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Q: How do the Nod Commando shoot barrel (long range)

NassignHow do you shot thru barrel (long range) for the nod commando in Command and Conquer 3. I am stuck in the following mission. Kane's Wrath - Mission 9 - The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar 13 minute 6 second mark

12:17 AM
@Wipqozn the election has been open for like 4 hours and you barely got that up? slow turtle :P
@Dragonrage I was playing Terra Mystica
err I mean
you let playing games get in the way of being a mod? how dare you
I was hoping one of our respective mod candidates would have taken the initiative!
but alas, you all failed
i mean, i dont even have RO to pin it, and ive been dealing with prod issues all day :(
wrote my nomination while waiting for builds
are new CD/CI tool is even slower than @Wipqozn
12:36 AM
Note: fake back of the box, but I laughed
@Wipqozn I mean, it's pretty obvious. The perspective is all wrong
1 hour later…
1:58 AM
@Wipqozn 3.9 is high praise from BGG
@MBraedley Only eight ratings though
2:14 AM
The Babylon Bee is out onioning the onion at the moment
Good stuff 😂
> As soon as you get one charge out of the cable, it will disintegrate into a fine powder. Your phone will then automatically order a new one from Apple's online store for $49.99.
Haha trumpism
> Tim (Apple)
Wow I'm baked
My boss screwed me over today I was pissed after work
I'm still on my way home
[external screaming] twitch.tv/videos/434186206
Pray eagle eye, kill the healers, focus first and foremost on prayer switches
Have fun being in the cave another 90 minutes
At least I can do slayer again for a bit
1 hour later…
3:39 AM
It makes me feel old when I see a question about sega genesis on retro computing
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
@Wipqozn it's missing something *smashes an avocado onto thew board*
Now it's perfect :P
5:16 AM
iTunes is dead, long live iTunes, iTunes, iTunes and iTunes!
tldr about iTunes. Mac Users are getting 3 different apps while Windows Users will still have the normal iTunes but there is plans later in the year for something
my guess is the same thing
5:54 AM
Looks neat
> The floating garbage town survival game! Scavenge what precious garbage you can from the ocean's surface and grow your city while doing your best to survive in this colorful post-apocalyptic world.
@GnomeSlice it looks like Waterworld but cartoony
Man I remember when that game looked good
@GnomeSlice i was about to google it to see if it's out. now i don't know if i want to
It's old
Visually I mean
It looks dated now
@GnomeSlice looks fine to me. but then again i enjoy playing Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends which is even older
@GnomeSlice that looks to be more about fighting over oil refineries. what i mean i you build a floating settlement with floating scrap. and then getting it attacked by Oil Powered Smokers
6:01 AM
yea true
look up that Oil Rush game. they never updated it's price for Australia so i can't buy it
one of my friends have it though so might ask them about the price and see if they can gift it to me to see if that works
6:39 AM
7:36 AM
Q: Need help getting RCON working on my Minecraft Server

Infinity GamerMy Minecraft server's Rcon feature isnt working. I want to connect to it through my phone but it doesn't connect. The port 25575 is forwarded, so thats not the issue. I suspect that Rcon running on is the issue but I dont know how to fix it. Help is appreciated! Starting minecraft ser...

8:30 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Q: transport a player with arrow (minecraft)

エンジェル くんhow to make an arrow, by using teleport to the player that is closest to this execute if entity @p[x=-146,y=4,z=73,dx=1.5,dy=1.5,dz=1.5,distance=..1.5] run tp @p -145.80 4.43 69.00 instead of the coordinates use the arrow I need to activate this code when the arrow touches or falls around the...

8:52 AM
Morning @Kevin
@dly Lycos chat?
9:16 AM
@fredley yep, Lycos.. they renamed it later to worldsbiggestchat and now I believe it's Lycos chat again (if it still exists)
9:42 AM
@dly Amazing
Holy shit it still exists
Is this some sort of elaborate troll?
I just can't even this site
There's so much to unpack
wat intensifies
The chat is designed as a ship and the Bridge is for news and other staff related info. The name is really just coincidence :D
Q: How can I tell if it's day or night?

