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6:37 AM
Hello everyone :)
6:49 AM
Good morning!
7:01 AM
@ankii you gotta pump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers
1 hour later…
8:12 AM
Morning :)
8:27 AM
Q: How do you deal with someone who is nosy, projects their feelings about career, and gives unsolicited advice in that area?

Austin ConlonA friend of a friend has on multiple occasions aggressively asked how my self-study for software engineering interviews is going. Most recently I answered very briefly, because I find it to nosy and the person to be arrogant and presumptuous. I don't like for example that he's convinced that I se...

9:02 AM
I can't wait for my parents to go home. They have been visiting me (and my 17m² appartment) for the last few days and I really want/need my privacy back! (They will leave this end of afternoon and I really can't wait)
I understand the feeling! Mine are gone this week, and I spent all day yesterday wishing they were gone already :P
Oh yeah, not having parents on your back is really great. Especialy when they are stessing you so much. I mean, can't they just sit, be quiet and do quiet things for just a moment??? Why do they always have to talk and do (none quiet) stuff???
9:19 AM
Oh, mine can do that, luckily enough. Dad watches TV, mom uses the tablet.
My dad can do that. But my mom? Not so much. She either needs to 1) talk to your or/and 2) do something that doesn't involved sitting
I will live with my parents until I get a good enough paycheck XD
That is going to take a while :)
9:38 AM
@CaldeiraG I don't envy you. At first, I was fine leaving with my parents even though I was an adult. But at some point, I just got tired of them. I even decided to leave just because I could (even if my paycheck wasn't that good)
leaving with, or living with?
Living with
@CaldeiraG It took me until I was 27 to start buying a house. It might take until I'm 29 or (yikes) 30 before I'm living on my own :|
@Ælis Don't they feel a bit... constricted, too?^^ I mean.... 17m^2 with 3(?) people, isn't just causing trouble for AT's, or is it? :D
@Ælis '^.^ better you should decide very carefully, before you obtain parents /s
10:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell :|
@Ælis I got you :)
I'm already paying the internet bill and buying some stuff for the house so I would say I'm kinda used to pay stuff now
I live with my student flatmates and it works out mostly great... been a few times when they forget i need sleep but whatever
Q: How to stay in the present moment?

Ritesh VishwakarmaEveryone knows we should not think too much about past or present, but most of the time time many of the people find this very difficult thing to do. So, what are some tips that can help us stay in the present moment and not being absent-minded? Or, How to stop overthinking? Couldn't find approp...

