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12:04 AM
hey chili
and fabby and dessert and videonauth :)
hey Rinzy :)
just stopped with a 7 hour run of elder scrolls online :X\
oh you're playing that? if i have time tomorrow i might try to install it and get it running on linux
ps4 :)
i played that a long time and got already a bunch of high level characters :)
12:08 AM
I got the summerset version for 1/2 the price so I thought why not
is my 2nd go at it :)
oh ok summerset i probably not own
it changed a lot. you can now start from 1 island (regardless of faction)
well i stopped playing before they released tamriel
just short before i switched to linux
I started with tamriel :D ps4 like I said
ah well.bedtime. see you next time :)
sleep well
12:28 AM
Q: Is `/usr/lib/binfmt-support/run-detectors` supposed to choose mono or wine to run a windows or .net executable?

TimOn Lubuntu 18.04, Is /usr/lib/binfmt-support/run-detectors supposed to choose mono or wine to run a windows or .net executable? $ cat /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/cli enabled interpreter /usr/lib/binfmt-support/run-detectors flags: offset 0 magic 4d5a $ file /usr/lib/binfmt-support/run-detector...

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3:10 AM
Q: How to decrypt LUKS encrypted drive

Eric LeusI have a LUKS encrypted SSD and I would like to clear it and install a different Linux distro (Debian -> Ubuntu). I want to decrypt my drive and I tried to use: cryptsetup luksRemoveKey /dev/DRIVE It returned: This is the last keyslot. Device will become unusable after purging this key. ...

2 hours later…
5:28 AM
@Fabby Sanskrit! :)
3 hours later…
8:43 AM
@Pandya I thought I'd make it authentic...
2 hours later…
10:54 AM
Namaste, jokerdino!
2 hours later…
12:35 PM
@Fabby jokerdino is Madrasi (I think). So I guess "Vanakkam" would be better.
12:47 PM
@Kulfy I can get into trouble in 10 languages already, not counting Hindi and AFAIK everyone in India below 30 speaks at least 3 languages: English, Hindi and their native language, so sticking to Namaste to everyone in India instead of "Hi" or "Hello" is already better than 99.9% of foreigners.
Just like everyone in the Arab world understands "Salaam Alaykum" though there are a lot of local versions of " Hello"
Karel o/
You are right about English and their native language but not with Hindi. I've seen many people particularly from South India or Eastern India don't know Hindi. People here generally knows 3 languages: Their local language (which may vary even within cities), their state's official language other than English and English.

***Spoiler:*** Confusion is coming up next.
1:11 PM
@Kulfy Find me one person in India that does not know "Namaste" (Just one in the 1.3B) and I'l change my behaviour.
:D ;-)
@jokerdino which of the following greetings makes you grin widest?
Hi, Hello, Namaste, Ciao, o/
@Fabby IMO that's because it is only known greeting for Indians in Western world and people started knowing it even if their previous generations didn't know about that. So hard to find that guy. Also I'd like to add knowing language and just a word are two different things. Just my opinion. You might also like to read this on quora (It lists some not all)
@Kulfy Let's wait for the personal and totally subjective opinion of JokerDino as that is what spawned this conversation.
2:16 PM
@Fabby I dont have any favourite greetings. All are sweet and nice and welcoming.
:D :D :D
I know that none of the 100+ Indian colleagues I've ever had to work with has ever told me: Well, "Namaste" is OK, but...
.. "Vannakam" is better.
I'm always open to be more welcoming and friendly with a personal touch, without complicating my life too much...
Maybe my opinions will change once I do finally get to travel to India.
I suppose if we are conversing in English, hi or hello would be alright.
"Namaste" always makes my Indian colleagues smile when I say it on conference calls, so if I know you're Indian, that's what I tend to say.
2:32 PM
Q: Dual boot windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04.1 on separate hard drives

KasraThis is my system: Asus N552VW (my bios mode is Legacy): 128GB SSD: my windows 10 is installed on it 2 TB HDD (partitioned to two 1000 GB): 250 GB shrinked for Ubuntu My question is: looking at the picture below, which device should I use for boot loader installation ?

2:49 PM
Q: Program executes slower on 4 threads

butterflyflyawayI have written two parallel programs in C using OPENMP and the same thing happens on both. Thread 1 is slow, thread 2 is much faster and thread 3 somewhat faster than thread 2. Then, running with 4 threads, the program is much slower than 2 threads or 3 threads (still faster than single threading...

