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1:11 AM
shudders the Englsih voice at least still sounds not-human enough that I nope out
@Ash visually looks fairly decent though
I honestly couldn't watch more than like 5 seconds before it twigged my "does not sound human, no thank you" buttons too hard
I'm sure if it wasn't a Chinese company working on it, but rather someone specializing in English, they could probably do better
Computerized voices tend to twig me and I pick them out pretty fast because they're a very uncomfortable experience for me for reasons I can't explain
I can understand that
I can pick it out, but it doesn't bother me per se
2:04 AM
@Yuuki I've accidentally found the answer to this twitter.com/twistofnate/status/1106629931729997824
I think the main issue with that voice is the cadence.
3:04 AM
Just wrapped up the latest D&D session.
Half the session was spent with a random side quest made up to explain why the local marketplace was empty.
By the end of it, we had: stopping a runaway cart by brute force (yay, nat 20's!), a broken cart, and a disappearing buyer.
So now I have to see if we can have a recurring character throughout the campaign I can prepare.
@Chippies I love this. I love this so much. Scooplery is my fave
4:07 AM
Q: 2 ps3's but one psn account

Zakmy brother lives overseas yet he has games/dlc on his ps3 that is the same region as my ps3, I was wondering if I used his psn to download the game and dlc would I be able access it on my main account or is it just the base game that i can access and will need to purchase the dlc on my account? ...

4:18 AM
hell yeah
(I helped, I did 25 damage for an elimination assist)
I'm kind of liking bloodhound
even though their tactical ability has terrifyingly short range (aaa don't tell me no hostiles when I know for a fact that's not true)
4:41 AM
i googled "triangle train" to see if there are any triangle trains and i found a triangle train
5:05 AM
Q: slaves won't fill moats in stronghold

BlackCrystalI'm playing stronghold extreme and my fortress was up mountains and had a narrow way to get down. I dug some moats at the way to keep assassins away but when i tried to build a gate to pass i found out that there's no space left for gate so i attend to fill my moats but my slaves does't move at a...

6:03 AM
Animal Crossing PC just added a cow called Patty whose favourite furniture is a burger. This is so wrong.
@Ash Awww, it’s just a photoshop.
The train itself is pretty well done, but the forest isn’t cloned properly, especially the bit around the top of the train
6:21 AM
This is even worse than Goose having turkey leg as his favourite furniture
3 hours later…
9:13 AM
Q: Why is there one retro Willow tree?

GnemlockIn RuneScape Old School, a lot of the graphics have retained the graphics from a series of graphics updates that targetted different areas of categories. A good example are Willow trees. The original Willow tree was just tree bark and a buddy circle. This was upgraded to show a group of bushey p...

9:51 AM
Q: Angler NPC rewards

GogetaThere's a fishing reward at a certain quest I complete. What if I get a lot of those fishing quest items and created a lot of accounts, I then gave them one by one with each character. Do I still get those rewards like the golden fishing rod after a a certain amount of fishing quest item I gave t...

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11:46 AM
Q: Can anyone help me? Roblox messages don't work anymore

TheDoctor1977If anyone could answer me, it would be nice. So, I was sending my friend a message after he said he was gonna quit Roblox asking him why, (I specifically said was: What? "Why would you quit?") and it got censored with hashtags. I found this a bit odd, so I messaged some other people and it got c...

12:05 PM
Q: How can I quit and save Mega Man 11 on the Switch?

KennyPeanutsIn out household we limit gaming to 30 minute blocks but when we are playing Mega Man 11 on the Switch there is no auto save, so if we just turn off the game we lose all progress. How can I stop playing, save my progress, and quit Mega Man 11 on the Switch?

1:04 PM
@PrivatePansy boooooooo
@PrivatePansy wait what no omg no
1:20 PM
cc @Yuuki
Q: how do I pack a punch in black ops 4?

c0beyjackYou have to go to the gong and hold the button it tells you. Once you do it to all four you go to the room put on the heads and then it. Should be ready.

1 hour later…
2:38 PM
Q: Minecraft Pocket Edition - shared game on local network

twd000My sons are into playing Minecraft Pocket Edition. I have it installed on a Samsung smartphone, and our Nvidia Shield TV. They would like to play together in the same game, but I haven't been successful getting it to work. When I create a new game with Multiplayer enabled, the other player doe...

@TimStone IT's the last day for the hawkes bay elusive target
2:57 PM
Q: How do i get a server

DrakeI’ve played Minecraft for a couple of years and I always wanted to start a server can someone please help me to start my own server I have a iPad mini

3:54 PM
Q: Fiafa 19 - what modes support local multiplayer and how to activate

dermoritzI am absolutely new to FIFA and it is my first multiplayer title for PS4: I want to play local multiplayer but i don't know how to start it or get there. I started a career and saw the screen where i can choose the side for each controller - i only see one controller there. I can switch using t...

4:35 PM
@InvaderSkoodge the katamari song is stuck in my head whilst i play this
5:11 PM
Q: Fallout 4 - I cant find paladin dance

Player OneI've had problems with companions before, like Dogmeat not wearing anything I give him or strong just running away, but this problem has to be the worst. Ironically he went missing after I dismissed him in favor of Nick Valentine. When I dismissed him, I didn't choose a settlement for him to go t...

5:58 PM
So question about The Flash S3
I watched the first episode today, and it had a really different feel from other episodes, where it wasn't about fighting metahumans as much as it was about Barry trying to get his life back together. Does it stay that way? or does it soon go back to the monster of the week-style storyline?
6:27 PM
@Nzall It goes back. Ish.
Within the season, none the less.
7:05 PM
Q: What game features this character?

AcolyteKingI've been searching and searching for this game but i cannot find it anywhere. literally all I have to go off of is split-second moments i saw in reviews anywhere between 2012 and 2016 (although it could have been an old review). So the character in this video game is in first person, has four a...

7:24 PM
Q: Cuhn u pleuhze make me uh 3d gume with uht leuhzt 100 levelz?

lolzThe guhme must be in android. Seend me de .apk file be dizcord. I will give 1000$usd if de guhme iz good.

Q: How do you enchant a stick in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.9?

ChrisIs there a way to enchant a stick in Minecraft pocket edition version 1.9?

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8:27 PM
hapy ,,SAINT PATRACKS DAY ,frien ds 🇮🇪☘️
2 hours later…
10:24 PM
@Ash Photoshop
10:55 PM
Q: Minecraft Sharing

Lila WoodsMe and my friends love playing together. I was wondering if there was a way that I could get my friend’s world, but she still has the world. If we can’t both have the same world at the same time, could I possibly get her world and be able to play in it? We both have apple iPads. She has and apple...

11:39 PM
was watching a video about that yesterday (from YongYea) and one comment Julian make is that Phoenix Point would be playable even without the Epic Launcher. does this mean that the launcher now has an offline mode?
11:59 PM
I've seen a wide variety of conflicting things WRT to what extent the launcher is also DRM
Ranging from "it must be logged in and connected to the internet to play games at all" to "once a game is installed you don't even need the launcher to play it"
Which, granted, is no different from Steam, but I've also heard this about the same game so who the hell knows

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