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5:55 AM
workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/147305 Hey mods! can't we have a notice like this ? See post history if it is removed with time
6:11 AM
@ankii IPS does have it.
6:28 AM
In my experience, letting people pay unequal sums let them feel unequal to another. Perhaps it's easiest when the more well-off participants share some of their equipment and thus indirectly pay more. For example when travelling by car you could say "lets use my car". oYu will sponsor the upkeep and gas cost but it's not so much "visible" and people won't feel like "oh no my friend needs to pay for me too". Let everone pay their own hotel ticket / activity costs but (if you feel like you need to contribute more) you can lend them e. g. expensive equipment. Just my 2 cents (not a full answer). — BlueWizard 1 min ago
#23335 BlueWizard (101 rep) | Q: Easiest way to plan a vacation with friends? (score: 0) | posted 9 hours ago by Scott (31 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@user58 Really? I had the feeling it was getting better, granted that I only look at new questions (also, I was quite busy those last 3~4 days, so I may have missed some now deleted stuff)
@ankii Seeing a "beige" dog, talking to a "beige" dog, is quite confusing. At first look, I thought you were the same person x)
7:11 AM
How long are the drives? The longer the way, the higher the pay should be (if expected). As its a work travel, I would expect work to pay for it though. — XtremeBaumer 2 mins ago
#23334 XtremeBaumer (3067 rep) | Q: How to know how much money to give someone for a ride home? (score: 1) | posted 10 hours ago by bracketenergy (6 rep) | edited 2 hours ago by A J (6990 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
7:22 AM
@user58 never seen being used, it's always 7-8 votes comment, after comment deletion.
@Ælis haha, wish I was as cute as Geek, And not all of us wear hats either :)
@ankii Yeah, never seen it use on IPS either. Not sure why, maybe the mods don't really find it adapted?
I dont know if IPS has a theme with it
might be the human commenting(although canned) vs a notice
Q: How can I try to get my coworkers to stop their jokes on LGBTQ+ people

avazulaContext I have been in this company for 5 months now and I'm sharing an office with four men (35 to 55 y.o.). They all are white, heterosexual cis men. For the record I'm a white, 22 y.o., heterosexual cis woman1. There's been a viral video in France in the beginning of July where a bunch of pe...

7:38 AM
Q: Answer with unnecessary picture. How do we want to treat them?

ÆlisI am talking about this specific answer. I'm not talking about its quality here (I didn't even read it in full, just the beginning). What I find "questionable" is the use of those two pictures (even if they are, indeed related to the question/answer). I find those two pictures are taking way to...

@user58 Your searching/memory skills are impressive! 👏
@Ælis I just did a search for hasnotice:yes is:q
@user58 so I've seen it once :)
@user58 Well, I'm still impressed, I didn't know that "hasnotice" was a thing ^^
@IntrovertedMetaMan Also, @user58 I believe you know the trick to make an image smaller?
they haven't advertised the advanced search much
@Ælis going smaller makes them illegible
7:43 AM
Q: How to deal with messy flatmate

JaneDoeI am living with a very messy flatmate. It is a shared living arrangement, where we both pay rent to the landlady. Few instances: Taking out trash: She never took out the trash. Initial agreement was that we would take up the responsibility alternately. But even when I would specifically tell...

@Ælis if it's a stack.imgur image link, appending an m to the url works. https://i.stack.imgur.com/Lo8kf.jpg vs https://i.stack.imgur.com/Lo8kfm.jpg
see the latest edit on that answer
Thanks for the link @ankii!
Tetsujin's answer is not so well written, but it covers the required
Better stay on safe side while cropping names
Oh, you have exactly 888 IPS rep @ankii!
7:59 AM
@Ælis That's lucky in some places in the world!
Hope today's Lab goes well
Sorry for dropping in and out, I'm making the Pre-lab reports
@Ælis Thanks :) We'll see...
1 hour later…
9:13 AM
Morning :)
@Ælis btw, you can append either s for small, m for medium, l for large. I do this all the time over on SU :)
Meta post for context:
Q: Resizing an image in a post?

warrenIs it possible to resize an image in an answer? For example, How important is PhD research topic to getting a job? has an answer that should have the image in the answer, but it's too big. Is there a way to handle resizing?

