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1:14 AM
@nitsua60 Was not attempting to draw attention to my char ....
@EnderLook To work the system, make sure someone gives the best forager the Help Action, and also have a cleric or druid cast guidance. ;)
I dislike Windows 10.
@Ben really? I kinda dig it.
It is not the best for sure
1:30 AM
From an IT perspective, it's terrible. It "assumes" a lot. From an end-user perspective it's fine, because all that technological mumbo-jumbo is all hidden away
I mainly wish it didn't wipe out all my personal files that one time after an automatic update
Thankfully I have that stuff backed up but it's annoying at best
I even found every setting I could to tell it not to update without warning me first but then it started harassing me every other time I opened the computer :/ Microsoft doesn't make completely user freindly settings
Clippy is dead, long live clippy
@KorvinStarmast Ahaha! That is perfect!
@trogdor That.... what?
@trogdor People have made mods that recreate clippy lol
@Ben yeah that happened
Only once, but once was enough to make me pretty mad
1:39 AM
And Also to not want to let it always update whenever it wants
@Ben they are insane :P
@trogdor Well, that much is understandable. Not only do updates bring in new features (which Windows 10 now survives on - there are no more "Windows-X" variants coming out), they also help keep your security up to date in order to protect you from threats
You can schedule them to happen at a regular time, but some are more important than others and need to get done.
I don't want it to never update,... But some actual control over the timing of updates would be nice
Sometimes I'm leaving the house, or heck going to sleep, and the computer wants to stay on for extra time to update
I should have some veto power when that is inconvenient for me
It's not exclusively about the file loss thing that did only happen once, so far at least
It was definitely the catalyst to my decision that I really don't like they way they handle updates though
I think in general having regular updates is good, but not giving the user a way to really schedule or control them is not the way to handle it
What I would like to see is a feature that automatically shuts down your PC after regularly scheduled updates. That way you can leave your laptop/PC on, then it runs the update, and shuts down your PC
@NautArch Ring of Jumping, Ring of Feather Falling, Quiver of Ehlonna and Horn of Valhalla
For my Minotaur
@Ben interesting selection. Horn of Valhalla can be fun, but you, your table, and your DM on board with managing summoned creatures?
@NautArch That was my only issue with it. Extra stuff can be a pain sometimes
1:52 AM
@Ben it usually does do that if you are given the option at shutdown to update and shutdown
But my problem is that sometimes that is the only way to turn your computer off
@trogdor I mean automatically. You can choose that option when you shutdown, but some updates need to shutdown/restart to apply the update
And while it is rare enough, sometimes it inconveniences me to have my computer turned on for update length of time after I was just trying to turn it off
And then after that the next time you turn it on it will probably take extra time to finalize the update too
My problem with this is mainly, again, my lack of control over deciding when it can do this
I understand that in order to update it has to take some time, but I want to have more control over when that is,... And Microsoft ethier doesn't consider that or doesn't seem to care
@Ben true
Weird question: Does D&D5e has the cup volume measure? In other words, if someone uses cups in a homebrew content, does he need to explain the measure (2 cups = pint, cup = 4fl oz).
I would be surprised if it did
I doubt it
@EnderLook what are you trying to put in your game, a pancake recipe? :P
2:08 AM
@Ben As long as everyone is on board with a few new NPCs during combat, then it's all good :)
and beware of the dark :)
@Shalvenay Good question. I'm making a homebrew (I found it a very entertaining activity) about foraging (I have abandoned the idea of the vampire for a while). Characters are able to butcher creatures for meat in pounds but I also want let them to collect the blood. In order to not make a new table with values, I was thinking to replace the pound measure for meat to something for liquids. I find a pint too much and a vial too little, so I was thinking in a cup (half of pint and double of vial)
I love that weird measures (pint, vial, cup, pound, ounce, etc) which USA and UK has!
I'm still wondering what will I do with the homebrew content after finishing it... I must quickly gain experience as a player in order to jump to DM and be able to use all this stuff! I love it!
So... can I use cups?
