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12:13 AM
I have a not-really-timeline question in which I couldn't resist throwing in timeline elements nonetheless.
Q: Is there any particular significance behind "I Am Legend" being set in the late 70s?

JenayahRichard Matheson's brilliant 1954 novel I Am Legend takes place between January 1976 and January 1979, with several flashbacks to 1975, when the vampire plague began to spread. Throughout the novel, there are several references to a "war" which, the way I read it, likely happened less than ten y...

Your style is too distinct:
Even if you changed your name we would still know it's you.
My Paint version only comes with these for colours.
That just caused me to open my Paint, and I saw a drawing of Hogwarts that I did for an answer but never actually included it.
12:18 AM
Oh and you can talk, you're quite the Paint drawer yourself :P
For this answer:
A: Is Forbidden Forest east or west of Hogwarts?

AlexI don't believe we can simply say (as suggested in some of the comments) that the map is simply upside down (i.e. the top of the map is south rather than north). Consider the end of Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius with Buckbeak. Dumbledore tells them where Sirius is: ...

@Jenayah I think I only have one post with a Paint drawing.
@Alex yeah, but it's a keeper.
Why thank you.
@Alex let's read that... (But I already spot a double simply :P )
@Jenayah Is there something wrong with a double simply?
12:22 AM
I once drew a shot from a film for lack of a digital version.
@NapoleonWilson Link?
I replaced it with the actual shot years later, though.
@Alex I dunno. It's repetitive.
@Jenayah They're referring to two different things though.
One is referring to saying something and one is referring to the map.
I also transcribed an illustration from a book in Paint for lack of a digital version once.
12:25 AM
Good answer, by the way
How long did you scratch your head on that one?
@Jenayah Thanks.
@Jenayah Eh.
@NapoleonWilson we're still waiting for the link :P
@Jenayah Well, it's this.
@NapoleonWilson Not bad.
12:33 AM
There also was once an ID question about some weird, possibly dreamed, memory about a film that included an MS Painting, too. That was back in the early days and I even upvoted it for the effort of including a drawing of the memory.
Well they do say a picture is worth thousands of words
(some disagree with that)
Who says that?
I've never heard that before.
12:36 AM
@Jenayah Hmm, depends on the picture and the words.
Aug 16 '18 at 12:42, by Edlothiad
I made a joke about a picture being worth a thousand words. Therefore you can only have 30 pictures in an answer.
@Jenayah That's totally different.
Thousands vs a thousand.
1:29 AM
Q: Is what Rei said in the Altered Carbon episode Nora Inu a continuity error?

beichstI've watched the episode ending several times and have not been able to figure out how this scene could maintain continuity. In the scene Rei answers "I told her it was because they gave me life," when Kovacs asks her why she However, moments later Kovacs says, "The only reason you wouldn't...

Well, I'm only part of the club to fill in the gap when you and Rand aren't around and I'm feeling up to it ;p
1:44 AM
Well we better hope that those events coincide.
Whoever downvoted my two answers about the Defense Against the Dark Arts curse missed the third one.
1:59 AM
Did they leave a comment?
Q: Science fiction story about a giant robot performing simple math problems

VickI remember reading it about a decade ago in school, I seem to recall the giant robot maybe being angry that he couldn't make 2 numbers add up to each other.

Q: Seeking short story about alien intelligence testing

ptor I'm looking for a short story I've read long ago, and my memory is fuzzy. It's an odd* story in first person, about researchers testing the local alien intelligence; said aliens appear peaceful, shy, live in a green (foresty?) planet (IIRC solar but not Mars), and love eating some herb or gre...

@Jenayah No.
Although I haven't read them so I can't really judge. Link?
Eh. They were the type of answers asking for downvotes.
A: Did Voldemort actually curse the job of Defense Against Dark Arts professor after being denied the position?

AlexThe job was probably not cursed. There is no true evidence that Voldemort ever performed such a curse. No one saw him do it. No one heard him do it. No one heard him talk about it. The only piece of evidence ever proffered was the fact that no one held the job for more than a year after Voldemor...

Still, links?
2:06 AM
A: Was Quirrell the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher for more than one year?

AlexQuirrel was apparently the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for more than a year. As for how it fits with the curse on the position, as I explained in this answer, there probably was no such curse.

A: How did the curse on the DADA job work?

