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12:17 AM
Q: What does Aphrodite's "Life Affirmation" boon actually do?

Niall FormanThe description of the Boon Life Affirmation reads: "Any (Heart) chamber rewards are worth more." But there's no type of chamber that just rewards you with a heal. There's the centaur hearts that give you max health, the treasure troves sometimes have healing in them, you can buy healing from the...

12:39 AM
@Unionhawk havent played it in like a year probably
you can tap it to set to walk or hold it to switch sport I believe
what the fuck
1:18 AM
Q: Minecraft launcher saying it's already running when it isn't

Garfelf I have no idea how to fix this. Clicking start anyway crashes the launcher by the way. I have already tried reinstalling minecraft (3 times), I've restarted my computer countless times and there is no instances of Java running in my task manager when this error occurs. I have found no answer th...

1:35 AM
@GnomeSlice sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, it's really odd
2 hours later…
3:37 AM
a shame the only reciprocation devs like this will ever see is if a critic gets a lawyer and sues them
3 hours later…
6:26 AM
Q: How do I execute if there are no non-player mobs in an area?

Ben BurgessI am attempting to create a wave survival game, in which zombies and other mobs are fought and killed until there are none left, and another wave is started right after their deaths. I cannot figure out how to use the execute command to test whether or not zombies (non-player mobs) are in the are...

6:46 AM
Q: Issue with a Steam version of Morrowind

CamelnautFirst time here. I've recently been having issues wherein Steam tells me Morrowind is still running, even when it isn't. I've checked Task Manager and Morrowind doesn't show in the "Processes" tab, I also tried running it from the Morrowind launcher itself as ad admin, and it tells me that Inst...

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8:29 AM
@Lazers2.0 CC @Wrigglenite Could you delete this please?
As in delete the chat message
Wow that's a loooong post
I'm not sure if spam flags in chat have any extra effects like spam flags on posts
@Wrigglenite I prefer not to flag Lazers for spam because spam flags get sent to all 10K+ chat users, and sometimes the user ends up temp banned if too many people report them.
Yeah that's what I was thinking
We don't want to ban Lazers
Yeah, that's why I ping a moderator that's online rather than doing a spam flag
9:24 AM
@Wrigglenite we don't wanna ban it again you mean
Also morning chat
@Elva But we will if we have to
I think Lazers is pretty safe, @badp isn't a mod anymore :o
2 hours later…
11:52 AM
Q: Can you beat Mangar without the special trick? (early game minor spoiler)

ShadurFairly early on in The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows' Deep, you get into a boss-fight style brawl with Mangar. He has a lot of HP, armour and spell power, but However, during my recent playthrough I was doing surprisingly well against Mangar conventionally -- a 2H fighter cracked his armour down t...

12:08 PM
I'm now tempted to pick hostnames from places in anime.
I used a template and threw together text and images to make a lazy website for one of the servers (long story why I did that), and tbh I really like how it turned out.
@Ave you mean like Kame House, Kami's Overlook, Korrin's Tower, Duel City, Indigo Plateau,...?
@Nzall Space Australia
12:30 PM
@Memor-X Vegeta
1:23 PM
@Wrigglenite they don't, feeds can't be banned
So it's fine to flag it as spam?
Well it bothers lots of people I suppose =p
I mean as a mod flagging a feed only deletes. As a regular user flagging sends it to every 10k which is maybe not great
It doesn't get used in any algorithms or anything
1:26 PM
@Unionhawk Pfft, who cares about 10kers?
I mean, that's kinda the point?
@Wipqozn ='[
Also custom glasses only go to mods
@Elva I mean I also have custom glasses so it still checks out
1:29 PM
Yeah but I also have custom glasses and I'm only a minimod in the discord and I don't think that counts
I stand by what I said
Nu! My glasses, no taking them! hides
1:50 PM
Hmm is anyone here russian or fluent in russian googling?
2:10 PM
crickets I'm sure someone is but no one here it seems
Q: What were the original controls of the 1993 version of Doom?

LemonAll of the recent versions of Doom that I have seen use W/S/A/D + Mouse or Xbox 360/One controllers out of the box. What were the original controls of the 1993 version of Doom? (aka Doom 1.0)

2:31 PM
I've had 2 cups of coffee already, and my brain still isn't functioning at 100%
@MBraedley mine usually starts functioning properly by the time I leave work
2:51 PM
Leaving work to go home is something I consider a sign of a functioning brain
3:02 PM
@MBraedley You should have an orange and a banana
I could head downstairs to the Olly Fresco's and get a banana, but that seems like a lot of work.
3:53 PM
Yes, these are very healthy and good temperatures for an office to be:
Outside: 8.8c.... Inside... 24.9 >.>
@MBraedley Generally when my brain functions at 100%, I'm having a seizure.
Q: Crashing every time

Amir HosseinIt started about last month and I don't know if it's because of my mods that I have installed or what. my game crashes every time after about playing for 30 minutes.so can someone take a look at this log and say what's wrong with my game!!! Also this is my BOSS log.

