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3:34 AM
@EliahKagan I believe the system does allow you to modify your suggested edits before the review has been completed. Recently I submitted an edit suggestion on a site where I lack edit privileges and modified my edit after the first review
I may be imagining things, but I feel fairly sure that actually happened. The version I saw in the editor was my own as-yet-unapplied revision, which was a relief to me
Cc @damadam ^^
Maybe the system should not allow that! But I think it does
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5:00 AM
Q: Ubuntu how to remove small vertical element stick screen

Vo Danh I have a super weird issue: There is a small vertical element that got stuck on the screen and unable to remove, really annoying :/

5:54 AM
@dessert Thanks. :)
@Zanna Yes, I have had that happen. But in this case there were two completed reviews (which disagreed with each other so it was still in the queue). I guess you can only revise a suggested edit when there are no completed reviews on any version of the edit. I think the user who made a suggested edit can revise it while a review is in progress, though. I've seen the banner come up informing me of a new edit while reviewing suggested edits, and not always after clicking the Edit button.
6:21 AM
@AaronHall Is the docker command trying to pull down an OS image?
You might need more than a single gig of space for that.
6:49 AM
@EliahKagan I mean (maybe I am now confused), someone had already approved it
@Zanna Your suggested edit?
but it had not been applied yet
7:11 AM
Hmm, I'm not sure then.
7:31 AM
Q: Can [maintenance] be kept in good working order?*

Zanna*Credit to Eliah Kagan for the title We have a tag maintenance which currently has 38 questions in it. The questions relate to a miscellany of topics, since "maintenance" is a very broad category of activity that could apply to many tasks having little in common with each other. I feel that th...

8:00 AM
@Rinzwind Don't you just feel old now! XD
8:21 AM
No. I -am- old.
@Rinzwind Gonna be Thirty by the end of the year myself :|
8:39 AM
almost 51 me :)
Using adblocker?
paywall, but there is an option for free access (so love cookies with it)
10:04 AM
Q: Problem remapping function buttons on Ubuntu 18.04 / i3 / xkb

Oliver BakI have been trying to remap my functions keys on my X1 Carbon 6.th gen, since theres no Media Keys on the default keyboard. Until now, I have remapped F8, F9 and F10 to respectively XF86AudioPrev, XF86AudioPlay and XF86AudioNext using the xkb config in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc and modified...

10:20 AM
the new kde has a better memory usage than xfce. That seems odd :P
10:33 AM
@Rinzwind You an OG at that life game now! xD
10:50 AM
@Zanna you didn't like the space before a : :'D
that space shouldn't be there!
I suppose that is debatable :)
but very often we have users who really do not know where punctuation should go. I am always correcting punctuation placement!
11:23 AM
@Seth it failed, and now I can't use any web browser on my laptop...
I've tried telling docker to clean up (prune) whatever, I've searched for docker commands to clean up, seems like I don't have any images here now, but it's like my system won't reclaim the space.
size of root is 106GB now, Used is 102GB, Avail is 0. that doesn't add up.
A: df -h - Used space + Avail Free space is less than the Total size of /home

chronitisBy default, ext2/3/4 filesystems reserve 5% of the space to be useable only by root. This is to avoid a normal user completely filling the disk which would then cause system components to fail whenever they next needed to write to the disk. You can see the number of reserved blocks (and lots of ...

