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12:00 PM
which essentially means that's exactly what i said
more than likely it was the other person.
@aking1012 Yes I got that bit after consulting a dictionary.
@jokerdino i wasn't trying to be insulting, i was trying to make that bit unnecessary
no, i didn't take it that way.
i considered it an attempt to make yourself more clear.
thx. that clarified what you meant by other person
In an indirect manner, this highlights the point of having multiple sites. Having multiple communities is good. It's bad if they become warring states, but it's good that people form supportive groups. The flavor of interaction on Ask Ubuntu is not the same as on Stack Overflow and it has to do with the types of queries we get and the interests of the people here. I would wager the attitude of people focusing on Ubuntu is different than people who focus on programming queries, for example.
12:03 PM
@ChanHoSuh You have no idea how hard that made me laugh
@aking1012 err, i meant it should have been the other person who flagged it.
yes. that's how i took it later
@ChanHoSuh I'm so posting that
Well, glad, as always, to brighten someone's day :-)
well i'm glad my chuckle helped you chuckle
12:06 PM
Chuckling is a viral phenomenon.
No it is not. chuckles
Let's test if smacking someone on the top of their head is viral :-)
In an indirect manner, this highlights the point of having multiple sites. Having multiple communities is good. It's bad if they become warring states, but it's good that people form supportive groups. The flavor of interaction on Ask Ubuntu is not the same as on Stack Overflow and it has to do with the types of queries we get and the interests of the people here. I would wager the attitude of people focusing on Ubuntu is different than people who focus on programming queries, for example. --Chan-Ho Suh in auchatAmith KK 21 secs ago
Hahaaaaaa, look at the comments of that question again
Oh boy, now I've gotten involved.
12:10 PM
@ChanHoSuh Your welcome
@ChanHoSuh That's it. you are banned from chat for 30 minutes.
you have no idea how hard i lolled when he did that
and no, i'm the only one that calls sock-puppets trolls
This is Meta, where anything and everything you say can and will be used against you
@jokerdino that was a good one...
i suppose i should expect that honesty in interpretation results in temp-ban
You don't have much idea about how much Ask Ubuntu is now integrated into the entire Ubuntu community. I don't think that would have been possible if it had been reduced to just a tag in Super User. While I do agree that too much fragmentation is counter productive, combining all of them just for the sake of it isn't productive either.
Ask Ubuntu has a large enough audience that I think should be left alone. It is upsetting that someone who has been here long enough has to bring this topic at this point.
@AmithKK is not sure why that was posted, but thinks it might be related to the current topic
Sounds too convoluted. I need my comment to be reviewed.
@jokerdino I agree, but the proposed merge with SU brings my experience with that site in to scope and makes me relevant. It also means that as a dual user, I am WAY more qualified to make a decision than someone who has minimal rep on both sites
One change I would make is: Make the same point without making it about how much they know or don't know. Less combative, better tone.
12:22 PM
@ChanHoSuh if you're specifically talking at me, point to where i need to change things. i'm willing to do so, but i don't think you're talking at me
@aking1012 He is The Establishment
i am a n00b taking stride.
sorry, I meant Jokerdino's comment, which I think he wanted revisions on
@AmithKK you're sure?
12:23 PM
starting with "You don't have much idea..." not a good idea.
@aking1012 yes, i confirm.
@ChanHoSuh revising >.>
that confirmed already, but thx
now it is sure it is a sock-puppet
@jokerdino, maybe you can give an example too
heh, Amith, how'd you find the account?
12:25 PM
@ChanHoSuh go to his meta profile and trawl for other accounts.
Pressed the Network Profile link
Ask Ubuntu has been heavily integrated into different parts of the Ubuntu community like having the tags posted on Ubuntu IRC channels, etc. I don't think it would have reached this state if it was merely reduced to just another tag in Super User. Whie I do agree that too much fragmentation is counter productive and is a waste of resources, combining all the sites just for the sake of it isn't productive either.
Ask Ubuntu has a large enough audience that I think should be left alone. It is a little upsetting that someone who has been part of the Stack Exchange network has to bring this topic at this point of time when the Ask Ubuntu community is maturing.
@aking1012 hmm I initially thought you were referring to me. it now makes sense.
@ChanHoSuh --^ wall of text
Earlier someone was complaining on meta AU about how jargon-filled AU supposedly is. I wonder how that person would feel about Stack Overflow.
@Kortuk - it has been an hour