4:10 PM
@Elva is the middle one temperature in your closet? 🤔
Yes it is, well in the office
There's a server in there so it was being monitored
But I think the temperature thing maybe died?
there's a server and the temp monitoring doesn't work? isn't that the most important room to monitor? :D
Yeah but gestures vaguely
The server itself also has temperature sensors but those aren't accessible
@Elva Idk if you're being sarcastic, because those seem like great temperatures 🤔
but then again, I don't work in an office and I wear a short sleeve t-shirt at home
so 24 degrees seems alright
I guess it's closer to 25 when it's starting to get toasty...
Yeah it is way too fricking hot
Room temp is typically between 20 and 22...
4:14 PM
tbh I'm not sure what the temp here is, it's definitely below 24
thermostat is set to 23, but we only have one thermostat for the whole house, so the temperatures may vary wildly depending on the room
downstairs is a bit chilly, which is where I'm at now
I'm so close to being done with pest control on this account forever
only like 15 more games
@Unionhawk iron man or main?
@Jutschge main
I finished western provinces hard last night
Oooh nice.
Is the set for Vorkath farming or just to have it?
4:19 PM
I wanted to start playing again
And I tried to introduce my gf to osrs... apparently it's not that interesting if you haven't played as a kid lol
Yeah, nobody played OSRS as a kid because it was fun, we played it because it was free.
And then, like Stockholm syndrome, it became fun.
You still don't play osrs because it's fun
I mostly played it for the memes
Also I lied I need 20 games now
At least the veteran lander is brainless
I think I managed to lose on there (to be fair... I wasn't exactly helping either)
(a full elite void set is 330 veteran games)
@Jutschge yeah it can still happen, but at least you usually out dps spinners
I need to do my jad task too, ugh
I should also probably do wilderness diary stuff so that I have every hard diary done, that's the only one I'm missing now
then it'll be the elite diary grind
4:37 PM
Q: What would happen if I never met a valkyrie in God of War PS 4 game?

Surya TejIn the God of War PS4 game, at the end after spreading Freyas ashes and returning from Jotunheimen, as part of character story play Atreus asks if we could free other dragons or Valkyries. The only way Atreus knows about them is when we discover Odin's hidden chambers. What if a game player never...

4:47 PM
> Squids-among-stars is a bot that generates photos of distant planets, inspired by the images captured by the Juno spacecraft, and an algorithm by Íñigo Quílez that generated organic looking textures using noise based warping. The program is written in c++, and uses OpenGL 2.1 on a Raspberry PI to render the planet image. Another program which is responsible for posting and scheduling the image to Tumblr is written in Python.
That's a cool little project
@GnomeSlice That's pretty cool but these are procedurally-generated images of "planets", right? "Photos" has a particular implication that I don't think is accurate in this case.
Q: Can I change the starting turn order when playing single player?

ryanyuyuI'm playing Armello on PC single player. So far, I have always gone first in turn order, and I've never experienced the game from another position. Is there a way to change the game so that I play from another position (such as going last)?

5:18 PM
@Yuuki Not accurate yeah but they images are made to look like photographs captured by actual instruments
1 hour later…
6:37 PM
@Elva I made and kept Lazers running for years you ungrateful sod
I am the reason it's called Lazers
Then who murdered Lazers 1.0? :O
I gave it a variety of avatars
I think @Wipqozn did
Q: New vanila mod pack. Need help for one of the staffs

ColiJGamingI'm making a vanila command block mod pack, and need help with one of the staffs. The staff I'm working on is called the "Creative Staff". What I want it to do is give the player creative mode if they tap the screen (since I play on a touch screen). The staff will give the player survival mode af...

6:57 PM
Last week I passed 60k rep on Board & Card Games
At the moment I have exactly 700 posts on that site
Q: Screenshot of the week contest #5 Gltiches and Bugs

DragonrageWelcome to the fifth edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! arghtype's submission of a dark soul's rendition of a bat signal took the first spot with 23 upvotes! Here it is in all its beauty: This time we have a required th...

@Elva i think that was actually @Ash
but we can blame @Wipqozn for it
im ok with that
7:21 PM
@SepiaLazers Congratulations on your first typo as a moderator, @Dragonrage!
7:31 PM
@Wrigglenite thats @Wipqozn's fault
or maybe it was a glitch in the matrix. Still @Wipqozn's fault
Q: I need help and this is a big problem for me

user243252Now that I have your attention How do I get Like so Minecraft to airdrop so I can download mods ‘’’ python Def function(foo): ,,,print foo

7:51 PM
@Dragonrage Yes. Here's an exact quote from the day @Ash brutally murdered @Lazers:
> The age of @Lazers is dead, and I have killed it.
And then they laughed! LAUGHED!
But also I think there was some weird thing with @lazers not working, and in the process of trying to fix it things just got even worse, so we started from scratch.
@Unionhawk I always knew you couldn't be trusted! STABBING ME IN THE BACK!
if no one posts a picture of skyrim for this week's contest, i am going to be highly disappointed in all of you
I don't have anything on hand
but I mean I could tcl and fly out of bounds
7:59 PM
@Yuuki I can't even disagree with that
it'd be basically the same as my payday "I fell out of the map somehow" screenshot except I'd be cheating to get it
@Wipqozn Yeah, it was broken and then I made it more broken
8:41 PM
@Dragonrage How about just posting a picture of the boxart?
The Bug Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Bugs?
@Wrigglenite That just sounds like a Hollow Knight sequel. Or boss.
8:57 PM
Or expansion
9:50 PM
@murgatroid99 Arqade is my highest rep by an order of magnitude lol
I do have 666 rep on SO, though, so that's nice
Looking at the Oscar noms this year, I want to say that the winner for Best Animated Feature should be Klaus.
10:43 PM
Bridge, can I just be REALLY mad for a minute? So bus strike is ongoing. This morning my husband had to take an uber, and it was surge pricing, so it cost him $47.
This is...maddening.
Q: Grim Dawn vanilla or with dlc?

LucaI have Grim Dawn (not yet played). I would like to know if it is ok to start the vanilla game and eventually install dlc at the end of the story line or if it is better to start with some dlc (which ones?) already installed. I know broadly the content of the dlcs but I do not know if they can a...

11:30 PM
@Ash That really sucks, how far was the trip?
@Yuuki 11 km.
Ugh, that's horrible.
11:59 PM

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