10:36 AM
Soo... I don't think this'll make a very great question for main but... interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/21523/… is getting a tail. I'm trying to k reduce interactions and make the interactions that we have less personal, and that went well for a while... But now there's trouble in her personal life and she's kinda clinging to me, and I'm not sure what to do :|
On the one hand this stuff doesn't class with my personal convictions, so I could be supportive... on the other, if I do so, I'm afraid it'll ruin any progress so far and perhaps pass a point of no return. :|
11:35 AM
@Tinkeringbell Tough one, I think atually your overall observation is qutie spot on. So its rather a question of what has a higher priority for you, either keep the progress going, or avoid possibly being perceived as cold (if that person doesn't understand your point, what it seems from that post like) Not really an advice, but hope it might have been of help.
honestly @Tinkeringbell it kinda sounds like she's hit the PNR already... you've done your best to explain to her that gender doesn't need to be the be all and end all she thinks it is. You can try to keep giving her validation but it kinda sounds like a "her" problem not a "you" problem
11:47 AM
@AlexRobinson Hmm. Maybe I wasn't entirely clear but these are personal issues, unrelated to her problems with gender...
Things like stuff going bad at home/family.
then the slightly more blunt answer is that she probably needs to talk to a therapist and that there isn't a good substitute for it
Yeah, probably... It just feels bad to not hug her right now though :(
@AlexRobinson Or a good friend. Which I think is part of the problem
What does "getting a tail" mean? I suppose you don't mean an appendage growing from her bottom?
don't get me wrong. getting things off your chest to a good friend is usually a good thing
however, it is no substitute for a proffessional
11:52 AM
@user58 Oh... is that too Dutch? :P It means a story has new developments that keep it from being finished. :)
I only realised it was a Dutchism when user58 asked :P
Ah. Never heard that before, so I'll assume it's Dutch ;)
A story that grows a tail is a story that has an unexpected sequel or follow-up
i'm not sure the direct translation is either as accurate or eloquent
11:54 AM
And an action that will get a tail is something that will have (unexpected) consequences
And then you have a sleepover in a monkey
I don't think it translates particularly well, which is a shame because i like the usage
@AlexRobinson If enough English speaking people start using it, it might end up in the English dictionaries as well ;)
thats true, though I think we'd say something along the lines of "the story is unfolding"
The plot is thickening
11:58 AM
I like that one ^
'unfolding' sounds a bit more in the moment, like when the Notre Dame is on fire and news outlets are reporting and you're getting a little bit of info at a time... while mine was more like 'this is over and done, oh wait, no not yet'.
i wonder if its to do with a story being a "tale" and the "tail/tale" unfolding...
@AlexRobinson Probably not in Dutch :) A story is 'een verhaal', a tail is 'een staart' ;)
i can't remember where i saw it recently, but someone on SE said something along the lines of "English is not a language, it is 3 languages under a trenchcoat trying to pass as one" or words to that effect
@AlexRobinson @JourneymanGeek has that in his list of favorite sentences I believe ;)
12:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (87): How can I politely refuse to help classmates with their work? by Alex Ng'ang'a Mwangi on interpersonal.SE
^^ Free spam flags anyone?
i'll take your entire stock
Well, the rest of you is too late ;)
It's gone :)
1:29 PM
Q: Remedies for eye strain and good eye health

philandyI just wants to know about the best foods for maintaining good eye health. Please also discuss that how to avoid the situation of eye strain.

gotta love spam on SU :D
its not even spam
its just off topic af
Spam seed most probably. So spam.
@JAD it did go upto 3.5g, 1.4g, ~400mb etc after which I let go of my code and force quit the stupid app
reduced the sizes of the plots and then it was fine..
@ankii ♪ "don't you know pump it up you've got to pump it up" (the numbers) ♪
lmao XD
I will not burn up my poor i5 5th gen over it... ;)
1:38 PM
are you not migrating that eye question ? eye.SE or something
its on -9... god damn
@AlexRobinson still live though XD
maybe all the super user mods are still asleep
@ankii health would be good but it's too vague
A: How can I protect my eyesight when using computers?

michaelpri20-20-20 Rule Every 20 minutes of looking at the screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Also, try to blink a lot. Adjusting settings Using a larger font to read helps to reduce eye strain. Adjusting your brightness helps, usually brighter screens are better in brighter rooms, d...