@EnderLook I would expect common units of measure to be a part of a setting, technically
@PeterCooperJr. I'm sorry but I think I have collided with a translation barrier. I shouldn't use cups or is it part of the common units?
It does look like quarts has been used in officially published content. I don't see why you couldn't use cups.
Most US readers would probably understand what you mean, if that's your question
2:25 AM
Or do it Tarantino style and use gallons
@EnderLook I must point out, though, that a cup is 8 fl. oz. (At least in US. Maybe UK uses different cups?)
@PeterCooperJr. Yes, I know, I accidentally wrote that wrong in the chat. I you read below you will note that I said it is the double of a vial, which has 4 fl. oz.
@PeterCooperJr. And I'm using the US measures (or at least I think), D&D also use US measures, right?
@EnderLook Rarely. There's not much measuring going on.
But yes: pounds, feet, hours instead of 3.6 kiloseconds... =)
@nitsua60 So, what have I to use? cm^3?
2:41 AM
D&D uses US measurement (feet, miles, etc.) Using fl. oz./cups/quarts/gallons makes perfect sense to me, but I'm quite used to US measurement.
2:53 AM
@NautArch if you've got a sec, I wonder if you'd mind checking if your last flag shows as "helpful" or not? I ask because I didn't touch the flag; I did delete all the comments, since OP made edits to incorporate Miniman's and my suggested clarifications. So I'm curious how the site thinks I mod-handled your flag.
@nitsua60 Marked as helpful
@NautArch I have goggles for that :P
Interesting. (I was trying not to touch it, out of propriety.)
you felon
@Ben oh, those are on top of the stuff you chose?
@NautArch Yeah
2:57 AM
@Ben oh, that's even cooler! Random rolls or specifically chosen by DM?
I've got 22,500 gold to spend - using the "sane magical prices" list to pick some extra stuff
ah, extra purchases
planning on doing some picking up and dropping of enemies?
from great heights?
I'm a little concerned I'll have too much stuff to work with haha
I was think "LeapQuake" haha
Though without the "quake"
@Ben Necklace of fireballs never hurts....
@nitsua60 depends on who is wearing vs receiving
3:00 AM
I'm worried about having too much stuff that does things. I already have several different uses of my bonus action as it is haha
Bracers of defense... not that many AC boosts out there.
I'm a huge fan of the luck stone, personally.
@nitsua60 Oh yes! I forgot about those
@Ben This is your barbarian, right?
Can you wear gloves and bracers?
Wouldn't see why not. I mean, aside from the fashion offense....
Maybe not opera gloves of missile snaring, but regular-person gloves of missile snaring should be fine?
3:06 AM
I'm a level 20 barb with 10 str. Function > fashion hahaha
Maybe swimming and climbing might be better. I have 2 battleaxes, so I won't (normally) have a free hand in combat
At least that's the idea
Ring of protection would be worth a spot on the list
@Ben definitely. I'd take that over the jumping/featherfall
but featherfall is superhandy
@Ben @nitsua60 fashion begits function,... Wait what did I just say? Nvm this is an even dumber joke now that I type it out
@Ben where'd you get the 10? I thought you were 9? :D
10 Strength? or +10 STR ?
3:12 AM
@trogdor Wow. "Even dumber" makes a lot more sense than "even number." =D
@NautArch the minotaur had 2 advancements, the second was to con or str, so put it to str to remove the -1 mod
@MikeQ 10 str. Lol
@nitsua60 (Kirk's Khaaaan voice) Phooooooooonnnnnne!
@trogdor lawl
@Ben ah, that's right
@nitsua60 I agree, this mutinous machine thinks even number works better though
Good thing we outnumber it
3:18 AM
Who's we? I've been raptured by the robots.
9 hours ago, by nitsua60
I was just writing a two-line e-mail and couldn't think of the right way to end the second sentence. I looked at the screen and GMail had, in grey, found the perfect words.
That's the singularity, right? The singularity's here? I can take the afternoon off?
@NautArch Potentially, depending on what limit there is to how many rings I can have
@Ben that and the ring of protection is rare - you have the money for that?
