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2:00 PM
Far too late
@FAE Well, better late than never, eh?
Could've at least picked a less active time of day than "Just before prime time"
Poor poor questions
Yeah, we can't have the Diablo 3 spam be spammed of the front page by diversity spam
2:01 PM
ok, I'm going to put , , and into the list of Type 3 tags to get rid of
wow, I didn't have the excavator badge until just now
Here's a biggie -
@YiJiang I just want to point out that that's on the list of tags we explicitly ignored for this cleanup (category 6 on Oak's meta question)
At a rate of 1 per 5 minutes, which will likely still to overwhelm the front page, the current list of type 3 questions will take 36 hours to complete
So is controls, levelling
@YiJiang Well, we don't necessarily need to do this all in a single day or anything. The influx we get with these tags is not going to overtake our deletion, even if we take a week to do it.
@YiJiang OK, now I'm unsure about this
2:11 PM
sigh If we're only working type 3 questions, then let's make a list properly first
Which tags are unambiguously type 3, meaning they mean different things in different games?
Also note that Oak said this himself:
> It’s hard to draw the line between items under category (3) and those under (6). paladin is obviously (3). achievements is pretty strongly (6). But what about money or crafting? To which do they belong? I’m sure some of the readers already disagreed with me listing some of the tags above under (3) or (6) - this shows there is some disagreement here, as opposed to the other categories.
I'd say that crime should stay. Mob is ambiguous - they mean similar, but not the same things in different games
Skyrim DAWNGUARD trailer: joystiq.com/2012/05/31/…
@YiJiang is a little weird because it is almost exclusively used with
@murgatroid99 Yes, I noted that before. I think I just removed the tag from the only non Skyrim crime question
if you guys are doing mass burnination, you might want to consult my threads from earlier this year:
Q: The "common game mechanics" "dependent tag" roundup 2012/01/24 edition

agent86I reviewed about the top 300 tags on the site under the criteria I submitted for review here: On the coming murder of meta-tagging And the following tags were marked for further review - I do not endorse burninating all of these outright, nor do I feel we should take any action without further ...

is gone
2:15 PM
Q: "Too Specific" tag roundup - 2012/01/20 edition

agent86The following tags were selected based on the criteria that they are too specific to provide a meaningful distinction amongst questions and should be killed or merged. I've done my best to find merge targets whenever I can. wireless-controllers wiimote --> controllers Wiimotes are wireless c...

Well, that was easy
not all of them were acted on (in fact, very small percentage were)
Q: How does the save system of "I Am Alive" work?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI just started playing I Am Alive. AFAICS, the game has a different save system. It rewards you Retry s at certain points to take you to the latest checkpoint, but I am somewhat confused. When I die at some point, and I use a "retry", do I lose my supplements and ammo? When I die at some point...

This should be stripped of the platform tags, correct?
@agent86 should we get rid of all of the tags in those questions?
I really do hope you're right and I'm wrong about platform tags, guys, I really do hope so.
because if you're wrong then it's not going to be easy or possible to turn back
2:18 PM
@murgatroid99 I have no. freaking. idea.
just trying to save people some effort if they're looking for weird tags.
@agent86 aka fleeeeeeeeee from being the one who has to make that decision, fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
neither of those questions was very warmly received
@FAE shun the decider, SHUNNNNNN
but it sounds like you guys are going down that path again.
you've started unraveling the sweater
@FAE hey, you guys are doing this all on your own. Pretty much the only input mods have given to this is my answer, which got -3/0 and no comment from the community
I hate to go "you vs us" here but that turned me off from looking more into this initiative
@badp I'm currently mostly observing. I definitely don't really like the idea of Oak's #6 stuff being removed yet until search is better, and I still agree with @Grace's assertion that is useful.
@badp I can't find the post you're talking about
2:21 PM
@FAE Yeah, so you can't blame @agent86 for also observing :P
@badp I'm not at all, I was joking :P
A: Platform Tags are Useless

badpI disagree on all fronts. I disagree that people don't read tags. Tags and title is actually all most people do read, and often times the opened or closed fate of a question relies more on these factors than it does on the question body itself. After all, tags and question titles are exactly wh...

