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3:08 PM
@Randal'Thor That question is...quite naive really. It's like thinking Robert Jordan invented powerful water pits. ;-)
Hey y'all
I have kind of an embarrassing question but I'm not sure it's appropriate for the site
@LíamMurphy alright, link away :)
@NeoDarwin what is it?
Rowling recently revealed that Wizards simply shat themselves where they stood. However the vanishing spell is not taught until 5th year on Hogwarts.

Does it mean that everyone at the age of 11 or even younger was taught the vanishing spell first before anything or the parents/teachers simply vanished the "evidence"?
there are toilets in the HP universe...
or is that supposed to be like in the 15th century?
Hogwarts didn't always have bathrooms. Before adopting Muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence. #NationalTriviaDay
18th century
So??? @Jenayah
Any help
Can I post it to the site
3:19 PM
I think it would be closed as duplicate of:
Q: How did new Muggle-born students relieve themselves before toilets were added?

IkarosAccording to the question Are toilets renovated at Hogwarts? and its answer, [Before toilets were added] they simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence. However, new students, and particularly the Muggle-born ones, start at Hogwarts without much knowledge ab...

(geez that's when you realise how every question about HP has been asked already... ahah)
Thanks for link
you're welcome
But it's old thread
But it's outdated
They are talking about chamber pots and stuff
the dupe does address the Muggle-Borns but supposedly purebloods/halfbloods could use them too as they didn't know the spell
@NeoDarwin chamber pots did exist in the 18th century I think?
Rowling says that wizards relieved themselves where they stood
3:22 PM
@NeoDarwin That...sounds more like one of these satire Tweets. She's not genuinely Tweeting such, well, shit, is she? ;-)
pretty sure I even read something about it in ancient Egypt stuff
This is the latest in a long line of unnecessary trivia
Wait @NapoleonWilson it's an actual Pottermore tweet
Not from a satire Twitter account
Okay, now her mind has apparently entirely gone, well, down the tubes.
@NeoDarwin well yeah but in this case: 1/ if you know the spell you use it 2/ if you don't, you use a chamber pot
I don't think it gets any more complex than that, unless I misunderstood your question
So they switched from chamber pots to "defecation where they stand" upon learning the spell?
That makes sense actually the wizarding world is obsessed with inefficiency
3:25 PM
But...kudos for asking in chat rather than on the Q&A site. Very considerate indeed.
Little tip by the way, if you have a question about a specific HP quote try to search the site by putting some of it between "" - I found the above link with the search [harry-potter] "wherever they stood" (basically a lot of HP questions have oalready been asked so...)
Can we collectively agree to ignore Pottermore for canon
oh @Alex certainly will :P
And ditto to what Napoleon said
LOL the comments under that answer:
A: Are toilets renovated at Hogwarts?

chirluModern-style toilets were only added to Hogwarts during the 18th century: When first created, the Chamber was accessed through a concealed trapdoor and a series of magical tunnels. However, when Hogwarts’ plumbing became more elaborate in the eighteenth century (this was a rare instance of wi...

@LíamMurphy Do you have a link? I like sci-fi short stories
Why didn't they Imperius a snake and use it to find the CoS
Or imperius a Slytherin descendant secretly
3:31 PM
@NeoDarwin those are quite rare
7 mins ago, by Neo Darwin
That makes sense actually the wizarding world is obsessed with inefficiency
I hope they got cloud computing in the ministry of magid
Those paper planes were plain stupid
electronics don't work around magic
Oh yes I forgot
also I wouldn't trust these people with any kind of computer when their local expert on Muggle stuff is unable to use a phone
This would end up like when you take a look at your parents' computer and see their browser has 5+ iffy toolbars
So the muggleborn kids are always destroying their parent's electronics
3:37 PM
I don't think so, it's more of a "lots of magic in one place" kind of tihng IIRC
Unless it's the act of doing magic that causes destruction
Oh I see
like Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic and such
@Randal'Thor go copy-paste some of this here:
Q: What was the first SFF work where magic (spells) had to be primarily channeled through wands?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToMagic Wand is a fairly common SFF trope, made ever-so-more popular by Harry Potter. What was the earliest published SFF work where the trope was used? Criteria: Wands are listed as a nearly-universal requirement for magic users to channel/focus their magic (e.g. doing magic without a wand may...

