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1:56 AM
I updated my question with what I think is a more accurate color
Q: In Star Wars Rebels why does Ashoka and Darth Vader's lightsabers turn green?

Just a guyNow in one of the episodes of Star Wars Rebels we find Ahsoka Tano fighting Darth Vader however when their lightsabers touch each other they turn green. Now here is a theory that it turns green because of the fact that because they were both Jedi but I would like to hear one from you guys

Do self-edits not bump posts?
Named's question didn't move up
3 hours later…
4:49 AM
Q: In the Avengers universe, which male "good guys" have ever hit a female villian?

Rebecca J. StonesBy memory, I don't recall many instances where a male "good guy" hits a female "bad guy" throughout the Avengers universe. It's possible this is because the MCU villians have been mostly men. In fact, in Avengers: Infinity War, in Wakanda the women seem to go off and have their own little sub-bat...

5:14 AM
Q: Help me find the name of a zombie movie/show I rented

Sidney AA few years back I rented a movie from netflix’s mail order movie service (or multi part mini series I can’t quite remember.) the plot involved some sort of drifter with an overly gruff voice who was trying to get a girl back who was kidnapped by a raider gang (similar to mad max) the leader of ...

5:48 AM
Q: Fiction book about a writer who has a assignment about science vs religion in a off the grid psych ward

Wattie Tyrone AlphonsoIts been a while so I might have some facts wrong. But what I can remember with out spoiling to much is that the protagonist is either a LA writer or producer who is down on his luck, a friend/company contacts him with a deal that if he goes undercover to a psych ward where a high profile case of...

1 hour later…
6:52 AM
Q: What story has the narrator include the word 'data' in his thoughts to get the computer to answer?

mforI read this in the 1970's. The story works like this: "I was talking to Smith about the strike data 12th March to 14th April and the role of data John Tobin in the uprising that followed." The whole narration has the word 'data' interspersed and you come to realise that the narrator is h...

7:51 AM
@Stormblessed They do. What was the question's score?
If it's scored less than -4, it won't show up on the front page.
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
@SmokeDetector need more flags I guess
10:36 AM
Now if that scifi.stackexchange.com/q/144544/98028 was good faith...
@Jenayah Why not? There have been legitimate Star Wars ID questions.
@Mithrandir O.o
Time for my legitimate twilight ID question then
> Supernatural film with pale main leads with dead expressions. One guy sparkle in sunlight and other become dog and in later film X-men mutant vampire comes and save the world
I will add please 5 times for better effects
@Mithrandir yeah, but they remembered a movie about a boy and his robot. I can get that it's not the most Googlable thing. Inception, with what was remembered...
10:52 AM
@Jenayah Page not found
Feeling like you feel in movies :p
I was sure you were over nine ten thousand here too
Blame HP, SW , ST, DW and ID
ID's cool
It's too much filtering to get what I can answer here
@Jenayah I don't read books/novels
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/204583/4918 "Vocational training to be a thief?" needs a Pratchett fan to guess if this may be a Discworld book
10:58 AM
And majority of what I can ask is already on topic on movies
@AnkitSharma What?
@AnkitSharma there's movie id too
@b_jonas wait let me shout I DON'T READ BOOKS/NOVELS
11:43 AM
I'm going to ask my third story-id question. Only I must ask it on Lit, because it's not clearly SFF.
@b_jonas link it when it's posted :)
12:00 PM
Q: Kids movie came out in 90s with wrist watch set alarm for wrestling show but by end is used in another time period

Christopher DavisonI have been trying to find the title of this kid's movie involving these 2 scenes and the best description from what I can remember. Each of the scenes are connected by the use of the watch but in two different time periods in 1980s/1990s and then in the past. First it’s two best friends who bot...

