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7:03 AM
Morning o/
Everyone is asleep today ;p
I'm slowly waking up :)
Good news: This office has gotten bigger paper cups. Now I can put two servings of coffee in one cup XD
So it's a good morning for now ;)
7:42 AM
@Tinkeringbell Double coffee :p
8:04 AM
This person keeps posting +1 comments
a bit annoying and adds nothing to the question
1 hour later…
9:16 AM
@CaldeiraG If you see another one, raise a moderator flag and put that in there... Then we can probably at least send them a reminder about how we'd like comments to be used on IPS :)
9:29 AM
@Tinkeringbell Alright :)
@CaldeiraG (I'm at work now and I've probably forgotten by the time I get time to send mod-messages... hence me asking for a flag and not handling it right away ;) )
9:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell Do not worry too much :)
I'll try not too ;)
10:42 AM
Hey, I found a nice and affordable car, I'm gonna try it tonight. Ughhh its all happening so fast! I'm panicking :p
@avazula Wot, nice :)
I'm having my driving test on friday the 13th
I should be panicking too :p
11:22 AM
@avazula wohoo! there's nothing extra, one can ask for in a car, right? Nice and Affordable.
@CaldeiraG the passenger/ tester should be worried xd
11:44 AM
@CaldeiraG good luck! It'll be okay :)
@ankiiiiiii Yep, definitely :p
@avazula Thanks :) much appreciated
@ankiiiiiii haha! Well, what I'm looking for is a car that has at least 90ch, hill-start assist and a USB plug ... nothing that's not common in nowadays cars :) (except the ch maybe)
embedded USB ports on cars are pretty much equal to the ones on the pc, they're slow to charge (500mA); if you want to charge your phone on the car you can buy those chargers that connect to the car lighter
@avazula whats ch?
(I'm not sure ch translates well in English ... does "horsepower" make any sense?)
@CaldeiraG oh no, I just want something to put my music on :)
12:39 PM
@avazula 90 doesn't seem absurdly high for a vehicle
The quick google search I did says that the average car in the US has ~150, I wouldn't expect European cars to differ significantly
@Rainbacon I would actually. US car culture tends to favor bigger stuff
If you are referring to the frequency of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, I did account for that in my searching and looked specifically for sedans
fair enough
@avazula Oh alright, cool :p
I would add the disclaimer that my knowledge of cars is roughly 0
12:50 PM
XD, more horsepower the better is all i know about cars myself
even though you don't need much because of speed limits
@Rainbacon It's not high XD, a Fiat 500c has about 100 hp and it's a little Fiat for city driving
I'd love to see the photos!
one a side note, I am tired to tell people to use @ in comments
has the Design team paid some attention to it?
@ankiiiiiii ?
FB shows up suggestions if one starts typing names even without @, twitter has it scattered all over the place, Instagram auto-fills it while replying to a comment
Q: Changing placeholder of comment box for adding @ pinging info

ankiiiiiiiProposing a different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments wanted to achieve. New users should know that @ pinging in comments exists, and get educated on how to use them appropriately. Since they can only use notices for folks involved in comments already - it helps ...

I am thinking to edit it once, partially to bump it up, but more for adding the current problems.
For a moment I though it was for the chat
Reading the meta post I understand what you mean now
1:01 PM
so many posts go dead because OP didnt tag the person and the person never came back to see updates
That is very true
but isn't a reply button there or something more obvious?
@CaldeiraG chat is hard to miss. So many of @ are there
@CaldeiraG it would take up more efforts from the dev team. Placeholder is just a stupid string somewhere. Which never got attention after it was set.
@ankiiiiiii Perhaps... we ran something with 'suggest improvements' instead of 'add comment' over here a long time ago.. if we could make that in a way that everyone except OP sees 'suggest improvements' and OP sees 'reply'... and reply add an automatic @ to the commenter you're replying too... that might help?
Not saying that dev team is lazy,
But it's probably way too much programming XD
1:04 PM
@ankiiiiiii I get your point
@CaldeiraG haha I can receive agreement and then edit comments to something else.. ..more evil
@ankiiiiiii They're a dev team. If you look up lazy in the dictionary, you will see a picture of a dev team
@ankiiiiiii XD
@Rainbacon haha, now I am in a dilemma, to be or not to be in a dev tema
chuck it, I am not correcting it
one of the first images that shows up on google in search for lazy
So Rain is not wrong :p
1:08 PM
@CaldeiraG that looks like some writer(editors etc)
but yeah it does convince me
Q: Comments disappeared with no cause for deletion

JordanProblem A bunch of my own comments (OP) and some from someone else all disappeared recently from the this post. I know that moderators can delete comments, but in this case I do not believe they would have. I asked a supplemental question in the comments of the accepted answer to which the p...

