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8:31 AM
Q: What is debconf -communicate?

Prof-WizOn my freshly installed ubuntu 18.04, after updating , a window has come up named "debconf-communicate".It says 'configuring console setup' and asking me to select encoding (UTF8,ISO 8859 etc ). I have searched the net for this and there is no mention of what it does for me and what should I sele...

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12:07 PM
I want to automate the process of opening a jupyter lab file
so I wrote a shell command
py -m pipenv shell -c "jupyter lab"
This command works perfectly well
but when I save it in form of a bash file and execute
It gives me an error:
bash: jupyter: command not found
Please can someone help me?
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1:16 PM
@WantingtobeanAndroidDevelor Please post a question on the site. Show is the script you use, and the errors you get. The answer will be to do with the PATH variable but we need more details.
1:27 PM
@WantingtobeanAndroidDevelor use absolute path
2:24 PM
@dessert askubuntu.com/questions/1114987/… that might be too quick t close. The Q is a bit unclear. Depending on clarification, we might need to add additional info, or point him somewhere else
2:36 PM
I think the last 4 comments on this answer are clutter
...Having a hard time to understand what he sais. Not sure if that is even possible.
I need one close vote from a reviewer to close this question as a duplicate of the question that is linked to in the last comment berkiw the question.
ALready voted as "Too broad"
2:53 PM
@karel hope that was right CV from me
Thanks for the CV.
@Zanna yeah, but this is a discussion post on meta.
No, on second thought both of you seem to have gone off on a tangent about politics.
Q: Asus TUF Ubuntu 18.04.1 elantech mouse freezes frequently

Srajan SoniI purchased a ASUS TUF FX504GE laptop and dual booted it with Ubuntu 18.04.1 .After which my elantech touchpad stopped working.I updated my kernel to 4.20.6, after which it does work,but freezes unexpectedly for 3-4 minutes. After searching about this problem, for some people updating to 4.20 wa...

I cleared them out
@karel sorry, by the way. I dismissed your flags thinking "nah, it's meta, discussion is fine" before realizing that the comments were so far off topic.
echo "g(i,x,t,o){return((3&x&(i*((3&i>>16?\"BY}6YB6%\":\"Qj}6jQ6%\")[t%8]+51)>>o))<<4‌​);};main(i,n,s){for(i=0;;i++)putchar(g(i,1,n=i>>14,12)+g(i,s=i>>17,n^i>>13,10)+g(‌​i,s/3,n+((i>>11)%3),10)+g(i,s/5,8+n-((i>>10)%3),9));}"|gcc -xc -&&./a.out|aplay
3:05 PM
@JacobVlijm I leave it open for some days and unhammer in case OP updates.
Ah, that doesn't work here ^ :)
@terdon thanks :)
3:29 PM
@JacobVlijm what was that?
@Videonauth only throws errors and warnings :(
@terdon It doesn't matter to me. I owe you a favor from way back because of the comment you accepted in which I wrote I want to get the hell out of here. It was a Meta comment too, I recall.
@dessert well yes it complains about that the types are not set correctly but it should normally play it still through aplay
@dessert weird it runs and plays music on my 18.04
but on the other side aplay is weird it made my mic not being detected anymore on the internal soundcard
3:48 PM
$ echo "g(i,x,t,o){return((3&x&(i*((3&i>>16?\"BY}6YB6%\":\"Qj}6jQ6%\")[t%8]+51)>>o))<<4‌​);};main(i,n,s){for(i=0;;i++)putchar(g(i,1,n=i>>14,12)+g(i,s=i>>17,n^i>>13,10)+g(‌​i,s/3,n+((i>>11)%3),10)+g(i,s/5,8+n-((i>>10)%3),9));}"|gcc -xc -&&./a.out|aplay
<stdin>:1:1: warning: return type defaults to ‘int’ [-Wimplicit-int]
<stdin>: In function ‘g’:
<stdin>:1:1: warning: type of ‘i’ defaults to ‘int’ [-Wimplicit-int]
<stdin>:1:1: warning: type of ‘x’ defaults to ‘int’ [-Wimplicit-int]
<stdin>:1:1: warning: type of ‘t’ defaults to ‘int’ [-Wimplicit-int]
mhmm maybe something wrong with my paste here.
under this video whcih has only the sound which is generated you find a link to the code too
@dessert that was a thumbs up.
