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12:08 AM
here is what I ended up finally
Wish I could draw a 3d model
i drew it on a table tennis ball actually irl.
sorry skull if you don't correct that to #me too you are going to have to be lynched for hate speech. yeah I know it seems like a hard line but it's in the new TOU take a look
Im sorry I got assigned this role as a part of the compulsory volunteer program
12:28 AM
Let the area enclosed be $A$. Noticing the fact that each enclosed area appears exactly on the opposite side of the sphere, it can be readily seen that the triangle $A$ appears twice. So does the other triangles (which are not desired). We denote the undesired triangles by $a, b, c$.

Taking the sum $2(a+b)+2(b+c)+2(c+a)+2A=2(\pi - \gamma) +2( \pi - \alpha) +2(\pi - \beta)+2A =4 \pi \implies \pi +A = \alpha +\beta + \gamma $
seen it?
@SubhasisBiswas mate you don't need to wish, if no one has been good enough to you to inform you of computer algebra systems, I think you might want to give it a read, and get your tutor to assign an appropriate level of use for optimal learning rate
is it correct?
12:31 AM
I just said "ya" :P
@BalarkaSen dude, plis. Check my work.
sure good translate will have that slang in their scripts
@SubhasisBiswas I just did!
google* translate
What do you want me to do, grade it, lmao
12:32 AM
@BalarkaSen any suggestions?
@BalarkaSen out of 10
sorry I want to earn my electronic safety bracelet
No. This was basic spherical geometry, I'm glad you worked it out.
Tell me how your formula changes if radius of the sphere is $R$ instead of $1$, maybe
and not be reanimated as Robocop if I die doing something for the purpose of humour
but also geometry is kind of super awesome and everything in life
@BalarkaSen does it change at all?
Yes. :P
12:35 AM
@SubhasisBiswas lmao
@AlexClark :(
sorry I have to say it erm… if I go kd delta ocd again I risk wireless electronic shock therapy or whatever good luck in the exam and remember, looking at the clock is basically how everything good was ever achieve
Go back to the lune if you don't immediately see how the formula changes with radius
@BalarkaSen that's what I am doing
12:37 AM
along with perfect grammar, throughout your entire existence
@Adam What are you talking about?
Clearly you don't know this guy
Apparently not
@SubhasisBiswas have you read this?
@BalarkaSen Is he a bot?
12:38 AM
@Subhasis Superficially. It sounded like nonsense to me.
The correct reason is what Ted gave
@AlexClark that's exactly what I am trying to figure out right now.
Well clearly I should vacate this negative socially incorrect environment
@Adam ???
You don't have to vacate, I just had/have no idea what you were/are talking about
@BalarkaSen, what I was trying to say that even the two dimensional figure can be interpreted as the spherical case
12:39 AM
Well, you sir my boy or girl or non gender specific child placeholder, my ranting enrages many, and doing so verbally is not taken well, not taken well at all
@Adam Is it related to mathematics, or what was being discussed in some way (that I can't detect)
i do so here under the assumption that you are allowed to be stupid enough to think it implies i have no value of any nature, and block my perturbing existence from your own
@Subhasis Yes, and I'm saying your inflating/deflating things don't actually make much sense
@Adam Have a good day
which is under the assumption that you are not afraid of the Robocop alpha not awarding you your electronic safety bracelet
12:42 AM
$\pi + A/r^2 = \alpha + \beta + \gamma$
i for one welcome our new robot overlord into the global human community
@SubhasisBiswas Right.
heya @Alex
re a @Balarka
Hey @TedShifrin!
don't you sleep?
12:43 AM
Um, it's not even 6 PM here.
it and i, we are the same (smiling appropriately please emphasise visually)
@Adam high on meth?
@SubhasisBiswas apparently
what's that champ
@AlexClark F for Adam in chat
12:44 AM
$K = 1/r^2$ is also known as curvature of the sphere of radius $r$. Your formula is then that $(\alpha + \beta + \gamma) - \pi = KA$. The left hand side is angle defect, measuring the deviation of the sum total of the angles of the triangle on the sphere with the Euclidean triangle (where it's $\pi$) and the right hand side is area, scaled by curvature of the sphere, $K$.
He might simply have a communication disorder.
I'm bored is that what you mean?
@BalarkaSen wow man
This is more generally the Gauss-Bonnet theorem for a triangle on a general surface of constant curvature $K$. The ambient space where you're drawing your triangle need not be a sphere.