Shadow WizardIn Dragon Quest XI, after I can still camp/rest until Dawn There is still a "change to day/night" clip How can I tell if it's day or night?

10:27 AM
6 candidates now!
We should really just replace the vote with a cage match.
Is this what the Battle Royale mode has been building up to?
@Wipqozn I could run and just ban everyone else then, hmmm 🤔
10:44 AM
When your meta post on the mod questionnaire gets a 'New Contributor' flair...
10:57 AM
@TimStone I like that idea!
6 hours ago, by Memor-X
@Wipqozn it's missing something *smashes an avocado onto thew board*
ah rip
missed that.
11:16 AM
> Introducing the Nerf Tank! a full size Tank made from our patented foam all our Nerf Darts that fires large Nerf Shells
nerf icbm or get out tbh
@TimStone that's for Christmas 2020
11:46 AM
@TimStone Nerf Potemkin
12:23 PM
Nerf This.
12:40 PM
Q: How do you launch a nuke in Fallout 76?

VahxTitle says most of it, what is the step by step procedure to launch a nuke in FO76? I know you need launch codes and have to go to a silo to initiate a launch, but How many codes do you need? Where can you get the codes? How to initiate the launch?

12:59 PM
Looking at the questionnaire I am disappointed that there is not "Year of @Wipqozn: Yay or Nay?"
@Moacir I mean, that's your own fault
I mean I can add an 11th question to mine
but I won't
So I think I know where my three votes are going for this election. Just need to figure out the order.
@Wipqozn I should have gone with the meme question
@MBraedley I thought you would be a candidate to be honest
@MBraedley 3 votes for me!
I know 1 of my votes.
I think I know them all
1:11 PM
@Moacir I'm fine with being a community leader below the mods. I don't really have the time nor inclination to be a mod, and don't spend enough time on the site proper to be an effective mode.
Oh hey, I should figure out my votes.
It might be a little early?
@MBraedley I see. Well, if you ever decide to run I think you would be a great mod
(psst, hey @Wipqozn, what's the answer to number 4) (this one is hard holy shit lol)
I wanna go back to bed
1:23 PM
 o    ,|.
 |  ,' \ `.
 |,'\,' ,' `.   o
 |.`. ,'     `. |
 | `.`.    o  ,'|
     `.`.  |,'  |
       `.`.|  ,'|
It didn't work :/
> <message>?
> like so?
@Moacir i think you also "fixed font" the reply id
can you use fixed font to reply at all?
1:27 PM
o ,|.
| ,' \ `.
|,'\,' ,' `. o
|.`. ,' `. |
| `.`. o ,'|
`.`. |,' |
`.`.| ,'|
I think I cannot
It fixes 100%
that was tried :id test
I cant use fixed font on a partial part
1:27 PM
with 4 spaces
instead of 1
I tried on sandbox but cannot do it
I think that's more of an issue with the position of moderator as a whole
And this is probably more of a discussion for the election chat
@Unionhawk I'll answer this after the election
Hint: the answer involves closing your eyes and blindly clicking things
1:46 PM
@Wipqozn so the answer is Rebecca Black Friday
According to @MBraedley's query, the best mod would be kalina
@fredley "According to the query @MBraedley forked..."
> Accodring to my profile
cc: @uni
uni pls
I'm leaving it until I get my questionnaire done.
I like the amount of people getting the Caucus bronze badge
2:04 PM
How are ya today?
Fine here
2:22 PM
Q: How to get milk from a goat?

Tim S.The official Raft wiki says that you can capture a goat and put it on your raft... "where they become useful as a source of milk if they are fed from a grass plot. " It does not say exactly how you gather the milk from the goat. I get that you use shears on the llamas to get wool, but how...

