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12:21 AM
Q: Why are Tucker and Malcolm not dead

MattI've been re-watching enterprise and I have the same question I had the first time. Ep4-12 Babel One Tucker and Reed are running low on air while in environmental suits, and Tucker uses 100% pure oxygen to refill the suits. Is there something I've missed about the suits that makes this non letha...

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1:46 AM
Q: How is this question unclear?

LoboHow can Jor-El represent entire Kryptonian culture? This question has been closed as it seems unclear to some users. May I know what exactly you can't understand in the question so that I can improve it?

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6:20 AM
Q: Help finding a fanfic with Harry Potter and Mercy Jackson

user119533Sally Jackson is James Potter's sister. Sally is friends with Severus. Sally doesn't want anything to do with the war and hides besides some type of magic or wards, but Dumbledore finds out his to go through them only to get Percy on their side. Sally and Mercy want to keep it a secret from Harr...

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8:39 AM
Q: Harry Potter fan fiction where he reads fairy tales and fantasy to learn magic

FrancisI remember reading it ages ago, it wasn’t finished at the time and was still being added to. As much as I can remember was that Harry discovered his magic early and in a search for answers starts reading fairy tales and fantasy. This result in him experimenting with accidentally magic and learn...

Q: Trying to remember what this superhero cartoon is

Richard CI remember a cartoon I watched as a child either in the late 80's or very early 90's. It had superheros in it including a man made of fire who could fly and a man made of Ice who traveled everywhere by making an ice runway that he slid along, much like Frozone in the incredibles. Am pretty sure ...

8:59 AM
Q: Sci-fi trilogy that includes a priest, drawers, and creatures that cannot feel pain that are used as weapons

James LawrenceI read the series a few years ago and I can't remember its name or any of the character names in it. I remembered it starts in New York and a hole opens up in the sky above a baseball stadium. A vine comes down from the hole and creatures start spilling into Earth from the other world. The rest ...

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12:57 PM
Q: Why was the boy needed?

ParrotmasterAt the end of the movie it is revealed that: Why was the boy needed?

1:37 PM
Q: Night's Dawn - P F Hamilton - Quinn Dextor's Possession

DaveJust completed the trilogy and although I liked it, there were a few oddities. Maybe I am remembering it incorrectly but when Quinn Dextor left Lalonde on the Lady Mac he was still Quinn Dextor, although he seemed to have possessed talking to him. Marie Skibbow recognised him as Quinn in the bar ...

Why would someone post an answer that has the same content as another answer?
For rep? Cos they didn't read the other answer? Cos they treat it like a discussion forum?
Depends on the specific user and post really
You can have the same content but different analysis
The other answer has NO analysis.
Well, actually, define "content" here. If an answer straight copy-pastes another, it should be deleted
1:49 PM
Q: Chronological order for Anne Bishop's Black Jewels stories

Donald.McLeanI was looking at the list of stories and saw that there are quite a few, but I couldn't find a definitive list with all of the stories in proper in-universe chronological order. So, what is the correct order for all of the stories?

Woops forgot to leave a comment on that answer the other day
Oh, order questions are terrible for that. Everyone just comes in, chime in their personal order, and leave. And people edit it but don't even comment to ask why it's the right one
@TheLethalCarrot looks like you missed a bunch amor typos as well, Bblood, highlords, no 's all around etc
Now go and fix your mess, orange vegetable :p
@Jenayah I didn't want to change any of the ones like 's or highlord cos I don't know the proper names. Took me a while even now to notice the Bblood haha
@TheLethalCarrot let me introduce you to a nice thing on the Internet, it's called Google :D
Never heard of it, I write letters to a knowledgeable friend instead, let me ask him where to find this "Google"
1:58 PM
Why bother to fix it up? It's a minimalist duplicate of an accepted answer. It doesn't distinguish short stories, or tell where they're from. There's no detail other than a list of names; I don't see that it adds value.
It might be a poor answer but it is an answer so getting it into a good state for what it is, isn't a problem
Blah blah blah it is an attempt at an answer...
Though the VLQ flag is itchy
On the one hand it's not low quality, properly formatted albeit typos
VLQ should be declined on it
On the other hand indeed it doesn't add much
I mean I could just cast a delete vote, but VTD without flag sounds stupid
Downvoted for the time being, as it should be.
2:25 PM
Look, someone posted a third bounty for the superhero keychain answer: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/216959/4918
That's 900 points of bounty so far. 3600 more points to go.
2:57 PM
Q: Why was Bastila Shan in orbit of Taris?