12:45 AM
I do tend to be atypical in pretty much every way in every situation, and it isn't a popular trait. is that meth?
Hi @Ted
does this curvature factor generalise to higher dimensions?
@Subhasis For example if $K = 0$, then $\alpha + \beta + \gamma = \pi$.
again, no idea, but asking anyway
@BalarkaSen ricci flat?
It's complicated. Best understood properly for surfaces first.
12:46 AM
well i always draw inspiration from Obama's speech in Robocop in times of confusion
hope that helps?
@Adam you do sound like a robo, yes.
I support @Balarka's statement. Understand surfaces before venturing higher.
thanks thankyou so much i … i just don't want to be drone striked for injuring feelings wirelessly
@Rithaniel it* . It's a bot
yes keep saying that please
12:48 AM
okay. I have an honest question.
He shows up every now and again. If he's a bot, then whoever controls him seems to want him to be in this chat.
I only deal with dishonest questions, sorry.
@SubhasisBiswas Stop spewing names for Christ's sake! $K$ is called the Gaussian curvature.
"dishonest question" got me.
LOL, @Balarka ... doesn't @Subhasis remind you of Balarka 1.5?
12:49 AM
I asked if that curvature disappears for ricci flat spaces too
@Ted Yes
what does Ricci-flat mean?
who tf is he?
@TedShifrin I took a tensor calculus course, which gave no geometrical insight whatsoever to anybody
If we're talking about areas of surfaces, we need flat (all sectional curvatures zero). Stick to surfaces.
And you never have had curves and surfaces first?
@TedShifrin that's why I get stuck
tensor calculus without proper insight
12:51 AM
Download my free text and learn it.
And then you can badger Ted with your questions instead of me!
or Ted will take a sabbatical.
I know very vaguely what Ricci curvature implies. In a space if all the Christoffell symbols disappear, it has to be flat.
that's nothing to do with Ricci.
as far as I can remember
12:52 AM
But it can be flat even if the Christoffel symbols don't all disappear.
in plane, $g_{ij}$ is the kronecker delta
Only in the standard coordinate system. Compute that in polar coordinates, sir.
lol you sure know how to make this backfire on him
@BalarkaSen there's nothing to backfire. I admit always that I know nothing
I wasn't trying to be an ass. There's a lot to understand.
12:56 AM
mum's cooking is really good, yet boring without chilli and spices, so I have to leave it and pretend im not hungry when served, and eat in a clandestine fashion during the night and or early morning
LOL, @Adam, I totally understand.
@TedShifrin Indeed. but I truly didn't understand what I missed out on when I read tensor calculus
But it can be doctored.
just manipulation of symbols
Yeah, that sucks. A certain level of skill with that is useful, but ...
I answered a question on main earlier where the OP got lost in the symbols.
12:58 AM
@SubhasisBiswas well that's a fantastic attitude mate most that fall over and go no further are the ones that have been patted on the back and clapped for far too much far too early and way too often, so well done in finding one of the most fundamental lessons in life
@SubhasisBiswas That's ok, it's your continual insistence of randomly spewing ten names simultaneously whilst admitting you understand none of them is what is annoying. If you didn't immediate quote Ricci-flatness the moment I told you about $K = 0$ I'd have a word to say about hyperbolic geometry where $K < 0$.
yeah just ignore that guy, he, he is a CYBER BULLY
@BalarkaSen I have to cut it down then
Yup, @Balarka 1.5 :P
12:59 AM
I mean the guy with the alias secret
Yeah, Secret is frequently very annoying, Adam.
Someday I might have to use my superhuman powers.
I mean, let me introduce you to a bit of tv history that will enable why it is so lame to chose an alias like that
I always look forward to learn more. But you know, I want to relate everything with everything. I mess up
I loved Secret Agent :P
that's what happens when you had an ambition to learn and prosper, had a vision, but ultimately you get fucked up because the environment you are in
1:01 AM
well in Australia, not everyone appreciates the way we convey some messages, Jamie packer I believe was rather upset
Well, some allusions are wasted on dummies like me.
Adam is well-versed in making no sense, if you're not acquainted with him
That I know too.
Where did Alex go?
I am here
Hi @Alex
1:03 AM
@BalarkaSen Same can be said about me
So what have you been up to in the two years I haven't seen you?