@ChanHoSuh they would feel badly
@ChanHoSuh does it pass?
this is one of the reason I hate to discuss subjective topics. I am always uncertain.
12:35 PM
It looks good, @jokerdino. I have a compulsion to perhaps overedit, but... I think the last sentence can be redone.
hmm patches welcome.
For example, you start the last paragraph with, AU should be left alone... why? It seems you are saying it's growing/maturing (which is a good thing). But it's a bit weak to just end with "it upsets me". You are making a strong point here; there should be a way to end on a stronger note.
guys im having this problem
Unfortunately we are not gstreamer devs.
Also, link doesn't seem to work.
Oh wait, nvm.
@alFReDNSH it says fix released for Precise...
12:40 PM
@ChanHoSuh ok i am going off for a while. i'll edit it later on.
though not sure its the exact same problem
if you can find a better way, please do let me know. it's for our site :P
I have no idea how to track...
@jokerdino, sorry I can't give you something more constructive right now. I'll take another look later.
@alFReDNSH workaround is described in your link. If it works, I presume it's the same problem.
weirdly my laptop went to standby and it worked when I took it out!
thanks guys
12:51 PM
@BrunoPereira @MarcoCeppi Ping me when your there please
@all thanks for your support. If I wind up getting chain-banned from all sites, at least I know I was fighting the good fight
just a note... the fellow that asked me to wait an hour has not returned
i gave him 150% of what he asked for, if we're dealing in fuzzy terms
I think everyone on god's earth should read this chat log: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3563/site-breakin-discussion
it makes me smile... a lot
@aking1012 It seems I was not clear. I was finishing at work and had an hour commute.
I understand your timing and reasoning
> just a note... the fellow that asked me to wait an hour has not returned
@aking1012 Are you sure?
I am as sure as I can be, it was an hour from the time you made a request to wait an hour
1:06 PM
@aking1012 Finish work
@aking1012 but this discussion is moot now, moving on.
okay, I may have overstepped bounds in a slightly faster than expected escalation. either way, my argument is still valid
1:20 PM
the base of the point is that i feel i have made more than significant contributions to multiple SE sites. i also feel that this is directly related to an attack on AU, which I fully support. there is no reason, in my opinion, to try and merge the two barring SE trying to reap a benefit from Canonical including AU in the Ubuntu installer
Wow @aking1012 @CodyGray is here
Yes. I've been called out by name, so I'm checking in.
@CodyGray I had no hand in that
@AmithKK I talk to other mods.
@Kortuk Oh ok
1:20 PM
@aking1012 I had mentioned I would contact other mods if they were more able to help.
this is true, so i could see how it would be related
@AmithKK kk
@AmithKK thanks for your help in the thing
1:35 PM
Hello guys, need little help here, I need to install the MBR (I deleted it by a accident) I'm running the live session right now, how to install it, please help :-(
1:58 PM
no, wait, what? What just happened over here?
2:26 PM
Bounty offered: How to change touch screen functionality from a relative to an absolute pointing de... http://askubuntu.com/questions/140812/how-to-change-touch-screen-functionality-from-a-relative-to-an-absolute-pointing?atw=1 #multitouch
? so do mods from stack oversee the chat? That would be quite important to know.
@mateo_salta got the spam.
@mateo_salta yes i think
some of them, there are a couple of them still out there
flagged all the links you have dumped in regulators.
spam on the front page
there are more since I put in regulators
2:33 PM
@mateo_salta All mods happen to oversee all chats, hope that is what you were asking.
@Kortuk we are talking about the spam attack on AU
guys, SOS. We are the first line of defence against spam.
oh, interesting, i see @aking1012 has a point then....
and SOS ?? whats the situation?
@mateo_salta Talk to me in the site breakin discussion room for that, I will try to avoid causingissues in this room
@Prasad use rescatux, dude.
notice spam, downvote and flag
@jokerdino flag as spam, it will autodelete with enough flags.
we are under attack, there has been like 10 of these.
what the fsck!!!
2:36 PM
@Kortuk yes but i think we are being outnumbered.
@jokerdino Mods will react soon, sorry I cannot help
whats thiss, and why all of a suddem?
Euro cup maybe?
ok, got them out of the front page. Whoo
if everyone downvoting flagged it as spam, it would have gone by now.
scroll down there are several more.
I got 6 q and 1 answer
how many more?
2:40 PM
I lost count, some got deleted, there were a couple that had 3 answers before.
Check your flag summary.
@jokerdino I did my part, and it had more then others, I think it is because you are looking at the newest posts, not just the normal frontpage.
downvote, flag, downvote, flag
we need a bot like jorge
Q: How to make link open in new tab

