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12:40 AM
This question is so broad you could float an Aircraft carrier through it. Why has it survived almost a year?
Q: Why have Canonical installed core Gnome apps as Snaps by default?

Nader NooryaniToday I removed snapd, which also removed gnome-software-plugins-snap by default. What I didn't notice is that Gnome System Monitor also was removed afterwards. On further inspection there seem to be a host of other applications that are snaps by default: Desktop snaps * snap:gnome-3-26-1604...

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2:43 AM
Q: Stuck at chapter 6.7 of lfs

networkI have been doing lfs inside vm on my system and through live Ubuntu cd.I am getting core dump or segmenatuon fault in make mrproper step of chapter 6.7.Please can somebody help on what to do..since I am working on a live Ubuntu cd I cannot afford to start from scratch again

3:03 AM
Q: Ubuntu Corrupts BIOS on Ryzen 3000 Machine

Harry MuscleI have a PC with an Asrock B450M Steel Legend motherboard and a Ryzen 3700X CPU and I occasionally boot Ubuntu from the live DVD. Unfortunately it looks like Ubuntu is corrupting the BIOS though. After rebooting from Ubuntu the machine will hang at the POST screen and refuse to boot or enter the ...

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6:21 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix In the first piece of output OP had "Temporary failure resolving us.archive.ubuntu.com".
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
Q: limits.conf is not working

user619271I'm trying to set default niceness/priority for a user's processes on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS in limits.conf and everything I write in limits.conf is simply ignored. Hard nice, soft nice, hard priority, soft priority, - priority, doesn't matter it just don't work. session required pam_limits.so...

8:26 AM
Q: Manually set niceness for a ssh root login

user619271Manually set niceness for a ssh root login. When I try to log in on a server that is under a high load (DDoS attack in particular) I'm facing a problem of a very low responsiveness of a command line. And I believe it is not related to a network connection problems but is related to a processor u...

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10:38 AM
can anyone clear a little the edit suggestion queue? I can't edit another question :/
thanks :)
10:49 AM
Could we undelete askubuntu.com/questions/1183160/…? OP apparently thinks being a dupe means a disqualification and deleted. Can't tell him though.
11:00 AM
@JacobVlijm voted to undelete.
askubuntu.com/q/1183193/248158 spam surviving for over 12 min.
lunch time :)
@DKBose thanks! The spam link is a funny one:)
@JacobVlijm the poster of that deleted xubuntu question has a Super User account as well but doesn't seem too active there! So a ping may not help.
11:22 AM
One more close voted needed for annoying repetition of same question:
Q: Ubuntu terminal is not opening, just blinking the screen and closed

monkWhen I start the terminal on Ubuntu 19.04, it just shows a blinking cursor for a few minutes. Then the terminal closes. What is the problem and how to fix it?

@JacobVlijm It's undeleted now.
11:51 AM
@JacobVlijm and VTC
@WinEunuuchs2Unix done.
@DKBose ditto @ done.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I think the poster has difficulty in communication. Maybe we shouldn't have closed it!
I don't think OP has asked the same question repeatedly? I looked through the previous questions and can't figure out which one resembles this one.
I should have checked for myself but I just went with dobey's comment. I voted to reopen.
12:50 PM
OT Ask Ubuntu Meta
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2:08 PM
Q: Cannot install synaptics driver. apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics leads to broken packages

MiloMinderbinderI have just purchased a thinkpad and it has synaptic input device but ubuntu 18.4 does not come with synaptics touchpad driver. I am trying to implement the solution given here but running sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics leads to : Reading package lists... Done Building depende...

Greatgreat, thanks a lot!!
2:34 PM
@damadam The queue seems to be clear now.
@Kulfy thx
still 4 edits in pending, not some users check suggests edits :/
I got no suggestion to review. That edits might need 1 more review.
I know, that's why i asked here :D
askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/988020 lol, totally different review
2:49 PM
@damadam #Ask@EliahKagan
That suggested edit format this text as code, which was not formatted as code before:
Kernel update from 18.04 to 19.04 | pressed Ctrl + C in the middle of update and then reset the VPS
Now vps can not boot because: Kernel panic - not syncing
My understanding is that the post author was not saying that text appeared on a terminal.
As far as I can tell, the only part that was actually shown on the screen was "Kernel panic - not syncing" and everything else is their description of what occurred.
Fair point.
the part pressed Ctrl + C in the middle just mislead me :O
Happy birthday to Unix turning 50 today
@damadam Does the system let you apply another edit to the same post? I would guess that it does not, because at least one (in this case, two) reviews have been submitted for the edit, but I am not sure.
2:55 PM
I didn't try
the edit is still in pending :/
so i won't be able to modify it until another user review it @EliahKagan
@Rinzwind Where is it documented? According to Google: Initial release date: 3 November 1971
@Kulfy Bell Labs :+)
In the summer of 1969 computer scientists Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created the first implementation of Unix ...
OH CRAP https://www.unixgame.io/unix50
That is going to waste the rest of my life
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't think that question is too broad, or broad at all. It's asking about specific packages, and describes a specific situation as the context for the question.
@Rinzwind Summer of '69
Is there any reference to 23 Oct?
Almost 3 years since my last edit, but filled it out pretty good:
A: How do I Install 0 A.D.?

blade19899There are several ways to install 0 A.D., here are the easiest ones: Personal Package Archives(PPA) To install the latest 0 A.D. on Ubuntu, add its official PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install 0ad The official 0 A.D. PPA, usually, only holds pa...

