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12:16 AM
Congratulations to @Rand for his triumphant return to first place!
1 hour later…
1:24 AM
@Deusovi I want this to be GLUTAEUS, which is a supporter of ending (or rear end, anyway) and contains both GLUT (vaguely capitalism-related) and EU (means, middle letters, of "gathering resources"). But I can't seem to get it to work. (By the way, @Avi, that's an indicator I didn't mention (because I didn't see it at the time).)
1:35 AM
booo, Alconja killed the ascii-art tag
time to make more puzzles that can be classified in that way
2 hours later…
3:46 AM
Looking for testsolvers/feedback for a metapuzzle for a series I'm planning on making for the main site, ping me if interested
3:58 AM
@PiIsNot3 I'd be happy to give it a look!
@Deusovi All right, I'll send a OTS in a minute
Oh shoot I put that mistake in there again, whoops
The 350 should be a 360
I should probably fix that real quick...
got it, will take a look in a bit
puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/91120/48048 wtf is this question @WhatsUp @Deusovi
I was referring to the discussion between both of you earlier yesterday
4:03 AM
What about it?
that question isn't even a puzzle because countless such mappings exists and I can always enumerate every possible button press sequences to a number between 1 to 10000 and it's automatically a trivial solution
an arguably better problem would be "how many such mappings exist" but then that's just math stuff
Yeah, I agree that it's pretty trivial. The "best answer wins" phrasing is what stuck out to me the most, but I probably would have complained on those grounds were it not for that
time to VTC as "too broad"? ;P
(I'm not sure if I'd say "fairly trivial" makes something not a puzzle at all, but I would say it makes a bad puzzle.)
4:44 AM
More errata for my meta: 1. 10/13 should be 10/12. 2. 5/15 should be 6/15. Sorry bout that @Deusovi
5:43 AM
Alright, actually looking at it - I think I know what I have to do, but actually doing it seems pretty difficult.
@Voile vtced... support?
A crazy pal promotes DOS, leading to swift criticism (1, 6, 8)
For all you people who don’t run on MS DOS
6:07 AM
A + Modest Proposal (pal promotes DOS)*
wouldn't Swift need to be capitalized?
does it? I was hoping that it wouldn’t
well, yeah, it's a name
That does put a damper on things
Swift criticism from crazy pal promotes soda (1, 6, 8) I guess
Wetter before restricted water rerouter starts to perforate everywhere (6)
Hopefully “before X Y” counts as “Y X” - “before X, Y” is more likely to fit, though
I'd say the comma is required
6:15 AM
That puts a R + DAM + P_ E_ on things :’(
U.S. Video scrambles for an expert problem solver (7) boo
Nov 19 '16 at 16:18, by Ankoganit
@Randal'Thor You inspired me to make another cryptic:
Fake video about American puzzler (7)
beaten to the punch by about three years
(meant as an anagram indicator, though I probably wouldn't use it as one)
oh, that reminds me
for content/containment indicators where A is inside B, does that also allow A to be adjacent to B?
That clue can be fixed by "fake" -> "strange" or "interesting" while retaining the surface
6:25 AM
no, "A inside B" cannot mean A+B
because then A would not be inside B
or Remix of video...
There he uses DEVIO (video*) about US (American) to get devious?
and about is “outside of”?
answer is *DE(US)OVI
uh no that's not the answer to the cryptic, avi
Uh, yes... I often confuse the two, especially given how devious Deusovi’s CCCCs are...
Now I need to make a CC to wash away this shame
6:31 AM
(hey it's no big deal, I'm awful with names)
I’m terrible with names but usually better with drawing a distinct line between names/words
6:44 AM
@OmegaKrypton I already vtc'ed that, so I guess 3 more votes?
Parts of the body lost often with covering - do set me + indicator?
Trying to build WI(SDOM TEE*)TH, but not sure how to preserve the surface for the clue
I need an anagrind - maybe “Dose met on drugs”?
or “do set me on drugs”?
going to have them taken out tomorrow and that’s gonna be a not so fun experience
7:37 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Thank you! :-D
1 hour later…
8:48 AM
Q: Twelve Labours - #06 Stymphalian Beards

StivThis puzzle is part of the ‘Twelve Labours’ series, but can be solved independently. Previous instalments can be found here: Prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 Hercules looked down at his to-do list and sighed; he always hated getting his hair cut. Stymphalian Beards had only recently set up ...

1 hour later…
9:55 AM
Here's a question which can be deleted, and here's essentially the same question from three years earlier which can maybe be closed and deleted.
Pinging @jafe @hexomino @Alconja, although I guess we have a lot more 10k users now :-)
10:10 AM
Q: Why is it relevant to this question?

Rand al'Thor It'$ not ₺he pride before the fall. It's not 'round mouths in afternoons. You may have heard it said by three: Do it in meta 'for toil and trouble. Or if the charge is all done wrong, It's guaranteed for subtraction! Ensure the sword's not just a blade, And within the ...