ElasBastila Shan was intercepted by Sith forces in orbit of Taris and the crew evacuated from the Endar Spire to the planet. While KotOR's protagonist is on the planet, he doesn't do much more than But Taris was already controlled by Sith forces, so why did Bastila go here? Is there any informati...

3:34 PM
@b_jonas 5 so far, but the first two didn’t work
Q: What is the short story described in the episode of Radiolab about Einstein’s brain?

StormblessedAn episode of G, a miniseries by Radiolab, about Einstein’s brain describes a short story Einstein read in 1905 or earlier that inspired him to think of relativity. The author’s last name was definitely Bernstein; they did not say the name of the story within the episode. In the story, described...

@Stormblessed ahahah happens, enjoy self-answering :)
3:55 PM
@Jenayah that’s the wrong story!
That one is about a telegram thing
Not space
4:09 PM
Oh okau
I suggest including the wrong work in the question
To say it's not thay
4:25 PM
@Jenayah done!
Question is rewritten now
1 hour later…
5:39 PM
Why can you edit deleted posts?
How else are you supposed to fix them up?
@Mithrandir undelete and then edit?
If it's not in a shape where it should be undeleted, why should it be undeleted?
Q: Seeking sci fi book of short stories

Alexandra BergI remember a few of the stories, not in great detail, and somewhat strange to explain in detail. The book was missing the protective cover, which left it burgundy or navy blue. It was a book the size of a good dictionary. Said it had short stories. So I read them. Its name did prepare my mind to ...

^ It's a pity that this poster hasn't returned after they got a good answer from user11141
@Mithrandir well it seems weird to be able to edit something that won’t get bumped
If I edit someone else’s deleted post when I have 10K, is there some place that’ll show up in?
5:44 PM
Maybe in your "all actions" tab?
Bounty time!
@Stormblessed Won't it show up as active if it gets undeleted? If it never gets undeleted then it doesn't matter much, except in extreme cases that rarely happen with trusted users.
@Jenayah well like a place to see recent edits to deleted stuff
For peer reviewing
Post an answer in the formatting Sandbox on meta, delete it, edit it later and check if that bumps it or appears in your "all actions" tab
6:15 PM
@Stormblessed [Insert recap of diatribe that maybe it's not worth bumping a post just because it's been edited.]
@Jenayah What happened? The free trial of Jenoogle expired?
@Stormblessed IMO, if someone goes and changes every word in a deleted post to "fish" it doesn't matter. Until and unless it's un-deleted, it's safe to ignore.
@Alex it's not a matter of free trial, it's a matter of laziness in fixing TLC's mess :P
@DavidW well if something were wrongly deleted at one point, and later someone changed every word to “fish”, then it’d stay deleted forever because everyone who later saw it would think “oh it was a troll”
7:04 PM
@Stormblessed Yes, but note that not anyone can edit deleted posts. Ordinary post edit privilage isn't enough. Only their author and 10K users can edit them I think.
And mods, regardless of rep, I'd imagine.
7:34 PM
Grmbl. Been writing tag excerpts for newly created tags that missed one. Friendly reminder to everyone to write a tag excerpt when you create a tag, pretty please :)
7:46 PM
A: What gave Harry Potter the idea of writing in Tom Riddle's diary?

F1KrazyThe script for Chamber of Secrets describes the scene thusly: Harry starts to set the diary aside, then notices a BOTTLE OF INK sitting on the desk. An idea flickers. Taking his QUILL, Harry dips it, and hesitates. As he does, a DROP of INK hangs, suspended like a tear, then... ...

^nice answer
8:22 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath If you're going to flag half a dozen comments don't flag just half of the conversation. Either flag/delete every comment that needs to be deleted so that the remaining comments make sense or -- better yet -- just flag the first comment to be deleted and the responding moderator will cleanup the comments as he sees fit. And certainly don't reply to comments that you've just flagged for deletion.
8:45 PM
@Null That's actually a handy tip to know; I didn't realize it wasn't necessary to flag all the comments on a post that needed cleaning up.
@Null Yeah, thanks...
@Null But you still shouldn't decline the rest of them, right? That also doesn't make sense...
@Null But if you don't reply, how else would the people reading the comment as long as it's still there know that it's wrong?! ;-)
@Voldemort'sWrath related reading, maybe:
Q: Why was my flag declined because the mods were "already aware of this user's struggle"?

