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12:41 AM
Q: What was title of short story: implanted knowledge

Fred RThere was a short story from back in the 50s or 60s, about a student who was struggling in school. Just about everyone else had knowledge downloaded/implanted into their brains. But the protagonist had to work out problem solving his tests the hard way. Society and the protagonist felt that he...

12:56 AM
@TheLethalCarrot well it's reopened now so whoever wants an easy answer...
1:24 AM
@Jenayah Turns out I was wrong:
Oct 4 at 23:23, by Alex
@Jenayah First time in Chat. We had a comment exchange on one of my questions a few days earlier:
You actually commented on one of my posts a good two months before that:
Given how Hermione thinks (that is to say, tries to go strictly by the rules - more or less ), I reckon she only pointed out the International Statute of Secrecy because it was the most 'important' one. Out of universe, this scene is intended to be a "funny one" so maybe JKR didn't want Hermione to once again be the know-it-all, "this won't work because X and Y also Z" type. — Jenayah May 13 at 22:54
Although, I didn't respond until August so technically it might not count as "an exchange".
2:11 AM
Q: In Return Of The King, why does Gandalf say if Osgiliath falls that the city of Minis Tirith will be defenseless?

ScottieIn Return of the King, Gandalf is talking to Pippin and says, If the river is taken... if the garrison at Osgiliath falls, the last defense of this city will be gone. But after Osgiliath falls, Minas Tirith mounts a very effective defense complete with a nearly unbreakable gate, catapults, ...

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3:27 AM
Q: Short story identification: Humans encounter an alien race, tell them stories; the aliens act out the stories and kill the researchers

Alyson HathawayCan't remember author or title of the story. Seem to remember the protagonist is an investigator of some sort trying to find out why previously-peaceful alien race has killed the research or liaison team. Finds out the research team had moved from telling the aliens a peaceful or more self-contai...

3:57 AM
Q: Can T-47 airspeeders fly in space?

Frank RodriguezAre the T-47 airspeeders (Episode V, on planet Hoth) able to fly in space in a similar manner to spacecraft?

4:14 AM
Q: 1960s YA novel set in ancient Rome

Miles PrunierDo you remember a YA novel circa 1960s in which the protagonist goes to ancient Rome and when another character gives the "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech, he catapults a load of ass's ears into the crowd of listeners?

4:49 AM
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6:00 AM
Q: TV Series about Witches who are supposedly from Asgard

Memor-XI recall watching this series on regular Australian TV about 10 or so years ago i think on Southern Cross 10 but don't hold me to that. From what i remember the series was sorta similar to Charmed in how the witches were family and how at least one of them was new to magic. It was implied that ...

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7:15 AM
What's the time limit for having a post draft open until you have to verify you are a human before submitting it?
7:44 AM
Never had to, no idea
Hm, it happens to me all the time when I start writing an answer and don't finish it until later.
8:24 AM
Do we want ?
@SQB I mean... You know what I think of HP subtags :P
8:47 AM
Q: Does the Flash have super strength?

KyloRenVery simple question, does the Flash (Barry Allen) have superhuman strength? The reason I ask and just as one example of him appearing to be very strong is when he pushes the truck to save the villagers in in Justice League. In my eyes it would take a very stro...

8:57 AM
@Jenayah I don't know it without a google so go for it
Q: Why is Kevin in season 9 handled of screen in most episodes?

HothieKevin is a recurring character in season 9. Unlike previous seasons the winchesters have a kind of "home base" in this season where they live and Kevin lives with them there and tries to translate something and otherwise does recherche for them sometimes. In episodes where the plot does not need...