@Secret I like u tho
I've moved to the dark-side perhaps :')
thankyou good sir where is my doctorate in pathological distraction methodology
I get very annoyed by Secret's endless spams of the room. Be warned.
1:03 AM
Last time Alex and I were studying perverse sheaves
Whose dark side, Alex?
@TedShifrin I knew, I have heavily reduced the frequencies
I'm looking at motivic homotopy theory for my masters degree now
Oh god
Reduce entirely, Secret.
@BalarkaSen ROFL.
OK, it is indeed the dark side.
1:04 AM
The Linux mob had a really go at me for that exact same thing a few hours ago actually lol
Trying to find a classifying space for PGL_n-torsors in the category of motivic spaces
@BalarkaSen , what would be your advice to improve myself. 1. Cut down the use of words that I know nothing about (it will take some time though). Next?
REAL* go damn it grammar mistake
my career is finished
Well really a representing space for H^1_et(-,PGL) (for PGL_n this already exists abstractly, although there is no particularly nice description of it)
1:05 AM
@SubhasisBiswas: That's an excellent start. Build a foundation for your mathematical knowledge.
Etale cohomology are representable functors, huh?
GOD* damn it
In what category though
Stop it, Adam.
@BalarkaSen In the category of motivic spaces
1:06 AM
affirmative ring leader
@BalarkaSen so take simplicial presheaves and localise for nisnevich hyperdescent and then A^1-localise
of course
perfectly clear
That's the short description
@AlexClark what do I need to learn first to get to this?
1:06 AM
returns to his 19th century mathematical home
Forget that, @SubhasisBiswas.
Hey chat
Just learn curves and surfaces for now.
Hi @Albas
hi Albas
You are like a cat following the shining laser light — you go wherever it goes and lose track of anything like a goal. @SubhasisBiswas
1:07 AM
I wonder what a "mathematical home" is.
@SubhasisBiswas I'd read Tamme's etale cohomology and supplement it with milnes etale cohomology. I'd read 'a primer for unstable motivic homotopy theory' by Benjamin Antieau. Then read A^1-homotopy theory for schemes by Morel-Voevodsky (although this is really really technical). You'll want to read Hartshorne's algebraic geometry II.1-II.5 and III.1-III.3 aswell. For model categories I think Goerss has a great article: arxiv.org/abs/math/0609537
@Rithaniel Something homely. Not scheme theory.
I've never even heard of Scheme theory until just now.
@AlexClark What's a Nisnevich hyperdescent?
I'm a little curious because I have been thinking about simplicial sheaves, in totally different contexts.
@TedShifrin nothing could describe me more accurately. I will return to you for some advice from time to time. I lose track of my goal. Indeed. I don't even have enough willpower to get a sharp focus. You've known more students, some of them are just like me. You have seen a lot more than I perhaps ever will.
to be honest, being a part of this chat is sort of a humbling feeling. It points out all the time how much there is to know.
cya guys.
1:13 AM
Take care.
@TedShifrin This might seem out of topic but I like cooking and now I have to cook for this party. The problem is there are some vegan folks in it. I plan to make a curry (it will be kind of sweet and creamy) but it will involve milk and some skimmed milk. Now I don't know what should I replace milk with to get the same texture.
I don't mean to disrespect veganism, but I will need to point out something I have observed in one I dated for well it was at least a few months but I have a chronological disability
If you fix a grothendieck topology $\tau$ on a category $C$, and you take $U$ a simplicial presheaf on $C$, and let $V$ be a discrete simplicial presheaf coming from a representable sheaf on $C$, then $U\to V$ is a hypercover if at each level $U_n$ is a coproduct of representables, and additionally $U_0\to V$ is a $\tau$-cover, and each $U^{\Delta^n}\to U^{\partial\Delta^n}$ is a $\tau$-cover when restricted to degree zero (simplicial exponential objects)

Then taking a bousfield localisation of sPre(C) with respect to these maps gives us a category of spaces which are said to satisfy $\tau
The Nisnevich is just referring to specifically doing this for the nisnevich site
I'm not sure if this is the right room to ask, but are there any good graphing algorithms that can be used to find all possible paths between two vertices?
1:17 AM
@Adam I am fine with veganism, the only problem being that sometimes it gets me into tricky situations where I end up cooking a lot more for unnecessary reasons.