now I realized health.SE is redirected to medicalsciences.SE
1:46 PM
@CaldeiraG AFAIK they changed names to get rid of the self-diagnosing type questions
@JAD Ah, makes sense
2:02 PM
poor medical sciences SE... like 75% of the most recent questions are closed or on hold
1 hour later…
3:08 PM
Anyone else's brain feeling super hazy this morning?
yes, but thats mostly a slight sleep deprivation thing... i hope
3:31 PM
@Rainbacon damn, a hazy sounds really good rn actually
@scohe001 It's not, I'm having a bear of a time getting other people to understand what I'm saying this morning
Oh I'm thinking like an IPA. I feel you on the slow week start though
@scohe001 it's always 5 o'clock somewhere? :P
closer to 5 am here though. aka coffee time :D
Hey Irish coffee is a thing :p
I think Irish coffee might make things worse
I kind of feel like I'm hungover, but without the headache. Thing is that I haven't had alcohol since saturday
Maybe I just need another nice big breakfast like I had yesterday
3:50 PM
Ooh big breakfasts are the best
you kinda sound slightly high - hazy and not entirely there mentally
@Tinkeringbell ahh "getting tail" means something else entirely in English :p
They are the best. We went to this diner yesterday and I had bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, and home fries.
user image
there we go :)
It might be worth moving to Boston just to go back to that diner...
3:55 PM
ooh what's it called?
Kelly's Diner
Have you been?
nope, looking it up now :)
also how was the kaiju show?? I'm really curious :P
It was fun. Really weird, but fun
As it turns out, it's basically professional wrestling (think WWE), but the performers are in monster costumes and the ring has cardboard boxes painted like buildings in it that they are trying to destroy
@EmC I was going to post a cat in response, but I remembered that IPS bot is out :'( I hope TSM is ok, though. I haven't seen them here this weekend (which may or may not be the same as usual)
@Rainbacon aw it looks cute, but not a lot of things I can eat :/ if you visit again - Friendly Toast in Cambridge is really good for breakfast too :)
4:01 PM
@Ælis they responded to my code review on gh. They may just be busy tho. They usually tend to be.
@EmC ooh are you a meatless eater?
@scohe001 That's good to know, thanks :)
@scohe001 nah, gluten-free
Oh no! I feel like that's even more restrictive, honestly. Everything has gluten :(
yeah, it makes it hard to eat at restaurants..
"eat out"
4:05 PM
now that could mean something else but i really think it doesn't
tsk, tsk
....not what I was commenting on.
There's a terrible yeast joke there, but let's steer things back to neutral grounds
Are things freezing outside for y'all too?
I was more commenting on the fact that some of never really eat at like restaurants because money
it really do be like that sometimes
i'd much rather get takeaway tbh
4:08 PM
@scohe001 I started to make a joke about coffee being acidic but it turns out, coffee grounds are actually close to pH neutral. fun fact!
@scohe001 It's 6 o'clock in the evening, the sun has set, and it's 75F outside.
It hit 81 today.
@user58 damn. I'm jealous. If I was over there, I could walk my pig today :(
@EmC huh. I would've sworn they were acidic too. til
@user58 oh, that too :P we pretty much only go out for special occasions. and then MIL visited and was like "how do you guys not know any restaurants?!" -.-
is that hot or cold, i honestly don't know
@scohe001 Unfortunately, I was inside all day, because I somehow got a freakin' cold in the middle of a heat wave.
@AlexRobinson 24C. Hot.
4:10 PM
Oof :/ hope you feel better soon! Colds are the worst. Not enough to put you out of commission, but just enough to be a constant annoyance
(Sorry for changing the subject, but) do you feel like this could do a good IPS question? I feel there is a good potential here, but I don't want to just "put oil in the fire". (to add some details, I was thinking about focusing more on the question on interaction with moderator rather than with SE employee)
@Ælis Yes, but no.
maybe if it were in a different context
4:12 PM
So, definitively too close to the "fire" think, then ^^
IPS has made a point to not host questions about interpersonal issues on stack exchange
^^^ yep that
@Rainbacon Yep, that's true
That's kind of frustrating, but I definitively understand why wouldn't want to do that
@Ælis I think the IPS version would be something like this, this or this
oof 24C is not nice
4:14 PM
> Closed as
There is definitely plenty of good IPS involved in constructive criticism, but a key component of that question is that it's about using a platform to criticize the creators/maintainers of said platform
Pshh those are all different flavors silly, I don't think they're close enough to be dupes :p
I don't know if we would ever be able to handle such a question because it would center too much on the platform in question (whether SE or any other platform) and any good answer would need too much non-IPS advice tailored to the platform being used
@scohe001 Yeah, but I liked my joke :p
i feel lots of "constructive criticism" questions kinda fall under phrasing stuff which is a bit off topic
4:16 PM
@ankii wow, a whole wikipedia page on that -__-
I just found out when I wanted to find the correct wrong spelling of coffee
I tried cofveve which auto corrects to coffee
@Rainbacon Yeah. I think a good, related, question should be about the workplace. I feel like, often, SE interactions are similar to the one on the workspace (just my feeling, not a "hard truth")
"A number of scholarly papers discussed the Covfefe tweet in relation to President Trump's use of social media and the corresponding effects on language and culture.[84][85][86][87][88]"