2 hours later…
10:52 AM
@CaldeiraG we must not do that for those disgraceful posts where people post photos of code or CLI output
Right ?
This felt so awkward separated, rather than appended.
11:17 AM
@ankii You're right, ask the OP before editing it :)
but if you have edit privileges it's fine to edit since it won't come up on queue but still ask for the code/output written
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
@Rainbacon I peeled 17 apples by hand then sliced and cored them with one of those 8 peice-slicers corer I don't know what it's called but I shamash that thing and get 8 slices and cored in one go
ah, ok
We have this little machine that you put the apple on and crank it. It peels and cores them
Something like this
1:42 PM
@Ælis I just posted this sandbox question. I'm fairly comfortable with the content, but the post is about me reconnecting with a friend who is in the process of a gender transition, so I'd love if you and/or @AGirlHasNoName could take a look to make sure I'm not saying anything incorrectly
@avazula It's people playing in the closet :p
@Rainbacon Sure, I'll have look :)
@Ælis Yea, I realized afterwards :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

RainbaconPotential tags: friendship reconnecting apologies lgbt+ Title: How do I reconnect with a friend after they tried once and I failed to respond Body of my post: Background I've been out of college for about 4 years now, and during that time I've lost contact with one of my best friends. After I...

@Rain regarding your latest sandbox question: did you invite them at your wedding?
1:59 PM
@avazula No, I completely forgot and I feel bad about it
They've been kind of "out of sight, out of mind" in my life lately and I'd like to fix that
2:21 PM
okay :) no judgement here, it's just that you mentioned you ran into them at a few weddings so it made me wondering
@Rainbacon yup, my family used to have that. Fun times
3:26 PM
oh boy i've just been given a load of responsibilities at work and i am stressedddd
@AlexRobinson :\
and I need to pick up a delivery at the post office fast because apparently the address on the package was "insufficient" and they send the package back within 24h on that situation :(
2 hours later…
5:01 PM
Q: How do I reconnect with a friend after they tried once and I failed to respond

RainbaconBackground I've been out of college for about 4 years now, and during that time I've lost contact with one of my best friends. After I graduated college, I took a job in another city and moved about 1000 miles away. My friend and I kept in touch for about a year via text messages and Facebook. A...

