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10:00 PM
@Zanna if you send it to me I'll take a look.
(editing out the expansion as I dislike that feature myself...)
discord if you're not comfortable posting here
@Seth it was in a real book, but I will try to find it online. If I can't, I will write you a summary of the main points. But remind me after 15th Feb when I've marked all these exams
@Zanna I always use "Ladies and Gentlemen" in mail and "Guys and gals" in messaging apps.
@Zanna Yes, absolutely
10:01 PM
Is that good enough?
@Zanna If I'm being honest I'll almost definitely forget. But if I remember I will
IRL stuff is about all my tired brain can keep track of most days. Sometimes not even.
well, at least we can both try. Probably one of us will remember eventually XD
@Fabby drink german beer then there are no additives in 99.999% of all cases
@Seth :/
Yeah i would not try to refer to mixed groups of humans as guys as it has for me a gender attached to it in mind (male) so it is IMHO not gender neutral
10:03 PM
@Zanna I do feel confident enough in my own expertise since I have now been using Linux for 20 years and have gone through more distros than you can shake a stick at. And I am far from the most experienced, let alone knowledgeable, user on the site. But if I do feel something is distro agnostic, I'm pretty sure I'll be right.
So if you do have that certainty, seems to be it's a good idea to go ahead and edit if the question is so good. If you don't, close.
And certainly don't change site policy to make these things on topic.
A: Can we delete/migrate 425730 question that is about Mint?

TakkatThis question was well written, upvoted, featured, and had 6 upvotes. Unfortunately the OP made a mistake to admit they are on Mint in a comment, and to add screenshots with a Mint theme. Does this justify to edit the question for putting "Linux Mint" into the title, and to tag it with mint? ...

@Videonauth This is an area that is currently undergoing change. Until a few years ago, guys was indeed often used as a gender neutral term. So much so that I'd often heard groups consisting exclusively of women using it. This has probably changed now though, as suggested above.
You would never have used the singular, guy to refer to a woman, mind you, but the plural yes. Weird as it sounds.
Yes I not saw this as problematic a few years back too, but recent developtments made me very carful with how to adress whom. I just simply not want to end in a Sh*tstorm :D
I strongly feel we should have a policy that attempts to treat everyone the same. And if questions appear in the reopen queue with distro information removed, that information should be put back
> We probably should put more effort in closing and deleting the many really bad questions but not in hunting borderline cases which were nicely resolved.
(quoted from the meta answer Seth linked to above)
10:08 PM
@terdon and you would definitely never use the word "gals" to refer to a group including men...
Indeed not
@Zanna I would... (and have done that)
@Zanna I feel that's up to the reviewer. The policy is nice and clear: no Ubuntu, no service.
I'm an equal opportunity offender.
But humans can make judgment calls.
10:10 PM
> Unfortunately the OP made a mistake to admit they are on Mint in a comment, and to add screenshots with a Mint theme.
@dessert Yes. But everything in the question and answer was applicable to Ubuntu.
So closing it only removed useful content from the site. No benefit, only loss.
agreed, but adding information, especially potentially crucial information, is never wrong
No, it isn't wrong.
well this answer says it’s a mistake by OP
10:13 PM
But this is a perfect example where the question is actually completely independent of the distribution. So the OS information is not only not crucial, it is irrelevant. The desktop manager they're using would be potentially relevant, but the question would be the same on Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo or anything else running adesktop using dconf.
@terdon Aliens too!
>:-) ;-)
@terdon Starred!
later all
Are you in London, by the way, @Zanna? Maybe we could set up an AU London meet one of these days.
@terdon I get that, but how can we, how can reviewers judge that correctly? I feel it’s opening a can of worms if we bend the off-topic rules.
@dessert That's just my point: we don't. Not unless we know that this is exactly the same on Ubuntu. If you don't know, then you don't edit and you don't approve of the edit either.
If you happen to know that it is applicable to Ubuntu, and the question is a useful one, then isn't it better to keep it though? What is better for the site?
10:20 PM
@terdon that leads to edit wars as happened now, between users who want to close as off-topic and users who want to keep/reopen because still applicable, and both are correct in their own way
@dessert Yes. Which is why, despite the fact that I personally feel that we (AU) are too dogmatic on this particular subject, I upvoted Zanna's answer and agreed that the question @JacobVlijm posted about was indeed off topic.
I am not saying we should change policy.