(score's -1, not -3, because I shared it with other mods a few minutes ago.)
Q: Are questions regarding glitches or exploits in online games allowed?

yx.Suppose I had a question about an exploit in Diablo 3 that allows a character to go from level 1 to 60 in 10 hours, is that considered on topic or too localized (it'll become obsolete once it gets patched at some point)?

uh oh, somebody woke grace...
2:24 PM
Disagree with assertion one. The Minicraft thing is pretty strong proof - yes, visually the two tag are hard to distinguish, but people seriously don't look at tags
if you guys need me, I'll be in my diablo 3 bunker.
Geezers, agent, if my wrath was to be incurred, you're slow to have noticed signs from, say, 24 minutes ago
I still have an extra key for The Ship to give away.
@YiJiang I would not say Minicraft is a good example. I thought you said Minecraft at first
2:25 PM
@YiJiang Disagree, disagree, disagree. You bring minicraft to the table, I up the ante with every single question with silly titles we've had ever
@murgatroid99 That's technically his point
Those have trained even the most distracted users to read the tags to figure out what the hell is the context of the question title
Nevermind that Minicraft technically is an example of people looking at tags - they're just not reading them properly.
just because "minecraft" is similar to "minicraft" it doesn't mean we should stop using tags forever
let alone stop using "ps3" when talking about the ps3 port of a game
@GraceNote what I mean is that minicraft is special in that it looks almost exactly like the title of a much more popular game
2:26 PM
@badp It doesn't mean we should stop using tags forever, it just means we shouldn't rely on them so much
We're not reliant on tags, but at the same time, they're a very usable resource.
@badp but we want to keep doing that if the fact that it's on the PS3 matters
@YiJiang yeah, we shouldn't expect tags to be perfect, whereas LessPop's post is "tags aren't perfect so destroy them"
@badp My gripe with the "hey, I'm using a PS3 and can't use a console" comment is that the console command will be useful to PC users who get the same problem (assuming the same problem can occur on PCs, of course)
@murgatroid99 "Questions about a specific version or port of that game should not be tagged based on the platform, but should instead make a note of the version in question in the body of the question when relevant."
2:28 PM
So adventure time isn't on youtube. How upsetting.
So we don't get two questions, one where console is okay and the other where you'd have to find a console-less workaround
"Where is the portal?" "Hey guys how can I find the portal to the enderdragon? By the way I'm on the xbox"
or whatever silly example of features added to minecraft after the version that was used for the xbox port
@badp "Platform Tags should henceforth only be used for questions specifically about a given platform or console, or a game's interaction with that platform or console"
@murgatroid99 I read that bit as "Where does this game save its files?"
The weird situation you get into is when someone says "How do I do this on the xbox" and then someone else wants to know the same thing for the PC. Is that two separate questions, one with PC tag and one with xbox tag?
2:30 PM
@badp That's how I interpreted it as well
@badp OK, I read it as anything about the game that is platform dependent
or "How can I buy DLC for this game using this platform's store"
or whatever
@GraceNote soooooorrrrry! I had to take care of kids. next time I'll know to neglect them when you're likely to be around :P
@badp if the port is so different from the original that you'll find two different questions with the same title that can be interpreted differently based on the tag, you'd probably want to call them different games
@agent86 You have to get your priorities straight, after all.
@murgatroid99 I'd try to say that the problem is platform dependent is the important bit.
2:31 PM
@Sterno I'd really hope that doesn't happen. Has it already with Skyrim?
@YiJiang I don't think they're that different
Basically, if the problem is not platform dependent, but the answers are, then it doesn't need a platform tag. The question is the same across platforms, and while an answer for a different platform may not help the asker, the asker isn't the only person we're trying to help.
@GraceNote right, that
Wait, is Oak's answer on cheating on multiplayer games really our stance that we go with?
2:32 PM
"How can I enter the secret <random guy's name> room?" "By the way I'm playing the GBA port. Not that it can possibly matter right?"
@badp does it make a difference?
@murgatroid99 yes, it's only in the SNES version afaik
@badp ok, I can see how this case would be a problem but it seems like it would be pretty rare
Oh no why did bwarner just add the achievements tag to a whole bunch of D3 questions.
Is that a good thing now?
2:35 PM
@murgatroid99 it seems to be the whole difference between the current policy and lesspop's policy
@badp and if the platform is not in the question, the answer could say "you can do X, but only in the SNES version"
@badp A good answer would explain the method in the SNES version and then clarify that it can't be done in the GBA version
and after all the current policy is "Do not use the platform tag UNLESS the platform matters."
@GraceNote Exactly
You either want the achievement tag on all questions about achievements or not have the tag at all. A situation where only some achievement questions have the tag makes it pretty useless
2:35 PM
returns to lurking while he eats
Q: Can you max out your level in World of Xeen without cheating?