2:40 PM
It always amuses me how every time there's an election a bunch of people show up with low rep and low mod score that nobody ever sees around and they nominate themselves.
@John It's very pro much
@fredley so very pro much
I had forgotten about ronnie hehe
@fredley Every time this image pops up it reminds me how old I am
@John that happens with every election regardless of setting. I mean, not to get political in here, but have you seen at the DNC primaries? over 80% of them don't stand a chance
@Moacir And how great the past was
2:43 PM
@fredley I remember I once edited the warcraft ico to be only a sword and used that as a cursor... just then to learn it wasnt clicking on the point of the sword and I had to configure it somehow
Oh Man original Warcraft
That was a Game
I never played the first one
Just the second one
In both elections, most of them are probably nobodies who are less in it because they think they got a chance and more because they want some free publicity
Possibly I did too
Nope, definitely played Warcraft 1
I never played the first one either, but I did play the second one
2:44 PM
That's the shit I'm talking about
@Nzall This is a fair point. I guess I just expect better from SE than the DNC :p
@John Tory Election stuff should stay in TIF
@fredley :(
Every election has its ronnie
@fredley This is about the Arqade elections, which AFAIK belong here
2:47 PM
From the icons, I remember I used to play Simcopter A LOT. And the most incredible function was that a town from simcity 2000 would be playable
@Moacir Those were the days... when you could use something you created in one game to do something in an entirely different game. Most you get of that kind nowadays is that you can carry over part of your save state to the next game in the series
@Nzall I can't offhand think of any games that actually let you do that apart from SC2K+SCopter, though.
Like, it was notable in Copter because no-one else had done that.
Witcher 3 has a continuation from witcher 2 if you played it
I would mention Grisaia(NSFW) but then the next game you just pick which story you are going to continue
@John I'd pin this if there wasn't more important things already pinned
@ToxicFrog I think you could create a character in Baldur's Gate and carry it over to Icewind Dale
2:55 PM
@Nzall I file that under "carry over part of your save state", along with the Witcher stuff.
@fredley holy crap, that's alot of games.
@ToxicFrog Yeah, somewhat
@TheMattbat999 RIP @Wipqalot
I think there are also some crossover events, but those tend to be restricted to the event itself
@fredley thanks for posting those icones because I have looking for that open-book Myst icon for ages and was starting to wonder if I had imagined it
2:57 PM
@fredley lol
(also what kind of computer has to run in 256-colour mode but is also capable of running 1964 at more than 3fps)
@fredley I need to star this now so everyone knows I didn't star it
@ToxicFrog OH, OOOOH! If I remember correctly, you could plug the Sonic 1 cartridge into the Sonic 2 cartridge and then plug the Sonic 2 cartridge into your console and you could then play Sonic 1 levels using Sonic 2 characters
I thought it was Sonic 2, 3 and... Knuckles that did that.
Yeah, I might be mixing up some games, but the general concept is correct
3:08 PM
@Wipqozn I posted this message in my questionnaire fyi lol
3:34 PM
Welp, I'm slurring less than I was yesterday. That's good news.
got some issues frank?
Another seizure on Sunday. Biggest problem to deal with in the aftermath: bit my tongue something fierce.
damn i'm sorry to hear that
It's been an interesting ride so far. I'm getting....better?...at handling them. Went from broken bones on the first one, to nothing more major than a bitten tongue on this one. Trajectory is good, even if the process scares the crap out of my wife.
Yeah I can only imagine. health issues are always scary
3:48 PM
That must have been scary.
@fredley Speaking from personal experience, ronnies get elected. This message has been moved to This Is Fine.
4:08 PM
@Wipqozn Not important enough to be pinned :(
4:34 PM
@John you used to be cool, but alas
@Unionhawk Excellent. 10/10. And also "asking my fellow mods for input" when you're unsure is always a good course of action.
@Frank Are you going to be a candidate this election?
@Moacir Haven't decided yet.
I'll need to read through these answers of all yours tonight.
@Wipqozn so you are saying, i should just put "ask my fellow mods for input" for every answer?
you can never be wrong that way
4:42 PM
@Dragonrage You should actually put "Do whatever @Wipqozn tells me to do" because it is his year after all
@Moacir thats not a bad idea. I already blame him for everything, now he would actually be the cause for blame :P
@Dragonrage He is the cause for blame already
Q: GTA 5 is not using my external gpu. Is there anyway to fix it?