5:48 PM
Ugh, my computer keeps doing this thing where it will randomly lock. It's driving me crazy
@ExtrovertedMainMan @Rainbacon I'm not really motivated to write an answer right now, but if you are interesting, you can ping me in a few days and I might be able to write something up
@Ælis Scohe's answer is good, but doesn't solve all of my goals, so I would love to hear your thoughts. I'll try to remember to ping you in a few days
I should warn you though, I don't have much experience with the subject
So my answer will defintively not be a complete one
6:14 PM
That moment when someone asks you to squash all the commits on your PR and then you have to do an interactive rebase and figure out how to compress 50 commits from 5 different developers
@Rainbacon I just remembered about this answer I wrote some time ago and I think it might be able to help you (even if it isn't about being transgender)
@Rainbacon I'm glad I'm usually the only dev on my project. Git issues sound really awful and scary
They definitely can be
6:31 PM
@Rainbacon oh oof. I may need to clarify then. I feel like a natural conversation will achieve all of your goals (or at least put you on the path to achieving them). I may edit in a min here
@scohe001 It's not a guarantee that it will help me apologize for the lack of response
That's true. I'll see if I can add something to address that
Phew, squashed the commits without any errors
Since Finley still isn't a fan of sweaters (and by extension, costumes), we had to get creative...
What's that black line on his back?
6:38 PM
sorry @scohe about that edit......... I was testing and somehow submitted it from my keyboard -____-;
@Rainbacon it's for the coins on the ground next to him--he's a piggy bank!
@EmC I was wondering about that x)
(we got some scotch tape and a bit of black paper :P)
HAHAHAHA, I love it
@Ælis haha, I'm embarrassed now. nobody else loook pls xP
6:40 PM
@scohe001 Does he manage your money well?
@scohe001 hahah that is super cute!!
@Ælis we'll have to see when we break him open to get our money again :p
@scohe001 D:
LOL too dark?
@scohe001 :'( :'( :'(
6:43 PM
@EmC huh you must've hit ctrl-enter to submit it. I was wondering what happened there lol
he's too cute for that! you'll just have to recover any items via the normal pet owner method of, er, waiting :P
@EmC xD
@scohe001 ohh yeah, probably
Hahaha oh gosh. Knowing pigs, he'd probably find a way to digest them so that we never see them again :p
@scohe001 Fun fact (warning, it's dark): if you give a human body to eat to your pig, he will digest everything except the teeth and hairs
6:45 PM
(don't ask me how I know that :p )
@Ælis yup! The mafia used to toss bodies into pig pens (before all the genetic tracking stuff). The more you know ;)
And looks like I tossed this conversation into a pig pen, because it's now dead and nowhere to be found :p
well, I suppose it is appropriate for halloween?
did you just dress him up for pictures, or are you taking Finley trick-or-treating? :)
Oh, I just figured out why you made this "false edit" to scohe post @EmC :p
@Ælis yup :p
6:57 PM
@EmC FYI, I'm definitively on Upper_Case side on that one. I'm pretty sure removing a picture to just post a link instead will upset people (while spoiler will probably being seen as just a weird thing to do but not really upsetting)
@EmC just for the pics. It's getting down to 19 degrees at night over here, so he'll only go out around noon to sunbath lol no way could we get him to trick-or-treat :p
But my company has a pet costume contest (along with a couple other costume contests), so we're going to try our luck!
@Ælis hmm, interesting.. didn't think people would take it that way
I'm with @EmC on this one. I think a blanket "no embedded photos" policy would be fine. But I'm not a big photo-poster, so who's to say
I think there are instances where an image might be helpful. In general I'm opposed to the idea of memes in posts because I think memes often have a sarcastic tone, but sometimes an image can be a way to explain a point
yeah, I wouldn't want to ban all images - there's occasionally some useful ones, like diagrams or signs or even a relevant comic
it just seems to me like if we don't want the image to be shown by default, a link would make more sense, instead of blanking out the equivalent space in the post. but I could live with either, just throwing my $0.02 in
7:08 PM
@EmC Finley will happily take that for you
@Rainbacon Wow, that sounds terrible. I'm fortunate at my company in that devs normally work in fairly separate and distinct pieces of our software so we don't step on each other's toes too much.
@scohe001 hehe :D
@El'endiaStarman We've had a major headache due to one dev deciding that our team should not follow the merging practices that most of the company does. We've finally had enough trouble from that decision that we're going to do what everyone else does moving forward, but it's a headache getting to that point
7:23 PM
@scohe001 F.
@Ælis subtle thing, hair is plural for hair. Also, this fact was in a tv series, gentleman jack. There may be other places too. But you(plural) can watch the series. It’s nice.
Those of you with pets, do you allow them in your kitchen? Except their feeding bowl
@ankii Yes. I've never had a pet that wasn't allowed in the kitchen
I, am visibly, a dog affectionate person, but I am opposed to the leniency shown to them when they enter food preparation or eating zones
I am talking about the stray ones
@ankii yep. considering our kitchen does not have a door it would be pretty much impossible to keep the kitties out
We've always let our pets walk around the kitchen, but they are not allowed to climb on the food surfaces such as the counter or table
@EmC same
So you do trust their paws
7:30 PM
@Rainbacon technically our cats are not allowed to go up on counters either... but they are cats...
@EmC x)
haha, yeah our cat kind of does what she wants
@ankii Yeah, but what's the plural for hair and hairs? Can't I just "smash" the words?
@Ælis it's mostly Juno who does that. and then I just look at her and say "no, get down", she meows, I point, and then she jumps down :P