Gevorg HindoyanI know that in posts(answers/questions) I can use html, but when I try to write: <a href="http://some_link" target="_blank">Link</a> its not working, how to fix that?

2:42 PM
@Kortuk yeah i am looking at /questions. 4 downvotes won't show up on front page but spam might be hiding
( i guess jorge is programmed to edit, upvote, edit, upvote, so may not be much useful now though)
@Kortuk and thanks.
@jokerdino Ha, I did nothing out of the ordinary.
no, that was a brave move. To put yourself against the spam.
i guess the system has got to them already.
I had 9 questions flaged, 11 comments for that
I mean awnsers
2:45 PM
i haven't seen an attack of this scale before.
good that the spammer didn't choose a better Ubuntu related title.
Now I am bored.
Q: HOW TO WaTcH Harlequins vs Leicester Tigers Live Streaming online Aviva Premiership Final Match HD TV on Pc

jason sathamWatch Harlequins vs Leicester Tigers live stream Online tv link on pc today of 2012 Aviva Premiership Rugby. Don't be upset if you aren't still tuned with the channels, just click here and we will provide you 100% quality software to Watch all the Rugby Matches Of any Rugby Event For the time wha...

this one needs more flags to get off front page
someone has the cheek to inject spam in /suggested-edits
too bad i can flag it just once
@Mahesh it is off the front page.
@jokerdino even then few more flags help to get it closed
2:51 PM
@Mahesh yes that I agree. if 8 downvotes becomes flag, the post is gone long ago.
you only need 6 spam flags.
too bad i cant flag it multiple times
now that its clear, what the hell was that, anyway?
Bunch of spammers advertising their relatively new sports channel sites.
why did they target AU?
any other SE site attacked the same way?
Stop being philosophical.
they cant bear me. i dont want to get banned from chat. :P
2:58 PM
@Mahesh I think I miss the humor ><
I thought about making a "spam" tag, but then thought again.

 Electrical Engineering

A place to talk with friends from the EE community about vacuu...
You are doing EE nah?
@Kortuk now that you asked, i realy am confused what i meant by that. :|
@Mahesh As long as I am not the slow one that does not get it :)
@jokerdino yup. :D bt people always think i'm CS. even my classmates.
bbye. :)
3:01 PM
@Mahesh Ha, try to make it
see ya
I agree wholeheartedly.
3:38 PM
Q: Why I can make my question favourite

Gevorg HindoyanWhy I can make my own question a favourite?

3:58 PM
Q: HOW TO WaTcH Freestone Motocross Race Live Streaming Online HD Tv On Pc

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anyway, good night fighting spam. I am tired and sleepy.
later @jokerdino
Hello all
hi @AmithKK
4:01 PM
@mateo_salta Heya
@aking1012 Happy to help :D
well, back to answering questions, hopefully the spam wave is over.
4:34 PM
Hello everyone
How come some questions do not have an edit option?
@Mitch They have pending edit suggestions
yep, someone has, or is editing it
Q: Edit link Missing

Amith KKI was going to edit a post and I just found out that "edit" Is missing from all questions Although the edit link works

@Mitch Link me
man the spammer is still at it
Q: HOW TO WaTcH Chile vs Argentina Live South American Championship Rugby Streaming online HD TV on Pc

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those seem to be from the same account -- can the account be shut down and the IP blocked?
4:42 PM
hope so, We had over 10 of them so far, all from various accounts
@EliahKagan Yes
@jrg @MarcoCeppi @BrunoPereira @fossfreedom @Oli @StefanoPalazzo --^
I was making a list of the users in the regulator room, fell behind a bit though.
Yeah, that was around 25 min ago, looks like there aren't alot of high level users on right now to accept the edits, so likely someone already put the formating in, I'd come back to it in a few hours, @Mitch
4:51 PM
Good Night
5:05 PM
@AmithKK all spammers now destroyed...
5:17 PM
Can you answer this? How to tell network manager not to show wireless AP with poor quality http://askubuntu.com/questions/107074/how-to-tell-network-manager-not-to-show-wireless-ap-with-poor-quality?atw=1 #networkmanager
@fossfreedom , awesome
2 hours later…
7:13 PM
please flag as spam (don't just downvote)
7:33 PM
Q: Bazaar line statistics per revision

pavolzetorHow can I get statistics, how line count changed over time? I use bazaar for my project and it would be really nice to know, if I am refactoring code correctly.

is this OT?
@AmithKK I'm here
/ just realised OT can mean both on-topic and off-topic. :|
@MarcoCeppi no to?
@Mahesh OT typically refers to Off-topic, and no I don't think it's off-topic
:) k. thanks.
^ i was actually tempted to write KTHXBYE
the LOLCODE end-of-program keyword
Q: How can I check if mysql is installed in a bash script?

Kit SundeI need to check if mysql is installed in a bash script, what would be an efficient way of going doing that? I thought I could do this: if [ ! -f `which mysql` ] ; then echo "foo" fi But I think I might be confused about something. What would be a better solution? It's should be portable a...

7:46 PM
Q: Can older questions be closed as duplicates of newer questions in special circumstances on meta?

Eliah KaganHere on meta, sometimes issues arise, and then arise again later as circumstances change. Is it appropriate, in such a situation, to close older questions about a topic as duplicates of a newer question about the same topic, if we want to direct current discussion of the topic to the newer questi...

