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1:00 AM
Q: In Avatar (The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra), was there ever an Ultimate Avatar?

Loltest1234Has there ever a certain avatar who was able to bend irregular things like metal, plants, lightning, and if so, could you possibly have an "Ultimate" Avatar that was able to bend ever element including the weird ones. I've tried to do reseach on this but I haven't been able to find much. Please h...

Q: Why did the marauders not find the room of requirement?

FredWeaslyfanThe marauders found every secret passage out and into Hogwarts and every shortcut, hidden passage, and hidden room in Hogwarts, how did they miss the room of requirement?

1:20 AM
@xkcd should have the hover text
@Jenayah I’ve heard people like X-Men, have you read that at all? I don’t know anything about them or where I should start
1:48 AM
Q: How was Will sending messages through the lights?

padfootIn season one Joyce sees the lights flashing and accredits it to Will sending her messages, later she puts up a Alphabet and Will sends her a message, so how was Will controlling the lights from the upside-down?

4 hours later…
6:03 AM
*Sigh* Is there a request on meta for indicating if a user has answered a question twice?
I got the latter first.
6:30 AM
Well, there is now.
Q: When reviewing, indicate if a user has multiple answers on this question

SQBJust now, I came across these two answer in review, in this order. https://scifi.stackexchange.com/review/late-answers/133351 https://scifi.stackexchange.com/review/late-answers/133349 As you can see, the same (unregistered) user posted more or less the same answer twice, probably in an attem...

7:12 AM
A: Is there such thing as a "one-person" door?

XRFHuman Trebuchet Your an evil dictator, the safety of a freed slave shouldn't be too high a priority. Sling them into a nearby lake with a human trebuchet. Strap them to the device with a bracelet or manacle. If someone else decides to loosely attach themselves to the newly freed individual they ...

"Human Trebuchet". Everything is better with trebuchets.
7:57 AM
@SQB Did that second dupe answer get flagged?
@TheLethalCarrot I flagged it for deletion. But both came up in the Late Answer Queue, the (slightly) newer one first.
I edited that a bit and approved it.
Then I saw the older one and went to check the question and all its answers.
If it were up to me, I'd disallow multiple answers from new users.
Multiple answers are uncommon anyway, and coming from a new user, they're more likely to be a mistake then anything else.
They can't blanket disallow, I think they get multiple warnings though... and mod flag? Cos I don't think it made it to queue
Why not disallow for new users? Make adding multiple answers a privilege.
Well the change would likely have to affect most of the network, if not all, where multiple answers/multiple approaches are fine
It may (though I'm not convinced) make sense here but it wouldn't on other places on the network
Let's keep an eye on answers by FredWeasleyfan, by the way. Short answers without reasoning or references; needed to be edited for capitalisation and punctuation.
Well, yeah, I would like to see that across the network. Multiple answers are fine here too, especially on , but multiple answers by new users are more likely to be a mistake than actually two answers.
8:11 AM
Not saying they're not more likely to be a mistake but the general rule of thumb on SE is to allow benefit of the doubt/assume best intentions and what not
And you can't do that if you're blanket disallowing anything that comes your way after the first answer
There's a pop-up shown already if you add another answer to a question you've already answered. That could be adjusted.
I thought it already was for new users?
Or is that just a FR I saw a few years back?
> Are you sure you want to add another answer?
You could use the edit link to refine and improve your existing answer, instead.
That's what I get when trying to add an answer.
The button reads "add another answer" too.
A new user, say below 100 rep, could get:
> You're trying to add another answer. You need to have earned 100 reputation on this stack to do that.
You could use the edit link to refine and improve your existing answer, instead.
I don't like the blanket ban on another answe myself
The dialogue already gives them enough warnings too, if they aren't reading them... tough
On a different note...
This is NAA right?
A: How does the Room of Requirement work?

EvilSnackIf you look at it, the events of the series necessitate that magic is an inherently sentient force. Things that are enchanted—such as wands—show the clear signs of a mind operating at some level. Why else would it matter what words were pronounced by the wizard or witch who is casting a spell, e...

