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12:01 AM
Untitled Goose Game has an eShop page now!
Launches Friday, will have a 1 day sale of US$14.99 then US$19.99 regular
12:56 AM
Q: Help Combining Commands on a CMD Block

HandeecaptI'm trying to make a PVP area on my realm away from the main area using command blocks to teleport to the designated area. However I would also like it to clear the players inventory so they don't get a head start. I've tried using Command Combiners but none of them seem to work, they just spaw...

1:08 AM
@Wipqozn i suspect it's the url parameters at the end
yep, just needs a ! at the start
1:25 AM
today I learned that google assistant can sing
thanks but I was actually asking you to throw to google play music
(I stopped myself halfway through the more specific request for a "send feedback")
1:50 AM
I love it when you spend days working on a thing due to extremely short deadline and extremely short usage time for a project
and you test everything and it works perfectly, then you deploy it
and it doesn't work.
2:12 AM
this is the worst thing ever
what am I looking at here
(album cover of "1000 gec" by "100 gec", recreated in minecraft, but also includes me and a bunch of randos, on a minecraft music festival that'll also feature 100 gec)
@Ave this, is the VIP code for said music concert, where the profit (earned amount - server fees) goes to lgbt charities.
We've just been non-stop debugging for the last couple hours
messing with real life money while at it
2:36 AM
Q: Is my Blood moon horde finished?

Tim S.In prior versions of 7 Days to Die, the blood moon horde pretty much lasted from 22:00 to 4:00, and the horde promptly stopped spawning at that point. Now in Alpha 17.4, I've started a new random gen single player game, and had my 7th day horde. At around 1:20am, no more zombies spawned. I know ...

3:18 AM
Q: Is it worth to check the corpses in Lower Kurast (Diablo II)?

Paul ErlenmeyerThe fastest way to get high runes in Diablo II Single Player is considered to be Lower Kurast running. You reroll your map until you get a map with 6 Superchests close to your Lower Kurast Waypoint. There are always 3 Superchests and a corpse next to a bonfire in lower kurast and I always wondere...

3:44 AM
Just finished it
@Ave did that last sprint
though really i was just to get UrbanCode to deploy stuff to my Developer VM for the one person who's going to make me work on it whenever they feel like it;s "high priority"
4:20 AM
Q: Can you purchase legendaries from vending machines?

David TohIn Borderlands 2 it was possible to find legendaries in vending machines. I am wondering if it is still the case in borderlands 3. Are vendors like Earl also able to sell legendary anointed gear? If so, what is the loot pool and respective drop rates?

Q: What does this Blight Tower UI mean?

RapidaSpecifically, what do the lightning bolt, fist, lightning bolt, and x2 mean?

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6:00 AM
Q: Can you unlock every guardian item by visiting just one site?

EllesedilI visited a Guardian Beacon and picked up 3 Ancient Keys which are needed for unlocking the Guardian Fighters at a technology broker. I'd also like to try to unlock all of the Guardian Modules and Guardian Weapons as well as the fighters. After collecting the first Ancient Key, I received a mess...

1 hour later…
7:21 AM
Q: My Character Will Not Appear On PVZ Battle For Neighborville

TumbleElfI am writing this on my mobile device so I cannot show any screenshots. anyway, i play on Windows 10 PC, and I have recently purchased the Game. Every time I load the game or launch it, I can only play as 1 character. I can’t see any other character except the one I am playing. when I changed cha...

3 hours later…
10:33 AM
Only five days til we storm area 51 I guess
1 hour later…
11:43 AM
Q: Eidos Thief - how to rotate character?

MawgI just picked up Thief by Eidos again (the latest version). Stupid quesstion, but how do I rotate? I can move forward/back/right/left, but can't seem to turn. How do I stand still and roatate?

Q: Can i still find secrets after i clear a chapter?

Memor-XI'm playing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut. after defeating this mining worm boss in the mines it showed that I had completed Chapter 1 and listed some stats, including how many secrets I found to how many there are. I can still teleport back to previous locations so I am wo...

12:23 PM
Q: Is there a two way flying machine that is faster than minecarts?

posiedon9898 VoI thought of building a sort of subway but I was kind of bored of the regular walking, minecarts, and boats on ice. So I remembered flying machines. Is there a two-way design that is actually faster than going by the ordinary minecart? If so please give me a link or picture or at least some form ...

12:57 PM
@Ash Favo! is a nice high score chaser mobile game in the vein of triple town/threes et al
1:23 PM
@GnomeSlice Ooh I like the simple look of this game.
1:36 PM
@GnomeSlice I will have ot check it out!
2:15 PM
@RedRiderX there's more where that came from if you're interested
I also recommend topsoilgame.com although I found it pretty difficult to get far in
Q: Are you able to buy an online gem code and use it in Belgium?

areweoutofthewoutsGuild Wars 2 has banned some parts of the Black Lion Company in Belgium but can you still buy gem cards and use these if you are in Belgium or not?

2:35 PM
I really need to remember that my library loans video games.
Q: Why there is no info about this thing?

kitAs you can below this image, the green thing is show Champion Status (Attack Damage (AD), Armor, Ability Power (AP), Magic Resist (MR) and more. Below Champion status is Rune Status. But below Rune Status, what is that thing? I didn't see any info show on that one.

Q: Hello I built a dark room mob spawned in Minecraft pe. It worked in a minute ago, and now it doesn’t work. Why?

Ray Chan Hello I built a dark room mob spawned in Minecraft pe. It worked in a minute ago, and now it doesn’t work. Why? Why it doesn’t work now?