AlexAs I argued in this answer, there probably was no curse, nor would such a curse have been possible. So to answer your three bulleted questions: How did Voldemort manage to do such a powerful curse? He didn't. Why didn't Dumbledore, knowing about the curse, not do anything to lift it? A non-ex...

The first one is a bit long.
The other two are quite short.
2:20 AM
Q: Has George R. R. Martin ever officially stated that the shape of Westeros was based on the United Kingdom?

TheLethalCarrotIt is well known that George has drawn a lot of inspiration from British history. For example; The War of the Five Kings draws heavily on The War of the Roses and George has even stated he is heavily influenced by this. Houses Stark and Lannister are often compared to York and Lancaster. The...

I suspect that it's based on the shape of an A4 page.
3:05 AM
Q: Story Indentification

CaitlynLooking for an elusive horror anthology published sometime before 1990. Included a story I believe to be titled “ Three in a Bed” about a woman who finds something other than her husband lying next to her. Cover has a purple border and I believe a creepy chair on the front.

3:50 AM
A: What is the Hong Kong Businessman shouting before he tries to jump out the window?

RerelaxedIf you look in the extras of the blu-ray, it shows what the actor actually said. Phonetically : Guan le than me dou guan le. Means “close, close, close them all down”. Translated by a native speaker that is not me, but is absolutely trusted. So there we go...

I don't know what this answer is trying to say
4:08 AM
@Alex Yeah, I would have to agree.
Voldemort tried to get the job, what, 30 years before he died?
That's 30 professors who left after a year, when most of the other professors have been teaching for decades. That's not a coincidence.
Dumbledore also explicitly stated that he thought Voldemort had done it, and the author did as well.
Why are wrong answers still up?
Alex please delete your wrong answers as JKR has explicitly confirmed that there was a curse
Answers don't need to be deleted just for being incorrect.
This is not an alternate viewpoint it's explicitly wrong
@CuteBaby Maybe she should delete her confirmation.
@Adamant I noted in the answer that it might mot be a coincidence even if there was no curse.
You think you are better than the author?
4:25 AM
Not necessarily.
Then why did you say that she should delete her confirmation?
Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie was really good
@CuteBaby Because you said that I should delete my answer which contradicts it.
She is the author of the work. What she says goes. You posted an wrong answer and now you are refusing to correct your mistake by admitting that you are wrong.
It wasn’t a mistake. I specifically acknowledged in my answer what she said, and I disagreed with it.
4:32 AM
So you posted your own theory as an answer? Similar to a fanfic
And that is acceptable how?
@Alex how is posting a theory that contradicts the word of the author not a mistake in your eyes
@CuteBaby It's acceptable to post whatever answer you like.
Assuming it is an answer.
@CuteBaby Because maybe the author made the mistake.
So go to mathematics and start posting wrong solutions
Q: I watched this tv show as kid maybe like around 2007 and 2010 it was about elements

user111437Characters and they found each other along the way they found the golden monkey last and there was a forest girl. And the villain I think was like a samurai guy. And this show used to come on tv. If you know what this is called please tell me

Q: Our hero hems and haws and finally decides to summon the fleet to help his new alien buddies

Mr. ZafnerI read this story some time around 2000. It wasn't brand new when I read it, but I think it was close. It was in a collection of sci fi short stories, and it was by a relative unknown; the central conceit of the book was that it was vaguely educational in that you could learn a bit about the craf...

And in Christianity say that according to my personal Bible I think this is the correct thing
If you can't post whatever you like on those sites then why here? Just downvoting a wrong answer is not enough. It should not exist on the site to ensure its integrity.
4:44 AM
@CuteBaby Wrong by what measure?
Unless of course scifi has different standards than the rest of the site, then it's acceptable for Alex to post whatever he likes
Wrong BECAUSE THE AUTHOR of the work has directly contradicted it
But maybe the author is wrong.
If you honestly can't grasp that concept I have nothing to say.
That an author can’t be wrong?
Objectively no
4:48 AM
I certainly admit that it’s possible for me to be wrong.
5:05 AM
Q: Does 20th Century Fox still get any royalties from the Star Wars franchise?

Dr SheldonThe first six Star Wars movies were financed, distributed, and marketed by the studio 20th Century Fox. In return, Fox earned the net profits of the films. After the production company Lucasfilm was sold to Disney in 2012, future films are now financed, distributed, and marketed by Disney. The...