John RudySimply put, is there enough gold natively in the game to allow your characters to train to the maximum level (IIRC, 200)? Even counting bank interest accrual, I was never able to do it. I have maxed out the levels before, but it always involved hex-editing the gold in my party. (I never hex-edit...

The Chris Houlihan room is legendary, whether you're on GBA or SNES, the question you'll be asking is the same. It is much more harmful to divide that than it is to not have tags there.
@YiJiang @bwarner is going on an achievement tag spree.
^ that have anything to do with might and magic?
@YiJiang oh yeah, good ole "all or nothing" fake-choice approach that can possibly only ever result in "nothing"
2:36 PM
At least, for Diablo 3
wait, we're killing the achievements tag?
well played sir, well played.
@badp I'd actually be in favor of "all questions about achievements", honestly
@badp Well, tell me then, how does having it on half the questions about achievements in Diablo 3 useful?
@GraceNote tagging is fuzzy, always can never be reached
clearly it follows we must choose 'never'
2:37 PM
You can't search using [diablo-3][achievement], you won't want to favourite the tag either
@YiJiang As a self-admitted achievement whore, were I to be playing D3, I would be using that tag all the time for filtering
@badp Being dismissive like that isn't really a good way to further the discussion.
@YiJiang I have the tag favorited because I like getting achievements, no matter the game
@badp the problem is that having it on some questions means that when you search for the tag you get the illusion of seeing all achievement questions
2:38 PM
@GraceNote I'd like to become dismissive of the "always or never" approach to problem solving, yeah. I find it to be rarely constructive
@badp I think "never" was the right choice for game-rec and ITG, but now that those are dealt with I'll side with you here.
@badp Yeah, but this is a completely different paradigm than those decisions
@badp Look, you tell me if the difference in results in gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/diablo-3+achievements vs. gaming.stackexchange.com/… is helpful
Not having the achievements tag on a question that is related to achievements, when we use the tag for that purpose, is as harmful as not having the game tag on a question about a specific game.
Seeing a ton of questions in Yi Jiang's text-based search that don't have the tag, that's honestly completely agonizing.
I'm saying that we could have the tag and make it useful, or not have the tag. What are you trying to say with "the always or never approach is not useful"?
@YiJiang I think he read your argument as "We missed it on some questions, so we should get rid of it"
I did not say we should remove the tag
@GraceNote so maybe this should be our next project after the tag cleanup: find tags that are only on some of their relevant questions and try to add them to as many others as possible
If misusing a tag were a good reason to get rid of it, we'd have no tags on this site.
@YiJiang it's as if you did, because no matter how much editing we can humanly do, "achievement -[achievement]" is a search query that will always give results
because tagging is by its very nature fuzzy and imperfect
2:43 PM
@badp "We are bad at tagging" is not the same problem at all as the policy result with rec/identification
@GraceNote why are you trying to lump them together, indeed?
I'm not thinking about game-rec/itg
@badp Because you are the one who made the parallel by addressing it as if "all or nothing" means we're in a middle ground because we're bad at tagging
@GraceNote it's not as much that we're bad at tagging, it's that tags are bad at being used in structured organized or "useful" things
@badp There are false positives with the text match, just like there are achievement questions without the tag. Currently, the text search is more useful, but it doesn't have to be that way.
@GraceNote We're bad at middle ground
2:45 PM
We're not in a middle ground
as I said earlier, I think we're trying to attach too much meaning to a system that allows us to attach five keywords to a question
part of the community knows about the 'achievement' tags and chooses to use it, part of the community knows about the 'achievement' tag and chooses not to use it, part of the community knows about the 'achievement' tags and chooses to remove it, part of the community doesn't know about it and doesn't use it
you can replace 'achievement' with any non-game-name tag ever and the above will hold true pretty much necessarily
@fredley that's the "all or nothing" fallacy applied to "tagging is hard, we can't make it perfect so let's give up entirely"
2:47 PM
@badp You could say the same of any tag that isn't the highest level of categorization on any site on the network.
@GraceNote exactly. So why does it make not useful?
@badp So get the community to make up its mind. At least try.
@badp None of us have said that
So long as the word appears in the HTML page title it's probably okay.
@GraceNote We're trying to nuke it here?
@badp Everyone in here right now has been saying otherwise
2:48 PM
@badp Duplication: not good. Same reason we don't like game names in q titles.
First, I believe there are some people who have contention with the current way #2 (platform tags) are implemented, but I'll leave it to them to post about that. Secondly, is "achievements" supposed to be listed twice there? Thirdly, and my main point, I am very very loath to burninate the tags in #6 unless search is fixed to suck less. It currently doesn't even recognize plurals as synonyms. See: "achievement" and "achievements" give you different results. — FAE May 10 at 12:53
You're the one who turned us trying to fix the application of the tag as a declaration of war against the tag.
Getting different results for "achievement" and "achievements" is awful
@fredley game names in titles aren't awful, but they shouldn't be needlessly jammed in
@fredley As long as they're there organically, there's usually no contention with them
2:49 PM
@NickT "Skyrim: How do I shot dragon?" is a common pattern
Q: Is there any way to increase the stun duration of Paralysis? (Or chance?)