3:21 PM
Q: Unmounting /usr from an external drive

Sam HammamyI mounted /usr from the nvidia TX1 dev board to an external SSD connected to the board. I am wondering how I can restore it original state without re-flashing? If I power down,and disconnect the SSD, and start, there will be no /usr directory. I was thinking of making a copy to /root/usr and u...

@Fabby I don't know why but I think I made you aggressive during the conversation. If so, I apologize :)
@Kulfy Aggressive? No! Annoyed? Just a bit...
I speak 10 languages already which does not include Hindi, but am still trying to be welcoming to all different cultures and languages, without trying to go overboard...
(That is: I can get into trouble in 10 languages, but can only get out of trouble in 6)
@Fabby Sorry for that. I was just trying to put my opinion. You are like my big uncle ;-)
@Kulfy Yeah and you're like my niece!
:D ;-) :D
Languages are seriously hard but interesting. No matter they are spoken languages or programming
3:32 PM
I know India is an entire continent and there are hundreds of languages, but as I've never been there, not going to actually try learning any. Namaste and Dhanyewaad is as far as I'm willing to go.
@Kulfy That list does not include programming languages.
@Fabby That was my perspective.
C, PASCAL, BASIC, JavaScript, bash, Logo, COBOL are the languages I've written more then 100 lines of code in.
I've corrected bugs in many more but most of those were 1-10 lines of code.
@Fabby That's why you're a veteran and I'm still in learning stages.
@Kulfy Correction: I'm just an old fart...
(The Vorlons predate humans by a few billion years)
@Fabby How would you address young people then? Just asking.
3:45 PM
@Fabby have a similar list of programming languages but most of em i would not remember the syntax anymore even if my life would depend on it :)
especially Logo (Turtl) COBOL and PASCAL
@Kulfy Humans??? They're part of the young races...
>:-) ;-)
@Videonauth COBOL last time was in... 1999?
kinda :D
Logo was in the 1980s
PASCAL was just a few years ago.
@Kulfy I believe all humans of all ages are as intelligent as they are. Kids just have less experience than adults.
0-33: kids
33-66: adults
66-99: old farts
@Fabby Yeah like for my projects I use Java, python, C and sometimes bash. No experience with COBOL, Logo. Well, I'm 12 years away from being an adult ;-) :P
Q: QEMU USB passthrough broken after Ubuntu 18.04 upgrade

DarhuukFor the past 2 years I've been running a Windows VM to which I passed through USB devices. The devices were attached while the VM was running, using virsh attach-device vm_name config_file.xml, where config_file.xml was e.g.: <!-- Logitech Internet Navigator --> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='u...

3:54 PM
why oh why did they change mysql in ubuntu O_o
it installs but not asks for a password for root
@Kulfy :D :D :D
Well at least, you're not a little kid any more!
@Videonauth :O
tried that yesterday as i wanted to freshen my SQL knowledge a bit
and usually i install, install phpmyadmin and then log in as root without password and then from there set password and so on, it does not accept an ampty password anymore
@Fabby But still in kids category. Let's say somewhere between a big kid and a little kid
so youre effectively logged out from maintaining your db server
@Videonauth I would say: That's a good thing!
4:00 PM
@Fabby yes and being logged out of your own server because youre unable to set a password while installing?
Confused now:
not ebing able to create accoutns not being able to crete any database
It does not allow an empty password, and does not allow you to set one???
@Fabby eggsacktly
checked already here on AU there are several answers regarding that, you need to hack the mysql effectively to make it work
i.e. start mysql_save --no-grant-tables and from there change the database
@Videonauth Interesting... Ubuntu / Debian packagers dropped the ball
4:05 PM
not easy setting up servers anymore
sure i appreciate the security thought behind it but as it is it makes mysql nearly unusable and an unviable option when you go for production installs in larger scale
unless you do one install and then clone this install around
4:19 PM
try surfing to gutenberg.org...
How ironic that a web site named for a German is blocked in Germany
erm well i just opened it but it is very very slow
@Videonauth you using proxy?
alsmost hit the timeout
no proxy
$ ping -c 3 gutenberg.org
PING gutenberg.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from gutenberg.ibiblio.org ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=44 time=128 ms
64 bytes from gutenberg.ibiblio.org ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=44 time=128 ms
64 bytes from gutenberg.ibiblio.org ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=44 time=131 ms