Can I lose privileges from starting large bounties and decreasing my reputation?
5:47 AM
Yes, I think so.
@Named From the Help Center: If your new reputation brings you below the requirement for any privileges, you will lose access to those privileges.
6:31 AM
@CuteBaby it's not a mistake in the sense that JKR stated that way after the fact, and Alex's answer is based on the "primary" material, which might tell something else.
JKR has stated a lot of other stuff which just doesn't hold up when you start pulling maths, for instance :P
Eh, this is hardly the first time I've posted an answer arguing with her.
Extended analysis of the works is encouraged. Plus, didn't JKR once said that it was healthy to question authority? :)
And a comment on one of them:
6:49 AM
Q: A question on Gone World

atmThis is a question on Gone World. At one point, Shannon gets back in time without the formal channel (i.e. getting on her ship and heading back over a period of 3 months). She actually uses the time-space anomaly created by the Libra to get back to her time. Once she gets back, she is found by h...

7:05 AM
Q: Old sf book where aliens manipulate earth to keep us at war?

Kevan AndersonI owned this book but it got lost in one of several moves. Dying to find title or author so i can buy it again. Book is likely from 60's or 70's. Paperback science fiction. Here is plot. (Spoilers) Set in 2000's but they still use type-writers. Journalist is embedded with diplomat on verge of wo...

Q: Novel about utopian society Vs authoritative society

Danny3414This was a book I read in uk early nineties (question inspired by this one:- Apocalyptic fantasy novel set in San Francisco) On a future planet, or maybe an engineered hollow world, is a community of artists, sculptors and suchlike. The iron fist authority from elsewhere takes over so the arty ...

7:46 AM
@CuteBaby Could... we please not talk like this? Making accusations is never a good idea. If you're feeling like you're failing to communicate (or the other party is refusing to listen), then simply dropping the topic is much better. The tone of this message really isn't acceptable here.
I will add that there are disputes about authorial intent in the literary analysis world; it's certainly not just Alex who believes that an author can be wrong about their work.
There are a few different questions about this topic over on Literature, if you're interested.
But please make sure that you communicate in a respectful fashion here in the future.
Q: Has there been a story where an ordinary person from the future is sent into the past and

releseabeAnd the person has no ambition except to survive -- he does not plan on using his knowledge of the future to become rich, does not intend to tell people of the past of the future, just wants to fit in? (I think this is different than The Man Who Came Early where he does try to change things, some...

@Marvin I recall a story where a man drives home one day and realizes he's slipping back in time. He buys food with his money from the future at some point and is worried that they'll think it's counterfeit. It ends with him just continuing driving after coming to the conclusion that he has no way of going back, and seeing what will happen. I don't remember what it was called, though.
Also, recommendation question.
Hmm, maybe I'll ask an ID question.
8:05 AM
How is it that I got the badge on January 21st, yet I only have 65/100 of the required score?
Jan 21 at 20:35, by Alex
@Jenayah Just got it.
Unless... perhaps a tag was removed?
Which might call into question this:
Sep 18 '18 at 18:19, by b_jonas
@Alex If you gain a badge (any badge), you almost never lose it from such changes; but if the badge condition was true only for a very short time, then the badge awarder script might not notice it, so you need not get the badge.
Tag badges are the only ones which can be removed
8:21 AM
Well on the bright side, I get a chance to earn it again.
A: What are tag badges? How do they work?

wafflesWhat are tag badges? Tag badges are, well, badges which are awarded to users for achieving a certain score on a specific tag, indicating their knowledge and understanding of that tag. What tags are eligible for badges? A tag must appear on a minimum of 100 questions to be eligible for tag ba...

Now I have to figure out which question(s) was edited.
Do you know when you lost it?
Some time between January 21st and 22 minutes ago.
Found it
Q: Why didn't someone release the Boggart against Voldemort's Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts?

Parvarti pamellThe Boggart being able to quickly change forms into many different people's fears would have surely been an excellent weapon against the Death Eaters. So why didn't someone release the Boggart during the fight with Voldemort's Death Eaters to help turn the tide to Hogwarts during the fight at Hog...