Reno YeoI've noticed my Paralysis passive for Wizard in Diablo 3 only does 8% chance to stun for 2s. But the numbers are in green. Is there any way i can increase the chance to like, say, 10%? Or Stun duration?

is it me or does the 2 appear smaller than the other numbers?
@YiJiang Small for me too
Shorter, hmmm
2:49 PM
@YiJiang quirk of the font, I assume
@fredley yeah, that's not great; though "How do I shoot a dragon in Skyrim?" is better (albeit a trivial conversion)
Yi Jiang brought up that we should probably apply achievements to everything about achievements, which logically makes sense with how tags work at all. You tried to turn this to "It's always or never, so clearly it should be never", when all we're trying to do is amplify the usefulness of the tag so that we do get to keep it.
@YiJiang It's just the kind of quirk they love hearing about on meta
@GraceNote conceded: the war was "delayed" 15 hours ago
Does it appear like that when you view the page on your computer?
2:50 PM
but it was definitely put up there to be nuked from orbit
I didn't make it up
@badp Yes, because based on Oak's meta the community was heavily in support of nuking it.
How did I never notice this, huh
3 mins ago, by Grace Note
@badp Everyone in here right now has been saying otherwise
welcome to Gaming :P
@badp Like I said, based on Oak's meta.
@Wipqozn I didn't read heavy arguments in favor of nuking #6 tags or achievements
2:51 PM
@Wipqozn yeah, I know. That's what I implied by "welcome to Gaming" <_<
This is the current forum of discussion, this is where you've been discussing it. You're in a room of allies. This is why I've been trying to stop you from going down that route, because it's unproductive for you.
I'm basing this on:
a) the net score of his question
b) the only ***answers*** which brought up a problem with 6 had a negative score.
Does the "2" look shorter in the sample?
oh, right. markdown is terrible and doesn't work with multiple lines.
2:53 PM
@YiJiang not really
Yeah, me neither. There's something weird with the font on this computer
@YiJiang Only by optical illusion, if anything, but it's not shorter.
6 questions 8 followers???
but anyways, like I was saying, the voting on Oak's meta made it seem like everyone agreed with his proposal, so I just took his proposal and implemented into the clean-up.
@Wipqozn Yes, but upvoting his question mostly means that people agree that it's a mess, which it clearly is. And a single -1 vote on each of those answers is not something I would consider definitive.
2:54 PM
The kerning on the 2 is off though. But that's a different problem
@FAE Which is why I have since removed them from my clean up post.
I admit I made a mistake, I'm just explaining why I made it.
@NickT I thought we blew up that tag since it was mostly syntactically equivalent to having a [code] tag on Stack Overflow.
@GraceNote I'm not sure what this does mean at all, but it was an effective speed bump.
@GraceNote Yeah, I thought that tag is dead
Anywho, while the site does need cleanup, my apartment needs it even moreso, so later all.
2:56 PM
@FAE later
I am not following a single tag.
What does following do?
@StrixVaria It highlights the question.
@StrixVaria Gives it a tint, and nothing else
@Wipqozn Favoriting and following are the same then?
@StrixVaria Yes.
2:57 PM
Only on Stack Overflow does it affect the questions you get
@StrixVaria yes
@StrixVaria Following is the new term for "favoriting"
@FAE Later
I have things like *pokemon* and diablo* favorited.
Following tags also affects the "Unanswered" tab
2:57 PM
@YiJiang and only on the Interesting page
Well, it also lets you quickly access those questions from the main site via the "Favourite tags" area.
@StrixVaria Favorite ===== Followed
@murgatroid99 Well, "active" is no more, so
@badp But there is no diablo* tag.
>>> Favorite ===== Followed
SyntaxError: syntax error
[Break On This Error]