--- gutenberg.org ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2001ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 128.388/129.577/131.442/1.367 ms
@Videonauth Hah! 10 minutes ago it was still blocked!
 $ traceroute gutenberg.org
traceroute to gutenberg.org (, 64 hops max
  1  0,530ms  0,802ms  0,899ms
  2   *  *  *
  3  11,724ms  9,398ms  8,152ms
  4  24,581ms  27,768ms  25,875ms
  5  15,960ms  15,917ms  15,545ms
  6  20,843ms  15,624ms  14,917ms
  7  20,948ms  15,922ms  23,328ms
  8  40,616ms  31,894ms  45,704ms
  9  112,118ms  114,087ms  119,941ms
 10  111,992ms  111,903ms  111,977ms
anyways, blockages are when they happen within germany only blcking DNS lookup
so if you have the ip you will reach the site anyways
only if they themselves block german ip's then the block would be complete
5:03 PM
If this is off-topic, I am quite lost on AU after 7 or eight years. Three close votes? What is happening here: askubuntu.com/questions/1115059/…
Gallium OS
5:51 PM
Q: Do we always close posts if they are not strictly about Ubuntu?

Jacob VlijmI know this is a sensitive subject, and people seem to have a quite absolute opinion about it: posts not strictly and exclusively about Ubuntu. Would I encourage people using other distro's to post questions here? No! Would I close questions which possibly can be caused by distro specific issues...

@JacobVlijm Hi Jacob ! :) You are definitely right ... I think the time has come to consider merging AU and U&L to avoid something like that in the future ... Hope you are doing fine. Just realized that you are an officical member of the ubuntu budgie team now - I wish you good luck and much fun there. David (@fossfreedom) can be glad and proud to have such a competent team mate ! :)
Hey @cl-netbox so good to see you! how are you?
@JacobVlijm I'm fine ... thank you for asking. I upvoted the question, your answer and your question on meta. Also I voted to reopen that thing. :)
Ah, thanks! @cl-netbox
@JacobVlijm You're welcome, Jacob ! :) Just came across it accidentally ... I'm not often here anymore. :)
5:57 PM
Nah, me neither. more active on UB these days...
@JacobVlijm Good decision ! :)
1 hour later…
7:18 PM
@JacobVlijm how is that on topic? This site is only about Ubuntu. Yes, that is often a silly distinction since 90% of all Linux stuff is common to any distribution, but if we don't want this site to cover all Linux flavors, the only way to draw the line is "Ubuntu == on topic" and "not Ubuntu == off topic". Anything else essentially leads to chaos since the vast majority of people don't have the expertise needed to know that something would be the same on another distro.
So we need rules that everyone can follow.
Remember we also have people arguing that if something isn't "exclusive" to Ubuntu (whatever that means) then it should be off topic. This just goes to show that most people simply don't understand that Linux distributions change very little. And why should they? They're just people who use a system to get their job done.
So the only thing we can do is draw a line in the sand and declare that if you're not using Ubuntu, then you shouldn't ask here.
This has been the case for as long as the site has existed. I really can't understand why someone with as much AU experience as yourself would post that meta question now. If you find the scope of this site too restrictive, we'd love to see you more active over on U&L!
It’s not even that clear that it’s the same in Ubuntu in this case, the question asks for keybindings of the Gallium GUI!
Hell, I don't even know what GalliumOS is.
> A fast and lightweight Linux distro for ChromeOS devices.
Yeah, I can google it :) I was just pointing out that I didn't know it, and there's no reason anyone else on AU would either.
> Built on top of Xubuntu to provide a lightweight and fully functional desktop.
oh, ok :) just found it interesting and good to know
7:23 PM
well nowadays it is hard to know every linux distro out there
that’s impossible to do I think
I just caught on that gallium is an element, not a kind of ship XD
and even this graphic is already outdated
@Videonauth plus there’s probably hundreds of distros developed by companies for their own work which are not even published
7:36 PM
that too
still even this list is already very impressive
and all go back to 5 different base versions
> and I have already deleted distributions which had a lifespan of less then about 2 years :)
yes :P
7:57 PM
Q: How to forward GPG to a linux machine from Windows?

void.pointerHere is my set up: Windows 10 machine, my desktop PC. Ubuntu 18 machine, this is my home server Yubikey, has my private GPG keys on it My work flow is as follows: Plug in my Yubikey into USB port on my Windows 10 machine. From my Windows 10 machine, SSH into my Ubuntu machine using Putty. O...