You answered that on January 20th and Bellatrix edited out the Hogwarts tag on February 3rd
8:36 AM
How'd you find it so quickly?
I went through a lot of complex searches with [harry-potter] -[Hogwarts] lastactive:02-2019 but it was long and as I had my idea of who could have edited out the tag I eventually just went to her profile and stalked the "revisions" tab starting from January 21st, looking for edit summaries saying "edited tags"
Wow, I lost more thab half my score from that one edit.
@Jenayah Ah, I tried finding it by scrolling through my profile looking for answers with the right amount of upvotes.
Which didn't work because the answer in question had twice as many upvotes as I was looking for.
@Alex yeah I started with queries like user:alexId [harry-potter] -[Hogwarts] score:20..30 but no avail
Stalking is much easier, plus SE's UI is helpful in that so why not :P
9:21 AM
heya o/
@AnkitSharma *intense stare*
9:43 AM
good morning Milliways
So which tag we are bithcing about today? ;)
Hogwarts tag
10:00 AM
Q: Is Narnia in the Harry Potter Universe?

Helga PotterI've noticed many similarities for example: the lion symbol on the suits of armor looks exactly the same as Harry Potters Gryffindor lion there are 7 books in the Narnia and Harry Potter septuplegies the main characters are part Muggle or full Muggles I'm sure there is more I haven't listed, ...

10:26 AM
lets see what's in there...
10:38 AM
@Jenayah merge with HP tag, mod can easily do that
I don't think it needs nuking
@CuteBaby I understand your frustration but you have to realise that the word of the author is not objectively correct when it is given after the source material. It is considered part of interpretable canon and people can disagree with the author when it comes to that. @Alex didn't take the easy way out and gave his own logical interpretation of the source.
Massive argument up there
@Marvin can't tell if trolling or just reeeeeeealy naive
10:56 AM
Is the question, "What is the current state of scientific progress in the Wizarding world?" Good for the site
@TheLethalCarrot meh
I mean it's almost certainly misused a lot but we get a lot of Qs about the school and with nearly 6k HP Qs tags to narrow it down is useful
Not sure if any are dupes but there are lots of related Qs
I was thinking along the lines of wizards being aware of Newton's laws etc
So more how aware are they of Muggle science?
They can bend reality to their will
Yes current developments
11:02 AM
From the title this covers it slightly
Q: How blind are wizards to Muggle technology?

Chris MorrisAfter reading a few other questions where people were talking about how dangerous knowledge of Muggle weaponry would be on the world of wizardry. It made me think: how could they not know about it? In the films Arthur Weasley asks Harry what the function of a rubber duck is - something trivially...

But if you're asking about scientific laws I suppose they don't "know them" because of their magic they have magical laws instead
Like Gamp's Law and what not
I don't think laws of physics even apply around them
chemistry: you can't easily turn lead into gold
hp wizards: easily turn people into cats
@NeoDarwin Laws of physics as Muggles understand them don't anyway
It's a good thing they maintain relations with muggles or any malcontent from the street would walk into the white house disillusioned and just imperio the leader of a country
11:20 AM
Q: Did Harry's accidental magic in the first book seem more powerful than most other magic he's done afterwards?

Yu HanI was re-reading the books and came across these passages: Once, Aunt Petunia, tired of Harry coming back from the barber’s looking as though he hadn’t been at all, had taken a pair of kitchen scissors and cut his hair so short he was almost bald except for his fringe, which she left ‘to hide...

@Marvin Appears to be asking 3 questions
11:40 AM
Why do you at the rate Marvin?
Why do I reply to the feed? Easier to link the message together really
Makes things clearer
Nice to know
FWIW do you know how to reply to a specific message?
@TheLethalCarrot yes
Rightho, just you seem to ping users in general instead of to a message so wasn't sure
12:44 PM
Greetings, Earthlings
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
1:44 PM
Q: A short story on two brothers meeting one a criminal one policeman

Koray TugayI read this around 15 years ago in English as a Second Language class in a summer class I was attending in Poughkeepsie. We were reading short stories from a book (a collection of short stories by different authors) and I unfortunately can recall only this particular one as it had struck me with...

2:03 PM
@Jenayah Aren't pretty much all dogs cute?
No, no they aren't.
What the convict said.
You savage
Pretty much all dogs are cute in the same way that pretty much all women are beautiful. Just because someone is blind to it, doesn't mean it isn't there.
fair enough
2:28 PM
2:48 PM
Q: What examples of genetic engineering and/or eugenics are there in Star Trek other than the Eugenics Wars?