Favorite ===== Followed
2:58 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, well, I guess that means you're counted or not counted towards following them all? I'm not sure how that works
@YiJiang my point is that it still only applies to one category of the front page
@YiJiang it's like === but even stronger, man!
@GraceNote At any rate my whole point is that it's not very meaningful to say a tag should be nuked because it doesn't meet standards that pretty much no non-primary tag can ever meet.
I'm not sure how that suddenly becomes "me vs everybody else" but fine
@badp Right, and I'm saying that in this subnode of the discussion (as in, right in here, in this chatroom at this moment, where you brought this up), none of us are using that argument, so painting us as using that argument and arguing against us isn't productive if your intent is to shut down that argument.
3:00 PM
I also concede that while that standard can never be reached could be way much closer to it
@GraceNote I thought that was the whole point of @YiJ's linking to the search result for "diablo-3 [achievement]" vs "diablo-3 achievement"?
("diablo-3 achievement -[achievement]" and "diablo-3 achievement" give the very same results)
@badp It wasn't to say we should nuke it
It was to say "We should be applying the tag more often"
@badp My "argument" is an observation that the current situation with achievement, using Diablo 3 as an example, is not optimal
@GraceNote "...or not at all", if my memory isn't playing dirty tricks to me
I made the same misunderstanding @badp did with regards to YiJangs message.
@badp He wasn't supporting the "not at all" side, though, and he clarified this.
3:02 PM
A: Are alternative Minecraft servers worth it?

bbruncithe alternative servers arent worth it cuz a lot of mods arent supported. Some of them arent constantly updated so it isnt worth it