She was very committed to emphasizing that it had nothing to do with her anorexia or various other mental illness struggles, despite the age of 13 being when she made the commitment, and also was not very keen to notice she had less empathy for other people, which she some how seemed to believe she could substitute for sadness about cows dying
@BalarkaSen dear lord
subject to systematic sexual abuse by pastors of the church (by people trusted) in the Christian extremist church her father introduced to the family structure before her and her sister's birth, this was also the reason for my dismissal from further romantic interaction
In particular, after Bousfield localisation (denoted by $L_\tau sPre(C)$) the fibrant objects are presheaves of Kan-complexes, $\mathfrak{X}$ such that
$$\mathfrak{X}(V)\to \text{holim}_{n} \mathfrak{X}(U)$$
is a weak-equivalence for all hypercoverings $U\to V$

(we have the projective structure on sPre)
specifying the particulars of that separation, would involve my quoting of the term "cuckold" and reference to her father as a "creepy midget" which is offensive to people of small height and I do regret
1:24 AM
Jesus christ Adam
How are things @Albas
her identity again, im not saying names, and literally no chance anyone she knows or herself would have accumulated the rep points for this room, so, take this in that context
I just don't think this is the room for these messages
well that's because you are not very good at handling traumatic scenarios
its normal
You very much don't know my background
but if you censor that, I know enough about you I believe
1:26 AM
I am censoring that for this room
This is a mathematics room that is family friendly
they don't have a stack exchange community for that and if they have tried, well that is just so stupid I can't be bothered explaining why to you champ
Your messages are not family friendly, and they're about families being unfriendly
@AlexClark internet chat rooms will inevitably be used as diaries by some people
@RyanUnger unfortunately :)
1:27 AM
veganism was the subject, it was in context your points are all invalid and you are embarrassing yourselves
@AlexClark Why aren't presheaves of Kan complexes already fibrant in the category of simplicial presheaves on $C$? Isn't that already a model category
Balarka are you just saying nonsense
I literally have no idea
@BalarkaSen They are, it was the extra condition that we have in $L_\tau sPre$
@AlexClark Ah OK
I don't understand hypercovers too well. What is it supposed to mean, philosophically?
1:44 AM
Well that condition above gives us 'homotopy sheaves of spaces', so it says something like 'we can lift sections correctly up to homotopy'

In the particular case of the nisnevich site, one can check Nisnevich-fibrancy on a special family of pullback squares.

A more general in one sense, less general in another sense answer: When computing cech-cohomology for the zariski site, cech and sheaf agree in all degrees on a sufficiently nice scheme (say noetherian separated) *for a quasi-coherent sheaf*. For the etale site cech and etale agree for *any* etale sheaf while requiring much less from
In some sense that cech hypercover has all the information we care about for a sites coming from these sufficiently nice schemes. But in general, for technical reasons we want to localise at all hypercovers: arxiv.org/pdf/math/0007070.pdf
I like this quote from that paper:

"In words, we have freely added homotopy colimits to C and then imposed relations telling us that any object X may be homotopically decomposed by taking covers. Of course sheaf theory is, in the end, precisely this study of how objects decompose in terms of covers."
Oh, ok, the condition above is precisely like the fact that the Cech nerve of a good cover is homotopy equivalent to the original space.
Or rather, the homotopy colimit of the diagram of spaces coming from a cover of X is homotopy equivalent to X
Yep, I think he even discusses precisely that in that paper I linked
Anyway, I better afk for awhile, gotta prepare for a meeting in 2 hours
Cya later on
Thanks, this was insightful! Talk later
2:00 AM
@AlexClark things are good. Currently working on some symplectic geometry and QFT (and some cooking). How about you?
@RyanUnger Are you in touch with Eulb
Tell him I sent him an email on his U of T mail
It's been some time since we last talked
I told him
2:13 AM
you do know his name is Amir right
wow incredible honestly if you want to look at a very intriguing system of interaction, get a pair of birds of the same species to be safe, keep them in a tiny little cage for a really long time, ignoring them as much as possible, then one day start putting your arm in there.
after they eventually get comfortable with sitting on your finger tip, take the cage into the bathroom, lock the door if you leave and have a cat that is basically satan but a nice kind, and watch how they act when you take a wall away in their original cage
its so hilarious in the context of how much they have clearly wanted to get out for so long, and how comfy they were in there sitting on your finger compared to when they have that new option
they look at you like wtf are you doing you freak we didn't actually mean escape in a literal sense
it took them like 2 hours to leave the cage or go near me after I did this unorthodox thing that was previously not a possibility within their previously concrete world view
lol its like he is evil he really is a psycho path brace yourself for the hell fire
i start running a bath and they are just going mental no no why would he do this he was deep cover the whole time
@BalarkaSen he says he just saw it
2:23 AM
lol the secret was real
@RyanUnger Cool!
