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Q: What do art injury, bad golfer, and pizza have in common

EmilyI have been tying to figure it out but I can't so I need help

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2:45 AM
not sure how legal this one was - "Drug hidden by upending line for pub identification (9)" was
(liNE FOR PUB Identification)< = IBUPROFEN
2 hours later…
4:55 AM
it's perfectly fine imo @Avi
5:05 AM
@Avi yup, perfectly good, I kinda liked that one
yep, looks good to me!
2 hours later…
6:51 AM
Great :)
I can feel my chin now :D
I heard celebrity was lazy (4) - isn’t this an indirect homophone?
yes, nothing wrong with that
@Avi Homophones are homophones, they aren't indirect
uh, celebrity -> idol -> idle -> lazy
Oh, I see what you mean
Homophones don't play by the same rules as anagrams
I feel like I’ve been chastised for indirect homophones before, though
7:06 AM
you're probably thinking of partial homophones, which are sometimes considered bad
YES - can you explain further?
Yeah, usually you'd have the entire clue be a homophone, haven't come across a clue where a homophone is used in addition to other mechanisms
"partial" means not giving the whole answer (so you homophonize something and add it to something else, for instance)
some setters and solvers dislike that kind of thing
homophone + homophone is bad?
homophone of multiple words is fine; homophone + nonhomophone is generally bad
7:08 AM
my next cccc will be a charade plus a homophone of an indirect anagram.
and i'll deliberately make my (count) off by one
removes Rubio
rubio why
@Deusovi Because I'm a terrible, terrible human being dog.
@Rubio Don't forget to have a tense and plural mismatch in there!
@PiIsNot3 Well, that goes without saying. I'm also going to put the def. in the MIDDLE.
7:10 AM
@Rubio Diabolical :)
it’s fine - all we have to do is make clues so hard that Rubio would rather play fetch (not too high a barrier, hopefully)
Definition in the middle
@Avi Deus' current one is working out just fine in that department.
oh right it's probably time for a hint for that isn't it
7:12 AM
Derp, was creating a CC and accidentally posted it 1/4th of the way through creation
I have a couple of ideas for it but none are working out
@Avi BTW, check OK's C4, I may have a solution but there's a couple of parts I'm unsure of
8:01 AM
Hello from RPG.stackexchange. We have a querent who wants input for their puzzle design but I think their question might be too broad for Puzzling.SE's standards. Anyone mind if I direct them here for advice?
here as in this room? yes, by all means
@Rubio Aye, this room. I'll drop them a link.
@kviiri Glad to help - assuming we can :)
And lo, here they are! Hello @Nick!
Q: How to expand the chain of puzzle?

NickI have read the Q&A Designing puzzle-based mysteries. I'm specifically interested in how to design such a chain in a classroom for 8-10 teenages in a team. My attemp is: Let say there are two types of cards: action (A1 -- turn and read, A2 -- solve and find extra piece, A3 -- ask Ceasar) and i...