That is how you ask that question (maybe with a little less rule-lawyering, though).
I have a deleted answer for that one.
3:49 PM
Or the even more interesting (but to be closed, on this site) version of how that motif even came about, which from some cursory glancing over Mr. al'Thor's new answer might cover to some degree.
4:05 PM
@Jenayah Quite so.
4:24 PM
Q: Are the scientists from "The Jameson Satellite" by Neil R. Jones based on real-world scientists?

Jenayah"The Jameson Satellite" by Neil R. Jones (1931), which is possibly the first instance of transhumanism in fiction (according to this answer by user14111), has Pr. Jameson trying to escape death by having his body preserved in a rocket "satellite" orbiting around Earth for all eternity, until he i...

5:02 PM
Q: :Spoiler Alert: Is the ultimate power of all the infinity stones together to wipe out half of all living creature?

Kushal BhuyanWe know that infinity stones are very powerful gems. But in the movie Infinity war, after gathering all the infinity stones, Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all living creatures with the help of infinity gauntlet. Are these stones only power together just to wipe out beings from ...

@Babelfish I איןמל 'ק ישהק ש /קדאןםמ שנםוא איןדץ
@Babelfish I think we have a question about this.
please plain link it instead of oneboxing it :)
(if you intended to link to it)
I would have to find it first.
But why?
spoilers :P
5:05 PM
@Jenayah I should probably get around to doing this again
yo who renamed babelfish with a space
Nov 28 '18 at 13:47, by TheLethalCarrot
Blame @SQB is always the default though right? :P
it's always rand's fault
@Mithrandir It's Loong's fault.
5:10 PM
Q: Is Cersei fertile at this point?

EndgameAll of Cersei's children are dead, so she became the ruler. I am wondering what Cersei thinks about the heir and the family's legacy her father talked about. Given that she regularly have sex with her brother these days, can she give birth to her brother's child once again?

@Mithrandir you're the closest to a SFF mod here right now, should babel fish be renamed back to "Babelfish"? it used to be that but it gained a space after it was deleted/re-added
a.) not my call b.) no
yea I was asking for an opinion not an action
it's with a space in the book
one could argue that it is with a space (and lowercase) as a common noun, but as the name it should be "Babel Fish" then
5:12 PM
@Riker This is an opinionless room.
5:56 PM
@Mithrandir wtd what is this command? :D
@Mithrandir Whaddya mean, 'wut'? Humans...
Mithrandir has too much fun with SmokeDetector.
!!/coffee Alex
@Mithrandir brews a cup of Ristretto for @Alex
6:09 PM
That explains it.
!!/tea Jenayah
@Mithrandir brews a cup of green tea for @Jenayah
No coffee for you :p
mais euh :(
6:13 PM
@Mithrandir So it's your fault she hasn't read my answer.
ahah indeed!
Unrelated - is there a way to see how much rep one has gained from answers, questions, edits? I found data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/168701/… for edits and I guess I could do the math for the rest but you know effort :P
I tried typing stuff in the Meta "Ask Question" page for Similar Questions algorithm but no avail so far
You can see from edits at /reputation (bottom)
@Jenayah You mean to split up your reputation by questions, answers, and edits?
6:43 PM
Q: AI-assisted Dog Drives Car at Night

GlennRayI'm trying to remember a science-fiction novel (may have been a shorter form) about an optimistic near-future, possibly written in the 1960's. A very small piece of the plot had to do with a family dog assisted by AI and a voice-box that developed a habit of going into the home's garage at night ...

@Alex yeah
I mean I could multiply the tag scores but that doesn't take the repcap into account
I found two feature requests asking that there should be separate reputations for questions and answers.
See also:
Q: How can I get a user ranking sorted by question reputation?

studentOn every stackexchange site you can rank the top (all time) users by total reputation. Is it also possible to rank the top users only taking into account the reputation earned by questions (and not by answers)? If so, how to do it?