Flagged as such.
This is an attempt at discussion at best.
8:20 AM
Thought so, VTD it too
Did it come up in review?
Aye straight away
You flagged it though so don't think you'll be able to handle it
Of course.
> This item is not reviewable.
8:25 AM
Thought so
@Catija What elements in the new theme are customisable? As far as I'm aware we can change:

Background image/colours
Link colour
Tag colour
UV/DV button colours
Ask button colour
Logo/icon placement in the header
@SQB does something look wrong here to you?
@TheLethalCarrot yup.
Okay, just checking it wasn't just me
Q: Science Fiction & Fantasy's updated site theme is ready for testing!

CatijaAs part of implementing the new unified themes across the network, we're gradually rolling out updated site themes for each site. As of today, we have enabled your updated site theme for testing. If you can't see it right now, that's by design! This is a very early test implementation of your d...

I assume you'll be adding it there?
@CorvoAttano I've read some, not so much with the latest ones, and I guess that also depends what kind of stuff you want to read first - @RDFozz might be of assistance, pretty sure he read a lot of those!
@SQB it's already on main meta I think
8:36 AM
@SQB Think it's related to responsiveness not theme
Could be.
What browser/OS you on?
Opera, private session.
Windows 10.
Q: Does Spiderman’s webbing dissolve in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy?

BroklyniteClassically, Peter Parker designed his webbing so that it would dissolve after an hour or so, but before then would be stronger than steel. This was done so that cops arriving on the scene could arrest the evil-doer and put them away. It additionally made it impossible for someone to collect a sa...

Q: What does the Venom symbiote subsist on?

BroklyniteThe comics always seemed handwavey about this in my memory, saying that the symbiote was absorbing the life energy of its host or some such twaddle. Fine. But when Spider-Man (and then eventually Eddie Brock) bond with the symbiote, the symbiote does one interesting thing: it replicates the web...

Opera is usually pretty good with CSS.
8:40 AM
Q: Responsive design squashing user image on profile page

TheLethalCoderWhen a user includes a large image in their "About me" section it appears to squash the user image on the left of the page. Reproduce here: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/users/54887/aegon Reproduced in: Windows 10, Chrome v69 Windows 10, Opera

@Catija ^^
8:54 AM
@SQB Looks to be already fixed just waiting on the build
Seems to be the same, yeah.
1 hour later…
10:13 AM
Q: Creepy film with tentacle alien attacking crew members in a vessel in space or underwater

XiikieI think it must have been before 1991 the film came out. I think it was set in space or maybe deep underwater. The vessel had narrow rounded sci-fi corridors. They seemed trapped so definitely a station of sorts. The alien/creature came from a can (like a baked bean tin without the wrapper). Th...

11:03 AM
@Catija Also, what happens to the background image if you keep extending the browser width? Will it stretch? Keep going? Fade into a background colour? etc.
I think most backgrounds are tiled.
So while they might fade when scrolling down, stretching the window would probably have little effect.
Means amf's map idea is probably a no go
Ah they probably are
Where does one find the current SE build number?
I'll see what Catija says though, they may have multiple ways of doing the background images
No idea
Ah, the footer.
11:12 AM
Footer bottom right yeah, just seen too haha
> rev 2018.10.1.31778
Ah, it's fixed in the new build.
Science Fiction & Fantasy is not on that build yet.
Ahh yes, just need to wait for it to roll out to us
2 hours later…
12:45 PM
Ah it is fixed now
1:08 PM
rev 2018.10.2.31784 already.
Adding an answer for the new film based solely off of the trailer ;P
aye OP was looking for answers from both
Greetings, Programs.
Q: In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, what did the Ministry do to increase the security at Hogwarts?

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, what did the Ministry do to increase the protection around Hogwarts, apart from stationing aurors at Hogwarts?

1:22 PM
Oops, wrong greeting. Though it is, at least, still appropriate.
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble guy!
@Jenayah Added it
@TheLethalCarrot wtf, this Venom guy speaks like Carnage
Looks like it should be good though
eh, we'll see
1:28 PM
Oh yeah I'm sure it'll go one way or the other
Hope they'll end up with the actual Eddie/Symbiote team-up
these two really like each other... sometimes
Q: Did Luke ever visit the Jedi temple on Coruscant?

BooleanI know from this question that at one stage Luke attempted to visit the temple on Coruscant, But did Luke ever visit the Jedi temple on Coruscant?

1:54 PM
Q: Where do people and Hogwarts get their money from in Harry Potter?