MurphyExcluding Julian Bashir and the products of the human Eugenic Wars... do we ever encounter any species in Star Trek that have engaged in significant genetic self-modification or eugenics? Basically are any other member species of the federation ever shown or said to have engaged in self genetic...

3:08 PM
@Jenayah Got answer to the story-id question about the Twinkie: literature.stackexchange.com/a/9344/139
All dogs are cute as long as I don't have to babysit them or handle them.
Cute from far
That's true, mine got up in the night last night cos she threw up a half eaten mole
@Jenayah Wait what? They can? No way...
@b_jonas Yes way. It happened to me.
Tag badges are meant to show expertise in a subject... if you no longer have said expertise then it makes sense to remove the indicator and privelages associated with it in the case of a gold badge
3:19 PM
@TheLethalCarrot narrow it down based on movie tags
But maybe too late now
Q: What was the name of the planet which was referred to as "House" in the "The Doctors Wife"? (SE06EP04)

CodebunnieHands down one of my favorite episodes, if not THE favorite of all time, I am trying to figure out what the name of the planet 'House' was from. I name all of my devices after Whovian planetary guidance, but for the life of me, cannot find any reference to a planet here. Any thoughts? Or was ther...

@AnkitSharma So like kids then, eh?
@AnkitSharma I think there was a meta saying not to have book/movie tags for HP
@NapoleonWilson kids are better and most of the restaurant here allow you to take your kids but not dogs and kids don't eat furniture or try to hump on your guests
Kids smell better
@AnkitSharma Just never say that out loud
3:24 PM
Giant dogs even snore so much
3:52 PM
Q: Book about a girl who learns about her psychic powers from an old lady neighbor

Dylan GreenI read it several years ago then lost it. Had a purple cover and was pretty old (I think published in the 60s or 70s but not sure). It was about a girl who went to stay in a remote cabin for a summer with her dad, who was a researcher on the subject of psychic abilities. She wasn't happy about i...

@b_jonas saw and UVed :)
4:08 PM
Q: Cartoon show about some kind of noble family early 2000 late 90's

user111454I remember a very short portion of this show where there was a young man (possibly a prince?) and there were two young women (possibly one of which was a princess or some other kind of noble, and the other was lower born). The guy's mother pretended to be sick so that the son promised her he woul...

4:24 PM
Q: How is teen pregnancy handled at Hogwarts?

Newbie12345Hogwarts is a school full of hormone-infused teenagers who spend a decent amount of time "snogging". It stands to reason that there is plenty of...extra-snoggular...activity going on. How is unwanted pregnancy handled/prevented at Hogwarts? Are there any examples of pregnancies occuring at Hogwa...

@NapoleonWilson although kids don't threw up half eaten moles. Well. Most kids don't.
No they just throw up other things
This would appear to be a dupe of this question which itself is too broad so not sure of the best course of action though closing this probably makes the most sense. — TheLethalCarrot 2 mins ago
@AnkitSharma kids cost way much more €€$$¥¥
Who is the biggest Harry Potter fan here
4:39 PM
You? o_O
Height wise?
Q: Albert Finney, RIP

BuzzAlbert Finney (1936–2019) Although not especially known for his science fiction or fantasy work, Finney did play a cryogenically frozen head (of his character from the earlier fantastical serial Karaoke) in the 1996 British television serial Cold Lazarus. He was, in any event, an excellent ...

@Slartibartfast Who put a rocket up your bum? That's the past few times you've been quick
@TheLethalCarrot width ?
We're gonna need more information to find the biggest HP fan
Everyone fill out these forms
4:46 PM
Where is the list for I doin't give a flying duck about HP list?
I think that's the default
@NeoDarwin pass
5:27 PM
Can we set up a bot that detects "I read/watched that when I was a boy/kid/younger" and lack of any numbers (or written numbers) and prompts a big fat red sign "and when was that please?"
Q: Novel about astronauts visiting a planet with primitive life. The Natives are humanoid with long arms

Chris Lon BakkeI read this book when I was a boy but it wasn't a children's book. The opening chapters deal with the discovery of an Earth-like planet. A team of explorers is sent to investigate and they discover a race of humanoid aliens. My biggest takeaway from this novel was the aliens elongated arms. I a...

