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10:00 PM
Writing all those meta things took a lot of time.
@b_jonas alright!
@b_jonas Victory?
@Jenayah He was here. He was the one who used the mod-hammer to reopen. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46853594#46853594
Ah, never mind. Just read more of the transcript and realised what you meant.
10:01 PM
@b_jonas still doesn't impede us from saying hello :)
@Jenayah Hi hi :-)
@Randal'Thor That only took you half a minute? I'm still working on it. ;-)
@b_jonas Well, I was on meta, not in chat.
@Rand I was celebrating the victory the way I say in chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46853371#46853371 , I just had to find the right words.
10:03 PM
@NapoleonWilson But you were even involved in that conversation, so no need to read the transcript.
@b_jonas Yeah, I get it.
1 min ago, by Rand al'Thor
Ah, never mind. Just read more of the transcript and realised what you meant.
I had that feeling, but the comic strip quote that expresses it so well came into my mind only later.
@Randal'Thor The realising, not the transcript reading. But I only got in later, when I got hooked by some odd trip that was going on. ;-)
I'm not used to being an evil manipulator who glees in public. I'm working more from behind the scenes, and I'm not good at snappy evil one-liners.
@Randal'Thor Well, NapoleonWilson was trying to say something about that meta post, but I still don't really understand what. The problem is probably on my side.
Clearly: if you were really an evil manipulator, you wouldn't gloat in public ;-)
@b_jonas actually, I think neither of you gets what the other is trying to say... :^)
10:05 PM
Rule 1 of successful manipulation: don't let them realise what you're doing.
@b_jonas Don't put too much blame on yourself. I'm not working particularly hard at it, though. I'm half bored and half trying to figure out what's going on. ;-)
@Randal'Thor sure you would. But at the end of the book/movie, with the hero tied up to a chair. You'd gloat just long enough for the rescue to arrive, or said hero to pull up a Houdini
@Jenayah Yes, there are too many different people in different discussions here, I can't follow them.
@Randal'Thor Yes.
Tarquin didn't do it in public. But the words still help.
@Randal'Thor Exactly.
@Jenayah Unsuccessful villain =/= evil manipulator.
Manipulation doesn't tend to tie people to chairs :-P
scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/12103/… HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kevin is trying to "agree to disagree" about site on-topicness policy with a diamond moderator. Great.
This is another of those "their every move makes my victory more complete" grin moments.
10:09 PM
@b_jonas Ap...parently.
@b_jonas I got really confused there because I thought you were talking about mod Kevin
I realized afterwards that it was (on of the) other Kevin
@Jenayah (I'll tell you a secret, it doesn't matter all too much which of the two it is.) ;-)
@Jenayah Ah yes, sorry.
@NapoleonWilson well I wouldn't want a mod war to start; I'm all out of popcorn
@Jenayah There's...no war to begin with.
10:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson well if they "agree to disagree", sure, but still :^)
@NapoleonWilson ?
@b_jonas I'm not completely sure what you're on about with this, but you seem to be having fun.
@Randal'Thor I certainly am. Whether I'll achieve some of my goals I'm still not sure, but I am in my elements.
Apparently. ;-)
@Randal'Thor Lol. I didn't know about that. I noticed the two blue Mithrandirs, the second one was indicted recently.
Our Mithrandir said,
in The Reading Room, Aug 31 at 6:37, by Mithrandir
@b_jonas it's mostly just amusing in the network-wide mod room
10:17 PM
@b_jonas Mith123something is also a mod? :'D
@Randal'Thor facepalms authors
@Rand Re scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/12103/… I don't think pointing at election announcements is useful here though, because those are generally posted by moderators, and they explicitly have extra powers on Meta, specifically mod-only tags.
They're allowed to post about more topics on site Meta than I am.
Moderators aren't supposed to be allowed to post off-topic questions though, either on main or meta.
10:21 PM
And I like how Kevin is saying "this is a rant" in his comment rants.
It's nicely ambiguous.
Me too. ;-)
Hence why a mod's question can still be closed.
@Randal'Thor Sure. It can be closed because it's no longer relevant, or it's a dup, or if the mod made an error.
I guess the first one is the most common, but I'm not sure.
Both I and Swordferret have posted a few questions which ended up closed.
@b_jonas "no longer relevant" isn't a close reason.
@Randal'Thor Hmm... I thought it was on meta.
10:23 PM
@Randal'Thor what if the scope has changed since then?
"swordferret" - haven't seen that one before
Used to be, maybe, years back.
@Jenayah If a question was on-topic when asked, and the scope changes to make it off-topic, then it's closed under whatever new close reason applies.
I guess that could be what b_jonas meant by "no longer relevant".
(And potentially locked as "historically significant".)
@Mithrandir which reminds me ...
Heck, locks are so strong I can't even flag a locked question for moderator attention? Wow!
10:25 PM
@Randal'Thor well I meant NLR isn't a close reason, sure, but would be the idea behind such a closure
I never noticed that. These must be magical locks.
@b_jonas That's only for the historic lock.
Q: Why did Voldemort choose to kill half bloods first over muggles?