@ankii nope. Apparently if you give your pig veggies right after you take them out of the fridge, they'll realize where you keep them and learn to open it themselves. Same for cabinets/the pantry/etc. So definitely no pigs in the kitchen in our house :p (his food bowl goes in his cage area)
7:32 PM
@scohe001 Wow, I've heard pigs are smart, but wow
@EmC I am also trying to get Howler to do the same, he sits on sofa of our cafe. He is a beagle mix
@Ælis hair for both, I guess
@scohe001 Haha x) I believe some cats can do the same
@Rainbacon Yea, they have really strong nose/neck muscles for digging/rooting, so opening a fridge is no problem for them apparently. We're def not going to find out :p
@ankii dogs are usually much easier to train than cats! so hopefully he is a good learner :)
Ive seen lions opening car doors, well good luck to those who meet wild pigs in the woods
7:35 PM
@ankii oof yea. We actually have problems with wild pigs out here in Texas. They're so smart and hungry that a herd of them will destroy whole farms. In some cities, they pay $10-20 a head if you have a gun :(
I just came to know about a dog litter.. will go there in this week \o/
So I was confirming that it was a pig in Lion King too. So hakuna Matata when you see a wild one
Ahh that's a warthog, yea. Not the breed we have (thank goodness), but definitely a pig :p
@scohe001 that is similar to wild cows, but the best part, they come out in the night. And don’t mind if you leave them alone
I find them amazing, partial horses
What on earth...I've never heard of those. Its head looks so small compared to its body
Well the article only highlights India as habitat :)
And their name is also Hindi, Neel is sort of blue or water, Gai is cow
7:42 PM
Huh. Interesting
@Rainbacon I'm currently trying to answer your question but my (uncomplete) first draft is very messy. Things will be easier if you had only one goal ^^
I just finished watching how I met your mother
@avazula Ooh congrats! Also I'm sorry. You should've stopped before the last few episodes :p
I've been warned about the disappointing ending but darn I was not expecting that
I'm sooo sad xD
wonders what she could watch now
If you haven't seen Brooklyn 99... ;)
7:56 PM
Oh yes I did, in waiting for the new season to be released on Netflix FR :D
Ooh nice. Then I've got nothing for you lol
I binge watched the latest season of bojack horseman last Sunday. Love that show. Sad show, but still great.
And of course I'm up to date with disenchantment's 2nd season... Which I already watched twice lol
(Oh dear, what am I doing with my life...)
@avazula let’s await Witcher
Also I had a cute gif to upload, but mobile
Warsaw that's so sweet!
@avazula I don't understand why everyone is disappointed with the ending
8:05 PM
@Rainbacon I love Tracy. She'd be my perfect spouse (sorry Mr Ava, I hope you understand)
Its just that I wish we could have gotten some more of her :p
ah yeah, that would have been nice
Meanwhile, I'm slowly rewatching Breaking Bad.
. . . evidently.
Heh. I like the avatar
@Ælis Sorry, I don't think I could narrow it down
@avazula I'm not sure if I have an ideal of a perfect spouse (but don't tell my wife that)
8:19 PM
@Rainbacon Nah, that's fine. I (and you) will just have to accept that I can't answer your question completly. Hopefully, you will have enough answer that you can make a complet one out of them
Accept it, or else
Meanwhile, my bird-related attention span stops me from formulating my pseudo-Eeps question
@M.A.R. Your new avatar makes that phrase seem so much more intimidating than your previous avatars would
@M.A.R. Flag it for deletion? :p
What's your pseudo-eeps question?
Uh, good question
Lemme see if I can find my monologue
Oh, the monologue starts here
Oct 26 at 14:46, by M.A.R.
@Ælis Well, depending on the absolute but subjective nature of "good", and how we begin to define it, not just abstractly in human societies but also pragmatically relevant in the current era of post-Modernism, followed by the more eminent yet more temporary enthusiasm of the masses in current . . .
8:25 PM
I see
Therefore you are
Oh my fortune I get on opening a new terminal gave me a good one yesterday. It said: (to) ? be : !be. Felt MAR-like.
@Rain I was mostly joking :) I don't think i have one either
@scohe001 the other day I was reading about this skeptic that calls stuff "pseudo-profound bullshit" and I said OK 90 percent of my internet dialogue falls into that category
That...is surprisingly accurate actually
I think the fact that you're self-aware makes it even more pseudo-profound
8:31 PM
@M.A.R. I like that phrase. I'm going to start using it
@scohe001 Hasta La Vista
8:47 PM
Well, I don't like the formating nor the writing style, but I posted it anyway @Rainbacon (I might try to edit it into better shape tomorrow when I will be well-rested, but I can't do better for tonight)
9:01 PM
Thank you for your answer @Ælis. I really like the way you pointed out how you don't have the exact experience I'm looking for, but then provided good information that still supports my goals
1 hour later…
10:11 PM
I am not able to use list in an answer
Is markdown broken ?
10:32 PM
Q: List (both numbered and bulleted) CSS appears to broken

The Guy with The HatThe CSS for lists across the network appears to be broken. Specifically, the following used to exist, but no longer does: ol { list-style-type: decimal; } ul { list-style-type: disc; } ul, ol { margin-left: 30px; margin-bottom: 1em; } ul, ol, li { margin: 0; padding: 0; }...

27 messages moved to Trash
10:56 PM
@scohe001 So you moved a ping to trash too :p
And yeah, it has been fixed
Lol I reproduced it and sent a photo to ping you before I realized there was an MSE post
I was packing up, so didn’t see meta
Going to bed
Doesn’t mean I’d sleep :p
It's just the next episode of the day
Day part 2
Day returns
The Dark Day
11:00 PM
The day trilogy
What’s a series of 4 called ?
Might be similar to carbon nomenclature
user image
Night everyone
@CaldeiraG that hit hard
@ankii x)
11:48 PM
@ankii Tetralogy.

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