WhiteMistI was beginning to re read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when 2 questions struck me: As a non profit oganization, where does Hogwarts get its money from? Which leads me to another one: In Harry Potter's magical society, how do people generate income other than from the "service" ...

Q: Fantasy story with 4 guardians and 1 master living in the capital

GlaemyrI'm looking for a book I read when I was younger. Can't remember much else than that there are 4 guardians and a master living in the capital. Their job is to keep the world in balance, this is ruined by a woman who kills the guardians and seduces the master (I think). The only other thing I re...

Q: What does Ravenclaw mean by being clever?

Shana TarAs far as I am concerned, one is sorted into Ravenclaw when being highly intelligent or wise or scholar type. In real world intelligence can be understood in different ways. Like there are people who are genius engineers, but struggle with simple grammar or those who extremely good in understand...

@Marvin Harry Potter J.K. Rowling and the Lazy Stereotype
@SQB lol
2:24 PM
Q: What should the new background/theme look like?

TheLethalCarrotAs some of you probably know SFF is losing it's lovely star field and practically all elements that make SFF so recognisable when the new theme launches out of beta. After a bit of discussion with @Catija I found out that we can have a custom image back again. So, after asking if this is what we ...

@Catija Correct my assumptions as needed to the above post please :)
2:41 PM
Q: Why the name "Luke" of Luke Skywalker?

luchonachoLuke is the English version of Lucius, a roman name. With the advent of Christianity, it has been mostly associated with Luke the Evangelist, and hence has a strong Christian connotation, particularly in the Occidental culture (where it's mostly found). Meanwhile, as far as my experience of SW ...

Q: Yet Another Story ID: Transported to the moon as criminal punishment

puppetsockNot sure exactly when this was published. I think it was in Asimov's or Analog, but not sure on that. It might have been on one of the big-round-number anniversaries of Heinlein's, because it has a Heinlein tie-in. The basic idea was, a variety of crimes had their punishments set to transportat...

Q: Desolated Earth short story, with Disney characters as robots

David BoydAnother short story I probably read in the 70’s - civilization is wiped out, but a robotic Mickey, Donald, and Goofy which were intended for theme park use wander the desolation and have philosophical discussions. I recall that Goofy spouts Marxist ideologies because he was intended for Disneyla...

@CorvoAttano - Where to start reading X-Men is kind of a tough question. If you're looking for a jumping on point, Marvel's restarting the main X-Men title shortly (UNCANNY X-MEN #1). I won't say it'll be a completely clean starting point, but it should be a reasonable place to start.
I haven't read them yet, but the recent X-MEN: THE GRAND DESIGN mini-series seem to be summing up the key events from the X-Men's history from the 1960s forward (I think the latest one should be late 1970s/early 1980s). That can give you a background on some characters.
@TheLethalCarrot By the way, have you seen the Worldbuilding site's new design?
Have now, that seems to work quite well
So, I think that the image could be fixed rather than scroll...
@Catija I hadn't, so I just checked and good work
2:49 PM
Well I meant more when you extend the width not scroll down
hope we can get something like this too
@Jenayah Thanks! I'll let the designers know. They worked really hard on it. :D
@Catija please do, it would really have sucked to loose WB's gorgeous theme - glad it's been heard :)
@TheLethalCarrot Hmmmm... I'm not sure. For WB, the image is locked to the left, so I'm guessing that's how it'd need to be for others.
Matches what amf said when he had a poke around then
2:51 PM
@CorvoAttano Honestly, it's really hard to pick a good starting point, given the complicated histories of some characters. Jean Grey was one of the original X-Men - when faced with near-death saving the team from a radiation storm in space, she was placed in a restorative cocoon, and a cosmic entity called the Phoenix took her place, and in fact died as her (after the Phoenix entity destroyed a world of broccoli-like aliens).
@Catija Now we just need one for SFF again and I'm sure most of us will be happy :)
A few years later, the real Jean Grey came out of the cocoon, and resumed her life. In the meantime, the love of her life, Scott (Cyclops) Summers, had married a clone of Jean, and they had had a son, Nathan Christopher Summers, who would be sent to the future and become Cable).
That takes you into the 1990s on that character.
@TheLethalCarrot amf?
After looking at the code on other sites, the restriction will probably be more on file size than tile size. The tile will likely just be repeating from the top left corner, so we can make an image 1920+px across and it'll just look like a full-width background. — amflare 21 mins ago
She's since married Cyclops, died again, had her younger self come forward in time, and came back again.
2:55 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Ah. Yeah, we have a few options. We can fade the image, have it repeat indefinitely, or have it appear a single time like on WB.
Okay coke, hopefully we can get something sorted then
Q: What is Voldemort doing in Harry Potter and the half blood prince?