scholary research on h*cking covfefe what the h*cking h*ck
I thought heck was allowed :)
4:19 PM
i censor it for ironies sake tbh
@AlexRobinson joblessness
@ankii how dare you say that word in my chat room
heck, I am sorry I won't use heck again
wait seriously ? nooooooooooooooo.com
4:22 PM
Lol if you're still here, then you weren't kicked silly :p
It is not an answer. — burtsevyg 18 mins ago
I wanted to reply, "It is not a comment."
oh no
LOL I think the best part there is that this is a reddit link to a tumblr screenshot. That's how you know it's authentic interwebs ;)
4:36 PM
Awk. They all look the same to me :(
reddit has no original content - its all twitter screenshots and tumblr posts. change my mind
Is anything original content anymore? Hasn't every conversation already happened somewhere at some point in time in some way shape or form?
an interesting question that probably ends in something about entropy
Oh I was going the route of existentialism. Every story's already been told. Every life has already been lived. Every experience already had. What's the point of rehashing it all again with this life now?
But I like entropy. Entropy is happier.
4:48 PM
i think it kinda ends up in the same place tbh. i take it nihlistically but i want to be positive
5:17 PM
> what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun
Just judging from movies coming out, I'm pretty sure all of Hollywood has agreed on that at this point :(
@EmC It sounds much more solemn read in the original with the traditional tune
@user58 ooh, I bet
I didn't know that was a thing
5:45 PM
Two students in two of my sister colleges committed suicide recently, under academic pressure and allegedly depression.
@scohe001, ironically, someone has had that thought too, and wrote about it. So long ago it's part of the Jewish bible. Check out the book named "kohelet" (or Ecclesiastes)
1 hour later…
6:47 PM
We have a slack bot that picks random devs to review your PR, so far it's given me 2 in a row who are out sick today
It does sound good to randomize things though (unless you're still learning, then having 1 set reviewer each time is good, especially for related tasks).
It's organized by "code owners". So there are a group of devs who are the owners for, say our api layer. If your change touches that, you have to get a review from someone who is knowledgeable about that code. If you touch the data models, you have to get approval from that team, etc
It doesn't pick from everyone, just people that have the knowledge needed to do the review
Oof, that kinda sounds annoying...
But I guess that's what they made bot for then in the first place
The way the repository is set up, there's a file that lists which teams own which files. When you make a PR, it is blocked from merging until each team that "owns" a file you've modified has one member approve the PR. So then you just ask the bot to select a random member of that team
7:09 PM
Hey everyone! We'd like to proceed with the answers discussed in this meta post, but would like to see a bit more voting by the community on their preferred way of handling. Would y'all mind taking a look and casting your votes if you haven't yet and want your voice to be heard? :D
What if I don't like any of them but I don't have any better ideas?
@Rainbacon You're always free to not vote :) But we're going to do something anyhow so perhaps you could at least single out the one you like best somehow ;)
Or come up with a better plan this week XD
I've voted according to my thoughts, also left a comment to declare my distaste for the idea of editing a notice into an un-backed-up answer
Thank you! :)
2 hours later…
8:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm curious, what are your thoughts on making a "Deleted posts FAQ"?
Hmm? Something like the one on MSE, or?
Oh, actually I just found one on IPS
Yep, that's the one I found
cool :)
8:57 PM
Guess I should have checked the FAQ tag on meta a little closer
I think that needs a link to citation expectations?
hmm that should be on there..
second link under "answering questions"?
Probably, and I think it could use some edits after we adopt a new policy on for older answers around "why was my answer deleted when this other one wasn't"
ohh, yeah the post on "why was my answer deleted" could use a little updating
I'll try to take a pass at it tonight unless someone beats me to it
9:04 PM
@Rainbacon I wrote that quite awhile ago. It's probably good to be touched up (or another answer added) if you had something already in mind
Aaaaand then I read the rest of what y'all said. Just ignore me :p

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