8:29 PM
@terdon OP edited out the mention of GalliumOS, is this something one should rollback? askubuntu.com/q/1115059/507051
8:46 PM
IMHO i would let it be as it is as it seems the solution is valid on ubuntu too?
I would roll back
I tend to roll back as well, this edit deleted potentially crucial information.
@karel and upvoted answer!
I tend to roll back as well, this edit deleted potentially crucial information.
@Fabby wow, this Q splits the community oO
9:03 PM
I really hate these types of edit
too stressed out by other things and too busy to say more
I am a singularity, I cannot be split :P
I hate the idea that people will think they should hide such essential info from their posts
and then we don't know why the answer doesn't work
or the answer does work for OP, but not on Ubuntu, and then visitors don't know why it doesn't work
@Zanna added it back btw
there is nothing wrong with leaving the post as is and leaving it closed
that gives all the right information to visitors
@Fabby why do you think it should be reopened?
9:07 PM
@dessert thanks :)
in the words of David Foster Wallace: being lied to sucks
@dessert Huh?
@Zanna and Serg edited it out again -.-
oh FFS
I am going to say things I should not say if I stay here
I flagged it for moderator attention
oh, me too
I'm fine with leaving it closed and I'm fine ne with removing the OS and reopening. The latter means one more on topic question. Remember that people are free to pretend they're using Ubuntu.
9:17 PM
they are?
We don't care, our answer will be for Ubuntu. If that doesn't work for the OP, tough. It will still work for the next person who has the same problem on Ubuntu.
@Zanna the OP is not very important. We want to help the, potentially thousands, of other users with the same issue.
but OP has power over their own question
to accept answers, to comment that things did not work, to suggest edits etc
to create confusion
9:20 PM
Meh. Accepting is immaterial, really. But if the answer works on Ubuntu why should we care about the rest?
Zanna doesn't want to approach a question not knowing it isn't about ubuntu and spend a bunch of time troubleshooting only to have OP go "ohbtw, this is Gentoo. Could that be the issue?". Which is a fair thing to be worried about.
In any case, I am not saying that pretending to use Ubuntu is a good idea, only that it shouldn't make much difference since we'll be answering about Ubuntu anyway.
@Seth oh, indeed. That's very annoying and it's happened to me often enough.
well, unfortunately accepts are not immaterial to visitors. How many times do you see people say "the answer didn't work for me" when the 16 other answers below the substandard accepted one were never even read
@Seth very much so
I mean, very much so I'm worried about that
9:22 PM
However, in the end, we're here to create useful content for everyone else. So if we do that on a question despite the OP not using ubuntu it's still useful.
but I don't think we should be throwing that information away if we've been given it
because it is helpful information
@Zanna Well, if @JacobVlijm tells me that it's a generic question that will help future Ubuntu users as well, I'm all for helping instead of taking an inflexible stance.
But I think we're getting confused here. All I'm really saying is that @JacobVlijm who is apparently completely sure the question is applicable to Ubuntu could have edited galliumOS out instead of posting that rather aggressive meta post.
@Zanna If it's relevant, you're right. But posterity isn't going to care whether it was ubuntu 14.04 or 18, or ubuntu or gallium.
As long as it works on ubuntu
(obviously there are edge cases, but that's what we (humans!) are here for)
Not that it should be standard practice to pretend you're on Ubuntu and certainly not that we should make non Ubuntu on topic.
9:24 PM
well my main argument is it's very hard for us to determine whether the information that you're using a different OS is relevant
@Fabby closing it doesn’t mean deleting it!
@Zanna Yeah, true that...
The only point of closing is to either a) make the question on-topic and reopen (we did that!) or b) delete it.
@Zanna agreed. Your meta answer is pretty much exactly how I feel too.
9:25 PM
Closing has no other purpose.
here closing is for information
the question should not have been answered
but it was
ok great
@Zanna If Jacob says it works on his Ubuntu, all I need. 0:-)
@Seth huh? Why delete?
and to prevent further (potentially off-topic) answers
we will keep the question for the sake of the answer, but we need to keep the question closed so everyone can see other OS's are off-topic
9:26 PM
@terdon Closing has 2 purposes. Make something better, or begin the deletion process
Do closed but up voted and answered posts get deleted?
@terdon never automatically
@terdon 0:-) Thanks twice now (one AU, one U&L)
@Fabby :)
9:27 PM
@terdon He did? Lemme go read that.
(after reading through chat)
They don't, but it's not designed for "holding" things in an indefinite state and shouldn't be used for that
Q: Do we -always- close posts if they are not strictly about Ubuntu?