the warnings you normally will get anyways as like i said there are no variable types declared in the code and gcc will always moan about that
@Videonauth copied code from there plays fine – nice! :)
@Videonauth yes, but <stdin>:1:76: error: stray ‘\342’ in program is a real problem I suppose
@JacobVlijm ah, I see
Oh dear, not used to that stuff like linking an image does not work here :)
...feel like a newbe
3:57 PM
@desert im currently search for the problem why aplay disabled my mic somehow so that even a complete restart of alsa service not brought it back
@Videonauth hooray for linux!
yeah :D
well it might have to do that pulseaudio is still as well somewhere maybe that crashed, going through the log's right now
4:13 PM
@Videonauth restart with pulseaudio -k && pulseaudio -D (won’t hurt)
@dessert thank you very much, i restarted the computer completely because I failed to figure that one out :) (not good at thinking outside the box atm)
btw this small script produces somethign about 16 minutes unique sound then it beginns to repeat
Q: Extend ubuntu file system

jojo osingai have a Vmware EXSI server with a ubuntu server virtual machine i gave it more disk space but ubuntu doest see the disk space i cant install gparted too little disk space

@Videonauth yes, it’s really impressive
4:28 PM
@dessert after i found out that you can pie text files to aplay and egt sound out of it i did some experiments with for example alorem ipsum generator and so on :D
but found nothing yet wich produced something really enjoyable to listen too
4:53 PM
@Videonauth lol
:) well sometimes toying around like this is really fun
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6:54 PM
@Kulfy Are you who I think you are?
@Fabby What do you think?
@Kulfy A ты говоришь по русски?
@Fabby I don't know this language. Is it russian?
@Kulfy Then you're not who I think you were...
Yes, that's Russian.
It's just that you have a very British sense of humor and there used to be a regular around here with the same kind of humor.
But if you don't speak Russian, you're not him.
@Fabby Let me clarify who I am. I'm an Indian who knows Hindi (native language), English (second language) and now learning French.
@Fabby May be because of history?
7:00 PM
@Kulfy Alors, not: sûrement pas lui puisqu'il ne parlait pas Français.
I can get into trouble in about 10 languages, but only out of trouble in 6.
@Fabby Not that much. I just started a while ago. Just know etre/avoir, some adjectives, and counting ;-)
@Kulfy I can say Nammaste and Danyewaad.
(can't even count)
No, it's not on the list of 10...
@Fabby I'll correct the spellings for you: Namaste and Dhanyewaad
@Kulfy :D
I though the correct spelling was:
@Fabby That's the actual spelling. Transliteration gave birth to a new language "Hinglish" (Hindi+English) and you won't believe Google Keyboard and some android phone has started supporting it natively. :D
7:09 PM
@Kulfy Ever heard of Engrish?
But good to know that Hinglish exists.
@Fabby English+Irish?
I'll pester my Indian colleages with it.
@Fabby I'm using my college's internet and got "Web Filter Violation" Lol ;-) :P
@Fabby You can try with them :D
@Kulfy Engrish is Chinese and Japanese English.
This one makes more sense than some of the others...
@Fabby this sounds like an amazing replacement for the CEFR!
7:24 PM
@dessert :D
@dessert Guten Abend.
@dessert Do you know what an AbEnd is in IT?
@Fabby Boa noite!
@dessert :D
Spoiler Alert: Abnormal End = Crash
@Fabby An AbEnd (also abnormal end or abend) is an abnormal termination of software, or a program crash. This usage derives from an error message from the IBM OS/360, IBM zOS operating systems. Usually capitalized, but may appear as "abend".
@Fabby that is a very weird way of abbreviation
An AbEnd (also abnormal end or abend) is an abnormal termination of software, or a program crash. This usage derives from an error message from the IBM OS/360, IBM zOS operating systems. Usually capitalized, but may appear as "abend". The most common were ABEND 0C7 (Data exception) and ABEND 0CB (Division by zero). Abends could be "soft" (allowing automatic recovery) or "hard" (terminating the activity).Errors or crashes on the Novell NetWare network operating system are usually called ABENDs. Communities of NetWare administrators sprung up around the Internet, such as abend.org. The term i...
7:27 PM
---^ What the expert said
wow, that gives “Noch ist nicht aller Tage Abend.” a new meaning
@Fabby Which word is in Engrish?
