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12:08 AM
Q: A survival game with an ending?

Cyberboy1551 I'm looking for a survival game with an ending. For example, Factorio ends when you craft the "rocket" (forgot actual name). In other words, nothing like "oxygen not included" where the only goal is to survive. Also no campaign/story, I just want to be free to build/survive on my own all the wa...

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1:41 AM
Q: Is the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress slower, than the original, and if so, is it because of its art?

MalandyIs the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress slower, than the original, and if so, is it because of its art? Because apparently, the Steam Dwarf Fortress is using 2D art, instead of ASCII. ... Or is most of the bottleneck for Dwarf Fortress, in with CPU, since it handles the AI?

Q: Why does vitality start at 10?

lentinantIn Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can improve your vitality (using beads) and attack power (using boss memories). Interesting thing is that while attack power starts at 1 (which makes sense), vitality starts at 10. Is there any particular reason to start vitality at 10? I would suggest it is hea...

Lobotomy Corporation. That sounds like an interesting game.
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2:45 AM
Q: How do I use throw-able weapons?

Jonathan GummWhat would be a good strategy for using Ranged Weapons in Shadow Fight 2?

@Frank Oh yeah, it's on sale...
3:25 AM
@Yuuki hue
3:51 AM
4:23 AM
Q: Minecraft villagers won’t breed

ChrisI made an infantile village breeder while running an Apex Minecraft server as shown on YouTube by Avomance. I made my village in a remote area with no other villages or doors within 100 blocks in any direction, I have fed them stacks and stacks of carrots, I have AFKed over night and I got nothin...

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6:17 AM
Q: How to make a colored scoreboard header in minecraft

Dabyy Dabber so how to make the white "Deaths" red without plugins

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8:05 AM
@Yuuki Damn it, even hitting babies is being automated away. What jobs are left for humans?
I guess it accommodates your needs for crossing rivers
@PrivatePansy coming up with dumb shit that only robots would want to do
now I want to see a bunch of devs have a hackathon under bridges
9:11 AM
RIP @spu
@PrivatePansy or assumes she's a troll
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Everyone prepared for the EU vote today?
EU is voting on Article 11 and Article 17 (formerly Article 13) today
9:28 AM
@Nzall time to see if the internet is going to die
Let's see if we have to vote out our representatives soon
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1 hour later…
11:56 AM
Q: How to open the door in secret passage to kill Battle Beta in Winding Road?

Matas VaitkeviciusThere is a door that I am trying to open in in Winding Road map where serviles send you to kill battle beta, how do I open it?

BREAKING: Europe’s MEPs cave to lobbyists, ignore five million online petitioners, hundreds of thousands of protesters, and approve #article13 and #article11. Find out what happens to the disastrous Copyright Directive next: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/03/eus-parliament-signs-disastrous-internet-law-what-happens-next
Okay, now I just need to know how the Belgian politicians voted so I can account for that in June
This is not This is Fine =p
12:35 PM
Mar 21 at 12:44, by Unionhawk
I am pleased to inform you that this effort has been forcibly cancelled and reassigned to our team to implement how we want
we regret to inform you that this has been uncancelled.
good luck getting a worse product more slowly, and for more money guys
Aaah lovely
That's always a great thing
I'm so mad
at least the timeline of needing to unravel their code is at least a year and a half
@Nzall It's nice to know that no matter where in the world you are, politicians still get bought out the same way
but I'm going to ask to change teams before that happens because I refuse
Q: What is the end poem's meaning?

HammyDedenneWhat does the end poem do? I mean, they have this nice poem about how Minecraft was created, but there isn't really anything to it.

1:42 PM
@Memor-X sweet
Hyped for Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well
Hopefully it doesn't end up like No Man's Sky... empty and boring
> PlatinumGames has since removed Granblue Fantasy: Relink from its website. The developer is currently working on other projects, including Bayonetta 3, World of Demons, and Babylon’s Fall.
I know Japanese shows are very literal with their titles, but ‘My Husband Won’t Fit’ is just a bit much
2:35 PM
Q: Adding multiple values of the same scoreboard to a target slector

Wicked GrinnSo, what I want to make is a randomizer that constantly runs from 0-100 (which I already have) that at certain values swaps one mob with another. Simulating natural spawning for the mob. (It's for an RPG-ish special enemy system) So I have the whole thing done, but the issue is that I can't selec...

Q: Can I play Metro Exodus on Nvidia GeForce 920MX

John PlayerI want to know that can I play Metro-Exodus on my computer. My PC specs are as follows: CPU : Intel i3 7th gen RAM : 8GB DDR4 GPU : Nvidia GeForce 920MX (2 GB) I have Lenovo Ideapad 320.

3:23 PM
Q: Where to find a Katana looking item in Skyrim?

connor mitchellI'm looking for a Katana like wepons in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I have not been able to find any or craft any so if I can let me know.