3:07 PM
@Kulfy well those guys at bell labs claimed it as 50 years at the day they posted the blogs :(
@blade19899 I remember upvoting that :+
I didn't know what is 0 A.D, but by scrolling the post, I would read it later :D
upvote : +1
it's a RTS game :=)
really interessant, just by reading the name, i would had think about a advertisement blocker
In hindsight, maybe 1969 should be called the “summer of code”.
@Rinzwind I see.
Someone quick write a programmer pastiche of that ;p
3:16 PM
this makes me miss ‘69 and I wasn’t even born then lmao
3:42 PM
@damadam It would probably have been good for me to have commented on that post, since I now realize that the reason it qualified for deletion (as "not an answer") is not obvious. In fact, I now think there may even be some disagreement between those of us who voted to delete it about the reason for doing so.
The question asks about how to choose between Ubuntu releases and flavors based on system requirements. There are many unofficial derivatives of Ubuntu, none of which are supported here, so if we were to interpret the question as asking about all their system requirements and how to choose between them, the question would itself be off-topic.
Furthermore, if it asked about the system requirements of all Ubuntu-based systems (official or not), it would not be off-topic on a site like Unix & Linux, but it would be too broad even on such a site, because that's a huge number of systems and the question doesn't specify any specific use case. I voted to delete your answer because, although it was well-intended and the information it provided may have been useful in some other context, it was not really answering the question that was asked.
The reason I wish I had commented at the same time is that there is a misconception that we don't ever allow answers that recommend the use of a non-Ubuntu OS. We actually do allow them, though they are often very poorly received, in part because in practice such answers often don't compellingly explain why the non-Ubuntu OS is better for what the OP is doing.
(For the question you answered, there was no specific situation; it's a general question for helping people who want to use Ubuntu but are worried about system requirements choose between the flavors and releases available.)
@terdon I want to be careful about that, though. This was about an answer we deleted, not a question we closed. An answer can't really be off-topic (or on-topic), it can only fail (or succeed) to answer the question that was asked. The existing consensus is we don't prohibit answers that recommend a non-Ubuntu OS:
@EliahKagan no problem with me, I already got suffisant explanation yesterday about that
4:13 PM
@EliahKagan Yes but in this case, the question was specifically asking for an Ubuntu release.
4:24 PM
@terdon Yes, absolutely. That's why I voted to delete the answer. (And it is true that the question would itself have been off-topic and also too broad if it had been asking for comparison of all Ubuntu-based OSes.) I just wanted to clarify that the scope-related consideration here--and in the case of most answers--was about what the question was or wasn't asking for, not what is on-topic/off-topic for Ask Ubuntu.
It occurs to me that, while I don't think a comment always needs to accompany a delete vote/review or NAA flag, I have perhaps become complacent in this area. The information the UI shows the owner of a deleted answer is extremely general; it would not have been reasonable for me to think that it addressed this issue, especially given the nuances it involved.
3 hours later…
7:41 PM
@EliahKagan I have to admit, I really enjoy your eloquence.
1 hour later…
9:10 PM
Hey, I was trying to run the docker command for a github repo and now I'm getting issues "no space left on the device":
git clone github.com/jamesdbrock/learn-you-a-haskell-notebook.git
cd learn-you-a-haskell-notebook
docker run --rm \
      -p 8888:8888 \
      -v $PWD/notebook:/home/jovyan/work \
      --env JUPYTER_ENABLE_LAB=yes \
      --env JUPYTER_TOKEN=x \
      --name learn-you-a-haskell \
$ df -H
Filesystem                 Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev                       4.1G     0  4.1G   0% /dev
tmpfs                      825M   86M  739M  11% /run
/dev/sda5                  106G  104G     0 100% /
So I think my root is full, but I've deleted some things in my Downloads and other stuff freeing up about a gig, and I'm still getting that error...
9:28 PM
I don't see an entry that says overflow
2 hours later…
11:55 PM
Q: Installing java.xml.bind and Contiki-ng

JackPhlackI'm trying to install a program called Contiki-NG onto a Ubuntu build sitting in VMware on a Windows 10 station. In the process, I need to build an app called Cooja. I'm getting the following results: icook@ubuntu:~/contiki-ng/tools/cooja$ sudo ant run Buildfile: /home/icook/contiki-ng/t...


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