@dessert indeed :P
@Kulfy most of the smaller text is a weird translation, that’s what Fabby meant
@Videonauth AbEnd wird es wieder… :)
@dessert :D :D :D
@Kulfy The whole thing: the weird grammar, the spelling errors, the works!
7:31 PM
@Fabby but to be honest ABEND was already present in OS/2
@Videonauth It was present in Novell Netware 2.x
It's old...
No one uses that any more.
It's only funny to Old German geeks nowadays.
:P ;-)
@Fabby I believe every translation destroys the literal meaning of sentence in other language since they aren't perfectly translated and sometimes are short of words. For example when I translate some text from English to French and then back to English some words are changed. May be it is because I'm using Google Translate or it is supposed to be like this. Not sure.
@Kulfy "hot" in English:
Very warm
(and a few others that I'm missing right now.)
Lots of French expressions are untranslatable as the French grammar is so different from other languages.
@Kulfy yes afaik this especialy happens if you translate 'flat-earther' to french and then back to english :D
using google translate
7:42 PM
@Fabby I'm weak in finding words. Are they Homonyms?
And then there are the local variations: Ozzie English, Hindi English, American English, Geordie, ...
@Kulfy no. a homonym sounds the same, but means something different.
an address - to address
@Fabby Not Hindi English. They are different languages. I'll rather say Indian English.
Indian English refers to dialects of the English language characteristic of the Republic of India. The Constitution of India designates the co-official language of the Government of India as English. Today many regional varieties of English, or Englishes, exist around the globe and are slowly but steadily gaining recognition. == Status of English in India == Hindi is one of the official languages of the Union Government of India. However, even after 70 years of Indian Independence from Britain, English is still retained as an official language. Only a few hundred thousand Indians, or less than...
(this one is also written the same)
@Kulfy Ah, well, English is only my third or fourth language depending on how you count...
@Videonauth I was actually writing essay presentez vous. And I used Google translate for that.
@Kulfy The best know one is "What is your good name, sir?"
Answer: all of my names are good ones; which one do you want?
:D :D :D
7:48 PM
CC: @fabby
meanwhile fixed tho
@Videonauth Yup...
Knew about this one...
thill valid translateion je suis un fu
@Fabby In hindi we say "Aapka shubh naam?" When I was kid I thought who has a "ashubh naam" (bad name)?
> Thank you!!! I forgot that Ubuntu was something like Linux...
7:55 PM
@Videonauth Oh I see!!! Some people would be happy because of that. I heard somewhere that in Islam it is believed that earth is flat.
I simply thin that people who belive that the earch is a dic have either read to many terry pratchet books or are plain stupid
well i love terry pratchet (may he rest in peace)
his humour and writing styl have been very unique
The World Turtle (also referred to as the Cosmic Turtle or the World-bearing Turtle) is a mytheme of a giant turtle (or tortoise) supporting or containing the world. The mytheme, which is similar to that of the World Elephant and World Serpent, occurs in Hindu mythology, Chinese mythology, Scientology and the mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The "World-Tortoise" mytheme was discussed comparatively by Edward Burnett Tylor (1878:341). == India == The World Turtle in Hindu mythology is known as Akupāra (Sanskrit: अकूपार), or sometimes Chukwa. An example of a reference to the...
8:06 PM
@Fabby That's funny. But let me tell you the accent he used for Indians isn't used country wide. Here accent varies in North and South.
@Fabby There is a story behind this afaik. About 2nd avatar of Vishnu: Kurma. There was some sort of fight between Gods and Evils.
The samudra manthana (Sanskrit: समुद्रमन्थन, lit. churning of the ocean) is one of the best-known episodes in the Hindu philosophy narrated in the Bhagavata Purana, in the Mahabharata and in the Vishnu Purana. The samudra manthana explains the origin of amrita, the nectar of immortality. == Etymology == Sāgara manthana (सागरमन्थन) - Sāgara is another word for Samudra, both meaning an ocean or large water body. Kshirasāgara manthana (क्षीरसागरमन्थन) - Kshirasāgara means the ocean of milk. Kshirasāgara = Kshira (milk) + Sāgara (ocean or sea). == Legend == Indra, the King of Svarga, while riding...
You may find it interesting. If you get a movie in English about that, do watch. You might also like to read about Dashavtar 10 incarnations of Vishnu of which 1 is about to appear at the ending of Kalyug.
