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1:01 PM
Is there a list of pending edits?
@ickleislands Yes, but you can't view it until 5k I believe.
Well, you can access the individual items in the list, but not the list itself.
That would make sense, like - I can approve edits if I find them
but figured that there is definitely a list somewhere of pending edits otherwise the system would be unmanagable
@ickleislands If there is a pending edit the edit button on the post will look like: edit(0)
@ThomasMcDonald Most things on the iPlayer is UK only
@Wipqozn yeah I saw that from a notification I got yesterday about an edit somebody made on one of my posts
1:03 PM
Radio is usually available outside the UK though
@Wipqozn does it ever say anything other than (0) ?
@ickleislands Not until you unlock the review tools.
@Wipqozn that's the 'reviewer' badge right? Or is it rep based?
@ickleislands rep based.
@Wipqozn kk ty
@Wipqozn review pending edits is tied into tag wiki edits?
oh nevermind, I see
Good morning, all
@YiJiang Yeah, but it's not directly through iPlayer so I wasn't sure.
@fbueckert morning
@fbueckert Good morning.
1:22 PM
@fbueckert 33.5% Crit Chance
@OrigamiRobot Did you just attack @fbueckert?
@OrigamiRobot @OrigamiRobot crits the good morning! It dies.
@fbueckert I loot the body.
@OrigamiRobot You receive a last gleaming ray of light from the dead body of the good morning.
You have now plunged the world into crankiness and waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
@fbueckert WTS last gleaming ray of light 4 Jah Ber
1:24 PM
There can never again be a good morning.
@OrigamiRobot I'll give you 10 rep for it.
Speaking of which @OrigamiRobot...
I'm still ahead of you in rep.
@Wipqozn 10 rep won't get me my Enigma
@OrigamiRobot If you don't sell it to me then I'll take 10 rep!
@Wipqozn TPPK!
Continues to watch session descend into chaos and anarchy
1:27 PM
@OrigamiRobot pfft, I'll just respawn. I'm not playing hardcore.
In computer science, in particular networking, a session is a semi-permanent interactive information interchange, also known as a dialogue, a conversation or a meeting, between two or more communicating devices, or between a computer and user (see Login session). A session is set up or established at a certain point in time, and torn down at a later point in time. An established communication session may involve more than one message in each direction. A session is typically, but not always, stateful, meaning that at least one of the communicating parts needs to save information about the s...
@fbueckert Fal + Ohm + Um
When you said session that's what I thought of.
I'm so cool.
@Wipqozn Session is a layer of the OSI Model
@Wipqozn I was more referring to a pen & paper session, but, eh, whatever.
I roll with what I'm given.
@fbueckert booo D&D, yay GURPS
1:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot Happy?
@fbueckert NO
@OrigamiRobot shudder
@QAdley All People Seem To Need Data Processing
@OrigamiRobot And after I even gave you an awesome item, too! Ungrateful players...
@OrigamiRobot Your use of capital letters worries me
1:32 PM
@fbueckert Hey, I found that item! It's mine!
@QAdley at least he's consistent, rather than "All people Seem To need Data Processing"
@QAdley Everyone loves a good mnemonic device!
@OrigamiRobot Everyone Loves a Good Mnemonic Device
@QAdley I am not familiar with that one.
@OrigamiRobot I Am Not Familiar With THat One
1:34 PM
@QAdley California Cows Wont Dance The Fandango
@fbueckert I think the only time @OrigamiRobot is happy is when he closes a question.
@Wipqozn I am happiest when I close a question as a dupe of one of my own questions.
@OrigamiRobot Richard Of York Gave Battle, Insane!
@QAdley That...seems to be missing a word.
1:36 PM
@QAdley Bad Boys Rob Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly
@fbueckert There are only 6 colours in the rainbow, I don't see a missing word.
just sayin'
@OrigamiRobot Then you should just ask a bunch of duplicates.
@ickleislands Incorrect
1:37 PM
@ickleislands Have you ever seen a rainbow?
@Wipqozn Yes! Then I can downvote them as poorly researched with no effort!
If you both want to get pedantic, there are an infinite number of colours in a rainbow because they're not solid opaque colours
There are in fact no colours
The appearance of 'bands' of colour is as a result of being conditioned to see those colours
Ok now that is pedantic on a whole new level I haven't experienced before
@ickleislands You haven't talked with programmers at length before, have you?
1:39 PM
Colour theory is interesting
We defined pedant.
The Münchhausen Trilemma (after Baron Münchhausen, who allegedly pulled himself and the horse on which he was sitting out of a swamp by his own hair), also called Agrippa's Trilemma (after Agrippa the Skeptic), is a philosophical term coined to stress the purported impossibility to prove any truth even in the fields of logic and mathematics. It is the name of an argument in the theory of knowledge going back to the German philosopher Hans Albert, and more traditionally, in the name of Agrippa. Trilemma If we ask of any knowledge: "How do I know that it's true?", we may provide proof; yet ...
@fbueckert Programmers speak logic, logic conversations are easy
@ickleislands Programmers will also argue over strict word usage.
1:40 PM
@fbueckert the second programmers start being pedantic I just mention something about user experience and how their's is crap thus making them bad.
once you call a programmer bad they tend to sulk = victory!
—Anonymous, Color Survey
"Your lack of user experience is why you sit in this basement rather than work at a good company, now shush."
@LessPopMoreFizz This album is really neat.
1:49 PM
@Mana which?
@IanPugsley new Dirty Projectors album, Swing Lo Magellan
lots of neat guitar stuff going on.
@ickleislands I have, I shit you not, argued between "somewhat bad" and "fairly bad".
@ickleislands You realize insulting people who hold the keys to your computer are usually not the people you want to piss off, right?
@fbueckert my response to that is that scales of bad are irrelevant, if a programmer creates more problems than (s)he solves during a project, then the fact they should have not bothered is exactly what I will portray to them
@ickleislands I wasn't talking in the context of programmer problems; that was a pedant example.
@fbueckert any "programmer" who takes constructive critism as an insult should go find another career, any programmer that results to threats as a result of such statements is only causing themselves more problems
@fbueckert causing intentional damage to something I own through programming would result in being labelled as a cracker and spending time in a cell
Moral high ground, still walking on clouds
2:00 PM
@ickleislands I don't think you know what constructive criticism is.
@ickleislands So...you calling them bad as a key to victory, even if it's not true, and them retaliating by pranking your computer is not fair, and they're the bad ones?
@RonanForman sure I do, I didn't give any critical examples of the sort of criticism I'd give as I wasn't given something to be critical of
@fbueckert I wouldn't call somebody who isn't bad that, that would be unfair, hypocritical, etc etc
20 mins ago, by ickleislands
"Your lack of user experience is why you sit in this basement rather than work at a good company, now shush."