FinrodI already tried to add the game from nvida control panel. Tried to add commandline.txt method. i have asus laptop gtx 1050ti and i5 7300hq.

Q: Weird Teleport Issue

LeafFor some reason, whenever I use the /tp command, I teleport 1 block over on the positive X axis. For example, if I did "/tp -181 58 101", I would end up at the coordinates -180 58 101. I don't know if it's a problem with my computer, or the save file, but if it's either of those, or anything else...

@Dragonrage Exactly! But joking aside, asking your fellow mods for input is a good course of action. Not just when you're new, but always. The mod team discusses the best way to handle specific cases all the time.
Well all the time might be a bit strong, but basically when in doubt, ask your fellow diamonds.
@Wipqozn is there a mod only chat room where these things are discussed? how does that communication usually get handled
4:53 PM
@FoxMcCloud yes
But mods do have a way to communicate privately with each other.
@FoxMcCloud Yes, that's how it works :P
so you just text each other...got it :D
(The turtle is just full of draaaaaama :P)
4:55 PM
there's also a secret room owner signal thread too
snapchat each other like 'theres a problem in meta right nowwwwwwwwwwww'
(that isn't true but it'd be moderately wild if it was)
Psh, no, you just look for the SE diamond bat signal in the sky and rendezvous at the previously selected secret meeting place.
♦ If I start my messages with a Diamond hard enough will I get access to the mod rooms?
just what the world needs - Arqade super hero watchmen of the night
5:04 PM
No you need to change your name to have the diamond at the end =p (pro-tip: Don't do that
Oh yeah, if you do that it will not go well for you I am sure
But what if you put the rainbow flag emoji in your name... hmmm
You cannot add ♦ to the username
How I know that will remain a mystery okay?
@Moacir I figured they probably had something in place to prevent it, that makes sense.
5:10 PM
@Ash To be fair I tried to do that some time ago, when I impersonated Feeds
why is it so hard to find an office chair that doesnt destroy your back for less than 6000 dollars
5:24 PM
Q: Can you see exclusive car models from other platforms when playing cross-platform?

Alex MyersWhen playing a cross-platform Rocket League match, is it possible to see the exclusive cars from other platforms, or do those car models get replaced with a non-exclusive model (such as Octane) locally? For example, let's say I'm playing on Xbox and my opponent is playing on Switch. If my oppon...

@FoxMcCloud Because it is a niche market. Who in 2019 cares about their backs? Pff.
5:44 PM
Q: What is the best way to beat the Wall of Flesh

Lsootgamer13I need help really badly, every time I have tried to beat the Wall of Flesh, I lose. Can someone help me?

Q: Playing Pokémon alpha sapphire and I need help

GabbyPlaying Pokémon alpha sapphire I gave the letter to Steven and talked to mr.B got 2 badges and I’m stuck what do I do now? I can’t get to verdanturf or mauville city (no bike or rocks smash)

6:05 PM
Q: How can I create a custom border using the same material as the world boundary?

Pikachu the Parenthesis WizardWhen you reach the edge of a world at around X/Z 29,999,984, you encounter a barrier that can only be passed through teleportation. I would like to use them as a barrier around a PVP arena to keep all the players from wandering too far. However, it doesn't seem to be a normal block like barrie...