@BalarkaSen title of the paper is now "advanced application of partition of unity"
PhD level cutoff function
opened up the blinds for the first time in like 6 years and the cat is just outside looking at them then looking at me
@BalarkaSen no joke I've been spending a week trying to construct the right one
2:26 AM
he is like this isn't right and you know it you laughed for hours drinking vodka the last time I ate escapees from your mothers torture chamber you are depriving me of feline right you sob
@BalarkaSen there is also this fantastic estimate i.gyazo.com/6758f99da8cf0bb30e8c960e677e011f.png
I don't quite understand it, so I guess I'm missing out on why exactly it's fantastic
@BalarkaSen the square root of a compactly supported C^2 function is Lipschitz
I think that's a really neat fact
and the proof is really clever
How in the world do you need that much regularity for square root to be Lipschitz
square root is not a Lipschitz function
2:33 AM
I see. The problem of course is around the points where the function vanishes (close to 0), and if it's C^2 you can sort of give a quadratic approximation.
You can prove this using Taylor
But the proof using baby $\varepsilon$-regularization is super neat
@BalarkaSen it also tells you that $D\varphi$ decays like $\sqrt \varphi$ at the edge of its support which is also helpful
because $\Delta(f\varphi)$ contains a $D\varphi$ term
I know right? I leave them alone in there to well do what they normally do to ease tension, and less than a minute they are basically asleep n like yep I think we will take the new apartment
i don't want anymore theological debate and it is probably not family friendly, but after a few years in captivity they have become passionate lesbians from what i can make of the recurrent behaviour, which isn't in the wild so, don't worry, biology may yet be an elective despite its reputation for making baby jesus god spirt cry
i err, whats her face deleted my birth control public service announcement that said ejaculate, i don't know what swear words are and what they are not anymore
the oxford dictionary in several disciplines has been a never ending myriad of lies, starting with the first one at 17 promising me to be a millionare once i solve this thing called the Riemann hypothesis which is presumably as easy as everything else has been in the past 12 hours of experience past me thought
the Riemann hypothesis has been proved by Michael Atiyah...
The problem of these [Random] is that the audience are actually pretty split on this chat
1. There are people who actively contribute and engage with them
2. There are the majority who will scroll through (as expected since it is designed to do that)
But the major issue is:
3. There are people who get really annoyed with it, and some in particular can lead to my own existential crisis in SE
I am not sure what's the best way to avoid 3
well thankyou to the league of ryans for chiming in there, I see your lust for sadism is as unquenchable as it was during that "work for welfare" program in which you participated in my systematic humiliation led by a military chad in that upstairs office that used to be where hookers live and or are kept captive, all of that was unquestionably above board and im being a crazy person right now, arnt I stoned ryans with no legal suspicions incurred? typical
calm down pal
I think one thing I can try is to see whether I can get the habit of (1) to get used to a new signalling style so they will not miss the messages, and the narrow size of the resulting message should allow (3) to scroll past it without triggering the existential crisis
But it is also not that easy, because not all [Random] are meaningful, even to the group in (1)
I need a better partition method...
yeah I guess missing a white space isn't a problem lol for those who are fans walked past the tele "George: please, please don't tell me you love me again Jerry"
3:00 AM
2 hours ago, by Balarka Sen
Adam is well-versed in making no sense, if you're not acquainted with him
The major difference between me and Adam is that:
Adam's message is still plain English even for those who don't understand them, but for me, 3 years of cataloguing conversations I had with many people seemed to suggest they actually read a strange language when they do not somehow "click" with my thoughts process. In other words, they literally cannot understand my language, not just not making sense
its all text based fyi Im not a whore
@Adam The existential crisis is if Ted end up boil over and use his superman powers, it will add an extra strike to my SE profile, which will be enough to encourage SE mods to get me banned for a very long time
oh right randomly selected target of wireless perturbation process yeah its ok its a part of my behavioural therapy doctors orders I can give you his contacts if u want im not an expert
I thought it was sick too, but apparently that was the beginning of the healing process
it is very controversial, but yeah what isn't that came from the CIA anyway this is a link from their website youtube.com/watch?v=Mg76FiZD7Po
can anyone help me in a qns?