Either you've said that to someone or you don't know how quote marks work.
There's a double standard going on here; I don't think you have the moral high ground.
@fbueckert you said arguing with programmers is futile, I said I don't argue, I discuss until there is no point in discussing and then clearly identify with them the category of person they fall into and leave it at that
arguing for the sake of arguing is boring and time consuming
2:03 PM
See, you need to clarify these things.
All we got was:
22 mins ago, by ickleislands
@fbueckert the second programmers start being pedantic I just mention something about user experience and how their's is crap thus making them bad.
You didn't mention that they actually had done something bad in the user experience.
The way I read it is you're pulling out the win button, period.
@fbueckert as a programmer yourself, identify the situations you'd be pedantic
you will find that nearly all of them will be when somebody disagreed with the way you did things
@fbueckert and since we've already had the 'you're a programmer' conversation
I didn't realise I needed to give you a back story on something you should already know
No one understands what you're saying, your lack of communication skills is clearly why you're arguing on the internet about something you have no experience in.
@RonanForman your assumptions make yourself look like an idiot. I don't think your comment could have been more closed minded if you had tried.
I'm going to disregard the condescension; I don't agree.
Either way, I gotta head out for a meeting.
Let's try to lighten up a bit, okay?
2:11 PM
@ickleislands You just insulted someone you don't even know...
@RonanForman You insulted somebody who don't even know, hypocrite much?
@ickleislands But I knew enough about you to make the insult, whereas you did not.
what @Mana said, enough with this, okay?
be nice. even when the other person doesn't deserve it. that's an actual chat rule
@agent86 I will keep responding whileever he carries it on.
@ickleislands y'know I can put you both in time-out. It works great for four year olds!
2:13 PM
@agent86 shrug, I had tabbed out to carry on with what I was doing and got highlighted
@ickleislands You don't have to respond to someone every time you get highlighted.
(I assume it works as well with whatever-year-olds you two are :P)
If the cream in a Boston Cream doughnut wasn't made in Boston, is it really a Boston Cream doughnut?
@Mana straight out ignoring somebody who is talking directly to you is far more ignorant in my opinion
@agent86 Well if we're stopped from talking we can't talk, so yes.
@Wipqozn You mean the original or that particular one?
2:16 PM
@RonanForman Any Boston Cream doughnut.
@ickleislands That's fair, but I more mean that if it's going to result in a good deal of hostile things being said I think you should just take a step back, calm down and then try to broach it in a less hostile way.
The same goes for California Rolls, except with the entire roll, and not just part of the roll.
@Wipqozn a similar question is "Is a Cornish pasty not made in Cornwall still a Cornish pasty?"
@Wipqozn and they took that to court as a trademark dispute
@Wipqozn Is a Dyson vacuum cleaner not a Dyson if James didn't make it himself?
@Mana I'm calm, you don't have to be foaming at the mouth to call somebody an idiot
2:17 PM
@RonanForman Yes, if it was made by someone else within the Dyson family. Like, come on Ronan, that's an easy one.
@ickleislands what I'm getting at is that you shouldn't be calling people idiots on this chatroom, man.
@Wipqozn I think you've missed the point.
Doing that is just going to make them more hostile towards you and make the conversation less productive.
@RonanForman But Dyson told people to make it. I don't think the city of Boston has sanctioned all Boston Cream Doughnut makers.
@RedRiderX Exactly!
2:19 PM
@RedRiderX You don't know that.
See @RonanForman? it's a completely different situation!
@Mana "idiot", noun, an utterly foolish or senseless person -> perfectly valid after somebody makes a statement like the one preceding the comment, believing they know what they're talking about while getting every single fact in the statement wrong. I will leave it at that though.
@RonanForman Ooooh, a conspiracy theory, I like it.
@ickleislands and one that will obviously provoke them, leading to insults being thrown around, which is something we need to avoid here, please. But you're right, let's drop it.
2:21 PM
@Wipqozn Where did you get the pastry in question?
Ooh, I just got messaged about a flag, have I hit 10k?
@RedRiderX Tim Horton's.
If you don't know what that is you obviously don't live in Canada.
@RonanForman yes, gz
@RonanForman It's 10k network-wide and counts the association bonus
@RonanForman It's network wide remember.
2:22 PM
@Wipqozn Yes, but I still didn't realise.
1002, nice.
@Wipqozn That is exactly what I thought (fellow Canadian), and I was about to publicly denounce you if it wasn't. ;)
I probably should not have clicked that, it was way NSFW. good thing I have a privacy filter on my monitor...
@RonanForman My word. Only 1,002 rep? That's kind of low.
@Wipqozn I know.
@RedRiderX Understandable.
2:23 PM
@agent86 This is going to happen all the time isn't it.
@agent86 it wasn't waaaay NSFW, if you mean the one with the girl with the tight shirt on.
@Mana That wasn't a shirt.
that...that wasn't a shirt?
There you go.
scratches head sheepishly
2:24 PM
I'd link you examples, but that would also be NSFW and I'm at work sooo :P
@Mana yeah, not... a shirt, man. there were no clothes on that woman.
just a bit of paint.
But to continue with the conspiracy theory: Since Tim Hortons uses frozen doughnuts, it's almost in reason that they ship their Boston Cream Doughnuts from Boston.
@agent86 I realized that as soon as I sent the message.
and felt dumb.
it's a feeling I'm very, very used to by now.
@agent86 Now now, you can't know that! She could have been wearing socks.
@Mana it's ok man, we still <3 you
2:28 PM
@RedRiderX Oh, right. They do that now. They use to make them fresh back in the day.
@Wipqozn this is true, I had not considered the possibility of foot coverings.
I don't visit Tim hortons enough to really notice a difference.
@agent86 Just remember what happens when you assume.
@Wipqozn Me either, since they have been frozen for +6 years now.
@RedRiderX Has it been that long? My oh my how times flies...
I don't drink coffee or tea though, so I rarely go to tim hortons for anything other than a bagel or breakfast sandwich.
@Wipqozn Yeah I try not to smell the coffee when I do go in, I don't want the mental effects it brings.
2:30 PM
Can I not enter the Bridge for one day without there being an argument in the backlog? >.>
@Fluttershy This is the internet.
@Fluttershy One day? Please, there's an argument every hour.
@Fluttershy Don't worry, if there ever is I'll make sure to start one when I see you coming.
@RedRiderX Probably a good idea.
@Wipqozn You're so sweet. >.>
@Fluttershy I am a tortoise. We're gentle by nature.
Except the snapping ones. Those things will bite your face off.
Among other things...
2:32 PM
@Wipqozn did you see my turtle eating a raspberry video? it was cute.
@agent86 I have not!
waits for link
Q: Is there any easteregg on Contra Hard Corps?