12:17 PM
Q: Restaurant serves everything with money back guarantee, patron defeats them by ordering a Twinkie

b_jonasI'd like to find a short short story, probably only one page long. I've read it on the internet in English less than two years ago, probably around 2018-08-04 when I was binging short short stories. The story tells that there's a very expensive restaurant where you have to put reservations mont...

let's look at that
holy fox that sounds familiar for some reason
@Jenayah Perhaps because it's recent.
Or because I read it by starting from some link from Lit SE and finding more nice short stories on the internet.
12:32 PM
Yeah I dunno that sounds familiar but I don't read short stories
Or not that much
It ay be something I heard
@Marvin I'm convinced this is the same OP as:
Q: Kids movie. Two friends set their wrist watches / alarms to remember to watch a TV show. One goes into the past and uses his watch battery to get help

ChrisI been trying to find the title of the movie involving these 2 scenes and the best description from what I can remember. I can’t think who the 2 kids I think both are male and have a watch alarm set to watch a specific tv show. But I am thinking pretty sure came out in the 90s and had to do with...

Am I correct in thinking Kids movie. Two friends set their wrist watches / alarms to remember to watch a TV show. One goes into the past and uses his watch battery to get help was your question? If so, please don't repost the same question; if you've lost your credentials, you can merge both accounts by following these instructions. If I'm wrong, please tell me - and sorry! — Jenayah 1 min ago
In the meantime, what do we do? Dupe?
@Mithrandir can probably add
@Mithrandir wow
Should really keep like an editable list somewhere instead of relying on a chat message
12:41 PM
@Mithrandir meta?
I made an edit to a question because it has emoji
I don't think emoji should be allowed
link to suggested edit?
Ban emojis
Q: Can/should emojis be disabled across SE?

James JenkinsToday I found my first ever (to the best of memory) emoji in a post. Source Having no idea this was even possible I came here looking for some history. I found there is an emoji tag. There seems to be consensus that they add little to no value on SE per Do we want emojis in posts? & Support...

They give reason that emoji banning will cause problem in code
12:46 PM
yeah, so better to edit them out rather than banning
@SmokeDetector by the way that's gonoe now (cc @Mithrandir)
@Mithrandir soemthing like this:
Q: The one tag cleanup post to rule them all

user5603As I went through more and more tags, I found that more than a couple probably need cleaning up. Any tags that you feel need cleaning up - post them as an answer, as they get voted up and down they can be cleaned up. Up vote = "I agree this tag need cleaning" Down vote = "I disagree this tag n...

Q: Is it possible to stop Patronus messages from appearing?

Neo DarwinWe see Kingsley use his patronus to deliver the message that the ministry has fallen. The patronus just appeared in the middle of the wedding without any invitation. The question is whether someone could stop a patronus message from appearing to them? Like in the case of people sending hate mai...

@AnkitSharma why do you hate people?
What the... is the X button to delete comments changed now, replaced by a "delete" label?
@Marvin Sure. Join the chatroom, click on the name or avatar of the sender, and choose "ignore this user".
@CuteBaby what?
12:56 PM
@b_jonas yep
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jan 31 at 21:35, by rene
did we get rid of the delete icon for comments and replaced it with a boring text link?
@AnkitSharma it's on your chat profile
Lol I bet you put it there and forgot but NOW I saw it
@CuteBaby Because I am insopired from Ducky Momo
I didn't get to watch very many cartoons as a kid, only now am I discovering my love for scifi and other books and movies
1:06 PM
Phineas and Ferb is quite good and Mith asked me for a question from the show
Q: What is the inspiration for Ducky Momo?

Ankit SharmaAfter going through the question about Mr.Slushy Burger and “Hey Ferb” song? from Phineas and Ferb I realized the show is full of so many out of universe references. And one of the major recurring part of the show was Ducky Momo: Does Ducky Momo have any inspiration from out of universe existi...

So I took the name and that tagline
I only watched the Indian version a few times
@CuteBaby ohhh you are Indian , Nice
It was hilarious if you know English
The animal spy organization became Pashu Jasoos Samiti
My english understanding is fine but my gramatically laziness is infamous
I lived in India for first 10 years of my life before moving to the USA
I am fine with grammar, I just don't care much about it
1:11 PM
@CuteBaby then we can be friends :D

When People Turn into Ankit

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Bookmarked Jul 17 '17 at 7:00 by A J

Discussion about my grammer with dramatisation ^
@b_jonas Yep. Changed the way the entire delete button works.
2 hours later…
3:46 PM
Q: If Darth Sidious could do this once, why couldn't or wouldn't he do it again?