@nitsua60 lol, sometimes it is helpful that it Auto completes words for me, more often though,... It takes a word I've already finished and spelled right and deliberately used for it's meaning and decides it needs to switch it with a word more commonly used after the word right before it
@NautArch Using this pdf - Sane Magical Prices
Or Something
3:26 AM
@trogdor Yeah, that happens to me too. Except it often chooses less commonly used words =\
The GM hasn't said no...
Also I have 22,500 gold to spend. lol
I'm not really sure what parameters it uses to decide to replace a word
@nitsua60 my assumption is it draws from a database of words used by everyone, and therefore invalidates usefulness to everyone because not everyone uses the same words in the same places
But it also takes words I know I have used before but that I have not used often and uses those to replace words I do use more,..... So really I have no idea
Well, if I drop the Horn of Valhalla, all my stuff costs 22,000. Ring(s) of Jumping, Feather Falling, and Protection, Quiver of Ehlonna, Immovable Rod, Bracers of Defense, and Gloves of Swimming and Climbing
Then I have the Fire Giants belt, 2 x Battleaxes +2, Goggles of Night, Longbow +1 and Cloak of Protection
3:51 AM
GM approved!
Holy Haul, Monty!
Holy Loot Tables, Batman!
4:15 AM
@nitsua60 ...I just got that
4:28 AM
@Ben gives the minotaur a friendly cowlick :D
Feel free to review/double check everything is right lol
cc @NautArch
Onto my Gestalt PC!
Question about asking questions
Would it be too broad to ask how changing a monster's non-numeric stats (creature type, damage types, swap spells, etc.) affects its difficulty? (5e)
4:44 AM
Hmm... my answer about providing answers doesn't seem to apply here
@MikeQ Depending on how you word it, I guess?
I think it might easily be too broad
But if you have a specific example maybe it's fine?
I mean, ultimately, it'll either be "yes or no, depending on the situation"
If you are just asking in general how doing those things might effect any monster I definitely think it would be closed as too broad
But I could be wrong there
@MikeQ Definitely too broad. Any one of those is probably specific enough, but they're all pretty big questions in their own right.
This recent question asks about changing a monster's CR without affecting its flavor, and so I'm kinda trying to figure out the opposite problem
4:49 AM
@Miniman Mmm yeah good point
Darn. Ok. I'm trying to figure out how to create encounters within the 5e CR scheme.
All my habits are from the pathfinder CR scheme, where the player characters are overpowered due to charop and so CR doesn't matter
@MikeQ I mean, if you ask all of those questions about a specific monster, like that question, that's probably fine.
@MikeQ Do whatever you want, recalculate CR from scratch afterwards, playtest.
5e CR is even less robust than previous editions.
Fortunately, part of that lack of robustness (robustitude? robusitity?) is because it's incredibly forgiving. As long as your encounters are even vaguely within the guidelines, your players should be fine.
If you want to actually, yanno, challenge them, you'll need to aim high.
What little experience I've had with 5e seems to support that
Fights are not generally unmanageable
But that being said @nitsua60 might just be really good at balancing them
They haven't been too easy either
5:05 AM
@Miniman robusticity?
Yeah, I learned a lot about encounter building from a certain published campaign, which had 3 encounters interspersed throughout it with the description "here's a budget. Go nuts with it, and don't be afraid to massively exceed it. These are serious attempts at killing the party, and it's ok if they succeed."
And the main thing I learned was that you can throw whatever you want at a party, and be amazed with them at their ability to cope with it.
@trogdor [gets lost in a recurring cycle of trying to pronounce some variation of "sistisist"]
@Miniman and I've played 3.5, 4e and a little 5e now, and I've almost died at level 1 in each of those systems at Least once that I can remember
@Ben lol
5:08 AM
@trogdor Yeah, not at level 1 so much.
Encounter building at level 1 has one goal: get them to level 2.
Well, at least for 4e, there was a major mistake made in that area early on
The Irontooth premade encounter,.... Was ridiculous
It would have been challenging to a level 2 party
We almost party wiped on it
The closest I came to a TPK, the party was able to survive when they changed their goal from "kill all the enemies" to "get everyone within 5 feet of the cleric so they can escape with Word of Recall".
