not incidental at all! And I was about to make lunch!
That's it, I'm cancelling the internet
@TimStone I mean, I just mentioned that I was gazing quite a bit at my navel.
room placed in timeout for 24 hours: internet cancelled
You can just assume that I meant "navel oranges".
@Yuuki I will reluctantly allow this
6:00 PM
Unrelatedly, I'm almost done with wilderness content for the forseeable future, I just have to kill checks notes 4 bosses in the wilderness (which is a pvp zone)
oh man, i can't wait to read this article in defense of shield hero
@Yuuki Individual dragons are not that useful. Having multiple copies of the same dragon is much better, so in theory trading the first two isn't a terrible idea. But the dragon soul is strongest of all, and I don't think delaying getting that (and even worse, giving the enemy a head start on getting it first) is really worth it. At least not as a regular strategy.
I've seen a lot of dragon souls after 4-5 dragons, and very few at 6+.
Q: Minecraft Delayed Repeating Commands

DarthVaderI play Minecraft 1.12.2 Java edition. I made a command block that basically shows a welcome intro (ex: Welcome to the world! Please ask for creative mode.) I want it to repeat about every 30 seconds. I made a HUGE chain of redstone repeaters that takes up A LOT of space. It works, but I was wond...

Part of my worry with playing Ivern though (or really any jungler that's not tanky like Volibear or Nunu) is that dragon soul is so important right now that I absolutely cannot afford to be blown up or even taken so low that I'm forced to early Smite to survive.
That just goes back to him being a support jungler and not a carry jungler. I feel like Nunu has the same problem, he just gets around it by having his Q for the insane objective securing.
Ideally your teammates would help zoning the enemy anyways, regardless of which jungler you're playing
But it's especially important for junglers like Ivern
6:13 PM
I mean, carry junglers like Kindred or Yi have the same problem. They're squishy as hell and an errant CC means death. Whereas someone tankier like Volibear or Nunu, I can soak up damage for maybe a second or two longer enough for my team to get there or for me to get out. Burst is still too scary.
I should play some more Ekko so I can just ult away all my problems.
Can't wait for the nerfs, Ekko is super frustrating to play against
I don't like that they're hitting his clear speed.
Clear speed right now is not really anything for junglers unless your clear speed is comically bad.
I'd prefer if they hit his ult CD but I guess I'll take what I can get >_>
You only need to worry about Buffs > Scuttle > Gromp as farm as farming goes.
The other camps just don't do much and you're better off establishing vision for objectives or ganking.
Leave Raptors for your midlaner.
Krugs is the big EXP camp on that side of the map and that camp takes way too long and hurts too much for it to be worth it.
It does sound like the exp change on Krugs will be indirectly nerfing Ivern btw
6:19 PM
Yeah but Krugs was already sucky for Ivern since he didn't get credit for the smaller Krugs anyways.
Mostly discussion seems to be "eh, I never took that camp anyways".
I barely take that camp with any other jungler either. About the only time I do is when I'm pathing top after taking my other objectives and... I forget names... killed the toplaner when I'm halfway through river.
I should remember to go for herald more in those situations.
Or gank mid instead, I suppose.
@MageXy The big complaint seems to be that it's not seen as a nerf to Ivern as it is a nerf to new Ivern players.
Or making Krugs even more of a newbie trap than it already was.
My wife got me a book full of puzzles and I just found one with 2 valid solutions and I'm pretty upset over it.
@InvaderSkoodge Have you tried not being so gosh darn smart? :D
I thought I was losing my mind; I couldn't find a forced move and nothing I tried led to a contradiction.
6:45 PM
Q: The SS symbol to change text color in Minecraft won't appear

MDT JackSo I've recently been working on a world and using the command blocks to add special effects and such, and I've had no issues with anything. Then I log off to eat dinner last night and then log back on and all of a sudden the SS symbols, which I was using to adjust the colors of my signs, are no ...

@MBraedley wonders why his stuff hasn't been working, then realizes he's been building one set of components in release instead of debug. Fuck
There, that's much better
7:05 PM
Q: Possible to install Spider Queen mod on an Amazon Fire Tablet?

hepcat72My niece wanted the Spider Queen mod for Minecraft on her Amazon Fire Tablet. I tried to install the mod from curseforge (linked above), but I was unsuccessful. Is it even possible to install on a Fire tablet? I'm not a Minecraft player, so I don't know the go-to for installing any mods, let a...