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, what was Voldemort doing? At the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort showed up in the Ministry of Magic, and duelled with Dumbledore. After the aurors arrived, Voldemort and Bellatrix fled. Where did Voldemort go in Harry Potte...

3:17 PM
Q: What should the new background/theme look like?

TheLethalCarrotAs some of you probably know SFF is losing it's lovely star field and practically all elements that make SFF so recognisable when the new theme launches out of beta. After a bit of discussion with @Catija I found out that we can have a custom image back again. So, after asking if this is what we ...

3:43 PM
anyone still around?
looks around Seems I am
would've had a scope question
And now you don't? Haha
Nah just taking a screenshot
I wonder if that'd be too broad, actually
or you know, just plain off-topic since well, it's a talking robot but nothing much fancier than what we could build today
The Cybermen are a fictional race of cyborgs who are among the most persistent enemies of the Doctor in the British science fiction television programme, Doctor Who. Within the context of the series, the Cybermen are a species of emotionless space-faring cyborgs who look to co-opt human beings or other similar species to join and populate their ranks. First appearing in 1966, the Cybermen were created by Dr. Kit Pedler (the unofficial scientific advisor to the show) and story editor Gerry Davis. The Cybermen have seen many redesigns and costume changes over Doctor Who's long run. Over the years...
Isn't it just a Cyberman from Doctor Who?
(Only seen the image)
3:53 PM
looks like it indeed
<--------- only watched one Doctor Who episode in her life
<----- Never watched a full episode
Only seen bits and pieces here and there
yeah, deffo one of these
Thanks ;D
No worries
Lol the old ones look like a Lego Space set
4:01 PM
If it's of interest - the original Cybermen had small robots they used called Cybermats. They were about the size of a small rodent (or, to quote the fourth Doctor, "Not a rat. A cybermat.")
Tying to Cyber-Pat, of course.
lol, silverfish taken up to eleven
4:16 PM
Q: Why did Douglas Adams introduce conflict between Arthur and the mice into later versions of Hitchhiker's Guide?

Mark GreenIn the original radio series of Hitchhiker's, the mice have no interest in taking Arthur's brain, and are only interest in offering him money for what he might know about the question. In the later novel and the TV series, the mice want to take Arthur's brain, possibly killing him in the process...