6:18 PM
toxic gas in dc
Does wearing that increase my chances in the election? :P
@dly Only if you hold a mug the same as your avatar
I don't have one of these, but I have the SO mug
@dly I mean, once @Ronan even made a video for his candidature
Oh I forgot about that
6:29 PM
You should totally post a picture of you wearing the shirt if you are ok with showing your face
My face is all over the internet anyway due to my sports club and previous gaming things. Just need one holding the camera.. I suck at taking selfies
discord just rolled out guild boosts ugh
Like, share, subscribe and boost the discord channel!
I bet bahroo's channel will get instantly tier 3
6:44 PM
Can moderators also unilaterally mark posts in the First Posts or Late Answers queues as reviewed?
@Wrigglenite Quite sure everything mods do are supercharged
Only one click is required
One Click Man
Moderator votes are binding. Any place we have voting — close, open, delete, undelete, offensive, migration, etc — that vote will reach the threshold and take effect immediately if a single moderator casts a vote.
Is it bad that I already know the 3 people I'm voting for and the questionnaires and stuff don't really change that? I feel like I vote for people to be mod because I already know how they're going to act in these kinds of situations.
because they've been around and demonstrated it
Yeah, but First Posts and Late Answers don't really have votes, kinda?
I copied from here
6:47 PM
@Wrigglenite Doesn't it take a few reviews for them to be taken off the queue? I count those as votes
Only one in these cases
@John I think anyone who has demonstrated that they are a good match to be a mod is part of the process. The questionnaire is just a bonus for those people who don't know the candidates already
@John I think that's likely a common reaction - I mean we want people who have already proven they can handle the job, short of anything really odd or egregious.
@FoxMcCloud Yeah, it's good for people who haven't been as active but who have the whatever rep you need to vote
@FoxMcCloud That's another thing I think about. Should someone really be voting if they've never heard of any of the candidates before, either? Sometimes I get notified to go to other SE sites and vote, and sometimes I do go look around in their questionnaires and stuff, but it never really feels like my opinion should count in some of them, considering I don't know of the people or how they act outside of a few posts
If anyone wants to be a Streamer Gamer, Humble bundle got a pack out for you! (Granted, you can find free alternatives to most of these)
6:50 PM
@John Unfortunately an under-informed voter is a problem a lot of vote-based policies deal with.
@FoxMcCloud Yeah, I guess you really can't do much more about that than try to educate them, which is what the questionnaires and stuff are for
You are just the exception, choosing not to vote unless you are knowledgeable
I've often thought that certain members would make great mods, and wondered why they weren't - and then some of them even nominated themselves this time around
@John Right, but how do you determine when someone "knows enough" I guess
@FoxMcCloud I feel like Arqade has always had a greater number of excellent mod candidates than it has number of mods needed
this time does not appear to be an exception
@Ash true, I suppose that's what the rep minimum is for
@John As a candidate, I agree :D :D :D
6:53 PM
even if it's not perfect
@FoxMcCloud hehe, I'm aware I'm speaking to a candidate :p
has an election ever increased the number of the spots available because of the number of good candidates?
I don't think so, no
gaming.stackexchange.com/election/4 but probably for a different reason
@dly Yeah, that was for a different reason
Yeah, I remember that
7:01 PM
The number of slots is purely dependent on what the current mod team feels they need to be able to do the job effectively
currently thinking about the implications of binding up/down votes, how that would even work, etc
@Ash can it change during or shortly after an election? I've seen that on SO as well where two additional mods even were called up after an election
@Unionhawk They're pretty much already that?
@dly Because of unanticipated need? Sure.
7:03 PM
@Unionhawk no one else can vote opposite the way the mod voted?
it's not like, some additional action happens at a magic number of votes either way
but yeah, that way is funnier
It's never "we have too many good people" because....that's always gonna be true
it's better to have too many good people than the other way round
Also, how would you determine what "too many good people, add more slots" would even be like? By rep? By some other metric?
And if we turn them all into mods, who clears the queues?
7:06 PM
Q: wy cant i connect to minecraft server on linux mint 19

Matteoi cant connect to minecraft server wen i tried it said failed to loggin :The authentication servers are currently down for maintence while on windows i could join servers

7:26 PM
@Ash Affinity for '30s big band swing.
@Yuuki Hm, I'd back that
"The mod team has a critical shortage in people who listen to Duke Ellington, hold elections!"
8:23 PM
Q: Should Sports games tags be mixed in 1 series?