All I am saying is that for those few cases where the question is very good and would have been identical on an ubuntu system, then closing seems a shame.
I think I have only edited the OS out once, maybe twice in all the years I've been here.
This isn't something that should come up all that often.
But, you know, closing a question about using grep because the OP posted from a Mint machine seems silly.
I don't think there was a need for it to come up at all. The Q/A was cleaned up well for AU. End of problem.
ok, I have enough to think about. thanks a lot for always staying constructive and helpful, you truly deserve the diamond(s).
both of you
@dessert enjoy your evening!
@dessert We do. And I will also take any sapphires you have lying around!
10:24 PM
I must admit the human desire to make everything perfect is.. quite fascinating.
@terdon no saphires for you :D
I can give you a hug instead :)
Awww! Worth 10times more!
10:26 PM
That is clearly a Ruby.
a Ruby ruby
xD :P
Anyhow my favorite emerald is jade
or amber
mine is turquoise, because of the spelling :>
Isn't jade a different mineral than an emerald?
10:27 PM
@Videonauth One of us is confused about what emeralds are.
(I hope it's you, but fear it's me)
How can jade or amber be emeralds?
Is this where I make a red/green colorblind joke?
@Seth Is it a good one?
well failure in translation emerald gems
@terdon haha. no.
do it
10:28 PM
@dessert NOOooooooooooo! It's gonna be bad.
he said so!
@dessert If you like that get this! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapis_lazuli
Guys. There is no joke. That was the joke.. epic fail haha
I knew it was going to be bad.
In all fairness YOU WERE WARNED
wow, that was bad
well done
@Videonauth Yes, but that isn't an emerald.
!wiki emerald
2 mins ago, by Videonauth
well failure in translation emerald gems
why bot. why
@Videonauth Ahh! Missed that.
10:31 PM
!why bot
i love them because evry one you get will be completely unique in pattern and color
I had a mineral collection at one point.
I still have a few pieces
unlike diamnods which are unique but after they have been worked on they are sure worth alot but still they are plain
Mostly amethyst and a piece of lapis.
Apropos of nothing, I just remembered this:
10:34 PM
that one is cool
Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. The name comes from the Koine Greek ἀμέθυστος amethystos from ἀ- a-, "not" and μεθύσκω methysko / μεθύω methyo, "intoxicate", a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking vessels from it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication. Amethyst is a semiprecious stone often used in jewelry and is the traditional birthstone for February. == Structure == Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to irradiation, impurities of iron and in some...
I thought that was gone.
@terdon isn’t this copyright infringement btw?
@Seth how?
@dessert ha! I doubt it :)
@dessert wiki:foo
The terms foobar (), or foo and others are used as placeholder names (also referred to as metasyntactic variables) in computer programming or computer-related documentation. They have been used to name entities such as variables, functions, and commands whose exact identity is unimportant and serve only to demonstrate a concept. == History and etymology == The etymology of foo is obscure. Its use in connection with bar is generally traced to the World War II military slang FUBAR, later bowdlerised to foobar. The word foo on its own was used earlier. Between about 1930 and 1952 it appeared in the...
10:37 PM
@dessert I think it might be mod only :(
A try is a way of scoring points in rugby union and rugby league football. A try is scored by grounding the ball (the ball must be touching the player when coming into contact with the ground) in the opposition's in-goal area (on or behind the goal line). Rugby union and league differ slightly in defining 'grounding the ball' and the 'in-goal' area. The term try comes from try at goal, signifying that originally, grounding the ball only gave the opportunity to try to score with a kick at goal.A try is analogous to a touchdown in American and Canadian football, with the major difference being that...
iirc they underestimated the usage it would get and essentially turned it off.
Oh it's not! Nice :D
TIL about rugby scoring points
10:38 PM
But it had gone away for a while, hadn't it?
Noun: works
  1. plural of workworks pl (plural only)
  2. A mechanism or machine; the means by which something happens.
  3. A factory or factories, or similar collection(s) of buildings.
  4. (with "the") Everything or everything that is available or possible; especially, all available toppings on food.
  5. (with "the") Drastic treatment; abuse; the axe (dismissal).
Verb: works
  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of work
ooh, define: is also a thing
Noun: Gallium n (genitive Galliums, no plural)
  1. gallium
  2. Gallium ? (uncountable)
  3. gallium...