@TheLethalCarrot nah someone nswered already
Aye just seen
I was meant to be going on site to a customer and it's been cancelled, nice one... easier day for me
9:15 AM
@TheLethalCarrot link messed up
has 51 questions, yet no tag wiki or usage guidance.
What should it be?
@SQB I think before you set a tag wiki it needs to be cleaned up
A lot of those on story id Qs want a different tag
They either need , or
Yeah, we can go at it both ways. Either first define what we want the tag to be fore, then clean up anything that doesn't conform, or just describe what we see it used for.
Probably something in between.
A good initial step is to clean up the story ids per above
Then see what we're left with
I don't think it's an urgent one though, get Stargate cleaned up first
Is it just me, or is the site slow?
9:19 AM
Slow how? Seems fine to me
@TheLethalCarrot yeay!
There's a few other big tags that are mistagged in places but no point mentioning them until the current lot have been worked through
Just a hiccup, it seems.
Only 4. Let's clean those up first.
A quick glance at the titles and I doubt any of those need the tag
Q: Is the demon Luci two-dimensional?

YasskierOne of the main characters in the latest Matt Groening cartoon is the "personal demon" called Luci, who is supposed to drag princess Bean to sin, darkness and the Dark Side. Not that she needs encouragement... In universe, other people treat Luci as a "weird talking cat", but one thing makes me ...

That actually asks about the animation techniques used.
9:34 AM
I think the plan of action should be:
The others, not so much.
I've removed the tag from those three.
I'm sorry, you were saying? :)
Clean it up on story id qs: if it should be tagged or retag
So what's animated series?
I think the two may be synonyms at the moment but it depends on how we want to be used
I agree that when used with , they likely want , , or . Perhaps or something similar.
We might want to leave for asking about techniques.
9:40 AM
That was my thinking too
What on earth is , by the way?
was meant to cover anything animated for id Qs when you didn't know if it was film, TV show, anime etc, might need renaming though
@SQB Something that wants nuking I think haha
@TheLethalCarrot I guess a typo.
Back to I think it would be best to merge it into , without synonymisation, then fix back onto the Disenchanment Q (if needed, I don't really think it's worth it though) and then clean up all the Qs to see if they actually want or
However, I don't think this one needs to be done just yet, as I said earlier, lets work through stargate but try and not do too many at once as has been the case so far
9:47 AM
Q: Why didn't Doctor Strange die in space in the movie Avengers Infinity War

LingarajIn Avengers: Infinity War, Ebony Maw trapped Doctor Strange and took him to space along with the unexpected guests Tony Stark and Peter Parker in a 'donut' like spaceship. To save Doctor Strange from Maw, Iron Man blasted a hole in the spaceship which is travelling at light speed. By doing this...

@TheLethalCarrot sure, no hurry.
@TheLethalCarrot the average 2-3/15 is too many?
I've been looking at excerptless tags, lately.
@Jenayah I worded the wrongly, I meant it has been fine so far
@Jenayah alternatively, do them all in one great burst, then order posts by creation date and bump the ones that need to be bumped.
9:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot ok neat
@SQB great one bursts about same topic sucks
The problem is not too many edits by a single user, but too many edits on old posts that displace newer ones.
Unless there's an edit even I don't think we should do that, though it does work haha
For edits, search for recently edited questions excluding the tags that were involved in the clean-up, then bump those.
@Jenayah I disagree. It gets things done.
The thing about "getting things done" like that is it temporarily takes the homepage "offline" as such
You need to ask if it's a good idea to do another one and then if so do it on a set time/date
Like the last one
Oh yeah, probably on a weekend as well.
9:57 AM
Basically just don't do it unless you have community approval
Otherwise just stick to drip feeding them through throughout the day
I agree on the need to coordinate it (including approval).
@SQB That might depend who you ask.
Technically the 5-in-15 policy is about edits by a single user.
@Randal'Thor well, iirc, that was the idea behind the policy agreed upon on meta.
@SQB sure when there's a pressing need to get things done, which in the recent cases isn't really the case... So I reckon it's smoother to push up on or two Stargate, wait still they're out of homepage, save the 2-3 remaining edits for polishing first posts or such, and then push two other Stargate, iterate
Unless you edit several tags at once in which pushing one Stargate, one X-Men, one Asimov and one story-id is k as long as you let new questions breathe
Exactly space them out, we want new questions and answers to get attention too
10:06 AM
@Randal'Thor I was sure I had read it somewhere on meta, but now I con't find it.
@TheLethalCarrot that's exactly my point. If Jenayah, you and me adhere to the 5/15 rule, we'll get 15/15 bumped old posts.
Yeah it means we can fix up tags in no time but you literally cripple the homepage the whole time you are doing it and that is not desirable
@SQB eeeek no not what I was implying
Neither was I haha
@TheLethalCarrot which is why I suggested just doing it, then bumping any posts that need bumping to put them back in order.
To be honest the other problem with doing it, apart from the homepage thing, is you miss other things that need fixing to cos you're rushing to sort tags out in a short timeframe
If bumping old posts it is, in my opinion, better to fix everything not just one small minor tag
10:16 AM
@TheLethalCarrot aye sure, fix tag, formatting of QAs, replace dead links/http etc
To be honest I think me and you are in the minority when it comes to wanting to fix everything on bumped posts
Perfectionists will rule the world mate... But not today there's nitpicking to do
Q: Why is it that people are persistent on critiquing a question in comments?

