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4:00 PM
@Anilla So, Kirby, huh? xD
@TheTinyMan Yea, that's the character I played as when I was younger and had the original Wii. I'm not sure if he's still around in the newer ones or if anything changed lol.
@Anilla Haha, he is. In fact he's the first unlocked character in the story mode in Smash Ultimate.
@TheTinyMan I never got good enough with those on Melee for it to matter, but I played Smash with my coworkers a few times shortly after the game came out and I really enjoyed it. Despite getting wrecked by everyone else, who had Switches when I don't.
@El'endiaStarman heh, i remember him coming home and talking about it.
@El'endiaStarman Haha, yeah, that would do it! At a place I used to work a couple of years ago, 4-8 of us would get together every day to play Melee, then we switched to Project M. It was amazing. I was probably the second or third best among us...but the best among us plays in tournaments regularly. Won one last weekend, too!
4:06 PM
@TheTinyMan Oh wow that's neat :) I'm tempted to try playing the newer versions.
@Mithrandir ooh the new 2sfh song
@Anilla Ultimate is really good. It also supports up to 8 players, which is kind of nuts!
Yeah, it's already a bit hard sometimes to track all the action that's happening with four players. 8 would just be insane.
@El'endiaStarman Well there are also stages that are way, way bigger
it usually devolves into 2-4 smaller fights
Is there a Mario Kart with 8 players too? Lol
4:13 PM
@TheTinyMan L-cancelling has been out since Melee/PM. You "autocancel" now
@scohe001 L-cancelling was definitely in PM, which I still consider "newer" than the one on the Wii U because it was so much better than that one. ;-)
Curse work for blocking video game related stuff
@TheTinyMan lol PM definitely added a lot that should've really been in the main games. It's still a bummer the guys stopped developing for it :/
@scohe001 They stopped developing three days after announcing an upcoming feature list, too. It's kind of accepted in the Smash community - or at least it was - that Nintendo finally found an appropriate hammer to put down.
Possibly a golden hammer.
@TheTinyMan heh
So I got a Vive
4:19 PM
@TheTinyMan there was a whole lot of drama around it, but I think once the smoke cleared it ended up being that they dropped it to start their own game dev company and make their own original game (which flopped terribly). I don't think there was any nintendo involvement
Oh oops wrong time to change the subject Tiny xD
Lol you chillin. What's a vive?
Oh, really? Okay. I happened to stop paying attention in the midst of that smoke.
A Vive? It's a VR headset.
Ooh aaaaaand? Is it worth?
For PC. And now my roommate really, really wants to start streaming "Mixed Reality" videos of him playing Beat Saber. :-P
4:20 PM
Beat Saber is such fun!
It's so good! I happen to have a room that suits it very well, though.
(My workplace has a Vive.)
@El'endiaStarman Best workplace ever!
(For...research purposes.)
Of course, yes. And team-building.
Plan to pick up Gorn so the next time I put the Vive on my friend's head I can also kill him. ;-)
4:21 PM
Out-of-context funsies! :P
:-D It's a local multiplayer game. One player is the VR player, other players get controllers and fight them.
That's sadly all I remember reading about it so far :-p
@El'endiaStarman is pretty insistent that when we buy a house we have a room dedicated to VR and games and all that
@ElizB I approve. My VR room used to be a living room - my house has two of those. :-P It's huge.
I think it should be a library-VR-gaming-etc room
Nah, the library deserves its own room ;-)
4:26 PM
@TheTinyMan if there's an extra room. I'm not willing to run around all day cleaning the rooms
I prefer efficiency
@ElizB What is this..."klee ning?"
I think you use Kleenex for it?
@El'endiaStarman Oh! Like after I've used the Kleenex for my nose?
@TheTinyMan Yeah, wipe all the surfaces.
4:29 PM
This also sounds like an excellent use case for robot servants!
(wait, is @ElizB a robot servant, @El'endiaStarman?)
@TheTinyMan and @El'endiaStarman .... Choose your words wisely in response to that. 😒
I plead the Fifth!
That sounds like an awful lot of backbone for a robot servant! :o
@El'endiaStarman of course you do.
@TheTinyMan yup... whatcha expect? :P
@ElizB If you're his fifth robot servant, I'd expect him to be better at configuring you! ;-)
4:34 PM
snort giggle yeah, if there were other robots.
Is "I plead the Fifth" a common turn of phrase outside of the US?
(Disclaimer: if at any point I'm becoming actually offensive, dehumanizing, or anti-feminist, please let me know)
nah, it's funny for me to clap back
I wonder if the fact that that's such a common phrase speaks to our "I'll sue you!" culture
I will certainly let you know
4:35 PM
@ElizB Thank you! :-) I thought you were having fun but I don't remember teasing y'all this heavily before and like to throw such a disclaimer out early on.
@scohe001 I wouldn't think so since it's a direct reference to the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.
@scohe001 It probably does. And, yeah, what @El'endiaStarman said about it in terms of that specific phrase.
@El'endiaStarman derp. It's still too early for me clearly
4:46 PM
So Subnautica does not work as well in VR as I was led to believe. >.< It makes me so sad!
5:38 PM
@TheTinyMan Yeah no worries. I really appreciate you knowing where it might be a good idea to throw out that disclaimer
if i know it's not personal then I'm okayish with it
@ElizB If it's just 'okayish' I feel like I shouldn't do it, unless I misunderstand what you mean by that. :-)
@TheTinyMan like i don't mind saying one or two things about that kind of feminist thing then just moving on from there
like have a laugh knowing that we have better standards than the old days, that kind of thing. like thinking "oh these were the days of saying these things were ok"
but now it's less okay
Gotcha. :-) It's weird how my opinions on these kinds of things have changed over the years. Like, as a kid, I would never have thought that a joke about women or minorities was okay, then in college I met people who were the subjects in such jokes, making them ironically - they'd make a 'woman joke' where the actual humor was the thought 'some idiots think this way,' and we're not making fun of the woman in the joke, we're making fun of the POV from which the joke was made.