TheLethalCarrotNote: This question is asking the moderators to explain why my flag was declined. I don't want people answering to guess why it may have been declined but the actual reason. Recently a user had some struggles coming to terms with how the site works, after multiple attempts at trying to reach t...

@Jenayah Yes, I
have seen that before...
(I always hit enter instead of the apostrophe... Ugh...)
FWIW you can edit chat messages as well
Up arrow and the previous text will be back in the typing box
8:50 PM
@Jenayah Lol I know... But it's more work than just continuing...
@DavidW You can flag additional comments, but most moderators are going to check if other comments need to be deleted (if for no other reason than to check that someone isn't flagging only half the conversation).
@Voldemort'sWrath alright
Actually, in the post Jenayah linked, TheLethalCarrot did flag a whole bunch of comments like I did...
@Voldemort'sWrath I'm not going to give you credit for flagging half of a conversation (everyone else's comments but not your own) while continuing to reply to it. I marked one flag as helpful for bringing the conversation to our attention.
@Null Harrumph... I didn't flag my comments because it's not possible and I figured a mod would delete them after looking at the flags I raised...
8:54 PM
@TheLethalCarrot what made you change your mind on the HG question closure?
@Jenayah Link to said question so I can see for myself? :)
@Voldemort'sWrath You can delete your own comments. And, if nothing else, you can refrain from adding more comments that will need to be deleted.
Q: Can Capitol teenage or preteen citizens participate in The Hunger Games?

battle royaleaholicWhat if you were a Capitol citizen who was of the age of the District children who could fight in the games, could you as a Capitol citizen be able to participate in the games if you wanted to? Like you were someone who enjoys killing so much that you wanted to actually join in the "fun" and take...

@Null I flagged the entire conversation later onwards when I realized it was unnecessary.
I left my comments there while the rest were there, as well...
Chill, it's a couple declined flags. It happens :)
Well actually too many declined flags can lead to a temporary flag ban, true.
8:58 PM
@Jenayah Exunctly!
I think the bar is pretty high, though.
@Jenayah Yeah, plus declined seems a bit harsh... I'm sad :(
@NapoleonWilson (Bit slow today, but...) Ob XKCD: xkcd.com/386
@DavidW That is relatable...
It's shorter for both parties to leave a mod flag, methinks. For you 'cause loading the dialog box seven times takes time, plus "you can only flag a comment every 5 seconds", so opening one and writing "comments are no longer needed as the issue about XYZ has been solved" is shorter
For the mods because, well see Null's reply in chat and on that meta
9:01 PM
@Jenayah Fair point, I've conceded defeat here, but I still think those flags should have been marked as "helpful..."
Well, if handling several of them instead of one flag wastes mod time, it's not helpful, is it? ;)
@Jenayah Well, I still haven't changed my mind. AFAIC, "is it permitted" and "is it required" are definitely different questions.
I know, right?! :p
@Jenayah Multiple comment flags on the same post don't really waste mods' time, but raising flags on a conversation that you're still participating in is not helping to delete unneeded comments (which is ostensibly the purpose of the flags).
makes sense
9:09 PM
Q: Flagging multiple comments versus flagging the whole post for moderator attention

Mark AmeryWhen multiple comments in a comment thread ought to be removed (especially if they're all for the same reason), should I flag each of them individually or flag the parent post for moderator attention? I've usually adopted the former strategy - flagging each comment with the same flag reason, oft...

^ more general purpose thread
Q: Alt-reality film. Being hetero is taboo. People forced to be gay

DCOPTimDowdThis was a really bizarre film. I'm not sure if it was a movie, a mockumentary, or a "what if" alternate reality think piece. The premise was that straight people are shunned from society, while being gay is the norm. The points I remember are: The straight people that want to be accepted in so...

9:35 PM
Q: 70s (or earlier) science fiction short story featuring a gem in a velvet box used for time travel or teleportation

chansonbleuI am trying to track down a science fiction story that I read in the mid-1970s and vaguely recall. This was a short story that was in a compilation book in my school library. The details that I remember are at the beginning of the story. There is a small velvet box with a gem fixed inside of it...

@Jenayah to be honest I thought I’d voted to close the first time. Though it is a bit of an odd case so I probably erred on the side of leaving it open first time around
10:09 PM
Q: Lady sprains her ankle

LizaI remember during my English class reading an extract of a well known novel. It was about a lady spraining her ankle and a gentleman helping her I recollect. I have always thought it to be from pride and prejudice but as I am finishing it I understand it is not. And I don’t believe it’s from Jan...

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