Captain MarvelIf half bloods were filthy scums, according to Voldemort, I don't have words to describe muggles. Why didn't Voldemort choose to eliminate muggles first which would have been very easy? Also, destruction of entire muggle gene pool would have removed the possibility of birth of half bloods.

@Mithrandir Um... I don't know what kinds of lock there are.
Those are intended to be frozen and untouchable.
10:26 PM
@Mithrandir Sure, but that could be reviewed after a later policy change.
@b_jonas Content dispute (used when there's an edit war), off-topic comments (used when there's a comment war), historical significance (very off-topic but worth preserving for some reason), wiki answer (don't post any new answers beyond the existing CW one).
@Mithrandir ninja'd :-)
Oh, there's one explicitly for disallowing answers when there's a big CW list? That's useful (for...the 2 cases a year that are like that). Is that new?
No, pretty sure it's ancient
10:31 PM
I think that's the only one I've never used.
I guess I just never thought about it when a rare case like that happened.
Seems like CW answers are rarer on M&TV than SFF anyway.
You don't get those multi-object-identification questions.
Definitely, with all those huge "get me all the characters in this fan-made mega picture" things.
The only CW answer I remember seeing on M&TV was one that I posted, and eventually flagged to de-CW-ify after nobody else bothered contributing to it.
@Randal'Thor thanks
10:35 PM
@Randal'Thor link? I'm curious now
There was a popular one about the translation for "Hold the door!".
A: How many nationalities has Christopher Lee portrayed?

Rand al'ThorFrom TVTropes: Early in his career he had trouble finding roles as Englishmen because casting directors thought his Italian heritage made him look too "foreign". As a result, he's played Germans, Italians, French, Arabs, Chinese...it's probably easier to mention ethnicities he hasn't played. ...

@NapoleonWilson I imagine that even in most of those cases, you wouldn't want to lock, because like in a multi-id question, low-rep users can give useful additions in answers that are then deleted after we edit it into the long answer.
@Randal'Thor ok, thanks!
@NapoleonWilson Those image-based multi-id questions are hard and often require tiny contributions by a lot of different people, and they're very enjoyable for me.
10:37 PM
@b_jonas true dat
@b_jonas That's precisely the (and in fact the only) reason why it's CW.
@b_jonas Yep.
@NapoleonWilson We've had rep 1 users contribute in these. At least I think I've seen a few.
@b_jonas That's why those are the only valid use-cases for CW (the collaboration part, not the enjoyment part).
@b_jonas Well, I don't know the exact rep limit for CW edits but...it's quite low.
100 or so?
10:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson Yes, but OTOH rep 1 users can suggest edits on posts, and we'll review them, and that's regardless of CV.
And I think some moderators say that the CV feature is sort of obsolete and mostly useless. I might be misinterpreting them here.
Well, it totally is, except for the rare cases that are exactly like that. ;-)
@b_jonas Napoleon in particular is very strongly in the "don't use CW except in the specific cases it's designed for" camp ;-)
Wow! I'm surprised. I haven't got an automatic reply email saying "we will take your concerns seriously" or "our team will address your concerns" or "a ticket got created, please use the reference number #6031438 in any further correspondence regarding" or anything
SE has largely admitted defeat on that front, though, going the laissez-faire route of "whatever the user wants that spares us the drama".
@NapoleonWilson s/fair/faire
Oh, you got it.
10:49 PM
@NapoleonWilson meta.stackexchange.com/a/160292/222298 Reputation requirements compared
@NapoleonWilson laissez-faire; the hyphen is important :p
Thanks. ;-)
Really good reference post, tells almost everything you ever want to know about rep limits, except certain things in chat, but few mortals understand how chat works.
@Jenayah I looked up "correspndence". I'm always in trouble with -ance vs -ence spellings in English. They seem random to me, although some people say "it's easy, they're spelled the same as in French" (where it also casuses no difference in pronunciation) or "comes from the latin roots"
And there's a very long list of such words
advance, science, conference, experience, finance, insurance, licence, performance, reference, assistance, balance, defence, difference, distance, evidence, acceptance, appliance, audience, compliance, importance, influence, instance, intelligence, maintenance, preference, presence, sentence, sequence, substance, violence,
absence, accordance, alliance, appearance, assurance, attendance, circumstance, clearance, confidence, consequence, entrance, excellence, existence, fragrance, governance, guidance, independence, offence, refinance, residence, resistance, romance,
@b_jonas Huh. You should have; where'd you send it?
and the list goes on and on, those are just the common ones.
10:52 PM
@b_jonas to be honest I wouldn't be able to cite the exact grammar rule, but if the word seems to be the gerund of a verb, you should use the one with "ance"
If it seems like it could have been a word on its own... it can be both?
Makes sense.
@Mithrandir team@ , exact address is email link target with text "contact us" in stackoverflow.com/legal/trademark-guidance
@NapoleonWilson looking at the list above, my off-the-hat rule doesn't really apply...
@Jenayah There's no grammar rule. It's all etymology, from latin or old French in which the -ance vs -ence were pronounced differently. French and English just copied the suffixes blindly.
@Jenayah The really famous one is -able vs -ible, with also no real rule unless you're deep into etymology, but that's small fish compared to the -ance vs -ence because the list of -ible words is closed and reasonably short, but -ance and -ence both go on forever.
@b_jonas well, trying to explain French to non-French-speaking people, I've come to the conclusion that French is a horrible language which makes no sense, but hey, démerdons-nous!
It really matches French very well though, there's only a few words that don't exist in French, and zero words where the ending differs.
@b_jonas huh, interesting - I thought they were using community-support@ now
@Mithrandir That one is for violations of the code of conduct.
And a dozen other things too.
Lost passwords, merged accounts, etc.
I merged my accounts at /contact
Wait, I might be confusing /contact with whatever you said here, sorry.
What's community-support@ ?
the new support email as of... ~Jun 18
@Mithrandir I see. Can you link to a page that tells about that email address?
11:02 PM
Nope, sorry, I'm not aware of one
Q: Have not received expected automatic support email -- did my query reach support?