8:08 PM
Q: Why does debian and ubuntu default to runlevel 2?

Robert Silvie III never thought about this before, but I was wondering why they chose runlevel 2. Every other distro and OS I've used default to runlevel 2 (with the exception of AIX which also defaults to runlevel 2).

8:38 PM
A request for all Ask Ubuntu users http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/3133/a-request-for-all-ask-ubuntu-users?atw=1
8:57 PM
Hello, can I ask a question?
The iso file for Ubuntu 12.04 is 701.3 MB, a CD size is 700 MB. Will it be okay to burn iso into a CD?
Another question, I tried another way of installing from USB where the iso file is the only file. I stuck the USB into my laptop, and pressed F12 after starting it. I then chose to boot from USB, but it then said "Error: Not found operating system". I wonder what I did wrong to boot from USB in order to install Ubuntu 12.04?
@Tim You need to "burn" the ISO to the USB
Thanks! "To run Ubuntu from a USB stick, the first thing you need to do is insert a USB stick with at least 2GB of free space into your PC." My USB is 1GB size, is it okay?
@Tim it should be okay, just make sure to set Step 4 "Persistent Disk" to 0
My current running OS is Ubuntu 10.10. Which software do you recommend to burn the iso into my USB?
@Tim Ah, that's even easier
Just make sure to select "Discard on shutdown" to use a USB disk less than 2GB
9:09 PM
Thanks! I cannot find "dash" and " Startup Disk Creator" following the link.
@Tim Dash is something in 11.10 and above. For you just go to System->Administration->Startup Disk Creator
To access the "Dash" portion of the instructions
Thanks! Now it is burning. I have another question. I now don't have a drive to back up my personal files on the laptop. Can I install 12.04 to 10.10 without changing my home and the Windows drives shared between Windows 7 and Ubuntu?
9:31 PM
@Tim When you do an install, Ubuntu should find your current partition and leave your /home folder alone
You will however lose all your currently installed programs
if you're looking to keep those through the upgrade you should run the upgrader from within Ubuntu
and go 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.11 -> 12.04
I heard upgrading was not a good choice compared to installation. Isn't it?
I've never had a problem with it
not reliable. I heard
It's a matter of opinion
One computer of mine has been upgraded every 6 mo starting with 9.04
If some software become not supported in new release of Ubuntu, how is that?
9:35 PM
@Tim during each upgrade Ubuntu will tell you exactly which packages are going to be upgraded, which are going to be removed (because they are no longer needed), and which are no longer supported
So you can review the list during each upgrade
For software that's no longer supported, your presented with the option of keeping it installed but old, or removing it
Thanks! Okay, now I am going to install it. Anything else that I must be aware of, just off top of your head?
Not much, just take it easy and make sure to review each option
Thanks! See you.
UGT morning peeps
I need good icon to use on a website, does anyone know a source ?
let me rephrase it -- a good source I found plenty but going through them all is hard :-/
9:57 PM
i noticed there was no mention of Launchpad Answers (which welcomes questions about Ubuntu+1) in askubuntu.com/questions/18641/…, so i added an answer about that (askubuntu.com/a/142641/22949)
if anyone wants to proofread it, improve it, vote it up or down, great!
@MarcoCeppi Hi Marco!
I am in the middle of installation of 12.04
i was tempted to provide more information about how AU and Launchpad Answers differ...but i wanted to keep my answer pertinent to the topic at hand, which is, what resources are available to people who are having problems with Ubuntu+1
Now at "Installation type". (1) Which one shall I choose for "Device for boot loader installation"? the partition for my 10.10?
@Tim I'm not 100% certain
The bootloader typically is installed on the first partition
Under 10.10, I have three partitions for Ubuntu. One is swap, the second is home and last one is used for installed 10.10. So I think to choose the last partition for "Device for boot loader installation"? Note that I am booting from USB now.
I want to overwrite my current 10.10 with 12.04.
Another question (2) For the partition of my 10.10, Shall I again specify its type to be ext4, and mount point to be "/", and specify to format it?
10:07 PM
@MarcoCeppi thanks looking at them :)
10:34 PM
@Tim Don't change any of the formats for the partition. Or you will lose your data
10:45 PM
@MarcoCeppi Thanks! I only chose to format the "/" partition where my original 10.10 was installed and future 12.04 will be installed. So I think it doesn't matter?
If I dont choose to format that "/" partition, it says it will delete the directories on it.
11:29 PM
FLGRX (AMD Catalyst) driver issues in Ubuntu 12.04 http://askubuntu.com/questions/142627/flgrx-amd-catalyst-driver-issues-in-ubuntu-12-04?atw=1 #ati
and i thought watching the european song contest is a waste of time:
(soluna samay - entry for denmark)
she should have worn an ubuntu shirt!
11:49 PM
I broke my ubuntu
can someone help me fixer it
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