Nice to learn something new, still i belive in that scientific proven facts shoul stand above religious beliefs and so on. Not that not everyone should have his religion and so on.
and to be honest most proper thinking individuals accept scientific facts. Its more the comspiracy theorists which tend to be flat earthers
how come it is an ocean of milk?
so Vishnu supported the world on His back, like in the Discworld :)
@Videonauth IMO scientific facts can stand above religious beliefs in areas where it is actually proven but not in areas where science can't comment. Like consider spirits, we believe there are spirits (good and bad) but science says it doesn't. But what if I say I have past experiences which says they are real.
You might also like to read about Adam's bridge in Ramyana.
Adam's Bridge (ātām pālam; Sinhala: adamgay palama), also known as Rama's Bridge or Rama Setu (Irāmar pālam, Sanskrit: rāmasetu), is a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka.The bridge is 48 km (30 mi) long and separates the Gulf of Mannar (south-west) from the Palk Strait (northeast). Some of the regions are dry and the sea in the area rarely...
8:21 PM
in science, nothing can ever be proved
yes spirits is a thing which can not ye proved or disaproved sothere are no facts yet
everything is contestable. That's axiomatic in the scientific method
@Zanna That was not simply an ocean of milk but amrit which would make one immortal.
@Kulfy I love this stuff
@Kulfy It seems like we need to back up a bit in the story to see how this came to be haha
It is said that Adam's bridge which we call Ram Setu as in Ramayana was made by throwing Stones on which "Ram" was written and they literally started floating.
@Zanna I don't exactly remember. Actually when I was a kid I saw Dashavtar movie which was about 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu
8:29 PM
thanks :)
@Zanna Are you reading Ramayana right now?
not right now, I just went to find this picture for you
@Zanna Oh I see. Have you read Bhagvad Geeta or simply Geeta? It contains the truths of life and make life simpler and full of generosity.
8:34 PM
yes I have read it
@Zanna Great :)
but this Ramayana I have is a special one. It is a book called Sita's Ramayana which is a short version in graphic novel form focussing on Sita's perspective. I love the drawings :)
@Kulfy yes, I liked some parts of it very much. I even asked a question about it on the Hinduism site
@Zanna Yeah I've heard about it but never read.
maybe I was too lazy to read longer versions... but it's such an excellent story for illustrating
I guess I am working my way up
the first version I met was the version I adapted into a script for a class drama haha it was very condensed.
The best verse I like in Geeta is
कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते माफलेषुकदाचन |
माकर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोस्त्वकर्मणि ||
8:39 PM
I can't read Devanagari
which verse is it?
Translation: You are entitled to do your duty and action, but never to the results of your actions. Let not the results be your motivation, and do not be attached to laziness and inaction.
I can look it up
@Zanna Translation was coming up :)
my favourite verse is 15.8
Chapter 2 verse 47
8:41 PM
@Kulfy this one is helpful :)
@Zanna It's all about perception.
In the film Blade Runner, a cyborg laments
> I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
but Krishna says that When the Supreme Lord enters a body or leaves it, He gathers these senses together and travels on with them, as the wind carries scents from their places.
So those moments are indestructable
@Zanna Let me clear this. Devnagari isn't a language but a script (not to be confused with python or shell script :P) like English's script is Latin. The language here was Sanskrit. Hindi and many other languages use this script.
I am aware of that
I cannot read Devanagari, but I can't understand Sanskrit no matter what script it is written in
@Zanna I would have suggested you to listen to Krishna Vaani that gets uploaded daily on YouTube but that's in Hindi with no English subtitles.
@Zanna longer words are easier to understand when they are broken down. But it is challenging to determine the breaking point.
8:58 PM
languages are hard :/
@Zanna I can understand that. But they help in effective communication. When I was a kid English was hard for me and now french :( but interesting
Now I am trying to learn Tamil and I don't even have time for that. One at a time only...
@Kulfy bon chance!
@Zanna Tamil alphabets are hard though I don't know Tamil.
I disagree, I think the writing system is easy. I have no problem with that
@Zanna Merci
9:02 PM
it's the grammar that is taking so long to fathom haha
@Zanna Everything seems difficult when it is very far.
@Zanna Same here with french and sometimes English :/
haha yeah, whatever you already know seems easy
Tamil grammar is much more logical and economical than English's :D It's just so different imho
@Zanna Every language has its rules. Like last week I learnt that in English we say "black hairs" but in French we say: "cheveux noirs". But if we translate word by word it must be "noirs cheveux". Quite confusing.