For reference, hte question in... question.
Hey! so you're looking for something that needs all of the pieces to be solved?
The first thing that comes to mind is just nesting the technique - the cipher decodes to a different cipher's name, which is applied to a different card, etc. (Though make sure you don't apply multiple ciphers to the same text - better to make each cipher decode to something understandable, so people have confirmation of their decodings)
Another option is a classic "Einstein's Riddle"-style grid logic puzzle. Each piece can be a clue, and you can use the solution to tell people where to go next in any number of ways.
8:13 AM
Another possibility might be, for example, apply different sets of cards to each word of the full answer. You want "red" and "room", so use 3 pairs to derive "red" and a different 3 to derive "room". Varying the text, the cipher, and the key or the count for each set of cards, so the overall concept is the same but the particulars are not.
well. I see @Nick in here but not sure if Nick is actually in here? hehe
8:43 AM
@Rubio, thank you for possibility.
You're welcome. Not sure if that helps; Deusovi also had some good suggestions to consider, if you want to ensure all clues contribute to a single solution
@Rubio, I looking for a Team communication puzzle. Now I used the Math&Algebra task type.
A puzzle that requires team communication? Do you need something that absolutely cannot be hypothetically solved by a single person, or do you just need something that will prompt communication and discussion?
I personally often find that communication is best appreciable as a theme when it is restricted somehow, eg. if the game is adversarial (so there's an opposing team that could benefit from eavesdropping your discussions) or if it's limited in a straightforward manner, eg. "no talking, only use these pre-made cards to communicate".
8:59 AM
Another good way to enforce communication is to separate the information. Maybe two people are on opposite sides of a curtain (or something else that blocks vision), and each one has a bunch of cards with symbols on them -- you have to find which of your symbols matches one of your teammate's by describing them.
@Deusovi, most of task can be solved by a single person. To divide 25 players into three teams, I use colored Velcro bracelets. The bracelet can be fastened on the wrist in two ways: with twist (Moebius band) and without twist. I want to use these bracelets, but I don’t know how yet. I think players can use bracelets for solving a team communication task. But I like your idea "prompt communication and discussion" in the team.
well. this is RPG - there's probably nothing preventing the DM from privately disclosing to each of several players what their card has on it, without actually giving anyone a physical card
this means for them to do anything, step 1 is talk to each other about what they saw
(it was asked on RPG.SE, but I'm not sure that the context is actually RPG-related?)
ah. true. possibly bad assumption.
The game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes may be a good source of inspiration for this - it's a game exactly about that kind of information-limited communication.
9:04 AM
Perhaps you can strap the clues/cards on the players’ head so that they will always have incomplete information?
Thus forcing the group to communicate with each other?
It's a cooperative game played with two people: one person is at the computer and sees a bomb, with a bunch of buttons and wires. The other person has a manual for how to defuse the bomb, but cannot see it themselves.
And the manual is confusing, too. So you have to think fast and communicate efficiently to win.
ktane.timwi.de/HTML/Keypad.html is one of the easiest "modules" in the game, and it's a good example of how the game works.
The "defuser" sees four of those symbols, and has to communicate which four. The "expert" has to figure out which order to press them in, and communicate that back to the defuser.
The modules in the game get more and more complicated and hard to communicate - one of my favorites is Who's On First. ktane.timwi.de/HTML/Who%E2%80%99s%20on%20First.html
I think the bomb game was absolutely at its best when we just started it. I had no idea what was on the screen, my companion had no idea what's in my manual. The confused exchanges of "what do you see, does it look like this?" were absolutely golden
I think this kind of thing would be perfect for a team-building exercise in a class.
(oh yeah, it's brilliant - the game gets different when you sort of know what's going on. not necessarily worse, but that first experience isn't really able to be replicated)
ok it's absurdly late here so I'm gonna toddle off here. Have a lovely!
@Deusovi Me and... well, mostly my girlfriend are working on a physical version of the KTANE bomb. (without, y'know, any actual explosives)
It's a bit on hiatus now
But we have a few puzzles already implemented
9:13 AM
well what's the point then if you can't include any explosives
that sounds like a lot of fun!
She's real good with electronics, I basically watch her do things and come up with puzzles. And I did program the C logic for one of them?
@Deusovi, thank for idea. I have the Soma cube and a lot of schemes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma_cube). I can give the scheme to
the "defuser" , and has to communicate which elements should be used. The "experts" have to figure out which order to use them in, and build the item from the scheme.
That sounds perfect! I think spatial communication will be an interesting challenge.
9:29 AM
Q: Twelve Labours - #07 Cleats 'N' Balls

StivThis puzzle is part of the ‘Twelve Labours’ series, but can be solved independently. Previous instalments can be found here: Prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 Emerging from the barbers with a new look that he really hadn’t planned on, Hercules was relieved to see from his to-do list that...

Q: Who is the man?

Krishna Brothers and sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son. Who is the man?

10:16 AM
Q: Algebra Puzzle #1

Krishna In the following algebra puzzles, replace the same characters by the same numerals so that the mathematical operations are correct. ABCB - DEFC = GAFB : + - DH x AB = IEI ------------------- GGE + DEBB = DHDG

10:42 AM
Q: Ode to the Emergence of a Hikikomori

JS1Note: Hikikomori is a Japanese term for "reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society and seek extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. The affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and family...

Q: 56198 and 57494

Rand al'ThorWhat special property is shared by 56198 and 57494 and no others?

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11:42 AM
Another ascii-art puzzle posted: you can find it here
11:55 AM
@Avi wheres the first?
Q: Unwanted visitors detected

AviMy firsts signify education My seconds axial examination My thirds medical location My fourths denote radiation My fifths state abbreviation My whole is blood contamination My parts each two in variation My consonants lack reiteration When I am shaped like my first Rows from my parts that may ...