Darth LockeEver since Revenge of the Sith was released, it was revealed through an earlier draft of script presenting in The Making of Revenge of the Sith book that Darth Sidious had helped create Anakin Skywalker using the dark side of the force and influencing Shmi's womb and ultimately contesting the not...

4:03 PM
@AnkitSharma Me too, but I asked them here, not on Movies.
1 hour later…
5:04 PM
Q: Weak alien attack to learn humanity's reaction speed and strength of firepower

OgedayI can't remember if this is from a book, a movie, an anime or a game. After the humans defeat an alien attack, they realize that it was too weak. They then understand that the aliens attacked in this way in order to learn the strength of humanity's firepower and the speed of its reaction. I'm no...

> I can't remember if this is from a book, a movie, an anime or a game.
> I can't remember if this is from a book, a movie, an anime or a game.
In fact I may have even dreamt it ;P
Q: Story where a guy realises he is in a computer simulation and breaks it by setting fire to a village

kaksiA guy is working in the field and is suddenly surprised by two officials asking for his social security number. He has a reason (I forgot) not to give it. When they leave, the guy is puzzled: there is no path in the vegetation the way they arrived. Back home, the couple he lives by tells him he ...

Q: Why did the Silmarils hurt Morgoth’s hand?

nuggetsnackCould they have been like the Ring and had a “life” of their own?

@Marvin to get to the other side
5:19 PM
@b_jonas hmm I see
Q: How did this happen to Dalinar in the visions?

AnthelothIn The Way Of Kings, Dalinar is in a vision which has him fighting against Midnight essence creatures. While he is fighting, he is helped by "the Thrill". The thing is that So how did it affect him in a vision

5:48 PM
Now if you excuse me I have to go read a dark, brooding Batman comic to wash off all that glitter from my eyes — Jenayah 25 mins ago
Not just any Batman either. Like Frank Miller Batman — Machavity 10 mins ago
6:00 PM
Yeah, any regular batman
fair nuff
@Jenayah You Are Really Behind.
7:03 PM
Q: Were there any female Death Eaters other than Bellatrix and Alecto Carrow in the books?

BellatrixObviously, women can become Death Eaters. Bellatrix was the Dark Lord's most loyal Death Eater, and she was a woman. Although she had a much lesser role and importance, Alecto Carrow was another female Death Eater. But were they the only two women in the Death Eaters mentioned in the seven books?...

2 hours later…
8:38 PM
Q: YA/teen book with male main character meeting his future self who wants to fix history

TeiCurrently looking for a book with a male teenager protagonist. Possibly a secondary female protagonist. He meets his future self who has come back to “fix” history. This includes killing people who he thinks are responsible. In the future self’s attempts however, he makes the future worse and fo...

9:10 PM
Q: Trying to find a particular litrpg story

Kobin BinghamI'm trying to find a story I read a while ago. As far as I can remember, it was a litrpg ebook based in a world where increasing levels actually took you to a new section of the world. The main character had reached level 100 (i believe) and found a ring that began removing his levels, slowly s...

9:26 PM
Q: Novel set on a distant planet, with creatures able to taste and smell through their feet upon the surface

Tara RNovel set on a distant planet with unusual life forms, including one that can "taste" and "smell" through its feet upon the surface. It's almost as though the creatures are part plant and part animal.

9:46 PM
You know the message about votes with low reputation?
Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than 125 reputation are recorded, but do not change the publicly displayed post score.
Is that really true?
9:58 PM
Q: In Order of the Phoenix, why doesn't Harry just use a pensieve to prove Voldemort had returned?

TheMagicalMuffinManAt the beginning of Order of the Phoenix, when nobody believes Harry that Voldemort had returned, why didn't he just show everyone what happened via a pensieve. Surely there is no way to dispute the hard evidence in Harrys memories of his encounter with Voldemort at the end of Goblet of Fire

10:23 PM
Q: Who gets the "Was this post useful to you?" feedback?