7:15 PM
@InvaderSkoodge hate it when that happens
@InvaderSkoodge that happened with a Sudoku I did once
Also my girlfriend isn't sure she wants to be with me any more
We've been fighting a lot but I didn't realize she was there
@GnomeSlice I gotta say, absence the context of the satirical site the article was posted on, this article title made me want to complain about this not being the right channel
@Nzall And this is why checking for context is important.
(Or people adding context, either or :P)
@Ash yeah. If this was an actually legitimate news article covering a real world event, my reaction wouldn't nearly be as calm
Whoa, I gotta read this, how can something like this possibly happen?!
*opens link, sees image*
Ah, I see. Now I don't have to read the article.
(and somehow I wouldn't actually be surprised that it happened)
7:30 PM
Though the article's first sentence is already a masterpiece on its own
@MageXy Oh, this happens more than you think. I remember reading about Francis Ford Coppola (I think, might be someone else) who didn't inform the lead actress that the rape scene would involve butter, ostensibly so she would show actual revulsion
And if I remember correctly, in the first Alien movie, the actors weren't warned about the chestburster for authentic reactions
@Nzall Same thing in Die Hard when they dropped Alan Rickman off the tower. He was expecting the director/stunt people to count to three, but they just dropped him at "one"
7:46 PM
James Cameron is really bad about this, apparently one member of the cast of The Abyss nearly drowned and the rest almost all resigned in protest or threatened to resign at one point or another. To this day, no one (not even Cameron) likes talking about the production.
Yeah, Ed Harris actually punched Cameron because he (Harris) nearly drowned while Cameron kept on rolling.
8:16 PM
@MageXy Argh, I want them to rework Kindred because I'd like to have a flex pick for every lane and there's not one for botlane.
Q: Dwarf Fortress -- Display sidebar at bottom of window

ngmirIs there some way of having the sidebar (menu, keyboard shortcuts, map) on the bottom of the window? I'd also be happy to use secondary sources such as mods etc.

@Unionhawk They have yet to call me about this come on
8:33 PM
@Yuuki Ezreal might be coming back as a jungler with the AS buffs
@MageXy hmmm
The question is whether he'll also come back as a botlaner.
Yeah I think so. He's weak right now but not overly so.
Also, whenever jungle Ezreal becomes viable, he seems to immediately become oppressive.
It's weird.
@Unionhawk "A spokesman said it was not really possible for a store to ban a cat and admitted Pumpkin would probably continue his visits."
8:36 PM
"Look, he kind of lives here now, what do you want from me"
8:47 PM
@Unionhawk This is cat country now.
@Wipqozn So what you're saying is that we can't stop here.
9:05 PM
God dammit I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to have to negotiate "if this is not a warranty issue the courtesy car will cost you money"
please just be done with my car thanks!
or at least done enough with it that I get an update saying that it's free
9:31 PM
I feel empty
This is gonna hurt
@GnomeSlice concerned headtilt You okay?
Oh, I see.*has read the backscroll*
Idk. I have to get through another day tomorrow without talking to her first and I don't think I'm gonna like what she has to say
I fucked everything up
It was the best thing that ever happened to me and I was petty and shitty and negative and fucked it all up
I can't believe I let this get so bad
At least now you know, and if she gives you a chance to fix it, you...do whatever you can to do that.
If she doesn't, that's going to suck, but I promise, it won't kill you, even if it feels like it might.
It does
I don't think she's in love with me anymore
9:47 PM
Maybe she's not, maybe she's not in love with you in the same way, maybe she doesn't feel the things as strongly. And yeah, maybe you did fuck it all up - but at this point, you just gotta breathe and take things 10 seconds at a time until she is ready to talk to you.
Then you talk, and you figure out what's next. I promise, you'll make it through somehow. You've learned from this, if nothing else. It's not much, and it doesn't fix things, and I won't tell you that it's gonna be easy, but you can get through this, whatever it ends up being.
My life is a mess already it will be unbearable without her
I could have fixed this before
I washed to build a life and a family with this one
@GnomeSlice This might sound a bit facetious, but if I remember correctly, this isn't your first rodeo in the context of your girlfriend leaving you. I remember that years ago, in this very chatroom, you were talking similar talking points regarding your previous girlfriend. I think at this point someone with more expertise regarding relationships might tell you to examine where things go wrong with you, like mistakes you make or whether you even choose the right type of woman as your partner...
Then again, I've never been in a relationship, so I'm probably not the best person to talk about this
10:07 PM
@GnomeSlice Maybe, but you didn't, and dwelling on that is going to make it hard for you to focus on whatever chance you get to possibly fix this, or to move on if she chooses not to let you fix it right now.
You seem to know where you made mistakes here, so now you know what not to do.
And yeah, it might feel awful and unbearable at first, but it won't always feel just like that.
It will fade and change and some days it might pop back up and hit you over the head, but trust me, you'll manage. You might need to talk to a professional human, to sort yourself out, and that's okay.
10:51 PM
@Nzall This relationship was almost 2 years, and with a much more life partnery person. I'm also like 4 years closer to 30 than i was with that one
but yes
Transit update! IF the union vote tomorrow goes well, and IF the vote by council on Friday goes well, we get buses back Saturday.
11:34 PM
@Ash hurray. hope everything does go well so you dont have to deal with that anymore.
I am tentatively hopeful but still side-eyeing the whoel thign
11:47 PM
All of these recipe suggestions of what to do with marrow assume that it's still attached to the bone.
@PrivatePansy Are you watching Eizouken?

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