Give us a sample using your Paint skills.
(only half joking here...)
So give us half a sample.
Yeah writing manually on mobile isn't great
That's so not my writing ahah
5:37 PM
@Jenayah I think your handwriting is worse than your friend's.
@Alex it's mobile handwriting!
My actual handwriting looks better than that
that's still mouse writing but better
6:09 PM
@Jenayah So it’s going to walk off soon?
So Legacies is not bad
what's that?
Q: Is there a "good" or a "bad" side in star wars?

Rafael PiccinelliSo me and my friend are arguing that there's a good side and a bad side. he says that everyone is bad. They're both sides protecting their own business. Jedis being neutral should not even chose a side. So, What are you thoughts about this? Is there a good and a bad side?

6:32 PM
@Jenayah spinoff of spinoff of vampire diaries
not a fan of TVD
read: I watched one episode and a half and wasn't interested in going further
ohh ok
no offense of course!
6:48 PM
Q: Is there a Star Trek episode that completely lacks futuristic technology or non-human traits?

ThePopMachineI'm wondering if there's any Star Trek episode which could have been set in any pretty much any other (non-futuristic) setting without modification, even if the appearance of the technology is incidental. For the purpose of this question I'm going to assume that the following are roughly achiev...

Wait, you can't flag your own post when you're <15 rep?
7:19 PM
Q: Have we seen any other alien in Starfleet whose native civilization isn't warp capable?

S SIn the recently launched episode S02E04 of Star Trek: Discovery, we learned that Have we seen such Starfleet officers in Star Trek before?

scifi.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/141364 - how did the system identify this as possible spam?
@Jenayah jinx :-)
@Jenayah The IP is spam-blocked. Dunno why.
@Randal'Thor beat you by one second :D
@Randal'Thor ah. I thought that stuff actually analyzed the edit content, as it changes the meaning
@Jenayah It only says "possible spam".
oooh that was my 252nd LA review
so badge coming up :)
7:29 PM
I've seen that banner even on valid edits.
@Randal'Thor a different meaning is possible spam.
@Jenayah Grats!
From "Keto are spammers on MSE and we don't like them" to "Keto are not spammers on MSE and we love them"
@Randal'Thor thanks!
Eh, funny thing about badges. In , and , I have 19 answers, so the next answer in one of those three will get me a tag badge. I wonder which one will be first.
is a good contender too, with 18 answers.
What do you think?
7:44 PM
hmmm... possibly. Although I have only really given one HP answer in like, 6 months. The rest are fanfic-ID.
Funny how story-ID could get you a badge when you know nothing of the stuff :D
That's nothing, I've got a badge in and know nothing of the stuff.
@Jenayah So answer mine and get the badge.
@Alex which one?
Q: Short story: If 1+2=3, then 2+3=4, obviously

OtisThis was a short story that I would have read in a big collection during the mid-to-late 1980s. I'm pretty sure that the main plot involves two people (a man and a woman?) who find themselves unexpectedly in the far future. I think they were placed (by themselves or someone else) in suspended an...