I did (as per askubuntu.com/a/266128/247661) sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/sda5 and I seem to be back in business
11:51 AM
@Rinzwind I don't know about XFCE but Kubuntu 19.10 (minimal install with the kubuntu-backports ppa to get Plasma 5.17) looks like this (if I can figure out how to include an image):
But I think Lubuntu 19.10 is even lighter. Kubuntu takes quite long to get started but after that it's fine.
12:06 PM
And this is Lubuntu 19.10:
12:48 PM
@Seth is there a way to tell how much space I'll need if I try it again in the future?
1:13 PM
@AaronHall you still have lynx as primary web browser, but command line x)
@damadam it was an option but I didn't bother trying it out.
2:09 PM
off topic or not, because he is working with a Windows computer but (probably) his server is running a Linux
@damadam it's on topic if either of them is running Ubuntu
2:24 PM
desktop computer is Windows for sure, but the server, idk, because scp is cross-platform
@Zanna I'm not 100% sure, actually. The issue does seem to be about how scp works on Windows, so it doesn't look like the problem is related to the Ubuntu side of things.
Call to 10k+ users: Was this deleted by the system? Was it marked as dupe of something?
2:42 PM
@terdon oh, ok
deleted by community bot
closed as off-topic
Oh okay. Thanks. :)
@Zanna I meant what I said: I'm not sure. I think it will depend on where the problem is. If it is indeed on the Windows side, then I'd argue the Q is off topic since we can't really help configure a Windows machine.
If the issue can be fixed on the Linux side, then it would be on topic assuming the Linux is an Ubuntu.
But anyway, I shouldn't be getting involved, I'm on strike.
2:46 PM
you are at work!
I mean, you are here
Haven't done any moderating (nothing a normal user couldn't do) for several days. And not much a user could do either.
@Zanna Can you please send a screenshot of question body?
Thank you :)
@terdon I don't want to undermine that in any way, but thanks for giving your view despite being on strike :)
@Kulfy any time... can you read it well enough? I could have zoomed the first half in a bit more
2:51 PM
Well, I was opinionated before I became a mod, so I don't really see voicing opinion as moddly :P
@Zanna It's fine. Actually there's a question in suggested edit queue which referred to this question. I was removing the reference and trying to make question independent of that.
@terdon I was going to say that I don't think giving an opinion is necessarily moderation, but, I thought that saying something like that might seem like I was undermining the strike
I just meant I wasn't gonna hammer anything closed.
well, not many questions here get hammer-closed by mods
@terdon a mod isn't a user (with his privelege earned) that had a few more rights, but also a few more work?
2:56 PM
Yes? I think so? Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.
@damadam mods are less than users :=)
about that question, you can solve it as a user instead of being a mod ;)
@Rinzwind hopefully, it would be a huge mess if it wasn't like that :'D
3:18 PM
Interesting claim here: askubuntu.com/q/1183515/248158
Chromium is a free and open-source web browser developed by Google. It is a fully functional browser on its own and supplies the vast majority of source code for the Google Chrome browser. The two browsers have always had some differences, as indicated by their names: chromium is the metal used to make chrome plating.The Chromium source code is also widely used by other parties to create their own browsers, in a similar manner as Google, while others simply build it as-is and release browsers with the Chromium name. The user interface is minimalist because Google wanted its browser to "feel...
he probably associated Brave and Firefox xD
@AaronHall Unfortunately I am only passingly familiar with docker so I don't know :/
3:35 PM
@damadam Brave was not created by Mozilla. Brendan Eich developed it after he was "no longer" with Mozilla.
3:50 PM
@Zanna do you really not use ad-blockers in your browser?
I haven't installed anything like that...
4:08 PM
Q: What are these directories in my tmp directory?

Raphael MarcoI am seeing a bunch of directories with the same files in my /tmp directory. I'm wondering if what is generating those directories as there was cases when it generated to many that it filled up my disk space. Running ls -l /tmp shows the following: Then the directory contents which shows the ...

@AaronHall It looks like it pulls this dockerfile: hub.docker.com/r/crosscompass/ihaskell-notebook/dockerfile which pulls this one hub.docker.com/r/jupyter/base-notebook/dockerfile which pulls a bionic image
1 hour later…
5:18 PM
Q: How to solve the fix broken install?

Gokulraj NagarajanThe following packages have unmet dependencies: lightworks : Depends: libc++1 (>= 1.0) but it is not installed Depends: libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.18.0) but it is not installed Depends: nvidia-cg-toolkit but it is not installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken in...

@Seth not being a dockerphile, I'm not sure what the implications of those facts are...
(pardon the punnage...)
5:41 PM
Community has already locked the post according to revision history. But I'm still able to add comments. Either it's weird or revision history is messed up.
@Kulfy ignore the discrepancy.
because it was also unlocked again (not always shown)
Okay my lord.
now its locked again :p
This post has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated. A link to a chat room will be posted in the comments below if the conversation was moved to chat. Really??
least evil lock reason available to mods :p
unlocked now again and now we'll just leave it
5:44 PM
I posted a question on that dead battery notification problem
deleting the post is the evilest thing I could imagine
@TheLittleNaruto Advertising?
@Kulfy yeah then they won't see the last comment I wrote to them about them being q-banned :P
Why? It ain't that far. Posts only has 3 2 comments.
@Kulfy Shhhhh!! ;-)
6:17 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Once again I repeat
@AaronHall ah, sorry. My point was that it is probably pulling an entire ubuntu (bionic) image down with it. So 3-4GB iirc
Idk that there's a docker command that will tell you exactly how much space you need before the download tho
6:33 PM
@AaronHall @Seth for an image on dockerhub it would be:
curl -s -H "Authorization: JWT " "https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/library/<image-name>/tags/?page_size=100" | jq -r '.results[] | select(.name == "<tag-name>") | .images[0].size' | numfmt --to=iec-i
@Seth thanks
@Rinzwind thanks? what's that mean?
@AaronHall that shows the size of the container you are going to download (from dockerhub)
@Rinzwind does it allow download with confirm?
don't think so :P
:P indeed...
practices blowing raspberries
4 hours later…
11:09 PM
@terdon How on earth did you find this plagiarism?
Had the author included source it would have been fine then right?

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