2:53 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh wow this does look pretty good
Love the web demo
@Ash My library system even has consoles to loan out.
The Switches they have get a lot of use
3:24 PM
Q: How have people figured out how to complete zombie maps storylines?

drsealksI've recently become aware that there is a huge storyline behind zombie maps in Call of Duty Black ops games. I went to YouTube and watched the walkthrough of Voyage of Despair. My main question is: how did people figure out how to complete the map and get all the easter eggs? Are there some off...

Finally got one over 100
4:14 PM
@Ave it says "your account has been suspended" uhhhh if this is talking about mine I haven't used Twitter in like months
@GnomeSlice it's yours
Nope not mine
Idk my app is still working
Huh yeah ubersocial says user not found
Time to delete my Twitter I guess
No idea what happened
Haven't looked at my Twitter in quite a while
Q: What is the damage of Echo Wave "Dragon"?

WriggleniteIn Iceborne, the Hunting Horn received several new melodies that can be played by combining the new echo note with any other note, except for white and purple. When combined with the orange note, the melody produced is Echo Wave "Dragon", which creates a shockwave that deals dragon elemental dama...

4:27 PM
Last time I went there it was fucked anyway
4:44 PM
Q: Identify relationship building dialog?

EricI'm going to start over in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I chose a too-easy difficulty level and am finding that battles just aren't fun. I'm only 10 hours in, but it's enough that I'm dreading running around and talking to everyone again. I'm hoping it's possible to tell when I can ignore a dialog ...

Q: How is accuracy calculated in Sunless Sea?

trollingcharThe game says: You can launch an attack before you have a complete firing solution - but you may miss. The definition "may miss" is too inexact and gives no understanding about how does hit probability depend on firing solution, if at all. Game wiki says nothing, and searching for "sunless ...

5:43 PM
@Unionhawk twidere won't even let you open tweets if you're suspended apparently
Ah there we go, the official site says I need to change my pass before logging in again
Q: Just Dance 2019 tracks available on Unlimited when JD2020 released?

nullRecently bought Just Dance 2019 and signed up for the month trial of Unlimited. Little one LOVES the tracks and I am sick of 'Dancing' to MiMiMi :D Just saw that 2020 is due to be released soon so what I'm trying to find out is: -If I buy 2020, will the 2019 tracks be available on it through ...

@GnomeSlice I think most likely is you were hacked and they suspended your account for security
6:02 PM
Something like that yeah
1 hour later…
7:05 PM
Wow. Did not know we had this technology yet
She's the first in the UK I guess
7:45 PM
Q: Jamma arcade: How to properly wire audio

Vidar WaagbøI’m trying to wire build a Jamma arcade cabinet from scratch. I have a question on how to properly wire audio. The Jamma standard have two pins related to audio (+/-). I have connected + to a phobo plug middle and - to the phono shield. The phono is connected to my OSSC upscaler via a phono to ja...

8:26 PM
Q: Why is there no Realms button on my Pocket Edition 1.1.3?

Felix Im trying to play with my friend but his realm server never shows up when he invites me and theres no realms button. He also doesnt show up when hes online.

8:52 PM
hey @Ash @GnomeSlice and anyone else in the Toronto area (from Toronto Against Fascism):
> If you’re planning on being in Toronto for the Anarchist Bookfair on the 28th, please be aware that there will be high fash presence in the city that day.
David Lynn and his fellow homophobic white supremacist christians will be having a barbecue and march starting at Church and Esplanade at 12pm and heading toward the Gay Village.
And PEGIDA, the Islamophobic white nationalist hate group, will be holding their usual rally and attempted march at University and Armoury starting at 2pm.
Hopefully it's just a march and nothing happens
I have no plans to go to toronto but thanks for the heads up
Q: When I try to use command blocks in Minecraft is there a way to make them not show feedback in chat?

Francois DangSo when I want to use a command block without other people seeing the feedback in chat I don’t know how to do it. Please help.

9:26 PM
Q: Is the Bone Armour skill from Bone Barrier ascendancy skill tagged as "minion"?

senpaiNormally skill gems tell you what their tags are so you know which support gems apply to them and whatnot, but since Bone Armour is granted as a result of allocating the ascendancy point for Bone Barrier, it doesn't seem like I have a way of seeing what the tags are. What tags are on the Bone Ar...

@Unionhawk Well I'll be sure to let yall know how that goes I guess.
Though honestly those are in pretty different areas of the city, I don't know if it'll be that big a deal
9:40 PM
@Unionhawk Yep, already heard about it from a friend who often counterprotests
10:06 PM
Q: How does slash/blunt damage work?

YasskierAll weapons in the "Kingdom come: Deliverance" have three damage stats: stab damage, slash damage and the blunt damage. The stabbing attack is performed with a different button than the slashing one, so there is no confusion between those two. Quite obviously, swords deal lots of slashing damage...

Q: Minecraft Isn't Running Smoothly Anymore

cosmo 3D Settings is as follows: Minecraft is suddenly running really badly for me. It used to run smooth and enjoyable, but now I can't even use TNT without my computer lagging for a few seconds. I've tried GeForce Experience to optimize Minecraft, but that still doesn't work smoothly. using I...

10:52 PM
Drying myself after my the shower last night i noticed how thin my hair was getting at the front. like i've always known that i've had a receding hairline and always thought "well if i go bald i'll just shave myself bald". but now i sorta do care since coming out (on the internet) since if i imagine myself with short hair, the shortest i can think of is that sorta fuzz you see on people like Eleven from Stranger Things, Evey in V for Vendetta or Jack from Mass Effect
also annoying that i'm thinning at the top yet i have to shave my face and i still have truck loads of hair all over my body. there's a small part of me that hopes that HRT might correct my hair growth aswell but i'm not keeping them high
@Memor-X HRT generally tends to at least stop balding, but regrowth is a ymmv
there are other pills that transwomen can use to help with regrowth though

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