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1:46 PM
Q: Arabia and the Middle Ages

jafe Across 1. Kind of direct language; used in the Middle Ages (8) 8. Stadiums are small beyond the limits of NBA (6) 9. A blowgun destroyed small house (8) 10. Frog King decapitated a kind of crab (6) 13. In Arabia, spirit of radio host appearing near tavern (5) 14. Never tell h...

2:09 PM
@Avi These are only “ASCII art” in that the answer is being written in text on a computer. If I take a piece of paper and follow the directions, I end up with a perfectly valid solution that has nothing whatsoever to do with ASCII. These puzzles are much more about the spatial arrangement of letters, not so much about actual ASCII art.
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3:20 PM
As an answer for a whole cryptic crossword, two clues are way too few to suffice as an answer, not to mention these answers have already been posted before. Please delete this to prevent duplicate answers. — Omega Krypton 24 secs ago
AFAIK 2 clues are no longer valid for such a CC
3:32 PM
Thanks @hexomino! (For the record, I finished the grid after seeing just your first comment solving 3 down, figuring out both 1 across and what Tnergu ZpPnhtuna said.) — Rand al'Thor 59 secs ago
@Gareth "Tnergu" would be a great name for a character in a fantasy novel. I should keep calling you that.
@Randal'Thor Yes, I thought you would have.
@Randal'Thor Not so convinced by Enaq ny'Gube, though.
Wait, did my posting that comment in chat ping you just because it has "@hexomino" in it?
also, "Tn"? bleh.
@GarethMcCaughan As long as you don't call me Enaq Powell.
3:35 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Better with an apostrophe? T'Nergu.
in RPG General Chat, Jul 14 '13 at 15:57, by BESW
The Rule of Fantasy Apostrophes: All apostrophes in the middle of fantasy names are now to be pronounced "boing."
@Randal'Thor No, it didn't (originally, I thought it had) I just clicked on here first for some reason and replied. Not fully awake today apparently.
Thanks for the puzzle, @jafe!
3:50 PM
my pleasure
1 hour later…
5:10 PM
@Rubio Maybe it’s better to call them letter positioning riddles instead, Oh well
Yeah, it seems like [ascii-art] isn't a very descriptive tag for that
5:50 PM
Seems kinda related to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete_poetry but I don't think [concrete-puzzle] would be a very good tag name.
6:03 PM
[concrete] - Similar to concrete poems, this tag describes puzzles or riddles where the solution is related to or derived from the proper placement of text characters in a specific arrangement.
6:17 PM
I don't think this needs a tag - I doubt anyone will want to search solely for those, or want to exclude solely those.
6:30 PM
I'm inclined to agree.
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8:14 PM
Q: What will happen?

George MenoutisI am an event, relations I set. Make most to fret, threat because they get. I sound like evil, but actually I'm not. Maybe as a concept, but it is not my fault. I sound like fact, reality, exact. Nothing do I have to do with all that. Honor and villainy, beauty'n'unsi...

8:35 PM
Q: What's the question to this and what its answer?

JAGOI do not want to verbally tell you what the question is. However I do want to non-verbally tell you, by showing you some simpler problems in the spoiler below. Please do not spoil the "question" of these problems if you have encountered similar problems before. This is my original work. I woul...

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9:56 PM
Q: You Tell Me What To Choose

Rewan DemontayI found this nice problem in A.C. White’s 1912 book “The Theory Of Pawn Promotion” the other day. Enjoy! It’s White to move and checkmate Black in 5 moves, Don’t forget to explain the title! Wolfgang Pauly, Münchner Neueste Nachrichten 1909

10:37 PM
Q: Triangle for a triangle

Avi 1 1 4 1 3 3 5 2 2 2 1 salutation 1 4 5 a temptation 1 + 4 is archaic 3 & 4 algebraic 3 + 5 in chess 3 + 4 tasty? yes 2 + 5 removed after kill 2 a journey downhill Summed for a triangle, what am I?

11:35 PM
@PiIsNot3 You solved my puzzle so fast, now I'll need to make them harder :x
Q: A Layered Problem

JAGOThis is my own work. If you would like to see examples of similar problems, to help you understand what to do please see my other posts. (e.g. What's the question to this and what its answer?)

@Avi To be fair, Rand's answer gave me some ideas for what some of the letters can be, particularly the 2s and the 5
And rot13(V'ir hfrq CV + R orsber va n pelcgvp pyhr), so 3 and 4 were fairly simple to find :)
And then once I realized what the full word should be, it was smooth sailing from there

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