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3:19 AM
Q: Slightly grey tounge and bad breath, whats the cause?

TrevorKSI've had a slightly grey film over my tounge now for months, and no matter how good oral hygiene i perform, i can not shake it. The bacteria (i assume) grows back within hours and appears grey again along with bad breath. Its the worst in the morning, and even worse after if i use mouthwash the n...

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7:04 AM
Q: Baby vs. Butterfly Needle

Greek - Area 51 ProposalHow do they differ? They're mentioned here. I prefer a smaller needle to lessen pain for blood tests.

Q: How else can a phlebotomist lessen my pain, on top of using a baby needle?

Greek - Area 51 ProposalMy grandpa's specialist has ordered quarterly blood tests for him. Most of LifeLabs' phlebotomists (in Ontario, Canada) venipuncture very painfully. Though he didn't mention algophobia, he chanced on a kinder phlebotomist yesterday who was canny enough to sense his needle phobia and introduced ...

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6:00 PM
Q: Meaning of "platinum sensitivity and primary PFI being repowered as prognostic factors"

CopperKettleQuote from a clinical trial report: Recurrence eventually affects 70–80% of patients with advanced epithelial ovar-ian cancer [2, 22], with platinum sensitivity and primary PFI being repowered as prognostic factors for recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer [22, 23]. What is the meaning of "be...

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8:23 PM
Q: How are surgical patients kept still while awake?

TheEnvironmentalistCertain surgeries require the patient to be awake and lucid to be performed safely. If the patient has clonus, epileptic seizures, tremors, or any of a number of other symptoms, staying still during the part of the surgery in which the patient is awake can be difficult. Clearly, this is dangerous...

9:11 PM
Q: XHANCE vs generic (fluticasone propionate) nasal spray

FrankI'm trying to find out what the difference is between Xhance and Flonase, generic (fluticasone propionate) nasal spray. For those who don't know Xhance is fluticasone propionate with a different delivery system than the generic fluticasone propionate sold at a warehouse store. Ass you can see i...

Q: Can oxygen therapy speed up cell mitosis?

عيسىIn several articles it reports how stroke patients improved by oxygen therapy. They did so by inhaling oxygen from an oxygen concentrator. How efficient is it? Any studies or experiences?

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10:35 PM
@LangLangC Is this easy to understand for laypeople? medicalsciences.stackexchange.com/a/18493/8212
any improvements?
Ahm, is this about rhinitis? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluticasone_propionate
@Narusan forgot ping
@LangLangC oopsie
deleted for now, as I can still undelete.
@Narusan Which you should. That delivery system may be or may be not a scam after all. Never heard of that before. Thought is fascinating. Price is, youknowwhatImean.
yeah. I wonder if my claim about the delivery system still holds up.
the "standard" nasal sprays as symphatomimetica definitely reach the entire Nasenschleimhaut, via the vein plexus and via the standard pathway down to the nasopharynx.
@Narusan And in case of an actual rhinitis a simple isotonic salt spray is just gold (as are regular neti pot douches). // In this case I hold the increase of mucus membrane surface for an idea worth entertaining. With evidence ;)
10:47 PM
@LangLangC wait - this system is absolute bullshit.
Just twisting what to comment on this? Prior research tour are given. But 3D?
@Narusan Ah. More like that? fiercepharma.com/marketing/…
@LangLangC When you breath out, I don't think your velum platinum closes the nasopharynx when exhaling. The velum platinum is only closed during swallowing via the M. constrictor pharyngeus superioris. However, in the different phonation positions, it does appear to be closed.
Because if the velum platinum doesn't separate oral and nasal cavity, there will be pressure out of the nasal cavity, and this basically minimises the effect that the pressure in is supposed to have.
The soft palate naturally seals off during an exhale, trapping the drug inside the nasal cavity, OptiNose says. Hehe, this is the trick.
It's not about getting it to spread further in and so on, it actually just wants to prevent the spray from escaping down the nasopharynx.
But you can achieve the same by simply exhaling, or apparently, speaking. So it doesn't seem so viable to me... But then again, I'm no HNO-Arzt...
@LangLangC What do you think?
@Narusan Basic considerations are one thing. What really is the trick?businesswire.com/news/home/20170918006461/en/…™-fluticasone-propionate I think it really is mainly the price? We need no HNO, but stream physics in those cavities. Or experiments. I just did two (with conventional spray) and have the same doubts as you. Found sth reliable on this?
Hmm, that really got me hooked, despite the fact that I ought to sleep :)
Argh. Company touts the drug as effective compared to placebo. Nice. But how about much more effective than old delivery method? If that's not found – more easily – it qualifies as predation?
11:01 PM
@LangLangC The evidence they present doesn't convince me. Clinical approved my ass, they didn't do a dbrct, they had only an intervention group, nothing to compare with
@LangLangC great minds think alike huh...
Yeah, exactly. PR cum laude. Two links in here globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/06/21/1528147/0/en/…
Two similar randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter studies That's not how you do clinical trials. Aren't you supposed to do state of the art treatment vs new treatment OR state of the art treatment vs state of the art treatment + new treatment on top?!
Yeah, they only had no treatment as alternative. what a bs
If you are an honest researcher, then you'd do that. They are looking for prey to catch with an old drug. Patent on delivery without proof that that's any good. Quite a sour mouthful. Rule of thumb: if they got strong evidence, they parade that. I do not see an iota of that. I'd say: Go get em. // Gotta hitit as well, now. CU
@Narusan Dang. Me neither. Graham Chiu once said he had very wide reachin access rights. Ping him? Your primray doubts concerning study designs and approval procedures are already worthwhile.

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