10:51 AM
@Voile this "wtf" message of yours finally pushes me out of this community. Ironically I was a "top new Puzzling user" last month and stack exchange said in the email "It’s users like you who make this community worth visiting in the first place". Now I might tell them that it's users like you who kick people out of this community...
1 hour later…
12:03 PM
@Stiv So the story started with me having some idea of creating a series of my own "button-pushing puzzles". That was the first one. Now that it no longer matters, I can tell you that some others might involve the design of a "random number" button, hence a bit lateral-thinking.
The first discouragement came from the discussion with Deusovi, where he pointed to me that this type of questions are not good puzzles. That's fair. I haven't read through all the discussions in the meta site, and didn't know the consensus of good puzzles on this site. But this renders my follow-up puzzles inproper, since they might not have a definite answer as the first one.
And then comes that "wtf" comment, which to me looks quite "impolite", if not rot13(ehqr), and doesn't show any respect to the time and effort I put in designing the puzzles. What's worse is that the question got closed in several hours, so my feeling is that people saw this comment in the chatroom and then went to vote for closing - yet nobody pointed out to him that the comment is impolite.
Of course politeness is again a personal standard, and it could be that the majority is fine with this. So I thought it's just not a suitable community for myself...
Q: Grid Puzzle - Paint

Scratch---CatA student was found making Graffiti in the teacher's office. He was punished and was asked to repaint the wall of the room. The teacher gave him a grid to show which part of the wall should be painted white, and which one should be blue. Solve this grid as a Nurikabe puzzle. ..... ..5.. .....

That said, I should say that I find most people on this site nice and polite. But the atmosphere is sometimes influenced by just a few...
And that's the end of the story. I'll be back to work now...
12:25 PM
@WhatsUp Thanks for sharing. In my experience of PSE, that 'wtf' is a rare flash of something that I don't see regularly on this site. Without speaking to the OP I can't vouch for the motivation behind it, but yes I agree it's not nice to have that comment directed towards you or your puzzle... The trick I find is to ignore the haters but listen to those who give constructive feedback.
Almost every puzzle I have ever created has received at least one unexplained downvote, which would be very easy to take personally and feel a little down about (it's always disappointing when someone doesn't like something you've put effort into creating) but I reason that if a comment wasn't left to explain then it is likely a case of someone deciding purely "nah, not for me" (which isn't really how the downvote is supposed to be used).
When a comment is made you can evaluate, choose whether to agree or disagree, and then react accordingly. If you decide to drop your series based on considered user feedback, fine - that's your choice - but do stick around in the community. There are plenty of interesting puzzles and discussions on offer, and an unexpected new discovery or a fun exchange can totally lift a bad mood... Don't give up on it yet! Peace out...
1 hour later…
1:40 PM
@WhatsUp I'd also encourage you to stay around if you can bear it :-), and I can confirm Stiv's remark that it's not usual to see puzzles greeted with anything as negative as "wtf" unless they're much worse than yours is.
@Voile I understand that you think the puzzle is a bad one, but honestly I don't think anyone could consider it bafflingly bad and "wtf is this puzzle" is pretty rude; please consider that the people you're talking about may be reading what you write. Feedback is fine, criticism is fine, mockery not so much.
Compare: (1) "wtf is this puzzle"; (2) "isn't this too easy to really be a puzzle? it's just asking how deep a binary tree needs to be in order to have 10000 nodes". #1 is just a sneer; #2 indicates what it is you find unsatisfactory about the puzzle. (And invites the obvious answer: "seeing that you can do it that way is solving the puzzle; obviously this was an easy one for you, and you should feel free to downvote it if you think it's too easy to belong here".)
1:57 PM
Plenty of puzzles can be interesting and worth doing (let alone posting) even though they are easy. “Too easy to belong here” should not be a thing. Having said that, there is a considered difference between easy and not a puzzle. A question can have an answer that needs some active step on the part of the solver to arrive at it, and still not be a puzzle.
2:08 PM
Q: Can we have capture-the-flag tags?

John ZhauI like playing CTFs (capture the flag) which are mainly hacking games. I'd like also have some CTF style puzzles here (no hacking, just puzzles with things like OSINT and Crypto). I've noticed that there are no such tags on puzzling SE. I enjoy playing hacking CTFs and I'd like to bring non-hack...

I think there is such a thing as "too easy to belong here" but what one person categorizes that way another may prefer to call "not a puzzle".
2:36 PM
@Stiv @GarethMcCaughan OK, I think you made a good point that one should look more at the positive side. Perhaps I'll still be around from time to time. Thanks for the kind comments!
3 hours later…
5:37 PM
6:30 PM
I'm a Beastly reviewer.
@Randal'Thor *squints* Nope. I don't see a gerbil.
7:17 PM
just posted my current progress in the next Twelve Labours puzzle - anyone see the likely obvious thing I'm missing?
7:32 PM
boo, I came up with a sequence of numbers, and it ended up to be this RIP
8:12 PM
Apparently Stack Exchange is down.
Aw, snap!
Yup. That's what I'm seeing. Chat seems fine, though.
Except that it echoes every post I make back to me on a separate line.
I think it's fine now
Although it is loading quite a bit slower than usual
Yeah, now its displaying the oops page
8:22 PM
The "hamburger" doesn't work at all
Wait actually it does now
Its all good now
1 hour later…
9:52 PM
Teeth removed, so time to make CCs
@user58 Angry at SE Inc.? Join the club.
@Avi (I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to solve this message as a cryptic clue before realizing that it probably wasn't one.)
I try to keep (#)s at the end of my CCs to avoid that ;)
Sensation trims the singer (11)
10:26 PM
Before I forget the solution- PARES + THE + SIA
Drug hidden by upending line for pub identification (9)
(Down clue)
11:18 PM
Q: McGraw said in grinning eerie manner

Gur TreznaMcGraw said in grinning eerie manner, Rowland diabolically wins biannually every tenner, which he achieves carrying black spangled banner during which stubbornly bringing home dinner. What is the hidden message?

Q: Decrypting the Key

Coto TheArcherSo I've been trying to solve this Riddle called "Phage is Spreading.." To complete stage one is an achievement. To complete the test is talent. Talent will be rewarded. Good luck. -Phage Images given: What I tried was decrypt the second Image using a QR-Code decoder. This is what I got...


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