KyloRenI don't understand the people critiquing a question in the comments such as, You have miss-understood what is happening here Your question premise is all wrong That is not what is really going on here And many more comments to the effect that the questions is wrong, bad or something else. Fo...

~35 mins, slowing down again
Anyway, for anyone wanting to do excerpts: data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/924671/…
Sorry, let me format that.
Q: Who turned The Count?

n_bOn Sesame Street, who “turned” The Count? Or, if he is the original vampire, has he ever turned anyone into one of his thralls? Any scenes which might be taken as evidence that he has done so?

11:03 AM
Q: Story about a man who got bonded to a symbiote alien

phantomcodeIt's about a man who got bonded to a symbiote alien and got abilities like he could heal himself and other stuff, it also gave him a patch of silver hair. It's a series, the last of the series, I think, ended when he had to help fight off an invasion of aliens controlled telepathically.

11:18 AM
Q: What is the "big wooden fork" a reference to?

TheLethalCarrotWhen Thor and Korg are at the weapons rack preparing to for Thor's fight against the Grand Master's champion we have the following scene. In it Korg offers up a "big wooden fork" as a weapon to use but both of them quickly dismiss it. INT. THE ARENA - RECEIVING AREA 40 Thor, Korg, and a ...

@Marvin Amazing question... certainly wants some UVs ;)
11:30 AM
Wow. We had 8 questions about Catwoman, yet until about a minute ago, no .
And? Character tags are generally not needed, most characters won't have tags
She has had solo series.
Anyway, catwoman is:q -[catwoman] shows a list of questions that might benefit from (but not necessarily all of them; from a quick glance, my guess would be the first 7 or so).
Gotta admit a Catwoman tag seems ok.
11:53 AM
Though if we're having a Catwoman tag I demand that Two-Face tag which got wrongly nuked some time ago :P
@Jenayah There something wrong with the images in that answer you edited
Q: Have we ever seen a captured ship incorporated permanently in the enemy's fleet?

Edmund DantesThe threat of a starship being boarded and captured by enemy forces appears often in Star Trek franchise. On some occasions, such an operation is successful and the enemy gains the control over the starship. Such a starship is of great value for the enemy's intelligence services and would most li...

What I was about to ask you guys...
I was wondering if it was just my phone not loading them
When I goto the link it googles it instead...
Http works but not https
12:04 PM
Oh worked it out
There's a hidden character after the s in https
Can you maybe reupload both on https? It's painful on mobile
I'll edit stuff afterwards to give you back your n/15
Fixed them, don't know how you managed to add that in ;P
I think I know
I used phone auto replace from http to https
Must've messed something
Odd one though
1:07 PM
Interesting story about how a 1960s student asked a large number of prominent authors, some science fiction, about whether they intentionally introduce symbolism into their work, or if it's more of a "death of the author" situation.
1:20 PM
Agreed; interesting.
1:49 PM
Q: Why does The Doctor take the gun from Wilfred when he hears about the Time Lords returning?