Adjective: Gallium
  1. Gallic (of Gaul); neuter of Gallius
translate: holy ...
translate is dead. That was the one that got too much usage. That and I think the API changed.
@Seth Wasn't that one TL-only?
10:40 PM
well understandable
@terdon not at first
are those commands documented anywhere?
Aug 28 '14 at 1:22, by Seth
translate: Les robes sont rouges! Tu es riche! L'enfant!
@dessert Off topic!
10:41 PM
@dessert no idea. Maybe on meta somewhere
@Seth ????
What a strange collection of phrases to translate.
Someone was just throwing words they learned around
i think i saw those documented somewhere but thats a long while back and the layout of the site changed along with many sub pages
@terdon btw, I'm curious, what language, if any, do you usually think in? Or does that change?
10:44 PM
@Seth I mostly think in the languageI speak or write in because it makes it easier.
so if talking writng German i think in German too, and for English i think in English
@Seth It changes. I'll switch between English and Greek quite often, and will sometimes think in Spanish but less and less often, the more time I spend away from Spain.
But Greek and English all the time. I actually mostly think in a weird mixture of the two, now that you mention it.
very interesting. As a native English speaker learning a language where word order matters less it's (currently, at least) impossible for me to imagine being able to think like that.
When speaking a language, however, I always think in that language. I don't think in English and translate into French or something. I'll just think in French.
@terdon I've heard other people talk about that too. Languages aren't cleanly sorted into bins that they stick inside of.
yes amkes following discussions easier
10:47 PM
@Seth Well, I'm a native of both. I grew up speaking both Greek and English, so it's very natural to me.
@terdon Makes sense, although that requires a certain level of fluency.
@terdon Ahh. That's great. I wish I grew up bilingual. Definitely going to do my best to make sure any kids I have will.
@Seth Not so much, actually. I have always thought in the language even as a beginner. I think that's to do with the fact that I was raised bilingual.
@Seth It is an incredible boon. Probably the best thing my parent gave me.
But it was easy for them since he's American and she's Greek.
It's much harder if you need to force yourself to speak a foreign language to your kid.
@terdon Wow, that's super fascinating. One of the things we are discussing in one of my classes is how the mind's way of thinking changes with its environment. Pictographs vs phonetics, how Nietzsche's writing changed when he started using a typewriter, how we process information when we're on computers all day, etc. It's quite interesting that you can easily think in a language you're still learning!
Heh, I remember once feeling that my thoughts were really sluggish and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was because for some reason I had been thinking in French!
That was a freak occurrence though.
But I know I've discussed this with others who are native speakers of >1 language, and they also had the same thing: even when learning a new language, they wouldn't translate in their heads, they'd just speak the language as well as they were able.
I wouldn't be surprised if there's some cognitive effect on a child's brain that makes bilingual children approach language learning differently. Not better, mind you, just different.
oh for sure.
That's interesting because I can generally bumble my way around speaking/writing it slowly without too much effort, but thinking in it is just something else entirely for my mind.
idk if you've seen Arrival (2016) but the plot revolves around this idea. Suuuuper interesting.
10:54 PM
When writing/speaking though, do you think in English and translate in your head?
@Seth Yes! :)
@Videonauth :D :D :D You play too many games!
Confused between gems and emeralds!
Ah, @Fabby what language(s) do you think in?
I don’t raise my children bilingually, but my 6yo is fascinated by other languages and forces us parents to teach him counting and basics in the languages we know – which are en, fr, portuguese and ru. also, his cousin grows up trilingual german-spanish-italian, so he gets a bit of all that as well.
Rather, when speaking a language that isn't one of your native ones, do you think in that language or do you think in another and translate in your head?
@terdon I'm not 100% sure (I've had to step back from spending too much energy on it lately) but I don't think so. Weirdly, I think I end up writing it in one language while simultaneously thinking it in English, if that makes sense.
10:56 PM
@dessert Nice!
@Seth Huh. That's interesting!
@Fabby hahahahaha
@Seth I dream in different languages.
Some of them, I can speak perfectly while dreaming, whereas in reality....
:D :D :D
@terdon I don't have a lot of energy to expend on it recently so I mostly use Duolingo, which almost exclusively has you translate sentences between the two languages. I wonder if that affects it.
Since you end up thinking about one while writing the other
10:58 PM
@Seth Get yourself a non-native Englis-speaking Girlfriend first!