So then I started making those jokes a little too, offended people who thought the target of the joke was the pers
@TheTinyMan yeah, i'm okay with being the butt of the joke once or twice but not often
@ElizB I gotcha :-)
5:48 PM
it's fun for me to become scary and intimidating if i'm poked lol
then switch back to being nice
@ElizB Gotcha. :-) I think a lot of people are like that, it's fun as a novelty as much as anything.
@TheTinyMan yup
@El'endiaStarman knows how much i enjoy that :P
@ElizB Novelty in general or specifically being scary and intimidating? ;-)
Novelty I'm not sure about, but scary and intimidating yes.
i can do that look well. :P
5:56 PM
I can never pull the scary thing off
It's fun sometimes! So is "weird and creepy."
oh yes so much fun to watch other people that think you're serious. like my siblings :P
@El'endiaStarman knows me too well, he can tell when I tease. Right?
Oh, man, if I'm really going into either of those things and someone takes me seriously I feel so bad!
I usually go for so-over-the-top-people-can't-help-but-laugh
haha it depends on the context
That's fair :-)
5:59 PM
I go over the top but enough so that some might tell I'm teasing then some might not
@ElizB Sounds like fun! :-D
@ElizB scary and intimidating cosplays are awesome
@ElizB Most of the time.
@TheTinyMan That's the sort of thing I do too.
@El'endiaStarman good, not all of the time :P I've still got my touch
@Mithrandir yeah
@ElizB Yet another thing we have in common. Both of my sisters are currently pregnant
6:13 PM
@Rainbacon One of my sisters is 16 so thank goodness shes not she needs to finish high school first
Yeah, that's good. Mine are 35 and 27, so they at least are stable. The 35 year old hasn't had a stable relationship in a long time (got pregnant from a casual thing) but at least she has a job where she can support kids. The other is married and they're pretty stable financially. Both on their second kids
6:35 PM
I had trouble finding good tags for my new question. If anyone has thoughts on better tags that would be great.
Q: Why do people expect me to feel exactly the same as they do?

RainbaconBackground My fiancee and I recently had a small argument over the following text exchange F: I wish I could have seen you tonight. Me: I would have liked to see you tonight too. F: I always want to see you. Me: I know you do F: You're supposed to say you always want to s...

