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12:13 AM
I just realized I posted pictures of buildings burning just shortly before the news broke. O_o
12:32 AM
@Tonepoet doesn't look like you did that here so forgiven
user image
12:52 AM
@Memor-X I mean the Nero ones. It is just such a strange coincidence.
1:37 AM
@Tonepoet oh those were a couple of days ago
1:48 AM
Q: I'm my hero academia if Eraserhead erased minetas quirk

CrimsonWarStagIf Eraserhead erased minetas quirk would he stop producing the purple balls or would it not affect him because it is technically a form of physical quirk

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5:31 AM
can't read japanese so can't verify myself or how accurate it is
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7:12 AM
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9:44 AM
@Toyu_Frey I have not watched much of it, but I think Record of Lodoss War might fit the bill:
9:59 AM
That's some intresting art style ;o
10:18 AM
@Dimitrimx Yeah, Lodoss War put plenty of effort into detailing the artistry that has been seldom seen before or since. You can see some of of it in motion in Funimation's trailer for the blu-ray.
@Tonepoet I'll give it a view once I get my hands on a vpn again. Funimation blocks The netherlands >.>
10:33 AM
@Dimitrimx Funimation blocks everyone who isn't in the US
@Tonepoet this made me think it was done by CLAMP because the artile sorta looks like that from X/1999
@Memor-X Yeah, but there are ways to work around that, and I do try to stick to the authorized sources if possible.
@Tonepoet reason why i like home releases. with a region free player you're not restricted to when you can watch it
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1:52 PM
Q: What's the fourth application of Calcium Carbonate according to Senku ishigame?

PabloIn the second episode of the anime, Senku Ishigame said the Calcium Carbonate they were gathering had four applications. Fertilizer for growing crops, raw material for building houses and soap. What's the fourth application of Calcium Carbonate according to Senku ishigame?

2:12 PM
Q: Which race is Tilarna Exedilica?

PabloSo Tilarna Exedilica came from an alien world where fairies exists, but she looks like an human. What race is she supposed to be ?

Q: Can Hajime Nagumo eat monsters because he drank the sacred water?

PabloWhen Hajime Nagumo ate a wolf-like monster, he started to feel sick and/or die, but when he drank the sacred water he started to heal. Is this why Hajime Nagumo can eat monsters or can anyone eat monsters

8 hours later…
10:30 PM
Ugh, there was a blackout and now the home internet connection does not work. I probably will not be around for a while.

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