I suspect @BESW fudged some rolls at least at the end
High level parties have a lot more tools at their disposal.
5:12 AM
@Miniman Pathfinder, second session - TPK cos an enemy had the "blur" spell (roll percentile. 25 and lower negates all physical damage). It was 100% effective.
To be fair, in 3.5 I don't remember what level we were for sure, but my characters almost died at relatively low levels several times
3.5 was a while ago at this point
4e wasn't too recently either, with me as a PC I mean
@Miniman Yeah--if the characters are decent and can synergize, I go with 1.5x or even 2x CR to hit those "very hard" or "deadly" marks.
@trogdor [aww shucks]
@nitsua60 If I'm being honest, I tend to ignore the numbers and go with my gut.
By my experience, "Deadly" usually means "ok as a single encounter of the day" but personally I think it's better to run many smaller encounters
5:18 AM
Good day time/interval
@Miniman Oh, yeah. I run the numbers on an encounter about once a year, I'd say. Usually out of curiosity. "Oh, that didn't turn out at all the way I thought it might. Wonder what it was...."
@kviiri yeah that's technically how 4e is supposed to be run
There is a bit of a "resource management" aspect to successive encounters
Powers, and healing surges at the very least
Ok, I noticed the MM doesn't have many spellcaster NPCs. Is the DM expected to build casters using PC class levels? What if they're monster NPCs with extra abilities?
@MikeQ NPCs or enemies?
Not telling :)
5:27 AM
Cos they do have enemies in there
@trogdor 5e too, the big difference being that the individual monsters' CR doesn't have to be very exact
@MikeQ They put a bunch in one of the later books, although I don't remember which off the top of my head.
@MikeQ Innate spellcasting (=we want this monster to be able to cast spells without the usual hassle of magic) including?
I mean, 3.5 definitely also had a resource management thing going on too, but unless you were a caster it wasn't very pronounced
Hp and spells were all you had to worry about most of the time
@MikeQ Apparently Volo's.
5:40 AM
Ok.. Having some issues with stat purchases. Tiefling Sorc/Fighter. Prioritising Cha, With Longsword and shield
So I want to go with 15 Cha to start with (get +2 from Tielfing, then +1 from ASI at level 4). I'm just having issues balancing out the rest.
@Ben As they say in Jamaica: When in doubt, mon, put it to Con.
Although I think heavy armor is also worth consideration
They say that in Jamaica?
That works out.....?
@Ben Is that with the standard array?
so +2 tiefling, +1 to cha and str from ASI
@MikeQ The point-buy you mean?
5:47 AM
Ah whoops I forgot to mention that part, sorry. I figured it would simplify things (relatively speaking) if players just started with standard 15/14/13/12/10/8 array
@MikeQ Ohhh
Well could have mentioned that earlier hahaha
All good
Ok so I now have 14/12/14/10/8/18
With all ASI and racial mods
@trogdor no, I just wanted a cheap rhyme x)
Though if I ever go to Jamaica, I'll say it there
@Ben Looks rather good to me, with mostly one caveat: if you want to go with heavy armor, you need one extra Strength (or two if you want a modifier increase too)
Iirc chain mail suit is the only one that works with Str less than 15
6:03 AM
Not too fussed with armour... leather usually works fie, plus I am going to use a shield
So total AC of 15?
And +4 to hit, +2 damage with that longsword...are you planning to be a primary melee?
Actually I could go with ring mail - 14 AC no str req
@Miniman +2 to hit. Dueling only adds to dmg
You've got the Str for chainmail anyway.
@Miniman I do
So +4 to hit and damage if you're using Dueling, 18 AC with chainmail and a shield.
Those are definitely nicer numbers.
6:08 AM
Yeah :D
I am yet to look at the sorc spell list... but I'm sure I can find some nice "plus fire damage" type spells too :D
Side note: the combination of gestalt with standard array is triggering some weird cognitive dissonance for me. @MikeQ I'm curious, what level of optimization are you planning for?