just say the question
3:11 AM
Thank you
Let (a, b) = 1 and n > ab. Show that the set S = {n - ib | 1 <= i <= a} has distinct elements.
the answer is probably a therapy pet
i edited it should be 1 <= i <= a
oh sorry I err... I didn't do well in the SE interpersonal relationships popularity contest
got banned within minutes for being too polite
that always happens to me too
it should be a simple question.
im a beginner.
3:15 AM
@RyanUnger Sometimes I do wonder whether I will actually get banned if I stop becoming weird
didn't want to ask on Math Stack Exchange because it is too simple.
You guys should be able to answer it.
@Mk43v3r What is (a, b), why is it equal to a number?
Thanks for the help
(a, b) = gcd(a, b)
why is being coprime necessary, if n > ab, then n-ib for i in [1...a] should always be distinct?
yes. my bad
theres more to the question
Should be S = {(n - ib) (mod a) | 1 <= i <= b}
I am rephrasing the question to ask the part i don't understand.
Sorry if I mistranslated.
3:23 AM
@Adam the best way to get away from this crap is to leave the keyboard
ok I have no idea, I am terrible with prime numbers and mods
nvm i will try it out myself
May 31 at 15:16, by Ajay Mishra
@Secret Are you a bot?
I am not a bot, I am an Inaccessible Cardinal
> On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog
@ skull patrol There are 11 types of people:
1. Those who are receptive to The Weirdness: Can understand my language similar to how one can understand Adam's when acquainted with
2. Those who are not receptive to The Weirdness: They will be a combination of the following: Get annoyed as they thought they are reading spam, does not comprehend or is not interested and will not get it even if explained
3. Those who are partially receptive to The Weirdness: They alternate between 1 and 2
Likewise, I am also one of 1,2,3 to other people
But what is unique about me is that if I am 2 to some people, the social group we are in will naturally behave in a way to exclude each other from the group
In other words, people who are fated to not get along with me will actually turn sour on me very quickly, and nobody can control that, nor the group will knew why it happened
(Thus, weirdness and status quo normies naturally repell each other)
3:38 AM
@Albas Try using cashew milk or almond milk. My sister is vegan, and she uses those a lot.
won't coconut milk be the best match for curry?
(and coconut is vegan if I recall)
Ok it is
But I guess for non Thai curry, it is not suitable
@TedShifrin Oh I see, never used almond milk before. Thanks for the tip
@Albas will coconut milk work for you or it is too creamy?
@Secret I dont know man, the flavour of coconut doesn't just seem right for the relatively sweet creamy curry I am trying to make.
I do want something thats creamy though
I see, yeah in that case, stick with almond milk, it is pretty sweet
4:00 AM
Advertising unanswered question: math.stackexchange.com/questions/3253782/….
íf I put pizza of questionable age in the blender with a shitload of chilli sauce and a little vodka, that is well, im not going to get food poisoning am I? its math well chemistry organic chemistry and I haven't checked but its not a family friendly community that stack exchange would put their honourable name to … because um
I'm making a cut and paste Microsoft sam you tube video coz im an artist now
manson and I he and I are one and the same provided I am marketed by deep state as aGreed
marylin manson*
I err get away? well I think you mean end my math holiday or go away
either way no need to feel alarmed if your auto play gets possessed by the secret service of satan and starts rattling off* various horrifying reports of high profile public figures connected to various other reality horror stories, none of which are covered in the mainstream media, just go for at and let yourself climax, its ok its YOUR bedroom
anxiety climax sorry, phrasing wasn't well thought out there
or does anxiety make it worse?
judge judy isn't a member here is she? oh well
I mean it would kinda settle disputes more efficiently just saying
all seems a little extrajudicial
which is extra fair and democratic by definition
oh... ok what no I err. … no don't look up extra judicial processes
4:49 AM
Before I knew how they were pronounced, I thought Riemann was pronounced like "Raymond" (or I guess "Raymon'") and "Cauchy" pronounced like "Cowshy"
I pronounce them as "ri-man" and "cowchy" before I knew their correct pronunciation

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