Fredy31If you search for the tags of F1, NHL, NBA, Madden we see a bunch of tags that don't have much questions, and that are repetitive (nhl-14, nhl-15, nhl-17) Also, it's not like these games completely reinvent themselves every year. A question for nhl-14 might still apply in nhl-17 Should sport ga...

Q: Can you double stack in F1 Online

Fredy31In the F1 games, when playing online, can you double stack? (Where both cars from the same team pit at the same time, making one of the cars have to wait for the first car to have finished it's stop before it can pitstop) The question arises because it would seem that for realism you could, but ...

8:39 PM
Ooh, hey, gmail has improved slightly
Now when you mouseover an email that has a tracking number in it you get a "Track Package" button
9:00 PM
9:17 PM
@SaintWacko I thought it has that forever
Other integrations including viewing the issue on GitHub, and checking flight status for plane tickets
9:47 PM
Q: Stellaris Sectors

tatsuI'm playing stellaris, the tutorial AI has been repeatedly (literally non stop) telling me to create sectors. there is a Planets & Sectors menu as part or the main menu bar (it's even mapped to F4) , it does not contain a "create sector" or "split into setors" or any such sort of UI element : ...

@PrivatePansy Oh, maybe this is just the first time I've noticed it
10:08 PM
Q: Can someone check my minecraft 1.14 code?

KentI have a repeating command block set to "always active" running this command. /effect give @a[nbt={Inventory:[{Slot:-106b,id:"minecraft:stick", tag:{display:{Name:"Speed Stick Deodorant"}}}]}] minecraft:speed 1 7 true In my offhand, I'm holding a stick given to me via this command: /give @p s...

10:32 PM
I knew Inbox did that, I hadn't noticed if Gmail was as well
I want to make questions about outer wilds but I don't want anyone to get spoiled
Are there any other discovery-heavy games that we've had successful questions on that I could take a look at
That anyone can think of
@GnomeSlice Use spoiler markup as needed?
How do you [redacted] on [redacted] and get the [redacted]
You could ask where in the game you're supposed to learn about this thing?
There's an idea... but I mean it is a question and answer show
@GnomeSlice Do it anyway!
No mods or kings!
The dev of Ramble Planet answered some of my Qs about the game that way and got downvoted
But if you ask for hints maybe it's fine?
Oh they must have been deleted
@Ronan Hey you might like Ramble Planet actually
It's free
I never finished it. Should give it another go
Much better than it looks at a glance
It's made by a guy who appears to now write expansion books for DnD and other tabletop games
The writing is good in it
11:06 PM
turns out I'm being carried a lot more in Bronze 2 than I was in Bronze 3
like, I can have a merely okay game and have a win, whereas I used to have to really try before??
maybe part of it is I'm dying a lot less and Soraka is a much more chill hero than Velkoz :P
now merely every other game is completely awful
Q: Clash of claans question

MidowTAT6I deleted clash of clans for a break. I will re-connect with Supercell ID when I feel like returning. However, will this prevent people from attacking my base. I thought that when I delete the game it erases my base from the system so it can't be attacked. Is this true? I don't want my base to be...

Q: Minecraft LAN server - connection timed out

EmerySo, were both on the same network playing Minecraft and the server shows up but when I join it loads for a bit then says timed out. How do I fix this?

@Memor-X congratulations!
11:21 PM
@badp thanks
and if i haven't said it already, thanks to everyone who's been supportive
@Memor-X Oh, this is so sweet
@GnomeSlice hahahaha fair enough
11:35 PM
[06.03.19] _ SOLO MISSION
beeple isn't human. I can't believe how fast he cranks out amazing artwork

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