TomstaThrough David Tennant's tenure as The Doctor we never see him pick up a gun or use violence as a form of cruelty (with the expectation of "The Family of Blood"). However, when he hears of The Time Lords return in his last episode he takes Wilfred's gun without question (despite rejecting it seve...

2:16 PM
Q: Why does Bruce Wayne keep speaking in that low raspy voice to Catwoman?

Hack-RIn The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman was standing nearby and watching as Bane called out Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne, beat him down, and took his mask. In spite of this, later in the movie Bruce Wayne (as Batman) continues to speak in his low raspy voice to Catwoman even though they're alone ...

...is debatable; I decided against it.
Well it's about Batman not Catwoman so doesn't need it
Which is why I decided against it.
The title implies there's something special between Batman and Catwoman, but the question itself makes clear she's not really germane to the issue.
Q: Where did Perrin get the letter from Suroth?

Mat CauthonIn Knife of Dreams, Perrin negotiates a truce with a bunch of Seanchan, and he hands their leaders a letter from Suroth. (edits and emphasis mine) From his left gauntlet he pulled a folded, grease-stained piece of paper. Tylee's eyebrows rose as she read it. Perrin had the short text by...

That's unexpected. If I search for two-face is:q -[two-face] [batman], the tag excerpt for is shown.
Makes sense in a way, but it was unexpected.
Either because Batman has more questions or two-face doesn't exist
2:23 PM
@TheLethalCarrot doesn't exist (although @Jenayah wants it to). But more importantly, I'm searching for questions without that tag. So is the only tag I'm searching for, so its excerpt is shown, I guess.
Maybe, I've never really paid attention to this tag and not this tag searches
Related transcript from earlier this fall:
Oct 14 at 19:40, by Jenayah
23 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Randal'Thor may I ask you to rename into ? As Spidey would say, remember the hyphen :)
Would seem so
1 hour later…
4:06 PM
Q: Drarry Harry Potter fan fiction where Harry goes into a coma after battling Voldemort

KelseyI read a Harry Potter fan fiction quite a while ago and cannot find it anywhere. It involved Harry being in a coma-like state for about 20 years before he awakens again. I'm pretty sure Draco and Harry were a couple before he went into the coma. Harry got into the coma right at the end of the bat...

@TheLethalCarrot aaaaaaand rejected
Too bad
@Marvin Sounds pretty Dreary.
4:23 PM
I mean standard is to add the year but a few older tags are suffixed -movie so apparently that's enough precedent not to rename it :/
4:36 PM
Q: Old cartoon names

PetraDoes anyone know a cartoon about some green gremlins or something like that, they were flying with their ears, they lived in the woods, ist a Christmas cartoon. One of them wanted to put a star on the top of the chirtmas tree but she couldnt fly so she ran away and foud some kind of ice queen. Th...

@TheLethalCarrot Guess you'll have to wiat until someone does decide to remake it :-)
Or I'll just sneakily go through all 12 questions, but meh... effort
I just saw a question title that gave me a great idea for a cartoon. In a post-apocalyptic world, robots from an amusement park are now sentient, and loose. They go around trying to help people, using their "special powers" - Executive powers! They are - the Animatronic Presidents!
George Washington - chops down trees, can stand in a boat without capsizing! Abraham Lincoln - can turn chopped down trees into log cabin; tall! Bill Clinton - can talk his way out of anything! Also featuring Donald Trump, as their Dr. Smith - the melodramatic cahracters that whines, complains, and occasionally betrays them!
^^ In case you don't get the reference, Dr. Smith was the whiny, complainy, somewhat treacherous character from Lost In Space; if Will Smith was the main character, then the robot was the angel on one shoulder, and Dr. Smith the devil on the other one.
1 hour later…
6:21 PM
^^^ Argh! Will Robinson, not Will Smith I think Lost in Space would have had a different flavor if Will had been played by Will Smith instead of Bill Mumy.
That...whole thing makes a ton more sense now. ;-)
6:49 PM
Q: Racy and lewd Sci-Fi comic from late 1990's/early 2000's with two girls, fighting?