Jan 23 at 19:59, by Alex
I'm looking for a fanfiction in which it turns out that there's no basilisk, and Harry was actually just hearing voices.
7:51 PM
@Randal'Thor you eventually got around to watch them, though
@Alex some day, maybe
@Alex LOL
that's an amazing idea
OR how about something like this: Tom Riddle hit the floor with a mundane finality, his body feeble and shrunken, the white hands empty, the snakelike face vacant and unknowing. Voldemort was dead, killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy’s shell.
One shivering second of silence, the shock of the moment suspended: and then the tumult broke around Harry as the screams and the cheers and the roars of the watchers rent the air. "Up! Get up! Now!"
Harry woke with a start. His aunt rapped on the door again. "Up!" she screeched. Harry heard her walking toward the kitchen and then the sound of the frying pan being put on the stove. He rolled onto his back and tried to remember the dream he had been having.
Wait... That's actually made up from actual sentences from the book, isn't it?
like the third message is from book 1
first is obvisouly DH
second is made of both
7:57 PM
Everything until "Up Get up! Now!" is from the seventh.
Everything after that is from the first.
That's brilliant ahah
Basically Harry wakes up and the whole seven years was just a dream.
I had understood that :P
@Jenayah What?!
@Jenayah Argh, I have a line of yours to throw back at you but I can't remember the wording.
7:59 PM
@Marvin cue Godwin point, when searching for this I encountered Hitler stuff on archive.org
@doppelgreener That would be far from the weirdest idea in fanfiction.
@Randal'Thor didn't you watch the first trilogy? (by order of release)
@Randal'Thor seconded
@Jenayah Never watched or read any Star Wars material.
I thought the meme post had something about you having watched it eventually
No, that'd be something about me not having watched it :-)
8:03 PM
well, you're not missing on that much anyway.
@Jenayah You guys have had this conversation before:
@Alex oh.
Found it:
Sep 18 '18 at 6:31, by Jenayah
@Alex yours no, people reading the transcript, maybe
Rand, I think it'd be easier if you watched some SW stuff rather than me actually remembering my recollection of you having watched SW is mistaken. Pretty please?
8:08 PM
double rofl
Sorry, that's not a good enough reason for me to spend time watching SW :-)
In fact, I'm just off to (re)watch something good now.
which is?
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
ah right I think you talked about it a couple of months ago
A wonderful blend of BBC costume drama with alt-hist fantasy.
I'm currently watching Titans.
Well, no.
I'm currently doing some homework on a custom-made programming language a teacher created, and cringing because boolean conditions syntax is myBool = true
That is SO wrong
Three words, two mistakes
8:13 PM
And now "alt-hist fantasy" has put me in mind of the Bartimaeus series.
There's something I'd like to reread some time.
8:34 PM
@Marvin ran out of Google query ideas... :/
Q: Help me find this movie, please

user111463This is a long shot, but my cousin had a VHS movie that we used to watch over and over when we were young...during the 2000's. I think her mom had gotten it as a gift or probably as a donation. It was about two Indian girls (a nice one and a bad one)... and one day the wind, (which was portrayed ...

8:59 PM
@Marvin obviously that pops a foxton of Spirit and Pocahontas results...
9:24 PM
dangit, no avail on that movie :(
Q: Why are HYDRA agents so committed that they nearly always chomp a suicide pill when defeated?

EleventhDoctorIn the Marvel movies Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. are opposed by the evil society HYDRA. Whenever a HYDRA agent is defeated or captured, they (almost) without fail chomp a suicide pill and utter the words 'Hail HYDRA!' Why are HYDRA agents, both in WW2 and the present day, so uniquely commit...

9:38 PM
Now two people have un-upvoted my question
Er two have downvoted
@Named Those are downvotes (I can see vote counts)
I can't guarantee anything, but maybe they just didn't find it interesting.
Kind of sucks (as it's a good question with lots of details otherwise) but not much can be done about it...
One person just randomly downvoted one of my questions
Serial downvoter? 🤔
One downvote isn't serial downvoting ;)
@Jenayah but three relatively close might be
9:42 PM
@Named sure, but by looking at Stormblessed's profile it's oinly one so far
9:59 PM
Q: Book where technology is a banned form of magic

BrashI'm looking for a book trilogy I started reading over 15 years ago where the main character was a ~15yr old boy that hadn't found his magic yet (magic was prevalent throughout the world), but he was getting by with mimicing the effects of magic via technology which was a banned school of magic (I...

10:18 PM
And again, an older question randomly gets bumped, and a bunch of upvotes suddenly appear.
That's always a nice feeling
10:47 PM
A: 2012-2015 Horror movie with crawling creatures

ArlettaSI believe you mean Deep in the Darkness (2014). The women of the town hold the secret that keeps a truce with these mutated creatures. A doctor and his family move to a quiet, small town. Soon he discovers the town's dark secret: A terrifying race of controlling creatures that live in the da...

^ nice catch by a new user, definitely a match. Deserves some upvotes.
11:05 PM
Q: What's that movie? (Geriatric Edition)

ChowzenTrue story: My mother, 80 years old, asked me "What's that movie?" "What movie?" "You know, the one with that guy..." "..." "Run... Homer..." "Homer Simpson?" "No. Maybe. Was it Homer Simpson? Anyways, he started this restaurant, I think they sold chicken. Or maybe it was a warehouse..." ...

Aaaah, so that's how one can circumvent Movies.SE's ban on story-identification :-) — Jenayah 4 mins ago

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