7:16 PM
that's not rep though that's tag score (although they're obviously related)
@Jenayah Indeed.
7:45 PM
Q: Sci-Fi book I read in the eighties. Dystopian future where violence is porn

Danny3414This was a UK paperback (maybe) with red words over a dark city on the cover, I read it mid eighties. Set in future America The protagonist may have been some sort of investigator, he dresses up with fake scars and biker clothes before he hits the streets. All society is doing the same, they al...

8:28 PM
this is random
but i think we should have a comics stackexchange (seems to me like a pretty big topic for just a tag).
9:18 PM
Q: Why did McGonagall consider it to be "very dangerous" these days?

AlexIn Chapter Fifteen of Philosopher's Stone, when everyone gets caught out of bed on the night Norbert was given to Charlie's friends, Professor McGonagall says the following in her rebuke: "Four students out of bed in one night! I've never heard of such a thing before! You, Miss Granger, I tho...

9:28 PM
@Niffler There have been attempts to start one, all ending in failure. In the meantime, they're on-topic at Literature.
Q: Harry Potter - Dormitories

Kat BlackwellI rewatched the movies recently, and was wondering about the dormitories. Would the teachers have access if they needed to check on a student, or would they have to gain access via another student? E.g. If a professor was worried about a student, say they were depressed and they worried about the...

9:59 PM
@Marvin good observation, hadn't noticed that before
(or maybe I'm forgetting something)
@Jenayah Or maybe in French it's different?
hmmmm... I may be thinking of an answer
@Alex I read all seven books in English too
(admittedly I read them more times in French, and only once in English)
@Jenayah Oh. My apologies.
no worries
(Because that phrase is slightly different in the Hebrew translation).
10:03 PM
what's the English translation of the Hebrew translation?
Something like: especially not right now, when it's really dangerous.
I think the connotation is more of an immediately present danger.
hey, I need your timeline powers :)
For what?
When was the Forbidden Forest detention?
10:09 PM
I know, but how long after?
That was the punishment for this escapade.
My guess to be honest is that McGonagall was thinking of the first killed unicorn
> “That’s unicorn blood. There’s a unicorn in there bin hurt badly by summat. This is the second time in a week. I found one dead last Wednesday. We’re gonna try an’ find the poor thing. We might have ter put it out of its misery.”
If McGonagall caught them between "last Wednesday" and the Forbidden Forest detention she might have been thinking of that
is my guess
That's an interesting guess (and one I hadn't thought of). The timeline is a bit unclear though.
now maybe the students aren't aware but they're friends with Hagrid so they might have been
writing up a first draft...
After they get caught, we have "the next day" and then "Then, about a week before the exams were due to start" and then "The following morning".
The detention is that night.
So there were at least two days between the incident and the detention, and possibly a bunch more, depending on what that middle quote means.
10:14 PM
JKR math strikes again...
And we know that the incident occurred on a Saturday night.
@NapoleonWilson Harrumph ... I never asked whether RJ invented the concept, rather whether BS was directly inspired by RJ (given that BS was a big RJ fan).
I hope you'll agree that the wands question shows more literary naivete than mine does ;-)
@Jenayah Meh, why? The answer there is considerably less detailed and thorough than mine.
Good find though - I might drop a link to that one.
@Randal'Thor well yeah. Then post a new top-notch answer is what I'm saying
Yes, I do.
@Randal'Thor came up in close queue today
10:20 PM
Q: A View From A Distant Shore

MargaretIn the 1990s I came across a book by the above title. It was a collection of short stories from Eastern Europe I believe. It was an older secondhand paperback. Although I remember the book being a very interesting and entertaining read, I remember mostly one story. It was about the light just goi...