I should try to learn Devanagari because I don't find writing systems difficult. I can remember that kind of information ok.
@Kulfy in French the adjective comes after the noun. Which way is it in Hindi?
@Zanna Same as in English.
9:11 PM
@Zanna You’ll find Devanagari as straightforward as beautiful, I can nothing but recommend learning it!
thanks @dessert :)
@Kulfy in Tamil too, unless the adjective is "all"; that one behaves confusingly
"Another proposal for Hindi or Devnagri is about to come on Area 51" :P
ah but there have been many
@Zanna Many Indo-European languages have same set of rules I guess.
well, Tamil is not one of those
but there are only really two positions available for adjectives I guess
but maybe some languages have no adjectives at all
9:16 PM
@Zanna Tamil is not a part of Indo-European family but Dravidian family.
I think that is why I find it so hard
but I think I am starting to get the, what do you call it, the morphology
@Zanna Then how would you describe that thing in that particular language? By visualizing? :P ;-)
I can take an idea and put it into a Tamilish order, I would say
@Kulfy well Tamil has few adjectives, I believe. Very often nouns modify other nouns. Nouns and verbs can take adjectival forms or modify nouns in adjectival ways
but, I expect that languages I do not know do things I cannot imagine at all :)
@Zanna Can't comment on this. I don't know Tamil.
@Zanna Example?
haha I can't give an example of what I cannot imagine :)
@Kulfy that was just an example of how adjectives per se might not be needed
9:20 PM
@Zanna Clever answer
I meant to add "in any language" to the end of that example, because I don't know if forms of verbs are allowed to modify nouns in Tamil
I only know basic stuff
@Zanna Basics are stairs to complex things I believe.
I am marking an exam and students are trying to describe something about a wave. One has invented a verb from an adjective "the end of the spring will be elasted"
@Kulfy :) thanks!
@Zanna Lol
I love the creativity of young people :)
9:30 PM
@Zanna Yeah. Cuz you so old!
haha well everyone is creative
I guess these "kids" are actually 17/18 so the education has already done its best to correct the creativity out of them
I remember one of my friend during school days got a question in Physics, "Why AC can pass through capacitors while DC can't?" He wrote, "AC goes in wave form like this and easily flows through capacitors while DC flows like this and thus obstructed by capacitors". Clever and wrong answer. And we were actually 16 at that time.
that first one is a great diagram
I would be happy if a student gave me that in an exam
this time one student made me laugh by knowing more than the exam writer
I can't share a screenshot as it's confidential, but there's a picture in the exam of "a mobile phone with no signal"
which I can show you
@Zanna I made that using an online tool. It's been 4 years I'm totally away from Physics but still remember his answer and diagram.
and one student has written "is this question about wifi or signal? that symbol is for wifi, not signal. This is signal <diagram of a series of bars from short to tall>"
9:40 PM
@Zanna Connected and still "not connected"
if you look closely at the diagram, you can see the phone actually does have signal, just no wifi, and a bogus image on the screen saying "no network" created by some fool who doesn't know phone UIs very well hahaha
Ok, thanks for answer. I do not have enough reputation, so I cannot mark your answer as useful. — John Ronald 40 mins ago
not enough rep to upvote
@Zanna Yeah that's why I said, connected but still "not connected". (Used "and" instead of "but" by mistake)
@Kulfy you saw it, the student saw it
but I never saw it when I was in the standardisation meeting for the mark scheme or anything...
9:45 PM
@Zanna I saw may be because you specifically sent this image and mentioned earlier "a mobile phone with no signal".
here's the most famous funny exam answer
@Zanna Handwriting looks horrible. If I was there, I would have got an opportunity to have a tea with teacher because of creativity. (Being sarcastic)
haha I once marked a question about the power rating of a kettle where one student had drawn a teapot and several cups and even a pot of sugar. Shame they hadn't done the calculation
@Kulfy bad handwriting makes marking hard, but I understand that handwriting is just really hard for some people. There are also people who write beautifully but you know they have been working on their handwriting instead of learning any content (a bit like me with Tamil...)