Jacob VlijmI know this is a sensitive subject, and people seem to have a quite absolute opinion about it: posts not strictly and exclusively about Ubuntu. Would I encourage people using other distros to post questions here? No! Would I close questions which possibly can be caused by distro-specific issues ...

the system recognises that closed questions might have value. It leaves deleting them up to us if they have any positive score (or accept)
@dessert True! ( cc@Zanna )
@Zanna There's nothing about other OS's there though
and we don't need it to be there since it's not relevant to the answer.
9:28 PM
@Seth see edit history
@Seth do we know that?
note that the original question specifically asked about the “Gallium GUI”
@dessert Jacob built an answer and tested on Ubuntu. As a human capable of logical deduction the answer is very simple and will work fine on a normal ubuntu setup. So we have good content.
@dessert There's nothing specific in the answer. The answer doesn't even mention shortcuts, it just gives the commands that the shortcut should execute.
I just fear people will make it an attitude to hide or edit out the off-topic OS information.
@dessert Well, if the question and answer is applicable to Ubuntu, I don't see much of a problem with that.
9:32 PM
@dessert They already do. It's not going to change unless we want to turn into U&L or Super User.
For instance, closing a shell question because the OP isn't on Ubuntu doesn't make much sense and only causes us to lose a useful Q&A.
@Seth exactly, so shouldn’t we rather not encourage behaviour like that?
@dessert It won't matter. Closing it won't encourage users to hide their OS information?
careful, Zanna may bite the desk
9:33 PM
If they were going to ask on U&L they'd have done it.
@Zanna Is that anger, annoyance, frustration, indigestion, laughter? Sorry, I really don't get those things.
Q: No flak please, just a retired gamer looking for help

DPSive only been on this site for about 3 days now, and ive definitely come to realization that i may have jumped in too deep, too soon. My first day on the site was my first day with ubuntu, if that gives you any idea of what im going through right now. Quick History: i was given this ...

should be on meta IMHO
@terdon frustration haha sorry. Feeling too fragile for debating
@Videonauth It's not about the site. They don't ask a clear question at all, actually.
9:37 PM
@dessert added another answer.
well ok i retracted my close vote
If we religiously stomp on every question about another *nix, people will not think "Hey, maybe I shouldn't ask that here", they'll think "hey, if I don't tell them what I'm running they'll answer anyway!" and we'll lose out on useful content.
If they were going to ask elsewhere they'd have done that.
@Videonauth Per their comment, we may be able to salvage that into "Does Ubuntu have a manual?" or something similar.
@dessert if I tell someone do an apt install borked and they come back and tell me: The program 'apt' is currently not installed. Use 'yum' here instead, that's a dead giveaway it won't work
@Seth That would be an idea
9:40 PM
@Seth Hmm. I just closed as too broad. Feel free to reopen if you think it can be salvaged.
Hi and welcome to the site! I'm afraid we don't do that sort of open question. We can help you solve specific technical issues but asking for documentation generally is off topic. Might be a good discussion to be had in Ask Ubuntu Chat or on the Ubuntu Forums, though. This site is for helping you figure out specific things that are giving you trouble. — terdon ♦ 1 min ago
"Does ubuntu have a manual" seems like a reasonable question to ask, and one that we can answer (docs, ubuntu unleashed come to mind)
Unfortunately I really need to return to my work. I have things due tomorrow afternoon.
well i could then alter my comment ito an answer, but on the other side this is still very broad because many people will have different ways to point to for documentation :)
@Videonauth Reword "documentation" into "manual". They're not the same thing :)
@terdon Why not close as dupe of this one
CC @Seth
@Videonauth many possible answers != too broad
9:44 PM
@Videonauth Let me reword the question
Ping me if you need a reopen.
@dessert This is a fair point, however the number of official manuals is pretty limited.
I wish Eliah Kagan were here
He'd write the manual right there on the page
9:45 PM
I was thinking about the debate haha
I know but I couldn't resist :P
@Fabby Because that one is also closed.
he would know the right way to say "you seem to be saying that you think this policy we have should not actually be applied"
@Zanna If you mean me, that really isn't what I'm trying to say.
9:48 PM
no I mean Seth
I just need to say it: I love how constructively things are debated in this community. Thank you all for that.
I miss Eliah, its was always fun to debate with him about bash and the tiny unknown qirks
@Zanna Is he gone then???
he will return again, I hope
I'm saying it should be applied but an exception can be made if a question is particularly useful. Basically, I try to think in terms of the site: if this is a useful question that could also affect an Ubuntu user but just happened to be written by someone using Debian, it seems more productive for everyone to remove mention of Debian.
9:49 PM
or did he finally move to Arch???
But that, of course, assumes you know enough to make the call that the question is indeed applicable.
(what's a plural more gender neutral term for that btw?)
Q: Let's refine and clarify our off-topic close reasons