@Fabby I wonder how true that is. I mean, I'm sure it's true for the languages you speak well, but I remember once having a dream in French but in much better French than I could actually speak at the time. I've never been sure if that was my subconscious dredging up French vocabulary I didn't know I had or if it simply wasn't actually real French and it just felt like it was.
@Fabby hah!
this is how i learned engilsh properly
had a british girlfriend
@Seth hmm, good point. No idea.
@terdon probably both
10:58 PM
Ha! Indeed.
that was the first time i recognized that simply school english will not bring you far
@terdon Think? Depends on the conversation. The one I'm having.
I can get into trouble in 10 languages, but only out of trouble in 6.
@Fabby Exactly, you'll think in whatever language you're using at the time, right?
A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not necessary for a dream to be described as lucid. == Etymology == The term 'lucid dream' was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams, though descriptions of dreamers being aware that they are dreaming predates the actual term. Frederik Van Eeden studied his personal dreams since 1896. He wrote down the most interesting...
@terdon That's really cool. We know the brain has a massive amount of control over reality. It's cool to think that, a la Arrival, you might have just fully unlocked French while sleeping :P
10:59 PM
a great way of training stuff btw
@terdon Think in the language...
Oh gosh I just used a french phrase there and probably butchered it :S
@Seth Heh, that's what I liked to tell myself. I had taken a lot of french classes at that point and had forgotten most of it, so it isn't impossible. It's just equally likely that the whole thing was a figment of my dreaming mind.
@Seth All of the languages I can speak have been ex-girlfriends (except Arab)
@Fabby I think that that is characteristic of people who were raised speaking multiple languages.
11:01 PM
@terdon Yup.
@terdon But you also have a broader view.
E.G. I totally dislike the distinction English makes between "Brain" and "Mind".
Sure, but I know people who always translate. Even when they speak the language they're using quite well.
IMNSHO, there is just one and it compasses all...
@Fabby Yes. Liver.
@terdon Really?
11:03 PM
More seriously, I quite like the brain/mind distinction, but maybe because both of my mother tongues have it.
@terdon :D :D :D
@Fabby I think so, yes. I know I've talked about this with people who do it, but I don't really remember how proficient they were in the target language.
But I do remember being surprised that someone would be translating while speaking as well as they did.
@terdon As a scientist, you do understand that consciousness, mind, soul, are just imperfect descriptions of all the tasks our most complex organ does.
And I know that I don't do it even when I speak the language badly: I'll still think in the language I'm speaking, I just can't think that well if I don't speak it well.
@terdon :D :D :D
Here too.
11:05 PM
@Fabby Yes, but brain is the organ.
and the funny thing with me is: Italian is a ROM language...
@terdon but the rest are just manifestations of the brain...
Which ones were you born to again? Was it Italian and Dutch?
So my dad is Italian, but my mum is not.
so she did not want our dad to speak Italian to us,
which he hopefully ignored :P
because he only spoke dialect and she'd rather we not learn bad italian
However, whenever my mum wasn't supposed to hear a conversation, he switched to Italian with his vbrother, sisters, family etc.
so hearing Italian all my life,
I can understand all of it, but cannot speak!
I understand the words, but I cannot remember them
(mosty because I always pretended never to understand anything as the conversations my dad was having, were about my mum...)
11:09 PM
@Fabby "bad Italian"!?
I know: it's weird
@terdon dialect.
@Fabby Calling that bad Italian is ridiculous.
@terdon Flemish but on the street where I lived there were:
It isn't Italian at all!
Dutch, English, Germans, Italians, Walloons.
@terdon That's what she called it...
@terdon Huh?
11:11 PM
:P :-)
And I'm just a very good parrot and I pick up bad stuff pretty quickly.
(as you well know from my knowledge in Greek)
The only difference between what is now called Italian and the various other languages spoken on that peninsula is that one was chosen as the official language. But the dialects aren't bastardizations of Italian, they're not dialects of Italian.
They're different languages, some of which are related to Italian.
I've heard one taxi driver call that another one and when I repeated it, he went like "No! No!!!"
So I knew I had a good one!
@terdon Dz is pronounces Z, è is pronounced e,etc.
It's a mountain dialect of pretty good Italian.
Imagine having to learn a language from an alien whose breathing apparatus is radically different from ours.
11:15 PM
@Fabby That's how smokers' kids feel!