Software developers are people who are so lazy that they are willing to do X amount of work to automate a process that takes Y amount of work (where sometimes X > Y)
I saw title and thought someone skipped metaIPS and went to main meta
it's a "lazy guide for Cybersecurity on malwarebytes blog
I'll do the edits after about 3 hours.. Bye!
@ankiiiiiii Bye o/
1:30 PM
Q: Without speaking to me, roommate complained to landlord and got him to make "new rules"

TuberiformI live in a shared home. I share a bathroom with one other person and the kitchen with 2 other people. It is very independent. We only see each other in passing. At the beginning of last month one roommate moved out and another moved in. I feel this change made the group dynamics out of whack, w...

@ExtrovertedMainMan This question might be interesting to answer but needs a goal and not asking for advice
1:57 PM
8 messages moved to Trash
2:48 PM
Thanks for this! I asked her today using this advice and she agreed to come with me! — Jackie Carson 1 min ago
#22902 Jackie Carson (33 rep) | A: How can I ask my opposite-sex acquaintance to go to a museum with me? (score: 10) | posted 19 hours ago by Upper_Case (14581 rep) | edited 19 hours ago by Upper_Case (14581 rep) | Toxicity 0.0220265 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
3:04 PM
@IPSCommentBot oh that's nice. That answer was really well written too. I'm glad OP appreciated that one.
Q: How to let my kids believe in Santa Clause with out lying to them?

Dan AndersonI believe that the most important aspect of human morality is honestly. So I've always been. . . reluctant . . .about telling my kids santa is coming. On the one hand I want them to enjoy the anticipation I did as a kids, on the other I feel very strongly about not lying too or otherwise mislead...

4:02 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I was not expecting an answer based on an academic source for this one - nice
(although the quoted bit doesn't address lying specifically.. note to self to search the paper later for that..)
I appreciate the source, but I'm not sure about the quote they chose and the rest of the answer...like you said it doesn't really address the deception
@scohe001 yeah, the 2-page preview (shakes fist @ academic publishing world) even mentions a couple papers that said children felt angry about being lied to so .. time to leave a comment :P
Hoooo boy.
I was thinking about leaving an answer that would've relied heavily on that parenting post I linked as a source. But I realized I was basically rewriting that answer :/
5:04 PM
My new favorite similie, it comes from a coworker describing an anti pattern that he saw in our client's code: it's like a little virus, someone implemented it a long time ago and now people repeat that pattern because there's examples of it
Oooh yeah, that's a good one.
1 hour later…
6:13 PM
aaaand I'm the new owner of a Skoda Fabia!
6:27 PM
Ooh snazzy. Bright red?
nope, grey :)
I didn't really mind the color (it's "second hand" purchased), although I wasn't very thrilled by white cars ... too easy to get dirty xD
Meh, you guys have rain over there, you'll be fine :p
I won't even respond to that :p
@avazula Yay!
@Tinkeringbell it almost feels a bit wrong for me to have things solved that quickly ^^
6:56 PM
@avazula Nah, you're just getting better at being an adult :P
@Tinkeringbell oh I will wait for the day someone says that to me
@avazula yay!
@CaldeiraG where is OP's account ?
@Tinkeringbell haha, idk, it doesn't sound like adulting should be easy :p
yesterday, by avazula
I'm a crab stick
@avazula Some days it is :)
@Tinkeringbell heh :)
7:14 PM
I have a new favorite quote:
> I tried to warn him he was about to get stabbed. He didn't believe me. So I stabbed him. See? My premonitions are never wrong."
@scohe001 I'm not in Europe!
Lol it's your distant cousins, Raindrops #9109812037 - 9129812037
7:54 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan So, is this really still a question where we'd be helping OP with their behaviour when interacting with their children, if OP rules out both saying anything and saying nothing? :/
Feels like it's begging for a frame challenge to me. Like that's the only way to answer
@scohe001 Yeah... There was a part inviting those in the first few revisions... I removed that as that basically turned the question into what should I do territory...
'I'm asking to do this but I'm also asking whether I should do it' :/
Yea you caught me on that forever ago :p
8:13 PM
Hah! I already forgot about that one ;)
Ahh I shouldn't have said anything
1 hour later…
9:37 PM
@ankiiiiiii Apparently deleted
@avazula yay :D
@CaldeiraG sed

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