@Rainbacon I'm surprised that you got to upvote and zero close vote yet. But I'm still afraid that your question might be closed. If this isn't the case by tomorrow, I think I will add a new tag to all your "why" questions
6:56 PM
@Ælis What makes you think it might be closed?
@Rainbacon People might think asking "why" is off-topic and/or primarily opinion-based
@Ælis @Rainbacon I did just leave a comment about that
Though no VTC
@Anilla I think with the newest one, if you have a bunch of people with Nintendo Switches, you can make that happen, or online play is 12 people, iirc
And now? What do y'all think of it now?
(I own a Switch, but not Mario Kart, so I can't confirm :P)
7:14 PM
I think the question is a good example of one that asks to explain an Interpersonal Skill, instead of asking for one to use?
@Tinkeringbell I believe so. I'm not so sure that every person voting on IPS is aware of those guidelines ^^
@Ælis it doesn't need closing then. We explain skills as well as recommend them... So now we need to carefully watch the answers and moderate them for back up, instead of opinion
@Tinkeringbell What sort of backup could we hope for on a question like this?
@Upper_Case Maybe academic research? Otherwise I don't know
@Upper_Case yeah, mostly academic research or google-fu
7:21 PM
@Ælis Even academic research seems pretty shaky on this one (it's asking for a conclusion regarding an extremely broad type of behavior). Anything that fits the question-as-asked seems like it'll be extremely reductive and filled with assumptions
I'm hoping someone answers something like 'this behavior is called X, people expect it because Y'
And that's the issue that caused me to leave me comment
*my comment
Hmmm. Might be time to take it to meta then.
seems like just validation
people like having their feelings validated and reciprocated
That's the sort of thing that I would answer here
But an answer being internally consistent and seemingly valid isn't strong under the "back it up" guideline
7:24 PM
I'm trying to write an answer to this based on extremely similar conversations I've had with my significant other and her thoughts on them. It's kinda hard to back it up, though, other than saying "Well, this is what my significant other meant by her remarks, what the subtext was, and why certain responses did or did not work".
@HDE226868 Exactly. We can explain practical heuristics which might help address similar behaviors, along with tentative reasons why we think those are valuable, but they fit poorly as answers for "why [x]
It would seem to me as though someone could answer the question coming from experience on the other side of the coin. Something like "I expect recriprocation because of X, Y, and Z"
It's also a good candidate for a frame challenge. In the question I've made the assumption that there is a social convention around this. I think it would be perfectly valid for an answerer to assert that there is in fact not a social convention for this and provide reasoning for why such a convention does not exist
@Rainbacon That might do, but is it really different from opinion? "People want [x] because I observe myself wanting [x] and attach these things to it" is as subjective as it gets
And there is social convention around interactions like this one (though it's hard to typify definitively, one way or another), but it's hard to know what your fiancée thinks and wants.
Would a frame challenge allow for changing the question to be about social conventions which apply work?
@Upper_Case My question is in no way asking what my fiancee thinks or wants. I talked with her at length about the situation and I know exactly what she wants. My question is about the social convention in play, which you've just confirmed does exist
@Rainbacon More than one convention exists. I don't know if your fiancée expected you to respond because she felt the back-and-forth pattern was established over the last several exchanges, or because she assumed that your response could only come from radically different feelings than she held (and that that difference surprised her), or because your response seemed (to her) to disregard her profession of her feelings
or lots of others.
7:36 PM
relationships are complex
well, people are
I know a couple whose method of expressing affection is to mercilessly roast each other in public discord
This is trying to take a complex dynamic that could be for a myriad of reasons and distill it down into an answerable thing that fits in the space that SE provides for answers, and ....I am not sure that's entirely possible
There are conventions around generally agreeing with people in your social group, conventions around delivering a prompted response, conventions around romantic relationships and dialogue concerning them, conventions around discussing an irritation, conventions everywhere. Most specifics of interaction are social convention
As I said in my comment, I think that this is a good and valuable question, just not one that fits SE well as currently written.
Well, we'll see what consensus of the stack is, but the question has already received a (IMO) great answer
what I found is that sometimes people just want to be told their feelings are valid and right. Even if they can see right through the obvious trickery. Even if it's blatantly pandering. It still works despite all that
@Rainbacon The answer seems useful and thoughtful. But if we're to be policing questions and answers more carefully, as seems to be the feeling on meta, that standard may not be sufficient
7:42 PM
@Upper_Case Woah! That goes both ways! Perhaps this is a good enough question then. It already has one experience based answer and HDE is writing a second
Though perhaps @Ash had a point when pointing out the complex dynamic part
Make sure this ends up on meta somewhere? :)
I feel like we've addressed things like this on meta
I wonder if narrowing this down to interactions between romantic partners could make it more answerable - or at least distill those dynamics down to a small enough set that they can be adequately addressed in a single answer.
I'll write a meta post about it when I have a bit more time
@Upper_Case There's a whole lot of thoughts on this specific question in here. And it may eventually have an effect on site scope, so a meta asking 'is this salvageable, does it need to be changed or not, is this unfit' for this specific question might be a good idea
@HDE226868 That may work
@HDE226868 It could be a trauma response, a self-doubt response, a "we are a coupel therefore we have to agree on everything" response, a validation seeking response....so many things.
This site is good at reminding me that people are varying and complicated and trying to instill a sense of sameness to any sort of experience is all but impossible
(Like people trying to compare immigration timelines based on "oh we submitted the same style of application from the same country" as if there's not infinite reasons that the apps would take different times to process)
8:11 PM
@Rainbacon Would you be upset if I posted to meta about it? I'll defer to the post you mentioned above, if so
@Upper_Case were you planning to focus more on my specific post or more on the type of question in general?
@Rainbacon The type of question, though I would draw from this question to illustrate
Ok, if you have the time now, feel free to write the meta
I've been thinking about this type of question for a long time, so I have a lot of thoughts on it
@Rainbacon I'll take a run at it. I need a break from this modelling anyhow
8:50 PM
@Rainbacon I posted something, please let me know if it's too steeped in your latest question and/or steps on what you were planning to post
Q: How can I make it clear that a conversation with a friend should stay private?

RockPaperLizardI recently had a long personal talk with a friend. Shortly thereafter, I found out that my friend had shared details of our conversation with one of his other friends (who is an acquaintance of mine). I confronted my friend, and asked him why he shared the details of our conversation without as...

1 hour later…
10:00 PM
Q: Broad Questions, Definitive Answers, and the Limits of Personal Experience as Evidence

Upper_CaseI'm posting this in response to a recent question which sparked some discussion in chat and comments, but the issue I want to talk about is broader. I'm also not intending to pick on this question or its asker, and have OK-ed this meta post with the question author (though if I've overstepped, pl...

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