Remember that with a shield you can't use somatic components, though
@kviiri Warcaster :D
@Miniman None whatsoever. I don't expect my game to be super difficult. I'm more interested in seeing what wacky combinations the players come up with.
@MikeQ Ah, right. For some reason gestalt in my head is heavily associated with high-op.
6:12 AM
@Ben Ah ok. Well, same for material components then :)
@Ben At level 6 at the earliest, though.
@Miniman ..eh?
@Ben Well, you said you're using your level 4 ASI on stats, so you can't get War Caster till level 6.
@Miniman Charop can be an interesting exercise, sometimes. I could run a more difficult, "optimize or die" sort of one-shot. But perhaps another time.
@Miniman Gestalt allows for both class features at every level. For this game @MikeQ has said that you can take the ASI from one class, and then a feat for the other
And both Fighter and Sorc get an ASI at level 4
[Double checks the rules] ...Yeah
So it works out still lol. Don't scare me like that! XD
6:18 AM
@Ben Ah, right. My bad.
Question... when would you make a CHA saving throw?
Banishment, Plane Shift, couple of others.
Resisting possession by ghosts, etc.
@Miniman However, I will take the liberty to make some equally wacky monsters that probably should not be implemented in any 5e game
@MikeQ Oooooh.
6:21 AM
And just because I've always been fuzzy on this... If I have an arcane focus, does that replace the material components of spells?
@Ben Yep
Oh, ok...
S and M taken care of!
@Ben Arcane Foci are allowed to replace non-consumed, non-costly Material Components.
So if the components don't list a Price, AND they don't explicitly say they that they're consumed, you can use an arcane focus in their place.
@Xirema Right, yeah that's what the difference was
@Ben Gotta have a free hand, though.
War Caster lets you use S with hands full, but not M.
6:24 AM
@Miniman if I have the focus as perhaps the hilt of my sword, would that work?
Unless you're one of the lucky ones (cleric or paladin) and can use your shield for M.
@Ben Up to @MikeQ
Keep the focus on a chain attached to your wrist. You can let go of the shield without dropping it (assuming your DM actually knows how Shields work IRL) and grab the focus.
Mage Hand: Lash Lift, Carry, Move, Push, Scoop... Maybe not Pound... but you can see where this is going :D
I am getting way too into this hahaha
@Ben Well, bear in mind the lift capacity of Mage Hand is 10lbs. It has a lot of cool stuff it can do, but it is limited to whatever effort a literal toddler is capable of exerting.
Oh no are we running into one of those situations where the character has to do some weird equipment juggling just to function properly
6:30 AM
Bigby's Hand is more the "do crazy stuff with a conjured hand" spell.
@Xirema It's lucky for everyone that Bigby got annoyed by that :)
Er, jinx.
Wizard exclusive though—though accessible if you're an Eldritch Knight! (I think)
Oh, never mind. Too high of a level for Eldritch Knights.
Hmm... the weapon bond for Eldritch sounds cool... but I have 8 int. Lol
Might just go with Champ for the crit fish
@Ben Hmmmmmm.... Begins looking up all the Evocation and Abjuration spells that don't rely on Saving Throws or Attack Rolls
@Ben Any spell that involves an attack or a saving throw, you'd be looking to use as a sorc - Int is gonna be even less important for you than every other EK.
6:35 AM
And trust me, they're all just casting Shield and Haste on themselves.
@Miniman ^
EK never really did grab my fancy
One of my characters is an Arcane Trickster/Sorcerer that has 8 Int.
Got some nice flavour, but the texture is a bit... meh
6:37 AM
I also discovered that Sleep and Color Spray are very effective AT spells that do not use Saving Throws.
@Ben Me neither. Problem is, all the other fighter subclasses are just as bad, except the ones that are worse.
The only one that really grabbed my fancy as a whole was BM
So, for anyone that watches Brooklyn Nine Nine, there's an episode where Boyle and Jake have a Groom and Best Man day out. Boyle calls Jake his "Big Beautiful BM". Jake seems uncomfortable with this nickname
I never knew why, but I decided to look it up on urban dictionary. I understand now.