4:35 PM
Perhaps we can take this image, do a fade out to a lighter colour on the left, then use that.
@SQB Flipped, then?
So that the angel sticks to the left the way the WB robot does?
Good idea. Haven't really worked it out, though.
or did I not get your point?
I thought just keeping it aligned on the right, where we don't use the margin, then fading the left side to a light colour, to go behind the margin we do use.
it's still quite dark
probably too dark for it to match with the tabs' colorr
@SQB uh? The right margin is full of useful stuff
or do you mean the right background margin? It's less of an obvious waste of blank space than the left margin
Tags are sorted by popularity right?
4:53 PM
@Mithrandir everywhere in preview and stuff
On a question? Yes. On the /tags page? Either popularity, creation date, or alphabetically, IIRC.
@Jenayah Preview is just whatever order you put them in, I think.
same on the Q thread
why isn't stroy-id first?
unrelated: yeay, checkmark! o/
Hmm, odd. I'm seeing the same thing.
@Mithrandir there's acouple others actually
they're a bit old though
5:07 PM
@Jenayah right background margin.
@SQB mmmh... If nothing goes on left margin, and more stuff goes into right margin, there's not much balance
Ideally, we'd have something on the left as well.
@Marvin twiddling his thumbs?
@Marvin working on his presentation?
@SQB sure
@Marvin finishing his scale model of Hogwarts?
@Marvin writing a very sternly worded letter to The Daily Prophet?
5:14 PM
Or seducing the Family Guy girl from the Ultimate Space Battle poster
H8, top right
Isn't C1 Arzach rather than Taarna?
@SQB might be
was one inspired by the other?
(there are some other bande dessinées references in there)
Yes. Taarna was inspired by Arzach.
@SQB ah! then yeah I'd say both should be in the answer
5:24 PM
But this one clearly has the cape.
since the C1 case is a tad bit blurry
Which Arzach does, but Taarna doesn't.
@SQB then edit accordingly ;D
Did just that.
Is that Mark from Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) in B6?
Sorry, moving to appropriate chat room.
2 hours later…
7:51 PM
@RDFozz why the arrowverse tag?
You asked as I was adding a comment:
As the OP hasn't shown up since shortly after posting the question, I've taken the liberty of editing the question and adding the arrowverse tag. As that's the depiction of the Flash that probably reached the most people as of Spring of 2017, and as I think that's the main place I've seen that effect, this seems likely to be what was intended.
@RDFozz oh, sorry :p
No worries - I obviously agree the question is reasonable, since I was already answering it!
The question (as in, the post question) is still not very clear though
except for "duh, if it hurt people basically all the town would be dead after two episodes"
Oh, i never meant to suggest the question was particularly good. I think the first comment is probably an adequate answer.
8:00 PM
@RDFozz in the name of science maybe, in the name of comic books logic this one is more on point :p
Any inconsistencies or questions that involve the Flash can be answered with one word, Speedforce. — user2920788 Jul 24 '17 at 19:35
Good point!
(don't get me wrong, I love comic books, but my oh my I don't read them for science and consistency :D )
Marvel/DC superhero ones I mean... There are of course some other comics books/bande dessinées/graphic novels that are an entirely different matter
(Pedantic aside on that comment - of course, Speed Force is two words)
Understood. I've been reading comics probably longer than you've been alive (43 years). And, I'm just obsessive enough to still try to make things consistent when I can.
For example - in the late 1970s, in FANTASTIC FOUR, first Ben (the Thing) lost his powers due to overexposure to the Hulk (keep your mind out of the gutter :-); then, shortly after that, Reed lost his stretching powers (implication was due to age). In the FF, Reed's stretching powers finally gave out a day or two after Galactus turned Ben back into the Thing.
However, In Ben's team-up book, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, Ben had a few stories where he was depowered (he wore an exo-skeleton Reed whipped up), then when on an extended trip with his girl-friend Alicia, where he occasionally griped and moened about being a monster (so, his powers were back). And when he got back, Reed guest-starred in the book, and he hadn't quite lost his powers yet!
I can handle retcons and what I like to call conplants (retroactive continuity that doesn't change past events, just adds things that we hadn't seen before), but this is just sloppy on the part of the editors not to notice something like this.
(he still grumbled 40 years after the fact).
8:29 PM
Q: Was the general plot of Space : Above and Beyond ever released?

SavaThe series was cancelled after only one season, and I remember reading somewhere online, a few years after it was cancelled, that the producers had written the whole plot for the series but couldn't release it to fans due to copyright issue or something similar. Did they ever release it since th...

Q: Did Anakin’s childhood friends hear of Luke Skywalker?

Daniel HuttnerIn The Phantom Menace Anakin Skywalker had friends who were Kitster and Wald, and had associates like Watto, Amee, Melee and Seek. Then Anakin left Tattootine to become a Jedi after he was rescued by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and we don’t see Anakin’s friends or associates in Attack of the Clones,...

Q: Should we allow or indicate non-english names for SFF works?

SavaWhile movies tend to retain their original titles worldwide, with a bit of leeway in the translation, tv series and books translated in other languages often have titles that are far removed from the original titlee. Should we allow the use of translated titles, alongside the original title if/w...