@Videonauth :(
9:53 PM
@Zanna as a techer i would have given him a point for creativity
I would like to share a funny interpretation. When I saw Seth's name for the first time I thought he is an Indian since Seth literally means boss in Hindi and is also a surname. I thought we got an Indian moderator until I explored his profile ;-) :P
especially because the question did not clarify that you have to calculate the length of x
so theres the teacher to blame to be honest
9:55 PM
@Fabby Looks like "where the declaration of Independence signed". Ans: "At the bottom of page"
haha gotta respect the student who refuses to answer in the spirit of the question
we all know the story about the kid who wrote "God has all the answers" in the theology exam
there is a nice variant of that in Kamila Shamsie's novel Burnt Shadows
@Videonauth I remember a joke. Once teacher asked, "What is the value of x?" Student answered: "She was my life." (Interpreted as "ex-girlfriend")
sad story haha
9:59 PM
@Fabby I wonder what this student got for this question and how the teches face looked like as he was going to read it
I'm still waiting to ever run into my chem teacher from high school again and argue for an extra point...
(he was wrong and I was right)
@Kulfy We do have an Indian mod.
@terdon Bhargav? But he is on SO I guess.
@Kulfy No, I mean an AU mod.
It's not explicitly listed in the profile, so I won't tell you who, but it's easy enough to find if you follow the links in the profile.
Have fun! :P
10:07 PM
@terdon Really? Who? I find it very interesting if my countrymen are serving to communities beyond the borders.
@terdon Whose profile are you referring to? I'm getting it.
@Kulfy One of the ones here: askubuntu.com/users?tab=moderators
But there are several Indian mods on the network.
I remember. How can I forget him
@Kulfy There you go :)
Yours isn't exactly a nation of few people, after all!
@terdon 1.3B
10:10 PM
@Kulfy And if you work hard, I'm sure you can reach 1.3A.
In fact here on Au it is sometimes easy to not think about heritage and where someone comes from, especially if you simply juge people on how they treat you
@chili555 Ping a mod.
(that was recently active)
if none are: flag for mod attention and ask nicely...
@Fabby does this help if OP has <20 rep and therefore can’t use the chat?
@dessert Yup.
10:13 PM
@Fabby Cause we started from big number. I saw a video that gave an example, like if you lend 10$ at 3% it would give less interest as compared to the amount when you lend $100 at same rate. So growth rate is same here and elsewhere.
@dessert yes because a mod can clear him for access to said chat channel
@Kulfy Nope: genetically speaking, you started from a really low number
Hundreds is the current consensus.
The user is pingable there and can chat.
@terdon Some people in my knowledge have started not being "so much hard working" in that area
The Toba supereruption was a supervolcanic eruption that occurred about 75,000 years ago at the site of present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is one of the Earth's largest known eruptions. The Toba catastrophe theory holds that this event caused a global volcanic winter of six to ten years and possibly a 1,000-year-long cooling episode. In 1993, science journalist Ann Gibbons posited that a population bottleneck occurred in human evolution about 70,000 years ago, and she suggested that this was caused by the eruption. Geologist Michael R. Rampino of New York University and volcanologist...
10:21 PM
@Fabby I don't exactly remember but in that video it was said due to abundant availability of resources in Asia like Wheat and vegetables, population grew rapidly in areas like China and Indian Subcontinent (which today includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc.). After all everyone has his/her opinion.
@Kulfy There are different scientific studies coming to different conclusions, but last time I looked, India was worst off after the Toba Catastrophe.
There is less genetic diversity in 2 humans randomly picked off 2 different continents than two random chimpanzees picked from two different forests in the Congo.
We're much more alike than we're different!
;-) :-)
@Fabby That was funny: She had Indian food one night, the kid came out Indian
@Kulfy :D :D :D
It was!
@Fabby I don't know about Toba but yes problem of refugees is going till date. Like illegal migration from Myanmar.
There has always been a worldwide problem of illegal immigration since before the stone age...
10:30 PM
@Fabby But I believe you can't consider that illegal before stone age since there was no definition of legal back then.
>:-) True!
Make that emi(immi)gration then...
It's 4AM here and I think it's time to sleep (or study for a while). Good night @Fabby @terdon @Videonauth and everyone else present here. :)
sleep well
शुभ रात्रि!
@Videonauth :). @Fabby So you went to translate using google translate :P
10:37 PM
@Kulfy to come full circle! ;-)
10:51 PM
@terdon @Fabby Thanks much. We are handling it another way. I appreciate the help.
11:03 PM
@chili555 sorry for misleading you, seems like there is a have mercy on Chili exception after all :)
LOL! There is a lot to be said for acting humble and forlorn as you ask for an exception!

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