Rum RumsI remember this comic book from around 2000's. I was too young to actually read it but stared at the cover very often. I don't think this was a series but perhaps a pilot of some sort. The cover had these two girls in it, a blonde and a brunette, from a backward angle. They were riding a speeder...

Q: Is Paprika a bastard?

ilikechairsIn Blue's Clues, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have a child, Paprika. However, the spice paprika has nothing to do with either salt or black pepper. Furthermore, Paprika does not speak with a French accent like her "parents" do. Is Paprika actually a bastard child?

1 hour later…
7:53 PM
Q: Who is Robertson?

Ludwig MagnussonThe first time I watched Predestination I believed that a twist would be that Robertson would also turn out to be the same person as Jane/John. However no clue is given to his identity. The Fizzle Bomber says at the end however: We're just puppets. We are Robertson. He set the whole thing ...

8:03 PM
There are surprisingly lots of old Harry Potter questions with multiple high-scoring and accepted answers that still leave quite a bit of room for additional answers.
There are 4,782 open HP questions. I'd be surprised if all the answers were complete..
Which is still somehow WTF
4,700 questions.
Yet only 46 are unanswered.
But now that no one seems to want to ask any new good questions, I've been forced to sift through the old ones.
I mean... It's pretty rare to have an actually good new HP question these days. A bunch of them have been asked already.
Depends what you mean by good. I mean something which is open to constructing a nice answer.
And although I'm less of an expert in those fields I guess it's the same for the other top tags, Star Wars, Star Trek, ASOIAF etc.
8:13 PM
I particularly liked the questions posted by Ken_To_2018.
Ha, the top unanswered question is actually mine.
Dennis Creevey? System counts it as unanswered but there are two innit?
@Jenayah No upvotes.
And one of the answers is actually mine.
Sure, there are answers though
Q: What is this creature from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Professeur DronteIn the movie, Hagrid feeds a strange, moaning creature in his hut while discussing with the trio about Buckbeak's tragic fate. When Fudge, Macnair and Dumbledore come to kill the Hippogriff, he hides this plant-beast thing hastily under a blanket: Clip of the scene here and picture below: Thi...

No answers... Though some partial in comments
@Jenayah But it is still considered an "unanswered question".
8:17 PM
Which makes it a candidate for:
Q: The list of questions you are sent to when you can't answer protected questions should not contain protected questions

AlexIf you try to answer a protected question without having the required reputation you get the following message: The link in the words "unanswered questions" takes you to the site's list of unanswered questions. Questions can't be protected if they have not received any answers, so theoreticall...

It's protected?
@Jenayah No, but if it was...
It has the condition of having answers yet being "unanswered".
It doesn't meet the condition of being protected
True. But all I meant was that it could theoretically have the above problem. As opposed to most questions which either have no answers at all (so they can't be protected) or they have upvoted answers (so they won't show up in the "unanswered" list).
8:37 PM
more than 3k of them..‌​. One more one less...
Those can't be protected.
I didn't go through deleted posts granted
3 hours later…
11:19 PM
@Jenayah Just wait for the new Fantastic Beasts movie. There'll probably be some questions about it.
@Alex Certainly. I sometimes accept the best answer even if I would like to see a better one.
Although this happens more often with questions that aren't Harry Potter, like scifi.stackexchange.com/q/58511/4918
I didn't accept any of scifi.stackexchange.com/q/115485/4918 "Why is a phoenix representative of Dumbledore?" because I don't find any of the answers really satisfying.
But overall, for most HP questions I asked, I did get satisfying answers.

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