8:57 PM
@RDFozz I'm almost tempted to ask a question about whether some issues mistook that and spelled it "Speedforce" (one word)
will have to do a bit of research beforehand
@RDFozz lol, that's parallel continuities for you... "How is this guy alive, when in that book released last week, he was dead?"
What - a misspelled word/phrase in a comic book? No, that cuold never happen!
@RDFozz :D
@RDFozz ahahah, I see what you did there :p
(bows) Thank you, I'll be here all week, try the chicken!
@RDFozz well, this is the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I'd rather have a taste of this bovine animal's shoulder!
Good point - Try Bessie! She's delicious!
9:07 PM
You know what they say, meet the meat first ;)
ARGH! The government is setting an incentive for me to do something as late as possible, but not after they change the laws, because it will be too late after. So I would have to be very careful to watch the changes of the laws of taxation every year in order to not lose money. This is evil.
Or at least this is what I understand so far, but I'll have to ask them if I understand these details correctly.
9:39 PM
@FuzzyBoots: Yeah. The more I read, the more I'm beginning to realize that Batman's identity might be the worst-kept secret in all of comic history. I mean, Superman has better luck with glasses and a spit curl than Batman has with a lead-lined hi-tech cowl. — Tushar Raj May 22 '17 at 11:30
10:03 PM
Q: Planet of iron oxide inhabited by robots

Dave CI believe this is a pretty old sci-fi short story. As I recall, it takes place on a planet of iron and iron oxide (rust). The only inhabitants are robots. IIRC, a ship lands, or crash lands there, and the astronauts/ space travelers come to an untimely demise. That’s all I can remember.

10:34 PM
@Randal'Thor Did you hear about the potential new TV series?
Q: How come Harry didn't see Thestrals after "killing" Quirrel?

RubenxfdI looked through all questions regarding seeing thestrals but couldn't find an answer, as they all debate Harry's ability to see thestrals at the age of 1. Please mark as duplicate if question is already asked. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, Quirell nearly killed Harry. However, Ha...

@Jenayah - Maybe it helps not be a famous international playboy? Clark isn't well-known for the number of women he dated; Bruce has dated dozens over the years. Silver St. Cloud figured out he was Batman because she had spent so much time staring at Bruce's face, she recognized the jaw and mouth.
@RDFozz true, true
Hmm, feels like that should go on the the super-hero equivalent of the "What Not To Do When I'm The Dark Overlord" list....
What's the point of being a Dark Overlord if you can't get the chicks? :/
10:45 PM
@Jenayah - Maybe the rule would be something like, "If my face is well-known in my civilian identity, take extra pains to make sure it's unrecognizable in costume" or some such.
@RDFozz extra pain - not complicated, wait for the hero to come an' beat you up.
Ooh, I can edit the typos I notice three seconds after posting here! Yay! :-)
No, this one is for the "What Not toDo When I Become a Super-Hero" list.
Then in the second movie/issue your face is so much beyond repair that you can pass as a new villain and get a big twist at the end
Which isn't nearly as fun, I'm sure.
> Chez DC Comics, il y a deux héros principaux. Le premier est un type sympa, journaliste, issu d’un milieu modeste, qui se bat pour les petites gens et dont l’ennemi juré est une personnification des mauvais côtés du capitalisme. L’autre est un milliardaire psychopathe qui se déguise pour taper sur des pauvres. Alors bien entendu on trouve Superman ridicule et Batman beaucoup plus intéressant.
> DC Comics has two main heroes. The first one is a nice guy, journalist, from a modest background, who fights for the lower classes and whose sworn enemy is a personification of the evil sides of capitalism. The other is a psychopathic billionaire who disguises himself to beat up on the poor. So obviously, Superman is deemed ridiculous and Batman much more interesting.
10:49 PM
@Jenayah - A la the Robot Chicken episode where Two-Face becomes Three-Face, and Four-Face - keeping his gimmick trinary and quaternary to match the new number of faces (instead of flipping a coin).
No matter how much time, money and effort you expend, you can't become Superman. In theory, you can become Batman. I recommend against killing your parents, though.
(I don't think I made up the word quaternary)
Nope, it's real - It may not be the right word in context but at least it's real.
Have to confirm this sort of thing occasionally.
Oh, cool, looks like quaternary is the right word. english.stackexchange.com/a/120187/233320
Ah, well. TTFN!
@RDFozz see ya!
11:17 PM
@SmokeDetector took you long enough
11:40 PM
for this answer based on a self-comment to rise to the top
A: Scifi movie where an alien has a baby on a bus

wizzwizz4The OP posted this comment: It turned out to be Basket Case 3. Thanks for your suggestion though! I think this is the relevant scene (from Wikipedia synopsis): With Hal incapacitated Belial is drugged to calm him down and the birth of his and Eve's twelve children is overseen by Little ...


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