rogcgI was playing Contra Hard Corps on my Genesis 16 bit these days, and finished it in all possible ways, first going to the research center, etc.. In any possible way I could finish it, I finished. However, I like this game a lot, and I was thinking, is there any "easter egg" in this game, maybe ...

2 days ago, by agent86
that turtle's like, MMM RASPBERRY
@Wipqozn Well not if your... The Turtle Man!
Mario Marathon ended with us holding #5 in the Top Contributors... By $20. <.<
2:37 PM
@Fluttershy Yes. Also, we had the highest average donation by a very, very wide margin.
The other ones just beat us out due to pure volume.
@Wipqozn Yep. I'd call it a win. I'm just hoping it generated the traffic that I was hoping it would. =(
@Fluttershy Even if it doesn't, we raised a bunch of money for charity.
and by "we" I of course mean everyone that donated.
@Wipqozn A 111k grand total! I'm amazed.
@QAdp I'm not sure if this directed at me, so I'm just going to smile at you.
pop quiz time everyone!
Of the three staple cheeses (Marble, Cheddar, and Mozzarella), which is the best one?
Keep in mind that there is only one correct answer.
@Wipqozn Red Leicester.
@Wipqozn monterey jack FTW, and I will hurt you if you disagree.
@Fluttershy Someone should make a ten hour version of that and send it to Gnomeslice.
The three staple cheeses, jeez. you kids.
@Wipqozn I'll staple your cheese here in a minute
right to your turtle shell.
2:48 PM
@Wipqozn Red Leicester is a staple cheese.
May 16 at 11:16, by Mana
shut up, I'm going to cram your turtle face into your turtle shell and toss it off a cliff.
THEN we'll see who is the cheesiest. although it will probably be you, what with the stapled cheese and all.
@mana's turtle insults were better.
@Wipqozn psh. I scoff at this turtle insult. it's neither teenage nor mutant in its turtleness.
to say nothing of ninja.
@agent86 It does mention ninja turtles, you just can't see it.
2:50 PM
Oh, also @Wipqozn have you seen my new URL in my profile?
@Fluttershy Zeus damn it. nicely played.
tips shell
luigi's mustache looks like he wrapped a bra around his head.
once you see it, you can't unsee it :(
@agent86 That's Luigi for ya, getting all the ladies.
@agent86 thank you
@Wipqozn whoa, I just thought of something...
2:54 PM
@agent86 This is way worse than the rickroll...
I'll need to test this.
I was right!
The alt-text for the reply arrow always displays "This is a reply to an earlier message", even when you're replying to a message from the future!
posts bug report on MSO
Q: Tag Synonym: [wireless], [network] -> [networking]