@Ben I mean, Battlemaster is obviously the "Fighter, but actually interesting" class.
6:53 AM
Haha yeah. Champ is similar - fighter with better numbers
7:06 AM
Wow. Lol
So there was some sort of question about a focus?
7:17 AM
@MikeQ Yeah. Since I'm going with the Fighter/Sorc, I was thinking of using a focus instead of the component pouch - just to allow myself to cast some spells with my hands full.
So I was just wondering - if I made the focus the hilt/pommel of my sword, would that allow me to cast with my hands full?
Isn't that what war caster does anyway?
@MikeQ Warcaster covers the Somatic components... it doesn't necessarily say anything about material
Hm. Unusual. Not supported by RAW but I like the concept. What kind of focus is it?
@MikeQ Was just thinking a jewel of some kind... bout 3" in diameter
Uh... Sure. Let's do it for this game. I'm giving the NPCs some silly abilities anyway, so I suppose it makes sense to bend rules for the players too.
7:35 AM
Awesome :)
8:10 AM
Ok... I think I've go the basics down :D
I have a Sorcerer/Fighter Tiefling Knight
I've got some interesting spells too. I was going to get "Levitate", but you can't move without pushing/pulling yourself around.
If you could move freely, I was going to say that I had to "run on the spot", and I always ran faster than I moved haha
Though I don't think anyone would get that reference...
Except maybe @miniman
9:12 AM
@kviiri XD
@Ben I'll always get those references.
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Good morning folks! o/
11:53 AM
it's still morning here
12:04 PM
G'd Evening
12:20 PM
I have serious hankering for some Apocalypse World
Boss walks by, I quickly hide the chat. That's acting under fire. Roll+Cool. (that's +0 for me, I'm not too good on my nerves)
12:43 PM
@KorvinStarmast congrats again! (#9 position)
(he he he)
12:54 PM
RPGNow is being retired. Its pages will redirect to DriveThruRPG. Very little is changing: they have been the same store for many years except for their front pages being different “windows” into that store. One of those windows is just getting bricked over.
Yes, that was rather confuzzling.
Oh, wow. For a sec I misread that as "RPG.Net will redirect to DriveThruRPG" and was realy struggling to see how that'd work.
@nitsua60 All the pages will break. But you'll be redirected!
@nitsua60 Does that come with a pay raise? 8^o
"RPGNow always presented the more "indie" face of the industry" and apparently its sales numbers have been dropping consistently (or maybe in comparison?)
In the 12 years since RPGNow and DriveThruRPG merged, the growth of RPGNow has tapered off constantly, while DriveThruRPG has continued to grow strongly, year over year, since it launched in 2004 ... RPGNow rarely draws new customers or publishers and sells less than one-tenth the volume of titles purchased on DriveThruRPG
Business is business, I guess.
1:21 PM
@kviiri “On a 7–9, the MC hesitates, flinches or stalls, because they have to think of a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choice to offer to you.”
@Anaphory exactly
1:54 PM
I usually default to "you choose either you or a nearby friend to suffer 0-harm"
If it's an action scene
@KorvinStarmast Yes--you now get more of the share of people-new-to-the-site-going-though-top-members'-posts-and-voting-on-them points =)
(I feel like we're gong to be in this "when one of them answers a question or two" dance for a while.)
2:13 PM
@nitsua60 I didn't realize that was a thing.
@KorvinStarmast You don't occasionally get a 100-pt. day from ten upvotes on seemingly-unrelated and inactive posts? I always assume a day like that comes from someone "discovering" me and that one of the ways that can happen is when someone first clicks on that "top 2%" link in someone's profile.
phew. took me four hours to move my desk
2:34 PM
@goodguy5 how big is your desk?!
@nitsua60 Hmm, not sure. I know I get rep capped sometimes on a popular question, I hadn't really noticed the other thing. My votes on that mode you mention tend to dribble in a few at a time.
@kviiri Your boss notices your momentarily empty screen and assumes you're looking for something to do. They start talking about the upcoming corporate audit and oh god you'll be locked in a windowless room with regulations binders for hours unless you can come up with something better to be doing right the heck now. So what are you doing?