Someone once told me "Oh, You should start working for NASA", and I told her: "No, I'm terrible at speaking Dolphin, you need to be good at that before you get a NASA job..."
@Fabby take that, smoker!
@dessert I don't have kids???
:P :D
Typical smoker...
@dessert You should know better by now than to try and trick me!
11:17 PM
;-) >:-)
Although, I don't know why I want to play this game. I smoke like a chimney, after all.
Well smoke is used since millenniums to conserve flesh ....
You do smoke too?
Oh yes.
11:18 PM
dead flesh, to be exact
@Videonauth i'm good then!
Alcohol to preserve fruit!
Smoke to conserve meat!
I'm golden!
@Fabby, dude, we're gonna taste so good when we die, they won't even want to bury us!
Talking about smoking: BRB!!!!
@terdon :D :D :D
11:19 PM
Ok weird question that ya'll reminded me of: I read on reddit that a nicotine craving will only last about ~3 minutes before it fades. People in the comments backed that up, but I'm curious if your experiences back that up at all.
(obviously reddit is not that reliable lol)
Certainly not in my experience.
The last few hours of really long flights, for example, are one long craving.
well i try to trick myself in smoking less in a similar way, but the craving lasts longer certainly
Huh. Interesting. Several people said that they, almost overnight, stopped smoking when they learned that. I've never smoked but that seemed too good to be true.
since i roll my cigarettes i try to spend as much time on that
idk if reddit was just fucking with me or what.
11:21 PM
Now, the physical addiction can be overcome in about a week if you quit. That means that you're body is back to normal, but it's such a big part of you that most ex-smokers never really stop wanting a cigarette, they just get used to not getting what they want.
That's fair.
well i try to quit since years and i came down to about 10 1/2 cigarettes per day but never really mnaged to completely let it slide
and sad
@Videonauth That's better than me by a long margin.
depends if i have a bad day i still go up to 15-20 1/2 cigarettes
11:22 PM
Although I find that rollies really help because even when it's gone out, I'll keep it in my mouth or fingers to play with and that's a big part of the addiction.
@Videonauth I like that that 1/2 is constant!
I remember reading an article on addictions (and I hope I'm not being insensitive here) that talked about "emotional" or similar connections that are made beyond just a chemical dependency. Calling those harder to break than the actual physical dependence.
i use filter tips out of cardboard and i keep rolling them in shape for almost as much as 1 hour in good moments
@Seth I've quit multiple times... Longest was 3 months...
@terdon well i measured it my rollies contain as much tobaco as half of a premade cigarette you can buy in boxes
11:23 PM
@Videonauth I use those too but, uhm, not for cigarettes.
For cigarettes, I use actual filters.
actually i begun to roll a cigarette almost 45 minutes ago and still rolling the filter tip :P
@Videonauth i had an ex-GF wjho only smoked 2 cigarettes a day: One after lunch and one after dinner.
@Videonauth That's a good trick. Mine is to roll it but not light it.
@Fabby Oh man, I hate those people!
She did that for 10 years and when I ran out of cigarettes and smoked all her pack , she decided to give up...
and i dare to assume where you use filter tips is what i think about?
11:25 PM
@Videonauth Probably :)
@terdon Same here...
@Seth yep
@terdon well youre not alone, i use the tips for everything just the cigarette paper size changes depending on usage
@terdon messaged you on gtalk, btw.
@terdon I use filters for everything: I use tubes...
@tedon and to not use actual filters i keep being enviromental friendly as cardboard degrades fast and i get the full flavor of smoking without a filter wich helped me a lot to turn down the amount of cigarettes a day
11:27 PM
00:27 here and busy week ahead: Nice talking to you ladies, but I need my beauty sleep!
@Videonauth Fair
---^Equal opportunity offender. @Zanna
@fabby wrapping up your stuff in hof ?
@Videonauth Yup... 15 cm of snow compared to 2 cm in Waterloo.
@terdon yes i dislike conventional filters as they contain microplastic
11:29 PM
(just drove over)
Good night all!
uh bad
It's 5 and rainy here :P
sleep well and drive carefully
@Videonauth in 2 weeks time: I just arrived here.
Going to watch a documentary to wind down...
@terdon in many cases i try to stay as enviromental friendly as possible
11:37 PM
Good call.
11:55 PM
well I fucking lied. It is now snowing.
he cursed
in my christian chat
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