I uh
had meds to get from my last hospital visit so I went to a pharma
"this prescription is invalid for public healthcare"
That... feels like it shouldn't be a thing
@GodEmperorDune you mean, Skyrim -2?
public insurance
3:37 PM
@SaintWacko No public insurance will cover every drug, but usually there's an alternative drug.
here's the thing, I do have private insurance, so I gave my insurance card, and for the first time in years got meds for free, which was a nice thing. why isn't this the case for public insurance too?
@Yuuki was it kermit that @spugsley hated?
@Ave Why haven't you been using your private insurance this entire time?
@MBraedley Probably because she didn't have it before
@Dragonrage ehh, the price is right
3:41 PM
@MBraedley it only works for prescribed meds (I used to buy hrt without prescription), and only specific pharmacies have agreements
also creepy people around me can track my medical shit through it, so I avoid it
in fact I literally got texted saying "hi, long time no see, how's your health?"
the f64.0 is scarier than ever lol
4:04 PM
I love sending a yes or no question in an email to avoid having to discuss a thing further and getting a solid "I think so idk"
logs into her private health insurance
stares at her limits and yearly fee that's paid by creepy people
what the fuck
it's all unlimited
100% paid by insurance company
I can literally have SRS for free what the fuck
yay insurance?
yay i'm a bourgie?
Something like that :o
waht the fuck this is like
the monthly fees for my health insurance alone apparently is 5x of my monthly salary
why is healthcare like this
why do you have to pay the price of a small car every month to, like, have good healthcare
4:25 PM
How much money does your country have?
4:41 PM
I don't know for sure but I hear it's a lot of trying.
@Yuuki >:(
I'm disappointed @Yuuki, that wasn't even a good pun.
@Yuuki sigh that was a little weak, by pun standards. :P
Look, I haven't made a Turkish currency pun in probably half a year. I suppose it wasn't really a good effort.
Yeah, it has been a while
Feels like a completely different lira
4:48 PM
You'll all too hard on @Yuuki. It's a lot of pressure being the person everyone turns to for a joke. The demands of the crowd is endless!
Here it is! After hours of testing & theorycrafting over the past months, I've finally pulled off a hugely impractical, yet hugely incredible skip! Using wall clips and a nearby metal peg, you can skip the puzzles in the DLC dungeon and go straight to the boss!! #BreathoftheWild https://t.co/gtEytF9who
oh shit
@Unionhawk Oh, my heart <3
5:14 PM
@Wipqozn I thought it was worth 18 cents.
And offer formally declined.
Hiring manager got a little passive aggressive with me for not stating my salary expectations up front.
It's annoying, but if you give your minimum salary info in advance and they were expecting to pay more you could screw yourself when they realize they can make a lower offer.
@InvaderSkoodge But in my experience, that doesn't happen all that often. You have every right to ask what their salary expectations (or budget) are for the position before you tell them your expectations.
Yes, true, you can do it that way.
5:29 PM
I have never low balled my expected salary either.
As a general rule in any negotiation, the first person to say an actual number is at a disadvantage.
And you can't really present your value until you're in the interview. So giving a minimum when they don't know you from Adam is doing it at the wrong point.
Oh, for sure, don't tell them before an interview, but it is something that should probably come up before they make an offer.
If they want to range me, they can provide the position range, and I can tell them if they're in the ballpark.
And, honestly, they have way more salary data than I do. The information inbalance only helps them.
They probably won't tell you that without you asking first.
5:34 PM
Right now, I would definitely need to know a salary range before I committed to anything more than a resume.
Well, then we keep going through the interview process, and I keep proving my value.
Somebody's going to blink first. I'm tired of it being me.
5:58 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah I hate it
6:27 PM
Hello everyone
I got my eyes checked so now I can put my contacts back
@Moacir This was such a good show.
@InvaderSkoodge This and Dave the Barbarian had lots of funny moments
Never seen that show, but now I know the origin of that meme!
I used to watch them all day
Good times
Article 13 affects UK?
@Moacir It doesn't affect anywhere until they get written into local laws
6:42 PM
@Ronan Can a local law go against artcicle 13?
Something like "We will not enforce article 13"
7:40 PM
Q: What are the requirements to unlock a specialisation?

David YellWhat activity completions are needed to unlock the ability to pick a specialisation in the Base of Operations?

1 hour later…
8:46 PM
Seeing a lot of talk about NASA subbing in a man to the "all female space walk" because of suit sizing
There are only Medium and Large torsos for the suits. The problem is that Anne McClain's suit which she used on her last EVA has a large torso configuration, which she felt was too roomy to work well in. Missions have tight timelines, it's expensive to be up there and there is not a lot of down time
So to keep to mission parameters, they felt that reconfiguring Anne's suit would take up too much time and affect the timeline of the EVA, so they opted to sub in another astronaut rather than reconfigure (manually take the suit apart, get the medium torso from where it's stored, attach the new torso, prep the old torso for storage, then run the reconfigured suit through a series of tests to make sure it's safe; and it has to be safe -- by this Friday, which they could not do in time).
> “I’m suuper [sic] disappointed about the all-woman spacewalk not happening as scheduled this Friday but I’m also super supportive of astronauts having the authority to say ‘I would be safer using a different piece of equipment,’”
Not even sure why it's a discussion
9:01 PM
@Dragonrage no Morrowind 0. TES 5 is Morrowind +2
9:55 PM
just double checking, isn't Final Fantasy XV - EPISODE ARDYN the last DLC Square was going to release for Final Fantasy XV?
like i remember posting news that they were cutting future DLC but don't remember what EPISODE was going to be the last one
@Moacir What if Macgyver was a Barbarian
@MBraedley thanks, obama
10:35 PM
I was thinking of trying Satisfactory, but it looks like Epic paid them a wad of cash for exclusivity.
So that makes my decision easy. Pass.
That's a funny reason not to play a game you wanted to play
@Frank its extremely good
@GodEmperorDune The store, or the game?
the game, epic is meh
Yeah, but it's still early access.
And I need more excuses to not buy games, as I have far too many already.
10:40 PM
if you liked factorio, satisfactory scratches that itch REALLY WELL
So, on Epic store? Easy pass.
@BunsGlazing I have yet to play a game developed by a studio whose name begins with Q.
it is quite thoroughly developed for being early access, much more than early factorio builds were
but yeah it is early access and on epic games store with exclusivity for a while
@GodEmperorDune So that makes my decision easy.
I'll wait until it's done. I have so much else to play, anyways.

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