Luc MI just read this Electronics SE answer. I found the explanation very clear and interesting, but I don't want to create an account on that site. So, I clicked Yes by "Was this post useful to you?" Who will get that feedback?

basically, yes
today's on SFF for instance:
anyone around to check a bug?
@Jenayah Certainly!
something looks weird on the profile page for you too?
to know whether it's me or if I can safely fire the bug report on MSE ;p
on desktop I mean
doesn't really affect mobile
Yes, becaus his top tags, which ought to be displayed super big, are shared by three tags with equal score. And the system doesn't realize they don't all fit next to each other.
10:30 PM
best dupe I found so far is
I think this has already been brought up on Meta.
Q: Tag name overflow on "top tags" section of user profile if tag name is long

user268670On the user profile page in the «Top tags» section there is a block for each tag, which contains: Tag name Score Number of posts If tag name is long, then the tag name may overflow, and parts (2) and (3) are not showing at all. It can be viewed in profiles of many users (all screenshots are f...

but these ones overlapped. They didn't push the border
I mean if you've got a better dupe I'll take it :P
(though I already wrote mine)
So post it.
And then I'll flag it.
No seriously, you got the dupe?
I didn't find anything exactly like your case, but there are these similar ones:
Q: Overflow causes partially visible tag names on /users with long tag names

FlykOn the /users page, the top tags responsible for the bulk of your reputation gains are shown underneath your username and reputation for that selected period. In the instance that your tag names are long this can cause a pretty ugly overflow issue resulting in partially visible tag names, as foll...

Q: Top Users page clips long tag names

UndoI just noticed this. Hey! I'm there! But that's beside the point. The point is that Nick Craver is there too. Nick seems to like really long tag names, so his profile shows up like this: Akk! Diamonds everywhere! It seems that the page is optimized for only two lines of tags per user. One ta...

10:36 PM
@Alex yeah that one's the dupe of the on e I linked
I saw the other ones too
Ooh, I have a fancy card thing
@Jenayah The profile picture is broken
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Dec 9 '18 at 7:45, by Alex
@Alex And that looks a lot cooler than I expected.
Q: Profile of users with only three top tags is weirdly strecthed if said tags are long

JenayahI think this is related to, or the evolution of, Tag name overflow on "top tags" section of user profile if tag name is long, but I don't think they're dupes as this one had the tags overlapping each other, but this (updated?) bug has them push the border away. This user only has three top tags,...

@Stormblessed ? works here
Q: What did "The Witches Cave" ("Podzemelye Vedm") movie rip off from "Highlander"?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToI saw at least a couple different reviewers mention (in Russian) that the 1989 Soviet movie "Подземелье ведьм" ("The Witches Cave") very liberally borrowed from Highlander. However none of them went into details. E.g. Много сцен прямо таки содрано с популярного и нашумевшего зарубежного "Гор...

@Jenayah Ditch the long tags.
10:50 PM
That reminds me, I have to try out my new tag editing powers.
Congrats on 20k on MiYodeya, I guess?
in V'dibarta Bam, yesterday, by mbloch
Congrats to @Alex for making 20,000 points in what seems record time (no matter what the official tables might say) !
Good Game?
10:56 PM
Or Gigi D'Agostino.
Aug 30 '18 at 12:39, by Jenayah
No, GG as in Good Game, congrats
Nov 11 '18 at 18:00, by Jenayah
Good Game, which basically means "congrats"
Nov 11 '18 at 18:00, by Rand al'Thor
Good game?
As distinguished from:
Dec 23 '18 at 0:50, by Jenayah
good game anyway :D
Where it actually means "good game".
@Alex hence the lack of capitalization.
So capitalization = fake meaning?
Yes, Exactly That.
11:01 PM
A new acronym!
@Alex that probably ends with Revival Badge(s), and my gut tells me it's related to either you having gained a lot recently, or me saying I'd catch up on you
@Jenayah Pretty good.
Give Me the Foxing Revival Badges
Got More Freaking Revival Badges
How many guesses do you want before I tell you?
just tell me, I suck at these :P
11:06 PM
Got My Fiftieth Revival Badge.
@Jenayah So uses different skills from ?
oh definitely
Similar to then.
11:09 PM
A gezeirah shaveh from the word "suck".
Foxy Revival Badges? O_O
@NapoleonWilson Foxing
Hmm, okay then.
Which is a synonym of Ducking.
I'm sure the fox appreciates being a synonym of the duck.
Yeah, they look synonymous to me.
That looks super uncanny. The fox looks utterly mad.
"they said not to chew on the duckling... they said not to chew on the duckling..."

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