I also further noted that our poor ability of using tags is not us being a middle ground, so it's not forcing us to be "not at all"
@GraceNote I imagine I missed that due to the red "anger" fog at the borders of my viewport :P
@badp This is why I'd been trying to stop you from the get-go. It was a misunderstanding and letting it continue only would've made you more frustrated
@GraceNote That wasn't very effective then :(
@badp insert cheesy pokemon joke here
3:04 PM
Could you please substantiate your arguments more, by elaborating with examples? As it is this answer is not very useful. — Yi Jiang 40 secs ago
I'm only male, tunnel vision is what makes males male!</unintentional-male-chauvinism>
I feel like a teacher marking an essay
Anyway this is the top unanswered question on this site.
(Google translate is what came up with 'male chauvinism', I know nuttin' about 'chauvinism')
Is it because there aren't many here that aren't familiar with the subject matter?
@YiJiang I think because it's currently a terrible question.
3:07 PM
I'm kinda confused by what exactly the question is asking
In fact I think I voted to close that.
not only is it vague, but it's way too broad.
@badp I have a feeling you got something inverted there. To quote Wikipedia "Male chauvinism is a term used to describe the belief that men are superior to women." Unless that's what you intended
He's asking "Is it worth it" (whatever that means) to switch to another server, and then lists every server for minecraft ever.
@murgatroid99 It wouldn't be the first time for me that trying to make a joke "against" myself and categories I am in got read by other people as being slanted towards said category
VTC as "Not a real question": Your question is too broad and vague. I'm uncertain what you mean by "worth it", and you seem to be asking it about every server listed on the site you linked. — Wipqozn 7 secs ago
3:09 PM
"Do you mean there's no women with tunnel vision? That's sexist!" or somesuch
@murgatroid99 Eh, it still can be chauvinist, just from a very twisted perspective that tunnel vision is a positive thing that women "lack".
You might phrase it as "HYPERFOCUS".
@GraceNote That's like a super power or something.
@Wipqozn See, and only men have it, apparently, because that's what makes men men.
@GraceNote I didn't say he was wrong. Just that the actual meaning probably didn't match the intended meaning
Speaking of HYPERFOCUS, my break is over, so I'm going to return to work.
3:13 PM
@badp That too. When was the last time you saw a girl fire lazers?
I haven't been following the conversation: are we still burning the crap tags? There are 3 suggested edits in the queue to do so
We all know girls use high-explosive shell weaponry
@GraceNote I play Lux quite often
@GraceNote The answer changes every second together with your gender starts running really fast
3:16 PM
@NickT what is this I don't even
@YiJiang It's pretty much what Lux does. Fire lasers.
amazon's doing a "dads and grads" sale on collector's editions of video games: amazon.com/gp/feature.html/…
@badp I'm not really much for energy weapons, honestly. Except for Recoil's Laser Designator. Now that was a fancy piece of artillery.
@agent86 Zumba Fitness only $19.99!?! What a deal!
Aha, Battleship the video game based on the movie based on the board game $39.99
3:19 PM
Q: Different colored treasure goblins?

AndersI have noticed that the treasure goblins have different colors. Some are red, blue, yellow, black and so on. Do the colors mean anything? Does it mean they have different loot? Sometimes treasure goblins tend to drop gems, other times books/pages. Can this have anything to do with the color of th...

Q: As AD Carry, is it better to stay alive and attack harder targets than to kill enemy carries?

dbemerlinIn the Solo Queue games i play i sometimes get raged at because i didn't attack the opponents AD/AP carry but rather stayed back and attacked targets that were safer for me, like the bruisers or even the tank. I then in response went and tried to attack the target they wanted me to attack but us...

Q: How does Devouring Arrow work?

WikwocketWhile trying to figure out the math for Hungering Arrow, we discovered that we don't know how the Devouring Arrow rune works: Hungering Arrow: Fire a magically imbued arrow that seeks out targets for 115% weapon damage and has a 35% chance to pierce through targets. Devouring Arrow: Each...

Q: How do I add skylanders to my account

mrminecraft3000My brother has a Skylanders account and he wants to add another Skylander but we don't know how. I have been to the lair but it wont work. My dad added the first one for him but it just came up with a place to add a code when he made an account for my younger brother. NOTE: This is on the websit...