UIlrvndI submitted a support query using this form about 50-60 minutes ago and it said I should receive an email "shortly"... There is no email in my inbox or spam folders. Does that mean support didn't receive my query?

(post is from 2013, so usual disclaimers apply)
There is an automatic responder now AFAIK
it had to be explicitly disabled for CM escalations
When you reach out through Contact Us, you receive the following confirmation message. Sending a followup email that just echoes that seems redundant and not particularly any more convincing. As it notes, though, a proper response usually would come "shortly", and as I note, if the person expects it to take longer, we usually would send an intervening message just to give word. The times it falls through are those rare situations where it's not expected to take long, but it ends up taking long. — Grace Note ♦ May 23 '17 at 11:57
@Randal'Thor That's for the /contact form. This was in the team@ email. And I'm not worried, I don't need an automatic confirmation. The email will get there.
The only useful automatic confirmation emails are ones that give a ticket number I can refer back to. The plain "we got your email and will address your concerns" are mostly useless.
They're for stupid people who'd resend their email otherwise, because they expect that someone in the big evil company headquarters will reply to them in five minutes or something.
But...you gotta make sure your concerns are taken seriously. ;-)
11:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson Yes, and that "It is important to <Ourbrand Co> that we continuously communicate important news to our customers. We cannot currently say anything about <currently popular issue>, but as soon as we have any news, we will tell you." (with no mention of where they'll tell me) as one current customer support hotline keeps telling me.
That notice takes up like two minutes before I even get to the other notices (about the call being recorded and how I can request a copy of the recording and all that) before I get to the menu.
Though lately they moved that notice down a level in the menu, so I don't always have to listen to it, if I choose any other menu item.
I only just read OOTS #1141, I was so busy. Now I see why some people were so excited about the current OOTS storyline. Some of them effectively guessed the ending of #1141 a few strips before. And someone asked exactly about whether that statement in the last but one panel was true. I thought it wasn't. It is, or so the guy in this strip claims.
(Sorry that's vague, but spoilers and all, I must be vague.)
11:47 PM
I turned a "I found it, it was book XYZ" comment into an answer. There was already an answer (to which OP replied to with their comment), which had been upvoted, meaning the actual answer, both in comments or my post, is further below on the page. If someone could upvote it to rise to the top, that would be better organized. If that feels like I'm rep-farming, tell me if that makes you uncomfortable and I'll make it a CW.
(though it's not one and I did spend some time browsing reviews to find the stuff that matched the description given)
@Jenayah It's not rep farming, but there are only two answers, so I don't think it matters too much which one is on the top, and the top one is only at 1 rep, so that can change quickly.
@b_jonas well if someone else wants to find the book, but isn't brave enough to scrolll down past first answer, they'll miss out the actual answer.
Granted, it's too bad if they don't scroll down... But that's precisely the reason why accepted answer stick to the top, isn't it? Because they are "the" answer
@Jenayah That first answer is short.
They don't have to scroll much.
Unfortunately in this case OP will likely never come back, so...
@b_jonas to be honest I see so much one-liners story-id answers when browsing old stuff that a 5-paragraph answer is now a long one ahah :)
@Jenayah Re scifi.stackexchange.com/q/195303/4918 , I don't think it needs a grid. The Flashes can be counted and labelled individually.
I don't promise anything because I'm tired and have other things to do, but I'm saying that much.
I will try to get back, but it might be too late by then.
11:55 PM
then no grid :)
Oh wait, today is Saturday. So if I got back to it tomorrow, which I also can't promise, then there probably won't be much traffic before that.
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