@Jenayah Oh, sorry. For some reason I thought you meant the other way round :-P
no worries
10:41 PM
first HP answer in a long time.
(actual HP answer, I mean; fanfic-id isn't HP answering)
@Jenayah You get an upvote just for the footnote.
Hopefully not about wizards shitting themselves.
It's about JKR not being clear enough with her timelines :P (shocking, uh?)
@Randal'Thor Turns out I voted up one of them, so I must have seen some kind of quality difference. ;-)
11:20 PM
How does one access the Slytherin common room again?
@Jenayah I mentioned it in my answer.
There's a password.
Q: In Star Trek, if an officer in the Tactical Command is demoted, can he command a vessel?

eliza doolittlethings Orion Sector Tactical Command was a Federation outpost associated with Starfleet's Tactical Command. enter link description here If the officer in charge of the tactical command is demoted can he still be in charge of the ship or will he returned to the planet?

ah they talked about it in book 2 didn't they?
Doesn't Malfoy save their Polymorphed butts by having the password when they didn't?
Though Malfoy nearly didn't have it as well.
he didn't?
11:25 PM
Malfoy paused by a stretch of bare, damp stone wall. "What's the new password again?" he said to Harry. "Er —" said Harry. "Oh, yeah — pure-blood!" said Malfoy, not listening, and a stone door concealed in the wall slid open.
so he did have it
But he nearly didn't have it.
mmmmh looks like it's more a case of "does my password ends with 2 or 3 on this site" situation
Eh, perhaps Malfoy had dozens of passwords to keep track of.
anyway by the looks of it I'm sure you can stand in front of that door and recite a supremacist speech and it'll have enough keywords for one to be the right password
At least Griffyndor passwords are unpredictable
11:27 PM
Well you also have to know where the door is.
But that's a good question. If you programmed a robot to recite every word, would you eventually gain access?
Or does the door have some mechanism like a phone that it automatically locks after five incorrect passwords, or something?
@Alex shout "Muggles suck don't they?" and head for the part of the wall that replies "I know right"
@Jenayah Harry and Ron apparently did not think of that.
@Alex well the brains girl was stuck in the toilet...
@Alex congrats, you just invented brute force attacks :P
In cryptography, a brute-force attack consists of an attacker submitting many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found. Alternatively, the attacker can attempt to guess the key which is typically created from the password using a key derivation function. This is known as an exhaustive key search. A brute-force attack is a cryptanalytic attack that can, in theory, be used to attempt to decrypt any encrypted data (except for data encrypted in an information-...
@Jenayah So wizards aren't that far behind Muggles.
Seeing as brute force attacks aren't exactly the most efficient kind of attack around...
11:43 PM
Well a bit of magic could probably speed up the process.
Or y'know... Alohomora
Are these paswword doors protected from Alohomora by the way?
Or would it not work since it's not an actual lock?
Probably would not work. That would seem like something that even Amycus Carrow could have thought of.
Plus it would kind of defeat the purpose of having a password for all but the most unadvanced students.
They had a freaking Alohomora-weak door to Fluffy's room.
That's because Dumbledore wanted them to break in.
He wanted them to break in, but any other kid without "titular character so who won't get mauled on the spot" advantage could also have broken in.
11:52 PM
Yeah, well, Dumbledore doesn't seem to care about any other students.
I know right
The question was actually asked:
Q: Why didn't Dumbledore bewitch the door of Fluffy in Philosophers stone?

axelonet “They could hear footsteps, Filch running as fast as he could toward Peeves’s shouts. “Oh, move over,” Hermione snarled. She grabbed Harry’s wand, tapped the lock, and whispered, “Alohomora!” The lock clicked and the door swung open — they piled through it, shut it quickly, and press...

Perhaps I should post an answer there.
@Jenayah Or as I recently argued, he cared, but had other more important priorities:
A: Why did Dumbledore appoint Hagrid as professor of Care of Magical Creatures?

AlexIn this answer I argued that Dumbledore specifically gave Hagrid various jobs and responsibilities in order to help Hagrid. That is to say that Hagrid who had never completed his magical education, and was a half-giant, had very little opportunity to excel. Most tasks in the magical world require...

@Alex meh. Every HP question's been asked
Not the twisted ones, though.
Thus far, none of mine have been closed as duplicates.
Dec 10 '18 at 19:43, by Jenayah
Man, your SFF questions at least are way too twisted to get closed as dupes. No one else would ever ask them :D
11:57 PM
Though, I don't think the most recent one was particularly twisted.
If it was, what does that say about the one who answered it?
McGonagall? No indeed
Otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to answer it
as you know... answering the question means understanding it first :P
(... or caring, granted)
Give us some time. We will twist you yet.
fat chance ;)
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