@MarkTrapp How long until we get a board game based on the video game, thus completing the circle?
@fbueckert Don't give them any ideas
@MarkTrapp ...so, it really is based on the boardgame?
@GraceNote Yes
It was licensed from the owners of the board game
3:21 PM
The commercials are total failures if this is the case. If I don't hear the line "YOU SUNK MAH BATTLESHIP!" at least once...
@GraceNote I just assumed it was, didn't actually look into it
@fbueckert that reminds me of Street Fighter: the movie: the video game
@murgatroid99 That does not exist, right?
I saw a bit of the movie on TV. It was horrifying
@YiJiang Yet
3:22 PM
Now that we have gritty adaptations of Rock'em Sock'em Robots and Battleship, we just need one for Sorry! to complete the trifecta
Street Fighter: The Movie, released in Japan as , is a head-to-head fighting game released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The game is based on the 1994 live-action Street Fighter movie and uses digitized images of the films cast posing as the characters in the game. While it shares its title with the arcade game Street Fighter: The Movie, the home version is not a port but a similar game developed on the same premise. The home version was developed and published by Capcom in Japan and released in North America and Europe by Acclaim. Gameplay System The home version of Street Fig...
Street Fighter: The Movie is a head-to-head fighting game released as a coin-operated arcade game. The game is based on the 1994 live-action Street Fighter movie and uses digitized images of the films cast posing as the characters in the game. While a home video game also titled Street Fighter: The Movie was released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, it is not a port but a separately produced game based on the same premise. The arcade version was developed by Chicago-based Incredible Technologies and distributed to the arcades by Capcom. Gameplay The arcade version of Street Fight...
Oh gawd
Oh, well, there you go.
@fredley give it time
3:23 PM
Q: What is the meaning of symbols in Farming Simulator?

mrminecraft3000What do the symbols in Farming Simulator 2011 mean? I do not know what plant they represent. I have looked for an answer on the internet but I couldn't find any. These are the crop symbols but im not sure which crop they represent.This is the symbol but there are other ones.(Sorry its a bit blurr...

Didn't Battleship flop? If it did better I'm sure Hasbro or whomever would've been all over a low-quality re-release of Battleship complete with crappy movie decals
@murgatroid99 They need to recoup their money somehow
Did this guy just take a screenshot using a camera of a PC game?
@MarkTrapp It flopped harder than anything ever
In other news, I'm giving away a free game, and everybody is ignoring it!
3:24 PM
Harder than Gigli?
What is wrong with you people!? :P
@YiJiang looks like it
@fbueckert A-where?
@fbueckert Sorry, I already own the Collector's edition of Pretty Pretty Princess
The Witcher 2 is on sale on GoG at 40% off at USD 29.99: gog.com/en/gamecard/the_witcher_2
3:26 PM
1 hour ago, by fbueckert
I still have an extra key for The Ship to give away.
Never thought I'd have to work to give away a game.
@fbueckert I'll take it
@fredley Done!
@fbueckert Cheers!
I'll need your steam profile to gift it to you.
@fbueckert fredley91
3:32 PM
@fbueckert weird, I gave out my two keys pretty easily
@badp Fredley just claimed it. :)
I'm almost annoyed enough to buy two more bundles and gift them entirely.
How many players does that game need?
I don't even know what that game is
I've been out of here and the loop for a bit too long
The Ship, some sort of, well I'm not quite sure what it is
> The Ship is a multiplayer game of subterfuge and assassination, played on a series of 1920s cruise ships. Hunt down and murder your quarry while looking out for the assassin hunting you. Take care of your needs by eating and sleeping, improvise weapons from whatever you can find on board, avoid the cameras and security guards and, whatever you do, don’t lash out with a croquet mallet in front of another passenger!
3:37 PM
So, it's basically playing Assassin on a ship, as a video game.
@MarkTrapp ooh, didn't see zumba fitness. I should get that for my wife.
@GraceNote It's quite fun to play in a LAN setting.
It's first person, but what does the killing part entail?
Shooting? Stealth? Bludgeoning someone else to death secretly?
Something about having victims and bounties for them from Mr. X
The tutorial has a club, a pistol and a syringe
Does it have a stealth component?
3:44 PM
It's Assassin. The point is to not be detected, blowing your cover is pretty bad.
wielding a weapon while in sight of guards and cameras is instant arrest
and doing so in presence of other characters is an arrest, just not an instant one
also you have sleep meters and thirst meters and pee meters and drink meters and just so many meters the game can't fit them all on the left of your screen
I'm not sure I understand why those meters are useful in the game but oh well
what is that, first person assassin or first person the sims?
Stealthily use the bathroom then shoot somebody to death afterwards
additionally it is disappointing that the Minecraft world generator system can no longer keep up with players flying around
at least not on my machine
@badp You mean the amount of chunks it has to generate?
3:57 PM
Yeah, with the latest weekly snapshot you can fly around map in your hand and after a while everything goes grey as your computer tries to catch up with you

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