ickleislandsCan we get wireless added as a synonym of networking? (Looking through wireless there are some questions that just need re-tagging) In addition would it be possible to do the same with network? There are only three questions under network that would be fine under networking.

Why are all Guitar Hero games clustered under an umbrella series tag , which also shares a name with the first game in the series?
That is so bad :(
user image
here's adventure time mega man, which might cheer you up.
@StrixVaria Because everyone on the site wants you to be miserable.
3:06 PM
@agent86 NSFW
@Sterno is it the mega man part, or the adventure time part that's NSFW?
@agent86 They just look a little too happy
@Wipqozn is disappointed that you didn't actually do this
@Sterno happiness is NSFW where you work? that's sad :(
@StrixVaria It's very tempting.
You know, every time I see this (10k only) answer, I rage a bit on the inside.
3:25 PM
@Wipqozn Hate you.
@Fluttershy Oh you non-10kers, so adorable.
Q: Does a wizard's lightning hydra proc the paralysis passive?

theoriseAs title, do the lightning hydras proc the passive to stun mobs?

@Fluttershy IIRC it was a non-answer - "Keep playing and you'll find out", or something like that.
@Wipqozn It irritates the crap out of me, especially the bit about "it being more acceptable on Gaming" to give crap answer
@JasonBerkan Not quite.
rage worthy part:
> I know this is a "crowd-pleasing non-answer" but I'm under the impression such answers are slightly more acceptable on gaming.SE than on SO. I guess I'll be flamed to hell if not, and then I'll get to join Satan's guild of trollish/annoying players. Hooray
@AshleyNunn Yes.
3:33 PM
@Wipqozn Ah - something I never saw then.
@JasonBerkan There are 7 deleted "answers" on that question, so it's no surprise you missed one or two :P
@Wipqozn Wow.
It would probably have more if bwarner didn't protect it.
3:48 PM
I am rather glad I was around for all the decisions for/against ITG. Between that, and my experience on Literature.SE, I am well versed in how not-awesome "Identify this thing" questions are, and I can be like "Listen, Libraries, we do not want to become an "identify this book" engine."
@AshleyNunn Libraries?
Libraries & Information Sciencelibraries.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for librarians and library professionals.

Currently in public beta.

@AnnaLear I was unaware that site existed.
@AnnaLear Thanks. I was like herpderp how to make it link nice. Then I got distracted by Libraries Meta again.
@Wipqozn It's pretty much awesome. (I might be biased.)

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