@nitsua60 As long as you don't take a share of the rep lost to rep capping. It is well known that that rep goes to feed the ancient and unknowable SE overlords.
@NautArch My desk isn't that big, but I have a LOT of stuff
I hope you were gentle on your back :)
2:48 PM
haha yea. I took small trips
that's part of the reason it took 4 hours
@goodguy5 heh :) clean first, then move!
did you talk with your wife about delivering? :D
@NautArch honestly, I 100% forgot about it
@goodguy5 definitely worth taking that extra time.
@goodguy5 boooooo
in my brief defense, I wasn't home long last night. D&D night
2:53 PM
I'm pretty good with my logic, the thing that keeps nagging at me though is: they literally errataed this spell, why didn't they add the single word needed to bring it in line with intent?
Was the construct thing supposed to bring it closer? It does kind of make it closer, but not really. Did they forget? JC had actually previously indicated that this was explicitly on their list of things to errata.
3:54 PM
Such that regenerate doesn't work on it?
Or so that rust does?
@Rubiksmoose Was that word "only" ?
4:13 PM
@ColinGross So, I think this is an interesting discussion and I've actually been meaning to point you in this direction before since you had wondered about levels of specificity
But I don't see there being any general rules at play here actually.
Do you?
I don't know. Haven't really thought about it much. It specifically calls out a manner of restoring hit points, but doesn't exclude other methods in the same description.
Seems like given the chance to errata the description, that could have been done.
But it's left in a tweet?
The point is that the intent is clear though. If literally any other healing option is available there is no point in giving the simulacrum that ridiculous option to heal for 1 HP per 100 gp.
A: Can Wild Magic Surges restore hit points and spell slots to a Simulacrum of a Wild Magic Sorcerer?

RubiksmooseHit point recovery can only happen through the alchemical process If the simulacrum is damaged, you can repair it in an alchemical laboratory, using rare herbs and minerals worth 100 gp per hit point it regains. Repair not heal First note that this does not say heal it says repair. Though ...

Check out this related Q&A
@Rubiksmoose yeah, it seems abundantly clear yo have to repair and not heal a simulacrum.
Yeah they are supposed to be sentient wind-up dolls that eventually get completely spent.
i feel like it would often be far better to make a new one then repair
(probably intended)
4:21 PM
@SirCinnamon agreed and agreed.
@ColinGross In the end, JC/WotC work in mysterious ways. I plan to tweet him when he gets back from vacation though.
@Grosscol. I like your answer the best on that "monsters too high for our party" question. I don't feel like typing my own. Could I spitball an idea off of you, if you'd like to use it?
@goodguy5 Uhh.. sure?
It seems like the players and the DM are on different pages regarding the "do you guys assume you can beat everything or do you have to run away sometimes?" question
That's the advice/marching orders that was given to me, and I just blanket apply it all over the place. Neutral language is kind of tough for native US speakers to come up with though.
which is kind of something that should be handled in session zero
4:34 PM
@goodguy5 I concur. I wonder if it wasn't the DM illustrating that running away or non-combat is something that needs to be considered or actively looked for.
yea, but without SAYING that, it's hard for some groups to get over their "hacknslash" mentality.
So, I think that would be a good thing to add in your answer. Something about making sure players and DM are on the same page about encounter scaling.
@goodguy5 Some people like that, and I definitely concur about session 0.
Some groups like that there are impossible battles. They like the "risk" and thing
we're reading the same book, here. (idiom) good ;)
@goodguy5 That seems like the answer to a different question though. Is there an existing answer that we could link to?

It feels like a part of "talk to the DM", to me.
"How do I deal with a dm that over-challenges us?"

"Make sure that he knows he's overchallenging you and that you don't (or do) like it."
anyway. free lunch at work today, so that's exciting. afk
4:37 PM
@goodguy5 But it's something that should have happened before hand to avoid the situation. There's got to be a related question and answer we could point to that expounds upon the subject.
perhaps. maybe I'll look for it after lunch
4:59 PM
i'm trying to figure out how we can help xaqt78 with their answers.
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