SethRecently I have noticed, both as a user and a moderator, a good number of questions either being closed as end-of-life or as a development release when they probably don’t need to be. Just a few examples: ERROR: 32-bit Linux Android emulator binaries are DEPRECATED when attemping to run the...

That requires a certain level of expertise, so we can't make a rule that states "feel free to remove mention of other Oss", but if you happen to have that expertise, I see no issue with making the question on topic.
Can we reopen to close as a dupe of this, Please?
We are following policy. It's always been policy.
9:50 PM
Pretty please with unicorns and rainbows???
@Seth people
in Raiders of the Lost Downboat, Oct 18 '17 at 15:48, by Eliah Kagan
I think you'll have a hard time finding any evidence of an existing consensus toward the policy that reviewers should make a technical assessment of each question to figure out if it is likely enough to have the same answers on Ubuntu. If you want to change the policy to that, I suggest posting on meta.
@Fabby Is the shouting really necessary?
@Seth folks :)
:48844132 chill, man
9:51 PM
@Videonauth as a native english speaker "people" generally has rude undertones
@Zanna perfect
@terdon I was editing it to say [Rainbow-coloured unicorn]
(most people I know use "guys" as a gender neutral term already.. but this is the internet so..)
@Seth oh, not knowing that, I simply thought of the german translation of it "Leute" which has no rude anotations attached to it
I read a great article about why we should not use "guys" to refer to a mixed group
@Videonauth :)
9:52 PM
@terdon No Just wanted some attention as I posted something in-beween other things.
@Fabby Sorry, I deleted it since we're sort of in the middle of another conversation and placing a huge image in the middle wasn't very helpful.
I was under the impression that bold wasn't shouting but ALL CAPS WAS!
yay oneboxes lol
@Fabby I saw what you posted but I don't understand why you would want to open a question that was correctly closed in order to use it as a target to close another question that isn't very useful either.
@terdon OK, IMHO, the historical question is very useful to newbies...
9:54 PM
@Fabby agreed. That's presumably why it has a historical lock, so it will stick around.
but this paddawan bows to the wisdom of his master! 0:-)
pffft, don't give me that crap! :P
cracks up laughing
@terdon :D :D :D
We should all meet some day in a central location and have a beer together in a pub!
If I ever win Euromillions that's the first thing I do!
Fly everyone into beer country!
@terdon I think it requires a kind of expertise (knowledge about other distros) that it's unreasonable to expect people to have. I also would not be inclined to trust people's assessment of their own expertise in this area. Because people often assume things when reviewing...
9:57 PM
@Zanna is beer vegan?
@Fabby I assume it can be
Lemme google that.
@Fabby what are the ingerdients of beer? ;)
although where does yeast stand on the living creatures scale...
@Fabby With pleasure! Let me know next time you're in London!
9:59 PM
The Main Ingredients of Beer

Grain (mostly malted barley but also other grains)
Hops (grown in many different varieties)
Yeast (responsible for fermentation; based on style-specific strains)
Water (accounts for up to 95 percent of beer's content)
@Videonauth Hah! It's coplex!
@terdon ---^ (I do that religiously)
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